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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. pride weekend is underway. this is the transmarch, which kicked off the evept tonight. it's one of the largest transgender events in the the tire world and there was an extra police presence tonight. thanks for joining us. this year there is special concern at pride events because of the recent terrorist attacks
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in europe. abc news reporter has more. >> reporter: hundreds of people flocked to deloris park to participate in the transmarch which kicks off san francisco pride weekend. here and in the castro people seemed defiant in the face of the trump administration. >> especially this year with the whole administration and the stuff going on with that, we've noticed a lot of people come out. especially this year. >> reporter: meanwhile security continues to be a concern. people in the castro district are making sure they are seen. this sunday every san francisco police officer will be on duty for the pride parade. >> we want to make sure that we are seeing everything that we can but with that we also need the help of the community. >> the fbi will also have a presence this weekend that agency said it will be ready to assist for a worst case scenario or if requests help. all of this in light of the recent attacks in europe and
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shootings here and in the u.s. this weekend bar and restaurant managers will have the pulse night club shootings in orlando on their minds but say they will not be deterred. >> crying in bed all day, nightmares. >> reporter: this is one of the survivors of the shooting that occurred last june. he was leaving the club when the shooter started firing behind him. 49 people died. >> i feel like he didn't like himself and he used hate, the shooter and i think there's hate everywhere. >> he's in san francisco to attend the parade representing the brady campaign on gun violence. the bigging parade is on sunday we have the route highlighted in blue. sfreet closures will start at 6:00 a.m. highlighting the streets in red.
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many lines will be rerouted. they're recommending taking muny metro if you need to travel market street on sunday. your guide to pride is at abc 7 you also download the abc 7 news app and enable the push alurts to learn the latest as it happens. bart is getting back to norm al after a degree fire. right at the peek of the friday evening commute. abc 7 news was at the embarcadero station. we found passengers on a crowded platform. sky 7 was over the west oakland bart station even after the tracks were cleared there, were long waits for hundreds of passengers who had waited at the stations. finally much cooler around the bay area today thanks to our old
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friend the coastal fog. another shot of it rolling over the golden gate bridge which was obscured by all the fog in thiz video. let's look at how it looks from our suit row tower. we still see the sun's glow over the horizon. joining us now with a look at the forecast. >> yeah, a lot of happy campers as the temperatures really fell today. you will notice we do have fog starting to push over the bay tonight. now it was still hot inland, low to mid-90s. but it was not up to the triple digits in places like livermore that were baking. 60s in the coast and in the 70s and the 80s today. 24 hours ago compared to now you can see oo good 10 degree drop in fair field and from our south beach camera watch that marine layer coming in. this was earlier this evening and it certainly was a welcome
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site. free air conditioning in the bay area. the question is will this continue to impact our weather for the upcoming weekend. how about the pride celebrations and parade. >> thank you. see you in a few minutes. new developments in the deadly shooting at a ups warehouse. for the first time we're getting a look at the shooter. ups driver jimmy lam who killed himself as police arrived. jonathan bloom has more on the attack. >> i am extremely proud of the men and women of the san francisco police department. >> chief scott spoke as a sidewalk memorial continues to grow outside the ups facility for the three employees who lost their lives. >> it it indicates mr. louie, mr. chan appeared purposeful and targeted. >> police released this video. they're pouring over everyday from his house, including cell phones, computers and a journal
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to figure out why he set out to help those co workers. >> and without warning or saying anything, he immediately shot benson louie. >> this was the gun he used, a mack 10. police say the gun was stolen from utah. they say lam said nothing as he shot and killed wayne chan and walkered in the street where he found the ups driver. >> without speaking to him, mr. lan shot mr. lafiti several times. >> police found lam back inside two minutes later. >> the officers instructed him to put the gun down but mr. lam shot himself. >> reporter: police recovered the gun and found lam had fired 20 of the 30 rounds in the magazine and had more ammunition in his backpack. they say ups has become more thorough in its existence of metal detecters but hasn't officially changed its security
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procedures. a standing room only crowd gathered to remember one of the victims killed in that ram page. mike lafiti, affectionately known as big mike, describing him as a devoted family man. his loss has left loved ones devastated. >> father's day just passed. it's tough on the family to see something like that. but samoaens and polynesians, we're family oriented. you have cousins that come together. it's liking a family reunion. >> today's memorial also brought out people on big mike's delivery route in the diamond heights neighborhood. they wore sports apparel representing the favorite teams, the niners, warriors and giants. they sanctioned uber for failing to complay with a search warrant. detectives have been waiting for weeks to turn over records on a
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driver accused of sexual battery. he was arrested earlier this months after a woman reported that becker stopped his car, gautd in the backseat and attacked her. police say uber's failure to turn over the records has hampered their investigation. the company doesn't want law enforcement calling up passengers to ask if they've had a bad experience with a driver. the department sent out this photo showing some of the contraband. police say they social media and other strategies to track these down. they confiscated three to five inch mortars, all of which are considered to be explosives. they're looking for a suspect in this ongoing investigation. the division was made to shut down all northbound lanes for the san francisco marathon. that's to protect the runners. the marathon is one month from today. abc 7 news reporter, kate larson looks that reasons behind this
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decision. >> reporter: come marathon sunday drivers will be taking a backseat to runners. today the golden gate bridge district four voted namilously to close all northbound lanes on july 23rd. >> this has been contemplated for quite some time. >> she says the usual arrangement of using cones to separate the runners from one lane of northbound traffic puts the runners at risk. >> distracted drivers, impaired drivers, there's always a problem when they're traveling adjacent to runners. >> reporter: a suspected terrorist killed and injured groups of peep whl he dreev car into pedestrians on westminster bridge. >> i think for those on the opposite side of the bay it's a disaster but just plan in advance. >> as a runner, i think it's
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better. when you're running across the bridge, you're really close and the cars are right there so it's kind of scary. >> two years ago i ran and it was quite safe. >> reporter: he feels the closure is unnecessary and won't discourage would-be attackers. >> cars have a lot of opportunity for attack anyway across 26 miles. >> reporter: southbound lanes separated by the cement median will still be open. in san francisco kate larson, abc 7 news. a driver was taken on the hospital this morning after losing control of an suv and knocking over a fire hydrant. this happened at third street and mission rock. took a turn too quickly. the vehicle struck a barrier, knocking the wheel off. it then careened to the other side of the street and rolled over a hydrant. nascar coming to the bay area.
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we love our spot. we've been here for 13 years. >> next the race before the race at sears point. big competition to get the best camping spot out there. billions of gallons of snow melt pour nothing to lake tahoe. how much of the lake's
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it's going to be lloyd with the roar of ingens. nascar's rolled into town along with all that acompanies it. more from the track where drivers were practicing all day. >> reporter: welcome to sonoma raceway where this twheekd usual rules of the road will not apply. they don't use hand signals or turn signals or canbug. that is nascar in a nutshell as described by -- in eugene, oregon. >> lot like a traveling circus, i'd say. >> reporter: it can leave a person partially deaf, especially if he's thrilled to exhaustion, by exhaustion. we're on pit row where men checking tire pressure never before seen. wander close enough you will wif the ethanol pap peek in the
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trunk leads to question. >> there's no room for luggage in here, is there? >> no, sir. driver has to travel light. >> reporter: this is unusual. a road course with hills, steep turns, elevation changes. study the finer points up close in one location or park your rv in another location $15 for the whole weekend. dinner, anyone? >> i think we're having tritip. >> across the so-called street and lots of it for jaime martin and ample provisioning. 30 years. >> it's 90 is per man. >> you're five out. >> in summary it may be more than cars needing a pit brofore the end of this weekend. in sonoma county, wade freeman abc 7 news. the heat wave has sped up
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the snow melt in the mountains around lake tahoe. a record 12 billion gallons of water. the lake has risen four inches despite high evaporationing from the intense heat. for the past 120 days making room for all the run off. they expect the lake to reach capacity in midjuly. abc 7 news meteorologist here with a forecast which thankfully is cooling down. >> i see you're smiling here. cooler today. that's going to kobt over the weekend. tomorrow afternoon, 87 degrees. the temperatures will drop through monday before they start to come back up again. i know lot of people on social media very happy about the changes underway and you can pretty much look at live doppler 7 and see what brought about the changes. it's the return of the marine
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layer and the sea breeze through santa rosa. is this gorgeous or what? you're looking at the deepening marine layer with a little orange hew up above. it's in the 60s. oakland, san jose. from our emory vill camera, we have pretty good visibility but it's hard not to miss the low clouds. your in the skiktsz from fairfield to napa. still nice and warm in concord and liver more for those that like it. note this is flag is really swaying in the wind. that breeze is what's going to continue to keep dropping those temperatures. foggy coast in bay. cooling continues over the weekend and it will be mild for the san francisco pride parade. here's a look at the forecast. 9:00 a.m. partly cloudy. noon time still in the 50s. that's why you'll need a light jacket or a sweater. low to mid-60s. should be nice weather for those of you going to the parade or
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taking part in sellerations. temperatures in the 50s, 60s. certainly better sleeping weather for you. the it hour by hour forecast we'll show you. low clouds and fog and high clouds start to come in, in the afternoon and evening. it's not going toing be completely clear. we'll call it filtered sun for the south bay. 78 in sunny vill on the peninsula. mid to upper 70s for most of you. cool 59 in pacifica. daily city what you're used to this time of year. and in the north bay you'll see a few low 80s in santa rosa, napa. 79 in fremont. not as hot as it has been. 87 in concord and pleasanten. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. 60s to 90s tomorrow. we'll drop you down to the 80s. just wait till early next week. upper 50s to low 60s coast side.
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temperatures right back up again by wednesday and drop again. minor ups and downs. you always down tloed accuweather app and that will help you keep track of those temperatures. larry. >> she has all these notes on all the temperatures. and so i asked her what would happen if i took your notes? and she shook her head and said it's all right here. so i had her notes the whole time and she didn't need them. >> doing it too long. >> smooth as silk. up next the contest where ugly is celebrated. we will have the winner next. and we're celebrating lgbt pride to celebrate where you live. the pride parade is known world wide but sillicon valley's celebration started as a rally in 1975. now it's a parade and festival.
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you can learn more at abc 7 news bay area.
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this was a really big day for spacex. it deployed bulgaria's first communications satellite into orbit and the rocket booster survived the most challenging landing ever. elon musk is able to launch and land rockets so it can reuse them. obviously that would save money. today was only the second time spacex reused the rocket. it landed les than 10 minutes
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after launch. there will be a lot of deals on car on july 4th weekend. we have a few tips on what fees you bargain down. here's abc news reporter. >> a mercedes benz summer event. >> the summer sales are on. and dealerships are dropping prices for the holidays. but before you go shopping how do you know if you're getting the best deal? >> i'm not sure. >> a fair markup 2/300 bucks, everybody will be happy. >> reporter: ought so experts say some things like sales tax and a destination fee are nonnegotiable but documentation, and dealer fees are. ore avoid the dealership altogether with car return it if you're not happy. they say it saves customers more
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than $1400 on average and remember the negotiating power when you're leasing. you can ask the dealership to wave your drive off fees and include damage and mileage forgivene forgiveness. now to a competition the winners may not necessarily want to brag about. the world's ugliest dog was crowned. the sonoma murin fair posted this. a neapolitan mastiff. loves to drool and snore. i didn't think martha was ugly at all. they faced auf in a red carpet walk and fashion show. now, that's ugly right there. they left with $1500. 29th year this contest has been held at the fair. well, is it a warning shot from the president? what he said about the special counsel, robert mueller who's leading the russia investigation. also our neighbor to the north
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issues its official guidelines and
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and we begin this half hour with president trump and what he's now saying about special counsel mueller. mueller is leading the russia investigation and looking into any possible obstruction of justice. here's the chief white house correspondent, jonathan carl. >> reporter: president trump suggested special counsel robert mueller is tainted and politically biassed against him. >> he's very good friends with comey which is very bothersome. i can say the people that have
9:30 pm
been hired all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. i mean the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint. but robert mueller's an honorable man and hopefully he'll come up with an honorable solution. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer says the president has no plans to fire mueller but insisted he does have the power to do so. >> while he retains the authority, he has no intention on doing that. >> reporter: and trump offered a new information of -- it was a bluff, he said to force comey to tell the truth. >> i don't have any tape and i didn't tape. but when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental or anything else and who knows, i think his story may have changed. >> it was a smart way to make sure he stayed honest in his
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hearings. >> well, it wasn't very stupid. >> well, what trump's tweet about tapes did was trig arsequence of events that lead to appointment of a special couns counsel. now conducting a preliminary investigation of possible obstruction of justice. and comey went on to give damming testimony anyway. he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn investigation ---ing. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? >> well, i didn't say that. i mean i will tell you i didn't say that. now to the outrage after that health plan was finally revealed. they have made it clear they have not on board with this. some arguinging the cuts are way too deep. >> reporter: at the airport law
9:32 pm
makers leaving washington for the weekend got a harsh send off. anger erupting from california to pennsylvania. if more than two republican senators vote though, the health care bill won't pass and now at least five say they're not on board. nevada senator dean heller announcing his decision. >> this bill that's currently in front of the united states senate. not the answer. it's simply not the answer. >> reporter: he was confronted by angry constituents at aptown hall in april. and today he did not hold back, calling claims the bill will lower premiums a quote lie. >> if there's anything in the legislation that will lower premiums. >> reporter: and slashes medicaid which provides insurance to 24 million disabled americans and nearly 40% of the nation's children. kids like 5-year-old tyler brent
9:33 pm
who has a heart condition. without medicaid they could lose everything. >> it shouldn't be up to law makers to decide whether they live or die. >> reporter: some are concerned the bill's cuts go too far. but they ---ing. >> the bill may spend more than obama care does. >> reporter: president trump admits getting the votes will be difficult. >> it's a very complicated situation from a standpoint you do something good for one group and bad for another. it's a narrow path. >> reporter: abc news, washington. >> and it appears we will not see a universal health care system in california this year. he's putting the plan on the shelf until further notice. he says the current bill doesn't address issues like financing and cost controls. today president trump signed the veteran's affairs
9:34 pm
accountability act. it better protects kwhisal blowers who point out problems. >> out dated laws kept those from holding our veterans accountab accountable. we are finally changing those laws. we did have fantastic help. to make sure that the scandal of what we suffered so recently never happens again. >> that bill has the support of both democrats and republicans. new details tonight in the aftermath of that high rise apartment fire in london. hundreds of families have been evacuated from five buildings with similar installation and exterior cladding. they've pinpointed the cause of the fire, a refrigerator/freezer. at least 79 people are believed to have died in last week's fire. more than 10% of canadian
9:35 pm
adults admit to using pot in the last year. the guidelines include ubstaining from all use, delay until later in life, choose lower risk cannibis products, don't drive or operate machinery and avoid altogether if you're pregnant and avoid using synthetic pot. the guidelines are meant to educate marijuana users to lower the risks associated with the drug. a new snapchat feature raising concerns. it's called snapmaps. so friends and other snapchatters can see what they are and where they're going. users can select whether they want to use snapchats. but child net internationeral encouraging users not to share their locations, especially with people they don't know. famous actor igniting a fire storm over what he said about
9:36 pm
president trump. he's already apologizing. >> reporter: tonight johnny depp's alleged joke met with outrage rather than laughter. the comments delivered in dead pan at a british film festival a likely reference to john willks booth. >> it's been a while and maybe it's time. >> reporter: he admits it wasn't funny. i apologize for the bad joke in poor taste about president trump. this comes a week after a shooting at virginia baseball field. representative scalise nearly killed, prompting calls for more suvilt. calls ignored by a nebraska state party official caught on tape as saying this about scalic can e. >> i wish he was. [ bleep] dead. >> he claims it was taken out of context but was fired anyway as
9:37 pm
the party chair. and fighting cause after mocking grieving republicans on facebook. the white house facing its own criticism after the president welcomed a former trump delegate who last year suggested hillary clinton be executed. >> hillary clinton should be put in the firing line and shot. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc nws, los angeles. tonight is the last friday of ramadan but it's been over shadowed by acts of violence against muslims. coming up prayers for peace and why local
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if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess.
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hate crimes and bias incidents are on the rise as ramadan the holy month comes to
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a close. we spoke to bay area muslims about their pain and push for peace and understanding. chris nguyen has that story. >> reporter: starving the body while feeding the soul. a commitment for asking for forgiveness. ramadan ends tomorrow and sometimes referred to as a fresh start, a chance to focus on the prese present. but recent acts of violence against muslims across america are on the minds of many. >> we stay in our bubbles. >> reporter: so imam of the west valley muslim association preached about the importance of staying true to one's self while not shying away from the world. >> if we understood how to harness that into a radiating wave, we could totally change the world for a better. >> reporter: and inform others for a better tomorrow. >> it feels we've been given a platform to speak out against these things and it's united the
9:42 pm
american muslim community. a desire to keep the faith, despite the struggle. >> there's a lot of good muslims do here by feeding, donating to a vast number of causes. >> reporter: making it known they're all in this together. >> it's built on this melting pot, this vibe of wrer all one. >> reporter: a sentiment not lost as this community looks ahead to whatever the future may bring. coming up meteorologist sandy putell. she's memorizing the temperatures in every bay city as we speak. the guys who got a surprise
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yeah. there's something to cheer about in bay point. the pool is open again. it serves both bay point and pittsburgh. it was in such bad shape it the h to close. getting the shout out to city hall and it is open just in time for the long, hot summer. sandy loves where i name a city and she has to give me a response of what the high temperature was. livermore. >> 94 livermore. okay. larry's just making this up. i don't like playing this game. here's a look at a time. larry's in his own world. take a look at the marine layer as you see it rolling over san francis francisco. certainly helps to drop the temperatures along the bay area and the coastline.
9:47 pm
tracking the marine layer and as you check out highs for your saturday, 61 in half moon bay, 90 degrees in antioch. >> fair field 88. >> i think larry wants to do weather. fog will sit near the coast. inland areas will see the sun along with high clouds and if you're going to sonoma raceway, 80 degrees filtered sun tomorrow and sunny and bright, 78 degrees on sunday. so the weather is improving from the standpoint that it's not going to be too hot. accuweather 7-day forecast temperature continue to slide through next week and we see a warm up before they come back down and back up again. we'll see the 90s, don't worry, again. >> union city. >> we love the high for union city. >> she won't play. this ride fuelled by his love for his daughter and when he got there, a moment truly
9:48 pm
extraordinary. >> reporter: bill conor is a father on a mission. he started in madison, wisconsin in may and he's been riding his bike ever since. he's doing it to honor his late daughter, abbey, who he lost suddenly at 20 in a tragic drowning. the family made a difficult choice, her organs were donated. >> if you were her friend, you were lucky. she loved to laugh and she's a hugger. and that's one of things i've been doing along the ride. >> reporter: her father in a 2000-mile journey to bring aw e awareness to organ donations. taking selfies with people who have given him so much. >> reporter: from the day i left to where i'm at today, the amount of people, strangers that have gone out of their way to take me in, a meal and a shower has just been unbelievable. >> reporter: but it was his stop
9:49 pm
1400 miles in, arriving in baton rouge that left him speechless. this is jack, 21 years old. he was given abbey's heart . that father couldn't let go and jack, grateful for his daughter's heart and jack walks up to him saying happy father's day. it gives bill a steth scope. he's about to hear his daughter's heart . >> the beauty of that was there were two fathers able to celebrate father's day because jack's alive and i'm there and abbey's alive. she's alive to me. she's alive inside of jack. it's not about how many cars or
9:50 pm
homes you have or how much money. to give somebody life in a tragedy like this, you're able to give somebody an orgn to help them live or live a better life and my daughter, again, set an example for me and i've got to follow it and that's what i'm trying to do. >> wow. what a touching story. david mure reporting. you got to see this next video here. it's as if a whale was looking for a hug when it breached within a few feet of a boat yesterday. they were within a mile of the verrazano bridge when the thing jumps out on the water. didn't scare the crew at all. they were overheard laughing in the video. i'd be freaking out with the phone like if you hold still. >> no whales. we've got football, basketball, baseball coming up.
9:51 pm
from silver and black to silver and gold. how derek carr plans to spend some of his riches after signing
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9:54 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> what would you buy if it you had more money than you could spend? derek carr says he's going to chick-fil-a. that's how he plans to splurge after reportedly signing the richest deal in nfl history worth 125 million bucks. 40 million is fully guaranteed. the new deal keeps carr in silver and black through the 2022 season. he plans to donate some of the money to charity. he says he didn't want the deal to hurt the team. >> was it the most important thing to me? not really. it was that my family be taken care of and it get done. i wasn't going to sit there and say i need more.
9:55 pm
i was not going to do that. i was not going to be the one. if anything tim was trying to drive me up a little more and i had to talk him off the ledge a little bit. i don't want it to sound like i have to beat him but it just kind of ends up that way. i'm not too worried about it. >> the giants return to san francisco before 5:00 this morning on a road trip to the south. team no sleep hoping a little rest would give them a wake-up call from the nightmare stretch. taking on the mets, san francisco down 1-0 in the first. brandon belt hits it down the right-field line and this game is tied at one but not for long. mets pitcher seth lugo with an rbi double of his own. now that starts a six-run inning with jonus and a two-run homer
9:56 pm
lasted just three innings and right now the mets lead the giants by score of 11-4 in the eighth inning. the a's in chicago to take on the white sox. top one with a man on. chris davis going for a jog through the park. the a's taking a 2-0 lead. matt joyce takes a solo flight. his ninth of the year. open with a 3-0 leave. cruising five shutout innings, just three its but had to leave in the sixth due to a blister on his throwing hand. white sox had the tying run at the plate. matt davidson takes him to ceptor field to the warning track. the a's with their second shutout, 3-0 is the final. jordan bell has to be feeling great because the best team in the world not only wanted him, they had to pay to get him on their roster.
9:57 pm
golden state warriors paid 3.5 million to trade into the second round and draft the power forward with the 38th overall pick. he played three years at oregon and the pac-12 defensive play of the year. he patterns his game after the heart beat of the dubs, draymond green. >> draymond will be fun challenge for you. >> draymond texted me after i was driving home and he said what the -- and then expletive is -- is your problem to me. and i called him and said all right. calm down. i -- he said i need his number. i need to talk to him. >> he was like yo, face time me, don't call me. i was like yeah, you right. so i hung up and i face it is timed him and he didn't answer. so i was like i should wait a couple seconds and i called him back and he answered and he was
9:58 pm
like yo and we just started talking about it. he was like enjoy this night, celebrate it. but after this night we have to get back to work. we trying to get rings over here. so be ready for it. >> he's like our team mom in a way. >> and when mom calls, you better answer. today is the nfl entry draft. the san jose sharks took american center josh norris for 27 goals for the u.s. national under at&t. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by toyota and that is a look at sports. i get so upset every time i see ses puds with anyone but the a's. coming up tonight at abc 7 news at 11:00, hundreds of thousands of fireworks seized in the south bay tonight. and an emergency on a southwest flight out of oakland. how a woman stepped up to help whether a stranger needed it the most. join us at 11:00 on channel 7.
9:59 pm
that's going to do it for us unless you have anymore temperatures, just random. concord. >> i'll let you do it. >> concord low 90s. close? >> close. >> working on it, working on it. thanks for joining us. hope to see you on channel 7 at 11:00.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... a gunman goes on a terrifying killing spree cavalluzzi: he pumps two or three bullets into each person. and they drop to the floor one after another. it's absolutely sickening. no one's ever seen anything like this before.


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