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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 26, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> in this case, it happened so quickly, the officer reacted with the weapons that he had in his hands, and those were his hands. >> it happened in a baggage claim area at sfo.
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a veteran san francisco police officer takes down a suspect with a knife with his bare hands. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz is on maternity leave. a san francisco officer is said to be in good condition after being stabbed at sfo. the officer was responding to a call of a suspicious man at terminal 1 at the delta baggage area. sources tell abc 7 news that as the officer went to arrest the guy, the man pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer in the leg then cut his hand and face. despite those injuries, the officer managed to arrest the man with his bare hands. >> in this case, the assault happened so rapidly that the officer was fending off blows immediately. and so his first tactic in that is to attempt to push off and perhaps knock down the suspect. and he was successful in that. >> investigators say this incident does not appear to be terror related in any way. the officer, a 23-year veteran of the force is expected to be
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okay. the latest free speech showdown in berkeley today. four people were arrested as the leader oafter free speech group, patriot prayer kept his promise to appear at berkeley. here is abc 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> no kkk. >> off our streets! >> it was contentious from the start as patriot prayer leader joey gibson walked through sproul 34rplaza to an empathy t set up in the front of campus. there gibson took on his critics face-to-face. >> i don't care about the color of your skin. i care what's on the inside. i am a christian. i follow jesus. >> protesters say he is a white supremacist, an alt-right. but gibson claims he's not. >> no, i'm in the middle. i'm a moderate. i'm a libertarian, i'm trying to bring the right and the left together, the moderates.
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we get rid of the moderates and antifa so we can bring together. >> after a brief scuffle in front of campus, gibson and his entourage including kyle chapman headed down telegraph avenue where counter protest lead yvette and several others were arrested. >> usa! usa! >> gibson finally stopped at people's park for a rally with his supporters. >> the crowds with the torches and stuff, some of those people from charlottesville are right here. some of the white supremacists that were marching in charlottesville are here in berkeley. >> though the free speech events were canceled, berkeley estimates it will spend an additional $8,000 in security this week. laura anthony, abc 7 news. flames burned dangerously close to dozens of homes in the oakland hills today. sky 7 was overhead and abc 7 news was live on the air for more than an hour, bringing you
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the latest on the firefight there this afternoon. it was intense. people had to evacuate homes near campus drive off interstate 580 not far from merit college. dozens of firefighters are still on the scene, putting out hot spots and making sure there are no more problems. some will be there overnight and even for the next day or two. 22 acres burned, and it is 60% contained. but it had the potential to be twice as large. >> it's getting close. they're right over here. >> this video was taken shortly after noon when the fire started. 100 homes were evacuated. two to three dozen people were -- three dozen homes rather were actually threatened. >> this was a well coordinated collaborative effort amongst many individuals and many agencies, and we had excellent incident command. it helped us mitigate this incident in a relatively quick manner. >> good news, no one was hurt. no homes were burned. but those evacuated are now back in their home.
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most of them have gotten back, which is the good news. well, this fire could have been much worse because of today's weather conditions. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with what made today really, sandhya, a perfect fire weather. >> yeah, dan, we had the right combination of very low humidity, gusty winds and warm temperatures. luckily the crews are gaining the upper hand on this. as you take a look at the fire conditions now, weather conditions really improving. relative humidity has come up. it's 40%. much cooler now. 73% -- 73 degrees, and you'll notice it's not windy. winds have relaxed. we still have a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills until 5:00 tomorrow night. due to the fact we're going to see a repeat of the gusty winds, and the humidity will drop again as we heads towards tomorrow. right now winds are gusting to about 5 out of the northwest in the oakland hills. knoxville creek northeasterly to 18. humidity all around the bay area has begun to creep up. it's about 30% in livermore. 40 in san jose. and you will notice fairfield
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26%. that's one of our driest spots. live doppler 7 showing you not a cloud in sight. as a matter of fact, as you take a look here, the weather conditions, the pattern is taking the storm track well to our north. so we're going to keep an eye on this for you. as we may be seeing some bigger change then cooler weather coming up. dan? >> oh, that will be nice. thank you, sandhya, very much. sky 7 was over the fire for hours this afternoon. well were live on the air bringing you updates. we also sent out publish alerts through the abc 7 news app to find out what's happening where you live. download the app, and it is free and works on both apple and android devices as well. right now to a terrible accident in mill valley. an out-of-control driver crashes and sends as many as eight people to the hospital. one of them a pregnant woman. it happened at an in-n-out burger restaurant on the redwood highway frontage road adjacent to highway 1 if you know the area. this is the scene of the crash
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from sky 7 right after it happened. right on northbound highway 101, a large pickup truck crashed through the fence, crossed the frontage road and ricocheted off cars at in-n-out burger. wayne freedman talked with a man who was in a van with six family members when it happened. >> and he was on top of us. >> what are you thinking? >> today's my birthday, and i think i'm pretty damn lucky today. >> any indication how fast this car was going? >> best estimate right now is freeway speed. from what we've heard from a couple of witnesses he came off the freeway at full speed. >> through the fence? >> through the fence, across the frontage road, over the sidewalk, through the shrubs and into the parking lot. >> did he hit any people? >> from what i know, no. it sounds like everybody injured was in a vehicle at the time it happened. >> officer andrew barkley describes the driver as being an older man. they believe he suffered a
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medical emergency due to the lack of any skid marks or attempt to control the car. a toll bridge is recovering after being hit by car early this morning. it happened in a parking lot near the toll plaza. the chp tells us two vehicles crash and one hit the toll collector that person was taken to the hospital. you saw the ambulance in a shot a moment ago. and the resulting backup at the toll bridge, which was a real mess this morning if you get caught in that. an outspoken populist who was suspended from alabama's supreme court twice has won the republican primary for an open senate seat. roy moore easily defeated incumbent luther strange who had the support of president trump. in 2003, justice moore was suspended for refusing to remove the ten commandments from a courthouse. then again last year for defying federal orders over same-sex marriage. he'll face democrat doug jones for the senate seat this december. a day-long campaign is under way to register new voters by the hundreds of thousands across the united states. here in the bay area, the effort
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is happening at malls and libraries. abc 7 news reporter david louie has more on how a wide net is being cast to registered voters who want a say in issues that affect them. >> it was difficult at times to get people to stop. the two staff members from the county registrar's office aren't selling anything. they're here to register voters. it's part of a national voter registration day. last year 3/4 of a million new voters were signed up gray move ago from florida, so they wanted to register. >> i think it's incredibly important. i think that we can make a real impact in all of the elections. i think that we should have our opinions count. >> while malls and libraries are often used, some are going into targeted communities. the bakery in san jose is hosting an evening registration table sponsored by the iranian american counsel. they believe it's an opportunity that should not be missed.
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>> to make sure in the future we have a better united states, something that all of us, i mean all of our immigrants and all of the minorities came to u.s. for. i think this is actually going to be very critical to make sure we get our voice across and be heard. >> gray trico is an immigration attorney. she believes it will result in higher turnout at the polls in future elections. >> of course. so diverse california. i think the different places that people have accessibility to these things. it will definitely make a difference. more people get committed to vote in the next election. >> registration can also be done oni online. don't forget to register if you change names or affiliation. dad louie, abc 7 news. coming upnext, calculating worth i something other than dollars. how these startups are being measured by their impact on society. also, twitter does a 208, a
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defining quirk is about to become a relic. and sandhya will be right back with t
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it appears the beginning of the end is near for twitter's 140 character limit. today the san francisco-based
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company let a few select users begin testing a 280 character limit. the move is seen as a concession to users who have been clamoring for changes to the service. and even though twitter is describing the moves a test, many analysts believe the expansion is here to stay. they won't go back. instagram is adding a new feature, allowing you to control who comments on your post. the options now include limiting comments to accounts you follow, your followers or a combination of the two. previously, you either had to allow comments from everyone or disable comments all together. uber is taking -- making it easier for drivers to call out unruly passengers. starting now, drivers can choose from a preselected list of reasons to explain why they gave a passenger a rating less than five stars, which is the highest on uber's one to five scale. if a rider gets a poor rating twice within 30 days, they'll get a message letting them know that their behavior is affecting their rating. startups pitch investors all
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the time obviously. but an event that is happening tonight is a little different. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look inside the startup accelerator whose entrepreneurs are not looking the make dollars, they're looking to make change. >> i lost my fetime partner to police violence during a routine traffic stop. >> and it was that tragedy that led brandon anderson to create a chat bot named raheem. >> it means compassion. >> it asks questions to let you review your interaction was police. >> no, we didn't give him permission. >> we're going to invest money, mentoring, and resources into early stage entrepreneurs. but our entrepreneurs are starting nonprofits. >> nonprofits tackling big problems. >> to help students from low income communities graduate from college. >> beyond 12 is a coaching platform to navigate the rough waters of higher ed. then there is sex ed. >> i grew up in texas where i saw most of my peers become teen parents before we graduated high school. >> real talk addresses tough
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topics with real stories told by teens aztecs messages. >> reaching teens where they are. >> they're building apps that break down wallace. >> 100% have personal experience with the problem they set out to solve. >> in the time honored tradition of a for profit accelerator, fast forward finishes with a demo day. but instead of pitching venture capitalists. >> we're so fortunate to have oso many partners backing this idea. >> google, blackrock, at&t. big names that could give big buck. >> it breaks every act into a simple question and tells you how well your representative is representing you. >> it helps people become more informed voters at the next election. >> and tech owners could take big interest in this. >> i was stalked, threatened and extorted online. at the time there was nowhere to get help. >> liz lee founded online sos. to grow it will need artificial intelligence experts and donations. >> how to scale products and
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find customer, as well as things unique to nonprofits like building a board and fundraising. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. let's go back and talk the full forecast. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya, cooling off a little bit maybe? >> dan, just overnight tonight. but then after that, we're getting back up in the temperature range that is well above average. i want to show you the warmth from today. everyone from coast to inland in the 80s and 90s. it was 96 degrees in santa rosa. 87 in san francisco. oakland, moffet field, san jose, antioch, concord, you're all in the low 90s. even places like santa cruz managed to get up to 89 degrees. as we head towards tomorrow, in case you're wondering what the temperatures are going to do, we're basically going to see the numbers remaining on the warm side. and we will -- sorry about that, let me good back here. here is a look at the temperatures. concord will be 92 degrees tomorrow. thursday, 90 degrees. and then you will notice that the temperatures fall, beginning on friday, taking us right on through the weekend and into
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early next week. if you don't like this warm weather, hang in there. it will get better. we will see an improvement as the wind switches around, the sea breeze comes in and the fog rolls back. right now on live doppler 7, there is no fog or rain. we are seeing clear conditions here in the bay area. and a live look from our kgo roof camera. lower elevations not seeing much wind. but it is gusty in the hills still. 70 in oakland. it is warm. san jose 75 degrees. if you just step outside, you know what i'm talking about. gilroy 77 degrees. here is a gorgeous picture from our emeryville camera as we show you the blinking lights of sutro tower and the bay bridge. temperatures in the 70s to concord in livermore. 60s napa, novato. enjoy the temperatures coming down as we head towards tomorrow morning. a live look from the golden gate camera. it is clear. autumn warm tomorrow. a spare the day alert up. and much cooler pattern begins on friday. so the air quality has been
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suffering. and tomorrow spare the air alert has been issued as the worst of the air quality will be in if inland east bay. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. here is your 12-hour planner for wednesday. sun comes up tomorrow morning, and it's quite mild in the 50s and the 60s. but notice how quickly by noontime those temperatures soar. 70s, 80s, it's going to be a warm to hot day by 4:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid 70s to mid-90s. at nighttime we'll see clear conditions. tomorrow morning beginning with the 50s and 60s, comfortable weather. and then tomorrow afternoon, as you look here, it's going to be pretty warm in the south bay. 92 in san jose. 90 degrees cupertino, los gatos, on the peninsula. temperatures ranging from the upper 80s to the low 90s from redwood city to menlo park. 78 in pacifica. good place to be if you don't like the warmth. 88 in downtown san francisco. north bay 70s, 80s beaches. that down sloping wind, the north-northeasterly wind cranng those temperature again. 94n santa rosa.
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east bay almost exactly like today. low 90s from oakland to fremont. a warm day inland as well. you're looking at 92 in concord. 91 in livermore. you can down low the accuweather app and check out the temperatures hour-by-hour, minute by minute. warm to hot wednesday for you. 70s to 90s. the warmth eases a bit on thursday. we'll see a few patches of fog. but you wait until friday. and that's when it drops, well back down to where you should be. mid 60s to mid-80s. breezy and cool were a little change expected as we head into the weekend. perhaps a little cooler. and then the autumn warmth returns. but nothing like what we're dealing with now. early next week, temperatures in the mid-80s. 60s coast side. middle of next week, may even throw in a shower, dan, while we're at it. but for the time being tomorrow, good ice cream and lemonade type of weather. >> excellent. the cooling off the next couple of days is going to be lovely. >> it will be nice. >> thank you very much, sandhya. coming up next, the diet soda effect. how researchers are using soft
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drink to explain why some people buy aas guzzling vehicle. and abc 7 is celebrating hispanic heritage month on instagram every day. casa de chocolat is where you find modern chocolates blended with latin american culture, history and flavors. the store started in 2012 with the goal of introducing customers to the complex history of chocolate dating back to the cacao trees farmed by the mezzo american people in 1200 bc. you can learn how to get a taste of the treats on our
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you could save energy by living off the id. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgradealifornia. bmw just announced new technology to allow drivers to
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charge their electric hybrids without plugging them in. basically, you would have a giant charging pad on the floor of your garage, and you pull your car over the charger. the wireless inductive chargeler be available starting next year. well, families who own a fuel efficient car tend to buy big gas guzzlers as their second vehicle. uc davis researchers call it the diet soda effect in which people who buy diet drinks reward themselves with greasy french fries. the study also found that owners of fuel efficient cars also tend to drive more, which leads to more gas usage. consequently, the expected gas savings are reduced by as much as 60% in a two-car household. the study was funded by the california air resources control board. well, if you have ever tried to search for a pet online, you have likely encountered a scam. a new report from the better business bureau says fake ads can account for at least 80% of the sponsored links that appear in internet searches for pets.
9:26 pm
thieves impersonating pet sellers instruct perspective buyers to make up-front payments for shipping and other fees. the berkeley east bay humane society says instead of buying a pet online, you should get your pet at a shelter. >> you get to know them. you fill out paperwork. you review their health record. you receive adoption counseling, all before paying an adoption fee. >> the better business bureau says to be careful about buying a pet from anyone that you don't know, and certainly avoid wiring any money. coming up next, the president responds when asked has he done enough to help puerto rico. while the governor there says they're dealing with a humanitarian disaster. also -- >> we made the decision since we don't have the votes, we'll postpone that vote. >> not giving up, but not getting it done either. we'll have the latest on republican efforts to kill obamacare. and shooting drones out of the sky. we have video of the new laser we have video of the new laser blaster designed to keep
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour with president trump defending himself over puerto rico. the president was asked today if he had been preoccupied with the nfl national anthem controversy. the president tweeted 24 times about the nfl, but only six times about puerto rico. and several of those tweets appear to be critical. here is abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> president trump in rose garden today with a message for puerto rico. >> we will get through this and we will get through it together. >> on the ground, total devastation. nearly the entire island still without power. more than half of it without
9:31 pm
water. but many say until now the president's public response has been subdued. overnight in a series of tweets, president trump emphasized puerto rico's massive debt, saying it owes billions of dollars to wall street and the banks, which sadly must be dealt with. among those who called him out, the mayor of san juan who said you don't put debt above people. you put people above debt. new york congresswoman nydia velazquez going even further. >> this is going to turn to be mr. trump's katrina. >> and today we put the question to the president. >> is puerto rico getting all the help it needs from you mr. president? >> puerto rico is very important to me and the people, they're fantastic people. i grew up in new york so i know many people from puerto rico. i know many puerto ricans. >> the president highlighting the praise he has received. >> it's the most difficult job because it's on an island in the middle of the ocean. it's out in the ocean. you can't just drive your truck
9:32 pm
there's from other states. and the governor said we're doing a great job. >> while brushing off questions about whether he has been preoccupied by his battle with the nfl. >> was i preoccupied? not at all. not at all. i have plenty of time on my hands. all i do is work. >> and today the white house released these photos to show it. the president in the situation room being briefed on puerto rico. cecilia vega, abc news, the white house. >> from the white house to capitol hill, where senate republicans pulled the plug on a vote to repeal obamacare after seven years of trying, gop leaders called it a short-term setback and said that they will revisit this in the future. many republicans, including the president are going after the three senators who said that they would vote no, including john mccain. abc's news reporter mary bruce has more. >> tonight republicans are conceding defeat. >> we've made the decision since we don't have the votes, we'll postpone that vote, okay. am i disappointed? absolutely.
9:33 pm
>> but for mom samantha mcgovern who worried what this bill would mean for her daughter josephine, relief. >> the last time i saw you? >> i'm much happier today than i was the last time i saw you. >> the fatal blow dealt by senator susan collins of maine. >> it was clear to me that the graham/cassidy bill bill was not the average answer. >> the concern millions would lose coverage. lisa murkowski of alaska who opposed the last attempt -- >> i said in january we should not repeal without a replacement. >> didn't like the process this go anderson, sround saying theyt the text and then proceed to a vote. john mccain with this defiant thumbs-down agreed. he wants a bipartisan process. his best friend in the senate lindsey graham, who crafted the bill had this to say. >> john mccain can do whatever damn he wants to. he has earned that right.
9:34 pm
>> but tonight he says they have to keep up the fight. >> why? we'll get killed if we don't. >> you'll get killed if you don't. >> we'll get killed. can you imagine if we don't fulfill this promise? >> so what comes next? there is word that bipartisanship may be back. senators from both sides of the aisle are heading back to the negotiating table to try to hammer out immediate steps they can take to stabilize the markets and try to give americans facing high premiums some relief. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. lockheed martin posted video this week of its new giant laser beam. it shows a test of how the athena can blow drones out of the sky. lockheed says it's moving closer to being able to take on more sophisticated threats. for instance, it may one day be able to help protect soldiers in combat from swarms of drones. the laser provides more speed, provision and lower cost compared to other weapons. saudi arabia announced today
9:35 pm
that it will allow women to drive for the first time. saudi arabia was the only country in the world to ban women from driving. and for years had taken negative publicity internationally for detaining women who defied that ban. the state document says the u.s. is happy with this decision. despite worries that the president's travel restrictions would hurt san francisco tourism in this year, the numbers are up from last year. in 2016, nearly 25.2 million people visited the city. they spent $8.9 billion. this year the travel association estimates 25.6 million people will visit, and they will spend $9.1 billion in our fair city. after the president instituted a travel ban, san francisco countered with a campaign called always welcome. international visitors make up about a quarter of all tourists in the city. there were more this year than last year as well. and staying in the city, san
9:36 pm
francisco city attorney herera filed a lawsuit against equifax for failing to protect the personal data of more than 15 million californians. this comes on the same day equifax's ceo richard smith stepped down. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> credit reporting company equifax's massive data breach possibly impacted 143 million americans. >> impacted 15 million californians alone. >> which is why san francisco city attorney dennis herrera filed a lawsuit against equifax this morning. it alleges the company failed to implement and maintain regional security procedures. also that equifax failed to provide timely notice of the breach until six weeks after it learned its system had be compromised. finally, that when equifax did provide notice, it failed to provide complete plain and clear information to consumers. >> i think that this was a cascade of wrongs.
9:37 pm
and it would be their incompetence would be comical if the impact wasn't so serious. >> on this same day the lawsuit was filed, richard smith stepped down. herrera is the first city attorney in the country to sue equifax over the breach. >> the numbers that we're talking about are in the many, many millions of dollars. >> it's not clear what portion of that would go directly to consumers. >> the most important thing is that we take steps to assure that california consumers are protected. >> in an e-mailed statement, a spokesperson for equifax writes he cannot comment on pending litigation, but want to assure consumers that we are remaining focused on helping them navigate the situation. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a lot more to come. the financial burden that could trigger a crisis for school dribs all across the state if nothing is done, you'll likely end up paying for it. we'll explain. plus the asian art museum will almost double in size.
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california has been addressing public pension shortfalls in the state, and now the legislature is taking a closer look at the unfunded liability of health benefits that school districts face. in the bay area, two of them, san francisco and west contra costa are particularly challenged. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez explains that if nothing is done, we'll all end up paying for it. >> spending on retiree health benefits for school district employees in california has nearly doubled over the past 13 years. these are the benefits that employees are entitled to from the time they decide to retire to when they actually reach 65 and are eligible for medicare. according to the legislative analyst office, some california
9:42 pm
school districts have a sizable unfunded liability when it comes to their retiree health benefits. so what does that mean? well, let's say i have a thousand dollars in future payment obligation, but up to now, i've only saved $800. this means i have a shortfall of $200. across all districts, the unfunded liability is 24 billion. on the top of the list is los angeles unified with an expected shortfall of more than $13 billion. and in the bay area, san francisco unified has an unfunded liability of $604 million. and west contra costa unified, $332 million. >> this kind of looms over us. so we always have to take into account what this is going to mean for our district. and it's a significant amount. >> the legislative analysts offices is recommending that districts begin reducing their future costs while setting aside more money. >> we are not walking away from that responsibility at all.
9:43 pm
we need to be able to do both. but that's going to mean the state is going to have to step up and support us more. >> when these shortfalls occur, californians are on the hook to cover them, which means less money for other state programs. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. one of marin county's most iconic structures is getting a face-lift. or more accurately a roof lift. sky 7 was over the blue roof on the marin county civic center. the board of supervisors today awarded an $18 million contract to a novato-based company to replace the roof. legendary architect frank lloyd wright designed the structure, but now it's leaking pretty badly. the 220,000-square-foot roof are be repainted marin blue just as it is now, but they'll get the leaks fixed. big changes for san francisco's asian art museum, and they're something of a work of art themselves. the museum unveiled plans for a $90 million expansion and
9:44 pm
remodels. they expect to break ground next year on a state-of-the-art exhibition pavilion. i don't know the exhibition space, the pavilion will open out to an outdoor rooftop terrace. the architect envisions it as a blending of the museum experience with the vibe of the city itself. >> in looking at the mona lisa you know you're in paris. and all of the sudden that experience and the city become one. you should be looking at this amazing heritage and look at it as well, we are in san francisco. we're in a great place with culture. >> when it's finished, the place will be known as the akiko yamazaki and jerry yang pavilion. the couple pledged a $25 million donation to make it happen. more to come, meteorologist sandia a patel is up next with more on the forecast. and the groom who suddenly disappeared. why he ended up soaked, and why
9:45 pm
his bride is beaming tonight. stay with us.
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all right. the groom literally took the plunge on his wedding day, and the newlyweds have the wedding pictures to prove it. here is david muir. >> this looks more like your
9:49 pm
typical wedding photo. clayton and brooke this weekend in ontario. but this is what it soon looked like. that's the groom soaked, nearly waist deep in the water. clayton noticed a boy had fallen in, and without hesitation, left the photo shoot to save the boy. >> his face was underwater and he was fighting. he was really fighting. lucky he is only a little guy and i grabbed him sort of like right here. and i kind of honestly sort of hubbed him up. >> it was moments earlier they had begun to take the photos when the photographer noticed the groom was gone. >> he is struggling to swim. and he swooped up the little guy by his arm, just sopping wet. and the kid safely walking away while he is in the river. >> that little boy, he is okay tonight. and so is the bride, saying that's the guy i married. >> that's clay. that's clay to me. it doesn't even surprise me that that happened. it's something he would instinctively do. >> great. david muir reporting. one last check on the
9:50 pm
weather. let's go to meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya? >> hi, dan. live doppler. skies are clear right now. that will be changing later on this week as we see fog returning by the end of the workweek. temperatures tomorrow afternoon very similar to today. 80s, 90s. it's going to be a warm to hot wednesday. now you look at the temperature trend for thursday. the warmth eases. 70s to 90s. much cooler friday. we'll drop you to the 60s to 80s trend. san jose well above the average of 80 degrees. but by friday through the weekend and even into early next week, we'll be closer to average. still tracking tropical storm maria and hurricane lee in the atlantic. lee is a category 2, expected to become a major hurricane. but it is not impacting any land. and not expected, at least not at this point. tropical storm maria, though, different story. continues to kick up the winds, the waves. storm surge warnings are still going for parts of the east coast. and they will have to deal with
9:51 pm
the rip current can risk. accuweather seven-day forecast. the warm to hot weather will give way to a gradual cooldown on thursday by a few degrees. but you really don't feel it until friday, saturday when you're in the low to mid-80s inland. mid-60s coast side. just in time for the weekend. we plan it right now as we head towards sunday, a little bit warmer. but very pleasant weather, dan. >> nice. thanks, sandhya. sports director larry beil is here. interesting news in the nba today. >> everybody is lining up, trying to get their ducks in a row to challenge the warriors. and if the dubs are going to win the championship this year, they may have to go through lebron and his new teammate. yes, the cavs just added one of
9:52 pm
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgradealifornia. abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> good evening. a's catcher bruce maxwell is on the cover of "sports illustrated" this week, along with other bay area stars like steph curry, steve kerr and aaron roger, all for their position on athletes protesting
9:55 pm
which has again a lot of attention lately. playing seattle. the final week of the baseball season for the athletics. nothing tastier than a nice set of binoculars at the game. yum! that is good stuff right there. first inning, marcus siemian lead-off bomb to left. 1-0. a's lead in a flash. to the fourth, robinson cano. smolinski makes the spectacular catch. matches into the wall. he has been hurt much of the season. 2-1 in the sixth. they call him crush. khris davis, his 41st. look at the catch by the fan. that's why you bring your glove. leaning over there. in the seventh, danny valencia takes ryan belt deep. this game just went final, 6-3 mariners. is your final. giants in arizona. no binoculars on the menu. junior going with a gigantic hot dog.
9:56 pm
2-0 d-backs in the second. rough night for matt moore. david peralta lines to buster posey who goes home but missed the tag on jake lamb. the giants season right there. aj pollack, base hit. moore is in trouble. 4-zip d-backs in a hurry. here it comes and there it goes. jd martinez didn't look like he got all of it. but it carries and carries and carries. and almost into the pool. that was a grand slam. moore was yanked in the second inning, allows eight runs. and it is now 11-4 d-backs. they're in the ninth. the warrior, they've been taking flak about being an unfair super team since they signed kevin durant and won the title. but the reigning champs are not the only ones who are trying to stack the deck. last week we saw okc add carmelo anthony. the cavaliers came to terms with dwyane wade, yes, flash. wade won two titles with lebron in miami. one with shaq as well as the heat. agreed to a contract buyout with the bulls. he gave up like $8 million.
9:57 pm
that's how much you want to leave chicago to become a free agent. 35 years old. can still score. the warriors apparently jr.ed about his service to see if he could woman to golden state. wade expected to clear waivers tomorrow and sign a one-year deal with the cavaliers. cleveland is going to have to wait before they see wade and isaiah thomas on the court at the same time. thomas expected to be out until january recovering from hip surgery. the cavs, they'd been very secretive about thomas's timetable to return, but they got him in a trade. looked like they got damaged goods. all they're worried about is that it is healthy for the play-offs. stanford will host arizona state this week. starting quarterback yet to be determined. keller chryst left the game last week, took a hit to the head. see a question mark. kj costello, he took over. he might not let go of the job. mike shumann has more on an impressive redshirt freshman.
9:58 pm
>> david shaw would not commit to a starting quarterback against arizona state, but he was s costello's play. >> with plenty of time. going to take off. touchdown cardinal. >> it was impressive. it was impressive. be the first to say it wasn't perfect. the first few drives he wasn't completely on. and we corrected on a couple of things. but the bottom line the kid's got moxie. he has a little fire to him. he can throw the football extremely well. >> he just took command of the huddle. he was telling everybody the play. and then what he expected out of the play. just little extra things here. all right, jj, get open. i'm going to look at you. or hey, go get this first down for us. and those are the kind of things that you want to hear, especially from a quarterback. it's just the confidence that he has and everybody else in the huddle is like nodding with him. we're going get this first down. we're going to make this play. >> it doesn't really matter who place quarterback, as long as
9:59 pm
you have one certain player behind you. >> bryce love. >> who is your daddy? love is. >> is a phenom. and there is a lack of surprise on our football team. because we've been watching it. >> reporting at stanford, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> bryce love is a bad man. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> yes, indeed. thanks, larry, very much. well, the effort to let the show go on coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. a debate happening tonight in the south bay involving time, money, and some major concert acts. also twitter announces it is increasing messages to 280 characters. people tonight have a lot to say about that change, and we mean a lot. those stories and a lot more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. but for now, for sandhya patel, larry beil, all of us, i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time.
10:00 pm
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