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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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for millions of americans, a stunning headline to wake up to. matt lauer, seen hear at presidential debate last year, has been fired. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. dan and ama are off. two new employees have come forward with complaints since the story first broke.
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>> reporter: the process was quick and swift. nbc says they were brought information about lauer monday night. 36 hours later the network was already taking action. >> good morning, breaking news overnight, matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. >> voice trembling, savannah guthrie delivered the news she heard just hours before. >> released a statement saying a colleague come forward reporting behavior in violation with company standards. how do you reconcile love for someone with the revelation they've been behaving badly? >> revelations in the work for lauers but for many people, huge shock. >> two new employees have come forward with reports against lauer. adding to report released by "variety" detailing two-month
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long investigation. citing at least two women. >> hearing from multiple sources but problem with matt lauer, he had so much power, nobody wanted to peek . >> reporter: claims lauer allegedly gave a colleague a sex toy as present and included explicit note. another female employee, summoned her to office and dropped his pants and apparently known for making lewd comments verbally and via text messages. nbc news says alleged inappropriate sexual behavior started in olympics in sochi and continues for months after the games. >> comes just one week after charlie rose was fired from cbs after several women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. another surprising announcement today, minnesota
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public radio confirmed that garrison keillor was fired. best known for creating "a prairie home companion," he retired from it last year. someone he worked with came forward with allegations of improper behavior. didn't go into detail but said it's investigating other allegations involving other staff. in the bay area, 11 boys and girls from 11 to 17 were arrested over the weekend for city-wide crime spree that they say targeted dozens of victims. led officers on three separate high speed chases, including one with 11-year-old behind the wheechlt more than a dozen rob where is, carjack gsz and burglaries and in many of the crimes used a gun. police see a disturbing trend emerging. >> it's alarming, successful in
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arresting many of them but as soon as they arrest them another group pops up following weekend. >> held at santa clara county juvenile hall. believe there are more victims yet to come forward. fire burned six people out of their homes in mission district tonight. fire started just after 6:30 and spread to a second building. two people treated for minor injuries but not hospitalized. fire department says brought under control about an hour ago. mile and a half away, temporary repairs cover up damage done to san francisco apartment. gas leak triggered explosion inside that apartment monday morning. no one has hurt but family is now homeless. wayne freedman shows us what they're going through, who is helping them get through it. >> reporter: broken glass, boarded up apartment, bits and pieces of aftermath.
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>> when i came back, i saw everything. >> reporter: back to apartment last saw on monday after explosion tore through the garage and through the building. cause a gas leak, ostensibly from a paeng gg&e gas line. went to red cross asking for help. >> my house, was very bad. everything coming down. >> reporter: everything did except for a religious picture hung in the window. back at red cross, case worker is no longer surprised by anything. >> what we find in my years here, people who keep working at it, working, working, working, always succeed. >> reporter: not without help.
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with that in mind, friends and family put up gofundme page, pg&e says it's aiding victims as well and red cross has given them walking around money an placed them into hotel at least until monday. >> they help. i feel better now. >> reporter: in the posttraumatic dimension called aftermath, those were baby steps. abc7 news. cal trans is shutting down part of the manzanita park and ride lot because it expects flooding. high tides are expected and it frequently floods in king tides. meteorologist drew tuma is here with more. >> king tides, highest tides every year, first arrive sunday 10:23, another early monday
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morning and third monday december 4th. tides higher than normal thanks to the moon. right now the wave heights are heightened. 10 to 15 feet just off northern california coastline. exceeding 20 feet at this hour. reason why, there's a low pressure storm system in gulf of alaska sending waves our way. will weaken in the coming hours and lessen. 40s and 50s, we're cooling off rapidly. out the door tomorrow morning have the jacket with you. inland 30s, elsewhere, 40s. forecast coming up. kristen. still no verdict in the kate steinle murder trial. the woman shot to death on san francisco's pier 14 years ago reportedly by undocumented immigrant with stolen gun.
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gone through five days of deliberations, the jury. prosecutor was seen entering the courtroom at least once, may mean the jury is done asking questions and is outsiding whether jose inez garcia zarate should be found guilty of second degree murder. could be acquitted but wouldn't walk out a free man. >> i would imagine there is a federal hold on the defendant already. so if he is acquitted, will be taken into federal custody. >> once the verdict is read, steinle family will have a prerecorded statement. we'll air it on channel 7 and our website. up next, alternative to high price of real estate.
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>> like living in gated community. feels secure. >> on a boat. also losing patience. larry oracle's attempt to buy a classic resort could have hit a dead end. christmas trees, who is behind decorations that people say don't fit with the holiday spirit? >>.
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for 13 lucky people, inexpensive living space business bay area standards about to open up in east bay. boat slip at brooklyn marina, to win, you have to enter a lottery by friday and you have to own a boat. eric thomas explains the pros and cons to alternatives to apartments. >> reporter: it's one way to beat the high cost of bay area housing and be closer to nature. owning a boat and living on the water. >> peaceful and inexpensive. >> private when you want it, like in gated community to feel
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secure. >> reporter: spaces for 1,100 boats, 100 set aside for people living her. says there's romance to living on the water. also affordable. >> boat under six figures, lucky to get under seven figures here. >> studio apartment is $2,000 a month and we're under with 35 boat, less than $800 a month. >> reporter: used boat, spend 10% in upkeep. city of berkeley warns not meant for average renter. >> not place for general population. want to be experienced on boat, know the risks and lifestyle. >> reporter: if that description fits you, boaters say there's nothing like taking your home on vacation. >> not only living but using and
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sailing boat. >> gets too expensive here, just move somewhere else. >> reporter: applications dropped off at berkeley marina office. deadline is friday, already 30 have applied for shot at 13 spots. abc7 news. oracle cofounder larry ellison could drop out of deal to buy casino at lake tahoe. agreed to rescue from bankruptcy but two creditors who are owed money say deal is not fair. tied up in court. ellison may not be willing to wait much longer. straddles the border north side of the lake and once owned by frank synoughtra. >> there's couldnntroversy over
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trees and appropriateness of the venue. >> reporter: hundreds of trees at christmas in the park -- >> people should be able to say whatever they want to say within reason. >> reporter: schools, businesses and organizations bring awareness to causes they care about. some sponsors called on to explain appropriateness of their displays. >> world is what it is, to each their own. >> tree sponsored by home remodeling firm focuses on current events, colin kaepernick and #metoo movement. some took issue with the rise of the transgender. hoping that message of acceptance isn't lost in transition. >> christmas you celebrate the
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birth of christ and what he did for us. of course the message can't be that. >> reporter: satanic temple tree, tree topper, giant black goat head had been stolen, chapter members say replacement is in the works. >> people know who we are and what we believe, nothing to be scared of, we're happy to talk to you. >> reporter: won't remove trees on private land. >> not our job to judge but accept. many different religions and organizations that participate. new measures passed in san francisco and oakland to help marijuana businesses last year. san francisco supervisors rejected attempt to limit number of new dispensaries. agreed to give preference to pot shops who hire locally.
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ensures the government won't delay manufacturing and sales. says pot sales will help improve the city overall. >> already passed resolution setting aside for homeless services and illegal dumping -- decide how to spend the rest. >> recreational pot becomes legal. if mayor lee quickly signs legislation, could be on sale as soon as january 5th. crystal clear night out there. i guess a little chilly too. >> clear skies are helping cool us off. drop into 30s in chilliest spots. cool start to tuesday, last day of november this year. what you have is tranquil
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picture. high clouds streaming in mainly in north bay but all is quiet on live doppler 7. exploratorium camera atop pier 15, ferry building looking south, all lit up for holidays in green and red. light breeze out there. forecast as we head into the weekend is tranquil. saturday and sunday, blend of clouds. earlier thought would be a chance of rain event. that's out of here. a nice weekend to get out and maybe put up decorations. numbers right now, cooling off quickly in some spots. 40s in coolest parts. 41 in fairfield, 43 in san ramon, 45 in santa rosa, san jose is little bit warmer at 54. tonight the temperatures will continue to tumble.
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especially north bay and inland. chilly there. 39 in antioch, 34 in napa. closer to bay waters more moderation, mid to low 40s but bottom out heading to thursday. sun gets up around 7:06 in the morning and after cool start will be effective to warm us up. upper 50s, low 60s. 4:00, have sunshine and temperatures maybe a few degrees above normal this time of year. into the 60s. quiet fin the month of november. mild, 64 in the afternoon for san francisco, oakland about 68. san jose 64, san rafael 65. lots of sunshine, perhaps a few high clouds. next seven days chance of rain is limited. saying 20% chance on saturday.
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that's well north of the majority of the region, north of cloverdale. minimal chance. most of us have increase in cloud cover. much of the next week, western half of the united states and especially bay area and southern california, some of the warmest temperatures across the lower 48. if you want the colder air, eastern half of the united states. kentucky, ohio and indiana will see coldest temperatures, tha where the cold air is bottled up. first of the month on friday. crisp fall day. mix of sun and clouds. monday temperatures knock back. rising temps tuesday and wednesday but quiet pattern into december. >> making it too easy for you.
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jazz it up. thanks drew. apple rushes out security fix for mac operating system. also bitcoin's rocky ride, rise, plunge
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apple has released a fix for password flaw on the high sierra operating system. allowed anyone to log on to any mac. simple move allowed rogue user to access everything on your computer. install malicious software or lock you out of the account completely. issue so serious, apple is automatically installing the
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patch. if you owned tech stocks, cashed in. focused on bank and health care. facebook closed down more than 7% and nvidia nearly 7%. apple saw a 2% loss. tech heavy nasdaq, closed down more than 1%. bitcoin fell nor than $2,000 in span of few hours. hit record $11,000 before declining to $9,000, some say targeted. reports that nasdaq wants to launch bitcoin futures next year. according to report in "wall street journal." federal reserve looking to adopt
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digital currency similar to bitcoin. president ignites a firestorm, tweeting out extremist videos, 1 already proven false, white house says it doesn't matter. north korea, missile launch and (avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain and constipation, and you're overwhelmed by everything you've tried-- all those laxatives, daily probiotics, endless fiber-- it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried, and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation.
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we begin this half hour with president trump igniting a firestorm? a series of retweets that showed inflammatory videos. one already proven false. white house says real or not doesn't matter. >> reporter: the president today
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avoided questions about the extremist videos he retweeted that provoked international backlash. >> mr. president, why have you been retweeting anti-muslim videos? >> reporter: originally posted about i tiny ultranationalist anti-muslim parrot britain first. british prime minister theresa may, perhaps america's closest ally condemned the tweets saying the group seeks to divide communities through use of hateful narratives that peddle lies and stoke intentions. it is wrong for president to do this. sarah sanders defended the tweets. >> it's important to talk about national threats. >> reporter: saying about strong borders. one purports to be a muslim
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beating a dutch boy. netherlands embassy says the attacker was dutch, facts do matter. white house says it doesn't matter if what he tweets is accurate. >> whether it's real video, threat is real. that's what the president is talking about. >> reporter: kkk leader david duke tweeted, thank god for trump. that's why we love him. overshadows push for tax cuts. president insisting it will hurt the rich. >> cost a fortune. believe me. >> reporter: most analysts predict it will affect -- most see taxes rise. north korea released new images of the launch of intercontinental ballistic missile test. kim jong-un, in some of the
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photos appears to be laughing. missile could theoretically reach washington, d.c., and rest of the u.s. mainland. ambassador nikki haley says it brings us closer to war. president trump says he asked china to impose more sanctions on north korea. expert says americans should be concerned. >> not issue of life and death but survival of ourselves and families. should be taken seriously, even though there are a number of other momentous events going on in washington. >> experts say could be one to three years before north korea has miniaturized nuclear warhead that could reach the u.s. mainland. convicted war criminal suddenly drank poison and shouted a message to the judge. >> reporter: standing silent, hague judge telling him his 20
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year sentence would be upheld for war crimes in bosnian war. response, shocking. the 72-year-old lifting bottle to lips, swallowing poison before saying calmly, i have taken poison. attempts to save him failed. convicted for role in campaign to drive muslims out of bosnia and create ethnically pure croat state in the 1990s. another remarkable day in a court already seen its fair share of drama as war criminals are sentenced. questions now asked about how he was able to smuggle poison into court. abc news learning that security procedures are being tightened up.
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abc news. london. shift gears here. if you're planning to fly home through american airlines, may want a backup plan. too many employees have time out. glitch with the system left thousands of flights without pilots. they expect to avoid cancellations, offering overtime pay to fill in and resolve the issue. italian company may be bankrupt but in style. commissioned to redesign the uniforms. the current uniforms designed last year, before that hadn't changed in two decades. new uniforms should be ready by summer. designer is not costing the airline. millennials more than any other generation are willing to
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take a pay cut to find a company that aligns with their values. on average millennials willing to take pay cut of 34% to work at company which supports their views. 9 of 10 workers from all age groups say would be willing to take a salary decrease. average is 21%. that includes even those who make less than $50,000 a year. up next, the effort to clean up a b.a.r.t. station problem. and millions visit the parks john muir helped establish, now able to visit where he's buried. that story next.
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a hands on effort is under way to get b.a.r.t. officials to do something about conditions outside a san francisco b.a.r.t. system. in the mission district at 16th street station where b.a.r.t. director and san francisco supervisor are cleaning up every wednesday. she's asked b.a.r.t. directors to join them. told them she will join next week and b.a.r.t. is hiring more cleaners. rare to see this, chinook salmon along the creek. south bay clean creeks coalition
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posted this video. want people to know fishing season is over in the area and signs are being posted. naturalist john muir was laid to rest in martinez, in the woods alongside a creek. closed to public for years but abc7 news was there with the national park service. opened to visitors next month. muir who died in 1914, shares a family plot with wife, children and in-laws. >> provide access by tours only at this time three times a week. go with ranger on shuttle to the grave site to see the final resting place. >> about five minutes from john muir national historic site. begins december 9th and you have to call the site to sign up. checking in with drew tuma
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you won't just find dogs at the shelter. also dotty here. she's a pygmy goat who turned up about two weeks ago. left after hours with no explanation. goats are herd animals and natural grazers. officials say would be best if dau da dotty was adopted by family with other goats and plenty of grass to eat. couple from santa rosa escaped with their lives and two
9:45 pm
cats bun of the cats has gone missing. tale of survival and relentless search. >> flames coming over the ridge. >> reporter: grabbed clothing and looked for cats. siamese pelle and packy. >> calling and calling and wouldn't come, came in, so happy. >> reporter: got out before what was their dream home burned to the ground. >> superior wisdom, evacuated to the hilton in santa rosa. >> reporter: four hours later, hotel on fire. >> didn't make the kitties happy. had to pull up bed to drag them out. >> so traumatic. >> reporter: finally safe, discovered packy was restless. and climber. >> jumped up on the fence,
9:46 pm
walking and jumped over. >> reporter: that was six weeks ago. still missing. every few days they canvass t neighborhood. >> he's a distinctive looking cat. there's pele. he misses packy. >> reporter: thinks somewhere in this neighborhood. he's not used to traffic so probably stay away from busy roads and he loves being in nature. >> called us one morning, thought had seen him here. >> reporter: lots of leads. >> last sighting near strawberry creek. might be because water source. and it's quiet there. >> reporter: but still no packy. two hope if nobody sees him, maybe hear him.
9:47 pm
>> just loud meow. >> better than i can do. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> if you have information to help find packy, find a way to contact the family by looking for story at last check of the weather, meteorologist drew tuma. gorgeous night, beautiful picture of the moon. >> clear skies. continued beach hazard, it's been extended to tomorrow morning at 3:00 in the morning. 13 to 17 feet. strong rip currents and sneaker waves still a threat. take some time to relax but will do so. right now numbers in 40s and 50s. 51 in fremont, 55 in city of san francisco. north way is all 40s.
9:48 pm
overnight tonight, numbers continue to fall. 30s in coolest spots, mainly north bay and inland as well. morgan hill is chilly. 44 for half moon bay and napa is close to freezing at 34 degrees. bounce back pretty well. sunshine will be effective to warm up. 60s across the board from coast to bay and inland. 64 is popular tomorrow. 66 in fairfield. accuweather seven-day forecast, after a chilly start rebound in the afternoon. quiet trend continues not only in first day of december, friday, but first weekend and quiet next week, sunshine, no rain. >> so nice. thank you drew. if you missed it before or just want to go back for seconds, ice cream dreams may come true.
9:49 pm
tickets for sold-out museum of ice cream will be back on sale. friday morning at 11:00 for museum of ice cream in san francisco. tickets cost $38 for adults, free for children younger than three. museum of ice cream is runaway success, selling out in minutes each time new tickets are available. we're posting a link to people love taking instagram pictures and swimming in the plastic sprinkles. >> do you get to eat ice cream? >> give you samples don't they? >> you been? >> no i want to go but every time never get the tickets. >> you don't? >> i know. i oversleep a lot. >> got to get you some tickets. sweet news with regard to the warriors? >> not a bowl of ice cream for the warriors. might have to do with what they were doing last night on free
9:50 pm
night in l.a. not ice cream. warriors in a battle with the lakers in l.a. every coach's nightmare is a night off in los angeles. first meeting between steph curry and lonzo
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good evening. warriors in l.a. tonight for first meeting this season with lonzo ball and the lakers. steph curry playing with bandage on bruised right hand. clearly bothering hij. three air balls in this game tonight. steph against lonzo. and lonzo cut his hair. kvin durant missed last three games. getting up to throw down. 15-7, warriors early. curry is just not himself. three air balls. 6 of 17, 15 points. second quarter, get your head in the game.
9:54 pm
lonzo lead pass for easy dunk. defense. los angeles lakers up one. curry. scuffle in the third with curry and ball. then draymond jumps in and big baller blood shed there. durant with a three for the lead. 25 points. but lonzo is shooting 5 of 11 in this game, he's got 15 and moments ago, kentavious caldwell-pope with the lay-up. they're tied 109-109. overtime next. thunder was struggling early. westbrook, pass to nobody in particular. steven adams not expecting that. moments later, elfrid payton,
9:55 pm
crossed over reigning mvp and left him on the floor. going to be a thousand memes of that. blocked by fournier. aaron gordon, san jose kid, archbishop midi, wen for 40. magic win, 121-128. football, jimmy g. era begins. chicago. where he grew up. asked if he knows the playbook, he's taking it one day at a time. mike shumann with the story. >> reporter: knowing jimmy garoppolo is getting first start. >> allows him to get a better feel for it. don't truly, even if you think you know something, until you get into heat of battle and everyone is going full speed and
9:56 pm
course of game and different coverages, going to go through a lot of ups and downs. >> garoppolo's home town close to chicago. phone is ringing off the hook for tickets. >> had to put phone away for a little while, trying to focus. it's a great opportunity for us this week. chicago has talented defense, we have to prepare well and get ready. going to be a challenge. >> obviously disappointed, but i want this team to be good, win games. i trust kyle's decision. like i said before. right now focused on getting healthy, helping team and jimmy in any way i can right now. >> reporter: coach shanahan, week to week who starts but this week, jimmy garoppolo. raiders host the new york
9:57 pm
jets on sunday. they're a mess. benched eli manning. 200 consecutive starts at quarterback. for perspective, 188 other qbs have started in rest of the league. giants made eli the scapegoat for the season and rest of the league has taken notice. >> i know the family real well. got to be a tough deal. he's one of the all-time greats. two-time super bowl winner, very accomplished player. i have a soft spot for that. >> he's a great person. i was able to learn from him, a couple of years at pro bowl we were on the same team. fortunate and blessed to be on the same team. >> nobody saw this coming. espn's herm edwards expected to be named new head coach at arizona state. previously coached nfl with jets
9:58 pm
and chiefs, you play to win the game, his big speech. connection is sun devils athletic director used to be herm's agent. wish my agent was doing something. abc7 sports by toyota, joking about that. lakers tonight, every coach's worst nightmare is night off in los angeles. >> so many distractions. >> it happens. >> pull it together guys. you play to win the game. >> herm was right. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, 11-year-old getaway driver among 11 kids arrested in south bay after violent crime spree. new details about what happened. $18 an hour to park in public space. controversial surge pricing that could be coming to every san francisco parking meter. finally tonight a puppy
9:59 pm
climbed her way into the hearts of thousands. might be tiny but certainly mighty. buttermilk the beagle, scaling top of her kennel at isle of wight county shelter in virginia. posted on facebook, face is priceless. busted. shelter said puppy was not injured, moved to different type of kennel. video has more than 54,000 views and she's about to be adopted now that she's a huge star. watch out, she's a climber. for drew tuma, larry beil, and for everybody here at abc7 news, thank you so much for watching. have a good night. see you over at 11:00 on channel 7. see you then.
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(suspenseful music) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. in our first case, a wealthy mortician with a beautiful wife and a secret life.


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