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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. the sun has set on the first full day of summer and day five of our heat wave. the hottest string of days in 10 years and tomorrow is expected to be the hottest yet. so brace yourself. thanks for joining us i'm dan
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ashley. let's begin with the heat warnings. meteorologist drew tooma is here with that. >> we have one more day of the heat wave left but tomorrow will be one of the hottest days of the heat wave. the 60s and 70s from half moon bay to sanfrancisco. we're in the 90s and triple digits once again. we're going to do this all over again tomorrow afternoon. we're still hanging on to a lot of the warmth. in the 80s and 90s. 84 that current number in concord. about 94 in brentwood. 61 the 1 in san francisco and 77 in san jose. so tomorrow we will continue to have that excessive heat warning in our hot ts spots and that's inland parts of alameda, santa clara and does include the north bay hills as well. but we now have the immediate
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bay shore line including san mat mateo, hayward and oakland. so numbers are going to climb around the immediate bay waters. 8:00 tomorrow morning. our warmest spots, 70s and 80s. we're on our way to a hot afternoon. and finally show you relief coming up in the fall accuweather forecast. >> thanks so much. our extreme heat has turned deadly. two people died because of the hot weather. they were identified as 72-year-old dennis young and 87-year-old jordan, both died on monday. a third death yesterday may also be heat related. now let's give you a live look outside where it's mostly clear a spare the air alert will be in effect because of the likelihood of high smog levels. well, the continuous heat can do a number on your health if you're not careful. we checked into the emergency
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room and the zoo to see how animals are doing. >> reporter: this is living the life, plauping himself in his own private pool at happy hollow's zoo. >> dogs can't sweat. they pant. birds do the same thing to kind of cool off. some animals do sweat. >> reporter: they're getting misted with water and so are the inclosures. anything to keep them comfortable and healthy. >> to keep the animals cool, they get a variety of frozen treats. they range from these to ice cubes. the mere cats are getting them right now. the jaguar gets what we call a blood sickal. so we use some of the blood from her meat diet and mix it with water and freeze it and put it
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out for her to lick up. >> reporter: some local emergency rooms are seeing an increase of patients with heat stroke. >> they range from mild cramping and nausea and can progresses to headache, fatigue, all the way to unconsciousness. >> reporter: those most susceptible are the elderly and children. stay hydrated and stay out of the sun and if you're outside, stay in the shade. looks like these guys have the right idea. in san jose, abc 7 news. firefighters in san jose are fighting a moderate grass fire. flames broke out around 6:30 near surfau ranch. crews have cut off the head of this fire. they've ordered aircraft to help stop it. this time no structures are threatened. the bay area heat wave is having effects in the south bay tonight. a teenager passed out in the
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heat in santa teresa park late this afternoon. sky 7 caught the teenager talking with and being treated by emergency crews. they tell us the girl had been hiking with another woman and took there hospital to be checked out. temperatures were in the low 90s at the time of the rescue. and tense moments after their sail boat capsized at about 2:30 this afternoon. three people were pulled from san francisco bay. five minutes after the boat capsized, a blue and gold fleet fairy in the area was able to rescue one of the three boaters. that person grabbed a life preserver from the ferry and was able to swim to the boat. then the coast guard showed up closer to rescue the two other boaters. they were suffering from mild hypothermia. >> the initial response we were
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told they were not wearing life jackets. that was passed to us. our biggest message we can send to the public is please wear your life jackets and proper clothing because the bay water is usually much colder than the air temperature. >> after being treated and evaluated, the boaters were escorted to an ambulance in sausalito. only sky 7 was over head as it all happened. we streamed it live on the abc 7 news app and you can download it now so you can see breaking news as it happens. a small quake is getting big buzz although it was only a 3.0, it was the first one of that magnitude in the east bay in about nine months. the strongest impact was near the epicenter, kensingten and elsureto. >> it feels someone has hit the house with a big 18 wheeler.
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>> and it's three miles deep which is a little bit shallow and maybe that's contributed to the 1500 people who have felt it. >> it was close to el cerrito high school. they say these are reminders we need a family emergency plan. just look under prepare, we'll help get you set up on our website. another blow for the police department and city. they say a former police chief boxed the sex scandal involving a teenager. >> reporter: somebody familiar with the situation said that they're just trying to shut me up. >> reporter: when jasmine speak to i team in 2016, she told them oakland police wanted the case to go away. now they found tat after alligations surfaced that
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officers had exploited her, oakland pd closed their investigation after one week. she was interviewed only once. during that probe, an internal affairs investigator used a derogatory name, calling her a who and one witness said former police chief was not interested in the case, calling it b.s. >> made her feel like she was the criminal as opposed to the victim. >> reporter: today the new police chief says she doesn't see this as a set back for her department. >> i see reports like this as a mirror but as a launching pad for the future. so we are ready to go forward. >> reporter: the report mentions that the mayor and the city had brought in a private investigator. but months later that was put on hold and delayed. >> those months we were very focussed on the ghost ship fire
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recovery as well as on boarding our new police chief who is the most important part of addressing the concerns raised in this report. >> reporter: the report also highlights a series of recommendations for the police department. the new chief says she's committed to implementing all of them. one more day of this heat wave but it could be the hottest one yet. drew tooma will have the updated forecast and some people are embracing the heat. what the gushing snow melt is doing to one sierra foot hills community and while some are cursing the snow, others are thrilled by it. the skier
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more on the heat for a moment. staying cool can be accomplished without running the ac or turning oan fan. abc news reporter has old-fashioned ways that people are finding to beat the heat. >> reporter: there's nothing like a heat wave to bring out the lewis and clark in all of us. >> you sure you've done this before? >> reporter: take me to the river, dip me in the water. today we went searching for
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talking heads escaping the heat. a task that proved as easy as shooting ducks in the barrel or in this case on the russian river. in forest vill, canoes had been five feet under water. now their financial prospects have turn ed upside down in a good way. all floating peacefully on waves of water that seems far more restful. down river the weather has turned it into a tourist metropolis. case and point johnson's beach. this is the same infamous spot that disappears among flood waters most years. today a flood of people. instead it is the monte carlo of sonoma county. >> stay inside or be near the water. >> pick an umbrella, any umbrella. there are no sharks here, just pink flu mingos.
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open your jaws for cheeseburgers and crushed ice. toto we are not in kansas anymore. winter has passed. summer is coming. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. well, the sierra snow melt is too much for one community. the extreme heat has the king's river running high and fast. reporter gene haganson has the story. >> reporter: waters continue to pour into the king's river channel, pushing the waterway for miles downstream, threatening homes, property and farmland. >> it's still within its channel capacity but it is getting to the point where the levy's downstream are going to be pretty saturated. >> reporter: so far the levies are holding but there's nothing protecting the low lying river bed. they're being enforced by the
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sheriff's department. it doesn't mean they have to leave but if they do, they can't go back home. one of five park residents who did leave and are staying at the red cross shelter. this view shows just how the river has spread and crews are working to save the golf course. >> we're holding the line. if you go throughout and look, there's fairways with water in them. we've got pumps, we've rented pumps. we're pumping it back into the river and try to keep what damage we can to a minimum. >> pine flat dam is more than 400 feet tall, designed to hold a million acre fooetof water and expected to be attica pasty in just days. however the amount of flowing from melting snow appears to be slowing. >> it's a pretty good sign that the worst is over as far as the run off. are we out of the woods? absolutely not.
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we have to continue watching it and it's a day by day thing. >> reporter: abc 7 news. and up in the sierra, an endless winter is giving skiers a chance to set new records. the slopes are still covered in snow. mammoth is celebrating one of its longest seasons on record. there is 200 inches of snow at the summit. they're going to operate every day into august. farther south, it is open on weekends with 147 inches at the summit. pretty remarkable stuff. more heat coming tomorrow. and this is what the hottest day probably of the heat spell? it's going to get very clees to what we approached last sunday so that's the bad news. tomorrow's the last day of the heat wave that will stretch a
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total of six days. we'll show you what we got going on out there. the marine layer is gone, nothing from the but sunshine. we're going to quickly warm up. 10:00 in the morning. already approaching 90 degrees. and into the afternoon by 2:00. and this is why there's an excessive heat warning in effect because it's dangerous tomorrow afternoon. this is nice. pink and orfg hughes out there. unfortunately the days will grow shorter. forecast features heat peeks tomorrow so it's going to be kind of a challenge. and the cooling will continue into the weekend. pretty comfortable in oakland.
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77 in san jose. 72 nuvaudo. so overnight expect a pretty mild night, lots of stars. really beautiful night. but we're mainly in the 50s and 60s as we get you out the door on your thursday. thursz you can see a lot of reds and pinks on this map. one of the hottest of our heat wave. a lot of triple digits over to concord and livermore. oakland will get mild. 81 and 93 very warm in palo alto. so here are theed a vdsry sdwhz warnings on your thursday. right around the immediate bay waters, that's the heat advisory. the excessive heat warning as you go inland is in pink and this means heat related illnesses could be happening tomorrow. air quality's going down unfortunately. we're going poor for the air
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quality. so a spare the air day is in effect. the big difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke, heat stroke your body will stop sweating. your body is shutting down. it can't cool itself. so that's a high body temperature. what you want to do call 911, that's an emergency situation and something that can potentially happen. the accuweather 7-day forecast will show you it's hot tomorrow. the heat will ease and as you go into the weekend, saturday it's mild to warm, not intense. sunday we're looking pretty good in san francisco and monday, tuesday, wednesday, getting back to where we should be under a mixture of sun and clouds. one more day and we're out of it. we can do it. new terror concerns as the san francisco marathon approaches. what it could mean for the golden gate bridge. and we're celebrating lgbt pride
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to celebrate people who have made a difference where you live. today we remember lgbt icon harvey milk who went from camera shop owner to visionary city official after he moved from san francisco to new york city in 1972. you can learn more at abc 7 news bay area. check that out when you have a moment but come right back.
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a man on a motorcycle is acused of trying to run down a group of protesters in san francisco. witnesses say he narrowly missed people protesting this afternoon against president trump's health care bill. they rushed out of the way and no one was hurt. witnesses say this man was driving the motorcycle and
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arrested as he drove towards the group a second time. demonstrators say it certainly shook them up but will not deter them. all northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge might be closed because of concerns about a possible terror attack. this is in response to recent attacks where they drove towards people in various spots of the world during previous races, the bridge left one northbound lane open and allowed traffic on southbound lanes to continue. in the past, northbound traffic has been alowed to proceed with traffic cones separating the traffic from the runners. and we don't think that's the safest way to go about this activity. under the plan, the lanes would be closed from 6:00 to 9 a.m. on monday july 23rd. they will vote on the recommendation on friday. we'll let you know what they decide. some great pictures while
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we're showing you the bay. a wind surfer got quite the thrill this week. those are hump back whales swimming near the golden gate bridge. they gave the wind surfers a pretty cool view. the man who shot it says they had planned to capture professional wind surfers when they spotted the whales. he says everyone became a spectator of mother nature's gifts. coming up next the attack on an american airport. a police officer is targeted from behind. why the fbi is calling this a likely terror attack. also the gift of life. two siblings beat the odds thanks to stanford hospital. and you'll see a baby
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening once again. we'll begin with the attack at the airport in flint, michigan. officer was stabbed in the neck. his attacker reportedly shouting in arabic. and tonight the fbi is investigating it as a possible act of terrorism. here's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight federal investigators hunting for answers in flint, michigan on lock down most of the day after a suspect entered the terminal with a 12-inch knife and stabbed lieutenant jeff neville repeatedly in the neck and back. the fbi now investigating the incident as a possible act of terrorism. >> when the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him, he
9:30 pm
continued to exclaima allah and made a statement to the effect of you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan and we're all going to die. >> reporter: approximately 50 years old from canada. he legally entered through lake sham plain, new york on june 16th. >> officer down there. >> reporter: sources telling our local station the officer was ambushed from behind. >> there's a whole bunch of blood everywhere. >> reporter: passengers and airport employees evacuating as they scrambled to detain the suspect. >> they were taking the man in handcuffs down the other side. he was just totally blank. >> bomb sniffing dogs deployed to scour the airport as they were placed on lock down as a precaution. that officer rushed to the
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hospital for surgery. that is alex perez reporting. and tonight a montreal landlord says he was a model tenant and he's lived in the building for six years and married with children. the fbi says a gunman who wounded a top republican and four others acted alone. 56-year-old james hodgkinson did not have any ties to terrorism. slater says he did not suffer from any mental health issues but did have an anger management problem. they also found a list of names of congressman in the shooter's vehicle. >> more of a piece of paper. >> officers shot and killed him shortly after he opened fire on the practice of a baseball game. whip steve scalise remains in the hospital but his condition
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continues to improve. he was critical for some time. republican senators plan to unveil their version of a health care bill yesterday in washington, one that likely won't look like the version passed by the house. >> it will speak for itself, it will be different and take a different approach based on these endless discussions we've had with the only people interested interested changing the law, which is republican senators. >> it gets rid of tax increases that help pay for expanded coverage and gets rid of the penalty. not all senators have been in on the discussions, prompting secrecy from the democrats. developing news tonight. a judge has asked state prosecutors to refile charges against two northern california.
9:33 pm
they're fighting the state over more than 2,000 controversial undercover videos. prosecutors argue those were illegal recordings. the pair claimed planned parenthood was involved in the illegal sale of body parts. >> this is a politically motivated prosecution and discrimination against pro-life americans and californiaens who happen to have a different point of view. >> the judge threw out 14 of the 15 charges, asking prosecutors to be specific about which of the 2400 videos they want the judge to focus on. they have 10 days to respond. a family is making big plans for wh a little boy returns home his sister had the 15i78 life threatening surgery both
9:34 pm
siblings needed lung transplants. 11-year-old doris had her surgery in 2019. >> how do you feel today? >> much more better than i used to. >> thank you to the doctors and for everyone that has helped us get through this. >> they have done remarkably well, both with their transplants. >> the surgeons at stanford tell us pediatric lung transplantsz are very rare. fewer than 50 world wide last year. more freshman will attend a university this fall than ever before. campus housing is already impacted but will students be able to get into the classes they need? >> it's construction season at
9:35 pm
san jose state. the university's getting ready to welcome its largest freshman class ever with more than 5,000 students expected to enroll. that's 25% more than officials had planned for. >> they're tremendously interested in being here. but it is challenging to keep up. we'll do our best but it is a challenge. >> but the growing pains are evident as the popularity continues to rise. last night more than 1400 students, half of them freshman, were put on a waiting list for on campus housing. the university normally has space to accompdate everyone but that woept won't be the case this fall. >> frustrating as a parent to see my daughter go through all the emotions of knowing she may not be able to have the college experience she has been looking forward to since she was a young girl. >> reporter: freshman from outside a 30-mile radius typically have to live on campus
9:36 pm
but that requirement will be waved for those not able to be placed in a dorm. incoming graduate students could be effected by the housing crunch. >> it's certainly doable but it puts the clock on. >> reporter: sjsu officials are currently forecasting for the fall. lecte-based classes may be expanded and smaller sections could be added. freshman will register in the coming weeks. abc 7 news. a giraffe at seattle's woodland park zoo gave birth to her first baby tuesday and just an hour later she took her first steps. the calf was born to mother tufani and father, dave. she's already 5'9" and weighs
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directors. the board issued a statement "he's taking time to heal while giving the company room to fully embrace this new chapter in uber's history." well, the average family of ninety-four is expected to spend $4,000 on family vacation. millions of americans looking for the best deals are on the internet seeing what they can find. here's abc witworth with some tips. >> reporter: tonight it's not too late to score summer vacation deals for some of the busiest travel dates of the year, fourth of july weekend. head out friday, july second and return the seventh. boasting average fairs around 200 bucks. >> stay away from sundays. >> reporter: wlauts rr the best day? >> tuesday or wednesday. >> reporter: auto automatically rebooks your car
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rental over and over until it finds the lowest price. for hotels, never accept the first offer. >> you can call the hotel but never call their 800 number. >> reporter: traveling light? no frils basic economy fairs are available on delta, airline and united. by choosing basic economy on this flight from dallas to baltimore, we save $20, compared to the main cabin rate. keep an eye on flights like google flight and the hopper app which can pinpoint the cheapest day to fly. well, from flying to driving. a little car news tonight. for the second straight year kia has taken the top spot. the survey ranks brands by the number of flaws found in the first 90 days of ownership. it makes the kia and genesis which came in a surprising
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second place. porsche was third, followed by ford, ram and bmw. it's based on responses from nearly 80,000 car buyers. it did find there are still issues with voice recognition systems in so many cars. coming up next a hollywood superstar whose accidental business sold for a million dollars. dollars. and an
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now to a major flashback tonight in golden gate park. they're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. it features a light show on the
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conservatory of flowers. it will continue every night through october. those planning to attend are encouraged to wear tie dye. drew tooma has a closet full of that stuff. you're going to want the light-weight clothing tomorrow. the heat wave, the good news is it will break on friday. not too much going on out there and that's one of the recipes you need from hot day. plenty of stars, miles away from the coast, 60s and 70s in ante oc. 62 in san mateo. thursday it is going to be hot, excessive heat warnings in effect, as well basically it's going to be hot. only exception, half moon bay. otherwise, 80s, 90s and triple digits. going to pride, really quickly. want to show you san francisco on sunday will have tons of
9:48 pm
sunshine. accuweather seven-day forecast. just want to show you the heat breaks on friday. those numbers will cool off rather dramatically. >> that will be nice. george clooney just hit the jackpot with a tequila company he started on a whim. today announced it has sold to liquor giant diago for as much as a billion dollars. clooney and friends will take 700 million in cash and another 300 million if it hits sales targets over the next decade. a bottle sells for less than 50 bucks. it makes clooney one of the most successful celebrity investors. warriors' center mcgee has been on tv but not on a show quite like this. it's a story you'll see only on
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abc 7 news tonight. >> reporter: in a hospital built just for kids, even the elvators aren't big enough. >> i'm from the golden state nuggets. i mean the golden state ---ing. >> reporter: this is live tv. a closed circuit program called the choe show here at children's hospital oakland. >> we had a caller call in to say they love your smile. >> reporter: they asked him about his cat. >> cannot grow hair. it's weird but you get used to it. >> reporter: and the towering stater. >>m arer actually very good at dunking. >> reporter: turns out he dunks more than basketballs. >> my favorite food is double stuff oreos. >> reporter: getting to meet a world champion is a big deal for a lot of people. though they can't go in the world, this brings a piece of the world to them.
9:50 pm
>> this really helps to keep them going and give them that hope. >> after the show he showed his skills at uno. assad franklin was a fierce opponent. and ask javale about the softball game at the seum. >> i thought you played basketball, not softball, last time i checked. >> that's a fact. this is for my charity. we built water wells in you gaundau. >> reporter: even blind folded. proving with a little effort, you can do the impossible. >> i don't know about the sky. always can try. >> in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a lot of smiling faces. >> we'll be covering the softball game by the way saturday. can you imagine the strike zone?
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>> coming up in sports, a san jose shark wins a major award and hunter pence ties it up. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. the raiders are close to making star quarterback, derek carr, the highest paid player in the nfl. it would pay carr about $25
9:55 pm
million a year, which would perpass andrew luck's. it could be signed as early as this week. he threw for almost 4,000 yards as he led the raiders to their first playoff appearance since 2002. while the deal appears to be close, carr tweeted nothing done yet trust me you will hear it here first. and madison bumgarner threw a simulated pitch today and had no issues. he's still recovering from a shoulder hurt during a motor bike accident. in the first, striking out nick markakis and matt kemp. he finished with eight strikeouts over seven innings. san francisco took the lead in the second. it goes into the corner and scores hunter pence.
9:56 pm
belt wound up with a triple but was left stranded. a man on, adams takes samardzija deep to right center. it was a 2-1 ball game. atlanta let by one in the ninth and pence ties it up with his 10th in the season. but in the 11th, the braves win it as kemp connects for a 2-run walk off. 5-3 the final. the giants have now lost eight of their last nine. at the coliseum, this a's fan was making himself heard. jose altuve scores when he can't hang on to the baseball. houston tacked on one more run. now in the eighth, the astros lead 4-1. in miami, nationals pitcher matt schurzer was flirting with his third career no hitter but ellis
9:57 pm
hits a comebacker and off the glove for a base hit. then after an error and a hit batter, he throw as wild pitch to stanton. the game is tied. stanton lines a base hit. b gordon is out at the plate but the marlins pull out a 2-run victory. a big honor tonight for san jose's brett burns who's been named the winner of the morris trophy. it goes to the best all around defenseman. burns scored 29 goals and 47 assists. his 76 points lead all defenseman. it's the first sharks player to win the norris trophy. erick carlson came in second. the last month he tweeted the photof ohis family at disney world, with that beard, he still
9:58 pm
proved to be quite the celebrity. >> they thought dwrb was a pieerate. it was fun. we always try to dress up and have a good time. so can't blame the kids for thinking that. nhl hockey is coming to las vegas next season and tonight the golden knights got to draft one player from each franchise while the sharks were able to project some -- in his only season with san jose, he played 62 games and had 18 points. nba finals nvp, kevin durant bought a full-page ad in the san francisco chronicle. he thanked teammates, management and the fans for his triumphant first season with the warriors. it said grade accomplishments are never achieved alone and best shared. coach steven kerr said if they
9:59 pm
are, he would encourage his team to go. this has been brought to you by toyota. he feels like it's symbolic gesture to bring the country together. >> and what a nice gesture by k.d. to spend his money and pay for the ad. >> we thank him too. >> we do. and coming up, a dangerous heat turns deadly as the hot weather claims at least two lives in the south bay and should police officers be armed with tasers? those stories and a lot more coming up over on channel 7:00 but that is our report for the moment. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in one hour over on channel 7. bye for now.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... america's first mass shooting. and the citizens of texas shoot back. fitzgerald: this kind of random public shooting rampage


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