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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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. tonight at 6:00, investigators piecing together crews in a crime scene. >> i was really angry i still am. a family calls into question an assisted living claim, all of its 430 residence are safe. a beautiful day in the bay area means danger in the north bay. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm deon lim in for amy daetz. a claim that the oakmont residence are safe following the fire that broke out two weeks
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ago. >> melanie woodrow with more on this story. >> the family got in touch with me friday night to say it looks like beth but doe may not make it. the family says she is not settling into any living arrangements as oak monday has set up all its 430 residence. >> that's all we have is each other. >> 92-year-old beth is in a hospital following the evacuation from villa capris two weeks ago before the facility burned down. >> i did not in my wildest dreams foresee she'd be put through this kind of trauma this stage of her life. >> sherry says her mom has open wounds on her body, a broken tooth and hip which doctors replaced this past friday.
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she said because he mom is byline, have difficulty hearing and has dplen sha she han been able to tell them how she got hurt neither did anyone from the staff. she estimated oakmont charged her 10 to $11,000 a month for her mother's care. >> my understanding we were paying for her to have everything she needed to be done. >> she said she hired a private care giver to be present 24 hours a day to be present for an additional $10,000 a month. she hired a private care giver to be present ten hours a day for an additional $10,000 a month, putting them close to $20,000. men son says it was the private care giver, not oakmont senior living who called her to tell about her the fire and
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evacuation. oak monosenior living says all 430 of or residence are accounted for, safe and settling into any living arrangements. their safety has been and would be our first priority. >> i don't now how they can say that. my mom is not settled into a new situation and because the condition she's in it's turning out to be hard to place her anywhere else. >> the family's especially grateful to other resident families who they believe were instrumental in the evacuation. >> we are so happy that they stayed. i want this to never happen again in the future. >> i'm still so glad to have you. >> i am still so glad to have you. >> the department of associate services is investigating the evacuation at two of oakmont's living, four bildtings on that property. if you have any information you'd like d s s to consider in that investigation, we'll put
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instructions on our website along with the story for how you can contact the appropriate people at d s s to file a complain. it in newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was in calistoga where a cal fire crew returned to the tubbs area where a fire may have restarted. investigators treating it as a crime scene. calistoga has two dozen investigators looking into all the north bay fires. abc was in downtown santa rosa when speakers were speaking to remove debris. >> think of all the things in the building, materials in your house and the pipes and wiring. this causes some concern. >> first and foremost we are not going to charge you for this
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clean-up. if you have insurance that has a clause for debris we'll be looking to collect. >> the army corp engineers will lead the second phase. it'll remove and continue remo ash and continuing debris. it is believed some people might be able to begin rebuilding by next spring. >> if you want to donate clothes or your time, go to our abc at today the bay area heated up bringing more fire danger. there is something going temporary fighters, the win. let's get a check with spencer. >> it's going to be hotter tomorrow and quite dry. here's a look at doppler 7. right now as the sunsets a few clouds in the sky. 78 degrees in san francisco. 80 in oakland and mountain view. gill roar 86.
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82 degrees stroez. mid to upper 70s napa navarro. liver more and concord. at 8:00 p.m. we'll see temperatures in the low to mid-70s. 70 degrees or above in many electronics. 70 on the coast at half moon bay. tomorrow starts at 7:00 with mild to warm conditions. temperatures around 70 degrees. a look at the records that may fall tomorrow in a few minutes. dan. >> thanks a lot. two people are dead and chp officer wounded in lake county. it happened in clear lake oaks later this morning. officers investigating several different crime scenes. lonny live with details. >> reporter: yes, dan. two of those crime scenes are here on this street. one is here, another one further down the street. four people in all were shot. the suspect left and then fired shots at two gas stations before leading police on a chase.
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lake county sheriff's deputy has this man, 61-year-old allan ashmore in custody on homicide charges. yellow tape closed off anchor village. it happened 11:30 in the morning. >> two homicide victims killed behind me. >> i drove by and i saw the passenger window shot out. when i came out i saw the guy slummed over in the car. >> reporter: a chp officer responded to the shooting and was shot by the suspect too. the bullet hit his body armor. then ashmore drove away. >> the suspect fled the area, went to a local gas station where there was another shooting with a civilian. >> reporter: shots were exchanged leaving a window shadow. ashmore left this gas station and led them on a pursuit
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through clear lake oaks. >> we have a total of seven crime scenes we're working all together. >> reporter: the lake county they are ever says it's been a long few weeks for this community. >> we just got over fire season that impacted this community within eye shot of where the fires were. this community's been through quite a bit. >> reporter: and the sheriff says they have talked to ashmore, he is talk tifr. the sheriff could tell me they believe some of the people were targeted, others random. ashmore faces a number of charges including two count of hmz, multiple accounts of assault with a firearm and they say he used several different types of gun, a shotgun and other handguns in his position. reporting live in lake county, lonny rivera, abc 7 news. a deadly shooting that sporked a heating debate.
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kate stein le was killed two years ago. the suspect is a undocumented man accused of entering the u.s. illegally for the second time. leann joins us with that story. >> reporter: at this point we're past the stage of politics. what we'll be hearing in court is the word intent over and over again. did he intentionally shoot stein le or was it an accident. the first person to take the stand was not able to answer that question. today the first witness on the stand was kate stein le's father who held back tears while le described the confusion around him while holding his daughter who had been shot. the prosecutor in this case picked up the gun that killed
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stein le. jose pointed the gun at stein he and shot her while on pier 13. >> the charge is murder. what we need to show is he intended to fire that gun. >> reporter: stein le was with her father and friends and family. while no one saw him shoot the gun, prosecutors argued he had the gun with him all long and fired in the direction of stein le. the bullet ricochetted and traveling another 38 feet striking the 32-year-old in the back. seconds later he threw the gun in the bay, the prosecution argued says to get rid of the weapon. garcia who was homeless at the time quickly walked away. he was found another hour near a pier. the gun had been stolen from a car belonging to a federal ranger 4 days before. there's no evidence proving that
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garcia vat te has stolen it. his attorney gold the jury his client picked up the 40 caliber handgun under the claire where he was sitting wrapped in a cloth. the defers said he did not know he was firing a handgun when it went off. >> i said that could be an accidental shooting because of what he said to the camera team that interviewed him. i think i'll make the case that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: the ranger whose gone was stolen will testify in the upcoming days. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. shot spotters being installed but the upgrades doesn't stop there. shaking, rattling and blasting this model bridge to make you safer. details up next. a changing government policy put the mump anticipated vacation for more than 150 local
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residence in
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police searching for a gunman who shot an uber driver on the peninsula. the uber driver had just picked up two passengers on sfo while driving west. the driver was taken to the hospital and should be okay. saturday night police say two robbers shot an uber driver in san francisco who was off the clock. and october 8th. three people shot inside an uber car on i-880 in oakland.
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so far no arrests. another man in jail killing a plan with a baseball bat in oakland. our patterns the east bay times also report the suspect and victim few each other. no names released. san jose taking a step to making its campus safer for students and staff. abc 7 news reporter janene is live on campus with more. >> reporter: dan, those metal boxes as they campus, and actually right behind me, one of those boxes which detects gun shots on that light poll. during center break wen there's not a lot of students on campus, police will shoot blanks to test the system. when crimes happen -- i always
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have -- i always have. >> i always have mikis out with my pepper spray. >> reporter: ten gunshot detection devices installed through campus. they use artificial intelligence to recognize gun shots and pinpoint the situation. >> if there was a running battle along those lines we'd get notified immediately as oppose to waiting for someone to call in. >> reporter: the school is in the heart of downtown where shootings have occurred nearby. an area of concern has been the parking garages, some worry about theft and sexual assault. >> it's dark and nobody's ever walking around. as a woman, just walking around by myself, i mean there's people following me, people on the street. >> reporter: the university is now in the process of putting up surveillance cameras in all the
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garages. >> cameras helps us multiply or force. it's a great tool for us friends forensically. >> it makes me nervous that they need them but i think it's helpful they have them just in case. >> most of the tools expected to go online early next year. an 18 month old is okay after being accidentally left inside a gun safe by her 3-year-old brother. santa clara tweeted out this area right horrere outside the home. the kids were in the care of a babysitter. the toddler spent 25 minutes inside before firefighters got her out. a detection agency blasted for pulling three over the signist from a meeting in climate change. comments came after the epa blocked the scientist from
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speaking at the congress addressing the health of new england's estuary. climb change effecting water temperatures, precipitation, sea levels and fish. >> size mic -- underway all the way in canada. abc 7 news anchor christian sze has footage involving the test of that bridge. >> the goaden gate bridge handles more than 100,000 crosses every day. that's why this is going on right now in a canadian lab. this video is from the bridge district. you see the span being pounded by 100 miles per hour winds. it's to ensure the real thing will do fine in a severe storm. the smoke blown on to the replica helps engineers get a
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visual on wind speeds. >> so these wind tunnel tests are critical as they allow our crews to build access platforms under the bridge. we feed to make sure they're not creating too much drag on the bridge. >> shoous talking about flat forms needed. engineers want to make sure they can withstand the wind and not degrade the performance of the bridge. it is safe now, the north and south ends has been ret fitted and can withstand a 8.3 quake. it will be stronger when the progress is done in five or six years. christian sze, abc 7 news. is it hot enough for you, if not wait until tomorrow. we have sunny and clear skies all across the bay area. a few clouds around. a live from from mount tam as the sky takes on an orange hue.
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mainly clear, mild over night with record high temperatures tomorrow. gradually cooler as we get into the mid-week. looking at temperatures racing from 7 on the coast at half moon bay to 80 around the bay and oakland and hayward. it's still quite warm out. heat flowing from the south, southern california sizzling. 94 los angeles, 97 palm springs. a record high, 102 degrees in l.a. the hot area that right side down in the desert southwest and southern california is flowing in that direction. p persistent but it's going to got hotter here tomorrow. over night look for clear skies and temperatures ranging from upper 50s to 60s. tomorrow it's sizzle time in the south bay.
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highs around 90 degrees, 91, high san jose. 93 loss cat toes. upper 80 river city. pal toe alto 90. low to mid-80s from pacifica to half moon bay. 84 degrees in south san francisco. 91 pat low may. 93 stroez. 93 cloverdale. highs in the mid-to upper 80s around oakland. 91 me san tonight, 92 liver more. here a few tips over the next few days. drink lots of wear. wear lightweight clothing. don't leave kids or pets inside cars. take breaks in the shade if possible. it's going for warmer in most locations tomorrow than today. the warmth holds on on
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wednesday, the heat drops off a couple degrees. the cooling will be very very gradual until we get to the weekend. the cooling trend begins to feel like a cooling trend. next monday we'll see how it's reaching to the upper 70s around the bay. >> also on that warning list don't leave friendly weather man outside. a lot more to come here on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> reporter: a school in sonoma got a breath of fresh
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the president promises his tax plan will not scale back america's 401 (k)'s. >> trump tweeted there will be no change to your 401 (k). "the wall street journal" and "new york times" reported the president's contributions to those retirement plans. it appears snap grossly overestimated how many people wanted their camera equip sun grasses, known as spectacle. the company has hundreds of thousands of them that have never been sold. that will appear to contradict comments this month that the
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app -- and target offering free shipping this holiday season. the deal will start next month on its website. targets plans to offer new products. on wall street the dow and s&p all wen down today. where there is fire there is smoke. last week the bay area saw some of its worse quality ever. >> jonathan bloom has a look at a start up that helps provide some relief from that air. >> reporter: sonoma valley high school became an evacuation center. >> as much as we try to keep the doors closed you could see the smoke in the gym. >> reporter: english teacher veronica has asthma. >> these angels show up with these filters and say where can
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we set these up. >> they were a hand full of air -- and founded the company with his sister. >> we started this company because my father saw asthma as a problem and felt like current air filler wouldn't doing enough to improve the air quality. >> reporter: it also has a second filter that's activated by ultraviolet light inside. >> we used that chemical process to destroy the pollutants that are too small for a filter to capture. >> reporter: that means gases, vapors and particles that will slip throw is broken down. >> pollutants migrate indoors and we don't have ways of getting them. >> we do have students with breathing issues. >> reporter: so molecule turned the loan into a donation.
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>> today i can honestly say i haven't smelled the smoke once while being inside. >> reporter: they've donated molecules to local fire stations. >> we can't go anything for the fires but with can do something for the air people are breathing. >> in sonoma, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a football game tonight in the north bay and a return to normalcy for student forced out because of the wild fire. plus -- >> i was very angry at the tone of his voice. the war of words continue between a president, a grieving widow and congresswoman. demand for an apology. >> anger over an will remember stststst
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certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. . to the latest now on the north bay wildfires. today containment of the fire was pushed back two days to friday. evacuees in parts of napa county in the area of mount vehiczero s
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allowed to return home. >> the wildfires burned nearly 254 square miles and destroyed more than 6700 structures. one high school in sonoma county lost 19 classrooms and sports field in the fires. despite the losses the fobl team at car dell knew man willin going for a win tonight. >> katy live with the story. >> reporter: the real story here is about getting to the game and returning to normalcy. cardinal neumann's j brk team is on the field right now. many schools in the league are badly damaged by the north bay fires. both schools here tonight had opponents pull out so coaches decided to play each other. the cardinal community not only lost part of the campus to the fire, 926 students lost homes.
7:33 pm
the team has been practicing trying to maintain normalcy. six of varsity players lost their homes. families and the school administration are optimistic this is just the beginning of rebuilding. >> it's nice that they are back playing football, they'll be back in school tomorrow. it's kind of nice. brings a routine back to my life. >> if all goes well and the site can be cleaned, we can be back in january on site for the second semester. we can bring in portables for the classrooms that were lost. >> reporter: both teams have a strong record. neumann is 5-1, rancho is 6-0. this is a rivalry match up. should be an entertaining game. live in want oak park. >> you can always download the
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abc 7 news apps to receive notifications on your device. senator john mccain has clarified a comment about draft dodgers and doesn't consider the president to be one. >> it looks like mccain about the collar faks on "the view" this morning. president trump has four draft deferments being in college and one for bone spurs in his feet. "the view" airs at 10:00 a.m. on abc 7. the soldiers who died in niger's families deserve information about the ambush. here's abc 7 news reporter carolin tyler. >> he couldn't remember my
7:35 pm
husband name. >> reporter: myesha johnson talked on ""good morning america" "today about the condolence call she received from president trump last week. her husband la david johnson and three other soldiers died in niger. >> he risked his life for our country why can't you remember his name. >> reporter: the president pushed back insisting, i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of la david johnson and spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation. the congresswoman was the first to announce the president's call after speaking with the kiddo. in turn, chief of staff john kelly -- the lawmaker for listening in and accused her of bragging about securing money for an fbi building back in
7:36 pm
2015, an accusation that's not true. now female members of the congressional black caucus including barbara lee are demanding an apology. >> general kelly, total liar. this is a moment of grief and mourning and for the president and general kelly the way they did is shameful. >> reporter: with this controversy entering a second week. the former chair of the republican party believes no apologies are needed. and further politicizing the soldier's death does nothing to move this country forward. >> look, if we are going to hold the entire american political and economic agenda hostage to every congresswoman who doesn't like a sitting president then we'd get nothing done in this country. >> reporter: while one soldier has become a household name three others die in that ambush.
7:37 pm
staff sergeant does -- a scare crow featuring an image of president trump is pinning parent against parent. the scare crow is an santa maria school. some say the scare crow disrespects the president and inappropriate for aged children. >> basically it's not the time and place for things like that to be put up. he's pretty young, 7 years old in the first grade. doesn't seem like the right time and place for it. >> those who support the scare crow say children should be allowed to express themselves. student voted on how to decorate the scare crow and the counsel says it doesn't believe this was meant to be political. just ahead, a festival is more about music and food. >> it'sss
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street corners and allys more inviting. abc 7 news reporter david luey caught artists at work today. >> reporter: fresh paint always good to spruce things up. the hope is 16 brand new color murals will gave this area a new face. >> a part of san jose they never experienced. that's what a mural does on a larger scale. >> ardelle hails from amsterdam. she wants people to see how color pigeon's feathers are. >> i'll go through 150 cans of paint. you always have to order in advance. sometime you make a mistake, the last mural i ran out of gray paint.
7:42 pm
>> reporter: the materials have been donated. many of the artists are from the bay area. jet martinez from oakland is creating a mexican sign. >> sometimes it takes a little bit of an outside eye to really appreciate what we already have going on here. i think possibly what it will do is kick start something that's already going on here anyway. >> reporter: the pow wow movement started in hawaii and spread lg globally with san jose about first in the area. plans on the way to double the mural next year. musical performance is part of the festival. the 16 artists will be working all week long. the public is allowed to stop by and watch them work. in san jose, david luey, abc 7 news. a trip to d.c. nearly ruined. >> that is until 7 o
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7:45 pm
. for a group of more than 160 people from the vallejo area a trip to washington, d.c. was more than a vacation. >> it was a connection to their history and affair mags in how
7:46 pm
far their community has come. >> when that trip was in jeopardy they ended up calling michael fenny with 7 on your side. >> yeah this was a fun one. the national museum of african-american history culture opened 13 months ago. it may still be the hottest ticket in the nation's capital right now. a vallejo group booked their entire vacation around it, only to be told their tickets were no longer available. this group calls itself family and friend travellers. judging by the smiles on their faces, club members are families to each other. 167 of them booked their hotel and plane tickets a year in advance for a chance to see the new national museum of african-american history and culture. they say group reservations were available six months out. that's exactly when club leader, jerry spearman called the
7:47 pm
museum. >> and i said excuse me, you're not taking reservations. >> a notice on the website says the policy had changed because command exceeded availability. group reservation had been temporarily suspended. >> i was left holding the bag for 167 people who i paid the hotel for. i panicked. >> jerry worried she let the group down. >> my vision was i'm on the freeway because i've obligated myself to $180,000 plus because i can't get into the museum. >> i felt more frustration for her because i know how she likes to have everything just right. >> reporter: jerry's husband says his wife turned to a higher authority for help. >> she was up in the middle of the night prays inside the house, outside the house. >> reporter: jerry's pastor told her to put feet behind her
7:48 pm
prayer. that landed her with 7 on your side. she brought a picture of three family members who had died, her father, sister and cousin. >> reporter: it struck an emotional cord for sandra wilson. >> that was touching for me and it did bring tears. >> okay, so here's what you feed to know if you want to go. a limited amount of sunday reservation are available for the museum but most are booked in advance. my 7 on your side hot line opened 10:00 to 2:00. 4159 -- you can also reach me on >> let's get a check of your weather, toasting up out there. >> nice and warm out there. christian spencer back up. >> nice and warm today, nice and
7:49 pm
hot tomorrow. clear skies going into the overnight hours. low temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. highs higher than today. mid-90s the warmest. record highs, upper 80s around the bay. mid-80s in coastal locations. here's a look at the highs for some locations around the bay area. san jose and livermore will break records. be prepared for the heat. here's the seven-day forecast after tomorrow it will cool down a bit but a gradual cooler. probably won't feel like you get any relief until the weekend. unless you love the heat then you want it to stay the way it is tomorrow. >> sure. it's plain cooking weather for those folks. >> all right.
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this gentleman on television this week not doing sports >> it was bittersweet for 49ers fans.
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well i've always said my claim to fame was the 49ers was i blew out mini to dwight hawk can inherit my position. it was beat the cowboys in 1982. dwight was honored yesterday at levi stadium against the cowboys. dwight says he wanted to see his former teammates from the 1982 team one more time which was tough to hear. it was an emotional roller coaster reuniting with guys i haven't seen in 35 years. finding what their lives were after football. dwight always a fighter battle this horrible disease. he was overcome with breakfast we had at the stadium and it was tough to talk to us at halftime along with all the fans. when a teammate's dealing with
7:54 pm
an offfield struggle you want to be there for him. you're bonded for life with this team on and off the field. this may also remind you this will be your battle down the road. this becomes more about our future from the past. dwight will always be remembered for the catch but he's a person, husband, father and brother and friend. he and i played the same position. we're roommates, he'll always be my rookie and dear friend. he was a heart warming day for us all. dwight, i love you budly -- buddy. silver and black now 3-4 which sounds better than 2-5. the best performance in the offense all season, despite losing running back alshon lynch who was suspended for his
7:55 pm
action. this game could be a moment tul builder they need to hit the road for buffalo and miami. >> we need to continue to work at it. we need to play better and to improve throughout the year. overall the vibe was good, i think it's been pretty good. our spirit has remained strong and that will allow us to pull ourselves out of a rut we were in and start playing some good football. >> steph curry was fined $50,000 but not suspended by the nba for throwing his mouthpiece in the final minute of dub loss saturday night. chance to even things up tonight in dallas. curry back on court after playing golf with obama yesterday. eight and the ownershiping quarter -- opening quarter. up to curry, going to find clay
7:56 pm
thompson put up 40 and a quarter led by 18 at one point. former -- lead to five, then lesley matthews make it a one point game, 61-62. lead 65-62 at the half. sharks in new york hosted by the rangers. hendrick, lundquist six goal in the first game. sharks on top. tim, first ever nhl goal. the guys are excited, strikes up 2-0 after one. they go on to a 4-1 victory. this report brought to you by river rook casino. summing up with one word with dwight, it was bittersweet. >> it must have have meant so much. >> it did and we were all an emotional wreck afterwards. send your prayers toward dwight.
7:57 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffey t.v. channel 13. >> allegations of widespread se capital. crowd funding sites playing a roll in helping victims of the north bay fires. tonight's prime time line nup on abc 7 at 8:00. two full hours of "dancing with the stars." at 10:00 a new episode of "the good doctor." >> at 11:35 it's ""jimmy kimmell live." >> that's the edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time on dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim on behalf of
7:58 pm
spencer and michael and the entire team here. good night everybody. >> see you at 11:00.
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"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. hey. oh, hey, kids. hi, mama. is boyd ready? uh, no, no, no. they're not back yet from the ice show. so, big, bad mike baxter likes to watch himself some ice dancing. not exactly. see, aladdin lost a thumb one year, so mike keeps hoping for a repeat. well, i just hope boyd's able to sit still for him.


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