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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 27, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ yo♪ and you probably do. rt ♪ ♪ you're a beautiful thing. ♪ sc johnson. now at 11:00, a fire spreads quickly on a property fueled by debris. neighbors rushing to protect themselves and property and there's still work to do tonight. dan ashley is off. we brought you live covering, and our reporter has been on the scene all day long and is there right now. katie. >> reporter: this fire is
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smoldering, and you can tell from the smoke behind the property here, and in the foreground you can see where this has been such a tough fight for firefighters. the property looks like this, a lot of stuff on it which made it hard for firefighters to even get to the fire. >> we have got about four garden hoses connected to each other. >> reporter: will and his dad worked side by side. >> we have to do something, because right now it's my house. >> the fire erupted just after 4:00 p.m., and a san jose fire captain said it started in a trailer and spread to other vehicles on the property. firefighters had a problem getting to the close to the fire, as you can see from the google maps progression dating back to 2003, the property had become crammed with old cars and other items. >> all of the debris on the
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property made it difficult to access the fire, and trying to maneuver the houses around the stuff. >> the property owner said he used the property for storage, and the fire was a threat to other homes and a neighboring mosque. >> afternoon everybody was here, and when they smelled the smoke and fire, they came running and hooked up closes. >> people were advised to close their windows and shelter in place to avoid the smoke. a potential bombshell in washington. "the wall street journal" filed charges, which a grand jury approved today. a federal judge ordered the charges to remain sealed. former fbi director, robert
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mueller, is leading the probe and is trying to find out if the trump campaign teamed up with russia to interfere and if the president tried to obstruct the investigation. gunfire near golden gate avenue tonight. officers ran to the scene after they heard the gunshots. the injuries were not threatening. b.a.r.t. police need your help, trying to find a man that painted offensive graffiti all around the system. as you can see, he had a scooter and investigators believe he is responsible for hateful slurs and symbols that appeared at least outside four b.a.r.t. stations. a gun turned up at a local
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school for the fifth time this week. san jose police arrested a 12-year-old boy after officers say he waved a gun at another boy, and you can see on the map where students either brought guns to school or firearms were found on campus, all sense monday. milpitas high school went on lockdown twice yesterday. >> parents and schools at a napa school a outraged after a popular principal was inexplainbly fired. >> students and parents at the high school in napa want answers following the unexpected firing of their principal. >> we want him back and we just want justice in this system that seems so corrupt. his attorney says he was fired with no explanation. there's only one person that
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knows the individual that has the power to fire him, and that's the school president. >> he has the authority to fire anybody at the private institution, they are all at-will employees. >> i am not sure they can be performed because it's a personnel matter about the reason why. the law prevents the president from speaking about the personnel issues. >> is there any criminal allegations, information? >> none whatsoever. >> the parents put together the binder full of messages to the board of trustees, and they are threatening to withhold funding and pull students. >> i can't send my kids here. i can't do it. >> a gofundme has already raised $60,000 $60,000. and then right now the atlas
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fire in napa is 100% contained. the tugs, nuns, and pocket fires are at 96% with full containment expected by tuesday. abc7 news was at a high school in santa rosa today where 13 schools total re-opened this morning. the principal said they won't return to their old curriculum just yet and they will ease back into learning and work with counsellors if needed. sonoma county hit hard by the fires but one community is using a halloween spairit and a lot o fun. >> this is the ninth year for the scream here, but this year holds special meaning for this community. as you walk through the haunted hallways, yes, there will be
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screams, scares, and terror, but nothing compared to the real terror of the north bay fires. >> it looked like hell was erupting from the hills. glowing orange, red, smoke everywhere. >> the smoke broke out days into the season directly affecting the actors that make this haunted house possible. >> so many families we know lost their homes and it was hard for us to know how to move forward and we tea sided it was important for us to keep holiday traditions alive. >> as the saying goes, the show must go on. this spooky show acting as an escape, not just for the actors but the guests as well. >> part of the ticket proceeds are going to help rebuilding, and already wearing fake blood, costumes and a surprise flash mob, and this community is
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already rising from the ashes. >> abc7 news! >> deon, she's changed a lot in a short time here. great to see everybody enjoying themselves tonight. also plenty of ways you can help. donation details are at as the north bay fire victims start the rebuilding process the criminals are targeting them. michael finney joins us now. it's bad on top of bad? >> it's hard to believe, and i'm also finding out some of your tax dollars have already gone to the bad guys from another disaster this year. plus you have to see this, basket brawl, and draymond green lost half of his jersey. i am meteorologist, sandy patel, and most of the month as
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then warmer than average. i will have the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up. still, a look ahead on what is on "jimmy kimmel live." >> if anybody asks, here's what we have been doing today. go in your kids'
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the wildfires left thousands of people devastated in the north bay, and some victims are victims are organized criminals. i can't imagine the heartbreak
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they have been through. >> when we heard this, it was like, what? and then we got to work on it. you may remember i was in the north bay all last week looking to help victims of the wildfires. the loss was already unimaginable. when some of the victims sat down with disaster relief agencies, they found out scam stirs already laid claim to their benefits. this was the animal hospital before the wildfire. >> my veterinary practice burned to the ground. >> the google image shows the hospital today a. pile of ashes. if that was not enough, she got another shock as she sought help. you went in to talk to fema and got bad news. >> yeah, i went in to file for business assistance, and i found out somebody already used my social security number to apply for fema aid.
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>> and only to have fema tell her somebody else already claimed her benefits. >> yeah, i can't file or anything or receive anything or get any help because somebody else has done this in my name. >> organized criminals have been using stolen identities to make hundreds of thousands of claims for disaster benefits. the benefits intended for real victims, and not just for fires in california but for hurricanes in texas and florida. >> across the country it looks like there has been more than 200,000 fraudulent applications. i don't have an exact number for california, but we know it's a fairly large number. >> fema officials say they realized last month much thousands of disaster applications for hurricane's harvey and irma were bogus. >> it appears to be a fairly sophisticated organization that is matching breached private information against affect the
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areas. >> and jane of bel air, ted cruz, has no damage from hurricane harvey but somebody used her identity to claim benefits and got them. she received this letter from fema saying they put $500 in her account, but that account was not hers. fema is now scrutinizing applications more closely, and that is making life even harder for fire victims. >> we can't file another claim until this is resolved. >> really on top of everything else, nobody needs that ever, but in this situation it's even more devastating. >> here's the part that really ticked me off. wildfire victims told me they had no help in clearing up the identity fraud, and somebody just gave them a 1-800 number that put them right to voice
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mail. the best way to solve it is to bring your i.d. to a disaster center. i posted more information on the web page and website. >> i can't imagine the outrage of getting voice mail when you are trying to clear up something like this. >> that's unconscionable. a san francisco police officer seriously injured while on bicycle patrol, and he's getting better. abc news confirmed the officer opened his eyes today and appears to be responding to his wife's voice. a man that goes by the name of willy flan begagan is accused o running down the police officer last week with an suv, and the officer still has a long way to go into his recovery. >> let's check on the forecast with sandy. >> the weekend looks fabulous, and so does halloween. here's what many of you have been waiting for. on social media you have been
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talking about how warm or how hot it has been, and take a look at the rain chances. we are basically looking at them increasing about a week from today. thursday it's a 30% chance as we head into friday. a greater likelihood that we have a level one storm on the storm impact scale coming our way, which means a rainy pattern will be unfolding so get ready. and this is the stadium, and a cool view of the fog coming in and out. this already started the cooling at the coast where it was dramatically cooler today and that temperature trend of going down will continue thanks to this marine influence as you check out live doppler 7 completely socked in at the beaches. half moon bay, down to three quarters of a mile. temperatures right now 50s to 60s. antioch, 72 degrees. if you are flying out of sfo for business or pleasure tomorrow
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morning, this could cause delays. areas of dense morning fog with a cooling continuing this weekend and it's going to be spooktacular for halloween. it's cool enough where you need a jacket or sweater. it will be a foggy one at the beaches and then for the afternoon fog hangs around. 70s around the bay. today we had upper 80s and a few low 90s. tomorrow we will drop you in our inland communities in the mid-80s. if you are heading to the bch bg the waves are coming up,ing a swell is bringing the risk of rip currents until sunday night at 9:00 p.m. watch out for rough surf, and breakers up to 20 feet. sun comes up at 7:34, and halloween treat, 4:00 p.m., 60s
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and 70s. here's the storm impact scale exclusive to abc news, a level one next friday, bringing a chance of rain, and breezy at times and rainfall for friday up to quarter of an inch, and here's the hour-by-hour look. rain in the north bay, 6:00 friday night. heavier pockets coming through on saturday, and it turns into snow in the sierra nevada, so it's going to look like winter up there. you can download the accuweather app. cooling trend in the accuweather forecast for tomorrow, upper 50s to low 70s on monday. a nice treat and no tricks here, and a little change on wednesday and then a slight chance of showers beginning on thursday night, but a better likelihood. rain spreads on friday and that's a level one storm. the rainy pattern goes through sunday next weekend. rainfall could be topping an inch and a half in the north
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bay. >> certainly in the north bay they need it. >> thank you. we all have a passion. for sandy it's
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this halloween spectacle of sight and sound was years in the making. "oh, my gourd." the canadian artist carved, gutted and photographs dozens of pumpkins and then used the pumpkins to create that song. seems like a lot of work for 90 seconds. >> carving pumpkins is dangerous business. i carved a pumpkin for my
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4-year-old, and my finger looks like it has been in a fight. >> looks like draymond green was. >> speaking of fights, draymond green gets tossed after benches-clearing fight with the wizards and how the warriors were able to fight back
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retronight turned into fight night between the warriors and wizards. and 19 seconds before the half, draymond green and bradley bill going for a position for the rebound and get into a wrestling
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match and no punches were thrown, and draymond green was grabbed by the face, and both were ejected. dubs down 14 at the break. and then an 18-point lead, and he had 29, and then here come the dubs. curry gets wall to bite and that makes it a 10-point game. in the fourth, from behind the arc, the deed is down to four. five minutes to play, and durant thought about passing it and instead hits the tray, and dubs by one and kd with 31. and then nine points, and five boards off the bench, and the dubs rally to win it 120-117 in a weird game start to finish. >> teams are coming after us as
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they should, and we are taking a lot of early shots, and we're still not ready. >> i can't put my -- >> did you give an apology? >> now to baseball, and nobody is perfect. astros are unbeaten in the postgames in houston. watt, a broken leg and all throwing out the first pitch. bottom of two, the 33-year-old gurriel goes yard. and how does he do it? it has to be the hair. 4-0 after two. and then gattis with the chopper, and watson, a wild throw to first, and josh scores all the way from first base, so the astros take a 5-1 lead. that would be big. why? the top of the sixth, peacock showing off h wild side, and
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justin turner scores. that makes it a 5-3 ball game, but peacock would settle down after that. gets the out there. four innings of relief, just like fingers used to do it. they take the series lead 2-1, and improve to a perfect 7-0 during the playoffs. the dodgers better fined a way to hit that astros pitching if they are going to make it competitive. >> hard to beat the astros at home, for sure. >> the warriors forgot five out-of-bounds plays, and they were not focused. >> we were talking about it earlier, anybody he picks and puts in the line-up seems to respond. they are probably still talking about the trip to china.


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