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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 16, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live, where you live. this is "abc7 news." take a look at the fiery sunset from our cameras across the bay area. when the sun comes up tomorrow, it could bring triple digit heat and potential danger, too. >> we're at the start of what is expected to be hottest week of the year so far. how about a live look right now from our east bay hills camera. it's going to be especially hot over those hills tomorrow. >> we'll start with sandhya patel. >> get ready for sweltering heat. a heat advisory starts tomorrow morning. this runs until monday night. heat related illness is possible, so stay hydrate and limit outdoor activity.
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dangerously hot weather is expected. make sure to check up on young kids, elderly, pits. don't leave them in the car, you know the drill. summer-like heat expected tomorrow. you see the triple digits. gilro gilroy, 101. when you look at the radar, you'll notice exactly where the storm track is headed. a large ridge of high pressure building in, going to get hotter for father's day. i'll be back with a full look at your temperatures, coming up. in the east bay, inland city also see triple digit weather tomorrow, as well as high fire danger. >> and we are seeing proof of that tonight. katie? >> reporter: you can see it is quite windy out here. those high winds and hot temperatures a factor. pg&e just arrived on scene to
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investigate and cal fire is going to be on scene for several hours to make sure this fire doesn't reignite. let me show you some video taken from instagram. it's video of the fire off highway four coming skyway. it started near some power lines by the roadway and the fire raced up the hill towards his home. firefighters did contain it to about six acres and they're gearing up for what is expected to be a hot weekend with triple digits. and other people tonight, they had to deal with some intense heat without the benefit of ac because of a large east bay power outage. the power is out here at this home. it's about 83 degrees indoors. so what is a kid to do? >> go swimming, kind of like old time where is you don't have technology. >> reporter: at its peak, some 4,000 pg&e customers were without power in concord. the cause unknown. it forced families to make a long trek to find a cool pool.
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>> the pool close to us is shut off. >> reporter: others race to watermelon in walnut creek. >> we have no control over the temperatures, so we have to get used to it. so if we train in it, it's better for us. happening now. a plane coming in from phoenix will land shortly in san jose after an air conditioning problem forced the plane to turn around after takeoff. american airlines says flight 1422 realized shortly after taking off from sky harbor that the cabin temperature could not be regulated. the airline put all the passengers onto a different plane, which is landing at san jose in just a few minutes, five hours later than scheduled. police in pacifica have a new way to keep people from using illegal fireworks. every year wildfires are blamed on fireworks. a new ordinance allows officers
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to issue a $1,000 fine to those caught using the fireworks and owners or relaters of properties where fireworks are used. >> we're able to issue that fine, even if we don't see who it will that firework, we just have to see where it came from. >> pacifica does allow so-called safe and essential fireworks that don't fly in the air or explode. plan extra time for traffic to escape the heat tomorrow. lifeguards are warning parents to watch their children and definitely not to turn their backs on the ocean. the dangerous rip currents, wind and surf can turn a fun day into a tragedy. and a live look now from our santa cruz camera. oh, come on, stop toying with our emotions like that. it's relatively cool night compared to earlier today. remember to watch lisa starting at 5:00 a.m. for the full forecast and download the "abc7 news" app for the forecast where
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you live. developing news tonight. seven u.s. navy sailors are missing off the coast of japan after a large commercial vessel crashed into a u.s. destroyer. they collided 56 miles southwest of japan in the middle of the night. three sailors were airlifted from the ship. the collision caused some flooding in the destroyer, but it's not at risk of syncing, although it did take on water. happening now in minnesota. marchers have taken to the streets to protest a jury's decision in a police shooting. they took over a freeway, but have since cleared away. at one point, thousands were marching. in 2016, an officer shot and killed castile as his girlfriend streamed it on facebook live. the jury cleared the officer of all charges today. the man who opened fire on a charity baseball event in virginia reportedly had a list of names that included several
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republican members of congress. james t. hodgkinson shot congressman steve scalise and three other people. a source says he had a list with a dozen names on it. it's not clear if it was an assassination list. it took firefighters more than three hours to control a warehouse fire in san francisco today. "abc7 news" was there near where more than 120 firefighters worked to put this out. at one point, sparks started shooting from electrical wires, as you can see. firefighters were also concerned that the whole building could collapse, so they cut a hole and shot water through it. the building was once used as a metal shop. no one was hurt. police blame a driver blowing through a red light for a crash that killed a man. this happened at cavanaugh drive late this afternoon. our media partner reports the driver hit the gas through the
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light and slammed into a car that was turning. three people were injured. the biggest name in online shopping is buying one of the biggest names in organic and high end foods. amazon has agreed to purchase whole foods for $13.7 billion. what will that mean for bay area shoppers? eric thomas found out. >> reporter: if you're a big grocery chain and your name is not whole foods, an expert says you may feel like this today. >> i'm scared. i'm very concerned that now they're coming on my turf. >> reporter: that company is amazon, who may be about to rewrite t book on selling groceries. this shopper likes it. >> with the two merging together, my first reaction is if we can take the golden state warriors and create a super team. >> reporter: they get amazon's successful corporate culture, but what does amazon get?
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>> an established brick and mortar network. >> reporter: if amazon has found a path into the brick and mortar grocery market, that means that brick and mortar stores are going to have to beef up their online presence to compete. amazon will expand their delivery system. grocers are hoping their customer also prefer the personal touch. >> everybody knows you here. >> reporter: whole foods has 460 stores in the u.s., can d'bacth canada. in berkeley, eric thomas, "abc7 news." more to come on "abc7 news." the medical report released tonight on carry fisher's death. and he didn't predict this.
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an ordinary meal for a psychic suddenly interrupted. i'm katie marzullo. i want you to meet ipon. he was rescued from scotts valley, along with 33 other dogs. their story and how you can help, coming up. and michael phelps moving past racing with mere humans. and here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy? >> here's what someone paidtous do tonight. ♪
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an animal groomer has been cleared of wrong doing in the death of a dog left in his care. today, a jury found him not guilty of felony animal a and cruelty. last year, a dog named henry died after being brought into pet smart to have its nails trimmed. prosecutors were neither able to prove that he deliberately caused henry's death. a rescue operation in santa cruz county has saved dozens of dogs from an apparent puppy mill. the purebred animals are now in
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the care of a very full animal shelter that could use a little help. katie marzullo has the story from santa cruz. >> reporter: the santa cruz county animal shelter is overrun with black and whiteoston bull terriers. the dogs were rescued from a home in scotts valley. >> they did not have food or water. some were in their own excrem t excrement. >> reporter: they rescued 34 dogs in stacked cages. it appears they didn't get out often. >> the majority wanted to come out, and as soon as we opened the cages almost jumped into our arms. >> reporter: they obtained a warm after tipped off. police and the district attorney are working to file charges against the owner. lindsey norton lives on the same street. >> we would hear her swearing at her dogs loudly.
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>> reporter: he didn't know what was happening at the house, but he's glad it's over. >> it's good to hear, because i've been worried about what's going on over there, especially if there's animals getting abused. >> reporter: the large influx of jobs puts a strain on the resources, so if you can donate anything to the shelter, it all goes to their medical care. we have put a link on our website, in santa cruz, katie marzullo, "abc7 news." the los angeles coroner could not determine carrie fisher's exact cause of death, but her daughter claims drug use. her daughter said in a statement her mother ultimately died of drug addiction and mental illness. new at 11:00, the peninsula lbgtq community is getting ready for a big night. "abc7 news" was at the new san
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mateo pride centeas volunteers put up directions for the first queer prom, first one ever. tomorrow's event is opened to any teenager ages 16 to 19. the goal is to change the standard gender roles of a typical high school prom. >> students have wanted a space to feel accepted and open. some schools i know don't even allow you to go with someone of the same sex. >> and they can come here. organizers he to make this an annual event. it starts at 7:00 tomorrow night and goes until 11:00. the cost, $15 to get in. listen to this one. a pair of psychics eating in canada couldn't predict this. the two were eating at a restaurant outside of niagara falls and a car slams into them. they walked away with minor injuries. the psychics had a simple explanation. they said a lot of times we can't even read our own lives. that's just how it works.
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>> kind of hurt their reputations a little bit. >> at least they're okay. michael phelps may be the fastest swimming human in the world, but is he faster than a shark? >> we may find out next week, on "shark week." he will take on a great white shark, but did not say in what capacity they'll race. >> okay. espn estimates phelps swims at 6 miles per hour, great whites 25 miles per hour. so you decide who to put the money on. a lot of folks might be swimming in the days ahead. >> good place to stay cool. sandhya patel is back with a brutal heat wave that's coming. >> days of this heat wave, dan and kristen. right now, i want to show you a stunning sunset from our east bay hills camera. we had a few clouds earlier tonight, making for this sunset.
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tomorrow, we're going see those temperatures rapidly rise. so do expect those numbers to come up fast. here's a look at walnut creek. walnut creek tomorrow morning, 67 degrees. so pretty comfortable. notice how quickly it gets up to 101 degrees. that triple digit heat is sticking around beyond this weekend. so do expect the hot conditions as we head into next week, as well. live picture from our "abc7 news" exploratorium camera. towards the bay, we have the bay bridge and it looks gorgeous out there. we don't have any fog to speak of, one of the reasons why we are expecting it to get hot inland. highs today were in the upper 90s for the hottest communities. notice the coast was quite nice in the 60s. right now, we're holding onto some of the warmth from earlier today. it's in the 70s and 80s. these are the types of temperatures you see during the day, but not the case.
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the coolest spots are right in san francisco and half moon bay. a beautiful look here. heat wave is expected for father's day weekend. records are possible on sunday. and triple digit heat will continue into next week. here's a look at the hour by hour all-important father's day planner. if you're taking dad out for breakfast, mid to upper 50s to upper 60s. and make sure dad is well hydrated. triple digits inland by 4:00 p.m. still going to be pretty warm at 7:00. and mild to warm tomorrow morning, mid 50s to the upper 60s. highs for your saturday will look like this. hot in gilroy. 101. 91 in san jose. half moon bay, 68 degrees. downtown san francisco, 77. sun will be shining in the north bay and plenty of 90s and 100s. 100 in santa rosa. you'll need water, sun screen.
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84 in oakland, a warm day. head inland. this is where you'll feel the sizzle. 102 degrees in fairfield. 100 in livermore. if you don't like the hot weather, here's a look at the beach forecast. bright and warm in santa cruz, 85. for the other beaches, all in the 60s except monterey at 72. so you do have a place to escape the heat as we check out accuweather seven day. notice the stretch of triple digit heat ahead. really talking about six days of triple digits. including father's day, and the first day of summer, which is tuesday. 60s coast side. a little fog on monday. temperatures dip a few degrees and a little fog on friday, causing the temperatures to drop again as well. download the accuweather app and keep track of the temperatures. >> father's day,
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we just have to make sure we keep the cattle together. they all want to break for it. >> who's that handsome cowboy, do you recognize him if >> oh, boy. >> is that our dan ashley? yes, it is. blending in with the cowboys for a scene out of a hollywood western this morning in me sa pleasanton. was that you? right there, i want to dry xs and os to help people out. the herd went right down main street. the fair opened tonight and runs through july 9th. >> fun way to kick it off. thousands of people there lined the streets to see it. >> it was so hot, too. >> you are really concentrating, because cows see a break in the horses and they want to run for it. it was fun. >> were you looking up for divine intervention? >> well, if that was -- >> or waving to sky 7?
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>> what's going on in sports? >> just called up to the majors yesterday by the a's. his first hit in the bigs turned out to be huge.
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good evening. they say you always remember your first, and rookie matt chainen will never forget his first hit tonight, which was the game winner for the yankees. 3-0, a's in the second. chad pender swiping this to right. a's take a 4-0 lead. but in the third, aaron judge. judge, jury, executioner!
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three-run shot here. 4-3, yankees. that is judge's major league leading 23rd of the year. top six, cris carter, a strikeout or home run guy. he hits it, it's a home run. 5-4, yankees. in the eighth, bases loaded for the a's. the kid, chatman down the line. first major league hit drives in a pair, and wins it for the a's 7-6 the final score. giants/rockies. happy father's day, daddy. and how is your face? 2-1, top of the fifth. jeff samardzija helping his own cause with a solo blast. 3-1 giants. bottom five, he allows a three-run blast to desmond. so the rockies in front 6-4. 7-5 now, samardzija facing lemahieu. thought he should have gotten the strike. bruce bochy gets tossed.
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which was fortunate, because he should haven't to see this in the 7th. hunter pence, ole'. carlos gonzalez scores. giants lose 10-8. on pace to lose 101 games. the warriors, steph curry and draymond green will be in las vegas tomorrow to watch the match for the heavyweight title. ward wants to do his talking with his fists. >> i'm not trying to win an argument about who won or lost, we're getting ready to fight and i'm just excited for the moment. i'm thankful for the opportunity to be on the big stage. >> they will pay. and ward will pay. >> i must break you. round two of the u.s. open. four-way tie for the


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