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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> if we had done the typical story, we would have spent more
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time at the cathedral of christ the light, where they expected 300 this morning, served 100 and only had a dozen remaining by noon. instead, we found most of the action outside the grand apartments. >> i don't have any solutions. so there's a good reason to be angry. no matter how angry i get, i'm not going to do something like that. >> oakland has such a bad name. when you're starved to repair it, to recapture the beauty of oakland, now all the people that have been here forever are being moved out. that's not fair. >> reporter: old meeting new in the changing oakland, all symbolized by charred metal raw nerves and conflict. along grant avenue, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." oakland's auto row is just blocks from the fire. you can see it from the distance and the ash and soot just bla
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blanketed hundreds of cars, possibly damaging the paint. >> i do deliveries, so i don't have to wash the cars, thankfully. but we have to get more people to come out and help us. the ash is still coming down. >> it wasn't only the car dealers. everyone who parks outside in the area likely has a layer of grime on their car. and the oakland ymca just a block away from the blaze had to be shut down. they were concerned smoke could get into the building's ventilation system. >> the smell of the char from the fire last night giving me a headache as i was walking down the street. so i was trying to cover my face up. >> the ventilation system checked out okay and the y is now open once again. >> people who live nearby shared their photos with "abc7 news." the fire was visible throughout the east bay and a plume of
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smoke was seen from further. when you see breaking news, share photos with us using #abc7newsnow. and download the "abc7 news" app and enable push alerts and you'll be notified of breaking news as it happens. our app is free to download for apple and android devices. b.a.r.t. recently restored service to glenn park station. trains had been skipping the station while police investigated a report of a man attacking a woman. b.a.r.t. is recovering from a 20 minute delay due to a medical issue at the mission station. bullet holes mark the spot where a mail carrier's route ended in oakland today. she was struck in the hip while driving. melanie woodrow joins us live with the latest. melanie? >> reporter: that postal worker is being treated here, we hear
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that she's in stable condition. we have some video to show you. police are investigating the shooting along with the u.s. postal service who says it's a federal crime. oakland police spokesperson confirmed there were multiple rounds that were fired and also that bullets went through the postal vehicle. it was not clear why this driver was shot. >> we can't speculate whether she was or wasn't the target of this shooting. >> this is a serious crime that we have a standing $50,000 reward. if anybody has any information, we would like them to contact the oakland police department or postal inspectors. >> reporter: the postal worker was shot in her hip. against, she's here in the hospital in stable condition. live in oakland, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." >> melanie, thank you very much. sky 7 shows a scary moment for people living in the crocker amazon area in san francisco. a grass fire score ched 23 acre.
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it started at 1:00 this afternoon and took two hours for firefighters to put the flames out. san francisco firefighters tweeted this video from the ground after the fire was under control. they stayed on scene for a few hours to make sure there were no areas that could reignite. firefighters in santa cruz put out a small fire this afternoon at the golf course. cal fire says the fire burned nearly two acres. police blocked off upper park road as firefighters battled those flames. tonight, a 12-year-old girl who ran away is back home. police sound jessica padilla today. she had been missing since wednesday. she ran away after arguing with her mother outside the richmond public library. police announced on facebook that jessica is reunited with her family.
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facebook has plans for a new neighborhood. we'll show yhat parts of neighbors can share in and whether they say is worth it. all eyes on germany today as world leaders gather for the g20 summ summit. i'm meteorologist sandy pa tell. inland areas cooking today. more on that coming up. and next, we go live to levi stadium for a
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the thing that touched me most about the aftermath of july 7 was the outpouring of support. >> one year ago today, a sniper shot and killed five dallas
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police officers and injured nine others in an ambush. a memorial this morning at a community college near the shooting scene offered students and staff a chance to reflect and remember. last july 7, students were evacuated from campus after sniper micah johnson opened fire. he was later killed by a bomb squad. he was described as a loner and radical black activist who hated white people. major protest it is a meeting between president trump and russia's president vladamir putin marked day one of the g20 summit in hamburg. at least 196 officers have now suffered injuries during two days of clashes with anti-globalization anty vests who are protesting the summit. many of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators restrained peaceful, though. earlier today, vladamir putin denied any role in meddling in the u.s. elections, something the fbi, cia and nsa confirmed. >> the president pressed
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president putin on more than one occasion involving russian involvement. vladamir putin denied such involvement. >> the russian foreign minister says president trump accepted the denial, but an administration official says that's not the case. the summit concludes tomorrow. senator feinstein criticized the gop's health care bill earlier today. she says the health care bill will hurt 14 million californians who use medicaid. that's about one-third of the state's population. >> it must be defeated. it took -- takes $772 billion of medicaid. it breaks the back of medicaid over time. >> feinstein says half the children in california receive care through medicaid. she says she doesn't think the gop will have enough votes in the senate to pass the bill. levi stadium was built for football, but it's hosted lots of other sports and today there's a new one added to the
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list. jonathan bloom is live now to explain. jonathan? >> reporter: they play a lot of different sports here besides football, but today is the first time you can get a hole in one here. it's called stadium licks, a group that turns venues like this into golf courses. they say this is already their biggest event ever. 49ers tight end said it feels a little different than game day. >> definitely different. never seen it like this. it's interesting. >> reporter: he grew up golfing, but it's his first time golfing from the upper deck of a football stadium. is there a strategy here? >> hit it in the hole. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: levi stadium has seen a lot. >> from super bowl to wrestlemania to monster truck. >> reporter: but never something like this. >> if you told me we were involving inside levi stadium a
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year ago, i would look at you like you were crazy. >> reporter: yet here we are. you're playing golf in a football stadium. >> i think it's awesome to be play bring the niners play. >> reporter: like a real golf course, it's quiet, peaceful. >> if you can manage not to hit the rails on the backswing, yeah, it's about the same. >> reporter: the tees are in the stand but the holes are on the field. a hole in one is possible, but perhaps more likely here in the clubhouse. there are hundreds of golfers, each with their own stories. how did you get the day off? >> i'm actually not. so let's keep that on the hush-hush. >> reporter: are you going easy on them or pulling no punches? >> i'm trying to kick their butts. >> reporter: and better home your employer likes golf, too. how did you talk your boss into this? >> he talked me into this.
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>> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." >> that was interesting. >> also hoping your boss doesn't know you're out there. >> too late now. >> i guess you're right. is this the sort of weather for golfing from the upper deck of a stadium? >> i think at levi stadium, it's quite nice. but if you're golfing in places like concord, livermore, antioch, way too hot. 107 degrees in concord today. same thing with fairfield. we did have a few records to speak of. san rafael shattered the previous record, coming in at 101 today. 72 in san francisco, san jose 93. downtown santa rosa, 101 degrees. but the airport was 108. it was 64 in half moon bay. we do have a heat advisory just issued for parts of the santa cruz mountains, the east bay hills, and this is really going
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to continue until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night, so you will definitely want to take it easy in the heat. check out the temperature trend for livermore, and you'll see that -- the graphic suspect going to show up. we'll skip ahead and move on to live doppler 7 hd right now. we are expecting the heat to stick around, that's the bottom line. clear skies across the bay area, and as you take a live picture from our mt. tam cam, it is breezy towards ocean beach. this is what prevented you from getting too hot. 71 in san francisco. 78 in oakland. still pleasant in mountain view. san jose in the 80s. pacifica, 62 degrees. hazy skies from east bay hill. high pressure keeping the heat in, preventing it from clearing out. air quality is suffering. 101 in santa rosa. same thing with concord. and you can see the hazy conditions from our walnut creek camera. here's a look at the evening forecast.
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if you're stemming out tonight, going to be hot but mild at the coast. the sun will set, hanging on to 90s after that, as we head towards 9:00 p.m. 50s along the coast, and at 10:00, if you're out and about, comfortable around most of the bay area. we're looking towards the east where we have seen some thunderstorms in the see yar ie nevada. hot inland this weekend, mild to warm for the coast and day. the fog returns to the beaches tomorrow. so here's a look at that fog, hour by hour as we head into 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. fog along the san francisco coast. very patchy, very limited going into the afternoon. but it will certainly help to bring a little bit of relief to parts of the bay and the coastline. temperatures tomorrow morning, low 50s to the mid 60s. the mildest readings inland. and for the afternoon, south bay numbers, 88 in san jose, 84 in redwood city. foggy conditions there, 67 in
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downtown san francisco. your temperature is coming down. in the north bay, not as hot as it was today. 90 in santa rosa. east bay, mid 70s. oakland, berkeley, download the accuweather app, keep track of the forecast. inland areas will be baking in triple digit heat. livermore, walnut creek, looking at 100 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this. triple digits inland, low 60s coast side. by sunday, out of the triple digits, in the mid 90s inland. low 60s coast side. and early next week, upper 80s midland. midweek, the temperatures dropping around 88 tuesday. but it's going to warm back up wednesday and thursday. i want to go back to that heat advisory if you don't mind, since you weren't able to see it. here's a look at that heat advisory. heat related illness is possible. so once again, just a reminder,
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take it easy out there, the seven-day forecast will cool it off next week. july 16 at golden gate park, the walk benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs, such as project open hand. there's still time to register, just call or go to >> such great energy. it's always cool there. >> always cool and comfortable there. >> sandhya, thank you very much. today, we went out on the bay in search of whal
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because strong is beautiful. "abc7 news," whale watching in san francisco today. what was better to watch than the whales? the people. >> "abc7 news" reporter lonny rivera joins us live with the story. >> reporter: the captain warned we might not see one, butt lo and behold it appeared. and one family's dream came true. you might call this family first timers. it's their first time whale watching. >> he's been obsessed with whales and dolphins since she was like 3, right?
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>> i like seeing wildlife. >> reporter: seek and you shall find and that's what 6-year-old ava experienced. >> there's the whale. >> reporter: check out the view from the kitty cat boat, a humpback whale appeared within minutes of cruising on the san francisco bay. >> how cool is this? >> it's very cool. >> reporter: whale watching in the san francisco bay is amazing this season. it could be another 100 years before these majestic creatures come so close. but it's also come with concern as whales and boaters have come in close contact. sometimes too close. just last week, these photos captured a boat appearing to hit a whale. officials urge watchers to do it the right way. >> you never want to chase a whale. what you want to do is to parallel and really be passive. >> reporter: passengers on this trip got more than they expected. this whale kept coming to the
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surface. >> i love the fact that we can be here in san francisco, close to home, doing all sorts of things. >> reporter: maybe young ava had beginner's luck. after two hours, she's already negotiating the next trip. what did you like most about the whales? >> seeing its tail go up. >> reporter: hooked on whale watching, suffice it to say, she's not alone. in the san francisco bay, lonny rivera, "abc7 news." >> facebook has big plans to expand and give back, but the current neighbors aren't so sure they like the idea. plus -- >> if you collect travel miles or points, i've got a story that's important to you. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and next, the argument from attorneys that could get the two ghost ship fire suspects charged with involuntary manslaughter right now released from jail. who are these people?
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." take a look. facebook today unveiled its plans for a massive expansion of its global headquarters. project leaders say the goal is to create a neighborhood center
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for all to enjoy. >> but some wonder how it will impact the housing and traffic using that plague the area by the bay front express and willow road. >> reporter: in the not too distant future, more changes could be coming to facebook's foot print. but some aren't sure what to make of it. >> it definitely increases the value of the homes, but at the same time, the quality of life has gone down. >> reporter: the company announced plans to redevelop the old science and technology park that it already owns. new renderings show a mixed use village in separate phases. one environmental group is also the project. >> if people can be closer to their jobs, that means less driving. they can choose not to own a car. and all of that has a great impact on improved air quality, reduced carbon emissions, and our city's sustainability. >> reporter: the 59-acre site is south of the bay front expressway, blocks away.
7:32 pm
offices, grocery, retail, a hotel, as well as parks and plazas would be open to all. if approved, construction would begin in 2019, with the first phase scheduled to open by 2021. >> the campus needs to be integrated into the community and there needs to be pathways and connections so that neighbors feel like they can access the community and the amenities. >> reporter: the social media giant also wants to help ease the local housing crunch. 1500 units will be built on the property, with 15% offered at below market rates. but some say it's too late for families pushed out of the area. >> it affects your way of life. how you can make a living, how you can educate your children. >> reporter: another sign of the changing times in silicon valley. chris nguyen, "abc7 news." developing news. all advisories have been lifted
7:33 pm
in san francisco now, after this fire, which scorched 23 acres in mclaren park. it came close to homes but did not damage any. no one was hurt. it's now been 14 hours since an inferno it will up the sky in oakland and right now firefighters are still putting out hot spots at that burned out construction site. around 4:30 this morning, the four-alarm fire destroyed an apartment and retail complex that was being built at valdez and 23rd streets. all people and pets living around the building have been accounted for, but some of them are staying in shelters because their homes have been damaged. neighbors suspect arson, but the cause has not yet been determined. city leaders are thankful no one was hurt. >> this is not a ghost ship story. thankfully. and i think we're responding quickly and timely to and we're going to be okay. >> evacuees cannot be let back
7:34 pm
in until the crane and scaffolding have been removed this weekend. the project is called the utla waverly. it would have created 196 market rate apartments. these are renderings of the project from the architect's website. construction began last year, and it was supposed to open next spring. attorneys for two men facing criminal charges in the fatal ghost ship fire say they plan to ask a judge to release them without bail. they appeared in court today. melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: neither entered a plea today as planned. their attorneys say they're waiting for the alameda county district attorney's office to turn over more discovery. >> there is no evidence that they can ever show that our clients committed any act with criminal negligence. >> what we're looking for is the damning evidence. the damning evidence isn't
7:35 pm
there. >> reporter: max harris' attorney says what he's seen are cause reports from federal authorities saying they couldn't identify a does in the fire. he's also received witness statements suggest his client was in the right. in an e-mail, the district attorney's office writes, there is a lot of discovery and the defense and our office are working diligently and cooperatively. ensuring everyone has all tha e. the attorneys will ask that bail be reduced to nothing. >> he has a pro bono legal team. >> reporter: 31 of the 36 families have signed on to a civil lawsuit. >> i think that and most of the families feel that these people that created the deathtrap, created this firetrap, people could not get out, that they should be held accountable and should stay in jail.
7:36 pm
>> reporter: attorney mary alexander believes the building's owner should be charged criminally. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." a pregnant woman is recovering from minor injuries after her car flipped onto the smart train track. the vehicle is a total loss. the accident caused major backups on 101. the train tracks were closed to traffic for nearly an hour and a half. take a look at this. a small plane crashed this morning in vacaville, but the pilot was able to walk away. it lost power at around 8:00 p.m. and landed in a grassy area short of the runway. the pilot, the only person on board, was not further. the faa is investigating. new at 6:00, a woman fell four stories off the roof of an abandoned building and survived. it happened this morning in fresno at the historic hotel fresno. firefighters found the woman hanging on a balcony.
7:37 pm
witnesses say she was taking selfies on the roof when she fell four stories. we henlt to the hospital with severe injuries. the hotel is closed and boarded up, but somehow people manage to get inside. beware of coyotes. police say at least one pet was attacked recently. the pet owner chased the coyotes away. to keep your pets safe, bring them inside at night. some trails in san jose will stay closed through the weekend after a mountain lion was sighted earlier this week. the trails were closed yesterday and could have reopened tomorrow. the city says because of more mountain lion sightings, the trail also stay closed longer. rangers will look at the area on monday. most students are in the middle of summer vacation, but some parents are thinking ahead. meet the moms and dads who lined up before dawn to help their children be prepared for the next school year. a live look outside at the
7:38 pm
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following breaking news north of sacramento. a huge wildfire is prompting mandatory evacuations and has destroyed at least two homes. these are live pictures from what's being called the wall fire. that's grown to at least 500 acres and burning just south of lake oroville near. we'll keep following this fire and bring you updates as they become available. good news about american jobs sent stocks higher today. the dow gained almost 100 points and closed above 21,400. the nasdaq saw a 63-point boost, the s&p added 15. american employers added nearly 250,000 jobs. overall, the unemployment rate rose to 4.4%. that's a good thing economists say, it's sign meorple are
7:42 pm
looking for work. tesla has a rollout of one car, but there will be a handover for the first 30 customers at the end of the month. this is video of the car from last year, it's branded as the affordable tesla, starting at around $35,000. about half the price of the current model sedan. and the hits keep coming from sears. they're closing another 43 sears and kmart stores. sears announced plans to close 250 stores all in an effort to cut costs. hundreds of parents lined up today trying to get school supplies for their kids. sacred heart community service registered about 3,000 children today. many parents showed up bright and early. >> backpacks and school
7:43 pm
supplies. i think this will help a lot for my three children. >> these are things that cost $60 to $90. what's driving hepeople here, they're getting hammered by rent, they don't have the resources to provide these things they're asked to provide. >> if you would like to help, go to our website at >> michael finney says you should always buy travel one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight...
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you better run. the legendary running of the pulls is under way in spain. hundreds race down the old city, hoping to finish the 930 yard dash without a close encounter with a bull. three men weren't so lucky in the first race. one suffered serious head injuries. two americans suffered less serious injuries. we're always told buy travel insurance, but what if travel insurance companies won't sell it to you? >> this is a fitting story. >> michael finney has found a problem in the city. >> that might be the exception to the new rule. i've said over and over that travel insurance is a must for
7:47 pm
those going overseas, no exceptions i say. not anymore. there is one. travel insurance is generally a good idea. if your luggage is involved, flight delayed, you're covered. get sick, can't make the cruise, you get your money back. these two were on the way to north africa when his insurance kicked in. >> we were going together to morocco and the night before we were supposed to leave, i got a kidney stone. all of a sudden i was going to be in the hospital for a couple of days so couldn't go. and it paid off, no problem. >> reporter: travel insurance is often used like that. if you're traveling when there's an act of terrorism or natural disaster, your expenses will often be covered. but there is one big exception -- traveling on miles or points. >> points and miles, they have no real monetary value when it comes to travel insurance.
7:48 pm
so you can't insure it. >> reporter: that's julie from the website compares prices and benefits of travel insurance policies. she says since you don't pay in cold, hard cash, travel insurance companies won't either. >> what you can do is protect any other out of pocket expenses you may have along with points and miles. >> reporter: if you're going into a dangerous area, get thing by points is less important than how you get out. rescue travel insurance like rip cord specialize in the evacuations you can't buy with points. the most important part of elns ice is medical evacuation, that is available to anyone and you really should get it. i want to hear from you. my hotline is open weekdays, 10:00 to 2:00. you can also go on facebook and
7:49 pm >> all right. now we know. >> thank you, michael. the bay area is a beautiful place, no doubt. and viewers prove it every day. >> leo shared this peaceful picture from san francisco's japanese teagarden today. it has the #abc7now. and sandhya is back with an update or the forecast. >> i hope you're going to head to the coast or the japanese teagardens to relax this weekend, because the weather will be perfect. not too hot, nice and mild as you look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies in the sierra, still tracking a few thunderstorms. earlier, numerous norms there. if y -- numerous thunderstorms there. south of tahoe, there's a better opportunity foreseeing thunderstorm there is on sunday. temperatures in the low to upper 80s over the next thee days. so warm up in the sierra nevada. and down right hot in palm springs, vegas.
7:50 pm
the desert also be cooking. 104 sacramento. monterey, 67. confident zone with the fog tomorrow afternoon along the coast. inland areas, you'll be baking in the triple digit heat again. as you check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, we have a heat advisory for the east bay hills and santa cruz through 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. a slow cooling trend and next week it will feel better. >> talk a little baseball. barry bonds is getting ready to take his place alongside the all-time greats in giants' history. and how the warriors are preparing to defend their
7:51 pm
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7:54 pm
when it comes to adding pieces to the championship puzzle, the warriors have had the golden touch, signing kevin durant a year ago. the ws have been making headlines. the warriors signed curry to a deal worth $201 million. the biggest move might have been k.d. taking a pay cut so the team can bring back iguodala and livingston. and pachulia was resigned to a one-year contract. the warriors have everyone in the league scrambling to play catchup. a big reason for that is durant deciding rings are more important than money. >> i was worried to be honest that we would not be able to bring back the same guys.
7:55 pm
where i'm sitting today, i would not have said it was a likely outcome going into free agency. but it's a culmination of things that fell into place, because my thought was we were likely to get worse. people are coming for us. that's their job, and they're very good. we're the hunted right now. but that's what you want to be. that's why it's so important that we continue to push. >> nick young left behind the bright lights of hollywood to sign a free agent contract with the warriors. the ten-year nba veteran averaged 13 points with the lakers, hitting 40% from three-point range. he was recruited by steve kerr, plus kevin durant and draymond green. >> they just won the championship. it was a blast to sit down and talk. i told them, i tried to play it cool, i'm going to get back with y'all. >> he made the right decision.
7:56 pm
baseball's all-time home run leader is finally getting a curtain call at at&t park. the giants are going to enshrine barry bonds on their wall of fame saturday. his number 25 jersey is also expected to be retired at some point, but not this season. bonds ended his 22-year career in 2007 with a major league record 762 career home runs. the best super bike racers in the world are at laguna raceway for the u.s. championships. jonathan ray threw out the first pitch at the a's game over the weekend and let's just say he's a better racer than baseball player. he will return to competition this weekend after he got into a big wreck last month. davies is eager to see how he feels on one of the toughest tracks around. >> if it's a little bit tough
7:57 pm
and you feel like you have enough bike to get there, that's when it becomes seriously physically. i'm hoping the bike is working in a way where i can be riding smoothly. >> i like nothing more than getting done on my day. i'm a bike fan underneath it all. it's really cool to hear all the stories. what is a finish at the tour de frce stage seven. a sprint to the line. it was too close to call, so they go to a photo finish. it looks like a tie, but kitle is declared the winner by less than a millimeter. chris froome remains the overall leader by 12 seconds. the giants are home tonight against miami and the a's on the road in seattle. and the difference between winning and losing looked as thick as this piece of paper. hard to tell.
7:58 pm
>> thanks, anthony. >> joining us tonight at 9 on cable 13. >> swarms of jellyfish are creating a spectacle in monterey bay and begging the question why now? the answer at 9:00. >> and we're staying on top of our developing news in oakland where firefighters are still t the scene of a construction site that's been reduced to rubl. the evacuees still out of their homes 14 hours after the fire started. >> coming up at 8:00. "shark tank," then" 20/20." >> and on the murder of versace, tonight, get inside the mind of a serial killer. and stay with us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> and that's it for this edition of "abc7 news." i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. for sandhya, and all of us who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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