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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 4, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is coming up next. live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> and he was in fear that he was about to be breached. so he was doing everything possible to figure out how he could escape. >> that's the las vegas sheriff tonight with new details about the shooter. and his girlfriend back in the united states and calling him kind of quiet. the question is, did she know
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anything. good everything, thank you for joining us i'm dan ashley. ama daetz is on maternity leave. tonight we're learning more about the man who mastermind and carried out sunday's shooting spree, his meticulous planning and the arsenal. the number dead stands at 58. the readvised total excluding the gunman. tonight police say they're looking closely at whether he had an accomplice. we're in las vegas. >> reporter: good evening, dan, there's a new headline, authorities believe that the shooter had planned to escape and we know how interested they were in hearing from his girlfriend. tonight we hear her own words for the first time. >> i'm devastated by the deaths and injuries that have occurred. >> these are the first public words of marilou danley, the shooter's girlfriend as read by her attorney. >> it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he he was planning violence against anyone. >> she said when he sent her to
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the philippines and wired her money she worried he was breaking one her, but in reality he had something truly evil planned. >> he's a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life much of which will never fully be understood. >> they say he checked into multiple hotels with rooms overlooking the concert and they now believe he planned to escape. ♪ amazing grace >> meanwhile, the community, the survivors and the loved ones of the victims are all trying to heal. >> there is no ocean that can hold these tears and there's no fix for my broken heart. >> as the president offered these words of comfort. >> we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. >> and for the first time we're learning the identity of that hero security guard who first encountered the gunman. his name, jesus compossess and
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authorities say he continued to help police even after had he been shot. reporting from las vegas, abc 7 news. a casino worker told abc news that the shooter played high stakes video poker for eight straight hours the morning of the attack. an emotional thank you today involving one of the bay area victims from the las vegas shooting, michelle vo graduated from high zmool san jose. she was shot and killed at sunday's festival but not before codyson from ohio tried to save her. he befriended her moments before the shooting and stood next to her when she was shot and carried her out of venue and into a bystander's pickup truck. robertson ran back into n to help other victims but helping vo was on the top of his mind. >> with her being there by herself and her not having any information or i.d.ed in any type of wayly to find a way to, you know, to get to her. >> he shared those comments during an interview today alongside michelle's sister
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kathy who lives in campbell. robertson would later reach las vegas sunrise hospital to learn the 32-year-old independence high school graduate had died. >> you were there to tell us about her last moments so whenever we tell our story we won't be able to tell our story without telling your story also. >> michelle was living in los angeles and working at an insurance company. friends say she was full of energy and a bill country music fan. michelle was one of three local victims. also killed 57-year-old denise cohen who grew up in san ramon and stacey etcheber. both cohen and etcheber graduated from san ha ra moan high school. we were at cal high where a memorial is being planned. >> her last post that i saw was
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headed to las vegas to have somebody that you know, that you went to high school with that you were friends with for so many years, it's like somebody pulled the carpet out from underneath us. >> friends shared these facebook photos and dropped off flowers for t alums, denise freed cohen class of '77 and stissy etcheber, class of '85. she told her mom that she was excited about an upcoming concert but her mom had no idea it was the las vegas concert until yesterday when they're daughter didn't return her text message, so she tried calling her grandson and his wife. >> what i want to know is has he talked to his mom? she she said, no, because she's dead. and i said, okay, that's all i want to know. i will talk to you later and that was the end. and that's when i found out yesterday at 4:45. >> she says her daughter was
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vibrant and in a good place. >> but at 57 she had finally found her niche, i think. she was property management and she had got a new car and she was excited rest of her life. >> she lived in santa barbara and leaves behind two sons and three grandchildren. stacey etcheber was also at the concert with her hospital san francisco police officer vinny etcheber. when the bullets went flying he urged her to run and escape as she attended to victims but she didn't make it out alive. >> essential when you find out the two came from a school here locally it's very hard. >> plans are in the works to have a moment of sooins silence at next wooeks homecoming football game as family and friends contemplate the future. >> no one should die this way. there's got to be a lot of changes, a lot of awareness. >> in san ramon, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. senator dianne feinstein stro tro deuced a bill today to ban the so-called bump stock that the shooter used in las
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vegas. that device enabled semiautomatic weapons to fire like automatic weapons. the so-called bump stock can be purchased online for less than $200. here's a demonstration of how it works. [ gunfire ]. >> senator feinstein says her own daughter was plan going to the concert but then decided not to. >> you have to say enough is enough. you have to say that there is no reason to make a semiautomatic assault weapon into a fully automatic battlefield weapon. >> feinstein has a long history of pushing for stricter gun laws dating back to the assassination of san francisco mayor george moss coney and harvey milk. feinstein was the first person to discover milk's body and deliver the news to a stunned public in san francisco. meantime hunting outfitter and bass pro shop items have removed
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that item frem their web sites. it will not be easy and will take a lot of time but parts of vegas are returning to normal after the shooting. we're in vegas with more. reporter: >> we thank god we're hre. >> reporter: several prayer groups dissended on las vegas today offering their support to the many people showing up at a growing memorial for victims of the mass shooting on the las vegas strip. this church scene is here from san bernardino. they mobilized during the terror attack there nearly two years ago. they decided to come to las vegas because they understand what this community is going through. >> we do feel connect and we are all connected whoever has a crime o over a shooting in thei city, i think we all feel the same hitter and pain. >> olivia just moved here from the bay area three weeks zblag bay area is home. warriors. >> so why is this hitting so close to your heart? >> because i really have a heart for people. i'm a christian, i pray for everybody. i just told you guys before we went on camera, i went around
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with my friend that lives here and we prayed for people all over this town that needed it. you could tell in their eyes they didn't have to say a thing. >> but it's not all about prayer. >> this is the world we live in. and you have to pray for this world and you have to pray for all the people that it happened to. but you have to also use your smarts. the fact that that could happen and there was guns inside, it wasn't tennis rackets, it wasn't flowers, and he made it to his room a-ok, that needs to be addressed. >> mandalay bay announced today it has increased its level of security and, quote, works consistently with local and national law enforcement agencies to keep procedures at our resorts up to date and are always improving and evolving. >> visitors tell me they are seeing a lot more security. they're seeing more guards and one person i spoke to staying at an mgm property says they are checking room cards at every elevator. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. trained comfort dogs are providing support to survivors and their families in las vegas,
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but even the dogs need a break sometimes. lutheran church charities k-9 comfort dogs shared these pictures and videos on twitter. let's move on to some other matters. judge today ordered the man accused of stabbing a san francisco police officer at the airport last week to under go a mental health evaluation. 64-year-old doris johnston is charged with the september 26th attack. in court today johnson said he would represent himself against attempted murder charges. at the attack happened at sfo's terminal one. the officer was stabbed in the hands and leg but survived. more news, the charges have been dropped bens a forma contra costa sheriff's deputy who was accused of having sex with an underaged teenage pert he was accuse of having contact with jasmine abuseman when she was 17 years old. today the judge dits missed the charges against the former deputy. they organize argued he did not know she was 17 until after that
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sexual interaction. his lawyers say perez was one of 20 law enforcement officers from six police agency who's had sexual encounters with that richmond teenager. all right. a lot more to come here. car break-ins are sky rocketing in san francisco this year. next, the sudden about face on a plan that would have tried to prevent more from happening. also, it looks like weed whacking gone wild in san jose. it's actually the start of a long cleanup process, 1 that city leaders will hope will prevent a big catastrophe. we'll have that story. we're here with a preview of the forecast. >> that forecast includes october warmth. >> and the gate opens at a popular san
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well, the evidence can be easily found, ps it's everywhere. broken glass left behind from another car break-in. if you walk anywhere around the city you see it all the time. the city of san francisco has recorded more than 17,000 so far this year. it's an epidemic. well supervisors had introduced a bill ordering the police chief to ramp up the fight against car break-ins. today they suddenly announced they were dumping that proposed
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ordnance. why? here's abc 7 news reporter vic lee. >> dozens spoke in support of the bill. >> what this piece of legislation passing, it would help us out a lot. >> i'd like to support the legislation. i consider it a first step. >> car break-ins like this one have become an epidemic. so far this year more than 17,000 cars have been broken into. some 3,600 more than the same time last year. with that in mind, this supervisor's committee hearing on legislation authored by supervisors norman knee and hill letterry ron nan. it could, i the chief to dedicate officers at each district station to focus on car wlaers and other property crimes. chief william scott attended the hearing talking about his new policies and that they were working. >> which we added 80 foot beat officers just recently a couple months zblag then supervisoree told the crowd there would be a news conference immediately
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after the hearing. reporters and some of the public moved to another conference room where the surprise announcement was made. they were dropping the legislation. instead, they would make it a nonbinding resolution urging the chief to focus on neighborhood enforcement. >> we're willing to do this and that we trust -- we trust chief scott in his words. >> what i asked of them is to allow me, as a chief of police, and our folks that are -- many of them who are in this room to come up with a plan to do our jobs. >> it was to say the least, a bizarre news conference leaving reporters wondering what's the backstory? nick lee, abc 7 news. >> we'll keep asking those questions. with winter storms around the corner, crews in san jose are trying avoid a repeat of this year's disat ter russ flooding. they're taking advantage of favorable fall weather to get a
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jump along coyotety creek. they explain what crews are doing and how it could help. >> the enemy being targeted by work crews is a tall cane which resembles bamboo and has its origins in asia. it can cause floodwaters to spill over the banks and adjacent leif vis. cutting the cane out is a project but it's going to take herb aside treatments over several years to remove it all. >> the problem with it is that it regenerates very quickly. crews were in this area recently to cut it down and what you're looking at here is new growth that has popped up in just about two weeks's time. >> the santa clara valley water district is preparing in other ways. it has rebuilt a leif stla helps to protect several mobile home parks along the road that flood
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last february. >> we have other challenges with the homeless being here, there's a lot of trash from their encampments so there's a lot of physical hazards that the crews have to look out for in addition to the steep slopes. >> videos have also been helping with debris removal. they recently cleared 5 and a quart tons from the east street area and rock springs neighborhoods. army corps of ennears is working on improve the study. >> we're all being proactve. our videos are working, everybody from the mayor to the board of supervisor to our water district is committed to get something done and we're doing right now. >> in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> the date at martin's beach is open today after being threatened with heavy fines, the billionaire unlocked and opted gate that leads to the popular beach, at least some of the time. the california coastal commission ruled that he had
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committed numerous violations of the california coastal act and it threatened to fine him more than $11,000 per day and up to $4 million per year. he bought the beach-front property south of half moon gay bay in 2009. his attorney says he sees this as a private property rights issue. let's let's move on to the weather fwraft. there was a gorgeous moon out there tonight. look at this shot. abc 7 news photographer scott arthur shot this from leave i have stadium. scott one of our great photo journalists. nice job. meteorologist sandy patel is here with the forecast. >> this that is stunning. scott has been one of the best photographers here at kgo no surprise. i do want to show you the time lapse from our east bay hills camera. look the this view. this was earlier tonight. you see the fog just rolling in and, yes, it is with us tonight. it's been hanging out right near the coast. i don't expect it to advance much even though it looks like it's just rushing in across the
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bay. it's a shallow marine layer this evening and as we head towards the next couple of days, get ready for some warm weather. livermore's average high is 80 degrees. look at the next several days. pretty much every single day you're going to be above average for this time year. by a few degrees thursday, but more so towards the end of the week and into the weekend and then early next week we'll drop you into the middle of next week drop you back closer to average for this time year. a live look right now from our live dopplar 7 perspective and you'll notice that we do have fog right near the coast. it's just hugging parts of the coast. there's one little area right near san francisco and the golden gate where we're not seeing a whole lot of mag there. we 0 have long period swells to be concerned about friday and saturday. if you're going to spend time at the beach later on this week watch out. there will be swells from two different direction, northwest and southwest. there's a risk of strong rip kurpts, sneaker waves and rip currents. so heads up well in advance as you make your plans. from our kgr roof cam, are
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remember the wibds from a couple days ago? they're gone and that's going to allow the temperatures do come up. 63 in san francisco right now. look at half moon bay, all rod feeling the chill at 48 degrees if the this is a shot that is just priceless from our mount tam cam. the city by the bay glowing tonight. skies at least inland are clear. 50s, 60s from santa rosa to concord and a live look from the emery ville camera, visibility is good. chilly start tomorrow morning, sunny and mild in the afternoon and warm fall weather both friday and saturday. if you have been sneezing a lot lately, i hear your pain. tree poll lin is running high. elm, oak, and pine are to blame right now so just when you thought the allergy season was over, not quite. 12 hor planner, tomorrow morning you will wake up to some fog, definitely chilly out there the 'sunshine for the rest of the afternoon except for a few lingering patches of fog and it will be a wafrmer day, 60s to 80s. tomorrow morning not exactly warm. cool enough to where you'll need
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to bund he will up, upper 30s to the low 50s. a full moon tonight as you know and then tomorrow afternoon low 80s around santa clair are, nice day on the peninsula. 79 in red wood city, 69 half moon day. san francisco 73, close to today's levels. 66 dalai city and north bay 84, santa rosa, 82 napa. east bay mild pattern. 77 oakland inland areas. pleasant weather were 83 san rmon, concord. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast it's a warming trend that takes us into part of your weekend from the mid-80s to low 90s friday and saturday. get ready for beach weather. 60s at the coast and friday and saturday will be in the 70s. temperatures do come down way cooling breeze on sunday and then really minor fluctuations as we head into next week. overall, though, the weather does look good. >> really good. >> very nice. >> thanks, sandy, very much. concord's push for amazon's
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. companies like tesla, uber and toyota are pushing for driverless cars on the road by 2020. but a new study finds most americans are not brave enough to ride in them. the peer research center surveyed more than 4,000 adults. nearly 60% of participants say that they would not ride a driverless vehicle if given the opportunity. here are the reasons why. a lack of trust in technology. fear of losing control. and general safety concerns as well. well, the competition is fierce for amazon's new headquarters. the city in georgia says its willing to change its name to amazon if the company moves there. the stone crest georgia is located east of atlanta. local media reports the city
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council voted to deannex more than 300 acres of land for amazon if they're bid wins. the mayor says no other city is offering that kind of branding opportunity. well, coming up next, president trump's somber visit to las vegas. >> some were very, very badly wound and they were badly wound because they refused to leave. they wanted to help others. what the president sed says about gun control. and also he has confidence in his secretary of state despite a report that tillerson called him a moron. the spot that san francisco could turn into what it needs the most, new housing. the abc 7 news app, live updates wherever you are, updates wherever you are, breaking news
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looifr, where you live. this is abc 7 news. good evening once again about the we'll begin this half hour with the president's visit to las vegas. this was the first time had he to visit the scene of a mass shooting. the president and first lady met with victims, doctors, and first responders offering words of comfort to a nation in mourning. abc's seen yore white house correspondent has more from las vegas. >> reporter:? las vegas today, president trump in a new role, comforter and chief. with the first lady by his sired, their first stop the hospital treating dozens of patients still fiegtd for their lives. >> some were very, very badly wounded and they were badly wounded because they refused to leave. they wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over. and it's an incredible thing to say see. there's tremendous bravery. >> the focus on those survivors,
9:32 pm
but this was also a thank you tour. >> it makes you very proud to you an american when you see the job that they've done. >> at the command center surround by first responders are the president praising their heroism like these dispatch operators who answered those frantic calls for help. for the shooter, he had harsh words. >> he's a sick, demented man. reporter: and for the nation, a message of unity. >> america is truly a nation in mourning. >> reporter: and hope. >> americans defied death and hatred with love and with courage. >> reporter: but as the debate about guns in this country grows louder, the president himself not willing to go there, not today. >> gun violence problem? >> we're not going to talk about that today. nauk. >> not yet. >> the go fund me account
9:33 pm
started recently after the shooting. the goal has been raised to $15 million. the money will go directly to the vigts and thafr families. a plan to distribute the funds will be announced later this week. secretary of state rex tillerson denied reports today that he wanted to resign, but did he not outright deny that he called the president a more rorn. the president and the secretary have had sharp differences in politics. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson today making a rare impromptu appearance. >> there were some news reports this morning that i want to address. >> reporter: a report recollecting around washington. nbc news reporting tillerson had called trump a moron last july after a national security team meeting and was then on the verge of resigning. >> the vice president has never had to persuade me to retain as secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post. >> reporter: and that report of
9:34 pm
calling the president a moron. >> you can address the main headline of this story that you called the president a moron and if not, where do you think that's reports or -- >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. i'm just not going to be part of this effort to divide this administration. reporter: not a flatout denial but his spokesperson later more defintive. >> he did not say that. >> the the full-court press pleasing the president. >> i'm very honored by his comments, it was fake news, it was made up. it was made up by nbc. they just made it up. thank you, all. >> do you have confidence in him? >> total confidence in rex. >> but trump and tillerson have appeared at odds with one another recently. just last weekend after tillerson said dialogue with north korea was possible, trump tweet ig told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. save your energy, rex, we'll do what has to be done.
9:35 pm
abc news, washington. and old smokestack, an old power plant, and a prime location on the edge of the bay. drone view 7 shows what you could soon be transformed into what the bay area needs the most these days, housing. these controversial site on san francisco's water satellite site may help fill that gap. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: from drone view 7 you can see the 21-acre power plant development site. the power plant closed six years ago leaving behind one of the last large-scale development locations in san francisco. >> it's an incredible property right on san francisco's glorious water front that is absolutely wonderful. >> this man is with associate capital, the investment firm that acquires the property last year. it's one of the city's oldest industrial sites dating back to
9:36 pm
the a1850s. >> it went from gunpowder manufacturing to barrel making. it later became a gas plant, a sugar facility and then served as the power plant from 1900 until 2011 when the power station closed down. >> reporter: the plant was controversial, neighborhood activists blamed it for polluting the local air and wanted it closed down. the city and state public utilities commission eventually agreed pulling the plug on the last power plant in san francisco. work is currently under way to clean up the toxic legacy left behind from the site's previous ten gnats. when that work wraps up, developers already have plans for the future. >> predominately our site will be housing so our project will be more than 50% how'sing. >> they are planning to build 1800 homes. the rest of the site will be a mix of offices, production, research, and retail space. the developers have been listening to nearby neighborhood
9:37 pm
groups to fine tune their plans. >> i think that the developers have a vision for the project and those initial meetings set the parameters for the negotiation that's going to continue as the project moves through approval. >> reporter: among the requests of neighborhood groups, keeping the character of the neighborhoods industrial heritage by preserving the old buildings on the site, including the power plant and the smokestack. >> that smokestack, even though it was a power plant and dirty and polluting is part of the character of the neighborhood. and the neighbors are very enthusiastic that that smokestack stay and be featured as part of the project. >> i just see a blank canvass that's rich with ideas and creativity flowing through it. >> reporter: architect greg johnson says the smokestack will be reinforced and incorporated into the development. so will be old power plant. he envisions it as a new hotel with stunning views of the bay and downtown providing a link
9:38 pm
between the many projects already under way along the waterfront. >> this is going to trans transform and bring and change the culmination to all the great ideas along the waterfront to a conclusion. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, the first building should be ready for occupancy within five years. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. well, coming up next we'll look at the latest and greatest by google unveiled today. cameras that decide when to take a picture to translators that work in realtime. and abc 7 is celebrating -- on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed with pictures and video highlighting the bay area's hispanic community. we're featuring a powerful new film from two well known san franciscans. >> they came up with the slogan. [ speaking foreign language ] >> after i had seen the miserable conditions of farm workers, chavez said we have to
9:39 pm
organize a nuunion. you had this a.m. beeiance all around that you you could change the world. >> she just did what needed to be done were she didn't ask permission. >> let
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today is the second time google has chosen october 4th as new ate of its major smartphones. but as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, this time the phones are just the beginning. >> we enter to cheers, google's chief executive began with a somber moment. >> we're all devastated by the news coming outs of las vegas. >> before getting down to business. >> today, we're proud to fro deuce the google pixel 2. >> it's waterresistant with a
9:43 pm
stabilized camera. >> your videos look smooth and professional. >> and portrait mode even for selfie, squeeze to to talk to the google assistant. >> just give your picture a quick squeezy, you hand buys the phone. >> personally i'm a big fan of the headphone jack and it's the one thing that google didn't give me today. >> along way new phone they released a whole other line of advices that work with it, some, expect rrd some were surprises i feel like the phones were the least exciting announcement here at the show. >> meet google people pixel book. >> it flips into a tablet and works with a pen. the google assistants onboard. >> find out what the movie is. >> and speaking of the assistant. >> say hello to max. >> google home just got bigger and louder but also smaller and -- >> retail for $49 in the u.s. >> so compete with amazon's echo dot. >> amazon is the front run wher it comes to these digital voice assistance. >> that was expected, but this. >> we call it google clips. >> we had a surprise. >> a smart camera that records a
9:44 pm
clip when it sees something exciting. >> i can now scrub around that clip until i find just the right moment. there's a moment where she smiles. >> as for that mission headphone jack. >> our first pair of premium wireless headphones. they're called google pixel buds. >> but the big feature isn't the sound. >> they can do realtime translation of other languages. it's like the basketball fish from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i think i should go now. the audience would like to see some more new stuff. >> and san francisco jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. select meteorologist sandy patel is standing by with the forecast. fleet week is about to roar back fleet week is about to roar back into the bay area quite lit
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fleet week is here, thousands of people will be coming to san francisco for the festivities. the main viewing areas for the blue angels will be along fisherman's war of and the marina district as usual. we have the tips on navigating your way in and around. >> people in the bay area love october for what we are given. >> this weather. >> indian summer. >> nice weather and fleet week. >> together and the blue angels attract thousands of people to san francisco. >> i love it. i think it's great. >> it's just a lot of fun to see all these young people in their uniforms out in san francisco. >> there are inconveniences living in the marina district, but bill russo says he looks forward to it every year. >> living in the area, you may end up with someone trying to park in your driveway and things. >> abc 7 news did a very informal poll on our facebook page. the overwhelming majority said they loved fleet week. the poll is still up and running to our viewers to weigh in.
9:49 pm
this weekend both fleet week and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival will clog up parts of the san francisco, so expect a lift in uber surge. instead, take one of their buses. signs ever up to keep cars from parking making way for extra buses on the 47 van necessary line. shuttles will start at van necessary and market. >> people in uniform ool be able to ride unifor free. >> the fer, i will also expand service. they will make 23 round trips on the alameda oakland to san francisco line. they usually have only 15 on the weekend. the vallejo line will also add trips. the idea is to be savvy to avoid the traffic. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> now for the complete schedule of events for fleet week, check out our dedicated page on our website,, a wealth of information listen to for you rashding fleet week.
9:50 pm
will the weather hold? meteorologist sandy patel has the answer. sandy. this time of year you know the weather's real pleasant and we wouldn't have it any other way. take a look. forecast. on friday it's going to be mild and sunny, 74 degrees. air show saturday from 12:00 to our:00 and it starts out in the 50s, ends up in the low 70s. bright sunny skies for sunday, temperatures in the low 70s. great weather. live dopplar 7 showing fog near the coast and it will clear out tomorrow afternoon. temperatures 60s to mid-80s, so milder than today for your thursday and when you check out the temperature trend, average high is 80 degrees for napa. you're going to be well above normal heading into the weekend before temperatures drop back to average. i do want to point your attention to tropical depression 16 if the has been dumping rain on ports of honor dure russ and will continue do that, but this system is expected to strengthen as it crosses moving towards the gulf of mexico, possibly becoming a hurricane by this weekend and could impact the
9:51 pm
gulf coast. we'll be keeping an eye on that four. hardly strictly bluegrass golden gate park temperatures in the low 70s, friday, saturday, miner cooling sunday, warming up friday and saturday in the 90s, beach weather for you and then we'll cool it down as we head towards next week. >> you know in a pinch you really come through, sand i can. >> absolutely, right. you can count on me. >> shu is here with all the sports. >> larry beil continues his tour of thooin china with the warriors and tells us not to worry about this roster being dismantled anytime soon while your san jose sharks against the fl
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> your san jose sharks hosting philadelphia tonight at the tank in the regular season open pert the men in teal have won seven straight openers hope to continue that trend. 2-0 flyers in the first. in front of the net, pops up the puck and makes a deposit out of
9:55 pm
the air. wow. great hands. twop 1 flyers try to clear the puck but labanc is still open and he's padding his account, another dee pos sit, this game is tied at 2. same score in the second. flyers on the power play, shane across the blue line, simmons gets a piece of it. philly in the third, lowing gap couture are the he shoots it off the defender skate right into the goal. right now it's a 3-3 game in the third. sports direct litor larry beil continues to build a fwland china with his tour guide service and today he takes a peek into the future of the duffs roster. >> you can make the case that the warriors made their so-called super team even strong they're off-season leaving to speculation the only thing that could break up a potential die nasty is a star like klay thompson perhaps leaving via free agency for max deal. clay made headlines saying he'd consider less to keep the
9:56 pm
championship team together. >> you have to sacrifice some if you want to keep the team together. we all make a ton of money, but if you want to look back on your career and leave a legacy, especially as a winner and impacting your community, i don't want to be known as a basketball player, i want to be known as a guy who who's a champion and did great things in the bay area. >> the fact that kevin durant took less money to remain a warrior and david west did the same, that's made a lot offing enpression. >> thps it's what we've been able to create here and how much success we've had and how much more success we want to have. >> we have a special group. i'd be willing to take less too. >> how much less? >> probably like k.d., i would give up the same amount as -- no, actually i would lose a lot of money in that scenario. >> clay's contract isn't up for two more years but this should quiet the free agent chatter for now. >> raiders trying to end a
9:57 pm
two-game slide tuesday hosting the ravens. manuel will replace the injured derek carr and like all sports it's next man up. manny was a buffalo bills top pick in 2013 and the fifth player -- pief-year player brings a lot of experience to the position. he was 11 and 17 for 106 yards against denver last week. todd downing andmanning worked together in buffalo and the players will rally around him including crab tree who will be back in the lineup. >> having play makers always helps. not trying to pride myself on making plays as well, that's the name of the game. in order to win football games in this league you have to make plays whether it with your feet or arm or decision making. so, you know, i'm just excited. >> i think the fact that we've had him here in band camp, he's been getting reps, he played a little bit in the game the other day and todd worked with him previously when he was starting, you know, got his starts in buffalo. i think those are all factors that help but it's a tough rave swrens defense we're going
9:58 pm
against so we've got to get ready to go. baseball's postseason tonight in arizona between the d backs and rockies. randy johnson in the house. redwood city had a 2-run shot and that gives the snakes a 6-0 lead. but the rockies would fight back. nolan, air not doe, makes an eight-6 game in the eighth inning. rockies are still in this thing. a.j. poll lake drives the ball to right center two runs are going to score and arizona wins a wild one, 11-8 final they've move on to fats dodgers. minnesota and l.a. game five sparks trying to become the first repeat championship in 15 years and cand day parka led the way. but the lynx led by sylvia foals had other ideas. she had 17 points, broke her own wnba finalist record with 20
9:59 pm
rebounds was named series mvp. mia moore chipped in 18 points including this runner with 26 seconds to play and your minnesota lynch, 2017 wnba championship with four championship in seven years tying houston for most titles in league history. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota and we'll have a little highlights from the warriors at 11:00. >> from halfway around the world, the power of satellite. thank you very much. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, one smellry problem in the east bay. ries dents are furious over what's happening in their neighborhood. we'll explain. also that curfew controversy cold play is supposed to be done playing rite now at terch:00, but will the band actually end on time? more on abc 7 news at 11:00 but that's all for now. we appreciate your time. we'll see
10:00 pm
(ominous music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases, one in independence, missouri, the other in montreal, canada. in our first case, a devoutly religious couple's marriage is destroyed by temptation and sin.


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