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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. the sun is setting on a third day of triple digit heat and for millions of bay area residents, this will not be the last we see of it this week. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley.
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summer begins late tomorrow. it will feel like it. it seems like summer has already started. let's check in with drew tuma with more on this hot weather. >> dan, today inland, no relief from this heat. hit the century mark or better in several locations. concord, livermore, clover dale, lake port. a little bit of relief around the immediate bay waters. instead of 103 in san francisco like it was yesterday, we cooled off to 93 earlier this afternoon. take a look at this coming from the national weather service in sacramento, it reached 106 there. they actually baked cookies and also bacon. that looks pretty well done. you can see inside cars gets very hard, very quickly. never leave pets or children inside cars especially on hot days like this. look at this, brentwood, 93 degrees. even at 9:00. 86 in concord. 80 in vallejo. 50s and 60s from oakland to san francisco over to san mateo. temperatures tomorrow morning, another mild start. 10:00 in the morning it, already have spots in the 70s and 80s.
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that heat advisory still in effect lasting until thursday night. in fact, there may be a day in the seven-day that could rival yesterday's record heat. dan in. >> drew, thanks very much. california energy officials have issued a statewide flex alert for tomorrow and wednesday. they're asking for voluntary electricity conservation between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 tomorrow evening both days, in fact. independent system operator says that you can help avoid power outages by turning off all unnecessary lights and refraining from using major appliances during the alert time and asking you set air-conditioners to 78 degrees or even higher if you can bear it. just about 20 minutes ago, pg&e told abc7 news that there were nearly 3800 people in the bay area without power. more than half of them are in the south bay. pg&e says this is the most impactful single heat event in over a decade. abc7 news reporter kate larson
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is on the story. >> reporter: pg&e crews powering up a second larger backup generator in an attempt to try and keep the lights on in downtown livermore. where many businesses around fourth street are still closed with intermitten electricity since yesterday. >> i first got here, the power was off, came back on briefly and lasted for about six minutes perhaps? >> reporter: customers at this salon continued to get their nails and hair done despite the lack of air conditioning in today's triple digit heat. >> the problem is, once the power goes off, the heat rises really fast. >> reporter: bruno's italian cuisine is back open today after closing last night which cost the restaurant thousands of dollars. >> you don't know when the power is coming back. you don't know if you send employees home. >> temperatures around 100 in livermore, when you get over to
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altima pass, the 110 degree range. >> reporter: this meteorologist is talking about thursday forecasted to be the hottest day of the workweek. he says this is the most impactful heat event since 2006 with more than 100,000 bay area outages yesterday, he says he's trying to help pg&e crews stage in the hottest spots. >> some of the crews may be stationed in san francisco where we don't expect much outage activity. they will probably be moved into some areas we're expecting more activity. >> reporter: in livermore, kate larson, abc7 news. >> well, cal fire says a fire weather watch is in effect for northern california because of high winds and low humidity. the watch is in effect from north of reading solano county. some people are leaving their homes as fire spreads through a dry region of san bernardino county. the fire has burned 850 acres so far near bear lake. no loems threatened. it's rugged terrain. the sheriff issued a voluntary
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evacuation notice. it considers it dangerous because the temperature reached the mid 80s there today and the humidity is less than 10%. hot you and dry never good. frightening moments for students near a more rag go high school. the fire started at 2:30 this afternoon behind campo linda high school. sky 7 captured flames from above. for a time, flames threated up to 30 nearby homes. an aerosol helped crews contain the fire. >> firefighters say the biggest challenge was the heat and dry brush. you can track the temperatures where you live with the abc7 news accuweather ap free in had your phone's ap store. download it to be instantly notified about heat alerts and advisories. let's move on to other news. a major traffic backup right now with all lanes of northbound 680 shut down in the south bay.
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sky 7 over the scene in milpitas. chp is detouring cars at the landis avenue montague expressway exit. someone is threatening to jump from the next overpass. people are asked to expect delays and use alternate routes. this caused massive backups in both directions during the evening commute when these pictures were taken. we will keep an eye on the situation and let you know when lanes reopen. we'll also have the latest on the abc7 news ap. santa rosa police are investigating what they believe is a double murder-suicide. the bodies i've father and his two young children, a 6-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy were found inside a home on slater street in santa rosa. neighbors say the father is alvaro camara. here's cornell bernard with the developing story. >> reporter: it's an absolute tragedy to see anytime two young children lose their lives in a child custody dispute. >> santa rosa police now
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investigating unthinkable. police say this apartment house on slater street is where a 40-year-old father took the life of his very own children. a 6-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy. then took his own life on father's day. the children's mother had a custody ingredient with her estranged husband and allowed a sunday visitacion. >> the father took custody of the children on sunday morning for father's day and the custody order gave that he was supposed to provide the children back on that evening on sunday night. the mother did not make contact with the father and called the sonoma county sheriff's department to report the violation. >> the mother who lives in sonoma county called the sheriff's departments. deputies made the grim discovery inside. jose miranda heard screams from distraught relatives. >> honestly, i just opened the door and i just heard some screaming, you know? it was loud. you know? it seems like something bad happened. >> she was screaming i want to see my daughter.
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they've killed everybody. >> reporter: police now reviewing court records involving the coup'g custody case. they say it was volatile. >> the preliminary investigation shows they did have a volatile arrangement following their separation. and there's been certainly heated verbal exchanges. >> reporter: but no history of violence. the children's mother is now being comforted by her relatives. in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc7 news. the big question so many people have about oakland's horrible ghost ship fire may never be answered. the fire department today released its report on the fire and could not determine a specific cause. investigators say it could be electrical failure but they do not rule out candles or maybe smoking materials. they did determine that a makeshift electrical system was powering the warehouse. 36 people died in december's fire. the ghost ship art collective's founder this man here and his second in charge face manslaughter charges in
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connection with the fire. we are learning new details tonight about what exactly during last week's deadly shooting at a sflaens u.p.s. facility. a man who witnessed the entire thing shared his story of survival today and here's abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow. >> reporter: u.p.s. cowork embracing one another less than a week after a fatal workplace shooting. >> it's really, really hard. >> reporter: gathering at at interfaith prayer service. outs the pa trar row hill u.p.s. facility where jimmy lamb shot coworkers before turning the gun on himself. >> shock, he just snapped. >> reporter: 29 year u.p.s. veteran leo parker was standing next to one of the victims. instinct took over. >> you see somebody get shot right in front of you, you just leave. >> reporter: parker was one of the employees who ran to the roof and put his hands up for
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police. >> we need time to heal. >> this is yet another heart break. it's another piece in a much larger fabric. >> it infuriates me. bunow, it's so painful. you know? because now we have to live with it the rest of our lives. >> reporter: religious leaders asking the grieving employees to begin healing by turning to the person next to them and extending their hand. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. meantime, the san francisco zoo is trying to help ups workers overcome some of the sorrow and stress caused by the shoog shooting offering free admission to u.p.s. workers and their families. >> we all know animals do have a healing nature about them, as well. this is a safe space. we just want them to come out and enjoy. >> the free admission offer to ups workers and families is good till the end of the month. stay here. a lot more to come. san jose marching one by one from outside city hall to inside the message they have for city
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leaders. also, they're looking through tree branchs in oakland. a colony of protected birds is at risk. we'll have the story. and as we said, more hot weather is ahead. here's one way 0 keep cool and we are going to need it. so how hot is it going to get? drew tuma is next with the forecast as we watch the fading glow of the sun on this very glow of the sun on this very have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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at the mountain source. tomorrow can the city of san jose will zwlid to enter into negotiations with google to build a massive development in the downtown area near the sap center. but some are saying wait a minute now. not so fast. here's abc7 news reporter janine day la vega to explain why. >> reporter: for the family that's living in a garage, for the worker that's living in a crowded apartment. >> reporter: these community members are thinking about the working class in san jose. they came armed with signs to city hall. >> i'm concerned about those who are low income, i'm concerned about what's going to happen to those hose are on disability. i don't want them to become displaced while google comes in and builds. >> reporter: the tech giant wants tonight build a megacampus between 6 million to 8 million square feet. it has already started buying up
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parcels and wants to negotiate to buy city owned land in the same area. >> there's a risk it will exacerbate income inequality. a substantial risk it will make the housing crisis even worse than it already is. >> reporter: labor leader and community activists gathered to voice their concerns. activists want the city to negotiate terms that benefit the community like using local workers to construct the complex and hiring locals to work inside once it's built. the group hand delivered a letter to city council members today outlining their requests. >> there's going to be a lot of time for us to think how to do this carefully and collaboratively with the community. >> reporter: he says housing at all income levels will be built. he predicted the development could take a decade to complete. in san jose, janine day la vega, abc7 news. >> a frightening scene for bird lovers in downtown oakland. a large tree home to nesting blue heron and snowy egrets
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snapped two. die rot apparently. volunteers responded in minutes to help rescue about 20 birds and their babies. >> we have oakland public works doing an amazing job. just patiently going through branch by branch again just cutting very carefully so we don't actually injure any as we're rescuing them. >> at least four birds were killed, three of themnessingings. they were taken to the peninsula humane society where they will be nursed back to health. well, the splash brothers and sisters, as well at walnut creek's new splash park today. abc7 news told but this new way to get cool a couple of weeks ago when the park opened. as repredicted then, it was one of the hottest tickets in town today. several moms we talked about liked cooling off but liked something else even more into it feels really safe. there's no place for them to -- you can see them everywhere. >> it is so nice to have
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somewhere where they can't drown on the thing and they can get wet and splash around. it's nice. >> now, if you don't have splash park moves like this guy, there's a newly renovated pool for the old school swimmers if you prefer. it was a beach day today unless you went to the beach at least in san francisco. this is what it looked like at ocean beach this afternoon. the fog rolled in and created nearly whiteout conditions can along the shore. that didn't stop some kids from enjoying their summer vacation though. i mean, any day at the beach isn't too bad. all we need is for the fog to roll to about sacramento, drew. we'd be a lot cooler. >> yeah, that is likely not going to happen till the end of the week for most of us. tomorrow, the coast will have that little bit of fog to keep them cool. but elsewhere, still very warm to hot day with the heat advisory still in effect. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you that fog layer is pretty much thinned to
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nonexistent. once again inland, you're going to heat up rapidly tomorrow. take, for example, concord. we're in fact going to go back into triple digits for two more days. both wednesday and on thursday. and thursday, itself, it could be the hottest day of the entire heat wave, even hotter than sunday and then finally the heat will break and into the later part of the weekend, it will back down into the mid 80s feeling comforably cool. a live look. beautiful, can't stop showing this shot east bay hills. it's almost like you can feel the heat from this vantage point as that sun goes down. tomorrow though will be the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours. as that sun will set at 8:34 p.m. this is incredible. concord still at 6 degrees right now. 2 in san ramon. brentwood at 91. the coast so much better. san francisco 59. 67 in mountain view and napa right now. currently a pretty comfortable 6
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degrees compared to the 90s and triple digits you have been in the past 48 hos. overnight tonight, the thin layer of fog that's going to try and move through the golden gate strait. not going to get far into the bay. so mid 50s along the coast. are you rather mild inland. 60s and even 70s will be your starting temperatures out the door tomorrow morning. we break down your tuesday hour by hour. there's your coastal fog right here. it's gone by noon and 4:00, again, it's going to be warm away from the coast going back into the mid 80s around the bay. there's the triple digits inland and there's that sun going down 8:34 p.m. we officially begin summer tomorrow evening at 9:24 at night. highs on your tuesday, 88 san jose, 86 santa clara. 484 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 83 menlo park, 81 menlo park. half moon bay, 62. downtown san francisco. into the north bay, a wide
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range, stinson beach at 64. hot at petaluma. 6 in vallejo. 98 in lake port. oakland a mild 80. 84 fremont. 85 in hercules, hot once again. some of the hottest readings around antioch and brentwood 98 pleasanton and 9fairfield. summer arrives tomorrow. sizzling temperatures actually rise on wednesday and soar on thursday. i would not be surprise fundamental someone gets close to 110 inland on thursday. cooler by friday and then saturday and sunday relief will hit. by monday a much cooler pattern, typical for this time of year. >> 110 on this planet? >> that is here. inland somewhere. >> yeah. >> i know. >> thanks. coming up next, the beer that just knocked a sonoma county
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brewery off the top of the nation's best beer list. we are celebrating the lgbt pride by using our instagram feed to celebrate people making a difference where you live. today we recognize lyanne pitsford founder of lesbians who tech and the eddie windsor coding scholarship. there's a matching grant through early july. learn more on abc news bay are
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quell, a top rated commercial beer in the nation no longer comes from the bay area. for the last eight years, palestiny the elder dollars han named number one by the american home brewer as association. it is made by russian river brewing company in santa rosa.
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this year's survey released today asbell's two hearted ale in the top spot, one of four michigan beers that made the top six. number one bell's two alerted ale followed by russian rivers, founders breakfast stout, three floyds, zombie dust and bes hop slim. russian river's extremely popular palestiny the younger was not included because it doesn't have widespread distribution. all 28 san francisco libraries are now open seven days a week. the city has added sundays to nine libraries and extended hours to all of the others. just a few years ago, budget cuts forced some libraries to reduce the days they were open. the extra hours will cost an additional $1.7 billion a year covered thanks to a voter approved bond. >> san francisco is sad. libraries should be an essential service. so they voted themselves a tax.
9:26 pm
>> reporter: the city has hired 17 more librarians and staff to work those extra hours. well, more questions today for president trump. >> mr. president, are you under investigation by special counsel? >> is he or isn't he? the confusion over the investigation and what abc news has learned. also, the president's spokesmans out of the spotlight. the white house reporters are not happy about it. i'll explain why. by this time tomorrow, we're likely to know the winner of the most expensive house race in u.s. history. wh
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour with the death of otto warmbier, the american student held captive by
9:30 pm
north carolina for 17 months. he died just six days an ach being release. here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: he arrived in the urs less than a week ago, carried off a plane suffering from extensive brain damage more than a year since the world heard his plea for mercy. >> you saved my life. please think of my family. >> reporter: in a statement today, his parents say when otto was carried off that airplane, he looked very uncomfortable. almost anguished. but within a day, the countenance of his face changed. he was at peace. he was home and we believe he could sense that. but he could not walk, talk, or respond to verbal commands. and today, he passed away surrounded by his family. since the moment their son was sentenced to hard labor for
9:31 pm
stealing a propaganda poster, the warm beers were fighting until he was released. >> we're thrilled that our son is on american soil and i'm able to talk to you on otto's behalf and i'm able to wear the jacket that he wore when he gave his confession. >> reporter: the family clearly blames north carolina for otto's death saying today, the awful mistreatment our son received at the hands of the north koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. new developments in paris where authorities say the man who died after ramming his car into a police van on the champs elay say had potential extremist links. this is video of officers pulling the man out of the car just after what investigators say appears to be a deliberate attack.
9:32 pm
officers. found a kalashnikov rifle, handguns and gas bottles in his car. no one else was hurt in the attack. it was another night of terror in london. a white van plowed through a crowd of muslim worshipers outside of a mosque in the northern part of the city. one died and at least nine injured. bystanders pinned down the driver till the police arrived. an amam from a nearby mosque stopped the angry mob from assaulting this driver. the united states has strongly condemned the attack. the state department says the u.s. is ready provide any help that british authorities need. now to president trump whose personal attorney spent much of the weekend saying the president is not under investigation for obstruction of justice. he said it repeatedly on several programs before that same attorney appeared to contradict himself. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: the president today welcomed to the white house some of the world's leading tech ceos. >> it's great to have you with
9:33 pm
us. >> reporter: but looming over it all, the russia investigation and the president's own tweets. especially this missive on friday. i am being investigated for firing the fbi director. calling it a witch hunt. but on sunday, the president's own lawyer jay sekulow, contradicted him. >> the rez has not been and is not under investigation. >> reporter: he insists the president was only talking about an article in the "washington post." but on one show, the lawyer actually seemed to contradict himself. >> so he's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take. >> you've now said he is being investigated after saying -- >> no, he's not being investigated. >> you just said he's being investigated. >> no, chris, i said that the -- let me be crystal clear. you completely understand. we have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united states. >> reporter: whatever the status of the investigation, senior officials are preparing.
9:34 pm
jared kushner, the president's powerful son-in-law, is now looking to add a criminal defense attorney to his legal team. his business dealings now reportedly under the microschoop. today kushner for the first time was speaking before the cameras at the white house. >> we are here to improve the day-to-day lives of the average citizen. that's a core promise and we are keeping it. >> reporter: his portfolio as big as ever. today leading the effort with the tech ceos and later this week, traveling to israel to work on middle east peace. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. the white house is considering a new role for president secretary sean spicer. spice ser reportedly interviewing candidates to fill his own position. former san francisco first lady kimberly guilfoyle expressed her interest in the job. spicer himself wants to take on the role of senior adviser for communications. white house reporters have recently become more frustrated that spice ser holding fewer briefings and some are being held off camera.
9:35 pm
today, the trump administration welcomed some of america's top tech minds to the white house to help bring the century.ernment into the 21st they spent four hours in meetings. ten of the tech leaders are from the bay area including ce oos of google, intel, apple and adobe. they discussed social issues and looked at ways to update the government's outdated tech systems. >> a conservative estimate has our government's technology spending at over $80 billion a year. annually. over two-thirds of these costs are spent maintaining legacy systems. this structure is unsustainable. >> one more note on this facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and coo sheryl sandberg were invite bud did not attend. the company says they had a scheduling conflict. voters go to the polls tomorrow in a closely watched special election in georgia. it's the most expensive congressional race in history. new figures so that the two
9:36 pm
candidates have spent more than $50 million. polls show democrat john os of with a two-point lead over republican karen handel. both parties are looking to the results as a signal to the midterm elections next year. carrie fisher's autopsy report reveals she had cotaken, heroin and ecstasy in her system when she died. her sought days she openly struggled with drug addiction and mental illness her sbif liar. here's reporter kayna whitworth. >> reporter: the los angeles coroner's report revealing a mixture of drugses in fisher's system at the time of death. cocaine, methadone, heroin, ecstasy and alcohol in her system when the actress went into cardiac arrest aboard a flight six months ago. it's unclear when she took the drugs. the coroner telling abc news sleep apnea caused cardiac arrest and drug use and heart disease could have played a
9:37 pm
role, too. in life and in her art. >> somebody has to save our skins. >> reporter: the actress spoke candidly about her struggles with an addiction and mental illness. >> i'm carrie fisher and i'm an alcoholic. >> reporter: often with fearless honesty and humor over the weekend, her daughter billy lord speaking out saying know my mom. she would want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. fisher's daughter says her mom ultimately died of mental illness and addiction. but points out her mom was always willing to tackle the stigma of those diseases publicly. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. a bay area company uncovers what it calls the largest voter data leak in american history. it could affect you. that's next. plus, >> i think we're moving a lot faster than people realize. the proposal that could put the brakes on robots taking over our jobs.
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a mountain view company says a republican database with personal information belonging to 198 million americans was uncovered on an amazon server. it was discovered by upguard, the data includes hope addresses, birth dates, phone numbers of voters from both parties. and not a single password was protecting it. the information was compiled by a virginia company called deep root analytics. it was hired by the republican national committee. the company has taken full responsibility and has now blocked it from public access. well, there is growing concern over the number of jobs being ed by robots. and while the bay area is the center of that innovation, it's also becoming ground zero for something akin it a robot
9:42 pm
backlash. reggie an can i explains. >> reporter: from delivering pizzas to be serving up lattes to driving our cars, robots may be making inroads here in the bay area quicker than anywhere else in the country. > i think we're moving a lot faster than people realize. >> reporter: that's why the jane kim and other local lawmakers are taking the lead in possibly regulating the robot revolution. kim began with an idea championed by microsoft founder bill gates. taxing robots that take human jobs. >> certainly something that we'll look at because as we lose workers we'll lose tax revenue through the employer and employee. >> what we absolutely need to do is manage this transition. >> reporter: stanford futurist paul saffho believes robots are caught in a debate how to manage an economic upheaval ha that may put millions of americans out of work as companies automate in
9:43 pm
the upcoming decades. >> it's not machining taking jobs per se. it is economic decisions being made by powerful individuals running companies. >> reporter: other san francisco supervisors have proposed banning delivery robot from city streets as companies continue testing everything from self-driving big rigs to delivery drones. supervisor kim believes a kind you have payroll tax on some robots could pay for expanded education to retrain workers or maybe even raise the pay scale for the kind of jobs that robots can't do from skilled nursing to child care. >> and so maybe we would do some sort of tax vehicle and actually invest in those pro fegs so they're real living wage careers for people. >> reporter: she says the tax is one idea to consider. but it seems clear the same bay area that helped give birth to the robotics revolution will also be leading at fight to make sure humans don't get run over by it. reggie an can i, abc7 news.
9:44 pm
all right. stay here with us. meteorologist drew tuma is next with the forecast. just how hot it going to get tomorrow? he has that. first the rain and now the heat first the rain and now the heat is causing floodin
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a quick note about a developing story we've been following all afternoon into the evening. >> 680 has just reopened at montague expressway toing police activity that blocked lanes since this afternoon. there was a guy putting himself in danger. that's all solved now. the highway has since reopened. on to something else. the melting snow in the sierra is causing flooding concerns along the king's river that flows out of sequoia national park.
9:48 pm
corrin whoard has more from kingsburg where hundreds of people have evacuated their homes. >> reporter: the higher the truck, the better for residents evacuating flooded homes in the river bend rv park near minkler. overflow from the king's river leading out of the park but not so deep to keep her from collect food. >> what do you have to do now? >> look for a place. my house is rubed and i don't have flood insurance reporter. the water is coming from here, the snow capped peaks of the sierra. a heat wave is making more of it quickly. pine flat dam is releasing more than 12,000 cubic feet per second 50% more than just last month. waters rushing from the dam's top spillway for the first time in six years. the river is filling upstream reservoirs and now living areas designed to flood in times like this.
9:49 pm
>> this is the fallout right here is all ha snow melt has to go somewhere. it's running downhill. we lap to be in its path. >> reporter: the water is slowly invading john clawson's space so he's gathering everything he can and moving out. but without space on higher ground, he's one of many people forced to uproot their lives and hit the road. >> we've heard dynuba, the shelter or one they opened recently in sang gore. >> corrin hogger reporting for us. want to update the weather forecast. drew tuma is tracking the heat, drew. >> we're finally seeing relief along the immediate bay waters. in the 50s and 60s right now from san francisco to oakland over to fremont and novato. san jose a milder at 71. inland still balmy. 80s and 90s as you get towards san ramon and brentwood. inland overnight you stay warm. 60s and 70s overnight tonight.
9:50 pm
cooler by the bay. in the 50s. along the immediate coastline, a little bit of fog around half moon bay dropping to about 54 degrees. tomorrow it's tons of sunshine once again. another hot day away from the coast. about 100 in concord. 0 in oakland. 88 in san jose. 91 in napa. 87 in san rafael. the seven-day forecast, we'll show you although it feels cooler tomorrow, those numbers will rise once again wednesday into thursday. thursday could be a hotter day than what we just experienced yesterday before we started to see widespread cooling over the weekend and much cooler as you hit monday of next week. >> oh. >> uh-huh. >> living for 96. >> right. >> thanks, drew very much. sports director larry beil is here with all the sports. a lot going on in the warriors. >> there's some trophy. >> fading memory. >> that's old news. i can't basque in that glow too long. kevin durant knows where he will
9:51 pm
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abc7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. good evening. kevin durant will opt out of his contract and become a tree agent. don't panic, he'll be back with the warriors next season. this has been the plan all along. the finals mvp made $26 million this season. if he wanted a max contract, that would be in the neighborhood of $35 million. it's expected that kd will take several million less allowing the warriors to use left over cash to resign andre iguodala. >> here's bob myers. >> i think he was happy. i think he was happy with the season. personally and obviously for the team. i think, i don't know that it could have gone any better for him. i look forward to sitting down with him and doing whatever is fair. but we certainly want him back. and i think he wants to be back. so you know, when you win, those
9:55 pm
exit interviews are pretty good. >> meanwhile, a report surfaced via the vertical today that 33-year-old andre iguodala is now strongly considering looking elsewhere in free agencies trying to get leverage in negotiations perhaps to get more years on a new deal with golden state. stark contrast to everything else reported about andre, iguodala himself dropped a major hint before game four of the finals. check out this exchange with a reporter. >> how exciting is this moment knowing in two days, you won't have to talk to us in four months. >> i've got talk to you in three weeks, four weeks. i'll talk to you all again right around first week of july. >> what's that for? >> i got to talk to you. >> there's going to be some people there though. >> k.d. and staff. and going to be talking again. >> sounds like they got a deal. we'll see. the cleveland cavaliers no deal. they parted ways with general manager david griffin, a move
9:56 pm
lebron james is not happy about. james tweeting if no one appreciated you, i did. hopefully all the people of cleveland. thanks forever for what you did. interesting given what happened today in los angeles. the clippers unveiling their new logo. the logo. gary martinez west left the warriors to sign on as a consultant in los angeles for two seasons. west of course, spent six years with the warriors helping to rebuild the franchise. one report indicated he got a deal worth $4 million to $5 million. goal one is try to get lebron in a clippers uniform next summer. west is now targeting the warriors. >> maybe one of the saddest times in my life was when i left the arena in oakland the other night knowing full well i probably wasn't going to be back. that's when you say hey, look, you can't be afraid if you take this job. and now, with the warriors, watch what they're doing. no one's going to beat these
9:57 pm
guys if they stay healthy. they're not. that's our job to beat the worse. that's the standard that every team in the league has to look at today. >> out of baseball, giants opened a four-game series in atlanta. they lost again. the highlights in a second. the braves had the coolest new promotion maybe in all of sports called the freeze. they got a former track star in costume. they pick a random fan out of the crowd and he gets a head start. this race a metaphor for the entire giants season. the freeze blasts right past the fan and coasts to victory. oh, i love me the freeze. giants deep freeze. bottom of the third, io than grounds to first. brandon belt nonfor his glove. he's safe. that sets up ender. a liner to the gap in right center. 1-0 braves. johnny cueto giving up a lot of home runs lately. matt adams visiting the chop house in the fourth. cueto settled down. allowed only two runs but the
9:58 pm
braves exploded for seven runs in the eighth. derek law pitching. santana, that is way, way out. giants ice cold,-0. they've lost seven in a row. they're 20 games under .500. crazy. a's and astros, mcgehee living that life throwing out the first pitch at the coliseum will host a charity softball game this weekend. we're calling it a strike. a championship call. daniel gossett pitching for real. jake marisnick, two-run homer. bottom six, jed lowry facing will brad peacock with two on. matt joyce scores. chad pinder heading for home. evan gatt disswipes left for the tag. somebody finally got the pinder tinder joke in the studio. a springer dinker in the eighth. george springer off of axford's solo homer. drew just got the joke. right now, the score is, it's like the fifth time i've used
9:59 pm
it, 4-1 astros in the ninth. abc7 sports has been brought to you by toyota. time and time again. >> searching for material. >> i get crickets every night. i'm going to keep doing it till somebody says that. >> we'll be more supportive. coming up tonight on news at 11:00, california sizzle. all the heat is straining the state's electrical grid. the urgent plea power officials are making tonight. and a mauling in the mountains. the deadly encounter between a bear and ewing runner. a lot more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. that is our report here. as always, we appreciate your time for drew did, larry beil, i'm dan ashley. if you can make time for us again at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> they've got the ac on.
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narrator: today... a wendy's restaurant in queens, new york city is hit by a pair of robbers minutes before closing time. mike cavalluzzi: these men obviously know the routine of the store


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