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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. two dead, two injured and seven different crime scenes in lake county. tonight investigators say some of the victims were targeted. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lin. investigators have investigating them right now. >> a chp officer was among the wounded. >> abc 7 rotter lonny vivera has more on the investigation. >> reporter: lakes county sheriff's deputy have this man.
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it's the scene of a double homicide that happened close to 11:30 in the morning. >> there were two homicide victims that were killed on the street behind me. >> and i drove by the green car and i thought it was just a backpack. i saw the passenger window was shot out, and when i came back a guy was slumped over on his back. >> reporter: a chp officer responded to the shooting and he was shot, too. the bullet hit his body armor. and then the suspect drove away. >> went to another location where there was another shooting with a civilian who was a ccw holder. >> reporter: shots were exchanged leaving a window shattered. he left this gas station and led them on a pursuit through the area of clearmont oaks.
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the sheriff says it's been a long few weeks for this community and this is another tragedy. >> we just got over another tragedy within eye shot of where the fires were. so this community has been through quite a bit. >> reporter: two counts of homicide and several counts of assault with a firearm. the lake county sheriffs say he had a shotgun in his possession as well as several other guns. and trial is now under way for a deadly san francisco shooting that sparked a heated national debate over immigration and sanctuary cities. kate steinle was killed two years ago. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has that report. >> reporter: while holding his daughter who had been shot.
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in opening arguments the property in this case picked up the gun that killed steinle. garcia told the jury that jose pointed the gun at steinle and shot her while on pier 14. >> the charge is murder. and in this particular context it's in the second degree. and what we need to show is that he intended to fire that gun. >> reporter: steinle was with her father and a friend of the family. while no one saw him shoot the gun the prosecution argued that garcia had the gun with him all along and fired in the direction of steinle. the bullet ricochetted and traveled another 78 feet striking the 32-year-old in the back. second later he threw the gun in the bay. the prosecution argued to get rid of the evidence while his defense said he wanted the gun to stop firing. garcia who was homeless at the time quickly walked away. he was found about an hor later near another pier.
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police were able to collect gone shot residue samples proving he was the gunman. the gun had been stolen from a car belonging to a federal ranger several days before. in fact his attorney told the jury his client had picked up the .40 caliber handgun under the chair he was sitting, wrapped in a cloth. the defense said he did not know he was handling a firearm when it went off. >> i said from the out set i said this very well could be an accidental shooting consistent with what he said to the abc 7 camera team that interviewed him. and i think i will make the case that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: the ranger whose gun was stolen will testify in the up coming days. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the bay area is starting to warm up again. you can feel it. abc 7 was at crown beach at
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alameda today. why weren't we there? >> there's always tomorrow. meteorologist drew tuma joining us with the forecast. you can join us, too, drew. >> i think a lot of people are going to be at that beach tomorrow. look at your highs today. well above normal for this time of year. 82 in san francisco, 86 in oakland. almost 90 in son jose. 93 in conquered. very warm this time of year, temperature of 87 degrees. current numbers it is warm out there. we're still holding at 81 in clear lake, 74 in san francisco, 76 in san jose, and 67 that current number in oakland. future tracker temperatures as we get you into tomorrow morning we're going to hold onto a lot of this warmth. take a look at the numbers. how hot we get tomorrow afternoon and how long this heat will last, that full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. cal fire says it expects the north bay wildfires to be fully
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contained by friday. abc 7 news had permission from cal fire to fly drone 7 over the fountain grove today. you can see destruction on both sides tof street for blocks. >> a menlo park family is questioning the out break of fires. >> i love you so much also. that's all we have is each other. >> reporter: 92-year-old bess is in the hospital following the vacation three weeks ago before the assisted facility burned down. >> i did not in my wildsh dreams
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forsee she would be put through this kind. >> reporter: she has a broken tooth and a broken hip. because her mother and blind, has difficult hearing and dementia -- >> they never discussed how she got to be in the condition when we found her. >> reporter: oakmont charged her $10,000 to $11,000 a month for her mother's care. but she was dissatisfied with the level of care she was receiving, so she hired a private caregiver to be present for an additional $10,000 a month. it was the private caregiver not oakmont senior living who
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initially called her to tell her about the fire and vacation. the family took this video beside her bed side today. >> i'm feeling awful. >> reporter: their safety has been and always will be our first priority, they say. >> i don't know how they could say that. certainly my mom is not settled into a new living situation. and because of the condition she's in now it's turning out to be very hard to place her anytime else. >> we know it's not true when the comes to my grandma at all. >> reporter: the family is tankful to other families who they believe were responsible for the vacation. >> i'm so glad to have you. >> i am so, so glad to have you. >> reporter: the department of social services is investigating the vacation at two of oakmont % senior living's four buildings on that fountain grove parkway
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property. if you have information you would like dss to consider in t investigation, we'll put instructions on our website along with the story and howl you can contact them with a complaint. new details now on a shooting that injured an uber driver on the peninsula. it happened just after 11:00 last night. chp says it appears the drivers who had just picked up two passengers was caught in the cross fire of a shot out with two other vehicles. the driver was taken to the hospital without nonlife threatening injuries. they found another vehicle nearby that they believe was involved in that gun battle. they're searching for the driver and other car involved. police identified that suspect as 26-year-old carolyn riebal. two officers say they ordered her out of a stolen car saturday
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night. but they say she drove towards them. police say the officers opened fire in fear for their lives. riebal was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and the two officers have been put on leave. the technology currently being installed on campus and the other up grades coming soon. and it was back to class for students in the napa valley. how teachers will try to help students recover from the traumatic fires. plus. >> he couldn't remember my husband's name. >> the widow of
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many people living in sonoma county are returning home from e first time since the fires started. now just north of santa rosa people there were allowed to return home to the areas near mark west springs and weebly roads. some roads in the area remain closed. in napa county the evacuation of mount veeder road south of mount veeder school road was lifted today at noon. the sheriffs office there says
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agricultur agricultural exports in the area will still need -- laura anthony was there as schools reopened. >> reporter: two weeks after several large fires threatened their community, napa schools reopened for classes. a chance for students and staff to at least try to get back to normal. >> napa is just a fam ily in tht we're all in this together. maybe it didn't happen to each individual, but we all were affected. >> reporter: they still don't know how many students lost their homes in the fire, but they say they're ready to help them. and all of the kids and staff district wide move on from the district event. >> teachers do know their students pretty well by this time of the school year. so if a kid's unusually quiet or maybe even acting out on the other end of the spectrum, just anything out of the norm for
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that stubt. >> for me personally i've seen students excited to be back and safe and welcome the environment. >> reporter: he told us the calls for help have actually increased in recent days. >> folks have high feelings of anxiety triggered by particular events. so a siren, the smell of smoke, anything that reminds them of the evening of the time they were evacuated from their home. >> reporter: the county has even brought in mental health professionals from other areas, to help people cope after a major disaster. laura anthony, abc 7 news. mysterious boxes are popping up on the san jose state university campus. it's part of a new security system they're installing. what's the deal? >> reporter: when a crime or anything suspicious happens
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campus police at san jose state are there to respond, but they can't be everywhere and at night that makes some students uneasy. >> i calls go out with my pepper spray and there's a whistle on my keys as well. >> reporter: they just installed ten gunshot detecters on campus as. >> if there was a running gun battle or something along those lines, we would get notified immediately as opposed to waiting for someone to collin and say, well, i think it was in this location. >> reporter: the school is is the heart ofn and shootings have occurred nearby. police say a certain crime did not prompt the security upgrade. they just want to be proactive. an area of concern has been the parking garages. some worry about theft and sexual assault. >> it's dark and tonobody is ever walking around. and as a woman just walking around myself, there's people following me, there's people cat calling on the street. >> reporter: the university is now in the process of putting up
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surveillance cameras in all the garages. they plan to install license readers as well. >> it's a great tool for us forensically. so if something happens, we can go back and look at film. >> it makes me a little nervous they need them, but i think it's helpful they have them just in case. >> reporter: most of the safety tools are expected to go online early next year. all right, feels a little like june out there. >> yeah, getting to practically the beach forecast. drew tuma standing by with that. >> yeah, it really does not feel like fall at all. 10 to 15 degrees above normal, and tomorrow we'll be a degree or two warmer than we were to today. this warmth is not going away anytime soon. we enjoyed a lot of sunshine today. a couple of high clouds from time but it was really the sunshine that brought the hot weather. all is quiet. we don't have that marine layer,
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unfortunately, so it will be a mild 12-hour period over night tonight. and that's going to set the stage for another warm day on tuesday. it's all about the stars out there. we are mild. a lot of spots still holding the 70s even at this late hour. on your tuesday, record breaking heat in a couple of spots. and it's going to be a gradual cool down. it's not until next week that temperatures are where they should be for this time of year look at the numbers. 60, 70s, and even 80s in clear. mont. we're at 74 in san francisco, 76 in san jose, 73 in antioch. look off to our south today and highs were in the triple digits. l.a. set a new record at 102. 104 in palm springs. even in redding it was 92
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degrees. th overnight tonight plenty of stars out there. totally clear skies. 50s and 60s your starting temperatures out there door tomorrow morning. you're going to notice it feels warm from the get go. as you go into our highs in our microclimates on our tuesday, 91 in san jose, 90 for santa clara. along the peninsula, and even the coast, half moon bay, when the coast is warm your know it's going to be a warm day. 81, totally sunny in daily city. no fog there, unfortunately. into the east bay we're sunny. it is hot in terms of numbers. 93 in brentwood, 90 in walnut
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creek. heat trips, drink plenty of water wear light clothing. don't leave kids or pets inside cars. it'll take a matter of minutes for those cars to heat up, and take frequent breaks in shade if you're outside for a long period. wednesday still that warmth holds on. but it's thursday and into friday we start to see those numbers decrease just a little bit out there. saturday and sunday the fog comes back. that'll quickly cool us off. certainly feeling a lot more like summer than fall. >> what happened? >> it's october. a big and important honor for retired army medic. how he risked his life to help others during combat. also coming up the cambridge university website
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secretary of state rex tillerson is on an announced trip to iraq. trillerson's visit comes after a surprise visit to afghanistan with meetings with military and afghan leaders. the secretary of state pledged commitment during the sit down with president ashraf ganny. >> it's not an unlimited commitment. he's also made it clear it's not a blank check commit lt. >> tillerson's visit comes after a deadly string of attacks in afghanistan and a part of a long trip to the middle east, south asia and europe. president trump presented gary make rose with medal of honor at the white house. captain rose served as the only
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medic assigned to a special forces unit during the vietnam war. that group of green berets faced heavy fire while hunting fighters during a secret mission in laos during 1971. well the controversy continues over president trump's phone call. a local start-up solution to smoky skies. how a school in sonoma got a breath of fresh air during the north bay fires. and giving san jose
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the top u.s. general say the families of the soldiers who died in niger deserve answers about the ambush. >> this as we're hearing from the first time now from the widow who received a controversial condolence call from president trump. >> here's abc 7 news anchor carolyn tyler. >> he couldn't remember my husband's name. >> reporter: myesha johnson talked exclusively on good morning america today about the condolence call she received from president trump last week. her husband sergeant la david johnson and three other soldiers died in an ambush in niger. >> he risked his life for our country, why can't you remember his name. >> reporter: the president pushed back insisting i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant la david johnson and spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation. johnson family friend congresswoman fredrika wilson was the first to blast the president's call after haefring
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it on speakerphone as she traveled with the widow to view her husband's casket last week. in turn the president's chief of staff john kelly lashed out at the lawmaker for listening in and also accused her of bragging about securing money for an fbi building back in 2015, an accusation that is not true. now female members of the congressional black caucus including east bay cgronoman barbara lee are demanding an apology. >> general kelly told allie. this is a moment of grief and mourning, and for this president and general kelly to conduct themselves the way they're conducting themselves is shameful. >> reporter: with this controversy now entering a second week, the former their of the california republican party believes no apologies are needed and that further politicizing the soldier's death does nothing to move this country forward. >> look, if we are going to hold the entire american political
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and economic agenda hostage to every congresswoman who doesn't like a sitting president, then we will get nothing done in this country. >> reporter: now, while one soldier has now become a household name, three others also died in that ambush. staff sergeants dustin wright, bryan black and injure mia johnson. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> in the meantime he's clarified a comment he made over the weekend aboutdrift dodgers. he said tonight he wasn't taking a jab at president trump. >> i don't consider him as much a draft dodger as that i feel that the system was so wrong that certain americans could evade their responsibilities to serve the country. >> mccain made clarification on the view this morning in which he criticized high income americans that fought in the vietnam war by getting bone
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spur -- well, today north bay fire victims learned more about the cleanup of ash and debris. it'll take place in two phases. phase one will require removal of hazardous materials. fire victims will get a chance to look for any belongings. the second phase will focus on hauling away it the debris and trash. the army corp of engineers will oversee that task if home owners allow them onto their properties, of course. where there is fire, there is smoke. and last week the bay area saw some of its worst air quality ever especially close to the fire lines. abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom has a look at a start-up now that helps provide relief under that smoky air. >> reporter: sonoma valley high
9:33 pm
school became an vacation center. >> as best as we tried to keep the doors closed, you could see the smoke in the gym even and we were a couplef of miles away from the fire. >> reporter: she has asthma and many others took to wearing masks. but then they got a visit. >> these i'm going to call them angels show said up and they said can be set these up. >> and i'm like what are they? >> we started this company because my father saw asthma a problem and felt current air purifiers weren't doing enough to perify air quality. >> reporter: like most air purifies it has a filter to capture dust and articles and it has a second filter to captor dust and pollutants inside. that means gases and ultrafine particles would slip thou those
9:34 pm
filters are broken down. >> pollutants migrate indoors. >> reporter: with the school back up and running the molecules have found a new home here in the classrooms. >> we do have students here with things like cystic fibrosis. >> reporter: and so molecules turned them into a donation. they've also donated molecules to local fire stations. the founders say they're happy they can help. >> we can't do directly anything for the fires but we can do something for the air people are breathing. a group of lawmakers in washington thinks its time to come up with a way to prevent wildfires. four gop senators drafted the bill easier to cut down and reduce brush. it would also create certain exclusions for environmental review for removing trees and
9:35 pm
brush that could be a danger. san jose is getting a new excited look. a group of artists is painting murals mostly in the downtown area they hope will make street corners and alleys more inviting. abc 7 reporter david louie found the artists at work today. >> reporter: some fresh paint is always good to spruce things up. but the hope is 16 new colorful murals will give san jose a face-lift. part of a festival dubbed powwow san jose. >> it's going to bring folks on a street, bring them to a corner they've never seen before, a part of san jose they've never experienced. so that's what a mural does on a larger scale. it's a grand thing to view. >> reporter: she's known for the murals featuring pigeons. in this case she wants people to see how colorful the feathers are. >> i'm probably going to go to 150 cans of participate.
9:36 pm
you always have to order in advance. sometimes you make a mistake. last mural i ran out of gray paint. >> reporter: the materials have been donated. many of the artists are from the bay area. jet m jet martinez -- >> sometimes it takes a bit of an outside eye to really appreciate what we already have here. so i think it'll kick start something that's already going on here anyway. >> reporter: the powwow movement started in hawaii is spreading globally. plans already under way to double the number of murals next year. the 16 artists are going to be working all week long. and the public is invited to stop by and watch them work. they'll be wrapping up by this weekend. stay with us. a young boy is thinking of others on his birthday.
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>> this is so sweet. the 9-year-old tyler is honoring the 9-year-old tyler is honoring police officers w
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a young boy about to tern 10-year-olds is celebrating his birthday in a unique way. tyler is traveling the country and thanking police officers with doughnuts along the way. tyler and his mom have visited 19 states so far. and he got the idea after spotting four police officers inside a grocery store with his mom. >> i asked my mom if i could buy them doughnuts with my own money. and when we left i said i wanted to thank every cop in america. >> you are always welcome here, and this is new how'sen police officer for the day, tyler.
9:41 pm
>> kudos to him. now, tyler says he wants to be a k-9 officer when he grows. >> what a sweet kid. what a nice gesture. well, the commuter bus is open again in san francisco. it received the green light to resume service today. chariot was issued a cease and desist order onanies after it failed three chp safety inspections in a row. just ahead, allegations of widespread sexual harassment at the stapt capitol. >> the bay
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there are now sexual harassment claims against another hollywood figure. james toback.
9:45 pm
all of this comes as they speak out against harvey weinstein. >> reporter: the wave of hollywood sexual harassment allegations is growing. the los angeles times reporting james toback the writer and director of movies such as "black and white" and bugsy has been accused of sexually harassal at least 38 women in the last decades. 72-year-old tabock denyinize allegations telling "the new york times" for the last two years it has been impossible -- it comes as disgraced allegations against movie mogul harvey weinstein are mounting. police in l.a. announcing they
9:46 pm
have launched a criminal investigation into the hollywood mgul. >> harvey would talk to me about women that he'd had affairs with. i knew he was a womanizer. you know i wouldn't want to be married to guy. >> reporter: matt damon and george clooney now speaking out. >> but this level of criminal sexual predation is not something i ever thought was going on. absolutely not. >> the idea that this predator, this assaulter was out there silencing women like that, it's beyond infuriating. >> reporter: both vowing to fight sexual misconduct. >> none of this matters at all unless it becomes impossible to happen. and we're all going to be umplicit in that. we're all going to have to be responsible for that. >> reporter: and this week "the new york times" reported that bill o'reilly paid $32 million settlement to a former legal analyst who accused him of harassment.
9:47 pm
today o'reilly saying he's being attacked for political purposes and it's been a horror show for he and his family. >> actor ashley judd is talking about abc news. you can see it thursday starting with good morning america from 7:00 to 9:00. and there's this, a bay area law firm will investigate sexual allegations of assault in the state capitol. the hiring of the law offices of amy oppenheimer, nearly 150 women including state legislators signed an open letter last week calling out a pervasive culture of mistreatment in the political field. a scarecrow featuring the image of president trump is pitting parent against parent in southern california. take a look. here it is. the scarecrow is on the campus of santa clarita school. it disrespects the president and
9:48 pm
is inappropriate for elementary age children. one parent didn't want to be on camera. >> basically it's not the time or place for things like that to be put up. and he's pretty young. he's 7 years old in first grade. it doesn't seem like the right time or place for it. >> those who support the scare crow say the children should be allowed to express themselves. students voted on how to dress that scare crow. and the intent wasn't to be political says the school. the school is looking into the matter. after stephen hawking's doctoral thesis was put online for the first time. hawkings completed properties of expanding universes in 1966 when he was just 24. the university says hawking's thesis is the most requested items in the repository. an effort to make academic work more freely available. hawkings says by making his
9:49 pm
thesis open access he hopes to inspire people to look up at the stars and not down at their feet. the president of francis dog seems to have a run of the palace. nemo was caught relieving himself on the fireplace during a meeting last week. apparently you can actually see it happening. nemo in the background there. macron and three of his junior ministers laughed off the incident. dogs will be dogs. >> see it happens to heads of state. >> it's okay. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. one last check with meteorologist drew tuma. things getting toasty. >> yeah, and they're staying well into the night. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. not much of a cooler off period. san jose drops about 57 the same in aunt oc.
9:50 pm
90 the high in conquered, 86, not much of a relief in oakland. 93 that number in sonanta rosa. chasing a couple of records. san jose, oakland, liver moore, those records in jeopardy tomorrow afternoon. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. get you into wednesday and that warmth will still hold on. by thursday and friday a little change, but that marine layer returns and not until saturday does the fog return. >> for now we enjoy some beach weather. >> you can take a day off, take the week off. all right onto sports. a lot going on inlewdcluding an emotional moment. >> yes, it was online and we got to watch it there. really nicely done. >> it was an emotional weekend. dwight clark, mr. catch himself
9:51 pm
who was battling als was
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9:54 pm
i always said to blow out my knee paving the way for dwight clark to make the most iconic reception in nfl history. it was simply known as the catch who beat the cowboys in the 49er game to send them to their first super bowl title. he was honored. he said he wanted to see that 49er team one more time. it was an emotional roller coaster reuniting with the guys i i haven't seen in 35 years. great moments for us all. but then seeing a dwight always a fighter battle this horrible disease. he was over come with emotion with the breakfast we had at the
9:55 pm
stadium and even tougher to talk to us at halftime with all of his 49er fans. you want to be there for him when you win a championship like we did together. you're bonded with the team on and off the field. this weekend became more about our future than our athletic exploits of the past. dwight is one of the best ever to wear the red and gold and will always be remembered for the catch. but his or her so much more as a person, husband, father, brother and friend. he and i played the same position, we're roommates, and he'll always be my rookie and dear friend. it was a heartwarming and heart breaking day for all of us. and dwight, i love you buddy. let's move across the bay where the raiders saved their season. this was the best performance on offense all season despite
9:56 pm
losing marshawn lynch. he was suspended one game for his actions. he's appealing. he came back for the game winner on the other side of the end zone. this game could be the momentum builder they need as they hit the road for two weeks in buffalo and miami. >> we need to work at it. we know we need to play better and improve as we go throughout the year. overall, though, i think the vibe was good. i think it's been pretty good. i think our spirit has remained strong, and that'll allow us to pull ourselves out thaf that little rut we're in and play some football. >> steph curry was fined $50,000 but not suspended by the nba for throwing his mouthpiece. golden stages 1 and 2 out of the gate. a chance to even things up in dallas. you cost me $50,000, don't go
9:57 pm
flying anywhere tonight he said. fast break up to curry who finds pli. doves put up 40 in the first. doves by three at the break. curry, catch-and-shoot three. the lead is five. durant a marvelous all around game. lead zooms to 22 and then this. rookie jordan bell going to tip the shot and tosses it off the backboard to himself for the monster jam. katey on the bench can't believe it. coach kerr not too happy with it. warriors win by 30. staying hot less than two minutes in rips one past lund hp quest. still in the first rookie
9:58 pm
defenseman with his first ever nhl goal. sharks up 2-0 after one. martin jones on his game. a late goal prevents him from getting a second straight shutout. they win for san jose. this is the abc 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. we were talking earlier normally when we have our union we have our exploits on the field. this one seemed to be us talking about what could happen to us later down the line. >> well, the nfl, it's part of a study. >> yeah, i think when we went into the game, we didn't know what was going to happen on the other end. this could be a turning point. ha in there, buddy. we're pulling for you. and like i said earlier send your thoughts and good prayers. >> good guy and heartfelt comments. i know it was a tough weekend. >> it was. nicely done. coming up later tonight air
9:59 pm
canada involved in yet another landing incident after three months of another dangerous close call on the runway. what happened this time. and crowd funding sites are playing a major role. but a petition is asking for a change. those stories and lot more coming up over an channel 7. >> and with that, every b everybody, i'm dion lim. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you in one hour over on channel 7.
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(suspenseful music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. (gun firing) one in buford, georgia. the other in raleigh, north carolina. in our first case, a wife begins a cyber affair,


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