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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 20, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. zeroing in on the deadly north bay wild fires. there is a property that investigators focusing tonight. good evening, i am dan anthony. that property is in cuyahoga. police are guarding the site which is being treated by cal fire investigators now. many members of the state of 160
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full-time investigators are in the north bay. hundreds of people are gathering to reflect on these tragic fires. the crowd promised to rebuild their communities instead of carrying candles. folks lit up the evening with glow sticks and flashlights organizer says she realized people needed to meet face to face after seeing so many posts on facebook. the area affected in santa rosa. wayne freedman was there for the moment people have been
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anxiously looking for. >> what did you find? >> reporter: for barbara nickel of finding in anything of emotional values. >> the photos of hi kimy kids, cannot replace this? >> my whole life if something goes wrong. it is not vietnam, it is pretty dog gone close. >> it is a devastation but we are not devastated. >> reporter: it is possible for two people being downright hospitable while poking through ruins. you do learn what matters. when stuff goes away and the structure of your life goes away, you know what matters. >> reporter: in donald case, it turned out to be a piece of pottery that her grandmother handed down and for john, his 30 anniversary wedding band. >> this is for real and i don't think your tv camera really is
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what we are standing now. >> reporter: metal detecters and the crunching of feet on burning scapes. barbara nickel got two pieces of jewelry together: >> i tend to be an optimistic person. this is a little more than my optimistic nature can handle at times. >> reporter: maybe tomorrow will be better. santa rosa, wayne freedman. abc 7 news. after ten days of working around the clock, pg&e has restored power to all of its customers who can access it at this time. about 350,000 customers lost their lelectricity and more tha 42,000 gas customers have their gas turned off.
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it is now 94% contained the atlas fire in napa and sonoma county is 98% contained. hundreds of homes there were damaged. laura anthony has the dramatic story of two people escaping the flames. >> reporter: jeffery morris cannot believe he and three friends made it out of their clear lake mobile home community alive. the 30 unit park was caught by flames on the eastern shore of clear lake in the middle of the night. >> it was hard. it was hard -- we did not know what to do. we paniked and we all ran. >> reporter: morrison and his friends evacuated neighbors and flames and the truck morris was going to make his escape in was
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self consumed by fires. he and his friends had to go by plan b. >> we came around from the backside and i went out from the backside to escape. we got out here and we were rescued about an hour later from the sheriff department. >> my son and i drove through the mobile home through the fire. >> reporter: somehow his house survived. >> i am really hurt by all this and everybody and not just my son and myself but everybody, everything is gone. >> i am going to have to return these cable boxes. >> reporter: jeffrey morris told us he won't be back. the memory of what happened here is too painful. he will be forever grateful that he and his best friend jim and two other buddies he escaped
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with are okay. >> the four of us are going to be brothers for life. >> lauren anthony, nbc 7 news. two people suffered minor injuries after their plane crashed tcras crashed at the saint carlos airport tonight. the plane was about to take off but ran off the runway and went through a fence and they're not yet sure why. a child was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a hit-and-run in oakland. it happened around 1:30 this afternoon on east 15th street near eighth avenue. police arrested the driver after she crashed into another car about four blocks away. the driver was in the maroon toyota when she hit the young victim and kept ongoing. she rear-ended another car before running away. the suspect is arrested at a strip mall with short distance away. ens witnesses said she was partially clothed and appeared
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to have blood on her. >> i yelled out to her, hey do you need help and i started following her and i gave dispatch the direction she was going. >> it is unknown of alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision. investigators have said speed was one of the factor in the collision. >> reporter: the young victim remains in the hospital but police will decide which charges will be charged through. the suspect calls himself flanagan has been charged with attempted murder. abc 7 news, leanne menendez. >> reporter: the suspect here seen getting into a police car
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identified himself as wily flanagan. a bill belichipublic defender w. >> we have the presumption of innocence in this country, it is hard to keep in mind when information coming out. flanagan himself objectives saying he was a non vai leaioli defender. >> he served 67 days in jail. >> we ordered a file, i cannot tell you anything of his criminal history. >> he's out on lease or probation and this happens again and again. >> reporter: on wednesday, the injured officer was on bicycle patrol assisting other officers when police say flanagan hit him as he tried to get away. he was driving the stolen suv.
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flanagan got rid of the car and he was later arrested in the tenderloin. the officer suffered a dramatic injuries. >> we are hoping and praying for his recovery. the injured officer remained in the intensive care unit. abc 7 news. san francisco could become the first u.s. city to open safe injection sites for doctorirug . a task force recommend operating multiple injection sites in conjunction of social services. people could also inject drugs under medical supervision at these sites. a lot more to come, a meeting of the mines are taken place. how professional bull riders and military are coming together for a common cause. sandy patel is here with a preview of the forecast.
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>> if you take a look here, changes are in store. i will tell you what's in store. i will tell you what's in store. >> thanks,
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. chef darren white has been
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the interim chief for the past nine months. we got the welcoming party with the mayor. >> it is a priority for us, i want to make sure the department itself feels confident of what we are going and i want to make sure the community feels like the confidence and i want to restore any conference that lapse in the community right now and how we perform service in the department. chief white is a 20 year veteran of the oakland fire department. first responders had little rest this year battling fires and hurricane assists. abc 7 news takes a look inside the 129 rescue link. >> reporter: this aircraft sits empty now but it is on standby
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as are the members of the 129 rescue wing of the california national guard. they have been servicing non stop this year responding to hurricane harvey and irma and to the north bay fires >> we backed up these airplanes and boats and we headed out to fort hood and the next day after we got there, we had folks under ground rescuing people. >> that does not begin to describe what the 129 rescue wing is trained to do. >> they can jump out of airplanes and deep sea dive and fast rope out of a helicopter and ice climb or use skis and snow boards and atvs and everything and anything that they need to do to be able to get to that isolated person and save that person's life. >> they can work the fire lines and do water drops by helicopters as a result of training by cal fire.
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they'll be recognized by the professional bull fires who stop by to learn more of what they do. there is nobody in the planet more special than someone sacrificing their own safety for anothers human being. about 100 of those hours were spent on the north bay wild fires. here we are wrapping up the third day of october and yet there is weeks ahead, who knows where 129 will be deployed next. >> we'll be ready to go when ever they call us. nbc 7 news. owners of the pumpkin patch will be opened tomorrow even after wild fires burning 50,000 pumpkins. they're hoping to bring some joy after the hardship of thelast
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two weeks. >> just out here cleaning the best that we can and being able to help the community so the kids can come out and have a little bit of fun and making new memorily with the families. workers say they will help the community celebrate halloween and the fall season. everyone is doing everything possible to make the holidays nice and getting back on their feet. our meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. really nice rain. >> as we take a look at what's ahead is a big change of what we had yesterday night and early this morning. >> now, 75 degrees, tomorrow you are running a little cooler than average and like today and not for long. take a look at this temperature, monday through wednesday, well above average for this time of the year. here is a look at our east bay hill camera.
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this is post unset, a few left over clouds but they were colorful as the sun went down and left us with this view here. just stunning. you can send us your pictures and videos, #abc 7 now. post it and we'll show it. whe the firefighters need it two ten tenths for napa. and since we are on the topic o f rain, lets start with the winter outlook. this is fors the climate prediction center today. when we take a look at rainfall, there were equal chances of us going wetter than average or dryer than average since we are in between the minority and
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south and we'll have to wait and see what winter brings. here is a look at the winds right now. they are picking up out of the northwest gusting at 30 miles per hour and 27 at the mountain view showing the shaky view right now. here is a look at temperatures 53 in san francisco right now and 50 oakland and san jose, and gilroy at 70 degrees. santa rosa and liver moore and ferry building, the flag on top is definitely blowing around. warmer with lighter winds for your sunday and monday. take a look at the high coast. >> surf will come down, watch out for the swell strong rip currents. first thing in the morning, you will feel the chills, upper 30s to low 50s. if you have early saturday
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morning plans. make sure you grab a jacket or a weather. for the afternoon, you will need the shade and sunscreen. ble breezy along the coast and plenty of sun. north bay, you are seeing some high clouds and still some area of smoke. east bay in east bay. headed in land, 70 and walnut creek. today was below normal and tomorrow we'll stay below normal but warmer sunny and breezy. a little fog showing up sunday morning breezy. mid-60s to low 80s, much warmer and that warming trend carrying us into the early and middle part of next week, dan, lets get ready to hit the beach. yes, 70s and 90s in land.
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typical and october warm. i think beach weather. >> 92? >> can you believe that? >> really. >> it is like 15 or 20 degrees below average. >> i will bring the blanket. >> sounds good. if you are in the market for a new car, now ace good time to buy. the reason you may find some good deals, we'll have that and a young baseball fan who lost everything gets a special gift from his favorite team. how his story led to a once and a
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a lawsuit of coca-cola and doctor pepper snapples group of
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misleading marketing despite sodas. the lawsuit claims the company deceives shoppers thinking those drinks will help them lose weight. >> these products are not helpful losing weight and may do the opposite >> the study cited in the lawsuit don't know conclusively ascertain causing weight gain. the lawsuit is merit less. the full season is considered by many to be the best time to buy a car fchlt you are thinking about it. you may want to know about this. some dealers are looking to clear space for next year's models are slashing the sticker price. >> shoppers in the market for a new car.
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>> my car is 17 years old. >> reporter: finding the time for a big discount is now. at this denver area chevy lot. they're in the mood to make a deal. >> we are getting brand new '18 models coming in so it is a bra great time to see the model years on the deal lot. >> nationwide 2017 sales are slightly down comparing to last year, dealers have more cars sitting unsold. dealers are offering senate moving in old inventories and making way for the new. >> car companies are having shut down of their plans because they cannot move the sedans the way they want to. take this year's ford f 1-50 pick up. the toyota camry, the discount model saves about 1700 bucks.
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>> abc news, denver. a new campaign is calling for president trump's impeachment. it was spear headed by a man living here in the bay area. it is been two weeks since four soldiers were killed in an ambush. the key question still remains unanswered of that night in a remote area.
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good evening once again, it is been more than two weeks since four young americans were killed in an ambush this year. today president trump addressed
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the mission in public. why is so little have been said? >> reporter: the week ended with questions why president trump still has not addressed the ambush that killed four special opt soldiers. >> tonight we are learning chilling details about that ambush outside of the row mote african village. officials tell abc news, the americans knew something was wrong when two motorcycles came racing out. the officials telling us the hair on ts on the back of their stood up. they seem to stall to keep the soldiers there and soon 15 militants were on there. the americans were surrounded. >> tonight questions remained, did the unit got the proper advance and intelligence.
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was sergeant johnson left behind? the rest o f the unit was pulled out but his body was not reco r recovered for 20 hours. >> i totally change the attitude of the military. they have done a fantastic job. isis is giving up and walking off. nobody has seen it before. >> you did not have trump as your president. on the hill of frustration is growing. defense secretary james mattis met with john mccain who threatened to subpoena trump's administration for information. >>. >> the pentagon has launched a full investigation. fbi agent on the ground to niger to assist but on the white
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house, new answers. >> what exactly happened to these four soldiers. >> the department and defense and frankly the entire country and government want to know exactly what happened and when the time is appropriate, we'll talk about the details of the investigation. >> reporter: the white house refused to say whether president trump authorized the mission in niger but they are still talking about his phone call of johnson's widow, today the president says kelly had every right to be outraged. >> he was so offended that somebody would be listening to that call. he was -- he actually could not believe it. actually, he said to me, sir, this is not acceptable. i was so nice and look, i quote many people and i would think any one of them would appreciate
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it. >> abc news, washington. a big time donor and an environmentist bay area launched a new impeachment. it generated a lot of buzz but is it going to have a lot of impact. abc 7 news reporter, chris nguyen. >> reporter: throughout the bay, he's a face of many. in a newly released commercial, possibly coming to a screen near you. sympto tom stiles calling to impeach president trump. >> this president is a clear dnger. >> reporter: the message resonates with those who feels their voices are not heard. >> all these things are happening but what do we do now? i think that this is apart of what we can do and can be apart of. >> reporter: the national committee calls the ad a base less radical effort. >> it is fairly cheap handling of a constanituency of his.
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>> reporter: whether or not his new commercial spot will be effective is anyone's guess. >> you can have people with money on the left or right spending that money to put out their ads and put out their message to pressure the politicians directly. stire is considering a run for the u.s. senate. stire told abc 7 news, quote, "we are in a time of crisis and wanted to reach as many americans as quickly as possible." >> stire plans to buy more than $10 million of ads space. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. tonight, more accusations of ra
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harassment and sexual assaults by harvey weinstein. lupita nyong'o came forward. heather carr says weinstein exposed himself nearly 30 years ago. >> he told me that i was not that is good looking but he would be willing to help me anyway like he was doing me a favor. more than 40 women accused weinstein of harassment or abuse or rape. he denies the allegations. a sudden oak death syndrome may have contributed to the intensity of the north bay wild fires. the threefold increase of ianfection rate over the last three years, still no deaths and trees have moisture levels that they can burn much hotter and faster than healthy trees. >> so what i did this year is is
9:36 pm
burning up. and of course, most cases, these areas are in hot spots. >> the professor says oaks are infected when it rains a lot and the past two winters have been very wet. knowing where it spreads can help manage the fire prercventi the disease. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story. >> reporter: the service that i normally ride was not available in the morning. i contact them to ask them what's going on. >> reporter: mia received this letter saying share rides temporary paused their service. >> i use it because it is not a good public transportation option for me. >> reporter: it started three years ago, chariat is the
9:37 pm
controversial. but officially, at least, that's not why it shuts down. >> and in inspection, chp found drivers did not have the right kind of license for what the state considers a bus of any vehicles that holds ten or more people. >> we tell them what they need to do to fix it and we tell them we'll come back of a certain amount of time and we have done it three times. chp says it came back in march and august. each time they found a handful of drivers still did not have the proper license. off camera, two drivers telling us they are in school for those licenses and they were given deadlines in december. >> it looks like they reduced the capacity of some of their vehicles to get below that threshold level. >> reporter: the driver tells us
9:38 pm
chariat lets them working and advancing of only nine seats. friday afternoon they say they were sent home. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, tabc 7 news. how officials are hoping to how officials are hoping to woo travele
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hello, i'm vincent, this is livingston, that's tangella, this is our haunted house and every saturday night on kofy tv-20 we present our show creature features, where we show wonderfully horrible films and horribly wonderful guests. do join us, please?
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getting creative here in attempt to lure airplaorts. county supervisors will decide on tuesday whether to change the name from the current stockton metropolitan airport. the airport director says it is
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a business decision highlighting stockton's proximity to san francisco. other facilities adding big city names like chicago and rockport airport like 90 miles. apple has opened its new flag ship stores located on chicago's magnificent mile. the firm that designs a new store, and apple's campus in cupertino. apple wants people to attend free seminars and talks and concerts. a special day for a young boy who lost everything in the north bay wild fires. it started with a
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we have an update from our story of the little boy. the tweet went viral by the boy. baseball teams and fans across the country responding. ka katy went to santa rosa today as the a's delivered the goods. >> hi. >> hello >> big league's dream fulfilled at age nine. >> reporter: bruce maxwell takes the shirt off his back for this north bay survivor. >> it is for you. >> thank you. [ cheers ] >> reporter: after lauren j. smith wrote a letter. >> i want to be a player. >> my house is burned down down in santa rosa fire. the saddest thing were my baseball collection. >> when i sat down and reading
9:47 pm
it, it was devastating. >> after the fire, he was hiding underneath the couch crying of all his stuff he lost. his fire just said, hey, get it out. >> reporter: i tweeted it and >> i thought it feels jus just -- not going anywhere but it went everywhere. >> reporter: when my tweet went viral. i spent the next three days telling private collector where to mail items, you see georgia and idaho and people mailing items to the a's to give to lauren. >> you can put season tickets in there and you got all the a's stuff. >> i remember i had one. >> you had one like that. >> reporter: teams across the league. >> jome montana. >> you ever thrown out first
9:48 pm
pitch in a baseball game? >> no. >> you want to do it next year? >> yeah. >> reporter: lauren wants to share his new gear with a lot of those in need. >> we want to share the love that's come through. >> reporter: lauren's love of america's past time. >> what's your favorite player. >> chris davis because he had a lot of home runs. talk about the a's and mayor league baseball hitting a home run. bravo. well, it was supposed to be a big week for a petaluma motorcycle. she was set to start for cover girl, campaigns but the fire broke out. gina's friends organized a
9:49 pm
volunteer working 24 plus days. we got a tortoise and we got pigs and chickens. selena and her group of volunteers are preparing for the next disaster. you can watch her entire story on abc 7 all right, san francisco's first bike park opens tomorrow. it is in mcclaren park. the grand opening begins at 10:00 a.m. with the ceremonial first drive at 10:30. the event featuring competition and bike riding lessons and food and apple and a lot more. now it is all set to go. >> so what will the weather be like? >> sandhya patel is tracking that for us, our weather. >> it is a beautiful day. tonight, if you are tracking our showers, i want to show you what you need do. find a dark spot and look to the
9:50 pm
east, 15 or 25 meteors expected. the best time is midnight and dawn. those clouds you are seeing on live doppler 7 should be pushing out. check it out if you get a chance. in the sierra nevada, i am taking you back in time to earlier ooerevening. this picture from north star about an inch of snow making fall looking like winter. temperatures tomorrow afternoon coming up, low 60s and low 70s. freezing conditions will remain and it will be a brighter day. walnut creek tomorrow, 69 degrees, sunshine and dropping of 61 later on at night. great looking weather for the light tonight. the walk of li-- we'll push tho temperatures into a much warmer
9:51 pm
territory. low to mid sunny. in land is nice. >> thanks very much. >> larry is here and we are talking warriors. >> i was thinking of the meteor shower. >> yeah? >> you have to wait until late at night. >> oh, like after midnight. >> oh, -- [ laughter ] th the warriors hitting the road. stay up all night with them. that's the new
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good evening, the warriors setting off their first stop. draymond did play. he left the opener, he seems to be okay. entering the first quarter, anthony davis, pelicans up 15
9:55 pm
early. nothing is going right. kevin durant -- so just started playing defense. his career high was seven block shocks and offense knocking down three doves. klay thompson's heating up. ties at 64. warriors would never trail again. clay with a defense of a detection here. had a game high of 31. icing on the cake. klay lets one defender fly by and passing over to steph. warriors win 128. if not for the miracle finish, there would be a whole lot focus on marshawn lynch today and on this day. the nfl suspended for one game. lynch raising on the field, part
9:56 pm
of ahmadne madness. the finish was amazing. a touchdown pass to jared cook. the replay was down inside the one second. >> no pass interference called, which was right. three seconds left and untime down after a couple of kasey penalty. rangers won 30. >> crazy game to watch. imagine being apart of it. >> that was crazy, man, to have those two plays. it is crazy but to get the win, it is even better. >> i don't think i have ever seen anything like this in my life, it was special. i remember when i s--
9:57 pm
>> give somebody a chance and it is really all or nothing. at that point, i am telling him the guy in the huddle, look, guys, i got to give somebody a chance now and go make a play and they did a couple of times. they start in practice. >> we are putting it on the game table. >> to the ice, oh, you want to talk about adorable. this is in new jersey, sharks and devils. first period, you say you want milk? >> carlson, first of the year. good thing happens when you follow your own shot. they start this road trip with a win. baseball now, game six, josh
9:58 pm
redick is a little frustrated. aaron judge puts this in with the yankees and coming up with a late come back. bottom 8th, jose altuve, what a season he had. >> last chance, yankees chase heavily and going down swinging. 7-1. game seven is tomorrow in houston. the winner gets the dodgers in the world series. >> justin baker led the washington nationals back-to-back in his first two season. there will not be a third, the team let baker go. baker came so close to winning the title with the giants backs
9:59 pm
in '02. >> yankees and the dodgers. >> that would be the world series. >> that was fantastic. >> already, coming up tonight, a possible point of origin, we'll talk to neighbors of the night and north bay fire started and t steve bannon as he rallies california republicans. those stories and more over at channel 7. >> from sandhya patel and all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope we'll see you in one hour over on the other side. bye for now.
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(dramatic music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one in texas, one in london. in our first case, a troubled spouse


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