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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 29, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, a bay area man reportedly trying to slow down a driver is gunned down on his own street. plus, fright night becomes fight night at great america as a brawl breaks out during a halloween event. rain is on its way, but will it arrive in time for halloween? abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. live, where you live, this is abc7 news. a fun night at great america broken up by a massive brawl. tonight, police are out in force to make sure it doesn't happen again. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dionne lin. tonight is the last night of halloween hospital, and police want to make sure it's safe for everyone. >> lilian kim is live in santa clara with the story. >> reporter: there will be more
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officers here at great america tonight, a direct result of what happened last night. that's when police got several calls at around 10:45 people, of cell phone thisse cell phone theft and fights breaking out, during this popular night-time event held in the weeks leading up to halloween. officers made two arrests, for one theft by a juvenile and one for public intoxication. most of the perpetrators scattered by the time officers arrived. they plan to review security video in hopes of identifying and arresting more people. groups of about 100 juveniles were responsible for last night's problem. we spoke to a parent who picked up her daughter and a friend from great america and she said she's not surprised to hear about what happened last night. >> actually, my daughter wanted to go, it's called the haunt, and i would never let my kids go to great america in the night-time because i've heard this kind of stuff happens too much and i'm just too worried about that. so i made them go to the pumpkin
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fest today and during the day. >> reporter: great america provided us a brief statement that said, there were incidents on october 28th at california's great america that required assistance from on-property santa clara police officers and were quickly addressed. the safety of our guests is our top priority. santa clara police say tonight's plan to add more officers should help prevent things from getting out of control. live in santa clara, lilian kim. tonight police are searching for a gunman who killed a man in discovery bay. it all happened in a residential area on wild drive. cornell barnard joins us live with the details. >> reporter: the crime has stunned this quiet neighborhood. the name of the victim has thot been released, but flowers are being left at the scene for him. he was killed just blocks away from his home. >> just shocking. our hearts go out to that young
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family. >> reporter: neighbors are stunned by a violent crime in their quiet neighborhood. friends take flowers and food to the home of a grieving family. a husband and father gunned down early sunday. >> we heard. it was like boom, boom boom boom boom. right after. >> reporter: how many shots? >> like five. >> brian heard the gun shots. >> and then we heard them skirting off. >> reporter: police say the man was shot multiple times on wild drive. a group of men and one woman in their late teens or early 20s were riding through the neighborhood in two cars. a disturbance over speeding may have led to a confrontation with one of the drivers. >> from what i heard, that the gentleman had thrown a cup of ice at him and said slow down, but they still happened to make a round, around the block and came back and shot him. >> reporter: the victim died at the scene. melissa saw two cars speeding
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away. >> i saw a silver sports car with its lights on. following it was red sports car with his lights off. >> reporter: it's a dodge challenger or mustang and a mitsubishi eclipse. neighbors say this is the last place they'd expect a homicide >> we've lost our sense of tranquility. this is very shattering to us. >> he wasn't in the wrong, telling people to slow down. because people do fly through here. >> reporter: police now reviewing video of the shooting possibly captured by home security cameras. cornell, bernard, abc7 news. bruce maxwell is accused of pointing a gun at a woman delivering food to his home. take a look at his arrest photo from the incident in scottsdale, arizona. police have not said what caused him to pull the weapon. the a's said they were disappointed with the headlines. he became the first and only
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major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem. new developments in the arrest of a man and woman accused of looting. police say he gave a false name. he's from mon ray county and was using someone's identity from there. police say he and christina marsh stole a flat-screen tv from a damaged area of the overlook apartments, then led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen pickup truck. he's now facing two additional felony charges for stealing someone's identity. good news for trick-or-treaters, no rain in the forecast, at least not for right now. it is a cool night in the bay area and misty there on the golden gate bridge as you see h people coming out of the fog. >> and we'll have a similar-looking picture as we go to halloween evening tuesday night, but the good news, the rain that we had in the forecast will hold off. it looks dry for all the trick-or-treaters. you do notice as the clouds will
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build in by 5:00, partly sunny out there. the sun goes down at 6:12 on halloween night. into the evening hours we go, it will be a chilly night, in the 50s and 60s, but that's what we expect this time of year. no issues with precipitation on halloween. but we are in store for a major pattern change. look what happens starting friday and into next weekend. yes, we are tracking several days of showers in the forecast. we'll take a closer look at the rain, when you can expect it in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> drew, thank you. the first arrests of the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia could come tomorrow. a federal grand jury approved the charges friday. reporter david daniels has details. >> i think anybody who's been advised by the special counsel's office that they're a target in the investigation, which i'm sure he has done to those people who are, should be concerned. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie with words of warning for anyone who could be facing charges in the special
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counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. sources told cnn on friday that a washington grand jury approved the first charges in the russia probe, an arrest could come as early as monday. charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. while we don't know who may be facing indictments mueller has issued a grand jury subpoena for documents and testimony related to paul manafort and former national security adviser michael flynn. >> the possibility of getting lenience for themselves is to actually see that the prosecutors are not bluffing, but are prepared to go to court and seek a charge. >> reporter: in light of the recent charges in mueller's investigation, the former fbi director is now facing mounting pressure from some republicans to step down. >> i have not yet seen anything that makes me think he must step down. that's there's an indisputable conflict. but he's gotta be careful. >> reporter: mueller was appointed in may to oversee the investigation into alleged
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russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. david daniels, nbc7 news. patients and neighbors caught a peek at the future when one of the world's premier medical centers opened. today's visitors included a young live transplant recipient and her parents. >> i think the best part of this new hospital is that there's truly a focus on the family. it's really disruptive, really difficult and scary when you have a child in the hospital, for them and for the parents. the new rooms are very big and they're great for the whole family to stay. >> young patients and their siblings can enjoy playstations around the hospital. the new building is connected to the existing children's hospital at stanford and it opens in december. just ahead, a bay area boxing legend and hanging up his gloves. >> i'm happy to be out of the boxing gym right now. >> what andre ward said about
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his decision to retire from the ring. and some pretty big traffic headaches coming to san francisco this week. we'll detail them for you just ahead. >> dealing with disaster where you live takes non-ston info. evacuations,
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sales forces annual dream force tech conference will turn parts of san francisco into traffic headaches. and it's happening well before the event kicks off. starting wednesday, hallis street will close. the closure remains in place through november 11th. that will run through the 9th. traffic changes are also coming for van ness. southbound traffic will shift to the center and northbound lanes will also shift. the traffic changes will. >> allow crews to do undergroun. construction will continue through winter of 2019. one of boxing's biggest names returned to the air to
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talk about his abrupt retirement. ward stunned the boxing world by retiring last month. today he focused on his future. >> just my family, commentating is a passion of mine, something that i do year round for hbo. and then just getting into the community and letting people reach out and touch you. >> the 33-year-old ward retired undefeated with a record of 32 wins and no losses. well, spirits are haunting a popular ebay hang-out. -- east bay hang-out. >> and don't let the halloween night forecast scare you. drew tuma coming up next with how you should dress to stay warm. and the raiders keep taking one step forward and two steps back as they lose today in buffalo. while the niners set a franchise record for futility, to start a season with their loss in philly
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if you needed a good free halloween scare today, this was the place to be. >> help! he's coming!
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>> not talking about shum an. abc7 news was in alameda for the last day of the annual teen haunted house. middle and high school students from around the city put together a frightening version of a haunted school with scary surprises lurking around every corner. this is the 14th year they've done this and all the money raised goes to the alameda youth committee and the teen program. >> you and sheila are just too much. >> who, us? >> it was a spooky sunday for hundreds of families in palo alto as well today. take a look, abc7 news was on california avenue for the trick-or-treat and blossom halloween carnival. there's a costume contest for all ages, safe trick-or-treating and carnival games. local businesses have been sponsoring that event for the past 23 years. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> bit of a chill in the atmosphere on sunday afternoon. even cooler air is set to move in tomorrow afternoon as abowel. finally feeling like fall across
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the region after a month that has featured very warm temperatures. live doppler 7 along with satellite, will have some fog along the bay and high clouds streaming in some time to time. but the big story today, the drop in temperatures compared to yesterday. we are 12 degrees cooler in fairfield right now, compared to this time yesterday. 10 degrees cooler in livermore, so temperatures in some spots were actually below normal for this time of year. lot of 50s and 60s on the board. 62 in mountain view, cool on the coast, half moon bay at 54, 59 in santa rosa. antioch, 74 degrees. overnight, it will be a seasonably cool night. a fair amount of fog in and around the bay. numbers will drop into the mid 40s and lower 50s. these will be your starting temps out the door monday morning. monday will feature high clouds once again, peeks of sunshine
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from time to time, fog along the coast and likely early tomorrow morning, could see some drizzle along the coast as well. you'll also notice in the afternoon, the winds are going to pick up a bit, gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour, bringing in cooler air. we could see numbers inland struggle to get out of the 60s tomorrow afternoon. then we'll fast forward into our next chance of rain. 1 is light, 5 is the most severe. so friday, and into next weekend, we're tracking showers with isolated downpours. right now it's a 1, a light storm, about you a gobut a good half knan inch of rain, higher amounts in the hills. friday erge montmorning, the be along the coast and the north bay for the showers. we'll see another wave of energy move in on saturday morning,
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when we're likely to see widespread showers across the region. it will not be a complee wash-out next weekend. likely getting a break saturday evening and then another round of showers moves in on sunday. not only rain we're tracking here, likely snow in the sierras and healthy snow totals as well. if this pans out, likely more than a foot of snow will fall. keep you updated on that, but looks like the pattern is making a major change starting on friday. the serv crisp fall day on monday, all treats on tuesday, completely dry. nothing but sunshine on wednesday, increasing clouds on tursday. tracking rain friday and on and off on saturday and sunday. >> now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> well, i remember 1979, i earned my first starting position with the 49ers. and we went 0-7 to start the year. that was a franchise record for futility until today.
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the 2017 version of the niners fell to 0-8 with a loss in philadelphia and as much as i should be relieved, i feel more empathy for this squad. ti carson wentz, the former stanford man. niners looking to respond, picked off by jalen mills, 37-yard pick six. bethard, 167 passing yards, touchdown, and two picks. 17-0, eagles, after the two-point conversion. third quarter, shovel pass to matt breeda. his first career touchdown. eagles answer, wentz threw for 211 yards. 53-yard touchdown. niners drop to 0-8, eagles are 7-1, 33-10, your final. >> you gotta be strong minded. you can't get caught up in the
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record and all those things, something that we're extremely disappointed in, but dwelling on it and thinking of what's happened in the past is not going to help us in the future. >> the question s how do react in the locker room, on the practice field when you're 0-8 and you find out a lot about guys. >> raiders haven't played since their thursday win. second quarter, oakland up seven. tyrod taylor flushed out of the pocket, finds holmes for the sisix yard touch. raiders in their own territory, derek carr dumps off to deandre washington. he's going to cough it up. matt millano, 40-yard recovery for six. 14-7, bills. washington would make up for it in the fourth with his first career td reception. derek tlur for 313 yards. buffalo still up. and lesean mccoy, he ran all
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over the defense. 27 carries, 151 yards, raiders are 3-5, buffalo, fou-0 at home with a 34-14 victory. >> we can't get high and low with this game. because it's this close. the margin is too close. each man needs to look at it and say, what can i do to better? and keep working. because that's the only way you get out of this. when it falls apart is when people start turning on each other and i don't believe that we have that. >> texans and seahawks in a shoot-out. deshaun watson sets an nfl rookie record for most tds through the first seven games, with 19. he had four today, 72 yards here to deandre hopkins. 38-34, texans. russell wilson, 90 seconds to march his team for the win. three plays. launches it down to paul richardson. wilson threw for 452 yards, here to jimmy graham, the second of the game, the game-winner.
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seahawks are now 5-2. warriors hosting detroit in pregame. draymond green was fined $25,000 for his part in a scuffle against bradley beal. beal was fined 50 grand. this is clklay thompson's final game of the three-game home stand. he was adding to it early, back-to-back threes, he had ten of the team's first 17. steph curry lightening up here, lost to javale mcgee for the oop. passed joe johnson in all-time field goals. the pistons right now are up 44-43 in the second quarter. complete warrior highlights at 9:00 and 11:00 and plenty more for the nfl. i feel for the 49ers at 0-8. i know what they're going through. >> yes, you do. well, scares and screams led the box office this weekend, but it was an especially
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upon tonight on abc7 news at 9:00, over on coffee tv, outrage over a contract to help restore power on puerto rico. that leads to a change in the decision. >> and at 11:00 here on abc7, back on the mainland after months lost at sea. two sailors and their dogs are safe tonight ever ak stranded in
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the pacific. horror and sci-fi dominated the box office this pre-halloween weekend. no surprise. >> the latest in the sau series jigsaw debuted in seven place seven years after the last "saw" film. critics were not fans, either were audiences despite the first-place rankings. >> and the movie made just $16 million, far below the other movies in the series. rounding out the top five, boo 2 came in second then geostorm and happy death day, and blade runner 2049. two other debuts to note, george clooney's subu"suburbicon" madet $2 million and the harvey weinstein sequel, $742,000. >> steph curry arrived at oracle arena dressed as the villain from the saw movies. he did get a big laugh from
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draymond green. >> i would never know who that is. >> well, you would what you saw him shoot. >> that's true. >> yeah, in the costume. >> steph makes more per season than the movies made. >> true. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00, we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have a good night, everybody. >> bye-bye.
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