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>> announcer: live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." now at 11:00, an assault in the air and on the ground. tonight firefighters from across the south bay are racing to stop the brush fire that's putting an entire neighborhood in danger. good evening. i'm erik thomas in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. new since 6:00, we have learned the possible cause of that brush fire, children playing with fireworks. >> the fire started last night off ballybunion court not far from gilroy. we find katie marzullo live with our developing story. katie. >> reporter: erik, ama, multiple neighbors here told me it was kids with fireworks who started the fire. cal fire says the cause is under investigation. i spoke with cal fire just a few minutes ago to get the latest information. right now 100 acres have burned.
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crews have the fire 10% contained. one last water drop as the sun set on the second day of a wildfire burning in gilroy. the water coming from a pond on the eagle ridge golf course. melissa vizeria lives in eagle ridge. she saw the flames erupt sunday evening. >> we open the door and we see fire shooting up in the sky. it was really scary. >> reporter: fe crews are providing skruk tour protection in case, but cal fire says no homes are threatened. >> the fire has been moving uphill in a westward direction. so we -- luckily it has not backed down towards the home. >> reporter: melissa isn't taking chances. >> i was telling my husband, let's go pack up our stuff, get our -- you know, my son's pictures, anything valuable, and that's what we're doing. >> reporter: the fire is creating poor air quality in gilroy. police are advising residents to take indoors. >> it was so thick if we even opened the window three or four inches it just came, just filled
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the house wit just a super, super strong smoke smell, where you couldn't have a window open. it was almost hard to breathe when you walked out side. >> reporter: the fire will impact kids going to school tuesday. families with the middle school will have to make alternate drop-off and pickup arrangements with the ranch side of christmas hill park closed. in gilroy, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news" smoke and soot from fires burning in northern california and oregon are adding to our hazy skies. the light smoke stayed put during the last few days of extreme heat because there was no wind to push it out. >> we've not had fresh wind, not had a lot of ventilation. so high heat, low wind, we're breathing in smoke and ozone. >> doctors say they've received complaints of headaches and coughing. gusty winds are headed our way and should push the dirty air back to the north. >> when will the air clean up? >> that's the big question. "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian has the
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answer. >> it is cleaning up but it will be a gradual process. we had unhealthful hair in north bay, coastal central bay. tomorrow will not be a spare the air day, so that indicates improvement. moderate air quality across the bay area and breezy near the coast. the stale air, the stagnant air will be a little slow and some of the hazy air, a little slow to move out. so here is our look at the forecast animation starting tonight and overnight hours we'll see high clouds passing through 5:00 tomorrow morning at the beginning of the morning commute. we will see fewer clouds than we have right now, but still won't be a completely clear sky. as the clouds moving out during the day assisted by the breeds, we will see the skies getting clearer and air cleaner. we will have better air quality tomorrow than today. we will have lower humidity and the cooling continues. i'm have a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. eric. >> looking forward to that, spencer. thank you very much. you can keep track of the forecast on the go with the "abc
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7 news" accuweather app. search accuweather in your app store to download it now the clock is ticking on daca. attorney general jeff sessions is scheduled to announce the fate of the program that protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation. developments from lilian kim live in the newsroom. >>essions is scheduled to hold a news briefing at 8:00 a.m. local time and the department of juice made it clear he won't be taking questions from reporters. for months attorney general jeff sessions has been pushing the president to end daca, which stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. white house officials tell abc news the president is leaning towards phasing out the program, which allowed so-called dreamers to work legally and avoid deportation for the past five years. the fate of the nearly 800,000 daca recipients would be in the hands of congress, which is expected to be given six months to come up with legislation. >> congress can make it right, there are bipartisan bills right
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now. the main bill is lindsey graham, republican, and richard durbin, the democrat. it would legalize daca. >> congress has the public on its side. polls show the majority of americans support daca. this is dean of usf's law school. >> the average people who saw daca students, who see our students here, who see daca people who contribute to the military, contribute to jobs, contribute to some of the most dangerous and difficult jobs in the country, that they want to see the daca students stay. >> reporter: but congress has brought up daca before and failed to pass protection for the dreamers, in which case the san francisco public defender's office says it is prepared to fight. >> we're pulling our volunteers, on students. we've had lawyers who have come forward and agreed to take cases. so it is going to be a community effort. >> reporter: a community pulling together to keep thehopes alive. lilian kim, "abc 7 news" and download the "abc 7 news" app and be the first to know when attorney general jeff sessions makes his daca announcement tomorrow morning at 8:00.
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we will send out a push alert as soon as it happens. the death toll from hurricane harvey has risen to more than 60 people. tonight a bay area search and rescue team returned home after spending more than a week helping in houston. "abc 7 news" katie utehs shares their warm homecoming at the oakland airport. >> he was at texas for, like, nine days, and we were missing him a lot. so i made him a sign. >> reporter: families beamed with pride welcoming home firefighters who responded to hurricane harvey. >> definitely knowing he's there helping people in a huge time of need is amazing, to know he was able to make a difference in so many people's lives. >> reporter: david watson is part of oakland's urban search and rescue, task fours four team. around 50 personnel landed at oakland international airport tonight following more than a week of deployment. >> a lot of it was trying to keep people calm and try to let them know that leaving their homes, which was very hard for them, was something that needed to be done.
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>> reporter: fema funded the mission. >> it is sad to see that much stuff under water and for so long. even on our way to the airport we could still see parts of houston under water. >> reporter: while this is the bulk of the crew returning from houston, still two dozen firefighters are driving back with the equipment and they should be home thursday or friday. the message this crew is bringing home to the bay area? >> the things i'm going to take away is be ready, prepared for anything you can. >> reporter: the task force four team says harvey is a reminder to stock your own home with emergency supplies. in oakland, katie utehs, "abc 7 news" the rush is on to find new homes here in the bay area for dozens of dogs and cats left homeless by harvey. "abc 7 news" reporter brinkley made new friends in richmond earlier today. >> reporter: the puppies are piling on here. these dogs are still unnamed, 12-wk-old puppies from houston. came tham could the flight overnight and they're looking for homes for them. they're 12 weeks old, akita kol leigh mixes.
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>> tonight people in the path of thstorm are preparing for the worst. >> and pinned between a poland a fence. the driver carried away from this accident in the east bay tonight. plus, topless in town? baring it all could soon be allowed ininin
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mal new tonight, first responders had to pull a possible dui suspect out of his car in continue raw costa county. they say he lost control going around a turn, hit the curb and flipped the car. he told first responders he was trapped inside. they found he was not pinned or even hurt and helped him get out. investigators did not say if he's under arrest. law enforcement increased patrols this weekend, including dui check points to help keep the roads one was hurt the city of berkley is often on dutying edge of progressive issues which could involve gender differences in nudely ws. the city council is preparing for a vote on whether women
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should be allowed to be topless in town. "abc 7 news" reporter lonnie rivera has the story. >> reporter: the city of berkley is no doubt a mecca for the progressive movement. now there's a push to go topless so to speak. >> just being topless i think is kind of a physical, kind of form of freedom. >> reporter: men can roam berkley city streets shirtless, but the current law on the book says women cannot exposereasts in public, something is city council may vote to change. >> we were born naked, you know what i mean? i don't know, our nipples were showing when we were born, so what's wrong with that? >> i feel like for me it might be uncomfortable, but it would be -- on the really hot days might be nice for some people. >> i don't want to see it. you know, i feel like some things are private. >> reporter: several women raised the question about gender equality for nudity laws. >> i just don't think berkley should be defining women are not allowed and men are allowed. >> reporter: since worthington proposed it, he has been hearing
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from people who want him to go further by letting anybody wear their birthday suit in public. >> i'm just going for the women's equality part. >> reporter: as for going topless, it is a tough call for this protective mom. >> the mother in me says no way, keep your shirt on, and the empowered woman says, do what makes you feel good. >> reporter: the proposed change only applies to public streets. private businesses could still refuse service to anyone not wearing shirts or shoes. the council is set to take up the topless issue september 12th. in berkley, lonnie rivera. "abc 7 news" "abc 7 news" was in santa clara when union leaders and workers marched outside dell's facility. the labor day group included silicon valley child care workers, fast food employees and janitors at high tech firms. they rallied to raise the minimum wage to $15. right now it is $10.50 and it won't reach $15 statewide until 2022. fast food workers demanded higher pay in the east bay.
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some marchers stormed inside a mcdonald's and pushed customers aside in downtown oakland. the group included workers who took labor day off to rally for higher wages and right to join unions. they believe being in a union will give them better job security. they also rallied outside oakland city hall hurricane irma is a category four storm as it barrels through the caribbean and could hit florida. the governor there declared a state of emergency ahead of any possible impact. people inrida are stocking up on emergency supplies. american airlines has cancelled flights to the caribbean but still flying to florida. the nfl is considering moving sunday's nfl opener between the bucks and dolphins out of miami. >> spencer christian is tracking irma with live doppler 7. spencer. >> here is a look at the storm right now. it is a powerful and potentially dangerous storm, category four with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour, plowing from the south atlantic into the caribbean sea right now. the path is expected to take over the next several days would
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take it just north of puerto rico, north of the dominican republic, through the turks and cake owicos and then somewhere between cuba and south florida. if it stays on this path and maintains the strength, it would have the potential to devastate south florida. no doubt we will continue to watch the storm closely. back in the bay area where things are calm right now, this is live doppler 7. we have high clouds passing through the bay area. it will be muggy during the late night hours as it is right now, but relatively clear on the streets right now. the clouds are hire. this is a view from our roof top camera at "abc 7 news." looking along the embarcadero, 69 in san francisco, oakland at 70. gilroy at 75. and 69 at half moonay. this is the view from the east bay hills camera looking over the bay. it is currently 71 in santa rosa. 73 in know valued owe and mid 70s in fairfield, concord and
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livermore. here is a lovely view from the "abc 7 news" exploratorium camera at pier 15 looking back at the skyline. muggy and mild overnight. temperatures will not drop much. sunnier tomorrow with better air quality than today, and the cooling pattern we have will continue through the end of the week. overnight, look for high clouds to continue flowing through the bay area sky, and low temperatures will drop only to the mid to upper 60s for much of the bay area down to about 70 in fremont and san jose. it will be pretty mild and makes it feel even muggier with the little bit of humidity we have. tomorrow the humidity will decrease although haze will linger. skies bright and sunny. highs from mid and upper 60s and coast. low to mid 80s in the warmest inland locations. this is the accuweather seven day forecast. we will see the skies get sunnier as the week goes on. temperatures still dropping off
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as we get to thursday and friday. the highs will be only in the low 80s inland on thursday and friday, low 70s around the bay which is cool for this time of the year. mid 60s on the coast, air quality will improve, and it starts to warm up over the weekend. not going to get hot but more typical summer-like rangef highs. sunday and monday, inland highs in low 90s, highs to about 80 around the bay and low 70s on the coast. it is very rare it is that warm on the coast when it is not very hot inland, but that's the pattern we're in right now. there's no normal anymore. >> yeah, it is just crazy is normal. >> no normal. >> whatever the next week turns out to be, that's normal. >> for now. >> as long as it is 20 degrees lower than over the weekend. >> oh, yes. >> that makes us happy. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. dirt, grime and cars so dirty a regular wash just won't do. >> the bay areas paying big bucks to get their cars clean and shiny when "abc 7 news" returns. >> images that started a controversy.
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>> you got the image of people who work to support the courts, who are dressed in prison garb, doctoring their faces. >> uncovered by the i-team. >> those people who are incarcerated are people of color. >> that pushed officials to call for change. >> the alliance of california judges e-mailed the i-team investigation to every sitting judge in the state and called for accountability and transparency for the
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burning man is over.
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you can tell by the cars. people are coming back to the bay area with their dirty vehicles and car washers are ready to handle the extra workload. "abc 7 news" was at tower car wash in san francisco where dusty cars were lined up for the burning man special, which costs by the way up to $350. the pros who have been to there before say there are precautions you can take. >> you know, you want to tape up vents and windows. any holes in the car, sunroof, things like that. >> divisadero touchless wash was closed today but starting tomorrow they expect 500 vehicles this week, each paying $120 to clean. well, americans are cutting back on the amount of sugar they're consuming, leaving a major soda maker looking for a new option. coca-cola has launched a competition on the crowd sourcing platform hero x, they're seeking a naturally sourced, safe, low or no calorie
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sugar substitute. one grand prize winner will get a million dollars. while many plant sweeteners are on the market, but bitterness and an after taste. >> our local 9's laboring on labor day. diamondback martines joined an diamondback martines joined an elite club of 18 players ♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i
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will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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a's hoping for home cooking, having gotten swept on a six-game road trip. they lost one game on a walk-off wild pitch and today lost
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another one. not an easy stretch for melvin. mat nelson at the plate. blake parker says it all, it is all tied. second homer of the game. would go to extra innings. top of 11. kole calhoun triples into the right corner. that scores, two. now bottom of 11. chris davis can win with a home. angels also set an american league record using 12 pitchers. to colorado where a father/son duo ready for action. joe panik, 10th home run of the year. 217 players with 10 or more homers. top three, spann. 10th homer of the year. make that 218 players. giants up 2-0. rockies come back to tie. bottom three. charlie blackman, we call it a no doubter. that is out of here quick. and then bottom nine. tied at 3, bases loaded.
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cory gearrin walks in the winning run. carlos gonzales does the honors. rockies win, 4-3 final. arizona's j.d. martines hit four homers tonight against the dodgers against four different pitchers. had only one going into the 7th. in big league history d-back's won 11 straight with a 13-0 victory. making this just the second season in major league history two players hit four homers in a game. raiders kicker is set to make four million this season. the team wants to restructure the deal but he's waiving. he's the all-time leader in score with 799 points. he's last year of a current contract and you have to figure the raiders would like to reduce his salary and give him an extension. he's on the roster tomorrow. the raiders have to pay the 39-year-old 117th of his current salary. this could be resolved by
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tuesday. stay tuned. all right. u.s. open, third seed roger federer on center court faced philip cole shh rieber. roger had no issue moving to the quarterfinals. fedex did not face a break point. one straight sets after two five setters in round one and two. he wins in straight sets. he will face the same guy that ended fed's run of five open titles back in 2009. raffa moves on as well as four american women. this report brought to you by river rock casino. what a day in baseball. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on facebook, twitter and your mobile devices w


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