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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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bullets and a baby stroller. right now the search continues for the person who pulled the trigger this afternoon in alameda county, killing the man but leaving the baby unharmed. thousands of acres burned. thousands of people evacuated. we're live at mare posa county tonight with hopes and fears. next door to the rubble of one site begins the construction of another. today's groundbreaking in oakland is not just making a building, it's taking a stand. this is creepy or cool? we're going to explain what stanford researchers have created then let you decide. the crackling flames ignite fears in thousands of people because this could become one of
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the most destructive wildfires this season. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> calfier says 1500 homes are threatened by what's being called the detwiler fire burning outside yosemite national park. >> more than 45,000 acres have burned, double the figure from yesterday. the monster fire has been going for four days now and it's 7% contained. >> good news, though, calfi fir says there are no injuries. the fire hasn't reached yosemite but is threatening power lines. people from mariposa county have been evacuated from their homes. >> we have the story of some of the evacuees. >> reporter: the fire has grown tremendously in the last 24 hours. some of it right here behind me in that canyon above where we are standing. that's just above highway 49.
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this is the main thoroughfare from coulterville to mariposa. it's this kind of activity today that prompted a new round of evacuations. >> i am alive. 'm not going to stay there for it to get to me. >> reporter: clearly a resilient group, those living in mariposa county, but still not completely unafraid. as the raging detwiler fire consumes acre after acre of dry brush, trees and hillsides. threatening the small sierra foothills, towns and neighborhoods in its path. >> the lower temperatures are appreciated. the winds are still there that drive fires like that, the dry fuel is still there and then you have the dead fuels. >> reporter: with flames closing in on two sides, the residents of coulterville were given an emergency evacuation order. these folks were coming down from a hilltop community about ten miles outside of town. >> prayers for the firefighters,
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and everything up there can be replaced. we can't. >> reporter: what did you grab? >> my golf clubs. animals, clothes. coffee maker. that's about it. >> reporter: in coulterville, most of the historic downtown is empty. a town that's built several times before. a fact not lost on the locals. >> my house has been here since 1849. i think it's a piece of history i need to stay, keep wet and try to preserve. >> i love my community. >> reporter: chuck murphy told us he has the car packed but has no plans to leave. >> reason i am staying here is i love my community dearly. and i am going to do what i can to see that that stays away. >> reporter: and those big flames we were just showing you were actually this hillside that we are showing you now that
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burned a few hours ago. this is what was left in its wake. total destruction. fortunately no buildings or homes in this area. but with this fire, less than 10% contained, calfire tells me they will give no estimate as to when they will have it contained or controlled. in mariposa county, laura anthony. abc7 news. >> a long few days to come. on the south end of the park opposite from where laura is, temporary shelters are at capacity, forcing some people to own camps as evacuation centers. many evacuees say it's hard to sleep. they're waiting to hear if their homes survived or burned in the fire. >> we were driving away from mariposa, my thought was, i did cry a little bit because i am like, am i coming home to you or am i saying good-bye again? >> the red cross is taking donations for anyone who wants to help those evacuees. the weather can have a huge impact on how quickly
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firefighters can make progress. abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian is checking on the conditions. >> here is a satellite view showing the smoke billowing from the fire. a couple weather factors are complicating the fire fighting effort. relative humidity low at 21%. the wind gusting at 10 miles per hour which will complicate the firefighting effort and it's enough to spread the smoke billowing from the fire. prompting an air quality alert from bakersfield to northeast of reno. >> all hands on deck. abc7 news in los gatos this morning where dozens of firefighters from santa clara county agency answered the call to headed to the detwiler fire.
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the strike teams include an office of emergency services unit. they're going to pitch in on the front lines as long as they are needed. we've been keeping you on top of any major wildfire velocitideve with our abc7 news app. download it and enable push alerts to get breaking news sent to your device. the search it on for a killer after a man was shot to death while he was pushing a 3-month-old baby in a stroller. hayward. the baby was not hurt. shooting happened at willow and meekland avenue in the area known as cherryland. investigators say the gunman may have targeted the victim. >> it's a young man. we believe he is the father of the child. moving forward we are concerned about threats to that family, so right now we are going to keep all that confidential.
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>> investigators are now talking to people in the neighborhood and trying to get surveillance video from neighbors. first b.a.r.t. now muni dealing with a string of violent attacks on passengers by groups of young people. kate larson spoke about how safe it is. >> reporter: robberies on san francisco muni have commuters concerned and surprised. >> i have always felt safe. now, you know, if you are coming back at 10:30 or 11:00 in the night, you have to be more careful. >> reporter: this week's crimes have all happened before sunset. sunday at 8:00 p.m. police say two armed suspects robbed two women of their suitcases in pacific heights. on monday a group of ten young people followed a man on two buses, punching him and stealing his phone near venice and mcalester. the next day a mop of teens stole a woman's purse on a bus in the same location.
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also yesterday, place say three young men paint-balled a bus at 10:00 a.m. while it was marked at mission and cesar chavez. >> the incidents that have occurred are high profile but don't necessarily reflect what we've seen in the crime trends over the last few years. >> reporter: despite this week's rash of crime, we're told muni is safe. since 2013 muni crime has gone down from 12 incidents per 100,000 miles to five. >> investigators are always looking at a common thread. >> reporter: the past three months there have been a number of similar assaults and robberies committed by large groups of teens on b.a.r.t. trains. they're working with other local law enforcement agencies to examine crime patterns. an oakland man is in jail in tennessee accused of running a brothel out of a home he rented on airbnb. 23-year-old travis young was
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arrested monday following an undercover sting operation. a neighbor says he tipped off police about the alleged prostitution ring after watching at least 31 men come and go from the home since last friday. >> the first few guys, i thought, i am not really seeing what i am seeing here, but after a while it became pretty clear. >> the couple who own the house had rented it out while they were on vacation. he is also accused of money laundering and marijuana possession. four others are also i custody. antioch police are looking for four men who smashed and grabbed jewelry from a story inside an antioch mall. they attacked a clerk with pepper spray, smashed the cases and stole the jewels inside. >> walk in. they disable him by doing the pepper spray and then they start breaking glasses. >> reporter: police responded to the armed robbery inside ron's
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jewelry store. they say four male robbers attacked the clerk with pepper spray. the salesman was alone at the time. they were targeting certain showcases which they thought had valuable items. looks like a pre-planned thing. >> reporter: the men got away with trays of expensive jewelry and were last seen running to a silver infiniti sedan. the store owner is checking a surveillance camera to see if it caught anything. >> somebody so daring. 11:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the store employee was pretty rattled by what happened. the owner says it's the first time in 25 years anything like this has ever happened. in antioch. lonnie rivera. abc7 news. rescue crews called off the search for a missing boater who was a beloved fixture in the marin county community of tomales bay. charles tod friend owned the oyster company and worked as an
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oyster farmer for 28 years. he vanished yesterday in choppy waters after dropping off other boaters. today the coast guard and marin county fire crews searched for him again. they didn't find him. friends who know the missing boater say he was universally loved by everyone in the tight-knit community. >> he has been growing oysters out here for decades. he is a beloved member of the community. if anybody could get out of this scrape it would be tod. he was a tough old bird. >> today sheriff's deputies inspected tod friend's boat. they are looking for information to try to explain exactly what happened to him. less than an hour ago senate john mccain's office confirmed he has brain cancer. >> next, the outlook for the 80-year-old's health and what he is saying he is grateful for. the debate over a new reservoir in the south bay. whether its high cost will raise water rates and if there are better alternatives. help for brides without a wedding dress after a huge bankruptcy filing.
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i am michael finney. detail
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breaking news from washington. excuse me. senator john mccain is confirmed he has brain cancer. his office said he was diagnosed with a tumor after he underwent surgery last friday to remove a blood clot above his left eye. he is being treated at the mayo clinic for a type of tumor called a glioblastoma. a notoriously aggressive form of cancer. treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. a senator from senator mccain's office said he is grateful to
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the doctors and staff for their outstanding care and is confident that at any future treatment will be effective. and just before 6:00 tonight, former president obama tweeted this message of support. john mccain is an american hero and one of the bravest fighters i have ever known. cancer doesn't know what it's up against. give it hell, john. investigators today named a victim of one of the most notorious serial killers in history nearly 40 years after the crime. john wayne gacy is said to have killed jimmie haakenson from minnesota. the remains were among those of two dozen young men found under a chicago home in 1978. >> this came about because people agreed to come forward and give us their dna so we could analyze it and run it against the unidentifieds. >> the remains of eight of gacy's victims remained unidentified when he was executed in 1994.
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investigators exhumed the bodies in 2011. haakenson is the second to be identified. a huge apartment fire in walnut creek was scary but not a surprise for neighbors who live nearby. people living here say the woman and her boyfriend who was renting the unit have caused problems ever since they moved in last fall. neighbors describe domestic violence, dog bites, erratic behavior and many visits from the police department. >> yelling at people, telling people not to snitch, using racial slurs, just not -- not okay. >> it's been a very hard burden to have to go this road with them, because whatever has happened to them is happening to our community. >> the property manager says the tenants had been evicted hours before the fire started. investigators say no one was in the unit when it started and the cause is under investigation. a total of five units were damaged by flames, smoke or
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water. plans are being studied for an 11th reservoir to several nearly 2 million water customers in the santa clara valley. it would be located east of gilroy along highway 152. it would be the first new reservoir to be built in that region in decades. abc7 news reporter david louie explains. >> reporter: this is where the proposed reservoir and dam would be built. 12,000 acre site is for sale for $21 million. valley water district thinks adding another reservoir is a good way to guard against future droughts. >> if we have to cut back during future droughts it's not as severe. we would have rationing or calls for such. >> reporter: the supply could supply 650,000 people with water for a year. water managers are trying to
7:18 pm
meet a deadline to apply for state propo 1 funds to help pay for the estimated cost. >> there is no better time with the opportunity of proposition 1 funding. in terms of understanding what the needs of the county are to move forward, for the future generations of this county. >> reporter: valley water district has ten existing reservoirs, the 11th one could have the capacity of the five largest existing reservoirs combined. its footprint would be half the size of san francisco. other options are on the table and the planning and conservation league believe others could be less costly. sharing a reservoir in contra costa county. >> without research and analysis before you acquire the property, you are potentially wasting a significant amount of money for rate payers. >> reporter: a decision on state funding is not expected until next spring.
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abc7 news. a coyote paid a visit to san francisco's noyes valley neighborhood this morning. sharon snapped a photo of this animal and shared it with us using the #abc7 now. residents are asked to report sightings to the department. >> just checking things out. >> yeah. weather forecast. how are we looking? >> spencer christian is here with the answer. >> i'm going to start with a look at the forecast features going into the next few days. we see slightly cooler conditions tomorrow than we saw today. warming up again on friday. as we get to the weekend we'll see warm to hot conditions in the inland areas. sunny skies right now. you can see that also on live doppler 7 from inland to coast. sunny skies, and the clouds and fog are way offshore. but they will make a run at us later tonight. right now from emeryville, we are looking at the golden gate where the coast is clear.
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it's currently 62 degrees here in san francisco. 68 across the bay in oakland. mountainview, 76, 74. 79 in gilroy. 61 at half moon bay. this is the view northward. santa rosa currently 85. 78 in napa. here is look at the overnight conditions. a little fog will be developing over the coastline overnight. perhaps a patch or two will travel across the bay. early morning lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s. looking ahead to tomorrow afternoon. sunny from coast to inland with a lingering patch of clouds near the coastline. highs around 60 degrees. over to the bay, highs in the low to mid 70s. inland areas tomorrow. mid 80s. a bit cooler than today. it will warm up again on friday. beach forecast for tomorrow shows a little bit of lingering
7:21 pm
cloudiness at the coast, but it will be bright and sunny for much of the coastline by midday. high temperatures generally in the low 60s. a bit milder in santa cruz. highs in the low 70s. a look at general forecast temperature range for the next three days. starting on friday. i should say for the three-day period starting on friday. we'll see typical july temperatures, warming up a little bit in the inland areas to low 90s. it will be much warmer on saturday. especially in the inland areas where highs range from upper 90s to about 100 in the warmest spots. the heat won't hes up much on sunday. it will be hot inland but start to ease a bit early next week. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. minor fluctuations in temperatures. the warmup starts on friday. warm to hot inland. saturday and sunday. more typical pattern on monday, though still warm with mid 90s inland and temperatures will
7:22 pm
start to demonstrate moderate o. a typical july range except for the weekend which will be a little warmer. new at 6:00. new at 6:00. find out exactly wha
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new at 6:00. you'll either find this creepy or cool. mechanical engineers at stanford has created a robot that moves like a snake and can grow like a
7:25 pm
vine. the university released this video. the robot is soft, can squeeze into tight places and expand when needed. it can pull things along with it, things can be fed through it, and it can form itself into shapes. this robot prototype is powered by air. we'll let professor of mechanical engineering alison noke miura explain it. >> it's called eversion. it turns inside out as material emits from the tip. we allow more material to be fed through the center and that allows us to grow to very long lengths. >> researchers say the robot is great for difficult spaces like searching collapsed buildings for people. a scaled down version could be used as a medical device inside the body. a symphony of hand saws and wood chippers ushered in a new era in san francisco. crews from the department of public works were busy trimming trees in the castro district
7:26 pm
thanks to a voter approved plan, the city will begin caring for an estimated 125,000 street trees. the ballot measure set aside nearly $20 million a year for tree maintenance. historically homeowners in the city have been responsible for the cost. the fbi teamed up with local police to arrest east bay gang members. these guns, just some of what was confiscated. see the rest next. plus. >> reporter: a new building breaking ground here. why leaders say they have to keep building. tomorrow, oj simpson gets a chance at freedom after nine years in prison for robbery. next, a local legal expert
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now at 6:30. we are expecting an update soon from calfire on one of the largest wildfires burning anywhere in california. the detwiler fire has doubled in size to more than 45,000 acres
7:30 pm
right outside yosemite national park. it's only 7% contained. heavy vegetation from the wet winter is fueling the flames. more than 4,000 people were evacuated and the fire has not reached yosemite but is threatening power lines that supply the park's electricity. eight buildings were destroyed. calfire is expected to give us another update coming up very shortly. watch for push alerts on our abc7 news app with any important information. richmond police and the fbi announced the take-down of a violent gang called the manor boys a gang that's been terrorizing the city of richmond and the bay area. >> crimes range from murder to credit card fraud. vic lee has the story. >> reporter: the richmond based network is suspected in multiple serial criminal acts in richmond as well as jurisdictions beyond, across the entire bay region. >> reporter: the operation was dubbed "crescent moon and big house." the joint fbi task force and richmond police arrested six members of the manor boys gang.
7:31 pm
a large criminal enterprise with some 60 validated street gangsters. one of those arrested, a 15-year-old charged with the shooting death of alexanderia schweitzer last may. they seized 11 firearms and other weapons in seven cities from raiched richmond to sacramento. it was involved in crimes involving murder, credit card fraud. drugs, human trafficking and home invasion takeovers. the gang operated out of richmond. several search warrants were executed there. the manor boys gang is one of the largest criminal groups in recent memory. its tentacles stretching all over the bay area. now this warning from the fbi's special agent in charge of the san francisco region to members of the gang. >> i give a warning to the other ones out there, you better start looking over your shoulder
7:32 pm
because they're coming. >> reporter: the fbi joined task force and richmond police believe the manor boys gang is responsible for at least one other unsolved murder. vic lee, abc7 news. new details tonight on last week's massive fire at a commercial complex in lafayette. fire investigators think it possibly started by a cigarette in the patio area of a restaurant. drone view 7 flew over what was left after the fire was out. flames destroyed nine businesses on lafayette circle including the chamber of commerce. officials estimate the fire caused more than $1 million worth of damage. a ground-breaking with a heartbreaking backdrop. today marked the official start of construction of a new mixed-use development in oakland. next-door to the spot where another burned down two weeks ago while it was under construction. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains why supporters say they can't afford to be scared of what's become an
7:33 pm
epidemic of construction fires. >> reporter: gilded shovels and a mountain of dirt dwarfed by the towering mess next-door. >> it would be hard for me to do a real political thing which is to say look over here, right here. don't look over there. because i was there a few weeks ago. >> reporter: she watched as fire consumed a half-finished building on july 7th, the fourth construction fire in or around oakland in less than a year. now she stands on the site where another mixed use development will be built. > with a pool, spa, fitness, business center. rooftop sky lounge. >> reporter: even as investigators still look for the cause of the fire next-door and three other recent construction fires have been deemed intentionally set. >> it's unbelievable. it looks like somebody is against us. >> reporter: there are tensions over the changing face of some east bay neighborhoods. >> a real expression throughout this country of growing income inequality. >> reporter: as cleanup continues on that property and construction on this one, city leaders say what's happening is
7:34 pm
not gentrification. they say they're solving oakland's affordability problem or they are trying to. it will turn a parking lot into two stories of retail and five stories of homes. >> we are not removing housing to build it. we are actually creating 30 to 40 new affordable housing units. >> reporter: city leaders say they want to ensure families with lower income can stay here. >> in what's become one of oakland's hottest neighborhoods. >> reporter: along with two developers who committed to rebuild what was lost. >> we are a community that says yes when everybody else says no. we live when they say die. and we come back stronger and better. >> reporter: in oakland. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. three members of president trump's inner circle will be called to testify about russia's influence in last year's election. the president's son-in-law, jared kushner will speak with the senate intelligence committee on monday.
7:35 pm
donald trump jr. and former campaign manager paul manafort will testify before the senate judiciary committee on wednesday. all three men are almost certain to be asked about a june 16, 2016, meeting with a russian lawyer and others in the expectation of receiving incriminating information about hillary clinton. a split ruling today by the u.s. supreme court on president trump's embattled travel ban. in a 6-3 vote the justices rejected the president's bid to bar entry by some people with family members already in the country. the ruling means the government must accept people with grandparents, cousins and other relatives in the u.s. fro six majority muslim nations. the court gave president trump a win on a separate issue. it granted the administration's request to more strictly enforce the ban on refugees until the circuit court in san francisco rules on the issue. another dramatic reversal from president trump on health care reform. during a meeting today with all 52 republican senators at the
7:36 pm
white house mr. trump announced that he is not ready to give on a repeal and replace of the affordable care act. >> action is not an option. frankly, i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great health care. because we're close. >> president trump's comments come one day after he suggested he was ready to let obamacare collapse. after today's meeting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell suggested a vote on health care could take place next week. new at 6:00. president trump just released this statement on the cancer diagnosis for arizona senator john mccain. quote. senator john mccain has always been a fighter. melania and i send our thoughts and prayers to senator mccain, cindy and their entire family. get well soon. a tragic turn of events during the trip of a lifetime has left a family trying to cope with the unimaginable. >> their fight with doctors in
7:37 pm
italy to bring a monterey county man home. a story you'll see only on abc7 news. temperatures will drop a bit before they start going up. a live look over san francisco from mount
7:38 pm
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only on abc7 news, turning now to a heart breaking story out of monterey county. a beloved educator travelled to italy for what was supposed to be a memorable family reunion. he suffered a medical setback. he friends are rallying to bring him home. >> reporter: for the a family what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime turned disastrous. he lies on a vegetative state on life support in the icu in a hospital in italy. >> every day when we think maybe we're getting closer to getting out of it, we find, no, we're going deeper in. >> reporter: family members want to get him back to the u.s. for medical treatment, but italian officials will not release him until the family secures a safe medical transport back to
7:41 pm
monterey which could cost a minimum of $137,000. >> this could have happened to anyone. anyone who is overseas traveling abroad. a tragic accident can happen like this. you don't expect it. >> reporter: earlier this month he travelled to italy with his wife mimi to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary. they were also there to visit their daughter, son-in-law and five grandchildren who now live overseas as a military family. a few days into the trip he suffered a medical emergency at a swimming pool and nearly drowned. scans indicate that he suffered major damage to his brain. >> when we received the news, we were in shock. we couldn't believe what happened. >> reporter: he taught in monterey public schools for 30 years and is well known in the community. those closest to him say there is no doubt he has left his mark. >> i know that he will be here with me in spirit. and that's what i look forward to, still sharing that with him, you know. i love him and his family. and i miss him deeply. >> reporter: family and friends
7:42 pm
now doing what they can to bring him home. in monterey, chris wynn, abc7 news. >> for more information on how to help bring r.c. back home, go to our website at tomorrow oj simpson will ask a parole board to release him from prison. for the last nine years he has been incarcerated in a nevada prison. he was convicted of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in 2008 after trying to take back sports memorabilia in las vegas. simpson is expected to explain how he has been a model prisoner while in custody. >> there is no opposition to it at least from those who participated in the event who were victimized by it. there is no opposition from them. so all factors are positive. >> simpson, who was born and raised in san francisco, is now 70 years old.
7:43 pm
in 1995 he was acquitted of murdering ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman in the so-called trial of the century. abc7 will carry the parole hearing live in a special report starting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on abc7 and the abc7 news app and a bridle store abruptly shut down last week leaving brides without dresses. >> 7 on your side's michael finney found a local store
7:44 pm
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wedding dress making alfred angelo today apologized to countless brides left scrambling for a dress after the company filed for bankruptcy yesterday. >> talk about stress. michael finney looked into what brides are doing to save their big day. >> many brides-to-be develop an emotional attachment to the dress they choose. losing that dress no doubt has devastated many. rosemary díaz admires the many wedding dresses to choose from at dory anne veil's bridle salon in castro valley. she recalls browsing the racks
7:47 pm
and finding a dress she had fallen in love with but forgotten about. >> i have to try it on. >> reporter: the dress was all white satin with embroideries and beads in front and a train we promised the bride we would not show. it was a dress from alfred angelo. excited, she ordered one in her size. little did she know that same company would file for bankruptcy just a few weeks later. the prospect of losing her dream dress overwhelmed her with emotion. >> when you find that perfect dress and then all your worries are gone after you find that dress, and i am going to get emotional because that day when i found mine i felt like it was the perfect dress. so to have to start all over again. >> reporter: the salon has been fielded inquiries from brides across the country. deb debra has contacted shops
7:48 pm
concord by facebook. many of the customers purchased dresses directly from the alfred angelo store. >> their dresses might be held hostage in a store and they're not releasing them. >> reporter: debra has done her best to find the same dresses for these brides in the right size. >> i was able to locate it for her through one of the other bridal shops. that was a cool thing. >> reporter: that's exactly what she was able to do for rose marie. >> knowing you have someone behind you doing all this extra above, 100% above and beyond is just amazing. >> reporter: now, i posted a link to a facebook page for brides where they can send out an sos, a wedding shop just may answer and have the needed dress. now, i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me through facebook and >> thank you, michael. major change for this year's running of the san francisco marathon. this sunday drivers will face numerous road closures before,
7:49 pm
during and after the marathon which begins at 5:30 in the morning. this map shows you the route which will take runners around the northern half of the city. for the first time ever all northbound traffic will be closed on the golden gate bridge. the closure goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. and lasts until 9:00 a.m. the decision was made to close the lanes as a security measure after the attacks in europe where vehicles were driven into large groups. southbound traffic won't be affected. time for another update on the forecast. >> spencer. >> looks like great weather for the marathon. live doppler 7 showing the conditions right now. sunny skies, low clouds well offshore. approaching the coastline overnight. overnight lows in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow another sunny and breezy day at the coast, high temperatures 60s. mid 80s inland. three-day forecast for friday
7:50 pm
through the weekend calls for a warming trend with high temperatures sizzling at about 100 degrees inland on saturday, dropping off a few degrees sunday but still hot. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. i should say 3-day forecast because i've given away three of the days. after a very warm weekend, a more tickcypical late july, it late july. monday through wednesday. temperatur temperatures moderating next week. a fun possibility in sports. >> larry is here with that. >> low risk for the giants. panda hats could soon be back in style at at&t park. you still have yours? could pablo sandoval squeeze back into a giants' uniform? hey,
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abc7 sports with larry beil. >> pablo sandoval may be on his way back to at&t park. he bolted for a deal in boston three years ago. a total bust in boston. the red sox released him. they still have to pay his
7:54 pm
salary. a low risk move for the giants. check out the hundred-year-old giants fans. four generations in fact. ramirez drives an 0-2 pitch to the right. bottom five, denard span. deep to right for a rare splash-down homer these days. giants down 3-2. the kayaker taking a plunge for the souvenir. 4-2. indians in the 8th rallying. gillespie. santana through the legs scoring belt. giants down 4-3. right through the wickets. get down on that ball. two batters later. buster posey with the day off. smash to left. crawford scores. gillespie scores. dyson in to close it out. bases loaded facing ramirez. oh, he got a hold of it. a deep fly to right. it is caught.
7:55 pm
giants win 5-4. bruce bochy, baseball royalty on his throne after the game. >> yes. it's comfortable, you know. it's going to be a fun night tomorrow. "game of thrones", hunter is a huge fan of it. we're having fun with this chair today. great game today. the last two games, you know, it's -- kind of magic we used to have. it's good to recreate that. and find a couple nice wins here. >> good fun with boch. sonny gray may have made his final start at the coliseum. if this is it he leaves on a high note. winning his third straight start. trade deadline coming up at the end of the month. top of the fourth ramos drives the ball deep. evan longoria scores. 1-0 rays. 2-0 in the fifth. davis. weird play. deep to right field. ball hits the foul line. it's fair.
7:56 pm
bruce maxwell gets thrown out at home. it's a ground rule double. the ball bounced off the seats. the seats are out of play, so the run counts. after a sac fly ties it at 2. the wild pitch. a's up 3-2. next batter alonso. drives home marcus semien. rays with a 4-2 lead. ray gets out of a jam here. striking out alex smith. a's win 4-2 in perhaps the last time we see gray in green and gold. warriors have got a unique plan to finance their new billion dollar arena. a membership plan, a little like a personal seat license, but one big difference. get your money back. chase center under construction in the mission bay area in san francisco. the membership plans would start at $15,000 per ticket and go up depending on seat location. that gives you the right to buy the tickets. the twist is, in 30 years you would get a full refund from the
7:57 pm
warriors. they say they are the first team in pro sports with the new refundable plan. >> really the first time in professional sports. warriors season ticket holders who purchase a chase center membership will know with certainty that at the end of their membership term what they've spent for the membership is fully refundable. that's completely unique. >> the arena will open in 2019. check out the instagram video from crutchfield. leaps on top of a vendin machine. he is 5'8". competes in slam dunk contests. 72 inches. in the '50s the pep pepsi slogan was bounce to the ounce. dexter has bounce, that's for sure. >> that's incredible. >> right there. >> wow. >> must be real. >> of course. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 cable channel 13 and here at abc7 at 11:00. coverage continues of a massive
7:58 pm
fire threatening homes near yosemite. an update on the battle to stop the flames before they get to mariposa. a man shot and killed while pushing a baby stroller. witnesses describe what they heard moments before the gunfire. >> that's our report. we appreciate your time. >> see you a little bit later.
7:59 pm
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(birds chirping, animal chittering) hey. (growls) we've got company. so we do. mm. (tiger growls) yeah, he sees us, too. yeah, sure, he does. you'd better do something. mm-hmm. (cocks gun) all right. 50 yards. uh-huh. 40. (blowing) 35!


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