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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 8, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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. i wonder what they would suggest as a substitute. >> is it time for a change of tune. what's in the national anthem that has the na correspondent saying we need a new one. >> i'm christian spencer with a look at the weather. >> i realized the community that i've lived in, that i've been here forever was burning down. new at 6:00 get a firsthand perspective from the north bay firefighters who say nothing in their experience to what they saw a month ago. live doppler 7 shows us rain focused on the north by the way right now, this is going to
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change in a few hours. places where it looks like rain will see the rain coming down. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm christian sze. >> abc 7 news weather anchor christopher spencer is tracking the timing so you can see kbhen it hits. >> here's a look at live zpopler 7 you can see how concentrated the rain is in the north bay. we have a downpour scattered across the entire north bay. here's a look at the storm impact scale. this storm ranks one of the storm impact scale. most locations apart from the north bay will see under an half an inch of rain. under the north bay it could be up to an inch or more.
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here's or forecast starting out at 11:00 tonight. much more widespread rain pushing to the east bay and the peninsula. will continue its slow push into the late night over night hours. the morning commute begins the intensity of the storm will be winding down a bit. i'll give you a closer look at how long it's going to last and where we might see clearing later. dan and christian. >> spencer thanks very much. today is the one-month anniversary of the start of the most destructive storm in history. >> let's start with how it all began. >> fall fires fumed by extreme winds merged into 6 massive fires. destroying 8900 people and killing 43 people. the biggest fires were in sonoma and napa counties.
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the incident reports show they started within 15 minutes of each other from 9:45 to 10:00 p.m. by sunday. by midnight fires were burning in mendocino. the pocket fires break out at 3:30. it would take three days before all the fires were contained. the first wrongful death lawsuit related to the fire was filed today against pg & e. steve stelter and his girlfriend janna died saturday night in the fire in mendocino county. pg & e accused of negligence and failing to remove vegetation at or near their equipment. the highest priority is public safety and while the cause of the fire has yet to be determined their focusing on helping communities rebuild and
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recover. sonoma county the trying to get the word out a vast majority of their acreage are untouched. >> reporter: you can still see the burn scars on the hillside surrounding the winery in glen ellen. although the flames came very close. >> the vineyards acted as a fire block throughout the wine country. >> reporter: that's probably only 3 automative sonoma counties, 113 wineries were affected by the fires. business suffered during and immediately after the fires. >> it was dead. >> right now there's an effort to really rebound from what happened over the last several weeks. >> johnnie west ton is the executive of the bureau. he says there's a lot of hard work to do. >> in some areas occupancy has dropped by 100%.
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and a lot that's returned is with evacuations and people from fema. >> reporter: forcing thousands of people to look for housing. the general manager brian at el dorado hotel says there is reason for optimism. >> skies are blue, air quality's back to normal. we just want to show our bay area friends and our tourists that people are coming back. >> reporter: and so are bookings. they don't have firm numbers yet but the winery says they're seeing it too. >> we're happy to see a lot of our supporters in the larger bay areas are coming back to show their support for the wineries throughout the wine country, we're grateful. >> grat tied but not status tied. that's why sonoma county residence are launching a campaign in the future to encourage tourists to come back.
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in sonoma, eric thomas, abc 7 nows. the city of san francisco ga stroez /* dsh -- santa rosa gave the all clear. people can now return. drone view 7 shows you the damage this park suffered, 140 of the 60 units here gutted. tonight we revisit the neighborhood in the fire zone where we saw the construction play out live reducing the home to rubble. feet away another home stood untouched by the flames. laura anthony reflected with the family. >> you feel lucky but sad at the same time. >> reporter: this family told us they were watching. couldn't take their eyes off of it that monday morning one month ago wen their silverado
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neighborhood went up in flames. >> it's an indication of what's going on all over this neighborhood. >> reporter: the atlas fire was still ranging through the silverado highlands completely consuming the house next door to the trekslers. >> i just -- >> i was screaming at the t.v. like i could do something. >> reporter: as hard as it was the couple kept watching from the safety of their daughter's house in san francisco. they were astounded to see a fire crew standing by to save their home. >> when you see now, the fighter protects the home next to it. then you guys up and downed the camera cameras to our house and we broke out in tears. our house was saved. >> i want to thank firefighters, they saved as much as they could and we all got out.
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>> reporter: while they are grateful their family treasures survived, thinkey are also awar their neighbors and friends lost so much. as neighbors began the rebuilding process the trekslers want them to know they'll be standing tall for them. >> all i want to do is tell everybody who lost their home how much we feel for them. >> reporter: in napa, lauri anthony, abc # news. >> if you'd like to help donate directly by going to red today the solano county court found robert vega sane. he killed officer russ vega back in 2016 and found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. he tried to plead not by reason of insanity.
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vega vased up to 21 years in prison. you're looking at pictures of two young men arrested following the murder of a high school student. concord police believer the suspect you see on the left fire it had shot that killed lawrence jansen. the 17-year-old ran back to high school moments after be shot while leave lg campus on monday. police also arrested two juvenile suspects. expert testimony on kate steinle's shooting death bolstered a theory. abc's lyanne melendez has been there since day one and has more today. >> reporter: that's right dan. the theory presented by the defense was that this was an accidental shooting. something very interesting today, given how highly politicized this case has been, the defense decided to hire a canadian expert. firing a single shot is most likely an indication of an
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un-intern unintention fall discharge. the reason the expert said is someone with a motivate or intention typically ends up firing multiple shots. only one shot was fired from the gun used to kill kate steinle. >> particularly when you have someone untrained, when you see a single shot, as is the days you have a long distance slot and a ricochet. >> the expert was brought in by defense and paid 250 tlars an hour to testify. with that disclosed allen was asked to give his opinion on how the bullet could have ricochetted. the expert say if the bullet hit the pavement and traveled another 78 feet before striking steinle, it's another indication that the gun discharged unintentionally. he also insisted law enforcement officers make sure their gun is
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unloaded when stored. john, who worked with the bureau of land management testified that the gun was fully loaded. today the officer who took his statement recalled that he never reported a second magazine stolen. the steinle family is suing the bureau of land management. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> the santa clara office is raising the stake to capture two escaped inmates, tramel mcclough and john by bivins escaped tuesday morning. >> we're allocating $25,000 regard for the indication leading to the capture of these people and we hope that that will have people who know where they are call us. >> officials say the inmates smuggled in a handcuff key and used it to get out of their restraints. they broke away went through the
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emergency exit and got in a car. the escapes are considered dangerous. >> tonight the driver of a run away dump truck in san francisco has been sited for negligence. it hit nine parked cars. an investigation found the driver ignored safety caution and did not curve or chock the tires. the truck was overloaded and emergency brake malfunction. it's veterans' day on saturday and today marked graduation day for some vets. >> they picked up new skills but it's what they get to leave behind is the best part. also ahead -- >> fire victims who show -- it's not safe to live there. i'm michael
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it was graduation day today and a second chance at live for veterans who fell through the crack. abc 7's vic lee with the story. >> veteran's court. and the training i had at court i probably still would be, excuse me, doing dope. >> reporter: on there day it was right for a marine to cry. all those in court today were veterans. all committed a crime. through veterans' court they received treatment, housing and job training. upon graduation their criminal charges were dropped. the judge put it l.
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>> make positive choices. >> reporter: -- >> this court gave me a chance. i stabbed a man on the street and i already goat three strikes. >> reporter: cook turned his life around. >> i just got off of work today. i'm so proud to be able to. >> reporter: for the first time he's got a bank account. >> when i go in there i do -- hey mr. president, hi. >> reporter: andrew cross served %-p served honorably. >> reporter: he's thankful his court through veterans' court did not let him down. >> a team of volunteers worked to help east bay veterans.
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th spruced up the housing project for vets and their families. a group called operation dig any run the complex with the help of other non-proftsz. >> we love our veterans and care about them. they deserve every piece of work and kindness we can pull together for them. we are gathering seven planter boxes for those buildings. >> many of the volunteers you see are home depot associates and today happened to be their day off. the annual veterans' day holiday will be observed on friday. >> as the world's largest software conference, dream force by sales force takes over downtown san francisco it's a way for the company to raise funds for domestic. chris wen explains how they're using star power to help. >> reporter: an international superstar takes to the dream
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force stage. latin grammy winning award winner luis, lending his voice for puerto rico. >> we have to do something, use our platform to get people together to raise money to help our families who still have no electricity or food. >> reporter: sales force pledged to raise at least $1 million for relief efforts. maria martinez, considered by many to be a trail blazer in the world of tech was born and raised in puerto rico. she spoke of sales force and why it's a mission near and dear to her heart. >> the fact i must be a role model not only for my daughter but all the kids, diverse, girls, everyone that i can help. >> reporter: also in the audience today, students and professors. >> there experience add so much to what the students are learning in the classroom.
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>> reporter: many were inspired by what they heard. >> coming together, collaborating with so many different backgrounds, that's what technology and the future is all about. >> reporter: sales force is also committed to raising $2 million to help with the wild fire relieve. silicon company doing its best to make a difference. in sfroeds, chris wen, abc 7 news. >> that's great. some of us are getting sprinkles. >> we have a storm, here's a live doppler 7 you can see in the north bay, it is quite a storm. widespread rainfall, generally moderate rain. numerous pockets of heavy rain pouring. this hasn't moved very far to the south yet but its on its way down to golden gate and beyond. some areas eastern of golden gate are reporting rain.
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here's from emoryville looking westward, 62 san francisco, low to mid-60s in most locations, oakland, mountain view, san jose, gilroy and 59 after half moon bay. the pavement looked wet. 63 in santa rosa. navarro, fairfield, 58 degrees. one more live view from the east bay hills camera looking westward. the camera's shaking with strong winds. rain will spread tonight with gusty winds which is blowing right now in some spots. we'll see scattered showers tomorrow and more rain to arrive over the weekend. over night look for low temperatures in the 50s in the early morning hours. it will be mild overnight with the rain and showers. tomorrow afternoon another wave of light rain developing in the northernmost part of our viewing area. highest tomorrow will be in the
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low to mid-60s near the bay and inland. low 60s on the coast. here's our storm impact scale, this storm for tonight and tomorrow ranks one. some bay areas, especially the north bay will see up to an inch or more. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. over 40 miles per hour in the hills. there are possible issues in the burn areas where we had the recent fires. wind gusty between 20 or 30 miles per hour across the bay area, inland areas. those we understand will taper off quite a bit. wind should not be a problem for early morning commute but wet pavement could be. 7:00 this evening rain will be up to the north. we'll see the long line of heavier steadier rain moving. virtually all parts of the bay f this system. ear early morning hours it will
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break up into showers. late tomorrow into the late night and over night, you'll see the impulse coming in bringing light rain and showers. skipping ahead to sunday what appears to be a dry day for saturday. more rain developing in the north bay and spreading south and's ward over night into monday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a wet forecast. over next five days looks like we can see rain on four of those days. the dry day, saturday. we want to thank st. catholic school for inviting me to be a reader. the kids, staff and books were great. >> you were great. >> yes, invite them over to be a guest weather man. >> wouldn't that be great? >> sure. well -- >> nice of you to do that spencer. drone view 7 gives us a
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closer view of what wa this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow,
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a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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that was one of the many grateful messages received on the abc 7 news project hot line that we set up after the north bay wildfires for people to share their gratitude. when fire broke out a month ago thousands of homes were destroyed. >> this is santa rosa before the fire. there is what it looks like now. the village was the center of a thriving neighborhood. among the businesses destroyed, a market, restaurant, cleaner and spa. getting back to work is a big priority in the north bay and the groups are trying to make it easier. people who hire in hospitality business is letting north bay
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santa rosa post for free. usually the cost to post is 150 each. today the napa valley film festival opened. the festival run through sunday. for firefighters battling this fire was like nothing they had done before. >> i sat down with santa rosa's fire chief and a pair of captains to get a response. hear from them next. plus -- >> the naacp says it's time for a new anthem. ahead on abc 7 news.
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live doppler 7 is just lighting up with the colors of a storm right now. green sweeping from the north bay to south bay.
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you'll probably need an umbrella if you're going outside. if not now then soon. tonight's rain should taper into scattered showers for the morning commute. i had the opportunity to sit down the other day with the santa rosa fire chief and two captains to take a look back at that night and the days that followed. >> gentlemen, you've seen a lot of fires in your time. chief have you ever seen a fire like this? >> fog like this. i've endured fires both inside and outside the city, nothing compares to what we saw that night. >> if the first few hours of sunday night october 8th, no one could know what was coming. first a few hours and small sparks. once the wind picked up it could turn out to be bad. > we do have fires coming from the city, not sure where it is
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or how bad it's going to be but it's coming our way. >> it sure w the wall of fire traveling two miles in half an hour. fires were popping up every where. grass and trees on fire here. homes on fire there. places like coffey park. then home in launch field. >> that really got to me because i realized the community that i lived in, that i've been here forever was burning down. >> i mean that's what you're trained to do obviously jason, but do you get a knot in your so stomach when you realize this is big? >> i'm used to going through these incidents on a smaller scale. but when it's in your neighborhood, the impact, you realize allow devastating it's going to be. >> the signs of dinner plates being thrown around by the wind
7:33 pm
starting new fires. >> there were reported, you know, hurricane forced winds. there were things that shocked us the next morning looking at that. there was a vehicle up side down, 100 feet in coffey park. >> by sun rise we all saw how bad the fire was. a month later it's still jarring. >> when you walk those neighborhoods what do you think? >> it's hard to relkz. the -- recognize. the images that go through your mind with regard to a nuclear bomb going off. there's certain portions where it look like that. >> as bad as this disaster was it could have been much worse. so many lives were saved because firefighters, police and ordinary folks got people out of bed and out of danger. >> if it wasn't for the measures they took there'd be more lives lost and still we lost too many lives. >> firefighters told us they
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have been overwhelmed by this disaster. they've received hundreds of th. oakland leaders gave a green light, after more than two decades in the making the city counsel approved the project last night. it will span 187 acres of the oak noel hospital. the project -- real estate developer, sun cal will be only for preparation of the site and tells abc 7 news it will use eun workers during that phase with most coming from oakland. new at 6:00, the naacp is taking support of collin kaepernick's protest further. the group has come out against the anthem itself. jonathan bloom explains why.
7:35 pm
♪ >> reporter: countless celebrities have sung the anthem. >> just bending a knee forced us to go back and look at a light of things. >> reporter: it led the lawmakers to remove the song as our national anthem. >> we found out that that song was really created out of racism. >> reporter: indeed frances scot key wrote the song about freed slaves fought long in the war. >> that song speaks of killing, speaks of bombs, speaks of -- >> reporter: the reverend brown says it sends to wrong message. >> tearing other people and other nations up. we ought to be working to build up the nations. >> reporter: reverend brown has seen a lot in his day. his church is being ready to be
7:36 pm
flamed a historic land mark. >> i look at it as a unifier. >> retired colonel john stevens is 96 years old. >> see that picture there, two years later that man gave his life to save the people around him. >> to stephens the star spang ld banner that freedom must sometime be fought for. >> are they going to be willing to fight for our country. ♪ >> reporter: reverend brown thinks americans need a different message. >> america is beautiful. all we're doing now is uglying this land. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. 7 on your side's michael fenny is joining us next. >> he'll introduce you to a
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. the north bay wildfires destroyed entire neighborhoods in stroeds as you know. >> amid the rubble and ash,
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their homes were still standing. at first they felt unbelievable joy, but interestingly that turned to worry. >> absolutely. michael fenny here with their story. >> yeah they're the lucky ones or were they? the few coffey park residence whose home the inferno. while their burned out neighbors are gone they're left behind in a disaster zone filled with toxic debris. they say no one is providing help or answers. as wild fire swept through coffey park residence thought they'd never see homes again. >> we pulled in and i cried. >> they saw their home safely standing and a neighborhood in ruins. >> so many people loss so much. >> returning home but living in the middle of a disaster zone
7:41 pm
surrounded by toxic remains. >> it feels like the more we stay here the more we're getting exposed and phone is tell us is it safe to stay here. >> they worry about hazardous chemicals blowing in the air. a mile from this neighborhood, shaefr elementary school remains closed as unsafe. yet the children live here steps from the debris. sonoma county health officials have provided guidance on cleaning soot and ash but won't say it's safe or unsafe. >> it's an individual decision whether to stay or go. >> sandy tried to get clean-up help at a disaster center. >> when i told them i have a standing house they looked at me like i was from another planet. >> since she didn't lose her home she wasn't entitled to aid.
7:42 pm
now survivors wonder if they'd be better off if their homes had burned too. lisa mass isn't taking any chances, she's sealing up her belongings living in a far away hotel. >> my heart goes out to those who lost everything but there is that part of the area where we need attention. >> the department says its focus is on the speedy and movement of debris. the department includes cleaning all soot, not letting pets or kids play outdoors. they acknowledge it's up to each ohm owner to range for clean up and cover their cost. today's rain is causing concern in the north bay but could provide answers. >> there rain we are into collecting sample from the storm
7:43 pm
so we can determine what's in it. we'll know more after this rain and after we analyze the saf samples. >> hazardous run off isn't the concern, there's also erosion, the lack of vegetation increases flooding. >> rain in the forecast. spencer back with the updates in minu
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this is a sneak peak of what uber air would be like. the company tweet it had video this morning. uber announced it has a contract with nasa to develop software to manager routes in the air and testing by 2020. uber wants to use electric vehicles that fly like an airplane and take off like a helicopter. it says trips by air would be faster. ski resort open for business. this is sent to us by lor yell
7:47 pm
mount resort. or real is one over the traditionally ski resorts to open. >> it's so great not only because we've been getting snow up there but also it's cold enough to make a lot of snow. >> that's true. spencer tracking the weather. >> here's a look at le doppler 7, widespread rain across the north bay. let's give a head to tomorrow, it's the banding to benefit concert at at&t park. to benefit the victims of the fires. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. in the bay area with rain and showers. lows will be in the mid-50s. look for highs under partly to cloudy skies. mid-60s in the bay and inland low 60s on the coast.
7:48 pm
store impact scale ranks one, a storm of one intensity but it will produce perhaps up to an inch of rainfall in the north bay and gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour over 40 miles per hour. and there will be possible issues with that rain up in the burn scar areas. here's the forecast consideration going into the late night hours. midnight we'll see live spread rain. there will be pockets of downpours and it will be windy at that hour. the wind will diminish by 5:00 or so. there'll be wet spots and pavement so you may want to give yourself extra time if computing at that hour. seven-day forecast you'll get showers late tomorrow night into friday. dry day on saturday and more showers saturday and sunday. good evening, the warriors will put their winning streak on
7:49 pm
the line against up and coming minnesota with the doves, will be without kevin durant. he'll miss the game because of a thigh contusion. durant, you'll see on the highlight right here you'll see him grabbing at his thigh. he did stay in the game, played well. this was not a serious injury. the warriors will star andre, the team on a five will have game winning streak. butler whose still getting used to minnesota. >> [ bleep ] caught. you set me up. >> that was butler shooting a segment for espn, learning the hard way out to get out of a canoe in minnesota. he'll be on dry land tonight. a week after his trade
7:50 pm
garoppolo is setting with the 49ers. when is he beginning to play? 49ers head coach shanahan says his own wife is pressuring him to play jimmy g. mike shumann with more. >> reporter: you have to give the front office players for not quitting on each other. the favorites against the giants there week, first time this year that's happened and the question is wol start at quarterback. >> i expect cj to start this week. i know for obvious reasons, jimmy's further along than he was last week. there's no big thing, not trying to confuse you guys. >> i think the experience has definitely helped me even though it's only been three games. i feel more comfortable enough to. >> i'm eager, coach has a good plan set up though. whatever he wants i'll be ready
7:51 pm
to perform. every day i try to progress, what you learn the day before you try to retain that and make it a habit. i think every day gets easier but there's new stuff every day also. it's a constant learning process. >> there's guys in here, you can present every excuse, a great attitude, everyone here is ready to go. >> reporter: reporting in santa mike shumann. two weeks after suffering a broken eye socket, joe is back. he's wearing a visor to protect his eye. he's likely to be back november the 26th which we suspect might be when he see jimmy g play. the raiders a huge game against the patriots. technically that's a home game but more than 2,000 miles away
7:52 pm
in mexico city. the raiders are 4 and 5. they're on the fringe of lim nation. quarterback derek carr believe there time off comes in time. >> we got to win, we know what's ahead of us. let's recharge and get fresh. this is a great time to try and get healthy again for everybody. evn if you're not on the injury report somebody's dealing with something. we need to try and get back to full speed as best you can. two of golf's most presteejs events coming to the bay area. barry going was on hand to deliver the pga trophy along with the announcement that the 2028 championship and 2032 rider cup will be played in san jose
7:53 pm
olympic. it has not been played in the state of california since 1959 in palm springs. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock. i was there one time it was beautiful there. >> it's a great venue for significants and players. >> here's tonight prime time line up at 8:00 catch the 51st annual cma awards and
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. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffey 12 channel 13. self-driving vehicles take a hit. that's at 9:00. at abc 7 news at 11:00, how firefighters were able to use a similar wildfires from decades ago to help them night north bay fires. >> i'm dan ashley. >> abc 7 news dedicating for those fires. let's give you a look back. >> from christian sze and all of us good night. >> we're also tracking another fire right now from calistoga.
7:57 pm
>> at first it was nothing and we saw the smoke. slowly we saw all the flames coming over the mountain. >> fire is every where. it has made a hard push in santa rosa. we have people here in shock and also people here who have snapped into action. >> all around me there are ener emergency responders from different agencies. >> all of a sudden you see smoke coming out from underneath the house. >> they saved my house, these guys are similar. >> hundreds and hundreds of homes gone. this is very very sad to see. >> it's mother nature at her worst i guess. >> fire is advancing and growing right now. >> we have found another neighborhood that has been completely wiped out. >> the sun is setting on a day of undevastation. >> that fire came here like a speeding train sunday night. >> more than half of it is zboen, just reduced to barn charred rubble.
7:58 pm
>> along with grief and fear becomes uncertainty. >> settled down over night and gave us a big opportunity to catch up. >> it just breaks your heart, you know, we'll be there again and make it better. >> one lady told us with tears streaming down her face, she said it's just stuff we'll rebuild. >> we have continued receiving donations from the open. >> at times like there we all pull together. >> a lot of people with big hearts. >> those who drop their own lives and rush in to volunteer, they are true heroes too. >> still a lot of work ahead.
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