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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. >> san francisco will make an extra effort to keep people safe this holiday weekend and they're not alone. >> no they are not. in las vegas hundreds of national guardsmen will join 1500 police officers to patrol the strip and the city for their new year's eve celebration. security will be at an all-time
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high following this year's shooting massacre that left 58 people dead. >> in pasadena, people building floats, locate at state and federal agencies working hand in hand to keep local parade goers safe. >> a plotd targeting pier 39 is proof can never let your guard down. >> we'll explain how the city is trying to have your back. >> new year's eve is closing in and police are ramping up. we found department of homeland security officers patrolling and cani canine units on the embarcadero where hundreds of thousands will gather to say hello to 2018 to a dazzling fireworks show. >> what's important to us is that everyone is safe. >> mayor assuring that the city
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has your back. >> there's no known credible threats to the city. we know any time there's large events we always provide additional police support. >> every available officer will be on duty, several around pier 39 of target of terror plot by former marine jamison. >> we were notified but didn't have a lot of details almost until the media had it. >> chief scott will work with the police department on new year's eve to share resources and ensure bringing in 2018 is fun and festive. >> we are used to police presence down in new york square. >> i don't know if the extra police presence is necessary.
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>> a new year's eve tradition many say they will never missx abc 7. meantime highway patrol will be out in force this weekend from now until wednesday night. officers be looking for driver who's appear to be impaired by alcohol, pot or other substances last year dozens died across the state and hundreds were arrested. bart will run extra trains until 3:00 in the morning. cal train. ac transit. vta. and muni are all offering free rides on new year's eve beginning at 8:00 p.m. lasting until the morning. and meantime there's a crack down on fireworks through the holidays, warning people of $500 fines if they are caught using illegal fireworks. the city set up a hot line and website to report incidents. officials in san jose and the
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bay area are worried the dry winter will cause spot fire that's could grow out of control. still fire danger very much on our minds the. >> sounds silly but if you're going out to this new year's eve all eyes thinking about what to wear. >> absolutely. meteorologist is here with a preview. >> you can wear your party best and not have to worry about it getting wet because the rain is not going to cause any problems at least not for new year's eve. we need the rain it's coming but not immediately. for fireworks forecast on the embarcadero no visibility restrictions as those fireworks go off with a bang. if you go to any parties 8:00 mostly cloudy skies, 40s and 50s. koom and chilly evening. as you ring in 2018 it will start to get chilly with fog in the wee hours of the morning 30s and 40s. we are tracking clouds right now
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but the picture is looking a little bit different a system not far away, another system that will follow. right now the storm track is centered around the pacific northwest. ha is going to change. here's a look at superstoform storm impact scale. rain chances finally after being dry most of december going up. i'll be back at an hour by hour look at when you can expect rain coming up. >> thanks very much. new years' eve revellers in new york will need to bundle up there. >> our reporter has more. >> tonight about 48 hours to go before a million people descend upon time square, the unprecedented security operation is already under way. police tackling it from above ground, underground, and from the air, preparing to shut down all garages within the secure perimeter to ward off potential
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truck bomb clearing everyone out before screening each person who comes into time square. similar to in airports we schwab the handle of the bag this few seconds. >> cities the all across the nation adding extra security, in philadelphia please police chief philadelphia police on high alert. and those dogs able to sniff out trace amounts under the second coldest new year's eve on record. >> we will make sure to have enough personnel there and the ability to get around in merge is i lanes. >> you can find the festivities in new york on sunday night with
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ryan seacrest starting at 8:00 on 7 and then join us for abc 7 at 11:00 and at 11:30 count down to midnight as new year's eve continues. two homicides in same east san jose neighbor a man shot and killed on van winkle lane and thursday night a 17-year-old man stabbed about a mile away. when officer as riefred the group ran off leaving the teen lying on the ground bleeding from one stab wound he later died at the hospital this marks 34th homicide of the year last year san jose recorded 47 homicides total. a raging fire destroyed part of a school in modesto today. flames burned through three classrooms an aid computer lap
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at brett hart elementary. other rooms were damaged by the heat no word how it got started. several people had to replace the tires on their cars after being/ed in san francisco. we were in carolina china we were in china town the tire slashings took place on powell street for no apparent reason. no description of a suspect. final farewell to fallen chp officer andrew camilleri died on christmas eve while on patrol. he and partner pulled over when hit by a car and suspect inform the influence of drugs and alcohol and will face several felony charges. memorial will take place
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tomorrow at 8:30 at christian life center in stockton. >> it's been a good year for the stock market. >> just how good? we'll wrap up the year next. >> and a south bay icon getting emotional. >> what will you do after today? >> i don't know i just cry. >> and
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well that sound marks the end of trading for all of 2017 and while today wasn't a great day for stocks, this year was. today the dow lost 118 points ending at 24,719. nasdaq down by 46 closing at 69.03. s&p finishing at 26.73. let's put today's losses in perspective the stock market had its biggest annual gain in four years, dow up $5,000 points first day of trading it closed at 19,881. since then has in creased in value by 24%. as people rush to pay their property tax business the end of the year a new alarm is going
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off around the bay area about the potentially damaging effects the new tax law can have on our housing markets. >> those facts are going to hit heavily. >> realtor says new federal limits on morgt interest dedkss and tax right offs could deal a big blow to the housing tax market. >> will make people think twice about selling they might remodel instead of selling that may have a overreaching effect on the supply and as supply constrained prices continue to go up. >> the new law on mortgages up to $750,000 down from 1 mmds and federal deduction from state and local taxes will be limb incompetentlimited by $10,000. >> we're very damaged by this tax law. >> he says he hopes for new
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relief for seniors in the new year for possible ballot machine. >> measure. >> to is a allow seniors keep their tax bags and move as many times as they like in their lives. >> some say off strength from the bay area will are offset any negative impacts from the new tax law. >> i think 2018 will be strong as 2017 for real estate in the bay area. >> in the east bay, abc 7 news. massive repairs to the ic iconic mamarin civic center wil have skaf oflding put up from the ground to the roof. all areas will stay fully accessible during the installation process. it is listed in national register of historic place. board supervisor set the cost of
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repair at $18 million. tax reform changes where you live and what you can deduct and why you might think twice donating to charity. more on our website close of 2017 brings a close to a storied shop that has produced hand-made tofu for decades. people love this stuff. it's 71-year run ends. san jose tofu saw all lines all morning as customers clammer for just one last taste. >> it was a race against time. people stood in a long get one last taste of rare, handmade tofued. they're closing after 71 years. >> you come here out of respect and the actual product they can make for you. so it's a little bit of a
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community that's passing after decades of service to everyone. >> lifelong customers clutch their plastic containers hoping to take home the last of the prized tofu they've enjoyed in many cases since they were youngstered. some of them have been in line over an hour. it extends to the end of the block but no guarantee there will be tofu left by the time they get to the front door. the physical toll of standing ten hours a day, starting at 2:00 a.m. and lifting heavy trays is too much. >> everything grind the bean, mix the water, the cooking. everything is so much. >> i didn't know what would happen to my body when i got older. i kept thinking i could suck it up and do whatever. but that's not the case. >> melissa brought an appreciation gift a display box of origami creams some customers
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left in tears. >> you're crying? >> absolutely i didn't think i was going to but you know, they're very iconic, they're so much a part of japan town our history, the culture, everything. >> even as the tofu ran out one customer made sure an elder toward the back of the line didn't leave disappointed. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. someone could ring in the new year as multi millionaire. the numbers 4, 10, 18, 62 -- 7. if no winner the next drawing next tuesday. power ball. drawing is tomorrow. odds of winning both jackpots 1 in 75 quadrillion if you do the
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math that's 15 zeros. >> it's done. >> yeah we got this. >> okay one thing we do have is good weather coming in, we hope maybe a little rain for new year. >> i think the odds of that are pretty good. >> that's right you have better chance of seeing rain in the bay area than you have of hitting the jackpot. we have clouds and fog right now. visibility down to three quarters of a mile in santa rosa where there's thick fog tonight. concord with four miles visibility. as you begin holiday weekend plans be prepared for areas of big fog especially tomorrow morning. temperatures right now in the 40s. oakland. mountain view. 43 in half moon bay. as you look at other locations santa rosa, napa, low 40s. concord, livermore mid 40s not terribly cold.
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live picture right now is a gorgeous view looking towards san francisco. wind is not a factor looking down the embarcadero. this is where the fireworks will be going off for this upcoming weekend for new year's eve. don't think you will have fog restrictions in san francisco. hazy and mild. rainy pattern sketing etting up middle of next week. bit of good news. saturday and sunday both moderate to poor air quality expected across the entire bay area. tomorrow morning we'll have the fog around the departmelta, nor, east bay, you will see some of that fog. it will be heavy it's winter time thing so do expect it. valleys, bay side. coast side. you will be in the 40s. there will be high clouds around as well. those clouds keep the sun filtered. pretty mild day.
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65 in santa cruz on the peninsula. low 60s from san mateo to red wo woredwood city. hazy skies. 62 vallejo. richmond berkeley upper 50s. inland areas milder than where you should be this time of year. 61 pleasanton. 62 livermore. next wednesday through friday light level one system on our scale will come through here, we're looking at a wet pattern developing wednesday, thursday and friday and beyond that. rain fall estimates third to an inch, breezy at times with pretty good moisture tap which right now looks like it may we could get higher totals. 5:00 a.m. january 3rd on wednesday, rain begins, it's
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widespread by 4:00 in the afternoon, scattered showers thursday and another system coming through friday carrying through saturday. exactly what we need for the new year. morning fog and hazy afternoon sun, will continue that pattern often sunday, although the cloud cover will be heavier on sunday as you ring in the new year, start off 2018 you can count on dry conditions and milder than normal weather, low to mid 60s for monday and chance for few drops late tuesday night, better opportunity forum kimbried un b. . come.
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warning sign #1: hi. hoping for a crisp breeze to help keep you alert? warning sign #2: oh oh, he took a sip of water too. that'll probably help. warning sign #3: you were probably going to turn down the radio too so you could focus, right? narrator: probably okay isn't okay.
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if you see a warning sign, stop, and call a cab, a car or a friend. ws #2: i think the water line is really what drove it home. ws #1: i blew on him. the alphabet now ends at y. >> yeah it does the author of "the alphabet series" died. she wrote a book for every letter of the alphabet up to y is for yesterday which was published just four months ago. >> her main character was a female private investigator who lived and worked in a fictional town. >> i always say these books are about kicking serious behind. >> love her attitude. sue grafton was here often abc 7
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news in 2011 for an interview her latest book at the time "v is for vengeance". >> she would never let her books turn into movie or let a ghost writer write for her. >> she was 77 years old. >> quite a woman. not too late to get a flu shot. >> tonight's story will convince you why you should get one. >> also a fake 911 call deeds to the death of an man. a prank that goes too far.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening once again. we'll start this half hour with the flu season which is in full force in the bay area, hospitals actually running out of beds. >> that's according to one doctor who believes the up tick of flu related emissions is related to false information put out about the effectiveness of this year's vaccine. >> this year's flu season is in full swing so much so that dr. jeffrey silver says hospitals are having hard time to find enough beds. he checked to see how many patients in eight northern california hospitals had been vaccinated. >> 75% of the patients never visit the flu vaccine, they are three times more likely to be admitted if they are not vaccinated than if they are. >> he believes this is due to false information out of australia regarding the
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effectiveness of the vaccine at 10%. >> normally they only vac in ate one out of ten kids and one out of three pregnant woman and so w4 they had this outbreak weren't prepared. >> he said it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect and if sick with the flu your judgment may be off. two patients were not hospitalized because of the flu but rather car accidents while they were sick with the flu with their judgment being off. he does admit it's not perfect still says worst cases are in those who do not get vaccinated. in castro valley, abc 7 news. president trump has dismissed his entire presidentially advisory council on hiv aids.
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a letter this week was delivered by fedex they were told they are eligible to rea fly for their spot in the new year the council was made to make recommendations how to fight hiv and aids. six members resigned after accusing the white house for pushing legislation that would harm it people living with hiv. an innocent man shot and killed after a prank 911 call in wichita kansas a feud between two call of duty game players sparked the hoax. the address given to police led them to the home of a man who had nothing to do with the game. police say when the man came to the door and reached for his waste an officer fired.
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>> last evening's officer-involved shooting was tragic and senseless act. the actions of a frankster put lives the at risk be and is a nightmare for the family and our police department due to the actions of a prankster we have an innocent victim. >> father of two was taken to the hospital and died later, police say he was unarmed. >> president trump visited one of his florida golf club inviting 60 members of the coast guard to lunch to thank them for their response to the hurricanes in texas and florida. the president is enjoying his break from washington even sitting with the new york times. >> as his first year in office quickly winds down, president trump appears to be in a jovial mood. >> 17th hole and i think all of you are watching my shot. right. a shot and then a byrd.
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i maid it. >> back at the clubhouse. sitting with a n. new york times report even the ongoing russian investigation doesn't seem to bother trump he assured the reporter 16 times in a 30 minute interview that in was no collusion between his campaign and the russians. gone were his snipes at integrity of the investigators. >> it's a shame what happened with the fbi. >> instead he thinks the robert mueller investigation will be fair and said he thinks the investigation makes the country look very bad and puts the kuchbt in a very bad position. for months he's been talking mueller will wrap up the investigation for a year. >> i don't know how much longer but in great hopes it will wrap up. >> trump admits it may have been wishful thinking, timing-wise i just don't know.
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by think we'll be treated fairly. >> that statement write reporting. president trump twitter account racked up 180 million likes in 2017. >> here's his biggest tweets of the year. 5th most liked after the inaugural ball. in it he said thank you for another washington, d.c. -- >> a day after the women's march in washington he tweeted peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy ex oochb democracy ---ed . >> second most possible tweet featured a fake video of him tackling a man with a cnn logo super imposed over his head in a
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wrestlingmatch. >> and most liked tweet was over kim jong un -- that tweet was liked by more than 617,000 twitter users. >> the year in presidential tweets. >> coming up a be
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you know, it's end of an era for three generations of men going to the same barber their entire lives. >> it is remarkable. we got to hang out with him one day before he retires. >> tomorrow is my last day. >> really? >> yes. >> how long you been here?
9:40 pm
>> 48 years. >> for rob it all started by accident when he came to live with his uncle. >> graduated high school and he said what are you going to do i said i don't know, he said you're going to be a barber. >> it was the family business. >> you have make a commitment got to stick with it. >> and he has through three again ragszs. >> grandpas and dads and grand kids. >> who wouldn't dare go to anyone else. some things haven't changed. >> same haircut for 20 years. >> pretty much. >> he tried getting new chairs. >> they didn't hold up so i had to go back to the good chairs. >> time insides the barber shop hasn't stood still. ferz stayed a top his game by changing with the world outstanding. >> when i first came we mostly had just clippers then i started learning how do do long hair. >> he started going to hair shows and became a master with scissors. >> they're razor sharp.
9:41 pm
>> long hair put on the map he kept up with every trend since even the ones that baffle him. >> it's weird comb over has been around a long time but usually for the bald guys. >> thank you very much it's been a pleasure. >> he says good-bye and looking forward to life in the mountains. >> that's crater lake i'm look forgd it to. >> you don't think he will stay retired. >> i retired twice and back in the business. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. looking sharp. >> yeah best of luck. congratulations. our meteorologist sandhya patel next with the final forecast of 2017. >> and
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you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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all that bitter cold weather that kept millions of americans is here to stay stretching well past the new year. >> and in some places they've been dealing with record snow fall, even more on the way. >> in snow-weary eerie, pennsylvania, they've been digging out from the 5 and half feet of snow fallen in the last week. clouds out again today lake-effect snow there. some predicting another 18 inches. it's snowing in the mid-west too. clip moving system bringing a blast of snow in the northeast saturday. in michigan low visibility is blamed for 40-car pile up in u.s. 41. tow trucks pulling cars off, closing the highway. >> start aid chain reaction was
9:46 pm
chaotic as you can imagine. >> overnight, sliced through the semi snow the factor. millions still suffering bone-chilling cold. in st. louis cancelled winter fest citing dangerous frigid temperatures. now dipping far as charleston, south carolina. wind chills make it feel like minus 8 in boston and minus 28 plin police in new york city will feel like 4 below zero when the ball drops. abc 7 news new york. >> not quite as cold. >> no around here thankfully it's not. let's get to the forecast from sandhya patel. >> you almost feel lucky, these
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temperatures are frigid. right now, saturday's forecast minus 17 in fargo. minus 6 in great falls. 25 for a high in new york. our lows are not going to get that low. snow fall across the northern rockies, northern earn plains and northeast seeing potential for possible delays. in the bay area live doppler 7 showing the state dry from north to state. if you are traveling to san diego, l.a., mild, 70s, 57 in tahoe. new year's eve forecast mostly cloudy. mld and hazy in the afternoon. going to cool down in nighttime pack a jacket or coat as you ring in the new year. 2018 will be dry but you will
9:48 pm
have the chill starting to settle in. and the accu weather seven day forecast will feature a dry holiday weekend, new year's eve and day, after that all bet's off. light system on friday rainy pattern unfolds. beyond that time period we skip a couple days beyond that accu weather forecast and after that a stretch of wet days, this is excellent news. >> yeah, all right. thanks. well jedi beware you're about to meet a five-year-old "star wars" fan who now has the power to fight the force. >> looking good. jacob taggert from phoenix received a prosthetic storm trooper hand for christmas was born with a thumb and partial fingers on his right hand. >> it's been strange for him to
9:49 pm
fit in with other kids. >> we customized to meet his size and shape and his personality by making it a storm trooper hand. >> thanks to a non-profit jacob can now battle it out like he's never been able to before. >> super sweet. all right now to the sports. warriors on everyone's mind. didn't have steph curry, they could have use his force tonight, warriors play the 11th straight game without him.
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now with the people first warranty.
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well, charlotte was the first game steph curry missed after spraining his ankle and will be his last. warriors taking on the hornlts at oracle arena, klay thompson with 13 in the first, 20 at the half. dwight howard 13 at the break. tied at 53 at recess. kevin durant rolled his ankle in the first but stayed in the game, looks pretty good here, he had 27. but the dove costs not turn on the jets. check out the hornets. charlotte by four after three many howard had 29. charlotte 32 points off 18 doves giveaways.
9:54 pm
hornets beat the warriors, that's right hornets beat the warriors, curry is back tomorrow night. now to the cotton bowl. rough start for darnold the pick six to web and the route is on. now barrett calls his own number. he races 28 yards for the touchdown. it was 24-0 buck eyes at one point. as you can imagine frustration sets in for the trojans as the buckeyes snap 7 game losing streak to usc. warriors tapped into esports. scouting and signing their own roster of progamers called the golden guardians. >> kevin durant from downtown. > durant. >> steph curry with ace shot. >> stephen curry. >> high, high lay up. >> who?
9:55 pm
these are the golden guardians. and they're professional league of legend gamers. >> most people my name is just starting college i'm making a nuclear plane. >> dropped everything and convinced my parents to fly out to california. >> recently the warriors invested $13 million into the realm of esports a booming industry with an expected audience of over $385 million this year. >> esports is hot right now, there is the cream of the crop, the biggest league in the world. >> they want to get to know us and see what esports is about, this new venture is about. >> this is what the game looks like. you control the characteristics. had is the map. it's really big. >> league of legends is the most popular game in the world with over 100 million monthly users. it is free to play and world
9:56 pm
championships are held in sold-out stadiums. >> it's an opportunity to reach a whole demographic of people who live online and we can bridge the gap. >> the warriors are paying out contracts to these progamers, putting them up in a house, they have coaches, meal plans rkz stretching routines and a practice schedule. >> coaches represent authority and work when they show up. when they leave at the end of the day we return the house back to fun more or more fun mode. >> not all fuchb and games 43 million watched last finals alone and hope to host the championship at the chase center some day. >> we don't know everything. we're excited to see other ways this could be a money-maker and really grow as a global sport. >> now all the warriors need to do is find the curry of the keyboard.
9:57 pm
larry beil, abc 7 sports. >> you know he's out there you just got to look really hard. this report brought to you by toyota. who woo have thought when i was a kid playing asteroids my mother would send me to the grocery store and i would take a quarter for two and half lours playing video games. >> yeah if this tv thing doesn't work out there's another career option. >> that was long ago. i lost the skill. >> coming up tonight whole foods disputes a racially charged claim made by the mother of a bay area teenager. and president trump move saying he's declared wrar on those living with hiv, join us at abc 7 news at 11:00. losing weight and exercising are very popular. an organization says setting realistic goals in attempting them is a huge step in the right
9:58 pm
direction. even if you fail. >> researchers say 40% of americans set resolutions but only 46% of them actually follow through on them. >> so easy to make the resolution, the following through part is tricky. >> not so much. >> this year our new year's resolution is no new year's resolution. >> i knew that was coming. what about you guys. >> follow through. >> all right. and with that everybody thanks much for watching. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time hope to see you again in an hour over on the big 7.
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(suspenseful music) (sirens wailing) - [narrator] today, the stories of two murder cases. one in green bay, wisconsin. the other near melbourne, australia. in our first case, a marriage runs into trouble, when there's news of a steamy affair.


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