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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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plus, a shooting that inflamed the nation's immigration debate now moves from the court of public opinion to an opinion court. abc 7 6 starts right now. firefighters are getting close to nearly full control of the devastating north bay fires but this week the danger grows again as a burst of heat hits the area. i'm eric thomas. >> it will be dry and it will be hot and we could see some records broken before it cools
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uf. >> let's go to spencer christian. >> it's going to be an unu warm spell for tor. you can see the are clear right now from the coast to inland. that often signals is warmup. here's what we can expect. high temperature in the low to mid 90s, increasing fire danger. tomorrow look for highs in the low to mid 90s in parts of the north bay valleys. in the east bay, upper 80s to 90s. prord highs possible on tuesday for sure. many inland valley lolocations. we have three days of almost extreme heat for this time of the year, summer like heat. spencer, thanks. this weekend's cool conditions help the firefighters gain control over the north bay fires. the tubs fire is 94% contained.
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the pocket fire 86% contained and the atlas fire 94% contained. more people are being allowed back into their nabtds tonight including limited reentry this afternoon in hard hit areas of kenwood. over the last week as evacuees returned home, many have found rubble where their homes once stood. nearly everything they own gone. an organization in napa is helping replace some of those everyday items and doing it in a pretty special way. abc 7 news reporter alyssa herrington has that story. >> roberto escaped the nuns fire with the clothes on his back. he came to the river park center in napa for help. >> he's with with assistance for cloths. he left without taking anything. >> a donation center just opened. it's called community napa strong. all items are free for fire victims and evacuees.
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next door a processing center where the volunteers sort through more than 20,000 pounds of donated items. >> when things started to close down at the shelters and the churches and other places, native sons of the golden west became this clearinghouse for all of these items. they got them in trucks and got them here. now we're processing them. >> oorg nirganizers wanted the to resemble a boutique store. >> the last thing you want to do is go dig through clothes. >> brian tapper created the floor plan and designed the inside. there's used and new clothing, kids' toys and halloween costumes, including this firefighter jacket. we did this in five days. >> 14-year-old christopher brought his rolling library. christopher started this after the valley fire in 2015. he rolls it through evacuation
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centers and events. >> you can come and take as many books as you would like. i have so many i want to keep the love of reading with everyone. >> community napa strong will stay open through the end of november. abc 7 news. >> that is so nice to see. take a look, the santa cruz mountains, the bear fire is 79% contained. it destroyed four structures and injured nine people since it starred last monday. tomorrow a murder trial begins in san francisco that will be closely watched across the nation. an undocumented immigrant is accused of shooting and killing kate steinle two years ago. sparking a national debate over immigration and sanctuary cities. lily kim is live at the hall of justice. >> opening arguments begin tomorrow. six men and six women make up the jury. jose garcia is on trial for the
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2015 shooting death of 32-year-old kate steinle. she was shot while sitting with her father on pier 14. defense attorneys plan to argue that it was an accidental ricochet shooting while prosecutors will complain that he contemplated second degree murder because he aimed the gun at steinle. as for his undocumented status and san francisco's sanctuary city policy, those issues won't be discussed in court despite the fact that's what brought the case nationwide attention. >> this immigration about -- that nervous about his immigration status will not come before the jury. the judge instructed the attorneys to keep it out, it's not important to this, it's too emotional and will divert the jury to something they shouldn't be talking about. >> reporter: the jury was chosen among a pool of 1,000 people. the six men and women are said to reflect the diversity of san
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francisco, three immigrants, two tech workers and educational degrees ranging from high school da p diplomas to ph.d.s. in livermore police shot a woman who they say drove a stolen car into two police cars. it happened before midnight. police ordered the 26-year-old woman to get out of the car but they say she drove at the officers, hitting their cars. police say the officers fired because they feared for their safety. that woman is expected to survive. no officers were hurt. in san leandro, police arrested this man accused of leading them on an hour long high speed chase in a stolen car. police stride to stop the car around 9:00 this morning. investigators say the driver rammed a police car and the passenger jumped out and ran away. the driver went 110 miles an hour the wrong way on a free, hit another car and eventually
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stopped at a face station before he was arrested. >> in tampa florida three people have been killed in the same neighborhood in the last ten days. our nbc reporter has more. >> reporter: police in this tampa neighborhood going door to door as they desperately search for a killer. three people murdered in the span of 11 days. the community on edge. >> we haven't had any problems until this recent thing. >> it's a quiet neighborhood. it's crazy. >> right now this only lead, this grainy video of a person wearing a hood walking along a neighborhood street. police not even calling him a suspect but someone they would like to speak with. family and friends of the victims honoring loved one. this memorial for the most recent victim killed on thursday. >> happy child, loving. everybody loved him. family oriented. >> police say the 20-year-old with autism got on the wrong bus on his way home from work.
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he was shot while walking to another bus stop. his murder was not far from where benjamin mitchell was killed on october 9th in front of his home. police warning residents not to walk alone at night. >> my wife is scared, my kids are scared. we have to be locked up in the house. it's not right. >> reporter: encouraging everyone to keep their porch lights on. the victims did not know each other but police believe the killings are linked because of their proximity to each other. police are address residents' concerns at a community meeting on monday. abc news, tampa. there's a bu hrouhaha over possible new brewery going into the north bay. the latest move by tesla. nasa wants a give your boring old breakfast a wake up call. jack's two dollar breakfast pockets get a grilled pocket filled with your choice of ham or sausage, freshly cracked eggs and two melty cheeses.
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for just two bucks, get a forgrilled pocketet filled with your choice of ham, or sausage, freshly cracked eggs, and two melted cheeses. jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. we're now just ten days away from a deadline set by the state to fix the orville dam. take a look, videoer from the department ofater nipairing the emergency spillway by november 1st, before the start of the rainy season. record rain caused that spillway to erode and nearly fail last february forcing nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. this is if first phase of a much
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larger plan to restore the dam and its spillway to its original condition. >> it was an emergency. we had to get someone on the ground to start construction to meet the november 1st milestone. >> the original cost estimate for the project was $275 million. and right now the ballpark isou. will continue through 2019 with fema picking u75% of the cost and the r state water contractors. >> former furniture storen raph brew not if the nehborer get their way. pond farm brewery company is permitted to be built in the wooden duck furniture build. there's a petition to stop the brewery and on tuesday the blanc commission will consider an appeal that raises concerns about noise, traffic. tesla is going to build its own factory in shanghai china. this is the first of its deal for the foreign auto maker.
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china needs to world in electric sells and the country is moving forward for electric cars. this could give tesla lower production costs but it's not likely to eliminate the 25% iport tax. tesla released a statement in june saying they're working with shanghai to establish a manufacturing facility there. honoring the dead with modern dance and music. the east bay event that celebrates the lives of those we lost. it's about to heat up here in the bay area. spencer christian coming up next with the accuweather contest. the 49ers honor 2008 clark at the game. and who are these people?
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honoring those who have left us both in our lives and ancestors we've never met. they took center stage in oakland today. >> spirits be with us. abc 7 news was at the oakland museum of california when the past came alive. >> now the museum kicked off its 23rd annual days of the dead exhibit. this year's theme celebrates butterflies. >> not only a migratining butte flo fly. a very pretty head piece she was
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wearing. the exhibit plays tribute to the people who died in last year's ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. runs through november 14th. the mission has been so successful it's being expanded. next year dawn will fly 123 miles from the surface. scientists want to know more about the surface sies. they believe that solar flares from the sun is melting the plan. ceres is a possible destination for humans to colonize one day. we'll start on this mild sunday evening, we have clear skies across the bay area. we've had clear skies all day and mild considers considdition it's almost november. we're looking down on to clear conditions a0 long the coast at
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motion -- ocean beach. 66 in san francisco, oakland 65. low 70s, 71 at mountainview, san jose and gilroy and 6. at half moon bay. check out the setting sun. that is just stunning. i'm a bet of a sunset nut and i'm particularly nutty today. 75 in santa rosa, 76 in concord, 73 right now in livermore. one more live view of the beach at santa cruz. this is going to be a popular destination in the next few days. we're going 206 near record heat with the temperatures soaring into the low 90s. lit be sunny and warm at the beaching and gradual cooling near week's end. overnight look for mostly clear skies, maybe a patch or two of low clouds near the coast. not much,ough.
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low wills be generally i the low to mid 50s but in the valleys we'll see lows in the mid to upper 40s. notice during the overnight hours up until 4:00 a.m., just a fewatchesf coastal fog will develop, moving away quickly to give us sky to sta t day and sunny skies throughout the day. south bay look for high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, 86 in san jose, 89 at morgan hill, peninsula, mid 80s, on theatpacifica.nd san francisk for higd 81 degrees downtown, mid 70s on the coast. 91 at santa ro, novato. mo to eastba 85 in oakland, 86 in fremont. and in the inland east bay, upper 80s at concord, livermore and pleasanton, 90 degrees at fairfield, 92 at brentwood. tuesday, record highs are possible tuesday as well as the highs climb into the mid 90s in some inland locations.
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we'll see the heat holding on wednesday but tapering off slightly with the highs on wednesday in the upper ients where we will have seen low to mid 90s on tuesday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. warm tomorrow, still warm o wednesday, just a bit cooler on thursday, gradual continues into friday and saturday and finally on sunday it continues cooling but itill . until a judge rules on the possible six-game suspension for domestic violence, ezekiel kelly will continue to play. san francisco did not help itself with three fumbles. trent tailor loses the ball and that would lead to an elliott touchdown. the former ohio state star would get his second, taking it down the middle 14-0 dallas.
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jason chiten with a nifty one-hand grab made it 20-3. the 9ers with a chance if get back in it but c.j. bedford loses the football. third quarter now the cow buoys all put but it away with this short pass to elliott. he does the rest. racing down the sideline to complete a 72-yard touchdown. the point after made it 27-3. prescott through three td passes, this one to dez bryant, tied where boz hayes for the most in the franchise history. the 9ers fall to 0-7 >> disappointing. i think all three phases players and we got to play bettn.a lot better to give our chance to win >> it's hard to win inhis nos guaranteed. g is guaranteed, man. . ourselves and each and everyon.
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n obviously.ome tomorrow we o p. >> we got whooped y. that's all you can say about it. wouldn't call it a setbac i mean, we're 0-7. but the fight that this team has i think we're going to continue to fight and i mean go back to work next week just like we do every other week. >> at half time the 49 ers honored former wide receiver dwight clark who is battling als lou gehrig's disease. clark is now confined to a wheelchair. members of the 1981 championship team including joe montana and our own mike shumann was on hand to support their friend and teammates. >> he is a plain class act on and off the filed. and you know, all we can do is pray for him every night. >> everybody remembers him for the catch and there were so many other catches. that one was important but he saved our butts a lot of time.
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>> rams and cardinals played in london. not a trip to remember for the arizona quarterback who broke his left arm on this play. he could miss the rest of the season. it was l.a. all the way as gurley rushed for more than 100 yards. the rams win 33-0 and lead the nfc west at 5-2. the chargers beat the bro o broncos today. travis benjamin takes this punt and brings it back 69 yards for a touchdown. in the fourth, benjamin made his only catch of the day, a big one. takes this pass and outraces the defense for a 42-yard score. 21-0 was the final. it's the scharjs' third straight one and first in los angeles. the quakes had to beat minnesota united to earn a spot in the playoffs. san jose led 2-1 but in the 81st minute a score tied the contest.
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with the assist, scoring from point blank range. quakes win 3-2 and advance to the playoffs for the first time in five years. next play at vancouver wednesday or thursday in a sij elimination game. it's win or go home. just ahead, a bounty of new movies at the box office though they may not be exactly what
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 were over on coffee tv 20, wine make irs are uncorking a new color. wine enthusiasts say it's not for everyone. trying to move on. in coffee park tonight, students, their parents and staff are all meeting for the first time since fires destroyed many of their homes. movie goers had four new options at the theater this weekend but three were panned by critics. ma dia halloween scored eight on rotten tomatoes but came in number one at the box office.
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>> gernl $21 million, environmental thriller geostorm had $13 million. half pi death day and braid runner 2 came in third and forth. only the brave, a drama about an elite firefight team. snowman did not reach the top five. >> that was the one with the bad luck. >> to each his own. >> that's right. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we'll tell you more about that coming up. that's like a tease. you veal to come back and hear the rest of it. that was perfect. we'll see you later.
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