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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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now, from abc 7, live, br k breaking news. > that's on the north bay wildfires. new evacuationons right now. including the veveteran homes o california, the largestst in th united states. home to thousands of disabled
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and e elderly veterans. off highway 29 and california drive. the concern is not fire but poor air quauality affecting hundred of patients. just a couple hours agago, e park view post acute center in santa rosa was evacuated. papatients were put on buses toe taken out of harm's way. severalal brand-new evacuatn orders for the other side of that park, in the oakmont neighborhood. inapa county, from dry creek road to lilindvista avenue. and a mobile homee park on monticello road. in sonono county, east of napa. wooden valley cross, gdonn valley, williams lambert and claytororoads. thank youor joining us. let's get to the latest on the horrible fires burning for a second day.
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thth are bmed for 19 deaths. 11 people die in sonoma county 183 people remain missing. 57 have been found safe. and 183 peoeople are reported missing. flames h have destroyed more th 2,000 homes and businesses. thousasands more remain threatened. herere a look at where the six major fires are burngng tonight. the f fefight is active this evening. a hse fire east of glen ellyn. as we mentioned, several new mandatevevacuations were ordered. this is at the parkk view post ace nursing center in santa rosa. it is the new evacuation zone, west of anadel state park. all the resultt of flare-ups frm
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the nuns fire. >> i lived through the quake of '89. ner got evacuated o or moved or anytything. >> fromm this nursing center, yu could see theire burning nearby. this is one of several new evacuation orders illustrating this is an active firefight aeroa dangerous situation for a lot off people. officials a a doing their best to reassure folks who have lost their homes and remain evacuated. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard atttheended tb hawn ha meeting in santa rosa. a lot of concern and frtratation. >> this is now inhehe third hour at santata rosa hh school. at the b begning of it, there re about 700 people here. local, state officials, providing infortition on
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firefighghng efforts. a lotf frustration from residents. course.understandable, of and there was praise f f firefighters. listen to this. >> a s special thank you to firefighters, here locally, cal re, let's give them a round of applause. >> standing ning ovation for refighting efforts. cal fire cannot givenformation on neighborhoods which have burned. aot of people want to know the statuses on their homes. new statements are that 1,500 to 3,000 structutures have burned the tubbs fire alone. ththat's 1,500 to 3,000 structus have burned inhe tubbs fire. that's the latest statement from cal fire. there are fires stillctive in the neighborhood, in the area, of course. praisedd the effort of on firefighters, sayin t their wor is far from over. they continue to work 24/7.
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here's what he had tosay. >> you have people working on your behalf. who themselves have lost their homes. whose families have been didisplaced and have gone hours and hours without sleep. everything they can possibly do to make sure wget through this. >> now, we talked to many folks who have, sasadly, lostheir homes. some folks who notot know the status o of their homes. big quesons, tonight, when can the area repopulate. when can folks go backk to theh neighborhoods? whwhen can folks go backk to se whether theirr homes are still standing? the er to that is we do not know. but at t ts point, firefighters say it's j jus too unstable, nenehborhoods are too unsafe. there are power linesesdown. it's not a a safe place to , as far as when they can go back.
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it could be days, perhaps, weeks, foror some neighbors becacause active fires still bu in t area. firefighters say that a as far the cause of the fire, w wn person asked that, what caus the fires? they do not know. th is under investigation. more town hall meeeeting will b held in other areas of sonoma countyty later this week. we're live in santa rosa. abc 7 news. >> got idea to givive folks information directly. everyone is hoping for imoving weather conditions. so f fefighters can get control of the fires. meteorologist d drew tuma is he. any roomor optimism? >> the next hour or two, dan. we have calm conditionss whe the winin are cooperating for firefig firefighteters. a niceindow when mother nature was cooperating withus. but tonight, and ovnight, the winds willincrease. winds in our hills, more active than they have been.
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per hour.wind gust of 20 miles you look at the s sface winds righ now. they are rathereak at this pour. 6 miles per hour in novato. 13 miles per hour. but the forecastalls for the windss t increase in the overnight hours. future tracker wind gusts, wednesday morning, starting to seinds increase in the n north bay. and santata rosa, with a win gut the morning tomorrow in and the winds will continue to be active thrououghout the enti day on wednesday. of note is the wind didirection again. this wind will switch to a north wind overnrnight. and what that will do similar to what it did sunday night, going to takehat smoke from the north bay and send it s sth into much of the resest of the bay area. what to et overr the next 48 hours, the air quauality will remain pooror many of us. smoke moving south. increasing with the windnds,
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becoming active once again. we will loooo at a r r flag warning in effect. we will see the winds relax in a fefew nutes. >> thanks a lot. most schools in the north bay including calistoga, napa, santa rosa. we have the full list on our website. and on t the ticker at the bott of yourskreecreen. 75,000 pg&e customers have no electricity electricity. they have gototten the green lit to go int thehe fire zone and assess the damage and rebuilildi what burned down. no estimate for when power and gas serviceill be restored. the cell service is a also done king it difficult to tell friends and family that they are safe. notecessarily they're not okay. people just can't get ahold of them.. it's difficult when the cole
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phonesren'n't working. peoplele didn't take their chargers with them. they don't have wer, on their at&t is deploying mobile cell sites too rescore coverage to customers. this i is a picture of one of them. &t has set up charging stations at someme othe ev evacuation shters. comcast is providingree wi-fi tt spots to everyone.. the fcc recomommes texting rather thann calling in an emergency. you have a betterr chance of yor ssage going through that way. al, wait ten seconds before redialing a call. thatelelps reduce congestioio o the system. another suggestion,hange your voicail greeting to a m
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i know we h have a lip-sync issue with the broadcast. we're sorting it out. it should be fixed shortly. thank you for bearing with us. several home ownowners from the devastated areas have notot bee able to returnrn and it's frustrating. several wineries w were hit rig in the middle of w wine country.
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alyssa harrington hasas that story. >> i was f full of barrels and e racks that are there. you can see they're all melted. >> reporter: he shows us what's left of paradise ridge winereryn santa rosa. this was the tasting room. and this, the winemaking facility. >> thihis is where the wines we madend fermented. >> reporter: he watched as a wall of flames crept cloloser a closer to the property. just before 2:00 a.m., the video went block. he knewis business was jogone. >> people were evacuated before. >> reporter: the wininery staffs safe b b an employee lost her home. 40 wetetting are booked through 2018,ncluding one this weekend. >> we're in c contact with the e, who is getting married this weenend. we think we found her ather venue. and we're communiting with our brides too figure out what ouru different options are.
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wee trying to figure out how to make sure these people have a special day and get married. just not going to happen here. >> reporter: parise ridge lost abou 20% of its wine, theest is cased. the gd news, the 15 acres of vib ya vineyards were only slightly damaged. he vows to rebuild. >> alyssa harringngn reporting. as i said, soo man homeowners fromhehe devastated areas can't get backn yet. it's frustratining. downed power lines. fallen trees are making parts of ntnta rosa impossible and too dangerous to get in. liamende andnd dean smith were able to make it into some of those areas. >> reporter: yesterday, this werole was bururning but still standingng. today, it kept us f from gettin to theomes on linda la.
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this was blocking brush creek road. this man went to hisis home on roolingg oaks. >> eit pretty sad. > repter: we made it to his house. it was one ofhe few still anding. but his neighborors' homes were destroroyed. what once was white p pket fence had melted. e dput c the guts ofhe home were ashes. much to our surpse, we found their animals alive. a llama, sheep, goats and pigs skirted around the flames. the chiens madeit. we f fed tm hay and gave them water. them.had none wn we found animal rescuee teams had not gotten to them yet. ro found them notot far on walle ews from the santalarara county sheriff's office and
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eller is rece el cerrito police department, found animals, i including thi sheep. dedespere times call for desperate measures,, a the goats were loaded into the s sad car. eventually he had to leave t area. >> i can't takehe smoke anymore. i havee to go. burning my throat. >> reporter: all o ofhe homes on split rail court were destroyed. those whwhe homes are intact, worry aboututhe winds picking up in the next few days a an wondering if they will r retur home soon. the air has just been so brututal all over theay area. bad if you're close to the fire line but you can smell ate and taste itn the air.r. if theinds pick up, it's's good nenewsor the smoke in the air. but bad newsor firereghters.
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>> we're tracking the nds. unfortunately,y,hey will be incrcrsing over the nt 12 hourss for firefight on ththe front lines in t the north bay. and that air quality is of concern for 24 hours. smoke will be in the bay area again. what you're showing, it's a quiet picture. we zoom into the north bay, this is a loop ove the past two hours. liveoppler seven can pick up on thehe ske particles in the atmosphere. and that smoke is billowing near yountville. we have a shallow marine layer t this hour. air. not g goi to bring cooling in the north bay, it has b bn unhealthy for the pasast4 hours. we'll continue toe unhealthy. and we'e're going to seeee more smoke filter into t the rest of
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the bay area. from the coast to inland east bay, and the santa laclara vall, airr qlity will be poor. you want to limimit ytime ououtside over the next 24 hour. overnight tonight.increasing hi fire danger, with the winds creasing. wiwill warm up into the weekend. outside numbers,s, 50s and 60s, the name of the game. 64 i in sanramon. 62 in livermore. we're talking about the winds really increasing overnight tonight. future tracker s shows you the winds by 4:00 in the morning on wednesda in the north bay. we start t see them ramp up. 35-milper-hourur wind gusts in santa rosa. and the wininds will c continue be active. by 9:00 tomorrow night, you see
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the winds, anywhere from 19-mile-per-hour to 2626ile-per-hour in the north bay. the wind direction is swching. that wind will be coming out o the north tomorrrrow. what that will do, any smoke from the fires and the northay will be funneled south.and part francisco, oakland, and the air quality is going to clcline. the humidity, unfortunately. the winds will usher i drier air. relative humidity, by 2:00 wednesday afternoon. 17% % in napa. 15% in fair field and 28% in santa rosa. it's the c cbination of low humididitynd gusty winds. high fire danger ish us with that red flag warning. starting at 5:00 wednesday evening in the north bay hills. still under the conditions, we ve to be cautious. fires can easily spread and new fires can ststar it will turn windy after ight, .
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it wl be hahazy in the air tomorrow. highs wednesday, 65 san francisco. 73 the high in san jose. the seven-day forecast. it t turns gusty, hazy, s smongn ur wednesday. the breeze with usn thursday. it will relax on friday. and into the weekend, the winds wi be light but it will srt to warm up. sunshine will dominate the forecast. but the winds wl turn active and the air q quality will stay or. > that's a shame. the chp's chance encounter during the wildfires that made the difference b beten life and death for doz
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this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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thank you for bearing with
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us ass we sort out the strange lip-p-sync problem. it's a a technical issue.e. we'll get it s sorted out. smart train will offer free emergency service. it will be from the santa rosa station to downtotown san rafae. the first southbound train w wi depart at 5:00 a.m.. the lastst will leave san rafae at 8:30. a chp helelicopter crew is ready too spring into action again, after rescuingg dozens o people and pets. >> reporter: eye in the sky. sometimes being at the r right place at the rigig time can save a life. sunday night, a chp airplane pilot, doing law enforcement, spotted a glow in the distance. ey started to flyly towards it. he saw it was rapidly
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reading fire. >> repepter: right away, he mobilized his cocolleaes, members of the chpp air operationsns began searching fo victims. >> so far,ince this fire started, the california higigay patrol helicopters have rescued 44 p peoe along with 5 dogs and 1 cat. >> reporter: one o of the most emotioiona rescues, a sbsband, wife and5-year-old soson. >> they were trying to make it out of the fire. as embers w were hitting the licopter, the father gave the son to the mother. the father dayed behind. >> reporter: what happened next isisight out of the movies. >> our second helicopter from reading pickedd him shortly after. >> reportete crew members are ststanng by and ready to respond again, as soon as they' needed. ssica castro, abc 7 newews. >> let me show you a picture of thisis fe survivor.
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this tabby cat was found under a car with hishiskers sisinged one of several lost animals at the sonoma humane ciety. otherhelters are taking in imals. owners looking for lt pets should use the #lostpetsonomacountyfire2017. the re burning out of control. ththe latest on evacuations in santa ra and napa coun. what residents are finding when they do get b bk home. and the fires burning outside off t bay area toni
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you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgra california. there we were downtown yesterday and i was telling all the girls in the pta that i was going all by myself and brittney was so excited that we have him here and that he's so big and so incredible and... oh, my. i had no idea this house was so enormous! ahhhh... mr. van dahl finds it most suitable for his needs. oh, i'm sure he does. so, i really must ask... i've always heard this house was haunted. any spooky happenings since you've been here? mice.
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live, where you live, this is a abc 7 news.
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> good evening, once again. we'll start this half hour with the wildfires. more people face m mandatory orders to evacuate as the north babay fires are moving closer t momore homes. in santa rosa, you're looking at patients that were evacuated from an acute care facility.. new evacuations went outut for anna dell heights. many disabled veteterans live there. all of the peoplple are being tataken by bus or ambulance to safe places because they might be affecte by the poor air quality caused d by the fires. we're hearing so many ststies, totonit, of how narrow the escape wasas f a lot of pele. abc 7 newser leslie brinkley was in napa. >> reporteter: papi, his wife, parents a and son tried to esc.
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but access out on atlas peakk road wasocked. his horses, hoping they would survive. >> that was like anightmarare. we go up and down. up and down. finally, they tell us to park here. >> reporter: the horses survived and showed upp this morn. he used extension cords to guy them out of ts grayed-out fire zone. you drive andee home a aft and e estates, ghost-like remai and a shadowy moonscape void d color. what's the possibilif a pumpkin and scarecrow unscathed? what a abo these arondack chairs, untouched outside of a home that iss no more. the images hit yout every turn and show the capricious n nate
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of aicious fire that roared atlas peak road along the silveradoo trail here. >> literally, everything is gone >> david lost his family home an theheirbusiness. this is what bubbling will pet memorial park looked likike befe the fire a and today. hisdad, mom and 97-yeaolold wheel-bound prime minister were tapppp. a rescue helicopter saved them. >> my dad was raised here. ii think abouthe pictures thaha were lost.ju the irreplaceable . >> reporter: but your family. your grandmother. >>y're safe. yeah. >> reporter: otherers did not ma it out alive. an elderly coupuple, 99 and 100 years old, liveded in this home. theyey perished trying to escap frhe fe. in napa county, along the
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silverado o trl. several people returned home to whatt wasnce their house, a plple of dreams, hard work. bright hopeses for the fututure. even faced with absolutely thg nonow. they are determined to persev e pepersere. here's abc news anchor david muir who camameo california to cover the fires. >> reporter: the scopef the devastation h her is overwhwhelming. this i is a gwood drive in santa rosa. the fires shrough s so quickly, families re jolted from their bedsy the smell of thick smoke in the night. home after home incinerated b the fire. and the cars. you seehealuminum. and t this one, thelass is just melted right over. an now, sits on the seats o the car. everywhere you lookok, signs of e at, the intensity of this fire. the melted aluminum puddling
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under the car. we walk throuough what once wer the front yds and b bacards of so many families here. sifting through what's l >> this is your house? the family me, still intact.g what room are w we standing in right w? fwl this is theing room area. sifting through w with a pitch fork for any of great grandma's uff. >> reporter: they were home when they s start smelling that smoke. he could see tt wall of fire movi in and quickly. >> ce home. told my wife that we tter back a fewew things, just inse. and we packed somee stuff up. we andnd put it in the ca when we came out to the car,r, e whole sky was red. >> reporter: his wife, a f fth grade teacher here, stepping into whatas once that dining
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room. they described the grididlock s many trying to get out. back at the house, they have no choice but tve rward. what are you thinking as you stand here i in what was your house? i mean, we're still kind of ft. wondering what hpens next. 'll find out as the process unfolds. we hadad to face a new reality. ththere's been aot of tears. now that we're i it, it's like, okay. what doe do next? >>wishveryonee well. that's david muir rerting. great to have him here. fire victims can receive the nap by valley comommuty charity has activ its
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disaster relief fund. several local nonprofits and govemement leaders are looking people's long-term needs, as well. the disasteter relief fund,d, assisted more than 12,000 p peoe following the 202014 earthquake. 14 mike pence say help is on the way. the vice president announced that trump has approved a major disaster declaration for california to asst in the response to the wildfires. that declaration, means fema will mobilize and p prode equipment and resources. >> we wilill continue to work vy closely with governonor brown, with the s state of california, with each uth of you to supppport your first responders andd come alongside the familie affected through loss of persons and property. >> vicice president pence says l through its tireless work.tion overwhelming response for
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overwhelming lossss. an effort to help those in need. a wildfire can start at any moment. and they c move fast and unpredictably. here are steps tprepare for a wildfire evacuation.n. stay with us.
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there has been an overwelling ououtpouring of support for the people in the community. we spoke with people that want to help. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: one by one, people are stepliping up. they're heartbroken and want to help. >> schchool is canceled. we wanted to be of use. >> reporter: sonoma community center is registering anyone that wants to volunteer. >> whahat we need are thehe med type of experirience.
9:42 pm
doctors o nurses that are available. >> we speak spanish. >> the responsas bn overwhelming. at sonoma valley high schoolol, they've taken in heaps of clclothing and are trying to st it all. they have plenty for the time being. but needs are changiging. many people are buying food and ststopping by other agencies. >> we'heck the vets' building and seef thehey need anything. if not, we'll find a firestat n firestation. >> reporter: all this foododas donated. it's been a blessing for fire victims who are grateful for the help. >> just amazing because they all cocome togethther. pele inn our neighborhoodsre all talking to each other. making sure everybody is okay. it feels good. >> repororter: a little comforts going a long ways during ts ainty.hen t there is so m unce
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in sonoma. coming up next, howw to cop with this bad air quality. > and dw tuma
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at least two dozen largege wildfires s are burning across californiaia. cal fire has detaililed the locations of thosese fires. you see on the map. most are concentrated in nortrthern california. president trump m mazz approhase state aid d for wildfire releli efforts. the redwood complex fire has clclaimed three lives. only one has been confirmed by cal fire. several h homes burned to the
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ground. this area, northeast of the ukiah.h. several of the r residents made teir way back to assess the damage and had to move their hoes. it broroke out around 10:30 sun evening. police are keeping people outf theclearlake oaks fire. the sulphur fire is 10% contained. noououbt you have tasted the smoky air, w whe you're inside r outside. lisa joined us with some safety tips, a abc news at 4. >> we're seeing a lot o o smoke. that's quiuite unhealthy. for p pple don't have a reason
9:48 pm
to be in the north bay, it would be best they locate for the time being. if they have airondioning efforts to cirlatete theininor air. >> and do the same in yourcar. we worryboutespiratory problems, the elderly. does everyonee need to be concncerned? >> in the north bay, it's unhealthy y if for everyone. d so, we need everybodyo pay attention to the air quality. if you smell smoke, if you can tastsmsmoke. you need to b be patient. >> iss there anything that peope can do if they have to be outstside. i know you can get masks. not all rasks are created equal. n-95 is the best. you can get tt at your local
9:49 pm
hardware store. that will help youf you have to bee outdoors doing any kind f . >> thanks to lisa. looking at one of these n-95 masks that lis describes, that will protect you from the p let's go pack to drew. this m solve our lip-sync issue in the newscast. >> this will be something handn in the next 4 hours. ththe air quality on wednesday bay andacross the region.. it will be or. we're tracking the winds. they will be increasing overnight tonight. future tracker wind gusts. 4:4:00 in the morning. north bayy winds once agaiain, going to 41 miles p hour in is about to rosa. as t winds increase, theyill
9:50 pm
usher in drier air. tomorrowafternoon, tumidy levels become bone-dry agagain the north bay. itit a combination we're seeing happen in the next few dadays red flag warning are coming into effect. and the gusts, 10% to 20%. and the fires start and easily spread. you see the lows in the mid-40s to lower 50 you will have hazaze in your atmosphere. and you will notice that smoke will be moree visible, thanks t ththe winds that are shifting a bringing the smomoke to the sou. it's gusty and smoky tomorrow. continins to be breezy on thursday. the windsill relax over the weekend. the winds will be the big issue. that's a shame to hear. n-95 mask. a little distraction that we
9:51 pm
will do for everybody else. some coach jack has his thoughts. > and the warriors
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abc 7 sports, brought by your local toyota dealer. >> the warririors have returned from their week-long trip to china. dudubs host the kings on friday. and they open the season against the rockets in oakland, one week from today. the defending champs got in their first practice sessision since returning homeme, after playing two games in china with a 15-hour time difference, and making an international flight. they hope they can shake off the rust before the real games begin. >> completely out of it. i hadad planned o originally to scrimmage a little bibit today,o blow it out. i realized, ron adams said we shouldn'tscrimmage. >> we want to be who we are.e.
9:55 pm
we don't make mistakes. thatat's jt part of the game. we don want to makak that stuff a hoabit. >> the news out of the north bay, was on klay thompson's mind.. and he wanted to sww support for the families affectct. >> there's been some deaths. it was really tragicic. us players wilillo something about it whehe this cacalm down. but it sucks. and our thoughts and prayers are with the famililies affected. that's no fun. and that's just terrible situtuation. >> t raiders nd t to do a little soul searchihing toregai their go. good newsws, though quarterback derek carr should be bac this week agast t the chargers, aftfr missing last week's game with a backck injury. the raiders have lost their way. the ravens handed t them their third-straight loss on sunday.
9:56 pm
ravens behind, 24-10,0, at the half could not recovever. coach jackants his team to stept t up a notch. >> the hunger iss there. would have, , uld have, doesn't get done. you take advantagege of the opportunities thattre there to be made. u do that, wre happy on a day likekeoday. >> world c cup qualifying, wher team usa needed to tie. to aance to the seventh-straight appearance and soccer show case. teamamsa stunned trinidad after a four-decade absence. here's why. 17th minute. alvin jones crosses usa's alomar
9:57 pm
gonzalez, into the net for an n own goal. 1-1- trinidad. it beats howard for the incredible goal. usa wonderkind scores. 77th minute. same score. clclint dempson from 25 yards o. 88th minututnow. usa is eliminated. for the first me, they do not advance to the world cup since 86. >> it's a blemish for us. we should not be staying home for this world cup. >> no excuses for us not getting the secondd goal and at least te >> give our opponent credit.
9:58 pm
they played well. the san jose foundation just celebrated two year,, $100,0000 mmitment with vision t t learn. the sharks-themed mobilile clin will ensnse 700,000 studentset aa fre eye examine and classes. the warriors are back. it will be how they hold up after that trip. >> that's a lot of daylight. >> three-straight f fals and that trip. clay thompson, feeling what pepeople are going through. you can see it in himself. >> and that team andveryone on it is s sgreat about being involved in this community. >> no queseson. they help in any way they can. the 49e are doing something right now andhe raiders. evybody is trying to pitch in. >> thanks very much. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we take you t t
9:59 pm
the front lines ofhe fire, for a livee look at the sprprding danger that caused more evacuations a asrew has talked abouthere. the wind willl kick back up tonight. maybee 30-mile-per-hour to 4040ile-per-hour gusts. not as bad as sunday night when this started. butt b enough to send the claiclm flameses advancing. a family reuniteded after force out of their homes tonight. join us on channel 7. that's our edition of nbc channel 7 at 9:00. we a appreate your time, as always. hope you enjoy thehe rest of yor evining. and make time for us in one hour, on channel 7.
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(gentle dramatic music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases, one in newtown, connecticut, e othein newport news, virginia. in our first case, a pilot flies under the radar


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