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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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now from abc 7 live breaking news. >> that breaking news is in san francisco where a gathering of skateboarders has turned into a chaotic scene. around deloris park and people are asked to void that area. they say officers responded after hearing there were more than 300 people at the event. units tried to disperse the
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crowd and people started throwing things at officers. one officer was injured and taken onhospital. two cruisers have been vandalized. local artist shared this video. he says that's editor of thrasher magazine taking a nasty spill. police try to break up the crowd. we will continue to keep you updated on the very strange story in san francisco. i'm dan ashley. our other top story tonight a fast moving fire has burned at least two homes. it started at 4:00 in northeast san jose. that's close to where the two homes caught fire. homes in the area were evacuated as the flames started burning up a nearby hill side. if the flames begin burning there hill side. by 6:00 cal fire says about 100 acres had burned.
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now we spoke to san jose city spokesman earlier. >> there is concern for both the homes and working very hard to also keep the fire from inhadeng allen rock park and it has also been closed. >> they also opened up to serve as an evacuation and information center for residents. we are also monitoring a fire at a junkyard. it broke out at the alco, iron and metal company on davis street. for miles into the air. firefighters issued a shelter in place order for residents around that area. fire crews put multiple streams of water on the fire. there were no immediate reports of injuries. the fire was put under control about an hour ago. we'll have a live update on both of these fires tonight on abc 7
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news at 11:00 on channel 7. obviously this time of year the weather has been a very big factor in these fires. want to touch base with meteorologist. >> live doppler 7 not loonly ha the ability to track rain but smoke particles in the atmosphere. the fire was burning near allen rock park. and you can see live doppler 7 under a west wind. you take a look at today's satellite. you see a lot of brown in our hills. our vegetation is very dry. we had a record setting winter but a lot of our vegetation is drying out right now. and the fire danger is running high. the highest threat is between noon and 6:00 in the evening. that's when the humidity is at its lowest. unfortunately we have warmer weather that's moving in.
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dan. >> okay. drew, thanks very much. a santa cruz man is okay after a great white shark attacked hissal kayak just west of the beach board walk. the kayaker was about a half mile out. steve lawson looks down to see a shark bite the front of his kayak. he contacted harbor patrol using a marine radio. he says he got a good look at about 25% of the shark but not sure how big it was. the jaws left a foot long impression on the front of his kayak. >> harbor patrol came right out. helped me. never saw the shark again. i'm sure it was a mistake on his part. i'm sure he's saying i lost a tooth or something. >> here's a photo. er warning signs are now posted
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to alert others of the shark attack. water access will be restricted for about a mile along the shoreline. that covers santa cruz's main beach as well as cowell beach. a life long santa cruz surfer said shark sightings are on the rise. >> warmer 's warm -- water's warmer. and they're a little bit more prolific. but they're always out there. >> the restrictions are expected to end saturday morning, assuming there's no more shark siting or incident. a plane clipped the runway. it was just taking off when one of the twin propellors made contact with the runway. the four-member crew immediately aborted the flight. you can see the plane on the bottom of your screen there. the coast guard says the c 27
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plane was on a logistics flight out of sacramento. we have an update on what could have been a catastrophic flight. it was preparing to land on a taxiway instead of the runway. it drops as low as 175 feet before throttling the engines. a pilot in one of them told the tower the air canada jet flew directly over him. the faa and ntsb are now investigating. an atf national response team has gone in for what's left at an oakland construction site. they arrived yesterday. some are chemists and explosive experts. oakland 's mayor is now trying to balance the investigation into friday's blaze with the
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needs of those who are a victim as a result. >> we are pulling in all resources that we can to make sure this is investigated thoroughly and quickly. we are focussed on getting people resettled a well as helping the few families unable to go back into their homes right now. >> they found these fire vilktms moving out today. their homes suffered heavy smoke and fire damage. on san francisco bay today, when oo barge sank during a storm. as abc 7 news reporter explained most of it remains on the bottom but not for long. madge an giant erector set 40 feet under san francisco bay and stuck in the mud. >> fast is a speed as --
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>> reporter: a 112 foot barge landed atop the very same transbay crew in which had been performing maintenance work for bart. >> because of that we didn't have any structural issues. >> the barge is upside down, the crane is smashed underneath the barge. >> reporter: that's carry walsh, hired by the barge owner to do the work. since april they have toiled in water with zero visibility, cutting the barge into three pieces. today they cut out part number one, the crane house. the department of fish and wildlife is not worried. >> so far it's a best case scenario. >> reporter: with luck the project should finish this week. a case of what went down having to come up one heavy piece at a time. >> 950 sttons for the three maj
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pieces. >> reporter: it's not the titanic? >> no, it's invengeance. >> reporter: after all this it appears the vengeance got some of its own. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a man who witnessed a violent beating took matters into his own hands. he says he road the bart train to san francisco this morning. what he saw at the train station at montgomery street shocked him. >> a tall man striking another man with a cane. he's rolled up in a fetal position and nobody's helping him. >> reporter: casey says he chased the attacker that then tackled him. construction workers kept him down until police arrived. no word on a motive for today's attack. as you can tell it's a very busy night. stay with us to debate police
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transparcy reignited. who can see what and when? also look at this. a mammoth firenado spined at one of the biggest fires in the state.
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should people be able to see body camera footage from police officers? today state law makers took up the debate of making those public. chris nguyen heard from both supporters and opponents. >> reporter: late this afternoon members of the public safety committee are reviewing assembly bill 748 which would allow them to release body camera footage to the public. assemblyman of san francisco authored the bill. >> they can with hold it or say they're having an ongoing investigation and that could take years and years and you'd never get access to that footage. >> reporter: a push in recent years for recordings to be released more quickly. richard with the asian law appliance a, nonprofit
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organization saying it creates transparency. >> if the public can get access, then they can see really what happened. >> reporter: police chief david swing is first vice president of the california police chief's association. he says the bill would do more harm than good. especially if more than to review it within 90 days, even if an investigation is still underway. sdwli >> it's important we don't enact legislation that restrict our ability to do better jobs tomorrow. >> martin haleren said it's a solution in search of a problem. it's wiser to allow each district attorney to establish its own policy. they should determine how much to release. in the south bay, chris nguyen,
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abc 7 news. the venetia police department is showing video of women. watch what happens here. you can see them filling their bags. police say they were after allergy products. they then took off in a newer model charcoal gray nissan ultima with blue paper a plates. rates will rise nearly 20% in the next two years and the first increase starts tomorrow. here's abc 7 news reporter, laura anthony. >> you guys are -- >> reporter: critics say east bay mud's rate increase is a slap in the face to the district's customers who spent the last several years proving they could conserve. >> it's an injustice to us to keep wanting to raise the rates. >> the timing is unfortunate.
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i understand that. >> reporter: but they say the rate increase is necessary to replace aging pipes and infrastructure and while they certainly did their part to conserve, averaging 20%, that also resulted in a severe drop in revenues for the district. >> our bay area users are amazing and met the challenge and as a result of that the rate increase is slightly higher than we hoped it would be. >> reporter: an average home would see their bills increase by just over $4 a month. >> the water rate increase per family is about $4.35. this is the straw that breaks the camel's back. >> so everyone conserves and then it's like a wack on the back of the head because now they're wanting to punish us. >> reporter: 9.25% this year and
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another next year. a grass fire in richmond threatened several homes near bernard street yesterday. crews put out the fire. firefighters got there about 2:30 this afternoon. they evacuated several homes on the hill side. the backyard of at least one home did burn. and take a look that new video of a fire that burned in mountain view. an abc 7 viewer posted this video on twitter. they say the fire scorched several hundred yards. thankfully no one was hurt. and that massive wild fire has now destroyedt least a dozen homed. 4,000 people are under evacuation orders. the fire as burned 5800 acres and 45% contained. and theres rr time lapse video
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affa firenado. watch now. you can see the smoke twisting around on the left-hand side of the screen. they captured this footage a day after the fire started. very strange site obviously. the conditions around the state and certainly the bay area do not help the fire lines today. drew tooma is here. >> we're certainly reaching the peek fire season. in the days ahead it's all about the warming numbers and the temperatures will peek over the weekend. live doppler 7. it's a really clear picture. there's a limited if any fog outthere. really just a few patchy coastal clouds. it's all about the numbers. we're going to take you inland to antioch where we will see some of the warmest temperatures. not too bad.
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we'll hover there over the next couple of days and over the weekend. on saturday we're going into the triple digits. close to that on sunday as well. so the numbers definitely above average for this time of year. a live look from the tan cam. a gorgeous shot of the evening but not a cloud to be seen. numbers 50s, 60s, and 70s. we're pretty mild in concord. 65 right now in san jose, 57 in san francisco and fair field the current number of 57 degrees. watch the time stamp. midnight tonight a little patchy cloud cover making the return along the immediate coastline and we will wake up with a fair amount of cloud cover. patchy cloud cover over san francisco.
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overnight there's that cloud cover. and temperatures dropping into the 50s across the board. you'll see a mixture of sun and clouds. and numbers just a few degrees warmer tomorrow. than we were today. 82 the high in san jose. a breezy 66 in san francisco. 73 oakland and vallejo up to about 76 degrees. it's a partly cloudy day. and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we have a high risk rip current. we have a beach hazard statement in effect. we have an active ocean current which means rip currents are very strong. so please take it careful in that ocean. the ocean water temperature hovering only in the mid to upper 50s. as we get you into thursday, we're in the 60s and 70ess along the bay inland. upper 80s to near 90 degrees and
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the numbers get warmer on friday. but it's really what happens on saturday. and saturday that's when we start to see a return of the triple digit readings inland. mild along the bay. 70s and 80s. as we plan the next seven days it's a wide range tomorrow, a steady pattern into thursday and friday and then those numbers jump. we stay that way even for sunday, before the heat begins to ease on monday and a cooler day on the way. so while the heat is on its way, at least it's short lived over the weekend. >> we'll hang our hat on that. coming up next did the history channel get right? someone says the claim that amelia earhardt crashed her planes.
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a japanese is disputing a documentary on amelia air hard that claims she was taken prisoner by the japanese. they produce a photograph which appears to show her and her navigator on a dock. but he says he found the same photo in japan's national library. it was in a travel log about the south seas published almost two years before earhardt disappeared. a group of bay area students is facing a virtual life or death struggle in deep space. it's part of a summer science program in oakland. the mission to rescue a stranded astronaut from the red planet. but first the students have to learn about its atmosphere, chemistry and what could survive
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there. >> it would be a lot of dirt there and i think i would find living things on mars but it would be bacteria or something like that. >> there might be life forms because you need water to live and alien life can live there because they need life to live maybe. >> looks like a challenge and a lot of fun. there are still slots open for the summer camp. if you'd like more information. work began on a make over for local children. at the booker t. washington service center where we joined that nonprauf lt kaboom and our paris company disney employee were all so excited. >> about 17 years now i'm
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excited the labor i wasn't ready for it i'm here and excited. actual construction will begin on thursday. we'll show you how it looks when it's finished. . we're now beyond obstruction of justice. >> you start meeting with a foreign government, that's whole different issue. new developments and what it might mean for the investigation into russian medaling and three full cases of wine dating back to 1796 are discovered back east.
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it's the only way to know for sure.
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de. this is abc 7 news. we'll begin this half hour with donald trump jr.'s emails. the president's son was told he was about to get dirt on hillary clinton and that the russian government was aught to help his father win. the white house correspondent, jonathan carl has more. >> reporter: it's startling development. they show donald trump jr. was told the russian government was going to help his father's campaign and he was willing and eager to accept their help. they come from a trump acquaintance and publicist involved in the miss universe pageant in moscow a. the subject line, russia, clinton, private and confidential. goldstone tells don jr. that
9:32 pm
quote the crown prosecutor of russia offered to provi the trump campaign with official information that would be very useful to your father. it is part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. les than 20 minutes later don jr. responds. thanks, rob. i appreciate that. if it's what you say, i love it. especially later in the summer. four days later on the same chain, he emails him about setting up an email with a russian government attorney flying in from moscow. don jr. replies great it will likely be paul manafort, campaign boss, my brother in law and me. trump tower. then he forwards the full email
9:33 pm
chain with the same subject line. russia, clinton, private and confidential and the day after that, the meeting takes place inside trump tower. don jr. says he released the emails today himself to quote be totally transparent but the new york times says he only released them after he was told the times was about to publish the emails. there'so evidence the russian lawyer provided any information on hillary clinton and in fact denies doing so. also unclear whether she had anything to do with the wikileaks release of nearly 20,000 dnc emails that happened six week -- but it appears to contradict denials from the president himself that the trump had any contacts whatsoever between trump campaign and the putin regime. >> no, it's absurd and there's no basis to it. >> did anyone involved in the
9:34 pm
trump campaign have any contact with russians? >> absolutely not. and i discussed that with the president elect just last night. >> to the best of my knowledge no person that i deal with does. >> reporter: weeks after that trump tower meeting, don jr. angrily dismissed suggestions that the trump campaign had anything to do with russia. >> disgusting. it's so phoney. i can't think of bigger lies. but that goes to show you what the clinton camp will do. they will do anything to win. >> reporter: in a briefing where cameras were not allowed read this. >> my son is a high quality person and i applaud his transparency. >> reporter: she refused to take ay further questions on the matter. >> well, as you might expect, republicans and democrats say
9:35 pm
they have consrntz. >> reporter: those four pages of emails tweeted out by donald trump jr. rocketed through the hallway and offices on capitol hi hill. >> obviously it's very troubling. >> reporter: a growing course of democrats say there is no question this is a game changer. >> he was openly salivating about the prospect of getting damaging information from the rus russian. >> this was an attempt atti a at collusion. >> i would just read what was in the emails. it was in black and white that it was part of a russian government effort to help trump discredit clinton. >> and tonight hillary clinton's former running mate, senator tim kahne is taking it a step further. >> even potentially treason. >> reporter: many republicans now say they have serious
9:36 pm
concerns. arguing when a campaign is approached by a foreign government, no matter your party, the answer is the same. >> if you're offered assistance from a foreign government in your campaign the only answer is no. so i'm not going to condemn the guy on an email but this is the most problematic thing i've seen thus far. >> reporter: but even with it spelled out this was part of the russian government 's support, at least one republican isabout rant buying that. >> no. i don't think so. >> reporter: and now a growing number of law makers are calling for donald trump jr. to testify. the number two republican says he can't imagine a world in which he doesn't speak out on the hill. and dianne feinstein saying donald trump needs to speak out publicly as soon as possible.
9:37 pm
also in washington a new health care repeal and replace bill will be announced on thursday. they will delay their august recess to stay in washington and work on health care. a republican that opposed the earlier version says revisions are needed. >> i do need complete overall to get to yes. i hope our colleagues will take another look at the bill senator cassidy and i produced earlier this year. >> a top senate a revised version will likely contain two tax increases. he levied americans to help pay for his expansion on coverage. up for a vote by the end of next week. a group of twitter users has sued donald trump and two white house communication aids. they claim they were blocked from the president's twitter
9:38 pm
account after they criticized it. the group argus trump's twitter account is a public forum for speech, requiring mr. trump to unblock their accounts and cease blocking others on the base of their opinions. a restoration project at new jersey museum unearthed a very unique find. wine almost as old as the country itself. workers at liberty hall found three full cases of medira wine dating back to 1796 and bourbon bottled in 1894, as well as cases of cuban cigars. museum officials say they were in an area that had been boarded up, likely because of prohibition in the 1920s. it's worth so much they will not actually reveal its value but it's clearly worth a fortune. a 6-figure salary now
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qualifies for affordable housing in san francisco and tha
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a family making six figures can now qualify for affordable housing in san francisco. it's part of the commitment to not forget about the middle class. we have details on the new policy just pass said by the board of supervisors. >> reporter: for the last decade people have been complaining about the lack of affordable housing. >> they need help for people on the streets and just for middle class. >> reporter: they finally sloeted to expand the perimtars of who qualifies for
9:43 pm
inclusionary housing. they're mixed into private buildings. >> it can't just be market rate housing and extremely low income housing. >> reporter: until now a person and a couple earning more than 50,000 would qualify to live in one of these rental uniths. now it will go to 135,000 for an individual and supervisor says this will make it easier to keep teachers and other middle class workers in san francisco. san francisco will now demand developers set aside 18% of their units towards inclusionary housing. of that 18%, 10% will go to low income housing, 4% to modest income and another 4% to midinalcome house holds. >> we're saying you have a
9:44 pm
responsibility to maintain diversity. >> i've lived in san francisco for 11 years and i'm saving up to buy a house but the market right now is still too expensive. >> reporter: the new policy will make it more affordable for people to buy condos. lean mulind ez. abc 7 news. there is a new way to fly out of the bay area with a different approach from what we're used to. stay with me.
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california's clean vehicle rebait program is almost out of money. the program offers 2500 in rebites but the funding wasn't included in the latest budget. and get this personal finance website has determined that san francisco is america's worst city for driving. oakland is second. wallet hub had 12 experts look at the largest cities in the united states. they considered factors like traffic and safety. san francisco tied with several other cities for worst traffic congestion. they tied for highest car theft rate and highest average gas prices. well, traffic frustration was the inspiration for a new start up that wants to get you place as bit faster.
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jonathan bloom took the skies and didn't need to go to the airport. >> reporter: while the pilot warms up the engine, most airlines will give you a speech about what you'll pay if you smoke in the laboratory. flying next to him, davis was ready for this the first time he dreev to lake tahoe. >> that drive once is enough, especially on a sunday and you spend seven hours in the car. blackbird is a new way to travel. so we sit between driving and flying. and we fly a short hall regional flights. >> reporter: it uses charter operators. you book online like a regular airline. >> it turns what can be a three-hour process just to get to the airport into essentially going down the street and
9:50 pm
hopping in the airplane. >> reporter: the economics are startling simple. buying just one seat, well, that's a price that makes sense for a lot more people. >> once you tell people this is possible for about $100, they ask when had they can fly for us. >> reporter: blackbird picks different planes based on demand. >> we have about 10,000 people on the app right now only for about four routes we're operating right now. >> going to see the golden gate bridge. but on the 75-minute flight back from tahoe, he plans a different sort of sightseeing just to see all the traffic they're missing. in sausalito, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. one last time. want to update the weather forecast. hi, drew. >> and it's really clear outside
9:51 pm
for most. patchy cloud cover tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing this quiet picture out there. in fact tonight patchy coastal fog. and we'll fall into the mid and upper 50s across the region. so your day planner, 12 hours tomorrow on your wednesday, hour by hour we go, coastal fog and then sunshine for most away from the coast and into the afternoon. we're a little bit warmer today than we were. tons of sunshine. 82 in san jose. 73 that number in oakland. 75 in richmond and concord. up to 88 degrees. it's a wide range tomorrow and a steady pattern, hot on saturday. we'll stay like that on sunday and then the numbers will come down on monday and into tuesday. sports director larry beale
9:52 pm
is here. all star game. >> waiting for a lot of thrills and excitement. the pitchers just dominated. not a lot of offense. they did go to extra innings. robinson cano
9:53 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> if you wanted offense and power, i hope you enjoyed home run derby. a low scoring pitchers dual went to extra innings in miami. tony perez and alonzo embracing after that pitch. let's groing to the game. buster posey of the giants, walks to load the bases with two outs. but he gets daniel murphy to end the threat. so they remain scoreless in the third. suno of the twins, a home run derby finalist, and that scores jonathan scopes. top six.
9:56 pm
alonzo of the a's connecting for one of his two hits in the game and he's from miami and immigrated from cuba. but he ended up getting stranded. molina ties it up with one swing and we're tied add one. but it's cano. here he comes and there it goes. ends up being the hero for the american league as he hits a bomb off wade davis and he was your mvp. 2-1 the final score. fans in oklahoma city were furious with kevin durant for leaving the thunder. turns out when paul george was traded t was durant who sold him saying it was a first class organization and george would be blown away by the support in okc. heelb'll be that espy's tomorro. and coach kerr in vegas. dubs and t wolves. check out the tandem block on marcus page there. get it out.
9:57 pm
could see a lot of that at orgical. another huge block here. bell taking thall the other way and second year player now finishing with a lay up. the athleticism out of oregon with authority scored only five points but 11 boards, five assists. it's mckawhi. he's like man among boys. struggling trying to make a spot for themselves. and bell with his sixth block of the game. so they go to sudden death. it's first guy that scores, wins the it game and that was c.j. with williams of the t wolves. 78-76 minnesota. well, the fleecing of america tour began with floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor to hype their fight.
9:58 pm
the rip off is going to be the news conferences. >> his little legs, his little core, his little head. i'm going to knock him out inside four rounds, mark my words. you light him up and i knock them down like bowling pinz. on august 26th, i'm going to knock -- out too. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. rain forcing delays and issues for fans. this is how not to put on a pan pancho. and still not even close to getting this thing on. how about venus williams. no struggle. three consecutive aces and things going easily for venus. so let's check in on our poncho wearing friend. back that tennis williams match point.
9:59 pm
6'3" -- will someone please get this off of me. murea awon major league baseball, she was rpepresenting the a's. and she's best in the nation. she'll be entering sixth at winder mere ranch middle school and is she going to have a story to tell about what she did this >> how cool was that. thanks, larry, very much. coming up on etabc 7 news at 11:00, an intense stand off between police and skaters at deloris park. and an east bay junkyard burst into flames. those stories and more at 11:00. we
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narrator: today, a beautiful high school girl goes missing in the middle of the night and no one can explain why. the campus is buzzing with rumors that there's a killer walking the hallways, but who?


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