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there's worry about more evacuations in the north bay fire zone tonight as a powerful storm bears down on us. right now emergency crews are hurrying to get neighborhoods ready for some heavy rain. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim in for ama daetz. we'll get to the north bay's emergency plan in just a moment. >> but first let's check on the coming storm with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, dan and dion, this is going to be a strong, slow-moving soaker. right now on live doppler 7 take a look here. we are seeing a few sprinkles but this is not the storm. this is just moisture coming in ahead of the storm. we are tracking the system. it's a level 3 strong storm with a moisture tap and the cold air coming in with it. it's basically a storm system that is tapping into atmospheric river. it's what is known as the
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pineapple express. rich source of moisture heading right toward us. and as it does we're going to feel the effects of this level 3 storm. one to two inches of rain for most areas. two to four in the hills tomorrow. flooding concern was high in the burn areas, and the winds will be gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. flash flood watch for the recent burn areas tomorrow afternoon through thursday morning. rainfall rates, half an inch an hour will lead to mudslides, debris flows, and possibility of flash flooding. so light rain tomorrow morning in the north bay, and then it intensifies as we head into the afternoon and evening. along with the heavy rain will be some strong winds, especially in the hills, gusting to 50 miles an hour. wind advisory up wednesday afternoon through thursday morning. so watch out for falling trees and power lines. flooding on the burn scar areas, mud, debris flows, flooding on the streets and trees down, high likelihood. power outages, moderate possibility. i'll time out the exact location of the storm hour by hour coming right up.
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abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live in santa rosa tonight where there are justifiable worries about flooding and landslides. cornell? >> reporter: dan, the city of santa rosa preparing for a lot of rain to be flowing downhill in the fountain grove neighborhood. check it out. storm drains like this have been sealed off completely because drain pipe was destroyed during the firestorm. flooding -- >> we're going to have stuff by the door just in case. >> reporter: barely a week after lisa tito moved back into her fountain grove home, spared by the fire, she might have to leave again. >> it is what it is. we can't control that. and we hope for the best. >> reporter: on banberry court crews are trying to beat the storm by removing 80 feet of plastic storm drain pipe which melted in the fires. replacing it with this metal pipe. last week a sinkhole seven feet deep developed on newbury court where more underground pipe was found melted. >> we're prepared for the storm. we've got crews monitoring the
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hillside. >> reporter: the problem is getting bigger. 23 areas of damaged or destroyed drain pipe have been found by city crews using tyny cameras. that means miles of drain pipe can't handle any rainwater. more than 1,000 homeowners have been notified about the situation, which could mean possible evacuations in case of flooding. >> we're encouraging people to sign up for sinkhole alert, and if we were to find an issue or something that prompted evacuations we'd have the police department, we'd have the fire e department up here. >> this sounds so ominous. if i were very religious i'd believe this is the end. >> many gutters were sealed out to keep the water out. neighbors in the mountainous fire zone are getting the storm ready. >> if the water gets to the property the only way to do it is maybe sandbag and water pump. that's the only thing i can they've of. >> a new worry for these ighbors who survived the fires. in santa rosa cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> now, to sign up for emergency
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text alerts from your local agency text your zip code to 888777 for immediate notifications. a vast majority of north bay wildfire victims are having the government remove debris from their burned-out homes in sonoma county. the "santa rosa press democrat" reports 79% of fire victims filed the paperwork for the federal program by yesterday's deadline. those who didn't will have to pay for a private contractor to remove those debris. a psychiatric patient described as a classic serial killer has escaped from a state hospital in hawaii and has made his way to the bay area. somehow randall saito made it from honolulu to maui to mineta san jose airport. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live at the airport with details. >> reporter: dan, an airport spokesperson tells us federal law enforcement officers were here earlier today looking over surveillance video. and we've just learned that hawaii's attorney general has issued a warrant for the
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escapee's arrest for $500,000. randall saito escaped from a psychiatric hospital in hawaii sunday. honolulu police say first he took a taxi to honolulu. a dispatcher with the cab company described his demeanor. >> so polite, nice, and interact the way he did. how do you tell? how do you protect your driver for 22 minutes in a car with this guy? >> reporter: they didn't know the polite passenger had been acquitted of murder by reason of insanity back in 1981 or that a prosecutor said he fills all the criteria of a classic serial killer. after his cab ride he chartered a plane to maui, then flew to san jose. he landed sunday night around 7:30. an airport spokesperson told abc 7 news on tuesday afternoon the airport security officer assisted the fbi and u.s. marshal's office in reviewing airport security footage at mineta. authorities say saito is dangerous and should not be approached. in 1993 a court denied his
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request for conditional release, saying he continued to suffer from sexual sadism and ne necrophilia. >> he has that propensity for committing another violent offense and we're concerned about that. >> police in honolulu were investigating how saito pulled off his escape. in san jose katie marzullo, abc 7 news. santa cruz police arrest aid man they say carried a machete into a high school classroom today. take a look. this is a picture of milton miller. police took it after capturing him in the west clift area. witnesses say he had this knife here on campus at natural bridges high school and officers say miller was tased after threatening a park ranger with another knife in september. victims' families can move forward with lawsuits against oakland for last year's deadly ghost ship fire. that's a ruling from a judge. our media partner the "east bay times" reports the court believes oakland may have been required to enforce building and fire codes. attorneys for fire victims say
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they'll need more time to examine the debris. they visited the warehouse for the third time today. inspections focused on power lines and electrical equipment at the warehouse, where 36 people died. four people are dead after a shooting spree in rural northern california. the gunman hit seven different places including an elementary school in and around the town of corning just north of sacramento. police ended up killing him. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman was in tejema county, where the sheriff says an even greater tragedy was prevented. >> but i want you to know there are some people associated with this shoot er that are -- we don't know where they're at. so that's why i say we don't know where that will leave us. >> reporter: or emotionally leave the small community of rancho tejema after an emotional morning filled with bullets. >> semi-automatic rifle. >> ten rounds initially.
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>> i told my son it sounded like a bruce willis action movie. there was so much gunfire. >> reporter: by the time the police chase passed this woman who identified herself only as sharon, the 45-minute ordeal was almost over. it began in a neighborhood where the suspect shot two neighbors, then progressed to a school where more shots were fired. brian rogers heard the first of them and called the sheriff. >> we heard the kids screaming. we heard the teachers telling them to get down. >> reporter: the suspect, he says, already had a taigs. >> we were here at the shop and we heard 60-something high power rifle rounds aabout a month ago coming from the bobcat area. and apparently the neighbors called in and the sheriff told them there was nothing they could do until something happened. just like this. >> reporter: after the suspect drove through town shooting randomly at people and hitting some of them, it ended here in a fusillade of bullets. >> i'm just upset that people would do such horrific things,
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especially to little innocent children. >> reporter: worth noting, there is video of the suspect attacking the school. the sheriff's department has not released it yet. also the question, why did the suspect have a weapon when he had a restraining order placed against him? the sheriff's department is looking into that as well. in rancho tejema, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. whoo! >> and you're looking at video shot by the family of a boy hurt on a water slide at the city-owned wave water park in dublin. they're suing dublin and the slide's builder for $2.5 million. city officials say they've tried to settle but the family has not provided details about the injuries the boy suffered. well, just ahead, a controversial speaker fills an auditorium at stanford. but it didn't stay that way for long. the message that had students walking out by the dozens. plus, another packed house, this time in san jose, as residents speak out about an important decision on rent control.
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and it's never been done before. the new approach bay area scientists are taking on this man in an attempt to cure a disease. that's all ahead for you. first, though, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks, dan and dion. if anyone asks, here's what we've been doing all day. >> we are wikileaks. >> how did you get past our firewa firewall? >> we got your password. >> how did you get our password? >> it was 1234.
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new at 11:00, students walked out of a controversial speaker's appearance at stanford today. robert spencer has written extensively in opposition to islam. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live at stanford with the story. lisa? >> reporter: dan, about $6,000 was security tonight. spencer spoke in that building behind me, and just over there beyond those bushes. that's where protests happened, and they were all peaceful, led by students. >> speak for me tonight. >> reporter: minutes after conservative author robert spencer started to speak the once packed room cleared out. >> you are little totalitarians
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and neo brownshirts. and you are a stain on stanford university. >> reporter: it was an orchestrated move by students who opposed spencer's presence on campus. the university's young republicans sponsored the event. many students expressed outrage that spencer, the director of the website jihadwatch, was invited. >> racism isn't welcome. bigotry isn't welcome on this campus. and we can't set a precedent for giving people who are espousing hatred to have a platform on this campus. >> are you a racist? are you an islamophobe? >> i'm neither one. islam is not a race. jihad, mass murder is not a race. >> reporter: though the auditorium was nearly empty after the walkout, spencer's supporters weren't allowed in. organizers insist spencer was invited to create dialogue. >> this isn't about preaching to the choir. it's about educating students on just another perspective on the issue. >> reporter: meantime, 200 or so students gathered nearby in support of what they say the
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true stanford is about. >> i will not -- >> reporter: in palo alto, lisa aminute gulezian, abc 7 news. happening right now, the debate over revising rent control continues during a marathon city council meeting in san jose. right now san jose caps rent increases to 5% a year for units built before 1979. that covers just about half of san jose's rental market. tenant groups want to link increases to the consumer price index, though, to keep renters from being squeezed out of the south bay. californians can begin buying recreational marijuana legally in january, and today several bay area communities decided where they can purchase it. marin county supervisors today approved steps for licensing pot sellers in unincorporated areas. san jose's city council voted unanimously to let existing medicina marijuana clubs sell pot to recreational customers. san francisco supervisors will
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continue their debate on pot sales next week. a medical first tonight from right here in the bay area. scientists tried gene editing in an effort to change a person's dna and cure a disease. brian medu lacks a gene that makes an enzyme that breaks down certain carbohydrates. the a.p. reports doctors at benihoff children's hospital in oakland cut his dna, inserted a gene and stitched it back together. tests in three months will show for sure whether it was successful. >> fingers crossed. that's exciting stuff. they're going to do a lot more of that kind of work in years ahead. >> impressive. we have an impressive storm coming our way just hours from now. >> we are level 3 on the storm system. sandhya patel joins us now with a little more on that. >> yeah, dan and dion, this is our first level 3 storm of the season. strong storm. one to two inches of rain expected for most areas tomorrow. two to four inches in the hills. watch out, flooding is a big concern in the recent burn areas. wind gusts, 40 to 50 miles an
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hour. so this is a storm you'll want to take seriously. the worst part of the storm will be hitting tomorrow night. evening commute, drive carefully. there will be soaking rain, flooding on the roadways, and strong winds. not all areas will be dealing with this at the start of the commute. live doppler 7 right now just picking out some moisture in the clouds. eventually the moisture will be hitting the ground and it will be pounding the pavement. so let's look at the temperatures right now. 40s, 50s out the door. live picture from our south beach camera. it's a beautiful view. this view is going to be very blurred as the wind and the rain hit. strong storm arrives. gusty winds and heavy afternoon, evening downpours expected. high risk of flooding in the burn scar areas. hour by hour we go. tomorrow morning it's just the beginning of the storm. so it's ahead of the storm that we're going to be seeing 5:00 a.m. some light showers in the north bay. 7:00 a.m. still in the north bay. the rest of you for the morning commute just fine. the heavier stuff begins after lunch, and you will notice it's in mendocino county at noontime.
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oranges and reds indicating some downpours. the shifts by 2:30 into santa rosa. we start to see it slide around 5:00 p.m. the north bay is just getting pounded by heavy rain. downpours will shift down into the san francisco and parts of the east bay between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. this is really going to be a slow mover. this storm almost stalls out. look at this at so. it hasn't even made it to the south bay yet. santa cruz mountains, the south bay will get its share between 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. and at 2:00 a.m. that rain may actually keep you out along with the wind thursday morning. so just be careful out there as we head into the thursday morning commute. it is going to be pounding rain still for the east bay, the south bay, the santa cruz mountains heading into 5:00 a.m. the santa cruz mountains will possibly get under that flash flood watch as the heavy rain develops. we may even see some urban and small stream flood advisories for wednesday. thursday 6:00 a.m. the showers become very scattered in nature and this trend continues into the afternoon and evening hours. it will be lighter in intensity
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that trails behind that storm on thursday once that morning part of it gets out of here. look at these rainfall totals. these are impressive. by thursday night most of you between the one to two-inch range but i wouldn't rule out the possibility of some 2 1/2 rain totals in places like oakland. hour by hour, wednesday afternoon, winds gusting, 36 miles an hour, 29 at point reyes. look at this at 6:00. we're going to be seeing those gusty winds just spreading across parts of the bay area. strong winds still in the wee hours of thursday morning. you can download the accuweather app and check out doppler 7 anytime you want to track this storm. gusty winds will be a problem in the high country as heavy snow is expected. wednesday 10:00 p.m. to friday 4:00 a.m. six to twelve inches above 6,000. up to two feet at the highest elevations. wait till after the storm has passed to enjoy the fresh powder. first thing tomorrow morning 40s, 50s. many of you might say where's the storm? it's coming. but the worst does not hit until
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the afternoon and evening hours. he highs for your wednesday 50s to 60s. rain intensifies in the north bay and spreads to the even hours across the north bay. level 3 on our storm impact scale, it's a strong storm for wednesday. afternoon and evening it will be stormy. scattered showers level 1 for thursday. you do get a break friday, saturday before another storm arrives. sunday night into monday and tuesday that one is a lighter storm, a level 1. dan and dion, get ready and take the storm seriously. it's going to be a big
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new developments now on that marathon rent control debate in san jose tonight. the council just voted to keep the 5% rent control cap. so there's no change to that current policy. let's move on and talk about
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sports. >> yeah. larry beil joining us now. lots coming out of the baseball world. >> meetings going on. christmas is not far away. the giants would like giancarlo stanton for christmas for sure. why that might happen.
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good evening. after 98 losses last season the giants are talking about some potentially dramatic moves at the gm meetings in florida. perhaps you trade players like crawford and panik while you try to acquire giancarlo stanton. depending on you who believe stanton will use his no trade clause to block any deal to boston or st. louis. that would be good for the giants.
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not good is the one report kath the dodgers may now be in the mix with all their money. stoont said to also prefer southern california. he had 59 homers last year. the marlins want to get rid of the 295 million he's owed for the next decade. the warriors have won seven in a row. on thursday they'll visit the hottest team in the league. that would be the celtics. they've won 13 straight. with steph curry out last night because of a thigh bruise, kevin durant led the way with 21 points in the victory over orlando. boston's only stop one on a challenging four-game road trip. >> really excited for this trip. boston will be electric. the way they're playing, with that crowd. oklahoma city will be emotional still. always fun to play in philadelphia and new york. i mean, basketball hotbeds. great crowds. should be a really fun trip. >> speaking of boston, who is that masked man? kyrie irving and the celtics riding that winning streak against brooklyn. irving drives to the hoop here, misses the layup, and then tosses that mask away because he
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finds it to be uncomfortable. medically they force him to wear it. he's like hannibal lecter. clarice! irving goes for 25 points. celtics win their 13th straight, 109-102. clarice! they face the dubs on thursday. >> the whole media frenzy of will the streak end and what's going to happen on thursday and the golden state warriors are coming to boston. i'm looking forward to all that hoopla. >> this is a big day at the warriors's office. the staff got their championship rings. look at those. with kevin durant on hand to personally thank them for their hard work behind the scenes. and among those receiving bling, warriors ambassador adonal foyle, part of our family, works with us on our post-game shows here on abc 7. hope he lets me wear the ring. college hoops. stanford hosting eastern washington. cardinal missing three players. travis had 20 points. they couldn't stop bogdan bliznuc who went for


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