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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 4, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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across the country and throughout the bay area, we're celebrating our nation's independence day. >> i'm spencer christian. tonight it's fireworks versus the fog. i'll show you who might win coming up. when was the last time a tow truck led a parade? it did in concord today to carey a land marshal like you've never seen before. ♪ fourth of july and the grand finale is still to come. >> the highlight of the holiday, the fireworks shows won't start for another few hoarse, but people in the bay area have celebrated all day long. >> happy fourth of july.
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kids young and old have been lining the streets to enjoy the parades. >> we have team coverage starting in the south bay with david louie. >> reporter: the crowds are starting to file in to the amphitheater where the fireworks will be happening at nightfall, preceded by a concert by the san francisco symphony. crowds gathered in san jose for the rose white and blue played. it's a great way to fick off the fourth. this is the tenth annual rose, white, and blue parade. san jose has had celebrations with a rose theme off and on since 1896. how many years have you come to the parade? >> maybe eight. >> yeah, seven or yaeight. >> reporter: that means they were enjoying this parade before some of these kids were born.
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including jack. >> that big flag right there. right there, right there. >> reporter: that's a big question, no question about that. bigger than you are. >> it's bigger than you. >> reporter: the highlight for them -- >> just seeing a combination of people and everybody enjoying each other's differences. >> reporter: diversity was on parade. elected officials, too. >> it's a fun walk. we get to see people in our neighborhood and enjoy it. >> reporter: have you seen people you recognize? >> you so far. my grand chirp at tchildren at . >> reporter: madison and logan bush set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the humane society. you sold a lot. second jug? >> yeah. >> reporter: impressive.
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must be good. they raised $80. >> we're going home and barbecuing hamburgers. >> reporter: we'll be right over. well, we didn't get a chance to try her burgers. the extravaganza here is scheduled to start in about two hours. then the big fireworks display starts at 9:35 and should last for about 15 minutes. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of tonight's extravaganza. david louie, "abc7 news." >> david, thanks so much. the doors are opening in petaluma for people to grab a seat for the fireworks show. it starts after the sun sets at the sonoma marin fair grounds. and doors are closing at the alameda fair in pleasanton. anyone who is not inside can no longer inside to watch the
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fireworks. laura anthony is live to explain exactly why they're doing it this way this year. >> reporter: we've seen people scrambling to get in ahead of the 6:00 p.m. deadline. i'm on valley avenue on the west side of the fair grounds. major traffic jam here as we speak. the way the fair ground officials told me this was going to happen is they were going to close the parking lot at 6:00. if people are inside the parking lots, they can get up to the ticket windows to get inside. then a short time later, they'll close the ticket windows. if you're not in the gates by now, you're out of luck when it comes to watch thing year's fireworks at the alameda county fair grounds. >> we want to allow everyone to have a great time. >> reporter: angel moore explains why the gates will close at 6:00 p.m. tonight, even though the fireworks don't start until 9:30. the idea is to keep the crowds down.
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>> do not wait a tremendous amount of time to get on the rides or get food. but we want to make sure when you're exiting, that you exit quickly. >> reporter: in years past, fireworks night gets too crowded, meaning long waits to get out of the parking lot once the fireworks end. rashad hayes and his family have been there. not doing it this year. >> it was terrible. it took a long time traveling. i think to get to the freeway, it was just an hour to get out of the parking lot. >> reporter: not worth snit >> not at all. >> reporter: others told us they got here early to make sure they wouldn't miss out once the gates closed. >> we haven't been here in a few years, but we heard it gets really crowded. so probably a good idea. >> i like the red, white, and blue and the sparkles and the glitter. i'm an all-american girl. so i'm very patriotic.
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>> reporter: and we're back live here on valley avenue just to the west of the fair grounds. again in the last few minutes, we understand they will be closing or have closed the parking lots. we have seen a lot of people just jump out of their cars and try to get in by foot to get to those ticket windows before they close. i guess we'll see how it plays out after the fireworks tonight. obviously, the objective was to ease the traffic krumpbl after the big show. laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> laura, thank you. let's take a live look outside to see what the weather is like for the fourth of july. that's the ball game bridge on the left. our view from the east bay hills in the middle. and on the right is santa cruz. spencer christian is here with the answer to that all-important question -- will clouds and fog get in the way of watching fireworks tonight?
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>> it looks a little challenging. the question is still unanswered. here's live doppler 7. lots of fog at the coast. beginning to push out over the bay locally. at the time of our fireworks displays tonight, most of them are starting about 9:30 this evening. there will be fog at the coast and a path of fog reaching from san francisco across the bay to oesh oakland. it may be enough to interfere with the viewing of fireworks here in san francisco. notice how clear it will be in the inland locations as we turn the picture around. temperatures range from about 56 here in san francisco. 58 at santa rosa. mid 60s in some inland areas. viewing in our fireworks displays will be very good. here at pier 39 in san francisco, it's still a bit iffy because the fog is creeping in and we're hoping that will be a slow one until 10:30 tonight.
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the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, spencer. tourists are flocking to san francisco on this holiday, but so are predators. specifically car burglars. there's even a huge spike in car burglaries lately. vic lee has more. >> reporter: one reason for this huge spike, of course, is that many of the tourists simply aren't aware of just how bad break-ins have become in the city. another reason police tell us is that because of these new laws, these car burglars are getting out of jail quicker and they're back out on the street in no time at all, breaking into people's cars. car break-ins take only seconds. this burglar smashes a window with a piece of porcelain. he even takes his time, taking whatever it is, and stuffing it into his bag. it's happening everywhere, even lum bard street, the crookedest
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street in the world. it's a magnet for snatch and grab car burglars. even tinted windows are no deterrent. these two were arrested last week after breaking into parked cars. they were captured near the embarcadero. police say there are more than 200 car burglaries in the city each month. many in the central district. >> in the last two months, i can safely say they've made over 80 arrests in this district alone. >> reporter: it's also spiked here. one estimate six or more car burglaries a day. the warning signs are everywhere, but people are still being careless. is that your baggage here? >> yeah. >> reporter: mike left his backpack in her car seat. we told him about the dangers of leaving it there, so he stored it in his trunk. >> thank you for reminding me.
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>> reporter: and there was this woman and her friends from indonesia. her handbag was in plain view on the back seat. your car has some luggage and bags. you should put it in the trunk. >> okay. thank you so much. >> reporter: well, that's my good deed for the holiday. but again, don't leave anything in your car. always try to park your car in very public places where there are lots of people. otherwise, you could be the next victim. vic lee, "abc7 news." >> thank you, vic. four people are without a home after a fire in danville. it started just after midnight. everyone got out safely. investigators are searching for a cause, but say they don't think fireworks are to blame. now to developing news in the unfolding tragedy. a family is dealing with after a
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husband and father were shot to death while at work. it happened at a robber at a gas station in antioch overnight. a plolice officer shot the suspect. >> reporter: she is at a loss to understand. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. >> reporter: his wife suddenly widowed, his three children without a father. >> his birthday is on the 12th. >> reporter: monday night, he was working at this gas station when a robber came in. investigators described what they saw on surveillance video to his daughter. >> jumped over the counter, pistol whipped him and shot him two times in the back. >> reporter: the family cess first responders said he was
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conscious in the plans but died at the hospital. >> just i want to see him and ask him why you did it? you destroyed our family's life. >> he worked so hard to support his family. >> reporter: the family says often working seven days a week, sometimes 10, 12-hour days. the family shared this video from the past father's day. a celebration that will be one of their last together. >> to whoever did this, i don't know how you had the heart to kill someone so innocent. >> reporter: the family has set up a go fund me page to pay for funeral expenses. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." a 3-month-old baby who survived a hit and run crash is doing better tonight. a family spokesperson says the infant is still at children's hospital, oakland. the wreck in concord killed the child's two brothers friday
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night. his mother is recovering from her injuries. the suspect turned himself in to police sunday. he's charged with vehicular homicide. a multimillion dollar freeway bypass helps drivers avoid traffic. >> but they are missing out on something else. ♪ next, we dig a little deeper into today's holiday and how one bay area city reflects america's past and the future. now you can capture your car pool karaoke moment. a unique dash camera that is a unique dash camera that is
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ensure, always be you. this is a fourth of july tradition going on for more than 40 years. n"abc7 news" was in danville. there were more than 100 entranlts, including one honoring fallen service members. >> i grew up here, so we've come since i was little. it's also one of those traditions. >> the parade has been an annual event since 1975. it's so popular, some people claim their prime viewing spots along the parade route last night. check out that fancy footwork on kiss play display i. that's just a small part of the old and new traditions on display. wayne freedman finds the deeper meaning in all of it.
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>> reporter: it might as well be any town usa on this one day each year. the words are universally american. >> it's in my home city. >> it gives you the small-town feeling. >> reporter: is it about countrisome >> yes. >> reporter: or community? >> both. >> reporter: so the celebration winding through vallejo, home to one of the oldest parades in california. >> 80 years? >> reporter: the answer is 164. can you believe that? why not. vallejo has been around a long time. it used to be the capital of california in 1852. there's a lot here to be proud of. >> wow. that's older than all of us combined here. >> reporter: this is the community that supported the shipyard for generations and still suffers after the navy left. it's been so long now, that letters have fallen out of mon nemt -- monuments. we chose vallejo because it represents american apple pie in
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so many different flavors, and we're living in divisive times. on the nation's birthday, not here. >> unite, yep, united states of america. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: these one day of the year. >> at least one day. >> reporter: if we can remember that on july fourth in vallejo -- >> then the rest to have country can get along. >> reporter: maybe even on july fifth. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." fireworks, flags, even furry friends. we love seeing what yourself bragss look like. thank you to all of the "abc7 news" viewers who shared their holiday with us. these pictures all have the #abc7now, which helped us feature them on television. as you're looking for a way to celebrate or just want to find out what time the fireworks go off, go to we have a list of events across
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the bay area on our website. thousands of people will be watching professional fireworks shows around the bay area, families and a small number of cities will be able to stage their own drive ware celebrations. in pacifica, the city can sell safe and sane fireworks. one volunteer says he advises customers on basic safety. >> we just recommend enjoy your party, dunk them in water, clean up your jobsite after and that's it. >> the safe and sane fireworks are legal in several other also. there are a few holidays every year where we really apply the pressure to spencer christian. >> this is definitely one of them. >> my task is to make fireworks great again. here's a look at what we can expect this evening. it's 7:00 this evening, still
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sunny in our inland areas and near the bay. temperatures inland 82 degrees. by 9:00, fog out over the bay locally, which may interfere with viewing here in san francisco. by 11:00 p.m., going to be quite foggy in many locations. but by that time most of the displays will have ended. so hoping for a good outcome. you can see we've got fog along the entire coastline now. and you probably know by now it's pushing out over the bay. we see no evidence of it here from our abc 7 camera, looking southeast under blue skies. currently 60 degrees in san francisco. we've got 69 at mountain view. gilroy, 77. 53 at half moon bay. there's the fog, you can see it's just building and building as it moves out over the bay. upper 70s in fairfield. 84 in concord right now.
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and 78 in livermore. there's the view from mt. tam pushing out over the city. and over theand these are our f features. fog near the bay and fireworks time. a warmer pattern overall beginning on thursday and mild conditions at the beaches by the end of the week. going into the evening hours, this is what we can expect to happen. that surging fog will push out, and by 10:00, it will be pushing locally inland. as it expands and moves farther inland, we'll see temperatures beginning to drop a little bit into the mid 50s. in mountain view, looks like good viewing conditions until sometime after 10:00, 10:30. until that point, good viewing conditions for the fireworks display and temperatures on the mild side in the mid 60s. overnight, lows in the mid 50s. tomorrow's highs will be mainly in the low 60s at the coast.
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low to mid 70s around the bay. and mid to upper 80s inland. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to get warmer starting thursday. a lot warmer in fact, going to the end of the week and weekend. highs in the mid 90s. low to mid 80s around the bay and mid 60s on the coast. beach weather will be here this weekend. >> thanks, spencer. coming up, an update on the new jersey beach saga. >> and the
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shoulders don't just carry pads. they carry your fans passions, hopes, and dreams. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff.
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all right. here's a live picture from florida. these are fireworks going off if orlando right now, as floridians in that part of the sunshine state celebrate this independence day. now, back here one of redwood city's favorite suns returned to his hometown for the parade. that's movie producer kenny ortega. he was the grand marshal today as redwood celebrates its 150th anniversary. he produced the high school musical franchise. he graduated from sequoia high and has fond memories of the fourth of july festivities. >> i just remember looking up and waiting for my grandfather, who was a sheriff, to pass by. so riding in it today was very emotional. >> he continues to be a hot
7:26 pm
commodity in hollywood. he's directing "the descendants 2" premiering july 21 on abc 7. new jersey state parks and beaches are back open, but it's not enough to undo the outrage generated towards chris christie, after photos were shown of him and his family on a beach that he had closed. >> let's be clear, that's our residence and we have a right to be there when we want to be there. >> reporter: he's right now america's least popular governor with one poll showing his approval rating at just 15%. stay with us. while donald trump may be an unconventional president, he's sticking with many traditions on the fourth of july. >> next, see the party at the white house today and the president's message for those in the audience. you could call it the strong
7:27 pm
silent type. that's ahead on "abc7 news." and next, a new road gives drivers a chance to skip traffic in far northern california butut who are these people?
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." a lot of bay area vacationers who went north for the fourth of july found a major highway bottleneck is gone. a new bypass is speeding up traffic and that's not all. it's diverting cars away from a small town that depends on tourists. >> eric thomas reports that merchants are trying to make sure you don't forget them. >> reporter: highway 101 is the main route from san francisco to your rika. the highway used to go down the town's main street. >> historically, willits has been a watering hole for 125 years. >> reporter: but last november, a caltrans was opened carrying traffic around. you can see the new road cutting through the valley east of town.
7:31 pm
the $460 million freeway makes a beautiful drive, but if you don't look carefully, you might not know the town is there. >> it is easy if you're not paying attention to just go right by. i've done it myself a number of times. >> reporter: that's a problem for a town that relies on visitors. >> some of the gas stations and fast food businesses were dependent on folks driving through. >> reporter: there are no firm numbers yet, but plenty of concern. >> a lot of the businesses are hurting really badly. >> we lost shoppers that drive through, see something, turn and come in. >> reporter: merchants are trying to get out the road that they're still worth a stop. the town is known as a gateway to the redwoods and home to the train that runs through ancient forests. the chamber of commerce just
7:32 pm
launched several things to entice you to the town. >> in the long run, i think it's going to help us to morph into a cute, quaint town. >> reporter: caltrans reports about 4,000 cars a day are using the bypass. local business is up now that traffic on main street has improved. but they hope new road signs will remind out of town travelers that the town is nearby. eric thomas, "abc7 news." now to developing news internationally. in a test missile launch by north korea, u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has provided the first confirmation that it was an intercontinental ballistic missile, or icbm, which could hit u.s. soil. the u.s. army just released this video showing military exercises in south korea. a show of force that's a direct response to the north's missile test. the u.s. called for an emergency meeting on the u.n. security council -- of the u.n. security
7:33 pm
council tomorrow. russian and chinese leaders are suggesting pyongyang put a moratorium on any more missile launches in exchange for the u.s. and south korea holding off on large-scale military drills. [ inaudible ] >> last night, president trump tweeted -- cheer clear meantime, president trump is set to meet with russian president vladamir putin for the first time this week on the sidelines of the g20 summit in germany. it will be the first official bilateral meeting between the u.s. and russian presidents in nearly two years. administration girls say president trump plans to focus
7:34 pm
heavily on the conflicts in syria and ukraine. it's unclear whether allegations that russia tried to influence last year's u.s. presidential election will come up. and the president is focusing on military families here in the united states before his trip to germany. today, he held a celebration at the white house for those who served. >> each of you here today represents that rare combination of patriotism, virtue and courage that our citizens have always, and i mean always admired, and that our enemies have always feared. >> vice president mike pence spent his independence day in granville, michigan where he made an appearance at a local parade. >> it's an american tradition for parades to have a grand marshal who is usually a person. but jonathn bloom explains today's parade in concord was a bit unusual. ♪ >> reporter: in a parade fuel of music and dance, there was
7:35 pm
plenty of cheering. but also murmuring about the grand marshal. >> i don't know what the grand marshal does. >> reporter: a grand marshal leads off the parade. what do you think of the grand marshal? >> very interesting looking. >> reporter: "it" is the operative word. but organizers say there's no better person or thing to celebrate what july fourth is about. >> on the spirit of independence day, it provides independance from your car. >> reporter: we met the grand marshal in march navigating this parking lot by itself. >> so the grand marshal is not a human being? >> no, it's a self-driving vehicle. >> that's kind of fitting given the way robots are taking over jobs. >> reporter: but taking you to your job is what it's supposed to do. concord has one of only ten sites in the nation. >> the people of concord didn't know about it. so we decided to bring this new
7:36 pm
technology to the people and have the easy mile shuttle be our grand marshal. >> reporter: why is a high tech vehicle from the future leading off a parade? there's a patriotic reason for that. it's called following the law. >> we have to go through all the regulatory processes to get a license and we don't have a license for this vehicle. >> reporter: so the easy mile bus gets a holiday from its endless loops around the parking lot to attract attention. >> help us be a star to attract tech companies that are interested in developing smart car components. >> reporter: because growing the economy is the american way. jonath jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." anyone can call this number for a free ride and tow for up to ten miles. the service runs until 6:00 a.m. it's available to everyone.
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if you stay home. coming up next, a new gadget that can do double duty. michael finney explores how this dash cam can be used for fun and safety. plus, what it takes to celebrate the fourth of july for celebrate the fourth of july for am
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spacex has postponed the falcon nine launch again. elon musk announced it on twitter. spacex is reviewing the rocket. the earliest they'll try again is tomorrow. spacex tried to launch yesterday, but the automated system aborted the mission ten seconds before takeoff. today marks 20 years since nasa landed the rover on the surface of mars. since that day, nasa has successfully sent eight other missions to mars. right now, the five nasa robots are exploring mars, as well as three robots from other nations. the hope is to spend the first astronaut to mars in the 2030s. astronaut jack fisher on board the international space station tweeted this picture of he and
7:41 pm
peggy witson celebrating independence day. they're all decked out. he tweeted this video showing what it took to capture the picture. microgravity allows for cool poses. the fourth of july event on board the "uss hornet" has been canceled because of a power outage. guests will receive a rain check. ♪ several bands helped lead the fourth of july parade today in marin. it included several bands, as well as floats and cars. ♪ and check out the party in fremont. a series of dancers, marchers, and bands. it's estimated more than 10,000 lined the parade route to watch. and let's take a live look
7:42 pm
in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where they're setting off fireworks right now for the fourth of july. looks fantastic. not a lot of fog there. >> unlike here perhaps. here's a live look outside at the view from our emeryville camera. spencer is back with the fire
7:43 pm
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all right. well, dash cams have been a stable of tv news as of late. >> but there's another new of dash cams that a local company thinks you should know about. >> michael finney has their story. >> it's going to seem vaguely familiar if you watch late night tv. we in the united states can't seem to get enough of social media. now a san francisco company wants to make its dash cam part of your social media experience. this plane crash, and this meteor shower all have one thing in common -- they were all captured by dash cam. despite a high profile of some of these videos, dash chasms are
7:46 pm
nonexistent in most cars in the united states. >> it's not as big in europe or asia where all these taxis have their own dash cams. >> reporter: the makers of this dash cam hope to change that. a kickstarter campaign raised more than $400,000, well over the $5,000 goal. >> it's the first camera of its kind that allows you to swivel it 360 degrees. so you can rotate it to capture any angle. >> reporter: that means you'll be able to record inside the car, not just out. moments with your friends and family can be captured. then you can use the app to upload content to social media. this promotional video shows a car pool karaoke moment being recorded. >> if you're a parent, you would able to capture what's going on in the back seat with the kids. >> reporter: jeffrey lee thinks they may be on to something. >> i think it's a cool feature. >> reporter: however, lee thinks
7:47 pm
safety will continue to be the primary reason anyone will purchase it. it will automatically record when the car is in motion and will continue to record even when the car is stopped, as long as it's hooked up to a charger. it also records in hd. >> a lot of people who buy dash cams are concerned that the quality of the dash cam will be able to pick up license plate numbers. >> reporter: it's scheduled to be released in august and will cost about $199. i want to hear from you. my hot line is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. you can reach me through and my facebook page. let's give you a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. the big question tonight, will clouds or fog block your view of the fireworks? >> spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> i do have the foggiest notion that the fog is going to be
7:48 pm
present tonight here in san francisco. the fog is at the coast and pushing out over the bay. fireworks begin around 9:30 and inland fine for viewing. here in the city, it's iffy. overnight, it will be quite foggy with lows in the mid 50s. tomorrow, a nice sunny day, highs rging from 60s at the coast to 70s around the bay. the weekend, looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see mid 90s friday through monday in our inland areas. mid 60s on the coast. so if you don't like the inland heat, the coast and beaches will be a great place to go this weekend. all right. on to sports. >> shu is in for larry. >> you guys hungry? fourth of july. that means it's time for the annual coney island hot dog eating contest. and san jose's own joey chestnut going for an who are these people?
7:49 pm
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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a's trying to end a season high six-game slide and prevent back-to-back sweeps. oakland's only all-star staging his own home run derby today. fans having their own hot dog eating contest today. alonzo getting the fireworks started. a sky high ball that just barely clears the gives the a's the 3-. shields looks like he wants to curl up in a ball. a's up 6-5. renteria can't believe it. melky cabrera drives home anderson and we're tied at 6-6.
7:53 pm
rookie phenom frankly bereto, tasthe rainbow. deep fly to left. see ya. the a's win 7-6 and two for one pies at the coliseum. matt cain on the hill in detroit. gets some help from wong. incredible diving catch and throw to first to get kinsler. top seven, 3-1 tigers. crawford ties it up with one swing. belt scores. 3-3. giants fall apart defensively. can't make the play here. that would have been the third out. so justin upton gets to step to the mate with the bases loaded. you guessed it, he delivers. 5-3 the final and the streak is
7:54 pm
over. day two of billabwimbledon. roger federer took only 43 minutes. easily took the first set 6-3. alexander had right ankle issues. he twisted it last month. he had to retire down 3-0 in the second. a walkover from federer at 6-3, 3-0. novak djokovic was up on his opponent when he retired with a leg problem. this was the joker's 234th career match victory, moving him ahead of jimmy connors behind federer with 315 wins. joker moves on and fans not pleased with back-to-back walkovers on center court. all right. san jose's own joey "jaws" chestnut making an entry,
7:55 pm
carried to the stage on a chariot. this competition has the feel of days of old when romans ate until they purged. >> 40 world records! going for an unprecedented ten wins. joey chestnut! >> this one was all joey. chestnut as expected. he gobbles down hot dogs and buns two at a time. took in a total of 20,160 calories. he finished with a record 72 hot dogs and buns. takes home his tenth mustard belt. chestnut acknowledges how silly his trade is, but he takes it seriously nonetheless. >> i have to treat it like a sport. it's not like going to a buffet.
7:56 pm
i train. i really take my practices and try to figure out how to improve. yeah, i make my body work for me. i've been lucky how it's performed. >> joey has told me in the past, the buns and hot dogs and water equals 20 pounds. he should have a tums commercial for his efforts. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. fireworks are part of the holiday fun. but our tender box conditions have fire crews on edge. >> and on "abc7 news" at 11:00, ready for the big bang? highlights from tonight's fireworks shows. coming up on abc 7, "the middle," then "blackish." at 10:00, "american housewife" and "the middle." and don't miss "abc7 news" at 11:00. finally tonight, legend has it on this day in 1776, the king
7:57 pm
of england wrote in his diary, nothing much really happened today. news traveled much more slowly in those days. in fact, of course, something truly remarkable happened on that day. the king's lack of a diary entry not with standing. in the 241 years since then, our country has seen unimaginable highs. we've also endured bitter failures and heartbreaking loss. all of it part of the pap es ta of a great nation. these are challenging times on many levels. pressure on our nation from outside and from within. we are deeply divided politically. but fundamentally united as americans with an inherent understanding of what we stand for and an optimism about the future. on this independence day, what really matters is that there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be fixed by what is right with america. happy fourth of july.
7:58 pm
i always love to hear from you. let me know how you're celebrating today on twitter and facebook. that will do it for this edition of "abc7 news." >> for all of us here, appreciate your time. >> look at the fireworks. have a great night. (male announcer) remember when taking a bath and going for a swim
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