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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. a bay area man is facing charges that he tried to help the terror group, isis. i team's dan noise learned that prosecutors were about to charge am amir. they say he was active online promoting isis rhetoric. more now on how they tracked him down. >> federal agents tracked him for months.
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they arrested him in november and he's been in custody ever since. they lived in this west oakland home. took him into custody last november after watching him purchase merchandise they say he purchased with a stolen credit card. court records reveal startling details about the case. they say he spent significant lengths of time in yemen and met with undercover agents on multiple occasions to plan a potential terrorist attack and made statement s fleeing to mexico. in just the last hour we received this statement from his lawyer. he is not antiamerican and does not support isis. he is completely nonviolent and took no actions to harm anyone. he's a very young and naive man and it appears he allowed himself to be drawn into
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conversations that he should have been far more suspicious of. >> they also released a statement today. they say he was young and immature when he got into the online conversations. they don't believe he intended any harm. in oakland, abc 7 news. evacuations were lifted today for the town of mariposa near the debt wieler fire. we're very glad to tell you. the fire has been burning for six days and covers nearly the size of san francisco and oakland combined. this morning it was just 10%. 61 homes and 63 other buildings have been destroyed. the fire continues to move south. that's away from yosemite. so far $11 million has been spent fighting this fire. it's burning just 35 miles from yosemite national park. half dome just disappearing in
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the haze. look at that. the park is not in danger of burning and it is still open. but they're being warned about respiratory problems from all of the smoke. richmond's mayor wants answers after he personally witnessed a group of teenagers being witnessed outside a bart station. they're investigating the crime as well. melanie woodrow has more. >> richmond mayor tom abouts took this picture of a man attacked outside the richmond bart station thursday morning. >> as i got closer i saw a woman screaming at him, stop, stop, get out of here. >> he says he called 911 but an operator told him it was a bart problem. he says there were no bart police officers on the scene. he also took this picture of two bart employees. >> i was astounded they didn't try to do something to help.
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>> deputy police chief lance. >> from what i understand the employees were maintenance workers. so what we'd ask them to do was be a good witness. >> their secondary job ought to be whatever needs be done that time to make the system work. >> bart police began the preliminary investigation but now say it's in richmond police department's jurisdiction. still, given the proximity to the bart station, witnesses want to know where bart police officers were when it happened. >> as much stuff that goes on around here, they're never here when something goes on. >> he says each bart police officer is aseened a beat that includes two to three stations. >> there's no way we can guarantee any officer is going to see them during the trip. >> i'd like to know how it's going to get fixed. >> they're doing all they can to be both proactive and reactive.
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melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. lawyers in the shooting death of kate steinle in san francisco will be back in court next week as the defense continues its efforts to force a federal ranger to testify in the case. juan lopez sanchez was in the united states illegally when a gun discharged, killing kate. the gun had been stolen from a gun of an agent of the bureau of land management. lawyers from the department of inhad tearier say federal regulations require the defense to submit a request in writing jiefing why the agent's testimony would be relevant. >> we think it's obvious that his testify's relevant to a trial. unfortunately the federal government is trying to place barriers in our ability to subpoena this witness. >> so this is really about two
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things. number one, whether or not the defendant fired the gun and number two whether he did so with implied malice and that's what this case is all about. >> both sides will be back in court next week when a date for the trial could be set. newly released surveillance footage shows the moment a starbucks customer took on an armed robber at a fresno starbucks. they approached with a knife and toy gun. he demands money from the barista. when a customer saw what was happening, he grabbed a chair and hit the robber in the back with a metal chair like that. they babegin fighting on the ground. >> it's not something we recommend. it was a good outcome. no one died as a result of this incident. but he very well could have but nonetheless he's a hero. there's no question.
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>> jerry managed to wrestle the knife away. officers later found him with a man who reportedly admitted to the crime. a business that's been in the same place for nearly 20 years has been forced to move and the owner is wondering why it happened now. a popular taco truck was parked by the intersection of vineyard and isabel avenues for 18 years. abc 7 news reporter lesley brinkly explains what happened. >> the mexican food and cold drinks have been hot sellers at the food truck for 18 years now. construction workers and locales stopped by for locks. they're going to bat for her now that she's being forced to move. >> it's very sad that someone who's worked hard for 18 years to build a business where her cliernts expect her to be should be forced to relocate who knows where. >> she setz her truck was always
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pulled along the shoulder of the road on land own bide the city of pleasanten. near the wedding venue located on property owned by ruby hill winery. they say they complained about the taco truck this year because increasing traffic volume meant patrons were parking on the winery's private road. in some cases big rigging trucks. she says the city told her they were forcing her to move because her truck and patron's vehicles were ubstruct traffic. no one from the city returned our call for comment. >> she was sad because she's there for 18 years. she does not understand why it is they're moving her now. >> now her truck is parked across the street in a dusty field and business she says is slipping. >> oh, yeah. 75%. the ruby hill winery issued a
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statement saying we do not wish to see nelly's taco truck business harmed but we need to protect the safety of our property. in pleasanten, abc 7 news. an albany resident is safe after this dramatic rescue by coast guard helicopter by the wilderness in southern oregon. she never met up with a friend after she was supposed to finish a hike. people from several agencies looked through the forest for her. >> you know i have so many important people in my life and people that depend on me and people that i love and i wasn't willing to lose that and so i was going to follow that creek until i got out or somebody was going to find me. >> that image is following her
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ordeal. she was a little hungry when they found her understandably. but she is going to be okay. well, stay here with me. tonight's concert at shoreline is suddenly canceled. fans are just crushed by it and the band is blaming the organizers. why the promoters say they didn't have a choice here. thousands of runners are getting ready for this sunday's san francisco marathon. why all northbound lanes are being closed for that race. and meteorologist sandy putell is here with the forecast. >> and i'll have the race day forecast plus your entire spread and we're talking about temperatures, the food actually. dan. and a southern california man says he won the lottery. why the
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a shoreline amphitheater was supposed to be filled with fans of counting crows. unable to perform because of a collapsed roadway. if sky 7 was over shoreline this afternoon where concert promoter live nation discovered a collapse in the road that gives bands access to move their equipment to the stage. the hole got bigger overnight.
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it was decided metal trench covers were not viable in this case. >> i've never heard of anything like this. >> can't load the equipment. >> can't load the equipment, really. we'll help carry it, guys. >> exactly. >> so without amplifieamplifier speakers, you can't have a concert. >> seems like there should have been better preparation here for that. >> things happen. >> yeah, but you got to still make sure everything works all the time. >> the show, good news, is rescheduled for tuesday evening. but here's the bad news, counting crows will not perform due to a commitment. live nation is offering refunds to fans who cannot attend the tuesday show. if you live south of the golden gate and have plans for an early trip up north this sunday. the san francisco marathon may alterthose plans. the bridge will be closeing all northbound lanes for the first
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time ever to accommodate and protect the runners. abc 7 news reporter, wayne freedman. >> reporter: if you don't yet have the perfect picture of the golden gate bridge, best to try before or after sunday morning. you may thank the woman with 250 cameras. nothing moves on or around that bridge that she cannot see but it's what she might not be able to control that left her worried. >> we have solid runners shoaleder to shoulder for an hour 1/2 and just an errant driver could cause disaster. >> from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., bridge will close to traffic. >> there's a cone and you're running and cars wizing by at 55 miles per hour. just a slight swerve could take out a lot of runners. >> that's ultramarathoner who
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ran a quick five miles to meet us for this interview. he intends to run not one marathon but two, back to back for individual charities beginning at midnight. >> to me it's fairly romantic. >> as for the rest of the 27,000 person field they began checking in at fort mason today. no complaints from them either about the lane closure. so would lisa locaughty and with good reason. this will be her last marathon. lisa is retiring. does not want anything to ruin her perfect record. so next year you can watch. >> yes. >> and not with 250 cameras. along it it golden gate bridge, abc 7 news. we have posted a complete list of road closures and other marathon related changes so you can find out what impacts yur weekend plans wherever you are. but right now let's turn our
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attention to the weather forecast. depends where you are. but it could be warm. it is going to be warm indeed. at least in our inland areas to hot. it's going to give you a hint as to where you can escape the heat. yes, there is fog along the san francisco and san mateo coastlines and that's why you're going to be able to get away from the heat. here's a live picture from our east bay hills camera and san francisco, 58 degrees, oakland, mountain view. and half moon bay is 68 degrees. mid to upper 60s. warm in fair field. 70 degrees and concord in the 60s. really taking a look at live doppler 7 in just a moment. but i did want to show you the golden gate bridge and the visibility is pretty good. a lot of people seem to be going northbound. comfortable near the coast and
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we are expecting gradual cooling early next week. 11:00 tonight. fog ffs going to be right near the coast and there will be few patches right near the east bay. as we hrow morning, you start off your weekend early, you go out fo a run. this fog is going to keep it comfortable. the fog will peal away from most areas and you will see the sun with a wide variety of temperatures. as we head towards the afternoon i do want to show you those numbers in the south bay. it will get hot around places like gilroy, 94 degrees. 87 on the peninsula. mid-80s for mountain view, 79 in san mateo. nice looking day in san francisco. it will be mild 67 in the sunset district and in the north bay you'll have the triple digits. 93 santa rosa. east bay, 77 in oakland.
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hayward 80 degrees. make sure you have plenty of water to keep you cool and hydrated as you look at the inland highs, these are some of the hot spots. 96 in concord. great day to hit the beach, get away from the hot weather. 60s to saef70s along the coast. with extreme uv index. make sure you have have that sun screen. you will notice those temperatures will be in the triple digit range for saturday. mid-60s coast. it's still pretty hot inland, dropping you to the mid-90s inland. low 60s coast and tuesday and wednesday, back down to average. you can download the accuweather app and check out the temperatures hour by hour, whatever suits your fancy. thursday and friday we're going to see the temperatures rise again. low 60s coast. we're really looking at a good -- over 30-degree spread in
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our temperatures for tomorrow. we're all about pleasing everyone. right? so we give you a nice variety. >> somewhere it's nice. to your liking. well, coming up the stow away surprise. how this kitten got a ride to the one place t
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san francisco's district attorney wants to force lyft to follow the law. they're asking them to comply with subpoenas issued six weeks ago. they requested the turnover records on safety, disability access and their oprisierations. >> you have to trike? right balance to make sure that
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the public is benefitting from the service provided but they are not creating a threat to public health and safety by their conduct on the streets. >> sthar subpoenas were issued as part of an investigation into whether the ride sharing companies are creating a public nuisance in san francisco. as staffers were unloading supplies from the truck, they found this little guy hiding between the pallets. no one knows how the two month old made his way to the truck or where. it took him about 15 minutes to coax him out. he wasn't heard and is now microchipped and ready for adoption. there's a new face in the white house tonight. president has really good karma and the world turns back to him. he's a genuinely a wonderful human being. >> the big shake up that leaves former press secretary sean
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spicer out of the innercircle. and more about the conversation attorney general jeff sessions had had. and a southern california man said he has a winning lottery ticket.
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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour in minneapolis where they shouted down their mayor demanding her resignation. >> we do not want you as the mayor of minneapolis. >> that tense exchange came minutes after mayor announced a
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new police chief after a deadly police shooting. she announced she is resigning. mayor hodges says she lost confidence after a series of police incidents, including last week's killing of justeen dameened. after the australian bride to be called 91 with1 to report a sex assault near her home. they thought damian was ambushing them. six months to the day since president trump took office. press secretary sean spicer is out. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan carl. >> reporter: today just six months into the job, the embattled pres secretary called it quits. the tenure got off to a bad start. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period both in person and around the globe. >> spicer's debut didn't make anybody happy. the president didn't like his
9:30 pm
look and others criticized his inaccuracies. >> sean spicer, our press secretary gave alternative facts. >> two days later he took his first questions. >> i asked a basic one. >> is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium and will you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not factual? >> it is. it's an honor to do this and yes, i believe we have to be honest with the american people. >> history will judge whether he lived up to that but his confrontational style. >> somebody's asking a question. it's not your press briefing. we're going to raise our hand like big boys and girls. >> and the unforgettable snl parody. >> i want you to begin by apologizing on behalf of you to me. >> made sean spicer a celebrity. the most mocked and also the most famous press recseitary
9:31 pm
ever. but today he was totally blindsided by the president's choice of a new communications director. slamming my door -- slamming the door in my face when i asked about it. the all smiles appearance of the new hire scaramucci setting a different tone. he's a wealthy financeer, friend of the president but in the early days called trump a hack politician and worse. >> i'll tell you who he's going to be president of, the queen's county bully's association. you got to cult it out now and stop all this crazy rhetoric. >> does he know what you said about him in 2015? >> he brings it up every 15 seconds, okay. one of the biggest mistakes that i made because i was an unexperienced person in politics. so, mr. president, it you're listening i personally apologize
9:32 pm
for the 50th time. >> there's a question about credibility, things said in this room. is it your commitment to the best of your ability to give accurate information, the truth from that podium? >> i mean i sort of feel like i don't even have to answer that question. i hope you can feel from my body language that's the kind of person i am. do the best i can. >> justice department spokeswoman is questioning the new report that says attorney general jeff sessions discussed the 2016 campaign with russia's am basder to the united states. the washington post reports that two conversations between sessions and sergey ckislyak wee intercepted by a u.s. spy agency. they discussed u.s. russian relations. sessions initially failed to disclose he even met with him during the campaign. this is a white house photo of
9:33 pm
the president shaking hands with kislyak in the oval office. the justice department spokeswoman calls the story wholly uncorroborated. now to the russia investigation. abc news has learned that special counsel, robert mueller is telling white house aids not to destroy any documents related to the trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. could the president pardon himself or his family? abc's senior white house correspondent has more. >> reporter: tonight the white house facing mountain questions about whether president trump is considering the possibility of pardoning members of his family or himself. the president's new press secretary seems to leave the door open. >> the president maintains pardon powers but there are no announcements or planned announcements on that front whatsoever. >> as the white house turns up the heat of special counsel
9:34 pm
mueller. telling the new york times he interviewed mueller just one dayfore he was appointed special counsel. sgl what is this all about? talk about conflicts. he was interviewing for the job. >> the president adding quote there were many other conflicts that i haven't said but i will at some point and warning mueller investigating trump family finances would cross a red line. as for mueller's fate -- >> i can't answer that question because i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: but mueller not backing down. abc learned he sent a letter to white house aids ordering them to preserve all communications including text messages related to last year pfs trump tower meeting including jared kushner and that russian lawyer promising dirt on hillary clinton. abc news the white house.
9:35 pm
also tonight a senior u.s. general says the u.s. has ended a classified cia program to arm syrian rebels. he says the deseshz was not made to appease russia, which supports syrian president assad. back here in california a long beach man says he's got a winning lottery ticket but the lottery commission isn't paying up. the reason his son bought the ticket and his son's not old enough to play the game. >> reporter: riltser an american dream. striking the rich, winning millions with that one in a zilian lottery ticket. but while most are able to cash in on their good fortune, a long beach man's is coming umsnake eyes. the ticket in question was a california scratcher bought at this mobile station last october. but the man with the ticket says the california lottery
9:36 pm
commission is refusing to pay him the $5 million prize. >> they're not going to pay. >> why is that now? >> according to a lawsuit filed this week thomas sent his 16-year-old son to the store to cash in other winning tickets and use some of the winnings to buy more scratchers. and now the lottery commission says since the bought the ticket, it is null and void. >> if they took the money then they're obligated to pay as far as i'm concerned. they should have checked their ids just like for liquor. >> a big talker on the street but not among the participants. thomas's attorney didn't return our messages, the commission refused comment and the mobile station isn't talking either. everyone else though seems to have an opinion. >> i go by the law. the law ithe law. >> they should pay it out.
9:37 pm
what are they going to do with the $5 million? >> the lawsuit alleges there were no signs mentioning lottery age restrictions. no one told the boy he was too young to buy the ticket and no one checked his age before selling the tick lt. >> if they're not 18, it should go to the parent. if you're not 18, you can do other stuff with parental permission. how lecrification is going to benefit everyone in the bay area.
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now to the monitorization along the peninsula. cal train's diesel engines will we replaced by electric ones. and ones quieter, faster and cleaner will start to take people to their preparations. here's alyssa harrington. we've made history against all odds. >> these golden shovels have been waiting a long time. the cal train lec trtruificatio project has been in the making. finally able to secure federal, state and local funding. this will push the rail line into the 21st century by converting the diesel service we
9:42 pm
all go into electric trains. >> it's about the future, clean air, efficiency, speed sw not sitting in the freeway for a couple hours, bumper to bumper. >> governor jerry brown and other politicians marked the history making milestone. >> about convenience, quality of life for families. so people don't have to spend all that time in their car. >> it was something we desperately needed. think about having another seven lanes of traffic on 101. >> the modern trains will be faster, run more often and carry more pasmpgers. right now 65,000 people ride cal train each day. the project should be complete in 2021. abc 7 news. all right. stay here. meteorologist sandy patel is x
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next. and this high tech truck can bake who are these people?
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by some accounts americans eat around 3 billion pizzas every year. there are mom and pop pizzerias and the big chains that deliver in 30 minutes or less. but jonathan bloom goes inside one pizza joint trying to offer the best of both worlds and using robots to do it. >> before the sliced onions and fresh graeted cheese, the first ingredient for a good pizza is an italian chef. >> olive oil, the whole nine.
9:47 pm
maur naurau pumping through my heart. >> cooks like this work along side others like this. >> it's been quite a ride. i never thought i'd be making pizzas with robots. >> it's more like a factory. >> we have robots and humans working together to make thousands of pizzas every day. >> instead of a chain with shops on every corner, they plan to serve all of sillicon valley from this one location. >> i pay much less than my competitors in rent and what do i do? i reinvest that surplus into higher quality ingredients. >> no prepackaged produce or mystery meat. >> trying to replicate really restaurant style pizza. >> reporter: but it's the very last one. while they start cooking your pizza in the kitchen, they finish cooking it on the way to your door. >> we don't do the final step until we're seconds away so it's
9:48 pm
always fresh out of the oven. >> a pizzeria on wheels controlled by computers. some contain predictive pizzas. but one contains your pizza set up with the right time and temperature to finish just as the driver pulls up. saying so long to sad soggy peelthsau sitting in someone's backseat and hello to laser guided cyber pie baking its way to your door. abc 7 news. >> looks good. one last check on the weather. hi, sandy. >> and the weather looks good as well. check out live doppler 7. we have a few patches of fog along the coastline. and as you check out your highs for your saturday. keeping it mild in the 60s. but inland areas it is going to be cooking. upper 90s to low 100s for your saturday. i have you covered.
9:49 pm
if you're running in the san francisco marathon sunday, nice and comfortable. there will be fog, at least on the coastal side so that means great running weather for you. sunday the hot weather sticks around inland. as we head to monday still warm and by tuesday it's a cooler day and it's noticeably cooler. the triple digit heat starts to back off as we head to sunday and monday. and then it's cooling down for your tuesday and wednesday. but don't get too used to the idea. >> i was goingo run in the marathon but i didn't finish my training. the south bay is gearing up for soccer central as a major exhibition match comes to santa clara. drawing fans from all over. here's abc 7 news reporter chris win a nguyen. >> reporter: on the ground fans are grabbing their tickets at
9:50 pm
the box office. >> like the world is converging on this little city of santa clara but gives it that big city file and so we are definitely reamy excited about it. >> the annual international champions cup is almost here. the city of santa clara ready to play host to sh big crowds. >>. >> there's so much to see and when these out of town visitors come here, they're going to explore the different visitor attracti attractions. >> featuring manchester united and real madrid. andrew robertson and his dad, steve, will be in the stands come sunday. >> i've seen them play only on tv. so to see them both play here in my home town is awesome. >> santa clara is no stranger to hosting a match. according to the santa clara convention and visitor's bureau,
9:51 pm
many of the hotels are at near capacity for saturday night. sglits rr as if the warriors and the cavaliers showed up in paris to play. so it's phenomenal to have that kind of attendance here by these two giant teams. >> limited tickets are still available for sunday 's match. >> it's going to be fun. soccer's so huge, particularly in the south bay. >> especially with those two teams. they are very, very popular. baseball tonight. the giants are on panda watch and who wants to come back to the a's and the wrong kind of facial in
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. good evening. the giants aren't confirming anything but a guy on twitter, one of my sources posted a shot of pablo sandoval getting on a plane in boston bound for san francisco today. i have sources you co.
9:55 pm
the expectation is a minor league deal for the panda. today at national junk food day. so sandy is really happy. get your ice cream here. bottom of the first. brandon belt scores. hunter renfrow trying to get buster posey. giants rare out first in the first. they scored four runs. what could go wrong? well, former giant hector sanchez continues to destroy his old team. shark in shock. sanchez has four homers just against the giants this season. seven total. giants up 5-2. and sanchez again driving in another run. 10 for 20 against the giants. so that made it 6-5. carlos singles in the tying run and the giants have blown the lead completely. it is now 6-6 in the sixth. a's in new york.
9:56 pm
ses puds says he wants to finish as an a. meantime, a's up. that one off paul blackburn. ryan healy took a rocket to the temp temple. said he was in shock. walked off on his own power. said he hopes to come back and play tomorrow. t.j. rivera singles to center and they tag out the runner and that is thrown into no man's. that ball is still rolling. little league homer for rivera. and they go on to win by 7-5 final. you can call it the warrior effect. stars looking for superteams. a jaw dropper with espn. kyrie irving has requested a trade. wants to be a focal point of a new team. what's odd is kyrie takes all the clutch shots when the game is on the line anyway.
9:57 pm
it's not like lebron is hogging the ball from him. maybe he knows james is going to go to l.a. after the season. he's amazing. when he's hot, he's unguardable. classic british open conditions for round two today and we're talking windy and rainy and cold and just horrible. unless you happen to be jordan spieth. really nasty day at royal brookdale. meteorologist pleasure but nasty for the rest of us. justin thomas started two shots off the lead. here he is on three. then he hit the ball backwards and he does hit it forward but has though idea where it went. took a quadruple bogey nine. jordan spieth, wind, rain, whatever. one under 69. saving par with a sweet little chip there. only one bogey for the day. rolls this in. spieth is minus six.
9:58 pm
leading by two shots on matt kutcher skblp and i'll be feeling it this weekend a bit. but i enjoy it. as long as i approach it positively and recognize this is what you want to feel because you're in the position you want to be in, then the easier it is to hit solid shots. >> you know tiger woods got a lot of time on his hands rehabbing from his latest back surgery. he's playing pool on his custom table with new felt and a raiders logo in the center. last night at minor league baseball game, fort wayne, indiana. a foul ball lands in a lady's beard. this is oo dilemma. no it's not. she chugs it and the crowd goes wild over this. and a million guys watching tv are thinking i would marry her in a second. dream date. abc 7 sports brought to you by
9:59 pm
toyota. >> okay. thanks, larry, very much. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, the bay area man who used to live here is facing terror charges. and dozens of peopleeral lining up in the south bay to sports superstar coming face to face with fans tonight. join us over on channel 7. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for all of us, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in one hour over on channel 7. enjoy the rest of your evening as you look live at hoyt tower. bye for now.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... a body is discovered in a remote wooded area. it's a woman who was sexually assaulted, strangled, soaked in bleach and dumped in a shallow grave.


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