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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 2, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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president trump back on twitter tonight. the fake video you show there showing president trump body slamming cnn has been liked and retweeted hundreds of thousands of times by his supporters. it comes has hundreds of people marched through san francisco today and blocking off the area snanding president trump be impeached. timothy wilson with the latest
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developments. >> reporter: president trumps say they elected a fighter so this video show the president circuit 2007 taken down by a men with obscured logo doesn't bother them. >> he's doing a good job. >> reporter: the tweet is not a threat to the press. >> it's taken out of context. it's humor and injected. >> reporter: the only context president trump provided todd clib was two hash tags, fraud news cnn and mfn. cnn responded with a statement saying it's a sad day when the president encourages violence against the free press. on abc's this week, navarro says america cannot stand for this. >> this is just going way too far. the president of the united
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states is insiting violence against the free press. >> reporter: marching today place. >> it's -- >> reporter: president trump called the master distracter. >> he doesn't care about the office at all. whatever he does it's agenda it's all about himself. >> reporter: a few hours ago president trump tweeted again calls the media mishonest and fake. >> fascinating with it. >> reporter: in san francisco, tiffany wilson, nbc 7 news. for the first time in years a fire station has closed because of a lack of funding. the station is expected to increase response times for fire and medical calls for people living if five cities. bethel islands, night son, bringwood, oakland and byron. the district closed yesterday. it's out of money and doesn't have the budge to sustain four fully staffed stations.
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three stations still opened in oak land, brentwood and discover bay. >> i think it's crazy how thai going to shut down the fire department before the busiest day of the year for them. >> if there's a fire that goes on here how long is it going to take for brentwood and oakly to get here when there's a fire station right there. >> fire times are expected to go up district wide. an aggressive response from firefighters kept a fast moving grass fire from growing out of control near rosa this afternoon. it was under control in under an hour. no homes were threatened because the fire is surrounded by vineyards. in the east bay, a small grass fire kept firefighters business near the oakland airplane. an employee took these pictures off do little drive this afternoon. it started at 4:15 and under
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control an hour later. misshut down several street around the fire. bay area quality managers are asking residence not the set off their own fire truck woshs this july fourth to limit air pollution. it can accuse asthma attacks, coughing and eye irritation. they say heat, dry grass and sparks can be a recipe for disaster. a quick reminder, all fire woks including these dubbed safe are illegal almost every where in the bay area. here's the fewsy cities that do allow it, dublin, newark, and union city. and four cities in snow may county. save and seine fireworks are those that are not explosive nor shoot into the air. a better idea is to attend a professional firework show.
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we have a complete list in aefr bay city. open up the nbc 7 news app. over night a subpoena arrested in a friday night crash. 11-year-old russell junior is accused of vehicular homicide, hit and run and driving on a suspended license. the crash on highway 4 killed a 5-year-old and 10-year-old boy. their mother and three month hold baby was injured. wilson accused of running away but lair checked himself in. nbc 7 learned wilson union was the stepfather of 15 yearly regina jeffreys was killed. the family -- the lost of jeffrey struck wilson and his wife hard. jeffrey's killing still unsolved. we have some sad news to pass along about a teenager we've been reporting on whose battling leukemia.
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darrell akins lost the battle after sieving his diploma. he lived thee years after doctors expected after he got a bone marrow transplant last spring. akins would have been 19 years old in august. investigators in watch state are trying to figure out what caused a derail this afternoon. the the loco motivate and baggage car wen off the track in bridge if washington this average. 267 passengers on board, no one was seriously hurt. the train was traveling between british colombia and yew jeek o oregon. hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend today. the sun is down but the question you're really asking is what is it going to look like an the fourth. here's drew.
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>> we got the fog out right now along the coast and immediate bay. the fog is going to linger for the holiday weekend. we'll pinpoint which location coming up in the forecast. and gushing water and street buckling. not what you want to deal with on a holiday weekend. the big mess in one california community today. and -- >> some of those people don't speak another language. >> on this independence day weekend some of our country's weekend some of our country's the home of "wow" savings.
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a broken 12 inch inch water main turned the street of hollywood into a river this morning. thousands of gallons of water flooded a neighborhood knot of
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hollywood boulevard. celebrating independence day has a special meaning for those who have fled to our country to enjoy our freedoms. reporter anne showed us what one refugee gave up and what he gained when he moved to sacramento. >> reporter: moving to a new country can be scary. for here it feels like home. >> me my parents and my sister, one of my sisters had the opportunity to come to the states while the rest of my brothers and sisteres are still stuck in e justgypt. >> reporter: as he prepares food from his country he's thinking about his sisters. >> there's a cans i may not get to see them again. >> reporter: while standing if the store the review joes gather from all over sharing their stories. >> where were you living before you came here? >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: this family was from syria, they has been
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separated for months before making it to the u.s. they gather in his store and he's happier to employee them. >> this is a good place to mix the community. >> how many employees do you have here if. >> about ten. >> and how many are refugees? >> ten. >> yay den and his family are -- he and his family have helped to create a community sister and this store so others who have similar stories can feel comfortable in the u.s. >> i would like to believe so. i believe in comrade, i believe when you do something good you get something dood in return. >> reporter: in sacramento, nbc 7 news. pthe warriors and cavs is tween legendary.
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lebron james has been something new to say about steph curry's new contract. meteorologist drew tim is up next with the weather forecast. >> hello mike shumann. details to come. shark fans are in mourning. after 19 years in
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♪ that's the james brown, pop pa's got a brand new bag. nbc 7 news was at the meek mansion in haywood for today's
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july fourth celebration. featured music, face paymenting and a lot of food. the golden state warriors ended a tour of the championship trophy. nbc 7 news was at the center. the tour follows the warrior's defeat of the cleveland cavaliers. >> i've been a warrior's fan for 25 years and have this opportunity to go next to the trophy and see it in real life and take a picture with my family is awesome. >> san francisco's last stop on the tour which also made stops in the south bay. conditioning james -- king james himself have something to say about curry's contract. lebron james believe he is under paid. cleveland call here star says curry should be making $80 million a year or so. curry signed the law enforcementest crack in nba
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hear, $201 million over the five years, or roughly $40 million. an act cue weather this evening we're half way through the holiday weekend. you can see behind me, live doppler 7 along with satellite, along the coast keeping temperatures toll ration temperatures toll reshl. a live look you can see the marine this nicely. it's along the coastline but will make the trek inland overnight tonight with many areas waking up toover cast skies. july fourth of july as we get y the next few days. temperatures will be in the 80s, 7:00 inland and drop down to the 60s. fog had been an issue, but we'll talk about that in a second. temperature wise right now it's comfortable. you need a jacket along the
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coast, 53 the high or 64 in -- oak loan at 60 and lin more checking in at 63 degrees. the chouds are going to push inland and that's going to keep temperatures across the board from the coast to the bay in inland holding in 60s. starting in the south bay, 82, the high on saturday. that's nice and comfortable. 81 in santa clara about 79 that number in sunny dale. 75 tomorrow in mountain view. it would be breezy along the coastline so pacifica holding 6 # degrees. downtown san francisco, 6 #/70. 80 that current number. the number tomorrow -- 70 in oakland.
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comfortable, not too hot. it's warm. 85 high tomorrow in antioch. creek 83. if you are headed to the beach tomorrow, you'll start off the day with cloud cover. can cloud will be slow to clear but we'll get afternoon sunshine.once the sun breaks ou be strong. use that sunscreen, ocean water temperature about 57 degrees so enjoy. future when are we're going to fast forward into the -- itself. tuesday night. 11:00 at night. you can see the gray shading that is cloud cover, where san francisco, south san francisco, some clouds stretching over to oakland and richmond. visibility db so the fire works will be tough. south we have clear skies. freemont we're going to be okay in seeing the fireworks. if you are headed to mountain view, fourth of july will be a great slow. 10:00 a few clouds but there's
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nothing in the sky from seeing this fireworks and temperature 67 degreesism here's the next search days for you. breezy tomorrow afternoon, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. fourth of july we'll have fog in the evening. cool on wednesday. coastal drizzle thursday and friday. saturday and sunday we're turning warmer and steady pattern of fog to afternoon sun shine. >> nothing to complain being there. >> announcer: nbc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> the -- had their moe joe back. all-star announcements handed out and buster posey the only one to get the call. brandon, also in pittsburg. only mistake came in the third, murphy sends them packing. the john's -- in the seven. the brandon belt kick starting
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at three. top eight, a man, two on shot, johnson six straight with the 5-3 victory. johnson back to back wing with the rockies and the pirates. all-star lonzo his first time try to average team in the four game slide. everyone's ready for the fourth of july including this cat in the hat /* hat. strike out six. chris davis, not an all-star, how come? he had 40 all runs last year, 20 this year. cubs -- and send it to extras. a is down 3-2 in the 11th. bruce max field. off the wall, davis is going to slow on the long single. you guessed it, second home run
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of the game. dingers in the sam 2011 as in oakland a, 5th straight loss but a positive, lonzo and his all-star selection and here's from this here side, miami. >> my eyes got watery and fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to db the oakland as and got the guys here. i was going back to my home where i grew up. means a lot to me. >> it's the end of an error, patrick agreed to a two year contract with an average of 6.52 million per year. marlo played all -- clearing 1493 games. the 38 yoerld is appear all-time fan favorite and will be missed.
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the women's pga championship, danielle shot at 362. including four straight birdies. 12 under. brook anderson behind here, 566. eagle here on 18 for the lead. come out one rotation short but in the cloubs tied. par five, 18th. c cappi capping off her first career. >> i trusted my game and didn't worry about anything else. it all about believing in yourself and being confident and that's what i did. country club in massachusetts, kirt, third round later. so kenny perry take advantage, 268 with records of 264 with putts like that. this is his second open title. he never want to major on the pga tour.
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he's the 2017 champ. >> this on 18 for the win. can't get any closer. goes to a playoff with kyle stanley. the pressure was put on stanley and this is again, and stanley will make his par putt for the win. it's his second career pga tour title. coming up at 11:00 p.m. we'll take a look back at patrick's career. he's a hall of fame player and a person and he will be missed. >> hard to see heroes get traded. >> too old making too much money. kansas just like it was hard to see you get traded. stars this weekend in the box office. the voices of the minion'sb&p
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noon on nbc 7 news at 11:00 we may be getting at peek fire season but one residence in bay county has lost one of fire station. and a fourth of july in one town, residence have been putting out chairs for months to save their spots for the prayed. the minion's latest movie brought minion in the theater. the franchise is still a force on opening weekend earning $75 million. baby driver with jaime fox came in number two, followed by trapz former, wonder woman, and the former, wonder woman, and the house,
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(lively music) - [announcer] it's the michelle meow show, your a to zero, covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z, covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. tonight, we have an exciting show. we're doing interviews with students who are part of a travelling high school called think global. i think it's so exciting to talk to students who might have a different perception of how things work, just because they have experiences that some, or most, students don't have their age. so before we get the show started, let's check in and see what people are saying about the lgbtq community. our first quote comes from family research council's


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