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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 2, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. [ gunshots ]. tonight the massacre iplas vegas, the deadliest mass
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shooting in modern american history. the gunman firing down on thousands at an out door concert from his hotel room. >> pop, pop, pop. they just kept coming, and we -- we just started running towards the gate. [ gunshots ]. >> while some ran, others took cover like this group who huddled behind a metal barricade trying to save their lives. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> the shooting left at least 59 dead and 527 injured. police found the shooter dead in his hotel room along with an arsenal of weapons. >> abc news reporter is in las vegas. >> reporter: good evening, dan and kristen. as you can see the lights are on here in the famous las vegas strip. but so many of those iconic shows tonight are dark as throughout the city people are instead holding candles and remembering the victims. ♪ you are worthy of our praise
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>> reporter: las vegas and the nation in mourning following this scene. a barrage of gunfire on the las vegas strip as a lone gunman fired down on a crowd of 22,000 unsuspecting country music fans. police say 64-year-old stephen paddock hammered through the window of his hotel room, raised at least one rifle that functioned like an automatic machine gun and fired mercilessly. tirified people piling on top of each other, sheltering with anything they could. >> we ran, and we ran. and i still wasn't sure it was actually bullets until when we paused the guy next to us got shot. >> reporter: swat teams jumping into the action. >> i need everyone in that hallway to be aware to see if we can get any type of response from this guy to see if he's
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moved somewhere else. breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: entering the room discovering paddock's body and his arsenal. at least 23 firearms recovered from the scene. >> we're currently standing at 527 for individuals injured and individuals that have died or passed away, 59. >> reporter: las vegas now with a heart breaking record for the deadliest mass shooting in american history. and also there in the shooter's hotel room law enforcement officials say they foun thousands of round of ammunition and several high capacity magazines already preloaded with the ammunition. it seems the shooter tried to inflict as much damage as possible in a short amount of time as he had. >> well, people who were at at concert are now recounting those horrifying moments as the gunman opened fire. >> jessica castro is live in las vegas with their stories. jessica.
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>> reporter: dan, christen, both men i spoke to say they're lucky to be alive. in fact one of them is on his way home right now back to the bay area to be reunited with friends and family and, frankly, get away from what is still a major crime scene out here. the men tell me they didn't know whether to run or hide. >> i see jason aldean runoff stage immediately. and then the fire just came steadily. just pop, pop, pop, pop. >> little did i not even thought for a second it would be fun  fire. and next time my friend looks and says oh, my god, that person is shot. and then we look and realize this is happening. >> reporter: that's when the two bay area men took shelter under neath the bleacher. >> we found an escape route like this high, about 3 feet off the ground and crawled under neath the bleachers. and my friend keeps thinking
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they're going to shoot through the bleachers or the bleachers going to fall apart. >> reporter: tonight vigils being held around las vegas for those who didn't make it out alive and those who remain hospitalized. >> i'm okay. just pray for the people that are still suffering and will continue to suffer after this. >> reporter: and nisha, frut danville who you just heard from, tells me right now he's terrified to watch the news and perhaps see some of the many faces he met for this entire weekend. he was here for the entire festival, all three days. and yet despite the trauma he tells me he'll continue to come the las vegas and continue to go to concerts both here and back in the bay area. reporting live from the las vegas strip, abc 7 news. >> jessica, thank you so much. >> part of the investigation is focusing on what would drive anyone to take so many innocent lives. >> we're learning more and more about the gunman as the hours
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progress. and his family past and gambling habits. >> abc's chief correspondent brandon ross has more. >> reporter: as investigators search for clues at his letirement community, the motive of stephen paddock, scene in this photoposted by his girlfriend, remains a mystery. >> we have no knowledge of this individual. >> reporter: his family remembers paddock as a man who grew up without conviction. >> steve had nothing to do with any political organization, religious organization, no white supremeicist, nothing. >> reporter: the fbi says no connection either to any overseas terror group despite a claim today by isis. >> we have determined to this point no connection to an international terrorist group. >> reporter: yet for some reaer
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checked into his 32nd floor las vegas room last thursday intending to kill. authorities had hope his girlfriend who once worked as a casino hostess for high players can provide some insight. authorities say he's overseas tonight. adding to the mystery, paddock sent tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the philippines in the last few weeks. his real passion appears to be gambling. his brother says paddock recently won a $40,000 jackpot and was a multi-millionaire. >> he played a million dollar a hand video poker. >> reporter: video shows him later rubbing his leg in pain. an arbitrators found in favor of the casino. until today the only known connection to crime was paddock's late father, a violent
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bank robber who spent several years in the 1960s as an fbi fugitive described as psychopathic, suicidal, armed and dangerous. >> and police say smoke from the shooters guns triggered a smoke detector and that led them straight to his room. >> officials in las vegas believe it will take some time to identify all of the dead and to contact their families. but there are details emerging about some of the victims who have already been identified. abc's anchor tonight tells us more. >> reporter: tonight we're learning the names of those who lost their lives at the concert here over night. there was dana gartner, 28-year-old afghanistan vet. jordan from canada. he would have turned 24 this
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week. among the victims, teachers, education professionals. manhattan beach education teacherandy casey. her students in mourning today. >> it was painful. there's a lot of pain on the campus today.
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>> i called my husband and told him that i loved him, and my little girl in case i didn't make it. >> brian trapped ninety-two room with others near the stage. >> police officers screamed go, go. and i rallied everybody out of that room. it was determined. i said to myself, these girls aren't going to die, i'm not going to die. i need to get home to see my daughter. this is not happening, not happening. >> david muir reporting. some residents returned home today, and of course they're shaken up. >> reporter: this scene of panic and anxiety following gunfire at this las vegas concert is something rick row says he wants to forget, but it keeps playing in his mind.
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>> a little paranoia over night, and thinking the worst. >> reporter: these bay area concert goers arrived home traumatized, some still needing a long hug, others still shocked. >> there was guy that got shot in his arm, guy ripped wide open, guy shot in his head. it was a total nightmare. >> reporter: sammy says one man protected her. >> i turned to my sister and said are those fireworks or gunshots? and a man behind me said they were gunshots and tackled me to the ground and covered me. the guy got shot right next to me. >> reporter: they managed to run to the airport. while this couple's last minute decision likely saved their lives. >> you just don't know.
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>> reporter: they all returned home relieved and grateful to have survived the deadly mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> the clark county started a gofundme page. it raised $2.6 million since just this morning and still growing. how local officials are working to keep people safe here as the bay area ramps up for some big events this week. meteorologist drew tuma is here with a preview of the weather. >> those winds will bring about warmer weather in the coming days. i'll
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a giterrest who played during the las vegas music festival where the shooting took place now says he was wrong for his support of the second amendment. today he tweeted, quote, we actually have members of our crew with concealed handgun licenses and legal concealed firearms on the bus. he says they happen useless. he says we need gun control right now.
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>> well, las vegas has a line up of concerts and fleet week. >> abc reporter melendez has gnat story. >> on behalf of san francisco, we welcome our marines back to the city. >> reporter: like the one seen last night in las vegas. the bluegrass festival is also scheduled for this weekend. >> we're going to be prepared. we're very much aware, and there'll be extra security that police and private concert organizers will have as well. >> reporter: the police department and mayors office are in contact with federal and state officials sharing any information they may have. >> it's crucial we continue to work together in exercise to
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make sure we're better prepared. >> reporter: coincidently as part of fleet week, both the state and department of defense showed off their medical surge units in the event of an earthquake or any situation with mass casualties. >> they would actually bring out trauma surgeon capabilities. >> our hospitals were just so packed, right. >> absolutely. hope they don't become overwhelmed, but we're planning for smf some of the worst-case scenarios. >> reporter: the mayor says there is some comfort knowing the military is here for the remainder of the week. >> security issue aside, we're looking at weather for these events, and that's shaping up pretty nicely. >> yeah, we've got so many people coming into town. meteorologist drew tuma is here with our weather for fleet week. >> we'll place it with warmer air to round outlet the week and weekend.
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couldn't find a cloud in the sky. and live doppler along with satellite is crystal clear. outside we get a look from our emeriville camera. a nice weather pattern for the next 1 hours. one point to speak of is the fire danger is running high. north bay and east bay hill, the warning will expire later into the night for the east bay hills. but it will last until 5:00 tomorrow evening for the north bay hills. the reason why is because the winds. offshore wind will continue for the next 24 hours, bring us that dry weather pattern. that means high fire danger into tomorrow and summer like warmth will round out the week into the weekend. as you take a look, the threat is really highest above 1,000 feet essentially in our hills. that's where the winds could gust anywhere from 20 to 25 miles an hour and combine that
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with dry brush and fires could spread. currently at 52 in nevada, 60 currently in san i don't say, and 64 that current neighbor in brentwood. plenty of stars out there. clear skies from the coast and inland. and we'll have good radiation cooling. that means whatever heat we retained earlier this evening, it's going to quickly escape into the atmosphere. so we're going to cool off rather quickly. about 51 in san jose. dropped about 50 degrees in san francisco. get ow out the door early tomorrow morning. pit will be breezy and cool. have the jacket on the coast. around the bay upper 50s, and inland upper 40s. so some spots chilly. as you take a look at your afternoon, lot of sunshine. it will be breezy again.
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but temperatures pretty much spot on with where we should be this time of year. about 72 in san francisco, 78 in san jose, 75 in -- the winds are going to relax. so wednesday it's going to be a nice day. but then on thursday you're going to notice we're turning warmer out there. 70s and 80s become widespread and even warmer to round out the week. on friday we do expect 90s to make a return inland. plan the next seven days for you, it is breezy and nice and sunny on your tuesday. the winds will diminish on your wednesday and start to parm up. really thursday and friday, really widespread warmth. and the remember wath will slowly back off sunday into monday. but nothing but sunshine innext seven days. coming up next we'll remember singer,
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just getting word into the newsroom that rock icon tom petty has passed away. the 66-year-old musician was rushed to the hospital from his malibu home last night. he had just wrappedp his 40th anniversary show with his band. they appeared in may and in august. music writer ben -- interviewed petty for his magazine and said he had a broad range of influences. >> he came from everywhere. influenced from the stones, bob dylan. so he was from all places music has come from and visited. >> he was known for such hits as
9:25 pm
running down a dream, free falling. you might have noticed a big heart over the golden gate bridge on sunday. they hkywriter draw the image to celebrate the last days of the summer of love anniversary. 50 years ago tourists and local alike got out their cameras and posted the pictures on social media. as lawmakers try to piece together a motive, many are wondering what could have driven a man to shoot at thousands of helpless concert goers. also -- >> shots fired from gnat aemand bay. >> you're going to hear police move in on the shooter and burst in on his hotel
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>> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. good evening once again. tonight the city of las vegas and reeling and stunned so. so many there are doing anything they can to help. people stood in line for hours to donate blood. >> and there are vigils. this is las vegas city hall with an american flag waving on the side of the building. abc reporter matt gutman has more on what happened. >> reporter: the chaos unfolding in the heart of the las vegas strip. 10:08 p.m. 22,000 country music fans packed in and joined the route 91 harvest festival. but high above them of the 32nd floor in the glitterring mandalay w mandalay resort, stephen paddock was watching. automatically gunfire quickly
9:30 pm
drowning out his voice. [ gunshots ]. >> reporter: music stops, and he rushes offstage. te audience huddling on the ground. the mandalay looming over them. for so many, confusion was part of the show. seconds later the rapid fire shooting starts again. [ gunshots ]. >> reporter: terrified people piled on top of each other, sheltering behind anything they could. but they were in an open field, easy targets for the gunman in the tower. >> i didn't know where to go. oh, my god. >> reporter: thousands looking for safety anywhere, even a stranger's car. >> can we get in? >> yeah, get in.
9:31 pm
>> relax, relax. >> my husband and i ran out towards our car, and there were people hiding underneath my car for cover. >> reporter: it was early this morning we found mike kronk head in hands. you guys were trying to do triage while the shooting was going on. >> there was nobody i was going to leave my buddy. i had to keep compression on. we got him under the stage, so at least we knew he was safe. >> reporter: as an army of police ked high above the panicked crowds, swat teams esnded on the shooter. >> all units move back. >> breach, breach, breach.
9:32 pm
>> reporter: police say they found paddock dead inside. he had killed himself. >> right now we need your truck. we just need to get people over to the hospital, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: down on the ground, the sidewalk now a triage center. the wounded carried on barricades turned into stretchers, even in wheelbarrows. >> we just saw a bunch of people that needed help, so we just started paddling in our truck. >> reporter: total lock down. the american playground now a killing field. >> that's matt gutman reporting. well, now a chilling look into the first responders on-the-scene. >> their intense conversations with they went to take the gunman down. >> shots fired from mandalay bay. there's many people down. >> reporter: as bullets rained down on concert goers like hell fire, las vegas swat teams
9:33 pm
jumped into action to take down the shooter. >> i'm going to call the strike team. i need five officers on me. >> reporter: heavily armed officers moving up the massive glass tower. >> we're at the end of the hall. those officers down the hall, you need to acknowledge so we don't have a cross fire. >> reporter: carefully of friendly fire, swat advances. and right before they storm paddock's room, this warning just in case they're walking into an ambush. >> i need everybody in that hallway to be aware and get back. we need to pop in and see if we can get any type of response from this guy, see if he's injured or actually moved somewhere else. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: after that explosion, officers move in. >> everyone standby. >> that's affirmative, one
9:34 pm
suspect down. i have the floor. >> reporter: and as they discover paddock's body, they also find his arsenal. >> room's security. one suspect down, firearms. >> and that was tom reporting. a couple from the south bay is thankful to be back home after living through the terror and gunfire in las vegas last night. >> we heard like pop, pop, pop. we kind of looked at each other. pop, pop, pop. it just kept coming. and we just started running towards the gate. >> reporter: valerie describes the sheer terror she and her husband experienced last night when a gunman opened fire at a concert in las vegas. they were there for the route 91 harvest festival enjoying country musewalk their friends. >> it was chaos, absolute chaos. >> reporter: here's a picture
9:35 pm
they took before the shooting. she and her husband started running towards the exit. >> people started to drop and panic and push and shove. and he started to slow us. he said you cannot slow. if we slow, we're dead. we have a 5-year-old. keep going. and i remember my shoe broke but we can't stop. >> and we got to an apartment complex and people let us in. >> reporter: they learned their friend was tramppled and suffered some injuries but made it out okay. they left the apartment at 4:00 a.m. reeling from what happened. >> it's horrible. it really is. >> people walking next to us were covered in blood. they're telling us how their family was hit. we've got to get home to our baby. >> reporter: still wearing their concert bracelets, a sad reminder what was supposed to be a fun weekend. now the couple grateful to have
9:36 pm
just survived. >> bay area volunteers are showing their support for the las vegas victims by donating blood. in san francisco blood centers for the pacific says there's been a sharp up take in blood donators. it's part of a nationwide system that can help replenish blood supplies in disaster stricken areas. she said she wanted to do something to help. >> for me when i watched a situation like this unfold, the immediate question is what can i do, how can i support my community? how can i take action to be there for those who need me? >> very compassionate. blood centers of the pacific has information online on how to preregister to become a blood donor. you can also check out the hours of the center nearest you. >> the president calling the massacre in las vegas an act of pure evil. he promised to visit the city on
9:37 pm
wednesday, 24 hours after his trip to puerto rico. here's senior white house correspondent cecilia investigata. >> reporter: in his address to the nation today, president trump striking a somber tone. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> reporter: he never said the gunman's name, instead focusing on the victims and survivors. >> we are praying for you, and we're here for you. and we ask god to see you through this very dark period. >> reporter: and he called for unity. >> it is our love that defines us today and always will forever. >> reporter: the president leaving a moment of silence, ordering flags flown at half staff and personally calling the las vegas sheriff. >> the fast response you gave saved hundreds of additional people from being killed. >> reporter: but was this terrorism? the white house won't say. does the president believe what
9:38 pm
happened amounts to an act of domestic terrorism? >> it would be premature to weigh in on something like that before we have more facts. >> reporter: abc news, the white house. >> the eiffel tower is going dark to pay tribute to two victims the marseille and the las vegas victims. >> saying israel stands shoulder to shoulder with the u.s. in mourning and sorrow. >> and russian president vladimir putin expresses his condolences saying in a message to president donald trump it was shocking. >> and he offered his support to the victims. at the time of the shooting he played the night before.
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flags are flying at half staff all around the bay area in honor of the las vegas shooting victims. this is vid trow from sky 7 at several locations including hayward city hall, hayward police and fire departments. the alameda county building as well as the castro public library and castro public high school. >> country music stars are known for booking halls to play for their loyal fans, but will future fears put that loyalty to the test? talking to a radio station.
9:43 pm
>> jason aldean -- >> reporter: the bonds between fans and their favorite country stars is strong. their listen to them on the radio you tend their concerts. the attack on fans in las vegas is not expected to separate fans from their favor rt country sta. the jen prl manager at the radio station says an act of violence won't drive them apart. >> jason is doing over 250 dates this year, kenny chesney, they all do lots of dates. >> reporter: social media alive with stars and fans expressing their sorrow for the victims. and it's likely a fund-raiser is soon to follow just as they did for hurricane relief. >> i'm sure there's going to be some sort of a together fund
9:44 pm
group, fund-raising or whatever kind of event that the country music industry does towards this whole event. >> reporter: will tighter security be in the works for festivals? others sense more violent attacks are possible as tall structures are built. >> i feel the more these things are happening, the more problems there are going to be even at a personal level. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. coming up next, a special golf tournament to help kids in golf tournament to help kids in ne
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two years before last night's tragedy las vegas police went through a bay area training program that prepares first responders for these rare and
9:48 pm
dangerous situations. as abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom explains urban shield has some critics but saying today that training has more use than ever. >> one floor ahead, one floor above us. >> listening to some of the raid etraffic that was going on yesterday, that team was very composed and calm. >> reporter: sergeant ray kelly from the alameda sheriff's office says that's because they've trained for this. >> all units move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> these were the explosives we would use if we needed to do a breach. >> police. >> reporter: drills like this are part of urban shield, a training program held every year in alameda county with swat teams from all around the world. from taking out a shooter to bringing in medical help even while shots are still being
9:49 pm
fired. >> if we can stop shots immediately people's lives can be saved. >> it's heavy gauged steel. >> reporter: and that's drawn protesters to nearly every urban shield event. >> when police arm themselves with military grade weaponry, what we're going to see is more violence. >> reporter: opponents worry armor and big guns aredeyen individe between people and the police. >> a complete break down of any kind of trust that exists with the community. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says vehicles like this may look imposing, but they're entirely for defense purposes. getting officers into a dangerous situation and getting injured patients out. >> every year we see a change in tactics by the bad guys out there. >> reporter: so next year sarge want kelly says they'll train for this situation. >> how do you prevent, high rise, urban attacks on innocent people?
9:50 pm
>> let's shift our focus again and talk about the weather. >> i know. it's getting pretty pleasant. >> yeah, we're going to have a cool night on the way. some spots will drop into the 40s in the over night hours. 51 that low in san jose. your 12 hour planner on your tuesday will show nothing but sunshine at 7:07, and another mild day out there. 70s in a lot of spots. 72 in san francisco. about 78 in san jose. 75 that number in oakland. the acuweather forecast we'll show you we'll keep the sunshine, lose the wind on wednesday and warm up our temperatures on friday. >> wow. >> everybody headed to the coast. the weather was great, and it was a very special day in danville. >> it was. my 2st annual -- was held at the
9:51 pm
country club today. especially in times like these i really appreciate others who join me in the community. in this case helping underserved kids to camp. >> exposing them to the world they might not get otherwise. >> no cellphones, how amazing is that? and kids get a chance to play on the beach. we do a little junior olympics up there. >> together over the years we've sent nearly 10,000 kids to camp. we'll pass that mark this summer. we're about 9,500 now. normally, i'd be right there as we speak, but the news of the day has abated that. >> so many people showed up. >> they really did. >> and i give you credit for doing this. you know where bailee is? >> in china with the warriors.
9:52 pm
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sports director larry beal traveling with the warriors in china as they face minnesota for two preseason games. after a 14 hour flight the team changed their plans on day one already. after a 14-hour flight that covered approximateply 7,000 miles, we arrive said ibchina on the warriors private charter monday night. the original itinry called for the dubs to land and go straight to practice but because of a delay in taking off, the warriors opted for a plan b, which was dinner and sleep. sleep for livingston, his baby joana and tiler all in china for the first time. what are you looking forward to most this week? >> brought my family out here.
9:56 pm
so get a chance to really tour and just kind of dive into the culture. >> reporter: you've got a brand new babey. 14-hour flight with an infant. you've got a lot of guts. but the baby was terrific. >> yeah, the baby was great. she slept better than both of us. >> reporter: because of a passport snaf oo, cur had to take a commercial flight. he's expected to land here on tuesday. and i will say steve curr did arrive. to add insult to and injury, they also lost derek carr with a back injury. he was hurt on this play in the third quarter when harris pulled him down, and got him flying with a knee to derek's back. this injury i want to say common resulting from a twisting or side bending movement, which
9:57 pm
happened here, also due to a direct impact. >> that was a big blow to lose a good player, a key player and a quarterback. but the good news is he's not gone for the year. you know, we'll get him back. it could be as short as two weeks. it could be longer. we'll see as it goes. but just got affthe phone with him. he said he's soury. he's a great kid. i told him the team will take care of business while he's healing and get healed up. and when he can come back, he'll come back. >> they lost all three by a total of only eight points. they're getting better every week, but quarterback erin -- has struggled. his passing stats are not up to par. in his defense, though, receiver drops way to often. and today the coach said today
9:58 pm
he'll consider changing quarterbacks. >> if i did feel that was the best thing for the team right now, i wouldn't hesitate at all. so i look into the big picture four games into it, with our offense, defense is, and really building, and i don't feel it is something best for our team right now. so that's not something i've start today consider. >> facing perhaps the future quarterback kirk cousins in monday football. cousins 44-iar strike to terrell. go to the third quarter. takes the hand-off, and goes untouched into the end zone. tied at 17 in the final seconds. chief rookie in his debut kick for the lead. the chiefs then score, they remain the only undefeated team in the nfl with a 29-20 victory.
9:59 pm
of course we'll hear from larry. tonight an emotional homecoming. >> it was unbelievable. >> we catch up with some people who return to the bay area today after witnessing yesterday's shooting. their stories of survival and heroism. >> plus as investigators probe the shooter's motives, a look at the arsenal and how he got those guns. over at 11:00 on channel 7. >> from all ofous here, we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your evening. urpe to see you again in one >> that's right. on channel 7.
10:00 pm
today, the stories of two murder cases. one in gresham, oregon. the other in worcestershire, england. in our first case, a husband is focused on a night of pleasure. >> they say that


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