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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 25, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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assisted living facility being
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investigated. thank you for joining us. a coup health and city official says oak lawn moved debris from the property without a permit and before the e.p.a. could check fore hazardous waste. this is a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> this is what was found at shrilla capri. >> i was very surprised because there was no set criteria or approvals for any property to move forward at that point. >> no approval and no permit as required by the city. though the capri burned down two weeks ago, moon says the area is an active unrestricted disaster zone. >> we issued a cease and desist, or stop-work order. >> workers say they complied but
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they had already removed the bulk of the debris. here's what it looked like. >> 57%. >> the e.p.a. has not yet conducted sweeps at properties that burned down. >> we're taking hazardous materials from one location where we can control it and we transport it to a new location that could potentially now be contaminated with that material. >> this is a bad thing? >> it could be, yes. >> moon said they took the debris to a location in the county. a spokesperson says the department is working with the city of santa rosa on an investigation in this matter. we are looking into where the debris was taken and stored and if the debris was has krus or toxic. a spokesperson for the city says it's too soon to stay if they'll be fined. moon says this has never been done.
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>> not once. >> not that i'm aware of. >> all the residents are accounted for safe. this woman estimates she rescued 58 residents from that building. >> all i could think about was getting them to safety. >> a city spokesperson says -- based on the information available. additionally, slpd has not received any missing person reports. >> abc 7 news stopped by oakmont senior living's office to ask about the debris removal after our messages were not returned. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> in the meantime another milestone has been reached in the recovery from the north bay wildfires. we're in santa rosa at dieder permanent nepta medical center.
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the hospital was not damaged in the fire but has gone through extensive cleepg because it was just so close to the flames. the hospital was not damaged but again the patients were safely evacuated to other nearbyizer facilities. the former director of fema during the clinton administration will lead the fire recovery in the north bay. james lynch will head up the transformation into a emergency mgts agency. >> this is china basin this afternoon. it was a great day for a run, just to be outside enl joying the sunshine and the warmth. here's a look at what the rest of the week and upcoming weekend is looking like. >> we only had two records compared to yesterday when we
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had nine. we're trending cooler. 90, the high in san jose. that's a record. 94 in santa cruz, also a record. 83 in oakland. so it was warm across the entire region. not only us. to the south, l.a. set a new record at 100 degrees. 99, high in palm springs. especially along the coast, we have a department change. cooler by some 13 degrees in half moon bay. cooler than last night. we'll see upper 40s to mid activity but not truly feeling like fall tomorrow. we'll let you know when the full fall weather hits us. >> thanks very much. three suspects have been arrested and police are searching for two more after a deadly shooting in san jose was linked to a state wide brothel ring. a 31-year-old man was killed in an apartment complex on elon
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village lane. authorities have determined the suspects were involved in locations in three other bay area cities. police are looking for two more people. police released this surveillance video. police say there may be additional victims as well. >> the jury in the kate steinly trial described how they collected evidence at the scene. they also talked about the moment the defendant was arrested thanks to the help of witnesses. >> this is cell phone video of when the defendant was being arrested near red's java house on the embarcadero. he was in walking distance of per 14 where kate was shot. his description was a man wearing a hoody with a black
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t-shirt. in court he said he made contact with him. at that moment, the suspect looked startled, like a deer caught in the headlights. the officer said he got out of the car, drew his gun, pointed at the suspect and shouted to stop. >> he got on the ground, they made the arrest. there was no real incident. >> police wrapped his hands in paper bags to preserve any gunfire rez ghu but his attorney revealed that a very small amount was found. garcia told police he found the stolen gun under a swivel chair at the pier wrapped in a piece of cloth. he claims the gun accidently fired. the bullet ricocheted hitting steinly who was about 90 feet away from the suspect. >> looking at how far that brings us back to the point i just made, the physical evidence
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really supports the accidental nature of this entire thing. >> did next day the gun was found in the waters of the bay after garcia at mitted to tossing it. >> we're putting this case together brick by brick because we believe that the charge of murder is based on that evidence. >> in san francisco leanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> the san francisco health department's task force unveiled a report today to a committee of supervisors. i recommends opening venues where addicts could inject themselves while under supervision. >> it would be model after british columbia, vancouver, where overdoses were once a daily fact of life. this man shoots up with a nurse
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watching. he relaxes in the chillout room. >> they're reducing it a large number of overdose deaths and getting people into drug treatment. 89. >> i saw two people injecting. >> the doszs of people who testify at the committee hearing said they supported the health department's task force's recommendation that the city should open up safe up jeks sites. >> our mission is to create a safer environment for all. >> san francisco will have to go around federal law which makes street drugs illegal. that may mean declaring a city public health emergency. >> it doesn't allow us to change federal law. what it does is show the means and support to open these types of facilities. >> mayor ed lee has yet to take a position. >> it's got to be a site or a place or a practice that leads to additional services.
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i'm knots interested in increasing the opportunity to just inject themselves. >> the committee is asking the health department to look into the legal issues and the costs of setting up the sites before recommending it to the full fword. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> meanwhile, walgreen's is stocking up on the antidote dermarr can at all its stores. the medication administered by nasal spray can be reverse the effects of opioid drug overdose. it will be available in more than 8,000 walgreen's pharmacies. the vacant lots that have been magnets for homeless encampments could soon be under with development. new parks would be created under and arounded the city's freeways. planned envision everything from basket ball courts to playgrounds on those sites.
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a lot more to come. a flight interrogation question that you will likely be asked before you board. # what you need to know starting tomorrow on all international flights to the united states. a new rent survey is out. we know the bay area's expensive, but two surprises about where costs are going up the most. and paying more to send a
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. starting tomorrow,ing passengers on nights to united sates will face tougher security. some airlines will begin interviewing passengers as well. david curly explains. >> tomorrow's deadline means americans flying home from international airports could face new security interviews. 325,000 passengers board the 100 direct flights to the united states from 280 airports. this is part of the enhanced secured ordered by then homeland security secretary john kelly. >> unless we ail raise our security standards, terrorists will find an attack the weakest link. >> every airline must meet the security mandates but the u.s. is not telling the airlines how
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to do it. many airlines have decided to conduct short security interviews which could be as simple as where are you traveling, who packed your bag? >> i think that's a very good thing at some of these locations. the airlines are accustomed to this type of thing. it will be very seamless. >> tonight nasa is giving us a look at the scar left from the wildfires. the areas in red are vegetation while the burped-out areas are in dark gray. this covers an area of nearly 1500 square miles. senior citizens across the bay area bid goodbye to week to new friends, fire evacuees had welcomed into their apartments for shelter are moving away. here we show you how these seniors helped each others. >> they had to flea their home 26 yeefrs ago. now they enjoy the company of an
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87-year-old santa rosa evacuee for eight days. he slept on their futon. he was one of 77 seniors who took refuge at st. paul's towers in downtown oakland. >> we realized that we were playing a tiny small mart in this big event that people are watching all over the world. >> we had some residents who were in independent living before they got here and after three days of shelter on an army cot needed some physical therapy and we were able to do that for them. being given the opportunity to really -- to care for those that we don't even know was a gift. >> byron park and walnut creek, it was similar. scram blipg to get beds into vacant units to welcome evacuees. >> the fact that we could even help three families, that doesn't sound like a lot but it meant everything to them. >> kay hatch's cousin was one of them. >> i was glad she could be here
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and had a safe place to stay. >> there were even plots to plan parties to get everyone together again. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> we all know that represent is very high in the bay area but there are a couple of big surprises about where it's going up the most. out of all the bay area cities, yearly rental rates for a one-bedroom apartment rose most in mountain view, peddle creek and petaluma. according to apartment rental finder, the median rent in mountain view is just over $3100. in petaluma, it's $2800 and in wall nat creek almost $2400. oakland's medium rent is about 1900. in berkeley you'll pay 2500. the median rent for south city is almost 2100.
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va layo, santa rosa and napa are considered the most affordable place for renters in the bay area. now, we should note that the report does not take into account any changes after the north bay fires which undoubtedly there will be some. with the hot dry weather, the rainier than usual conditions last winter may not be top of mind. meteorologists with the national weather service say california may be headed for a dryer than normal winter, a el nino yela n. >> it's important to pay attention to the forecast. be prepared for the individual storms instead of trying to focus on the general outlook. >> meteorologists say one really good soaking of rain and snowy helps to moich up the land and
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fuels to rep prevent any further wildfires. we love the rain and need it desperately. drew is here. drew, last year was a la nina year. >> la nina can be more of a wild card an el nino. you can have more lafl with la nina and have less. we'll track a chance of rain in the for the. live doppler, enjoy tons of sunshine. tonight it is clear and quiet. in fact, the image outside, a live look from the rooftop camera along the embarcadero, the lights of the bay bridge in the background and a gentle breeze on that picture right now. temperature wise, look at oakland, for example. the last 25 days, you see a lot of red on this map. that means daytime temperatures were above average. in fact, 20 of the last 25 days
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feature temperatures above average and we're going to do that tomorrow as well. members right now doing better tonight than we were last night at this hour. 69 in san francisco. about 62 in fairfield. 71 in conquered. these are about five to ten degrees cooler than this time last night. overnight tonight, not as warm as last night but still, it will be mild in some spots. san jose in the mid 50s. 48 in santa rosa and 42 in oakland over the next 12 hours. you can see a rather warm day across the board but you don't see as many 90s on the board. more 80s and 70s. the numbers are backing off a few degrees. 76 half hoop bay. 90 for cloverdale and richmond, 83 degrees. fall-like weather arrives over the weekend. it's really on sunday.
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a widespread cooldown. 50s and 60s return to the coast. our warmest spots inland only in the mid 70s. that's where it should be this time of the year. next week we'll track our chance of rain. this is next thursday november 2nd into friday november 5, potential weather, showers moving through. snow could turn wet as we change the calendar to november. forecast, warm inland tomorrow, even along the coasts were mild. change friday. the cool breeze starts to move in saturday with a sharp drop in temperatures on sunday. the fog returns. it feels like fall on monday, which is a treat for tuesday. have a chance of rain moving in next thursday. gradually cooling down. it will feel a lot like fall. >> the company that is
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. palo alto-based tesla is getting beaten to the pumplg. dimeler showed off its latest heavy duty electric truck today. the prototype can carry 11 tons of cargo for 211 miles. it's planned to go on sale in about four years. last month, cummins showed off their own electric truck. everybody getting in on the action. the cost of aups package is going up. it was announced rates would go up about 5%. it's because of a rise in commerce and retailers posing challenges to the shipping
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industry. it goes into effect starting september 24th for ground, air and national services as well as air freight rates in the u.s., canada and puerto rico. rival fedex has announced a similar price hike beginning the beginning of the next year. >> it's an example. people actually being physically and violently removed from airplanes. >> why the organization is urging people to avoid american airlines and american is responding. still ahead, a religious ceremony at the site of the shooting. what a priest says he found there. >> and joe
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. good evening once again. we'll start this half-hour with the naacp which has issued a new warning to african-americans nationwide, urging them to reconsider any travel plans on american airlines, citing discriminatory practices, but will that alert have any impact. chris nguyen has more. >> american airlines under fire from the annapolinap naacp. >> if they're not treating you with the respect and dignity that each american citizen is entitled to, they should speak out and say something. >> they say african-americans should stop flying american until further notice. this after a series of incidents including an african-american man who was allegedly forced to give up his seat after he responded to discriminatory comments from two unrulely passengers.
9:31 pm
america's ceo doug parker wrote we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. we have reached out to the naacp and are eager to meet with them. it's unclear when the two sides will meet. it's unlikely american will take much of a financial hit, some say, but that doesn't mean they're in the clear. >> they're ready to find problems. the employees really need to be stewards of the brand they're representing. >> last spring, an asian american united passenger was dragged down the aisle after refusing to deplane. so was a muslim american. not all are casting blame solely on the airlines. >> i don't think it's the airlines as a whole. i think bad apples fall from the tree every once in a while. >> abc 7 news chris nguyen.
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>> a prooegs has blessed the las vegas hotel room where gunman stephen pad ok fired on a crowd killing 58. the reverend said he felt surrounded by the mystery of evil on the 32nd floor of the manned aley bay casino. the request of a local workers hotel union requested the cleansing. >> the president was asked if he accepts any blame about the civility or the lack of civility in applicatipolitics these days. here's the story. >> at the white house with his character under fire from fellow republicans, he brushed aside questions about more civility. >> i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am. people don't understand. i went to an ivy league college. i was a nice student.
9:33 pm
i did very well. i'm a very intelligent person. >> it comes in the wake of blistering attacks from two prominent republican senators who are not running for re-election. tennessee's bob corker koufoss president trump of debasing the country. and there was this. >> reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused as telling it like it is. >> who can say that politics in this country is in the gutter right now. do you agree with that? do you bear any responsibility for that? >> i think it's sad but i think to a large extent, in all due respect, i think the media causes a lot of it, but politics is a rough business. there's no question about it. >> the president's message, everything is just fine. his party loves him. his proof, the standing ovation he received from republican senators on capitol hill. he's now tweeted about it three
9:34 pm
are there any other republicans you want to see out of the senate? >> no, not at all. >> we have a very good relationship. honestly, the republicans are very, very well united. . now he especially needs them to be united on tax reform. but his mixed messages on how to pay for those tax cuts frustrate even his own allies. the president has said definitively there will be no changes to your 401 k. but today the top republican writing the tax plan said actually there could be changes, including how much people can contribute to the retirement fund. when asked, the president said this. >> 401 ks, to me, are very important. i'd one of the great benefits to the middle class. >> second later, a muddied message. >> maybe it is and maybe we'll use it as negotiating. trust me. >> now to the controversial dossier prepared as opposition
9:35 pm
research on then candidate donald trump alleging connections between the trump campaign and russia. it's believe that firm was first hired by a republican opponent. and then the hillary clinton campaign funded it from there. now we know who finded it but some lawmakers say the big e question is how much of it is true. here's abc news reporter ryan ross. >> until now, hillary clinton and her campaign team would not admit any involvement. the can document prepared by a former british spy alleges the trump campaign colluded with the russians and includes uncorroborate ed salacious allegations against trump himself. >> it's fake news, phony stuff. it didn't happen. >> the dossier was produced by a washington basis firm calling
9:36 pm
fusion gps which doug up information on republicans. the clinton campaign and the democrats secretly paid fusion gps to continue the research efforts. the president today said he was a victim. >> i think it's a disgrace. >> former clinton spokesperson said the democrats did nothing wrong. >> i think it's important to remember that opposition research happens you will the time. >> it's standard practice in boldt campaigns for both parties. >> what is more important than anything is whether the allegations in the dossier are true. >> now one question is which republican first started fusion gps down the road of digging up dirt on trump. >> do you know who those republicans are? >> i think i would have -- if i were to guess, i have one name in mind. >> give it to us. >> it will probably be revealed. >> ryan ross, abc news, new york. >> meantime, former vice
9:37 pm
president joe biden is not ruling out a run for president in 2020. in a an interview with vanity fair he said i've not decided to run but i've not decided not to run. he decided against running last year. biden ran unsuccessfully for president in 1988 and in 2008. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, new details on the abduction last year of a northern california woman. what her husband is
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. mysterious abduction is back in the headlines tomorrow. sherri papini, the bief and mother who says she disappeared
9:41 pm
while jogging found three weeks later tied up alongside a highway. tonight for the first time her husband's first call for help and fbi sketches of two women wanted for questioning. here's matt gutman. >> tonight for the first time we're hearing the 911 call he made to report his wife missing. >> i got home and my wife wasn't there which was unusual. >> the question of who abducted her is grappling with a year after her disappearance. >> in the headphones, i'm like totally freaking out. >> today the sheriff's office releasing sketches of the hispanic women sherri papini said abducted her while she was out running. keith telling us how he felt when he saw her again. >> the police officer said, you know, prepare yourself. they branded her.
9:42 pm
>> the sheriff's office revealing today that she was texting with a male acquaintance from michigan days prior to her disappearance in an attempt to meet. that man was later cleared. >> that's matt gut mapp reporting. tonight keith papini released a statement saying we are hopeful that the release of additional information with expedite the capture of sherri's abductors.
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. the michelin guide restaurant ratings are out and the bay area now has more three star restaurants than new york city. jonathan blum talked with some of the newly honored chefs this
9:46 pm
year. >> this goes on top. >> hanging above the spot where delicious deserts are made, the michelin star is about to get company. >> we feel humbled and honored. >> the chef just learned they're the only mexican restaurant anywhere to get two michelin stars. >> that's an outstanding recognition of that chef's talent. >> the bay area has a lot of talented chefs. >> we are now above new york. we have more three star restaurants than new york city. >> including benu where chef corey lee had to wait two weeks to find out if he retained the rating. >> people could not possibly be worried about restaurant rankings while the fires were going on. >> not only that, the farms were
9:47 pm
threatened. >> anything we could do to help. it's been a scary experience. >> with the fires almost contained. >> people need to get back up there. tourists need to know that things are still going and for those restaurants. >> just a block away from his three michelin starred restaurant, he's picking up another. >> it's a unique restaurant. i don't -- i actually don't even think of it as a restaurant. it's more like this project that involves food. >> in sit u is a gallery of guest chefs dishes. >> it kind of is fitting it should have its own star. >> lee hopes the new michelin guide will give tourists a reason to head north. >> you can visit sonoma. >> jonathan blum, abc 7 news. >> take a good look. you could be looking at the next
9:48 pm
gen race of bay area gnaws broadcasters. they spent some time with us today. we were glad to have them. they sat in with the designers to see how they put together the graphics and art you see here. the 11th graders are learning production, animation, editing and photo shop skills. they all have bright futures, we know, in our industry. from the future to the present from broadcasting, the abc 7 family is celebrating major milestones. david luis and joey smith were honored in los angeles at a service award award. david has been with abc 7 for a remarkable 45 years. joey has been with us for 40 years. the big party included appearances by mickey mouse and was hostedly tom bergeron.
9:49 pm
congratulations to david and joey as well as all those honored. >> drew is here. >> tonight it's going on the a little cooler of a night than it was last night. we're talking 40s and 50s the next 12 hours. about 56 in fremont. the same in sap mateo. upper 40s overnight. your day planner thursday, it's pleasant weather midday but we're quickly warm up. it's mild to hot once again into the 4:00 time frame. 80s and low 90s in our warmest spots. highs on urs this, 81 in oakland, 87 in san jose, more than 10 degrees above average. up to about 87 degrees, fairfield. little change on friday but then a breeze kicks in on saturday. temperatures will sharply drop down. more like fall monday,
9:50 pm
especially into halloween on tuesday and by wednesday, it's clouding back up with a chance of showers next thursday. >> thanks very much. if you're a giants fan you may not be too fond of the dodgers on the baseball field but this transcends baseball. as part of major league baseball's partnership with boys and girls clubs a group of dodgers legends gathered to do some good for the fire victims. here's the story. >> the world series isn't all about baseball. >> kids don't have homes. their parents need to support their kids to keep them safe. and we need to keep them safe because we're all safe. it wouldn't be fair if they're safe and we're not safe. >> working alongside dodger legends, they packed bags for northern california fire victims. the bags include protective masks, glasses, books, and of course, dodger gear.
9:51 pm
>> i'm definitely a dornl fan. i watched them last night. it was really fun. >> steve garvey, and others were joined by rob manfred, the commissioner of baseball, to do some good outside the ballpark. >> major league baseball gets so much from the fan base, because they support us. we as players and ex players have gained so much from the game. to bring it back brings it full circle. the boys and girls clubs are a huge part of our future, the future generations, so why not start at the ground level with people that need a little boost? >> the boys and girls clubs say that although they're often on the receiving end of good will, it's important for them to understand what it is to give back to those lest fortunate. >> our kids come from very challenging circumstances but we know there are probably families in northern california who have lost their homes or lost loed one. >> very nice of those dodgers to do that.
9:52 pm
our warriors are trying to make a difference, too, for the fire victims. larry is here. >> klay thompson. you saw orel hershiser. >> yeah. >> needed him tonight. they flat-out ran out of pitchers. clay, how much has he raised for the north bay? by the way, could the warriors beat the wraptors going down in the final finish? sports is next. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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. good evening. in an ideal world, the warriors
9:56 pm
would beat toronto tonight and klay thompson would lead the team in scoring. donating a thousand dollars per point to the fire relief effort. all eyes were on him with the hot hand. raptors play with three off the inbounds pass. raptors in the second, clay from deep, ties it up with another three. still in the second quarter and clay is still cooking. he had 18 at the half. finished with 22 points. the raptors kept clawing. kyle lowry going ahead with three. demarre rosen had 24 points. warriors hanging around. dubs, hot potatoes, down five. kevin durcht with over a minute left pullup three to tie it. k.j. will feet steph for what turns out to be the game winner!
9:57 pm
steph with 30 and the warriors pull it out by a final of 1117-112. # two-time mvp steve nash, part of the warriors organization, a player development coach, finally got his championship ring. this was the touching special ceremony he posted on instagram with a shirtless coach steve kerr and the caption "clothing was optional but good vibes were mandatory." tonight the dodgers blue a two-run lead late. then they came back and the great vin scully on hand to throw out the first pitch gave it up for fernando valenzuela to throw it. carlos correa back-to-back jacks, 5-3. bottom ten, yasiel puig. look at it fly.
9:58 pm
it's a one-run game. two down. clutch single to right. logan forsythe racing home. the throw from josh redick. he is safe! we are tight at 5-5. great view there. top of 11. george springer, 3-30, slump busted. springer dinger off mccarthy. eight homers total in this game and the astros hold on to win it 7-6. series tied at a game apiece. raiders wide receiver amari cooper has been named the afc offensive player of the week after struggling for five weeks. he had a breakout performance against the chiefs. # # 1 receptions for 210 yards. he was targeted 19 teams. even the quarterback couldn't believe how many times he was looking at cooper. but, hey, it was working. they'll need more consistency sunday if they want their
9:59 pm
playoff hope to stay alive. this last game was a very good sign. >> he's a really good player. to me, he got back to being himself. and we did a good job getting him incorporated which i'd like to see continued. >> there was enough seas on what we saw them playing defensively and how we could get him the ball. that was something schematically. during the game. but i didn't know he had a 19 target after the game. >> that's a good record for him. that was a lot. >> and the earthquakes lose 5-0 to vancouver, so their season is over. lost the playoff game. >> what a finish, though. >> right. >> all right. that is our report. for all of us here hope to see you in an hour on channel 7. bye for now.
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- [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases, one in easton pennsylvania, the other in gillette, wyoming. in our first case, a love triangle spins out of control


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