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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 19, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." now at 9:00, empty fishing boat we watched finning around in circles for hours today has come to a stop. you're looking at new video showing deputies pulling it into the harbor in san mateo county. >> one body was recovered from the water near the boat and deputies are searching for another man missing. >> they say this scene sky 7 showed you at 5:00 today was
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likely the result of an accident not foul play. it was too dangerous for the coast guard to go in, so they let it go for more than three hours until it ran out of gas. deputies believe the two were fishing and that ocean conditions were calm at the time. so it is unclear how they fell overboard that. boat is registered to an address in vallejo and will be kept as evidence. to a plane crash in san jose that injured three people that happened around 3:00 just north of the reed hill view airport. you can see the cessna 172 smashed into the home's garage. witnesses described hearing a lawn mower type sound, the plane flying low and turning sideways before it crashed. this ask a new video showing a pilot and one passenger on the ground. all three were taken to the hospital.
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13 people in the home were not hurt. the plane suffered system failure. zub lynn avenue was closed and some have been evacuated. two men are under arrest accused of leaving police on a chase. it started with a report of people casing parked cars at the center in daley city. that chase ended with a crash at about noontime on i-280. "abc7 news" reporter cornell bernard has details. >> daley city police say one of their officers was very lucky, after crashing during a pursuit on i-280. one suspect is led away after a manhunt in this neighborhood. police say this man an accomplice were found hiding in this backyard. >> they found the guy hiding between two fences, between the two backyards. and they arrested him. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the motorcycle officer saw the
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two men casing parked cars at the shopping center. the suspects took off, and the officer gave chase on 280 toward san francisco. >> the officer lost control of his motorcycle as he was continuing the pursuit. >> reporter: the officer suffered only minor injuries in the crash. the suspect's honda collided with this patrol car on the off ramp. no officers were hurt here. clothe ran from the neighborhood. shane o'neil says his neighborhood is normally a quiet place. the identity of the two suspects has not been released. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." new details about that deadly shooting that happened yesterday afternoon at a 76 gas station parking lot at 159th avenue. according to the "times," the victim was meeting a man to sell
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a cell phone he had add verytized on an app called let go. deputies are going through surveillance footage to find out the motive. a dump truck contracted by fema to haul a toxic debris from the atlas fire in napa county overturned, spilling the load on a north bay road. both lanes on state route 121 were closed by the spill. chp closed it at about noon >> it's considered hazardous material because of the ash and unknown materials in the fire. >> several crew members were wearing protective suits. the road is still closed. advocaes for walkable cities took to the streets of san francisco this afternoon to honor pedestrians killed or injured by cars. "abc7 news" was in the mission district as members of the bay area chapter for families of
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safe streets organization marched to city hall. dave chesterman from chico lost a daughter four years ago in a zrung driving crash. >> it was a hit and run, and he left the scene and left her on the side of the road. that is what bothered me more than anything else. >> walkers city lawmakers to legalize speed enforcement cameras. they argue it would slow traffic on congested city streets and save lives. today marks a busy travel day ahead of thanksgiving. >> a live look at sfo on what's considered to be the busiest travel day of the year nationally. there's still plenty of people heading through. >> bad weather in other parts of the country could slow you down. more than 9 now flight 9,000 fl
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been delayed because of gusty winds. pa and a tornado that damain tenne. >> when we jump ahead into wednesday, it's a big travel day on the roadways across the state of california. so your wednesday travel, one of the slick spots we are watching, if you're heading north say on 5, we will have showers on the california/oregon coast. south to l.a., east to the central valley, east to tahoe, good to go with clear skies. live doppler 7 tracking light precipitation. zoom in closely here, some slight showers hitting the ground. we zoom in closer to street level, and some sprinkles are moving through your neighborhood, even around 101. so on the storm impact scale, is testimony that is scraping by to the north, ranks a one, a light system on the storm impact
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scale. we'll detail the next 24 hours and what to expect in the forecast coming up. >> thanks. in developing news now, the argentine navy are analyzing signals that may have come from a submarine that's missing. the u.s. navy is helping with that search and rescue effort. here are the details. >> reporter: a ray of hope for this submarine, seen here before it vanished and its 44 crew members. seven failed satellite calls have been detected. they could be from the missing sub, or not. >> i'm a little bit suspect. when did these come in? did they come in right after the sub was reported mising? did they come in yesterday? >> reporter: they're still processing the information where the sub was heading to on wednesday after a routine trip, when contact was lost. the u.s. navy assisting in the search with two special planes.
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>> the airplanes that the u.s. navy have sent have very sophisticated radars designed to pick up submarines on the surface. >> reporter: but this rear admiral saying, the weather in the search area continues to be difficult, hampering rescue efforts, and the sub may have sunk. >> if that submarine is still under water, there's not much hope left. >> reporter: still, one of the u.s. navy's most sophisticated underwater systems is on the way to argentina. it can reach a sunken submarine at departments of 850 feet. we turkeys a lot. >> why we're seeing more of them roaming the bay area this time of the year. >> and how layoffs could affect tesla for years to come. and how actor harrison ford
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closing arguments are set to begin storm in the murder trial for the man accused of killing kate steinle. last week, a judge ruled juror also be allowed to consider a first degree murder verdict, as well as second degree and involuntary murder. he faces charges in the death of steinle in twif2015. the defense calls it an accident, saying he did not target steinle. a rash of car break-ins has police warning residents not to leave valuables in plain sight, even if the car is locked. a dozen auto thefts happened last week. in every incident, thieves ed w.
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employment experts say tesla needs to tread carefully when addressing the firing of 700 workers last month. some former employees who were dismissed refused to sign a separation agreement from the company. tesla says the firings amount to a 2% turnover of a public company's employees. experts say tesla should be cautious about the impact of being able to recruit talent. turkeys are a welcome sight on the dinner table, but according to the chronicle, the prolonged drought caused many big birds to venture into neighborhoods to look for water and food. the 20-pound birds are holding their ground against house pets. depending on the county, homeowners can apply for permits
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to kill the birds. how would you like an entire thanksgiving dinner served in a cone? >> are we in a cone or the dinner a cone? >> good question. >> check out some savory creations by a san francisco company, next. >> plus, the busy week for driving and flying for thanksgiving. meteorologist drew tuma will tell you what you need to know before you go. >> hello, i'm mike shumann. the raiders laid an egg in mexico city. and the warriors tore down the
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>> imagine being in a car accident and indiana jones
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swoops in to save you. harrison ford swooped in to help a woman out of her wrecked car. witnesses say ford was driving behind her. the woman wasn't seriously hurt but quite a tale to tell. >> i don't know if i would do if he rolled up to my window. >> autograph? >> would that be the time or place? maybe not. a san francisco ice cream shop is offer this. >> we apologize if you're lactose intolerant, but a five-course ice cream feast. >> brace yourselves, sweet potato casserole with maple pecan. >> buttered mashed potatoes and gravy. apple cranberry stuffing and salted caramel thanksgiving turkey, all in ice cream form. >> yum yum.
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in accuweather tonight, light showers working through parts of the region, as a weak system will scoot by overnight. live doppler 7 showing you the action, focused right now in the north bay. so we'll zoom in to straight level. highway 116, a couple of sprinkles hitting the ground. a similar story towards pen grove, some light green on your screen, light sprinkles. nothing like the soaking we saw earlier last week. just a little bit of action from light showers in your neck of the woods. with this cloud cover overhead, it's slowed the cooling process. we are much warmer this time than we were yesterday 24 hours ago by 11 degrees in santa rosa, 10 in fairfield, and 7 degrees warmer in mountain view. so numbers have been holding steady. 53 in oakland. and numbers are not going to
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fall far from where we are right now, thanks to the cloud cover overhead. so the call tonight not nearly as cold as we were last night. no 30s on the board. it's on either side of 50 degrees. however, your sky cover will depend on your location. in the south bay, we're dry, with a mix of stars and clouds. in the north bay, light showers continue in the overknight hours. so the storm impact scale, the system is a one on the storm impact scale. and the best chance for the showers, where we see them right now, in the north bay. light showers and just minimal rainfall. likely less than a quarter of an inch of rain where we have the showers falling. hour by hour we go, 6:00 in the morning, here's your time stamp. and you see the showers really focused in the north bay. likely some slick spots around santa rosa for the monday morning commute. there is a possibility south of the golden gate, a sprinkle may develop, but the activity is to the north. that's where it stays by 10:30 in the morning, santa rosa
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points to the north. and then this system going to lift out of here monday evening. it will take the cloud cover with it. so about a quarter of an inch or less rainfall in the north bay. highs on your monday where we have the showers, stuck in the low 60s. 62 in napa. 63 in vallejo. to the south, a blend of sun and clouds, dry in san jose, but sit a warm afternoon for november standards. 72 the high. 68 in palo alto. 65 in san mateo. future tracker, it's a warm fall day. some spots in the south bay will get very close to 80 degrees under dry conditions. so the heaven-day forecast, tomorrow, we have the chance of a shower in the north bay. it's warm and sunny tuesday. that trend continues through thanksgiving. friday, a mix of sun and clouds. the next storm saturday night into sunday. it's a one on the storm impact
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scale. >> now sports with mike shumann. >> we tip off with the warriors in brooklyn, playing back-to-back games. they beat the sixers last night. and without kevin durant who is out with an ankle injury. golden state forced 14 turnovers. goes coast to coast, he's good. finds draymond green who feeds magee for the alley oop. ws up 12 after one quarter. nice feed here from za za. nets stage a comeback in the fourth. but steph drives, banks it. warriors win back-to-back games with a 118-111 victory. >> winning on the road in a back-to-back is a hard thing to do. so it's a great accomplishment to win the last two.
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it wasn't a great second half for us, but they brought it. i give them credit. they set the tone, brooklyn did. we had to withstand their run and luckily we did. >> san jose state men's hoops. hosting st. mary's. ronnie lot in the house. 22 points for gales on 9 of 14 shooting, using that big frame to lay it in. this is an easy lay-in for kyle clark. the spartans led by ryan wailage. he had 20 points, puts it back in. but tanner krebbs added 14 points off the bench. he buries this three. st. mary's wins big. raiders had a great chance to gain some ground on the chiefs who lost today, but the raiders were the patriots pinata in mexico city. home game for the raiders.
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tom brady threw for 339 yards and three touchdowns. turning point, 44 seconds left in the half, raiders down 14. running it down the patriots' throat. marshawn lynch just busted a season high 25-yard run. derek carr finds seth roberts he follows on the 4 yard line. pats recover. 62-yarder here for the field goal. a ten-point swing. then in the third, brady going deep to brandon cook. 64 yards. cook, 149 receiving yards. raiders fall to 4-6. payoff hopes evaporating every week. jim mora, after six seasons, was fired today, on his 56th friday, after a loss to rival
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usc yesterday. he had four straight winning seasons, but the bruins have struggled the last two years. he was under contract through 2021. so ucla will give him a $12 million going away present. the offensive coordinator jeff fish will take koefr friday night. sharks were off today, but they were in the community of bellerman high school. they hosted eed floor hockey ga. many players and the announcers were all at the event. great fun for a phenomenal cause. >> everyone comes together, the announcers and players. it's just a way to get out and enjoy ourself. >> really excited. we're trying our best to see if we can beat them right now.
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>> and our plays of the day around the nfl coming up at 11:00 p.m. on abc 1 1.
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tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00, beer without the beer belly. do we have your attention yet? >> she looked at me when she said that. >> who else am i supposed to look at ? two bay area entrepreneurs hope you'll eat what's left behind after the beer is brewed. >> that eat 's it for "abc7 new 9:00.
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(upbeat music) - [announcer] it's the michelle meow show, your a to z, covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. (upbeat music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z, covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. tonight, we have a fantastic show for you. it's all focused on baaits. the bay area american indian two-spirits organization. we'll talk about what it means to identify as native american, and be a part of the lgbtqi community. but first, let's check in what people are saying about the lgbtq community. our first quote comes from ellen degeneres.


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