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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 10, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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we're living a nightmare every day. we still feel like he's coming home. >> it's been almost a year since this mother's son was murdered. tonight, the new incentive that could bring the killer to justice. we're in peak fire season right now. >> they're a peak and we've only just begun. we're live with what to expect from this year's record breakig fire season. >> and michael finney looks into whether today's prime day deals on amazon are really worth it. >> now, from abc 7, live breaking news. >> breaking news. a fire forces evacuations in southeast san jose. this fire could grow to 500 acres and people's homes are at risk. >> reporter: da >> david louie joins us live.
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how is the firefight going? >> reporter: the fire is still raging out of control. it is not yet contained. what we're looking at is a roadblock just off of 101. a lot of people are trying to get to their homes, but the area is cut off. we have aerial video of how the firefight is going. what you're seeing is an aerial drop from cal fire. they have tankers up there. they have water drop helicopters, as well, trying to get a handle on this fire. the wind is blowing. that means the flames could spread quickly. that's why they said originally while there are 40 acres that burned, the potential could be for 500 acres. let's take a look at a map. metcalf road where i am is on the west side of the fire zone. san filipe is on the other side. people are being turned away and
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stay away. only one structure so far, called a minor structure, has been threatened, but has -- the fire has not consumed anything so far. lots of crews in this area trying to contain it. we are also aware of what started this fire. we go to our next video. we can see that there is a burned car along the road. that is exactly what the cal fire is saying caused this fire to break out this afternoon. so we have a situation here where the cal fire and other units, san jose fire is reponding. other units are coming out to the scene. they're all out here responding, and they're going to try to contain this as quickly as possible. the wind right now is not helping. we are live in southeast san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." >> thank you. more breaking news now. martinez, a small brush fire broke out after a car crash.
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you can see a police officer there using a fire extinguisher to battle the flames just before 3:30 this afternoon. a fire engine arrived moments later and firefighters drenched the inferno quickly. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. the 2017 for season is already a destructive one. >> fast start. the amount of acreage it's burned stateside exceeds last year's totals in california. >> lonny rivera joins us live to explain how cal fire is handling this season. >> reporter: yeah, they beefed up patrols out here, just since saturday. they've responded to several fires burning more than 250 acres. they say high grass like this in the hot, dry weather is the reason why they're fully staffed, ready for the next one any minute. cal fire crews are hosing hot spots from a brush fire on this hillside. this contra costa firestation is keeping busy.
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>> we're getting fires day and night. >> reporter: this fire burned 150 acres and cal fire officials say the amount of acreage state side that's burned this year already surpasses last year. the difference this year -- dead trees from the drought. >> when you remove trees that provide sunlight, you add the rain, we get a big grass crop. >> rorter: in this fire, the grass was high and flammable. a blaze from three weeks ago just missed these homes. >> the fire came up really fast. >> reporter: neighbors are concerned about a car catching fire at the bottom of the highway. the flames travel up to their homes. that's what happened three weeks ago. kit lee says she wants a barrier installed. >> i think that will help tremendously, as far as keeping the fire from spreading up. i think also having a goat come once a year.
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>> reporter: she's making sure all the homes have defensible space, something officials say every homeowner should do. >> do their defensible space, get that 100 feet of clearance out now. so they're not starting fires exactly at 9:30 in the morning. >> reporter: more than a dozen major fires are burning in california. the cause of this one near clayton is under investigation. in contra costa county, lonny rivera, "abc7 news." >> the biggest fire burning in california is the wall fire north of sacramento. more than 5,000 buildings are threatened. evacuation orders remain in effect for 4,000 people. the fire has burned at least 5600 acres and just 35% contained. it started friday afternoon and the cause is under investigation. the governor has declared a state of emergency because of the wall fire and this could be just the beginning >> this past couple of weeks has
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really seen an increase in the number of fires, and again, it's going to depend on mother nature. the past few years with the drought conditions, we've had some very, very long fire seasons. so with all those conditions from the drought, from the past five years, all the very dry vegetation out there, that's going to be something that we're going to have to contend with. >> here's another one. smoke from a wildfire can be seen from space. the alamo fire has burned nearly 29,000 acres since thursday afternoon. it's just 15% contained. more than 100 buildings are at risk of burning down. santa clara county fire tweeted this picture of their strike team, which is headed down there to help fight this fire. in walnut creek, firefighters gathered this morning in the parking lot of a shopping center, heading to the garza fire. it's burning in fresno county. at last check, it was 8,000
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acres and 5% contained. the family of a bay area college student murdered at a popular san francisco tourist spot has new hope today that the case will finally be closed. it's been almost a year since the murder of calvin riley. now investigators are hoping that a beefed up reward and new information will generate leads to solve this case. >> reporter: the murder of kerry ann riley's son is a cold case. 20-year-old calvin was shot to death while playing pokemon go. it happened last year around 10:00 at night. >> there's no sense in it. he's gone, he's just -- our baby boy is not coming home. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spears represents the county where the rileys live. today she announced the city of san francisco is offering a $50,000 reward. the u.s. park police are adding $10,000, combined with the
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$50,000 already put forth by the riley family, the $110,000 might be enough to tempt someone to talk. >> the person who did this crime must be called to justice. >> reporter: there are new clues. today, park police said a 2006 to 2009 black audi like this is of interest. and a second car has been changed to a 2013 four-door hyundai. the sketch of the suspect remains the same. >> it's so important for our family to have closure, to find the person that shot my baby boy in the back. make it so that he can't hurt anybody else. >> reporter: anyone with information is urged to call u.s. park police. carolyn tyler, "abc7 news." new at 6:00, the mail carrier shot in her postal truck in oakland is now out of the
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hospital. she was hurt friday near bancroft avenue. police are still looking for the shooter, and they're offering a $50,000 reward for anyone with information. investigators have determined the carrier was not attacked because of her job. now to another developing story. that massive fire at an oakland complex under construction. today, drone view 7 gave us stunning new views of that destroyed building, as you can see. three days after that massive inferno, this is all that's left, as the atf arrived today to try to figure out what caused it all. "abc7 news" was in oakland as more of the evacuees returned to their homes. there's still no word on the cause. the rubble is still too unsafe for investigators to get a closer look before friday's fire. this was a tough neighborhood and transition. the fire was just -- has just not complicated things. >> we are going to try to stay
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here, but the land lord is quadrupling our relate. >> why? >> because he can. >> some streets around the fire remain blocked off because windows at a neighboring office building continue to shatter as they cool from the heat residents who received parking tickets when their cars were stuck in the evacuation zone may be getting a reprieve. after "abc7 news" brought this matter to city council, they are reviewing the tickets. the transportation director has been instructed to look into cancelling the tickets already issued. the director asked police to issue tickets to vehicles in the evacuation zone. new fallout from a sex scandal involving as many as a dozen oakland police officers. laura anthony is live in san francisco where the hearing took place today. laura? >> reporter: the judge did not
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discount the progress that opd has made in its reforms over the past decade and a half. he was clearly disappointed that there's more work to do. federal judge henderson told oakland that its police department that its long history of federal oversight is far from over. in a san francisco courtroom, he said the city's handling of a sex accuse scandal shows "we're still not finished after 14 years of reform thing department." and "it's clear that these alegations could not have been fully investigated but for the court's intervention." >> the court is now going to issue an order directing the department to do something. given the period of time we've been involved in this case, it seems to me if that's not done, that becomes the basis for a contempt of court. >> reporter: the hearing comes after an independent report found then the oakland chief and top city officials were inept in their handling of a sex scandal involving an underage teenager.
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>> the judge has not made a ruling, but he will make a ruling in a couple of days. and from there, we'll have a clear direction about how opd will become the best agency that we can be. >> reporter: civil rights attorneys want opd to release the specific names of command staff involved in a lack of effort put into investigating the allegations that came to light after officer brendan o'brian committed suicide in 2015. >> these supervisors have to be held accountable for let thing go. >> reporter: judge henderson said he would issue his order in the next day or two, and it would include further reporting from and oversight of oakland police. in san francisco, laura anthony, "abc7 news." b.a.r.t. finished installing security cameras in trains. >> we're talking to b.a.r.t. and
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will have a live update. >> and next, the story of what could have been a catastrophic mistake by one airline pilot. and i'm drew tuma. starting off the new week with seasonable temperatures. the warmer weather will work back into the picture shortly. and new at 6:00 tonight, meet the woman who designed a slice of pizza that's meant to go
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a case of confusion at san francisco international airport could have turned into a catastrophe. an air canada plane almost landed on a taxiway instead of
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one of the two runways. leeann, federal investigators are now involved. >> reporter: they are. so far no comment from sfo, and that's because the faa is the lead investigator, and is taking this very seriously. air canada is sort of down play thing event saying the aircraft landed normally without incident. we are still investigating the circumstances. friday night at around 11:45, air canada 759 from toronto was on the final approach to runway 28-r. the sfo tower had given the pilot the all-clear to land. but the pilot appeared confused about the runway configuration.
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>> the sfo runway has a series of very bright lights. these help identify the runway never to be mistaken with a taxiway that has dim lights. as the pilot appears to be moving towards the taxi way, another pilot alert the tower. >> where is this guy going? >> reporter: that's when the tower orders him to abort the landing. as the plane was climbing, the pilot of flight 1 to singapore, which was taxiing to the runway, alerts the tower of the unusual move, twice. >> reporter: today, the faa, which is now investigating the matter, confirmed to the pil inadvertently lined up for taxi way c. thousands of air travelers faced delays tonight because of
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fumes inside an air traffic control facility near washington, d.c. departing flights are not taking off from three washington, d.c. area airports. reagan national, dulles, and baltimore. the fumes reportedly originated from a construction site. the president's eldest son has hired a lawyer to represent him in the russia investigation. donald trump, jr. is at the eblteblt center of the controversy after a "new york times" article said he met with a russian lawyer. kellyanne conway came to his defense today on "good morning america." >> he didn't even know her name. he had no idea who this person was until she entered the room. >> at first, he said he met with the lawyer to discussion russian adoptions. now he says it was to find information that could hurt hillary clinton. archbishop of francisco was laid to rest today. the somber service took place at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. john quinn served as archbishop
7:19 pm
of san francisco from 1977 to '95 and built a reputation as an advocate of social justice. representative nancy pelosi paid her respects after the service. >> he was a great visionary leader for the bay area. he cared about all of god's creation, from every single child. >> in his retirement, he wrote two books on the reform of the papacy. he was 88 years old. let's move on and talk about the weather forecast. awfully steamy around the bay area today. >> yeah, you still see blue skies here, but the fog is puing in some places, drew. >> kind of a typical day. very warm inland. as you get to the coast, cooler temperatures. as you look at the evening planner, what you will notice by 7:00, it's still rather warm inland. temperatures still in the 80s,
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and we're back on the air at 11:00, and that fog will be patchy along the coast and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so a live look from our camera showing you some limited fog at this hour. san francisco, the majority of the city still seeing sunshine. but it is causing a wide range in temperatures that we typically see this time of the year. live doppler 7 hd, patchy fog along the coast. i want to take you in to that brush fire, just near morgan hill. the winds are the biggest factor, out of the west at 3 miles per hour, gusting to 11 miles per hour. so that's pushing the smoke away from highway 101 at this hour. we'll continue to monitor those conditions. out there right now, brentwood, degrees. degree shy of 100 contrast that to half moon bay, 59 degrees. 66 in oakland. and napa currently with a temperature of 74 degrees.
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overnight tonight, really patchy fog along the coastline. the majority of the bay area will see plenty of stars out there. a comfortable night. we're going to drop into the 50s from concord to livermore. highs on your tuesday, starting with the south bay. a picture perfect day. temperatures where they should be for this time of the year. 83 in san jose. about 81 for cupertino. morgan hill up to 85. along the me ninls lpeninsula, moon bay. downtown san francisco, a few morning clouds. 62 for daily city. into the north bay, 63 here. 74 in vallejo. into the east day tomorrow. 74 for fremont. tomorrow, 87 in antioch.
7:22 pm
and 84 that number in livermore. santa cruz right now, soaking in that sunshine. tons of clear skies. and a similar picture tomorrow afternoon, as well. if you're lucky enough to hit the beach on tuesday, a few morning clouds, but a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. pretty comfortable temperatures. 70 that number in santa cruz. 56 for the ocean water temperature. the seven-day forecast, from tomorrow cooling continues and then the numbers will do their gradual climb wednesday into thursday. by friday, a mix of sun and high clouds. saturday, the one hot day we have across the region before heat eases sunday into monday. this year's aids walk san francisco is just six days away. the 10-k fund raising benefits local hiv and aids programs such as project open hand and positive resource center. still time to register. just call or go to the website.
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>> we'll be out there. such a great day. coming up next, why it's good to be in california right good to be in california right now if you need to get
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happening now, a celebration at the antioch library. for the first time in years, the library is open five days per week for a total of 35 hours.
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the branch is only closed on fridays and sundays. gas prices are starting to rebound after hitting their lowest level of the year last week. aaa expects to see prices continue to rise nationwide throughout the month. however, california prices are not following the trend. in fact, the average gas price dropped a penny, down 15 cents from last month. the state's average price is $2.92 per gallon, according to aaa. locally you would find that around vallejo. in san jose it's more and higher still in oakland. san francisco drivers pay $3.09 per gallon. are you buying stuff with plastic? american shoppers are using credit cards more often. in may, consumer borrowing rose by more than $18 billion. sit the fastest increase in any month since november. credit card use went up by about $7.5 billion. loans, including student loans,
7:27 pm
rose by $11 billion. a young man's disappearance could be a tragic accident or something else. >> his family's thoughts as they continue to search for answers. also here -- >> it's something that people take every day and people should know whether or not it's safe. >> tonight, what b.a.r.t. is not telling us about crimes on one of the y's busiest transit agencies. >> and the tough truth about learning who are these people?
7:28 pm
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. back to our breaking news and the fire burning in southeast san jose. cal fire says the fire has burned 40 acres near metcalf road, now 40% contained. no buildings have been damaged and no burn hurt. there's still no sign of richard moss, the 22-year-old who vanished six weeks ago along the san mateo coastline. >> if you knew him, he would be one of your buddies. >> reporter: last year, dan moss flew out from hawaii to take his
7:31 pm
son richard to a raider's game. he never thought today he would be making his third trip to the mainland. a sports fan, an electrician's apprentice, he was on his usual route to work and vanished. >> the car and the person are missing. there's three miles from here to work. that's it. nothing. and it niece a little tiny town. >> reporter: surveillance cameras showed him there one mile and gone the next. no debris from a car crash. the only evidence, his aaa card found in the sand. >> maybe some sort of foul play is what i'm leaning towards. >> reporter: moss chartered a helicopter. this time they searched through efforts with long poles. >> i did not know that there was this many good people in the world. >> reporter: local merchants have donated printing, lodging and mailing services and gotten checks from strangers, even free flights from a flight attendant. >> even though you got all these
7:32 pm
different laws, we are talking about a human being. for example, why can't we look at the bank records? >> reporter: now they're visiting elected officials, hoping to cut through the red tape and find richard on the other side. >> i'm sorry, it's just really tough, to be honest with you. >> reporter: though the county sheriff's office has helped with search efforts, they say this remains a missing person's case and not a suspicious one. that would only change if new evidence turns up and only then would cell phone records and surveillance video be made available to the public. jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." firefighters will tell you that seconds count when it comes to saving lives and stopping flames. and you're about to take a peek inside their world. check this out. helmet cam video provide that you're seeing what crews faced when they put out a carport fire on friday. no one was hurt.
7:33 pm
an alameda county family is homeless after a fire burned their townhouse. firefighters say the fire began around noon in the garage and spread to the living room and damaged the second floor. the family escaped unharmed. investigators are looking into the cause. less than two weeks after b.a.r.t. finished installing security cameras in every single train car, the agency is answering questions tonight about how and when they will share that video. >> specifically when it comes to telling the public that crimes committed on b.a.r.t. kate larson is live. kate, you just spoke with the b.a.r.t. director about this. >> reporter: that's right. tanld dr and the director feels very differently. but first, i did speak with a b.a.r.t. spokesman who says the reason b.a.r.t. chooses not to put out press releases or video of certain crimes like cell phone robberies is because they feel the release of the video would "stir up racial animosi
7:34 pm
animosity." >> we have seen as a result of that kind of reporting an increase and calls to our call center, an increase to our e-mails and social media channels of racially charged invective. >> they release it and everyone gets more sketchy with people of color, yeah, i could see that being an issue. i don't think that justifies not telling the public anything when it comes to crime. >> reporter: since april, there have been at least three cell phone robbery incidents on b.a.r.t. but b.a.r.t. does not regularly provide crime notices. asked why b.a.r.t. did not put out a release when seven passengers were robbed and two punched. huckabee says not every crime warrants a press release. but a member of the board of directors disagrees. >> when is the public utility -- >> you might not opt to take
7:35 pm
b.a.r.t. because you don't feel safe. that's up to the public to decide, not you. it's just up to us to report the facts. >> our police department made that determination, and we have issued a robbery suppression detail. we have mandatory overtimes happening because of that. and that was the decision made internally with our police department. >> i think that the attack on april 22 should be shown, even if faces are blurred. although there is one 19-year-old. these tactics need to be shown in some way to the public to warn riders. >> reporter:.a.r.t. says they do report all their crime on a site called but riders i spoke to did not know about the reporting system i spoke to the director deborah allen about that issue, and she said she met with the b.a.r.t. police chief who agrees that crime mapping needs a little more explanation and work before
7:36 pm
it really is helpful to the public and everyone in terms of knowing when and where all these crimes take place. kate larson, "abc7 news." >> kate, thank you. we're always interested to hear your experiences with b.a.r.t. share what you love, what you hate, and what you think on social media #dearbart. congress has 15 days to pass the gop health care bill before their next recess in august. president trump and senator ted cruz say they'r confident the bill will pass. but at least ten senate republicans say they plan to vote no. senator john mccain says it's time for a backup plan, saying the gop should work with democrats on a compromise. >> it doesn't mean they can control it. it means they can have things considered. then when they lose, they're part of the process. that's what democracy is supposed to be all about. >> a revised version of health care bill could be released by the end of the week.
7:37 pm
sad news to report. one of the ospreys that was born atop a richmond crane has passed away. here's a live look at the nest. this live cameras are operated by the golden gate autobon society. a barge crew found one of the chicks swimming in the bay and picked her up. wild care took her in but found her injuries were just too severe for her to survive. it's believed whirly suffered several fractures when she hit the water trying to learn to dive for fish. these injuries are not uncommon. only about half of osprey chix survive their first year. >> tough odds. after the warm weekend, temperatures are dropping back to more seasonable levels. >> a live look outside from our east bay hills tower camera. drew will be back with the
7:38 pm
seven-day forecast, and the coolest day of the week, which is coming up quickly. and next, the story behind these rescued kittens, who are now ready to be (male announcer) are you ready to take the scenic route? then you belong at bass pro shops for freedom days. with clearance savings of 20 to 40% on select shorts and shirts. and save $50 on this eclipse speed frame tent.
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the kittens that survived a high tech rescue will soon have a new home. they were found trapped inside a piece of construction equipment in redwood city in may. they're named john, wendy, and peter. we received late word that two of the kittens have now been adopted out. >> ahh. >> so a happy ending for two. anyone who is interested in the third kitten can contact the peninsula humane society. new at 6:00, taking lava pizza to the extreme. it's now possible to bathe in pizza. >> huh? >> yeah. looks ready to warm up and eat. but watch what happens when you drop a pizza bath bomb in the water. the video went viral when ashley stewart posted it on her
7:42 pm
facebook page a few weeks ag >> within a couple of days it had millions of views. me and my husband were like, what is going on? >> reporter: the stay at home mom was trying to supplement the family's income. >> it's insane. it's like i'm just trying to take it all in. >> reporter: she started making minion bath bombs to get her kids into the tub. thousand they must compete for these must have items featured on buzz feed. >> they come in and they're like, mom, this is for us. >> reporter: stewart isn't worried about sharing ingredients, because she says everyone makes bath bombs. it's her artwork which sets them apart. sometimes people order six slices at $7 apiece. >> they're making whole pizzas out of it. >> exactly. >> reporter: she's hired three people to fill 300 orders from around the u.s., england, and germany. >> it's like, wow, it's all over the world. >> reporter: stewart tells
7:43 pm
customers to be patient, because each bath bomb is hand made. >> i think i stayed up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning the last two or three weeks. it's nuts. >> reporter: stewarts has in other bath bomb ideas like the cinnamon bun. but right now she's just trying to deliver pizza. in fresno, "abc7 news." who knew, right? it's more than just monday today. it's prime day. >> next, michael finney looks at whether the amazon deals are realal
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7:47 pm
>> reporter: to qualify, you must be a prime member, which costs $99 a year. free 30-day trial memberships are available, but you must cancel to avoid being moved into a membership. last year, it hit $525 million in sales, surpassing cyber monday. this year, big box retailers are countering. >> we know that best buy is currently right now trying to discount items lower than amazon. >> reporter: the best prices aren't necessarily on prime day. lee suggests checking price comparison websites like his own, as well as deals for prices year around. all this is happening, as more and more retailers are closing stores. sears, macy's and jp penny are shutting many doers and
7:48 pm
struggling to compete. professor kit yaro thinks retailers can with stand the amazon onslaught with better customer service and integrating technology into the stores. >> they really want it to be fast and easy. what they love about going to malls and in fact, consumers say they would prefer to go to malls, what they love is the surprise and delight. >> michael finney reporting. with demand so far, lee says customers can wait six weeks or more for some of the things you order. if you have a question for michael finney, the hotline is open monday through friday, that number 415-954-8151. the continuation of a 55-year-old tradition leads tonight's bay area's business watch. the department of energy has given stanford a five-year extension on its contract to
7:49 pm
manage the national accelerator lab. it's believed to be the nation's longest building. the research completed here led to four nobel prizes in physics and chemistry. markets were mixed to start the week with not much movement. the dow dipped just five points, closing around 21,400. the nasdaq gained 23, and the s&p rose by two points. well, the bay area is such a beautiful place to live. getting more beautiful as the temperature falls. viewers prove it every day. >> tomo photographed this se gall with it s beak wide open. this picture has the #abcnow which helped us find it. >> and here's a live look at the bridge. you can see a little bit of fog in there. drew is back to update the forecast. >> we're talking this limited
7:50 pm
fog along the coast. live doppler 7 hd along with satellite showing you a clear picture away from the coast. overnight tonight, that fog is going to be very patchy in nature, not widespread. a lot of stars for many of us. 59 in san jose. 51 in san francisco. as we go into tuesday, it's picture perfect, tons of sunshine along the coast. that marine layer thins out. 63 in san francisco. 83 for san jose. 69 in oakland. 79 that number in napa. i just want to show you future tracker temperatures. the warmth will return. by saturday, the numbers rise above normal. the forecast shows to enjoy tomorrow. the cooling continues and back to that pattern of sunny afternoon. >> okay. thanks, drew. as always, a lot to talk about in sports tonight. >> look who's back. >> welcome. >> i offered the boss to do sports full time from the beach. >> somehow -- >> i think it's still under consideration.
7:51 pm
at least for me. >> could you get news involved with that, as well? >> beach volleyball. >> highlights of the all-star game's home run derby. john carlos who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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good evening. major league baseball's all-star are in miami. home run derby is tonight. john carlos stanton of the marlins, he was hitting balls to another atmosphere. eight players in the field, everybody there to see stanton and aaron judge go at it. stanton lost in the first round but had one go 496 feet, crashed into the glass beyond the concourse. he hit 16 in the first round. but that was not enough. came up short. aaron judge beats justin bore of the marlins. yes, case dismissed. 23 for judge in round one. they're in the semifinals now. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. the main event is the all-star game itself. today, they announced that chris sale and max scherzer will be the starting pitchers.
7:55 pm
sale of the red sox, the first pitch tore make consecutive all-star games, representing two different teams. he was with the white sox last year. schezer, a 2.10 e.r.a. >> this is a fun time. i love the all-star game, beinging down in miami about an hour and a half from where i live makes it even better. i'm excited for it. it's a big deal. there's a lot going on. but i like to sit back and soak this in, as well. >> i enjoy facing the best. it's what you look for. i mean, to get a chance obviously in the all-star game to face the best hitter right now in the game potentially, that's what you look for. so it will be fun. >> clayton kershaw is not starting, but arguably the best pitcher on the planet. had an interesting take on who is the face of major league baseball now that derek jeter is retired. his choice, buster posey.
7:56 pm
here's his rational for choosing a division rival. >> if you could pick anybody, it would be buster posey. he's won a world series, does everything right on and off the field. probably the best talent in the game, but >> the all-star game break. in last place, 27 games out of first place, here's how some of the giants say they will spend their break. >> just stick around the area with my wife, maybe go up to napa. we'll see. but nothing crazy. we've done a lot of travel lately. >> probably just hang out. do some things in the city i haven't had time to do, relax a little bit, probably play catch one or two days. >> just try to eat good food. work out, get the body ready to
7:57 pm
charge into the second half. >> warriors and cavs have the grudge match going. the clash continues, summer league in vegas, not the same sizzle. no lebron or k.d. here's macaw, starting the scoring with a three. nice ball movement. it's a triple. jabari brown used to be a d-leaguer, now a g-leaguer. he hits the jumper. it's macaw going to the glass. the warriors trail 50-33 at the half. wimbledon, afterrafael nada. he whacks his head on the door jam. that's fun, happens all the time to me. first set, serving and nadal can't handle it. mueller takes the first set.
7:58 pm
nadal overcomes the deficit. look at the beautiful crosscourt winner. in the fifth, tied at ten games apiece. 14-13, mueller. nadal's serve, and he can't hand it will shot. so match point for mueller. mueller ends up winning a five-set, four-hour, 48 minute upset. 15-13 in the fifth set, as nadal hits long there. unbelievable match. >> fantastic. >> thanks, larry. >> that is this edition of "abc7 news." appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. for everyone there -- >> look sharp, larry. >> he always does. thanks for joining us. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. do you really use head & shoulders?
7:59 pm
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