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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 17, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right here. >> tonight on "abc news at 6:00" a search for a gunman takes police to an east bay home after a shooting outside a popular nightclub. a grass fire sparks along a major road way as the heat spikes across the bay area. and just how hot did it get where you live? drew tuma will have your temperature. major roadway in oakland blocked by fire after a grassy hillside sparked in this hot weather. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm in for mark thomas.
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people packed the beaches, including the main beach eight the board walk. in marin county people lined up for stinson beach u parking lots filled up at 10:00 this morning many forced to sit and wait for spots. for more about the heat here's meteorologist drew tuma. >> yeah it's a beautiful looking day but it's hot out there, take a look, sizzling, inland 100. 102 antioch. 100 santa rosa and 99 in concord, 87 in san jose, mild in san francisco at 73 degrees. future temperature tracker shows this evening back on air at 11:00 will still be tracking areas holding in the 80s, even warmer air moving in. the heat advisory continues. now it's been extended through
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wednesday. in fact excessive heat warnings in effect for sole ano county. will talk about when this will break in the forecast. >> that heat could have been a factor in starting a grass fire that closed highway 13 in oakland. >> highway 13 is still closed at this hour. investigators are still working to clear the scene. as i step out of the way you see fire trucks blocking the north bound direction highway 13. we're at the redwood road on-ramp. made to three-quarter acres before extinguished. here's a picture taken by a driver who shareed it with us. the fire started 3:20 this afternoon, firefighters say there's plenty of cigarette butts and lighters around the
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roadway that could be a factor. they are trying to clear brush to keep it contained. this is a challenging area to fight a fire. >> one of the big challenges is everything is tank driven here. once an engine company gets on scene they got to be really cognizant how much water they're using. >> holy mains university just uphill from the fire and traffic backed up terribly because of the basketball game that was letting out right as highway 13 shutting down. it is extremely hot. the fire danger is high. there were homes threatened. fortunately firefighters got a quick handle on this. they are urging everyone to be careful. do not get rid of cigarette butts outside of your vehicle. it could lead to grass fires like this. live in oakland abc 7 news. bigger fire in north los
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angeles, just a few acres this afternoon and within an hour jumped to 550 acres and is out of control. so far no homes are threatened. winds are not strong and firefighters are hopeful to get an upper hand on the fire. a police shot and killed in antioch. a suspect, 37 years old, did not say who he was or what led to the shooting. no officers are injured. police in the east bay looking for shooter after a deadly shooting in front of a popular nightclub, witnesses say there may have been a fight and now one man is dead. >> flowers and candles now mark the spot of a fatal shooting on salvio street in concord. >> he witnessed what he thought was an argument outside of the meeka lounge just before 2:00 a.m. on saturday. >> couldn't hear.
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just could hear the words. just knew it was on bad terms. that's it. shot twice and he fell. and it was done. fighting for his life. >> the gunman quickly left the scene. concord police with a search warrant for possible system be pekt and closed down two blocks to do it. friends identified victim as rob natural who worked as security guard at the bar. >> he's the guy you could always rely on. >> michael told us on facetime his friend was one in a million. >> he was the guy that was always there for people. solid advice. would listen to you. wasn't real judgmental. >> a message on the instagram page said they'll be closed until tuesday. now to the peninsula where neighbors are hoping to stop what's being called modern day slavery.
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>> we're here tonight not because it's a problem overseas but because it's a problem in our neighborhoods. >> congress women hosted event how to spot illegal trafficking and human brothels. san matteo police raided a home from the high school, tips from neighbors helped to make arrests and shut it down. procesecutors in pennsylvan he declared a mistrial against cosby. she's accused of drugging and molesting her in his home but he says was consentual. hers the first criminal case after more than 50 women
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accused-of drugging and >> we will retry it. soon as possible. >> can looking for an acquittal. like rolling stones say, you don't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need. >> cosby remains free on $1 million in bail. a drone took shots of damage caused by a tornado. trees uprooted. power lines blown down. winds as high as 80 miles. no one was injured but tens of thousands remain without power tonight. crisis in the south pacific. the emergency measures being taken to find missing u.s. sailors and save the damaged ship disappeared from. planning the seeds of reboundance as a california politician is honored for her work fighting aids. >> could we see
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the. a search and rescue mission is under way for seven american sailors missing after a major crash near japan. right now military mechanics are assessing the damage to the ship
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trying to figure out what went wro wrong. >> a crippled war ship back into port, uss fitzgerald towed to shore in japan, seven remain missing. >> hard to imagine the challenges this crew has over come but i'm extremely proud of their courage and dedication. >> they are trying to figure out how a massive 30,000 ton ship collided and destroyer clearly damaged. >> these are two sophisticated ships and should have seen each other. >> the crash happened in the middle of the night around one of the world's busiest ports. the navy confirming five sailors so hurt had to be medivaced including the commander. >> please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >> the focus now finding the seven missing crew members, they
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could be trapped in the caved in compartments. the damage below the water line poses pumping sea water out of the ship's belly. >> fitzgerald has special radar and special missiles. navy will want the t back fill it quickly because the fitzgerald will be out of the service for a long, long time. >> abc news washington. even supervise erp heroes have to . even super heroes have to get from point a to point b, we'll look at classic rides in the east bay. the east bay. up next the
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nancy pelosi was honored today in a cause that steers her heart, the national aids memorial growth, she spear headed legislation to create the memorial 25 years ago. she says the fight against aids is far from over. >> all these years later it is still our goal to find a cure but in the meantime we have found a way to get away from the discrimination that was there before, and a path to sustain
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life in a healthy way. >> she helped to plant a serm sermonia magnolia tree. she mentioned how grat fieing to see the young femme comi people coming to the grove. abc 7 was in downtown castro valley for the car show with over 300 classics from around the bay area and the country on display. the show was the bat mobile. complete with retractable weapons and flames shooting out the back, the valley moose log have hosted this event past 11 years nkts we have a new look at tesla's rocket facility in hawthorne, here's smusk elon mask's tweet this afternoon. tess will you is set to launch
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the tesla is set to launch monday morning. atari ceo said they are working on a new box. not clear what it could be, stand alone game box like nes classic edition that features preloaded game, however atari have done that with games like pac-man and pitfaull. it uses pc technology could compete with the xbox, play station and nintendo switch. no word when it's expected to be released. accuweather today warmest spots hit that seventy youry mark. century mark. this is a beautiful look outside. live look from the east bay hills camera. just gorgeous. when you step outside it's rather warm. as the numbers rise tomorrow the
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air quality unfortunately is going to decrease, especially inland and the santa clara valley. will have poor air quality there. spare the air day to finish off the weekend. numbers right now we're baking in the 100 even at this hour. even santa rosa at 97 degrees. 87 the current number in san jose. 73 in san francisco. overnight we're going to hang on to a lot of the warmth we have. clear skies. inland mild to warm. a lot of spots to stay in the 70s. around the bay mid 50s to mid 60s to get you out the door tomorrow morning. at 8:00 on father's day, sunday morning, look, temperatures in the 80s if not at 90 degrees at santa rosa. going to the afternoon the heat will build and increase. especially away from the coast. 100 in concord.
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san jose close to the century mark. highs in san jose up to 100. 106 tomorrow in fairfield. 101 in zapa rosa. santa rosa. s today folks hitting the beach to beat the heat. will be mild on sunday. tons of sunshine on the coast on sunday. slap on the sun screen. monday there's little relief from this heat in fact will last until much of the accuweather forecast. if are you outside take breaks in the shade especially in the
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afternoon when it is the hottest part of the day. stay hydrated with water. wear lightweight clothing. check on your elderly neighbors and pets. they take the heat much worse than most of us this time of year. accuweather forecast will show you next seven days. it's hot for father's day no matter where you live. on monday we see a little bit of coastal fog. the coast will cool down. everyone else still warming up. thursday will be another hot day no matter where you live. and will hit us on friday and saturday. will be six days by thursday where temperatures are sizzling across the region. >> brutal. thank you drew. anthony is in tonight, we're talking golf. what better place to enjoy than indoor watching. >> how low can you go, describing saturday at the u.s. open, record 32 players under
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par, including justin thomas who played a round for the history books, plenty of rickie fans. this gets him to 10 under two off the lead. thomas with the first to shoot 63 under and set record under par at 9 under. the byrd on five. get in there. drained the short eagle putt on 18. 11 in the round. he was the leader in this birdie on 13 to get to 12 under par but would stumble coming home bogeyed 18 leaving harman to the lead. he will be with thomas on the final pairing on sunday. koepka and tommy fleetwood right
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there with him. tell us about it. >> so excited to get a chance to win this golf tournament. felt like my game was good enough to compete in the majors this year. so to have a chance to do so is just great. now to baseball. if the a's played the yankees every game would be in first. maybe not. but despite having the worst record in the american league have won three in a row against first placed yankees. this guy playing tribute to aaron judge from just outside stockton. got on base five times. 1-0 a's. second inning. healy with his 16th home run of the year to tie it at 2-2. then the daily double. second home run of the game. as for aaron judge, rough day at the plate, struck out three times. jesse hahn gets him with strikeout, hahn picks up the
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win, five innings, two runs, two hits struck out six and a's win it 5- 2. before the game the a's memorialed one of the former greats at the coliseum. he helped to lead the team to three straight wins to series championship in the 70s. some of his former teammates were on handled for the special honor. >> it is so cool to have been a teammate of his. this couldn't be a better honor what they're doing today. >> you look at what he did, the body of work, it's really ezeliy to honor somebody that special of talent. >> i just thank you so much for honoring jimmy with this game-winning gate, he would be thrilled and honored himself. and my family and i are too. >> the giants chb add roand roc. dad enjoying special day at the ball park.
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giants only managed to push one run across in the fourth inning. gorky scoring hundley to die at one. cane five innings allowing two runs on nine hits. fifth inning trevor story right up the middle. made it 2-1 rockies. then in the seventh hunter pence doesn't get there in time giants lost fifth straight, 5-1 the final. giants will wrap up four-game series in colorado on sunday night. i bet they'll be glad to be getting out of town on sunday. heard of comic con what who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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tonight on abc news at 9 on coffee tv 20 a sunny day at the park ends in a hospital after a large tree branch comes crashing down. and he a woman who claims bill cosby sexually assaulted her speaks out tonight mistrial you know the song, a little help from my friends. in this case it's in canada spotted a hawk with baby chicks, hawks are usually enemies of eagles but not these eagles apparently. four legged friends, for corgi con.
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corgis from all over came to the beach to sniff, scratch and yes run. don't know if that was really running. some corgis didn't want to compete but of course who would in this heat. that's how i'm going to look after my father's day barbecue tomorrow running like a corgi. that's it for abc news at 6:00 see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great night. stay cool out there.
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that was great, man. i love watching games on your hi def. well you keep bringing that six pack admission charge and you're welcome any time. all i know is when i watch my regular low def tv, i want to stab myself in the eyes with a fork. well, don't do that. then you won't be able to find your way over here with the beer. see you later. oh. oh, hey! i just saw jennifer in the hallway. she's got a present for you!
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i'll bet she does. what is it? well i'm not gonna ruin the surprise. but make sure you are excited when she gives it to you. i bet she-- okay, shut up. well i can't wait to see it. hey, uh, can i grab a beer to go? yeah, sure, help yourself. and how was girls' night out? did you guys play truth or dare and try on each other's bras. actually it was fun. once you get those girls out of the office they are not afraid to drink. you know theresa? i don't think so. no, you've only met her about nine times. she and her huand are swingers! maybe i should meet her a tenth time. you know mary? who? you call her "bug eyes." [laughing] bug eyes! that's a great nickname. tonight she told us she and her husband only have phone sex. that's probably because he doesn't want to look into those buggy eyes. hey, wait a minute.


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