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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it is called berkeley freedom of speech week, but the price tag has so hard to a million dollars. uc berk says they'll spend that much on security to keep people safe. good evening. i'm larry beil.
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count down is down yet again for conservative speakers on campus and the opponents they tract. free speech runs through wednesday. all events are at sproull plaza outdoors. here's leslie brinkley with more. ♪ >> as cal gears up to play their big saturday afternoon game against usc, an attorney for free speech week that's slated to run through thursday, says they will be announcing a final list of speakers at a treasure island press conference tomorrow. self-pro-claimed milo yiannopoulos posted this photo saying there will be a march sunday at noon. ann culturer has canceled her
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appearance much it's still known if steve bannon will show up. >> because of the unknowns, we are treating it as if it's going to all the way and everybody that is on the list is coming. >> cal says they've contracted with other local law enforcement agencies to kbeer up for four days of event so i can secure the plaza in a way that might be similar to how things played out for ben shapiro's appearance last week. >> we are not in the process of what could be well beyond $1 million so that this event fails to occur. if it doesn't happen, it will be for other reasons, not because this university didn't pull out all the stops to try to make this happen. >> some students and faculty are upset at the security price tag. some classes are canceled next week, others are waiving attendance requirements. >> it does makes it more difficult to focus on classes. >> lawyers representing the
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patriot group filed a complaint accusing the university of putting up bureaucratic hurdles. >> all leading to what appears to be the university's attempt to stifle our clients' about to engage in free speech. >> the university's commitment to the fami to the first amendment is of utmost importance. >> you can receive updates just by downloading the abc news app, and it is free to dlo. president trump made an appears to campaign for senate candidate luther strange. for the first time the president responded to north korea's statement that they might test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean. >> now he's talking about a
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massive weapon exploding over the ocean, pacific ocean, which causes tremendous, tremendous calamity. where that plume goes, so goes cancer, so goes tremendous problems. >> mr. trump also took a veiled shot at colin kaepernick. >> wobt you love to see one of these nfl owners when someone drpts our flag get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field. he's fired. >> we'll have more on the newest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare coming up in our next half hour. now to mexican city and the zmat sech for survivors in the rubble. researching teams are working around the clock three days after the earthquake hit. >> tonight in income tax city
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amidst the buildings there are spikes of hope. another person was found alive overnight. those rescues dangerous as we saw first happened. debris crashing down around us. >> watch it. >> moments later, officials clearing the scene during another building collapse. we joined the l.a. county fire search and rescue team at this pancaked office building. >> fire rescue team says they collapsed so densely there's no space, and the concern is nobody could have survived that. >> yards from the rubble under these tarps the families of the dozen or so missing prayed. it was after those prayers we met fabr met this woman. he brother is trapped in the rubble. the family is there, cousins, siblings, friends, and then that call for silence.
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>> so now they are calling for silence because when they try to listen for something in the rubble. these are the moments of hope. looks like this. she told us they need to show strength, but after four days, even iron will can snap. >> she says her brother is very strong. and everywhere, solidarity for mexico. ♪ on the rubble of this build, a salute to the mexican national anthem. >> that was matt gutman reporting. a student group at uc berkeley has many family members kbalimpd by the quake. >> there wasn't anything we could do in california, so we started this go fund me to help raise money for one of the rescue teams. >> that go fund me effort has
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raised $42 so far. the . four e struck off the coast of humboldt county this afternoon. the biggest a moderate 5.7 quake that struck 135 miles west of ferndale at 12:50. three smaller quakes followed. no reports of damage, although several people said they felt the shaking. this evening many in san francisco are mourning the loss of a well-known and beloved local businessman. while police search for the driver who ran him over here and then sped away. eric thomas reports. >> his name was constantin vardakastanis, but he was known as gus. >> he's colorful. if you you know gus, you're not
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going to forget him. >> he was hit after 2:00 this morning as he made his daily walk to the produce market to check out the day's fruits and vegetables. >> it appears to be a hit-and-run. the vehicle appears to be a silver sedan that has front-end and windshield damage. >> the owner of early's, oregon, produce knew him as a great friend and worthy competitor. it wasn't about being pc. it wassing about coming out and beating another out. >> he owned two stores and his flag ship store in the haight. supervisor said he made a point of hiring people from the community. >> he was relentless in his outreach to my office for sure. but it was always about the community and how you work to resolve an issue. >> mayor ed lee issued this statement today. gus will be missed but his
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memory will live on through his lasting contributions to the city he loved. he made the same early morning walk for 35 years and may not have known it was in what walk san francisco calls a high-injury correspond der. >> they make up 13% of all our streets, but they account for over 75% of severe and fatal crashes. he was 57 years old. in san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a reminder now to tie down your load if you're hauling something. you're looking at a piece of metal that pierce d the windshield of a mercedes-benz in oakland today. the chp posted these pictures on facebook. the metal went into the passenger side window. nobody was hurt. it's been a mountain lion sighting theory if uc berlg campus near centennial drive and rim way at 11:00 a.m. saturday. uc employees spotted the animal
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in the bushes across the street from the rugby field. up next, a stabbing at work. we have details on the incident in san jose that sent three people to the hospital. also, forget about hearing the cable car clanging in one part of the city. why it's going to be shut down for a week. sandhya sandhya with a preview of our weekend forecast. >> first weekend of fall and it's going to feel like it in the bay area. we'll check out your temperatures in the accuweather temperatures in the accuweather 7-day fohan60 million meals
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sky 7 was overhead shortly after violence erupted at a business leaving three people hospitalized. they were stabbed at a mugabe company near the santa clara fairgrounds. initially there were also reports of a shooting. >> a chaotic scene unfolded on south 10th street near fallon. there was a confrontation between employees and contractors at the warehouse. the fight traveled out to the parking lot. >> while later i saw a couple people who looked like they had had some wounds, and they were bleeding and their shirt had blood on it and stuff.
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>> officers say there was a report of gunshots in the area, but when they arrived they found three people who had been stabbed. >> he just said he kind of got out of there as soon as he started seeing someone swinging some sort of long metal object. he described it as a metal 2 x 4. police say a lot of people started leaving including possible suspects. for questioning.en into custody investigators are interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence to determine what led up to the stabbing. >> it's two groups of employees that went -- that got into a confrontation and a fight. what they're motivation was for that fight, we don't know. >> police have not located any weapons. they will be checking to see if surveillance cameras in the area caught anything. we spoke to an employee of the moving company who didn't want to appear on camera.%
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he's stunned. >> i'm worried. maybe it's one of my friends. >> police say it appears no one was shot. the three stabbing victims are expected to survive. reporting from san jose, abc7 news. >> bottles. >> supporters of an lgbt activist are demanding justice. dj bubbles was shot outside the new century theater. family and friends took to the streets marching interest larkin and myrtle to the steps of city hall. police say there's no evidence to suggest a hate crime took place. service along one of san francisco's cable car lines is shut down temporarily. the california street line will be closed for the next eight days, and this will allow cardio you see to overhaul and
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refurbish the gear boxes. they've been in service since 1984. >> this is the first stop of what will be a five-year program. we're replacing something called the gearbox. the gearbox drives the motor which drives the sheave which drives the cable. >> after the gear broksz replaced, crews will update the electrical systems. buses thwill run along the california route. all other cable lines will be up and running. as summer ends and fall begins, the snow was still coming up down on the sierra today. this was shot at heavenly mountain. abc7 news with a weekend forecast which doesn't include snow for most of us. >> a lot of sunshine and warmer weather. the sierra won't see anymore
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know. napa's average high is 82 degrees. you're still a little below normal even though numbers will rise. look at next week. we start to see some 90s on the board, so you know that autumn worth weather is with us. is the sun went down at 7:06. take a look at the aftermath. the color was really pretty. skies cleared out. a few clouds earlier in the afternoon but have since obviously dissipated. and we got a chance to enjoy a spectacular sunset as we look towards sutro 20tower. a dry air mask in place, so get ready for that. live doppler 7. not expecting any rain. in the sierra, there were some snow showers earlier today. you'll notice, though, in the last couple framds that snow is
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gone. here's live look from your sutro tower camera. 57 degrees. oakland 59. 60s in san jose. half moon bay cooling down, 52. from our emeryville camera you can see outlet city lights, so fog is not an issue tonight. temperatures in the 50s. santa rosa and limber in the 50s. warming trend for the weekend, fire danger the is on the rise and will will heating up inland next week. fire weather watch for the north bay hills, begins tomorrow afternoon, and runs until monday night. the reason for this is a northeasterly wind will be gusty in the hills and will drop the humidity so the fire danger will be on the rise. 12-hour planner for your saturday. crisp morning with 40s, 50s, warming up at noon. and the sun's out temperatures in the mid 60s. tomorrow morning, an extra layer might come in handy as it's going to be chilly.
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mid-40s to 50s tomorrow afternoon. a mild one on the, pennsylvania, mid 70s for millbrae, san mateo. 78, palo alto. 66, pacifica. downtown san francisco, a nice, warm 70 degree day. low 80s for san rafael, santa rosa. east bay, oakland, hayward all in the mid-70s. inland this is where the temperatures come up to the low 80s, certainly warmer than today. still churning in the atlantic is hurricane maria. pulling away from the turks and caicos but still a dangerous storm. category 3 packing 125-mile-an-hour winds. this one is going to hold on to category 3 tomorrow, but gradually weaken as we head into sunday next week. the united states will be seeing large swells as it makes its turn, bear in mind also will be impacted by those large
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swells. and then the system will veer out to the open atlantic. download the accuweather app. you can keep track of that hurricane and our temperatures anytime you want. and the accuweather 7-day forecast will include rising temperatures, mid 60s to mid 80s. sunday is beach weather. and then as we head towards next week, low to mid-90s inland, getting well above normal. we'll have the autumn heat. 70s at the coastline. i have a feeling many people will be at the beaches this weekend to soak up the sun and enjoy the autumn warmth. larry? >> looks perfect. >> it does. >> absolutely fantastic this weekend. >> it will be, absolutely. >> ahead on abc7, a disappointing turnout for the release ofhe new iphone but anticipation is still building for november. abc7 is sbrabt hispanic heritage month. to hererer ra family is
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. somewhat disappointing turn onout as apple's newest product went on sale. from los angeles to the bay area not a lot of people were out waiting for a new phone. i guess they're not coming out with a 9 and going straight to the x. usually a line around the block, but it's 5:00 a.m., noah was the
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only one there. >> how do you feel being here by yourself. >> it sucks. >> you were hoping this was going to be an event. >> like the previous ones. >> noah got the whole store to himself. slice intelligence reports that preorders for the iphone 8 are down 78% compared to the iphone 7. they are releasing the apple tv and apple watch series 3. the really big lines are expected for the iphone x to be released on november 3rd. a big hit for san francisco-based uber. london's transport authority announced they will not renew their license. officials cite when they call a lack of cooperate responsibility and has public safety and security implications. uber issued a statement saying if this decision stands it will put more than 40,000 licensed drivers out of work and drive
9:26 pm
londoners of a convenient and affordable form of transport. a new vote in the attempt to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> we're going to do it eventually. how john mccain may have dashed the gop's plans to get it done by the end of the month. bernie sanders back in the bay area, feel the bern right away. he lets hoose and the crowds eat it up. taxpayer money spent to send
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conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. . repeal and replace because john mccain if you look at his
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campaign, his last campaign, was all about repeal and replace. repeal and replace. >> president trump knocking senator john mccain for announcing his opposition to the republicans' latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. here's abc news reporter chuck severe ton with more. >> after years of vowing to roll back obamacare, it's likely his presidential opponents will ultimately save it. senator john mccain saying he'll vote no on the gop's let a he asked attempt at repeal and replace. mccain saying i cannot vote for the plan adding a bill of this impact requires a bipartisan approach. this is the second time in three
9:31 pm
months he's gaeremerged as the destroyer. no guarantee of how they would cover meshes with preexisting conditions of the experts say it could leaf millions without insurance. >> repeal and replace. he doesn't know the difference between medicare and medicaid. he barely knows the difference between melania and ivanka. >> pressure to shut this down, now a cause for celebrities. jimmy kimmel tweeting thank you john mccain for being a hero again and again, and now again. senators to watch now, lisa murkowski and maine's suzanne collins, both moderate and voted against other versions of repeal legislation. >> i have to do what i think is right. if i don't do that, i can't look at myself in the mirror. >> republicans up against a hard deadly. that'll need 60 instead of 50 votes to pass new legacy after
9:32 pm
december. meanwhile, health care advisers to governor brown saying the let aest effort to repeal obamacare would put a monstrous hole in the state budget. it would cost california more than $138 billion over seven years. vermont senator bernie sanders brought his campaign for universal health care to san francisco today. sanders spoke to members of the california nurses association outside the yerba buena center for the arts. the rally for his single payer health care bill was today. >> how cruel, how im moral it is to say so those millions of americans we're going to take away that health insurance that keeps you alive. >> sanders's bill doesn't say
9:33 pm
how he would pay for his plan. now to puerto rico where a dam is at imminent risk of failure. officials are calling this a life threatening situation, mass evacuation under way involving some 70,000 people. abc returns to where maria came ashore. >> the batterying of hurricane maria and 40 inches of rain causing this major dam's failure. flash flooding forcing 70,000 people to evacuate immediately. officials say a crack is forge in the dam, authorities with a stark warning, people's lives in danger. utter devastation being felt throughout the u.s. territory, the chaos and desperation carefully etched into this woman's voice. >> we can't let them die. we can't let them die. we need all the help we can get,
9:34 pm
please. >> we first met her thursday as she struggled to keep nursing patients alive, their generator low on fuel. >> what are we going to do? >> those patients in sweltering conditions inside, some clings to life. when we returned today, help had not arrived. power was gone. it's been 24 hours since we called the governor's office on maria's bhehalf. communication nearly impossible along the island. drivers lined up as far as the eye can see to access one of the only working cell phone towers. maria hasn't heard from her mother since before the hurricane hit. [ sobbing ] >> some relief knowing her parents okay. then the son of one of maria's patients shows up with a diesel the care center desperately needs. >> another temporary fix.
9:35 pm
elation with knowing there's enough fuel to at least get through the night. california secretary of state has confirmed russian hackers targeted our voting registration system last year. 29 states were in the bull's eye. this is the first time the secretary has been notified. the practice of withholding critical information from officials is a detriment to the security of our elections and our democracy. there's no evidence that any of our estate systems were breached and that any information was actually compromised. another cabinet secretary under scrutiny for his travel habits tonight. tom price has taken private jets dozens of times even on short trips from d.c. to philadelphia. senior white house
9:36 pm
correspondent. >> the american people need to know that their tax dollars ra being spent wisely. >> he once tweeted congress doesn't need to have private jets, but now according to political coe, his penchant for private planes cost taxpayers more than $300,000. last week alone on a luxury jet like this he took five flights, one of them a short 30-minute round trip to philadelphia, the cost, at least $10,000, compared to about $700 for a commercial flight. today in a scathing letter, the top democrat on the house oversight committee tells price the amount of taxpayer funds you spent on just one single flight is more than some of my constituents making in a year. >> i just say to the secretary, mr. secretary, you can do better. and you need to set the example for the entire administration.
9:37 pm
>> at least three trump cabinet secretaries under investigation for expensive travel on the public dime. tonight, abc news learned after one meeting with the president at trump tower, treasure secretary of mnuchin mnuchin flew back to washington on an air force jet costing taxpayers at least $25,000. an official trip on a government jet to kentucky where he and his wife viewed the eclipse is also under review on top of mnuchin's request to have a government plane fly him and his wife to their overseas honeymoon. up next, we will check in on the bay area real estate market. plus, delivering groceries right to your fridge? this is a new partnership between a local company and walmart. that's next.
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you probably already know this, but the bay area real estate market continues to sizzle. the median home price had its biggest gain in 19 months, rising to $742,000. median price in san francisco, $1.2 million. core logic says it's a
9:42 pm
reflection of low inventory and high demand. walmart will test a new inhome testing service in silicon valley. the retailer teeming up with smart lock maker august to allow customers to have their packages placed inside their home when they're not there. here's rebecca jarvis. >> this is fierce battle for your grocery store dollars, walmart taking it a few steps farther. >> the driver weren't his a one-time use code. >> the company partnering with lock maker august home. place an order online and walmart's deliver person can use a one-time code to gain entry to your home, even stock your fridge, all while you're watching in realtime on your smartphone. >> i think for younger folks working in all kinds of hours, it's a tremendous idea. >> but raising questions too. >> i'm not sure about them coming in my home when i'm not
9:43 pm
there. >> the bottom line, this is one more step in the major competition between walmart and amazon, both retailers dueling to increase profits. >> i'm not sure you're coming in my house. meteorologist sandhya patel is next with the forecast. first weekend of autumn, and
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for all the robots that were up veiled at tech crunch disrupt, the most disruptive ting on the floor may have been the puppies that were there. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on the startup from santa cruz who wants to make life better for best
9:47 pm
friend. >> a couple barks was all it took. on the last day of disrupt, a handful of puppies disrupted the whole conference. >> hi. >> grown men and women squealing like kids. >> oh! hello, baby! hi. hi. >> and snap chatting like teenagers. >> i think it's a win. i think that every tech conference should have puppies. >> if all that cuteness makes you say -- >> yeah, dog. >> you said the name of the startup that brought them here. >> meet is all litman. he sold his mobile startup to aol. in tech when you perfect your product by using it yourself, it's called eating your own dog food. >> we took it to a new level and made dog food. >> ya doggie sells dog food by subscription. we customize a feeding program for your dog.
9:48 pm
take your finger and go, yeah, doggie. >> it's designed to keep this little guy little as he grows up. >> it's a dog food scoop. it sounds crazy, but it's a bluetooth enabled scoop. >> it tracks how much you feed your dog and ships you more food before you run out. it's also a anti-dote to those puppy-dog eyes. >> a lot of dogs pretend they've never been feed in their life. dog obesity is a big problem. over 50% of the dogs in the u.s. are obesity, and big reason is that overfeeding. >> subscription services are hot with investors, but litman says he's not rushing to make a quick exit. he says he could eat this dog food for a while. a high tech advertisement in today's "new york times" makes customers do exactly what the ad asks which is go outside. the ll bean ad can only be seen
9:49 pm
in sunlight. the company tweeted this video showing how it works. the ad is printed be photo crow mick i think which reacts turned sunlight so you can read it. too much work for me. but there will be sun this weekend. >> that's right. you'll see lots of sunshine. just sit out in the sun since it's too much work for you. a few clouds for you right now. other than that, skies are clear. tomorrow afternoon, sunrise and a warmer day. temperatures 60s to 80s. so much going on. forecast for the bacon and brew fest in san mateo. starts of light and mild. enjoy the sun. in the evening if you're not going to that event, there's another event for you. lake mâiterit, the dragon boat
9:50 pm
festival. you're looking at clear skies and a warm 70 degrees afternoon by the time the evening arrives. temperatures will begin to fall. cal is playing usc tomorrow afternoon. couldn't be better weather. low to mid-70s, mild. you'll need the sunscreen and the shades. if you're going to the stanford game against the bruins, 68 degrees tomorrow night dropping to 61. that game, it's going to be great weather, but towards the end you might need a light sweatshirt or jacket. nothing but nice weather this weekend. 60s to 80s tomorrow, turning to 70s to upper 80s sunday, and that warmth builds for the weekend. temperatures in the 70s near the beaches. >> loyal football games can go to the cal game during the day and stanford at night. >> that what you're doing? >> i'm bringing highlights from after the game from the studio over there. no sunshine for me.
9:51 pm
thank you, sandhya. a small device that can save surfers from shark attacks. pro surfing legend ian shows off what he calls the clever buoy system. so nor detects sharks under water before they can be seen from the ocean's surface. >> within four seconds of the shark being recognized being in the area, the notification goes out via text message to the life guard. >> we can put drones up. we have boats in fact water typically. >> life guards at knew port beach hope to have the warning system in place by memorial day next year. as a surfer, if there's a shark, i would like to know about it. >> the shark was on the mount for the giants trying to preventative season from getting worse tonight. will the giants keep the dodgers from clinching their division title? it's lights, kaefrm, action.
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it seems like the nba season never ended. probably because the warriors were always in the headlines from new business deals to social media rants to traveling the world. it's been a busy off season of the now it's time to go back to work. the dubs holding their media day in oakland. curry, durant, thomas and green at the peek of their careers. >> the challenge is obvious. three years in a row in the finals trying to make it a fourth. very few tames in the history of the league have done that. and there's a reason. >> we still have to go out there and produce and play and get better on the court. if we focus on that, you know, just focus on that. we'll see what happens. >> i obviously still feel like
9:56 pm
the champion, but i worked harder this summer i'd say because i know how many more teams are gunning for that title. everyone wants to see the warriors lose now, which is fine. i mean, it's a great position to be in when you're probably the most hated in the league. all the greatest teams are hated, so we brace it. >> nick young is the player formally known as swaggy p, still enjoying his time as a tourist. >> i had some of y'all clam chowder so far, but the sourdough bread, i had that so far. i went to the crooked place in the world, the street. yeah. yeah. so i've been around a little bit. >> and now to baseball. there's more than just pride on the line for the giants against the dodgers. they don't want to see their arch rivals popping bottles against them for the second time in three years.
9:57 pm
they would clinch the nl west before the game. it's his 39th of the year, national rookie record. bottom 4, chris taylor with a fly to right. pence makes a great jump and sliding catch. but former a rich hill was dealing. right now the dodgers lead it by the score of 4-1 in the eighth inning. the a's hosting the rangers, and matt olson continues to make history. bottom two, olson with another home run becomig first mlb rocky with 16 homers in a 23-game span. his 13 in september leads the majors. he's got 24 total. the a's have 2-0. seven innings, given up just one run. right now are the a's would go
9:58 pm
on to win, the final score is 4-1. after being held out of the end zone in the first two games a lack of offense was not the problem for brian hoeyer. he ran for another score. the short week might have really thurt defense. they had issues stopping todd gurleyly and the rams. the niners were only a play or two away from victory. >> we have the right guys. we have guys that are going to give it their all. it's definitely not for lack of effort. we played till the end. and that's what you got to do, especially when you're a young team trying to learn how to win. it takes time, unfortunately it's been three games and we haven't got a win, but we have the right people in the locker room and the right coaches. >> the silver and black will be the national spotlight on sunday when they take on washington.
9:59 pm
they would go to 3-0 for the first time since 2002. >> whenever you start 0-10, it usually doesn't end well, but i'm glad we're trending in the right direction. obviously you want more wins than losses. but that's funny, i didn't know that. that's awesome. this report has been brought to you by toyota. >> thank you, anthony. coming up tonight at 11:00, a bay area hot spot for shopping and food sees a drop in sales, but shop owners aren't going down without a fight. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. i'm larry beil. from sandhya and anthony, thanks for the time. we'll see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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(eerie music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one in washington state, the other in nottinghamshire, england. in our first case, a body shock for detectives. - they'd never seen anything like this before. someone was sending a very particular message using sex.


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