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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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new developments in the investigation into what happened inside the cockpit of a plane that nearly landed on top of four other planes. and san francisco international airport. this afternoon's plane crash in sonoma county killed one person and sent children to the hospital. we're live with the renewed search effort for a missing san mateo county man after low tide revealed a big clue that had been hidden until now. under the ocean. there could be more clues to a young man's disappearance. and today an exceptionally low tide revealed the biggest clue to date. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> it's been exactly seven weeks since richard moss disappeared. we know he was on his way to
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work when he stopped at mcdonald's in pacifica for breakfast. >> his car was one of several driving south along highway 1. a few miles later, his car wasn't spotted in the line of traffic passing a chevron station in moss beach. >> jonathan bloom live with the latest developments on the search. jonathan? >> reporter: larry and ama, ever since a neighbor found moss' aaa card in the sand on the beach here, there's a grim possibility his entire car could be out there beneath the murky water. searchers have found the biggest piece of evidence yet suggesting moss may have taken a fatal plunge off those rocky cliffs. >> kidnapped, carjacked, hidden in somebody's yard. >> reporter: an early-morning dive turned up evidence the 22-year-old richard moss may have suffered a much different tragedy. >> the lowest tide in a couple of weeks.
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we found a hyundai wheel specific to the tibaron and fuel tank wedged in the sand line. >> reporter: divers took photos, then gave the wheel to the sheriff's office. they said it matches the wheels in these picture in the car moss was driving when he disappeared. >> the disk rotor was intact. one might guess that the car hit rear first, sheered off the fuel tank and one of the rear wheels and floated out. >> reporter: divers swam out to mark the spot where the fuel tank is lodged in the rocks. they'll return at low tide to look for the rest of the car. in the meantime, the sheriff's offers won't draw conclusions. >> we have found other car parts in other locations that we have confirmed to not belong to his vehicle. so because of that, we don't want to speculate to anything yet. >> reporter: if it is moss' car, volunteers think this is where it flew off the pavement. a small chunk is missing from the wall. from his home in hawaii, moss'
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father said he'll wait for official confirmation. volunteers say they won't call off the search until then. >> i don't want it to be his car, but if it is, it is. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. someone appears to be shooting at cars on a busy stretch of highway. there were two reports today. a little girl was hurt today. david louie is live in gilroy where evidence was found in the girl's hair. david? >> reporter: ama, you can see the glass replacement crew is busy trying to replace the glass on this minivan shattered by a bb or pellet. the pellet struck the back seat, then struck a young girl who was sitting in the middle seat. the girl is okay. but she is obviously a bit bewildered by what happened to her. 4-year-old michael and 7-year-old grace were riding with mom in their minivan when suddenly the rear glass shattered. >> glass just popped and got me in the ear. >> reporter: imagine the shock
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when grace realized her right ear was ding. it wasn't until they pulled over that they discovered a bb or pellet tangled in grace's hair, after it apparently had grazed her ear. >> she's bleeding. it was just really frustrating to, like, not know what to do, and to feel so confused and overwhelmed by what the heck is going on. >> reporter: sky 7 shows you the scene, northbound lanes about half mile north of fitzgerald between gilroy and morgan hill. the minivan wasn't the only one hit. another driver stopped to check on them and someone had shot at his vehicle too. >> i feel like this is on purpose. i don't feel like it's target practice gone wrong. you know, to just hit that perfectly in the back of someone's car as they're driving down the road. >> reporter: the chp and sheriff's office responded. deputies took the pellet from grace's hair for evidence. the highway patrol helped to calm grace, giving her a stuffed panda bear. grace named him oreo. >> this must have really scared you.
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did you yell or scream or anything? >> no. but i cried. >> reporter: julie posted a warning on her neighborhood watch page. she believes grace surviving is a miracle. in gilroy, david louie, abc 7 news. new developments now on the air canada close call at sfo. today canadian investigators confirmed estimates, the plane flew just 100 feet over two planes that were waiting to take off. 200 feet over a third plane, and 30 feet above a fourth. this all happened last friday night as the flight from toronto was trying to land. the pilot mistook the taxiway where the planes take off for the runway where they land. the report shows the pilots of that air canada flight made the decision to go around the airport and attempt a new landing before the sfo tower ordered them to do so. after landing safely, the air canada pilots were asked to call sfo air traffic control to discuss what happened there.
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developing news, a small plane crash in sonoma county that killed one person and sent two children to the hospital. the plane went down near the sonoma sky park this afternoon. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is in sonoma county. >> reporter: we're about 150 yards from where the single-engine plane crashed about 1:00 this afternoon. investigators now on scene. the coroner from sonoma county as well as faa investigators assessing exactly what happened here. the single-engine plane crashed this afternoon, killing one person onboard. according to the sheriff's department, the plane took off from the sonoma sky park about 12:45. and crashed about a minute later. 1,000 feet from the runway. four people were onboard. one person was killed. three others were injured. we have just confirmed from the sheriff's department that two of the victims were children. they were transported to oakland's children's hospital. their condition unknown. sky 7 was over the crash site,
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and we have learned the aircraft is possibly a sir russ sr-22. that is a high-tech aircraft, equipped with an emergency parachute which appears to have deployed. that parachute orange and white in color. as i said, faa investigators have just arrived on scene. they are trying to put this puzzle together. what caused this plane to crash is still a mystery today. in sonoma county, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the man accused of killing kate steinle, his case moves closer to a trial. he said he found a gun and picked it up and fired it by accident. that shot hit steinle while she was walking at pier 14 in july of 2014. his immigration status touched off the debate about sanctuary city laws. he had been deported five times before kate steinle was killed.
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in saratoga, deadly shooting in a quiet neighborhood left many residents on edge there. crime scene investigators are still there processing the evidence. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the latest from santa clara county. >> reporter: for this close-knit community in saratoga,esidents remain stunned after tragedy hits close to home. >> continuously more sirens arrived. i looked outside and i saw just dozens of sheriff's cars coming by. >> reporter: at this hour investigators from the slaent clara county sheriff's office are combing through evidence after a deadly shooting on bucknell road. sheriff's deputies responded around 7:00 this morning after receiving a call that a 57-year-old man had shot at 60-year-old female roommate. the shooter was taken into custody without incident. >> there's been no arrests made in the case. he's still considered a person of interest. it's an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said the victim who has not been identified was found
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inside the home with one gunshot wound. she was immediately taken to a local hospital, but did not survive. neighbors nearby are disturbed by what happened. >> it puts life in perspective. you've got to be careful. >> reporter: sky 7 shows us the crime scene from above. the shooter, and the victim were the only ones at the property when the shooting took place. >> i was mind blown. i've lived here for like five years and i've never seen anything this crazy in my neighborhood. >> reporter: investigators are interviewing neighbors to determine what may have led up to the shooting. >> whatever you do, you have to have -- you walk with your eyes open all the time. it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: the shooter's motive remains unclear for now. in saratoga, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. tonight investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused a fire that destroyed several businesses in lafayette, now they're worried the building could collapse.
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about the safest vantage point right now, nine businesses are just gone, including the chamber of commerce. here's what 100 lafayette circle looked like before the fire and here's how it looked consumed in flames. fortunately no one was inside when it caught fire just before midnight. >> it's my livelihood. just got to move on and find somewhere else. it's an amazing building. >> fire officials estimate the flames caused more than $1 million worth of damage. right now, investigators are not deeming this fire suspicious. here's a question. is a local museum filled with fakes? next, what new tests are revealing about thousands of pieces at san francisco's mexican museum. cooling fog is spreading in from the coast right now. the weekend coming up will be anything but cool. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. is b.a.r.t. withholding information about crimes on trains? the confusing answers we got from their leaders today. the woman pays more than
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$20,000 to repair her porch two years later she says it's worse than before. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side" gets her money back.
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brand-new tesla model 3s. the $35,000 all-electric model 3 car is tesla's attempt to enter the mass market. customers will start taking delivery at the end of the month. b.a.r.t. is trying to clear up confusion and controversy over the way it publicizes crimes on the system to which riders, some are criticizing b.a.r.t. for withholding information. as abc 7 news reporter kate larson reports, even b.a.r.t. leaders themselves are really not on the same page. >> there's been a lot of conversation about safety on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: this week that conversation has been about how and when b.a.r.t. disseminates crime information and whether it takes race into account when making those decisions, after the general manager wrote an e-mail to the b.a.r.t. board of directors about public access to crime data, saying elevation of crimes on transit characterize riders of color. but b.a.r.t. police chief carlos rojas says other ws. >> from my standpoint, race
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doesn't matter. everybody needs to be treated fairly and equitiably whether a victim or suspect in a crime. >> as a rider, i do want to be informed. as far as people drawing stereotypes, frankly, you can't stop people from being racist. >> reporter: today they say their decision not to release surveillance video of recent cell phone robberies and assaults is not because of racial stereotyping, but because some of the suspects are juveniles. >> the word minor is definitely in the memo. i was definitely talking about video in relationship to minors. >> reporter: the word minor is not in ham il's memo or the mention of it protecting juvenile suspect identities. dave burley said he relies on information about crime and b.a.r.t. >> i think more information is better as long as it's not really violent or something that should be censured. but i think people need to see exactly what's going on because they'll be able to protect themselves better. >> reporter: the memo also discusses use crime
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to report incidents on b.a.r.t. to the public. today chief rojas even said the site lacks actual descriptions of the crimes. in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. the full memo to b.a.r.t.'s is on share what you love, what you hate, what you think about b.a.r.t. on social media. add the #dearbart to your post so we can find it. the mexican museum in san francisco is setting the record straight today after a report revealed the vast majority of pieces of the museum may not be the real deal. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with the story. >> ama, we're talking about the largest mexican museum in the u.s. and the first institution in san francisco to be affiliated with the smithsonian. a respected museum to be sure. that's why it comes as a shock when an independent assessment found only 83 out of 2,000 artifacts in the pre-hispanic collection could be
7:17 pm
authenticated. museum officials held a news conference to clear up a misunderstanding that many pieces may be fake. >> what was misinterpreted was the fact that all the other pieces were inauthentic is not correct. >> museum officials say the challenge stems from the transition from a community museum to a national museum, with higher standards. demanded by the smythe season yan for its partners. they say analysis will be done to date the artifacts and many more will likely be authenticated and go on permanent exhibit. the museum is stocking up for its $86 million new home being built right now. the target opening date is in 2019. larry and ama? >> kristen, thank you. hundreds of kids poured into the western addition. the summer learning day was held at the third baptist church,
7:18 pm
supported by groups, black to the future and the city's human rights commission. among the guests, rapper d-1, who told the kids their talents can change the world. >> anything you love to do can be used for a positive cause or negative cause. i choose to use rap for, what? a positive cause. >> the kids love him. he has so many cool songs to do. he has one song that's awesome. be relevant. be real, be relevant, be righteous. that's the one he performed for us today. >> the kids were entertained by award-winning author and poet who flew in from the east coast. abc 7 news was there for the police department's s.w.a.t. fitness challenge. tactical officers with 32 s.w.a.t. teams took on the challenge today. the goal is to raise $25,000 for
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th george mark children house which cares for terminally ill kids. this is the tenth year for the fund-raiser. >> it started with our s.w.a.t. team and now it's blossomed into teams from ten different counties. we have members from saskatoon, canada, down here. it'surned into a family event. >> i will do the big heavy stick here. it was really heavy. that thing was too heavy for me. >> the young girl tells abc 7 news some day she wants to join the san leandro police department. her mom said that was her dream since she was 2 years old. >> she's on her way. we're on our way to scorching heat. >> yes. very hot this weekend. spencer christian joining us. mr. 10% body fat himself while we're talking about s.w.a.t. competitions. >> i'm happy about that, but those guys more fit. fog moving over san francisco right now. temperatures 61 degrees here in the city.
7:20 pm
67 in oakland. mountain view 73. 61 in half moon bay. how about santa rosa? 77. 72 degrees in napa. 80 at fairfield. almost 90 right now at concord. livermore 84. we've got pretty warm conditions in our inland areas right now. it's going to get even warmer as the weekend approaches. this is the view, live from our east bay hills camera, looking at the fog building along the coastline. moving out over the bay right now. serge over parts of san francisco. areas of fog overnight. wide range of temperatures tomorrow. warm inland of the heating up inland with temperatures approaching the triple-digit range. overnight, we'll see rather extensive fog spreading across the bay area. low temperatures in the early morning hours will be generally in the mid to upper 50s, cooler near the coast. let's start with 7:00 tomorrow morning. conditions, lots of fog around. probably reduced visibility for morning commuters. temperatures still in the mid-50s for the most part.
7:21 pm
9:00, fog pulling back to the bay and back to the coastline. temperatures reaching into the 60s and 70s inland at 9:00 in the morning. by noon tomorrow, we'll see temperatures up to about 90 degrees already at antioch, and many other inland locations in the 80s. cool at the coast with temperatures at that point of the day only in the 50s. high also at the peak of warming tomorrow, reach about 62 at half moon bay, 67 in san francisco, 74 across the bay. numerous inland locations in the low to mid-90s. maybe a few 80s up in the north bay. not too warm there before the weekend arrives. now, beach forecast calls for partly to mostly cloudy skies, except santa cruz where it will be sunnier and mild with a high of 77 degrees. pretty good beach weather. looking ahead to saturday, heat advisory in effect for much of the weekend. for our higher elevations, notice how warm it's going to be inland on saturday. highs in the upper 90s to near 100. numerous locations on sunday at
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the peak of heating at or about 100 degrees. we'll see upper 70s to low 80s right around the bay and upper 60s along the coast. heat advisory in effect 8:00 a.m. saturday to sunday 9:00 p.m. the accuweather seven-day forecast, after the spike in heat on saturday and sunday, especially in our inland areas, sharp drop-off in temperatures on monday as temperatures settle back down into a seasonal range. this year's aids walk san francisco at golden gate park, it benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs such as project open hand, and positive resource center. there is still time to register. just call 415-615-walk. or visit a great day for a walk. even though it's going to be a little warm, still a wonderful day. >> good cause. >> yeah. >> thanks, spencer. coming up next, the new name
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for san francisco's newest center for commuters.
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in today's newly announced emmy nominations, "saturday night live" and west world lead the pack with 22 nominations each. congratulations are in order to the abc family, blackish and modern family for outstanding comedy series.
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"dancing with the stars" also got a nod. for a complete list of all the nominees, go to our website the emmy awards are on september 17th. today the dow closed at another all-time record high for the second day in a row. the gains were small but enough to send the major market indep cease into the green. the dow closed at 21,553, the nasdaq added 13 points and the s&p less than five. san francisco's new transit hub will be the first city landmark to get a spsor. they gave the okay to $100 million long-term offer from sales force. a tower is being completed nearby, the tallest building in san francisco. the trans bay complex will be known as the sales force transit center. it includes a rooftop park and scheduled to open next year. building takes time. or does it.
7:27 pm
see how abc 7 and a team from lucas film helps create this children's playground in just one day. new at 6:00, we hear from this man for the first time, a skateboarder that ended up in the hospital after an unpermitted race in san francisco that drew a lot of police. next, a closer look at the newly revised health care bill just released by the senate today. tonight the final farewell to a teenager now at rest after a two-year battle with cancer.
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the senate's highly anticipated revision of its health care bill debuted only a few hours ago, and there's still concern this version might not have enough votes to pass. the plan is not the major overhaul some senators were looking for. >> it keeps in place many of the originally planned medicaid cuts to allow states to opt out of obamacare regulations. the bill does boost funding to combat the opioid crisis and substance abuse. it adds more money to state stabilization funds to help lower premiums. >> the bill also avoids repealing obamacare taxes for wealthy americans. a reversal from the previous gop
7:31 pm
plan. ryan nobles looks at why this bill may still face an uphill battle. >> reporter: within just a few hours of the release of the senate's gop health care reform, the bill is already in jeopardy. mitch mcconnell could only afford to lose two republican votes and already two senators, rand paul of kentucky and susan collins of maine, are firm nos. but for different reasons. >> clean repeal that we promised the voters. >> reporter: collins tweeting, still deep cuts to immediamedic. will work with colleagues to fix flaws in aca. the 172-page bill is designed to fulfill the gop campaign promise to repeal and replace the affordable care act. there is no one with more at stake than senate majority leader mcconnell personally called out by president trump on wednesday. >> he's got to pull it off. mitch has to pull it off. he's working very hard. he's got to pull it off.
7:32 pm
>> reporter: mcconnell in the senate today promised a revised plan would help bring the party together. >> after extensive consultations, numerous meetings with companies and conversations with members, our conference has updated the draft with additional provisions to make it stronger. >> reporter: that was ryan noble reporting. the bill is now in the hands of the congressional budget office which will forecast how much this bill will cost, and how much it will impact insurance coverage. the first vote, critical step to allow debate on the bill, could come as soon as tuesday. president trump met one-on-one with french president macron today. they dined at the eiffel tower and discussed efforts to fight terror in the middle east. president trump hinted at changing his position on the paris climate deal. still the president faced questions about the russia investigation. today president trump defended his son's meeting with the russian lawyer. >> lasted for a very short period.
7:33 pm
and nothing came of the meeting. a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> yesterday president trump's pick for fbi director said he would have advised against taking the meeting. donald trump jr. told fox news it was a mistake. tonight we're hearing from the editor of a skateboarding magazine who needed staples in his head after an unpermitted street race near delores park on tuesday night. >> i'm fine. i hit a reflector. >> we caught up with jake phelps just a few minutes ago. he's banged up. recovering tonight in the hospital after the hard fall on tuesday night. he wasn't the only one. akateboarder collided with a police officer and flipped over a patrol car. officers arrived to try to get the injured help. the crowd started throwing things at them. phelps said the cops reacted too quickly. >> i think they overreacted. they don't really understand
7:34 pm
skateboarders want to go downhill. the hill was smooth. >> police did not make any arrests. they say they're reviewing all the video from tuesday night. a new playground is now available for families in two san francisco neighborhoods, thanks to volunteers from lucas film, disney and the kaboom organization. abc 7 news reporter lonny rivera shows us the hard work giving children a place to play. >> reporter: these volunteers have a tight deadline, just one day to finish building a dream playground, that will serve underprivileged families in san francisco's western addition and lower pacific heights neighborhoods. >> it was so close to where we work and live. perfect opportunity to get involved. >> reporter: laura calls this neighborhood home. a neighborhood that's seen many housing challenges. with low-income families forced to move. >> there are communities that have a lot of enough, and a lot
7:35 pm
of communities that don't have enough. we felt this corner would benefit from having it. >> reporter: the kaboom playground is part of a puzzle, it includes affordable housing units, child care, plus -- >> we're building a chicken coop. >> reporter: this playground is completely designed by kids. one of the main things they wanted, a climbing wall. there is also a huge indoor basketball court. so many families have already applied for an apartment in the community center building which expanded to offer housing. >> there are 24 affordable units, 50%, 60% average median income. >> reporter: the community center boardt families on a lottery basis. some of those waiting are homeless. >> many of them are living with relatives. some of them are on the street. >> reporter: the new booker t. washington center is expected to open to families by mid-august. in san francisco, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. all these rides will soon be
7:36 pm
up and running. the california state fair opens tomorrow in sacramento for the 164th year. new this year, an exhibit honoring california's farm workers. you can also check out 16 life sized animated reptiles and rescued wildlife display, with a chance to stand just a few feet away from a bald eagle. that's awesome. the state fair is open through july 30th. the california coastal commission has voted unanimously to okay a settlement to shut down a mining operation accused of stealing public sand and causing serious beach erosion. environmental groups urge commissioners to support the deal that will stop the cenex corporation from sucking up sand along monterey bay and then selling it for profit. they insist its activities are legal but has agreed to a three-year phaseout of the last coastal sand mine in the country. california state land commission must also agree before this deal is final. every few months we set up an event where you can meet
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michael finney and ask questions in person. >> coming up, see how we helped one woman at our last event with a $24,000 problem. ringing for winning. find out if the
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nobel peace prize laureate liao has died weeks after he was released from jail to be treated for late stage cancer. he was one of china's most famous political dissidents, and among the few nobel peace prize laureates jailed for their work. he's been in and out of prison since the tiananmen square crackdown. he created a manifesto that called for political reform. his death has called an outcry that he wasn't given adequate medical care. hundreds gathered in west oakland to celebrate the life of a young man who proved to be an inspiration of classmates and superstars alike. >> he was just 18 when he died.
7:41 pm
he defied the odds time and again when he battled cancer. >> l's give thanks for the life that he lived, and lived well. >> reporter: it was a celebration of life for a young man who lived his to the fullest. until the very end. >> we're here because darrell has shown us how to fight and how to be a waror. >> reporter: darrell achens was just 18 when he died last week, after two-year battle with leukemia. >> even as he returned to the hospital with signs and symptoms of a relapse, he proudly reported to me that his team went undefeated that year. >> reporter: he was a standout student and athlete. a football player. but he was an even bigger star in life. >> he was never a disrespectful kid. he was a superb grown man.
7:42 pm
>> reporter: even as he was given a short time to live, darrell persevered by graduating with his class, with honors, just three weeks before he died. >> i said to him, why do you always say you're doing good when i know you're hurting? he said, i am doing good, i'm alive. [ applause ] >> reporter: in december, darrell met his beloved golden state warriors, got to hang out for a time with his idols stephan curry and kevin durant. >> more for us than we can do for him. >> reporter: his legacy lives on with his family and close friends, and with all of those he so clearly touched. ♪ i'm a conqueror ♪ i'm victorious ♪ i won't be stopped >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news.
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if you hire a contractor who never finishes the job, here's a question, what can you do about it? >> it happened to an oakland
7:46 pm
senior who spent more than $20,000 on a project that she says never got done. >> so she came to "7 on your side's" michael finney for help. >> she came to me directly, meeting me in person at our last seminar on "7 on your side" ask finney event in alameda. she said it was very worthwhile. >> the old wood is rotting. >> reporter: georgette pratt shows us her mother's newly rebuilt back porch. it wasn't supposed to be this way. >> the tile is falling off. >> reporter: her 90-year-old mother paid more than $24,000 for repairs to her rotted deck and a crawl space, two years ago. and they say it's still not done. >> t grout started cracking. the tile started cracking. they put back the old original wood. which was rotting and decaying. >> reporter: a crawl space under the house, workers left it uncovered. >> it blew the water right into the bottom of the house. >> reporter: ida said she trusted the company she hired to
7:47 pm
redo the deck. >> she's used orkin for years and years and years for pest control. >> reporter: orkin hired a subcontractor to do the job. but ida and georgette say the work kept getting delayed. two years later, they say, the unfinished deck is worse than before. >> it just bothered me so much. we saw that "7 on your side" was coming to alameda. >> reporter: georgette heard about my live event in alameda back in may. dozens of viewers came to me with their questions and problems. find the car you want and drive it a really long time. >> i said we're going to alameda. >> reporter: they brought pictures and documents. we got to work, and we got action. >> we can now breathe a sigh of relief. i am so happy this is finally getting resolved. >> reporter: the contractor's state license board is looking into whether orkin can legally serve as a contractor, since it's licensed for pest control, not construction. orkin said the pest control
7:48 pm
license entitles it to hire a subcontractor. however, after we talked with orkin, it agreed to have the entire project redone at no cost. and to refund $23,200 to ida, telling us, we are sorry we disappointed ms. mcintyre, and have been working with her since to resolve the situation. we have remained in close contact with ms. mcintyre, and the subcontractor, to ensure the work is completed to the highest standards, and that she is completely satisfied with the resolution. >> "7 on your side," i'm so glad you're there. >> i'll be out there for another event tomorrow. this time in the north bay at town center in korte me der a. come meet me in rson. bring me your question, your paperwork, we'll have the entire team out there from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. working on your consumer problems, and following up with ida to make sure her deck is
7:49 pm
completely and correctly finish sgld great resolution. they'll fix it up and money back. thank you, michael. >> sure. abc 7 news was in san francisco's union square for the 54th annual cable car bell ringing contest. the muni operator dedicated his performance to his late mother. >> it means more to me than any other award. this is for my mom. >> he credits his mother's us influence in fostering his musical ability, gave him a drum set as a child. this view over the lake merrick neighborhood. lake merrick is the nation's oldest wildlife refuge,
7:50 pm
established in 1870. clear blue skies as far as the eye could see. spencer christian with an update on the forecast. >> more beautiful days are coming our way. but heat is coming our way as well. live doppler 7, we have mostly sunny skies right now. although you can see areas of fog forming at the coastline. overninth the fog will expand a bit. lw temperatures generally in the mid-50s in the early morning hours tomorrow. mid-afternoon tomorrow, sunny skies with highs low 60s at the coast. low to mid-90s inland. a heat advisory will be in effect for much of the bay area over the weekend. mainly in the higher elevations of the east bay and south bay, and over in the santa cruz mountains there, from 8:00 a.m. saturday to 9:00 p.m. sunday. you can see why heat advisory is being issued over the weekend. we'll see high temperatures reaching or exceeding 100 degrees in our inland areas. but temperatures will drop rather sharply on monday and moderate and remain in the moderate range for all of next week. so it's going to be a lovely
7:51 pm
week ahead. a little bit of heat over the weekend. >> just a little blip. thanks, spencer. in sports, steph curry working on his game. not hoops, though. his other love. the a's have a new impact player off the field. falcon mcfalcon face. next in sports.
7:52 pm
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the vacation is over for steph curry. last night the warriors star was in l.a. for the espys. tonight he's in lake tahoe getting ready for the century championship golf tournament. playing for the fifth straight year. he's a very good golfer. this is only the warm-up for him. he'll play with the pros in august. steph will be taking this weekend very seriously. >> obviously there's a lot of great golfers here that play at a very, very high level. that's why i love coming up here. but like everything that i do, i want to be competitive and try to win.
7:55 pm
and see if that can happen. >> steph got a good life going. warriors young guns in vegas for the nba summer league. golden state scored only five points in the first quarter. patrick mccaw from half-court before halftime, just a little late. the warriors were down 18 at the break. mcaw finished with a team high 20. the warriors lose 93-69. they cover themselves with towels. they have one last game of the summer league tomorrow. championship plaza, shid park tavern, handrails in the stands, a few modifications that's introduced at the oakland coliseum. when a surge of sea gulls descended on the ballpark, the a's found a new winged hero to step up to the plate. >> there's not just baseball soaring through the air at the coliseum, and those expecting a fair time end up with a foul result because of the sea gulls. >> i got pooped on. >> my experiences here, they have a very good idea when it's
7:56 pm
eating time. >> bombarded in right field by about 300, 400 sea gulls. we would get something put on us from them. >> reporter: the new hero to save the day. a predator with intimidating wing span, sleek swooping motions, a pole, a string, a kite? >> we're trying this out. i don't know if it will work long term or not. after the first couple of day games to go from over 100 birds to like 8 birds, during the game, it's pretty incredible. >> they're afraid of it. it's really smart. >> reporter: the new bird abatement feature lovingly do l dubbed falcon mcfalcon face. >> are we going to have them take care of the sea gulls? here comes falcon mcfalcon face to save us in the bleachers. >> if that's what keeps them
7:57 pm
away, that's what keeps them away. >> reporter: the a's added a second kite named scott hadabird. they tell us they have plans to add more. >> i'm proud of falcon mcfalcon face. that bird is amazing. >> there were a bunch of pests. i think it's a lot nicer for the fans. >> reporter: with a bird's-eye view of the coliseum, mike schum schuman, abc 7 sports. venus williams took the first set, opens the second set with a cross court forehand winner. one ace in the match. and there it s. venus, a straight set winner, 6-4, 6-2. stage 12 tour de france, climbing to the pyrenees mountains. this is 133 miles. italy's fabio aare you finished
7:58 pm
third. he takes the yellow jersey and has a six-second lead over chris frum. that's sports. we do have breaking news to tell you about. oakland firefighters tweeted this picture. we have no word on injuries. the fire is out. but the tube is closed until the car can be towed away. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. airfares going up. how much and who's leading the charge? that's at 9:00. a would-be package thief caught on camera. at 11:00, the surprise turn of events when this woman tried to run off with a large box that wasn't hers. that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm larry beal in for dan. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for joining us. have a great evening. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
7:59 pm
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