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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 10, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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help is on the way as the death toll rises from the mudslides in santa barbara county. first responders are loading up and heading out from northern california. only on abc7 news, emotions are running high over the decision to put down this police k-9. what some officers say should have happened instead that would have kept the dog alive. and a plane nearly lands on the wrong runway at sfo. the latest midair mixup at the bay area's biggest airport. wow. this is going to take a long time to clean up. >> devastation in santa barbara county. hundreds of search and rescue crews continue to dig through mud and dubry searching for more possible victims. good evening, thanks for joining
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us. i'm kristen sze. >> dan ashley. >> this will be a long and difficult journey for all of us and for our community. >> 100 homes have been destroyed, and another 300 damaged. also damaged, highway 101. crews are working to remove massive amounts of mud, and the roadway could stay closed until monday. california air national guard members from silicon valley are in santa barbara helping with search and rescue efforts. they shared these pictures taken from their hawk helicopter, the pave hawk helicopter, the 129th rescue wing arrived in santa barbara yesterday. >> help is also on the way from mather air force near sacramento. the california national guard released this video of aviators getting gear together to fly down to southern california as quickly as they can. people who live in the area say they've never seen anything like this before. >> carlos granda from our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: workers trying to
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clear roads as recocrews move in through the area -- rescue crews move in through the area. >> i didn't think it would turn into something like this. we've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: home after home in this montecito neighborhood destroyed by debris. >> scaryiest part the evacuation during the fire. now it's not knowing. you know, is it going to be over tomorrow, is it going to be over in a week, a month? we have no idea. >> reporter: these are some of the hardest hit areas. firefighters are searching for people trapped in their homes, placing an x when it is clear. these firefighters have the gruesome task of going through knee-deep mud looking for any bodies. so far today, they haven't found anyone. charlie adams was close to one of the homes that burst into flames from a possible gas leak. >> the worst i've ever heard. it was 4:00 a.m. we were a couple blocks from the house fire that happened. that lit it up at 10:00 in the morning, but it was 4:00 in the morning. so bright, i've never seen anything like it.
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we saw flames three feet in the air. >> reporter: olivia mcgovern said her parents survived in their homes but are trapped. they're a mile away, but the roads are impassable. >> i'm happy they're safe. i'm talking to them as much as possible. we've tried to walk over there, but it's just -- like we would have had to swim basically. >> reporter: and there's no water or power in the neighborhood. we've seen work crews in the area, but the work could take weeks or months. reporting from montecito, abc7 news. now we'll bring in abc7's spencer christian with more. >> it's how quickly the rain fell that's the problem. >> and where it falls. let's look at where the effect of over half an inch of rain in five minutes can mean. let's start with san francisco, first of all. something we can relate to because it's close to home. the financial district of san francisco, downtown area. this is just under a half square mile of area there. so if we have .54 inch of rain
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in five minutes here, it's 4.3 million gallons of water approximately. that's about 14,000 gallons of water per second in this five-minute span. that, of course, would cause widespread street flooding and messy conditions here. this has a much greater impact in an area like the thomas fire burn scar. this was falling at an incredible rate in an area with lack of vegetation, loose soil, nothing to soak up the rain, and water rushing downhill. factors that increased the possibility of flooding and mudsliding. in this case, a deadly result. >> thank you very much. in napa, highway 121 is open again after a landslide that pushed a car off the road. sadly, it killed the driver. the "napa valley register" reports the driver was 22-year-o 22-year-old hernan reyes geres. caltrans says wild horse valley road is safe, but in a burn zone
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drivers should be very careful. >> reporter: it's a long way down. a beautiful spot, a sad story on highway 121 along the back side of napa. a sad case of bad timing and worse luck at the bottom of a ravine. >> a car got hit by a rock and landslide and got taken over the edge of a cliff. >> reporter: a cold recitation of facts from the california highway patrol. the large boulder swept in green toyota 100 feet down. >> it appeared it might have hit on the driver door, but the driver door was also impacted on a rock down there. >> reporter: even now, no one knows how big the boulder is or where it wound up. we know it landed here, it left a dent in the roadway and came from way up there. you see the broken tree -- the boulder lit it -- boulder hit ie way down. pulling the car up took hours with the victim still inside. cal fire had been to the scene last night after a witness called. when they found the driver already dead, first onders left him there for fear that
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more boulders might come down on them. >> obviously if there is somebody to rescue, we would have continued our efforts. we've got to be safe at the same time. >> reporter: caltrans says it has sent a geologist up the slope to check for lingering danger. this is a burn area and known slide zone. the agency report it as now being stable. >> obviously with the weather coming, there may be more acts of nature coming. all we can do is prepare the best we can. >> reporter: with the car hauled up and the victim taken away, highway 121 has reopened. for now, the end of a story about a solo driver in the wrong place at precisely the wrong time. abc7 news. new at 6:00, berkeley police hope you can recognize the two people on the left of the screen who shot and robbed a man. the victim is recovering from being wounded in the leg after being attacked on vine street near bonita avenue on december 5th. detectives say both robbers wore
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dark color, hooded sweatshirts and appeared to drive a white chevy impal a. new information in the case of an uber driver who went missing last year. it's now a homicide investigation. officials confirmed the remains found in a warehouse last june are that of the san francisco resident who vanished on mother's day. today police named bob tang as a suspect. it's believed he flowed cambodia. tang worked at the warehouse where chihay's remains were found. the family is confident that police will solve the case and justice will be served. only on abc7 news tonight, we're learning there are growing concerns at the sfpd over the recent euthanization of a police k-9. did it have to be put to sleep? >> we have more from the newsroom. vick? >> reporter: yesterday the san francisco police department issued this press release saying
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k-9 kavik, a belgian shepherd, had to be put to sleep. the dog was on the force for the past seven years and lived with his handler, an officer, and his fami family. we spoke with the current and former k-9 hostagers from sfpd and other law enforcement agencies about the order to euthanize the dog. all were angry at the decision. most agreed that the deputy chief in charge of the k-9 unit probably followed the letter of the law he violated its spirit. here's what happened thursday. the officer noticed kavik acting strangely after a full day of training wednesday. he took his k-9 to the norcal veterinary hospital in daly city. the veterinarian said he was bleeding internally, possibly with a ruptured tumor, and that the dog needed exploratory surgery to determine if he had cancer. a procedure that could cost up to $8,000. the other choice would be to put
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him down. either way, the decision had to be made quickly. the officer reported the findings to his superiors. according to our sources, the officer asked the deputy chief to retire the dog to him. those sources tell us the chief said no, that the process could take too long, and the medical costs too great. he ordered the dog euthanized. the dog was put to sleep later this afternoon. k-9 officers we spoke with told us a memorial fund established in memory of sergeant darrell chichimoro, a k-9 officer who died during a training exercise, could have paid for the surgery and other medical costs. it's administered by the spca and is funded to the tune of $1 million and was set up specifically to care for k-9s. sfpd released a second statement late this afternoon following our inquiries. "the decision to euthanize cavik was not made lightly and was done in consideration of the suffering that he was experiencing. all of us mourn the loss of a
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loyal and valued member of our department." no one we spoke with -- and again, there were more than half a dozen current and former k-9 officers -- would go on camera. they spoke freely about how they felt. several had spoken with officer maciel and told us how emotional it was for him and his wife and children to have lost a member of their family. everyone agreed there should have been a better conclusion. vic lee, abc7 news. new at 6:00, abc7 news has learned the faa is investgating another incident at sfo. this one involving an air mexico flight that almost landed on the wrong runway. >> 668 san francisco tower, runway 28 r cleared to land. >> the flight was cleared to land around 8:40 yesterday.
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the plane lined up on the runway to the left of it, 28 left. so on that runway was a virgin america flight filled with passengers. faa controllers spotted the mistake about one mile from the airport. >> 668, go around. >> going around. >> the pilots were using a guidance system often used in poor weather to help with their approach. the pilots will be interviewed as part of the investigation. aeromexico has not yet commented. the incident follows a more serious near mishap in july, 2017. last summer an air canada flight from toronto almost landed on a taxiway at sfo that was crowded with planes. the ntsb and the faa are still investigating that incident. meantime, a warning for anyone traveling to mexico. the u.s. state department issued a revised travel alert today. the government is warning americans not to travel to five states in mexico, including two
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with popular tourist destinations. the states are sinaloa, where mazatlan is located, guerrero, xtapa, tamaulipas and michoacan and colima. it puts it in the category as somalia, yemen, syria, or afghanistan. as to other states with popular destinations, americans are asked to reconsider travel to pouerto vallarta but has listend warnings on cancun and los cabos. oceanside cliffs in pacifica have not stopped eroding. last year a building had to be evacuated and demolished. >> almost a year later, another story of hopes and dreams being ashed away by the water. and next, an update on san jose on the police shooting that left a suspect dead. officers say they had to do it.
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we're getting a first look at a gun recovered from a scene involving a police officer. the officer shot and killed one two of suspects involved in a fight over this gun that you're looking at. the shooting happened one week ago by the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. commuters ran screaming after hearing shots outside the upper cuts barber shop. the officer responded and opened fire hitting a man he says was in possession of the gun. the officer says the man did not follow any commands to put down the weapon. the other man involved in the fight was injured, but it's not clear if it was from the officer's gunfire. san jose meese say they
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tried -- police say they tried over 20 times to get an axe-wielding suspect to give up after breaking into a power facility in south san jose yesterday. abc7 has information about what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: no one knows why the suspect jumped the phones gain access to the power plant. when security spotted him, they saw him carrying an axe. police found even more weapons as they arrived. this is a police radio transmission. >> there is a large sword on the front seat. i can see that. >> reporter: the man police described as an asian in his late 20s seemed determined to ignore police commands as he challenged them to kill him. >> officers ordered the suspect to either surrender or drop his weapon no less than 23 times. >> reporter: two officers shot and killed the suspect who was brandishing an axe. chief garcia said the suspect had previous weapons and drug violations and was once held for psychiatric evaluation. >> an individual was undergoing mental crisis and armed himself.
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and the officers have had to deal with it. it's an unfair situation really for both parties, frankly. >> reporter: officers also discovered the suspect brought a six-foot pipe, several throwing knives, and a sword to the power plant. >> there was a total of 13 officer-involved shootings in 2016 and 2017. we've received complaints on exactly one of those incidents. >> reporter: san jose's independent police officer was at the scene to observe officers and to learn what happened. however, his office does not have the authority to review the police department's internal investigation unless there is a public complaint. members of the san jose city council will hold a study session next week with the independent police auditor to look into the possibility of expanding the auditor's ability to review internal police investigations of officer-involved shootings even without a public complaint. in san jose, abc7 news. new at 6:00, san jose residents can turn to the web to learn more about when their
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officers used force like they did last night. >> unfortunately up until now, frequency has been the focus. we really only connected a use of force to a few other metrics like race. this system uses 150 fields of informati information and the legal standard for police use of force. >> a private company is working with san jose police to provide the information. san jose is the largest city in the u.s. to use the system to provide greater transparency about officers using force. a cliffside home in pacifica is scheduled to be demolished tomorrow. it's the last red tag property on esplanade avenue. you see the problem clearly. the last one on that avenue to be torn down because ongoing cliff erosion made it too dangerous to stay in the home. abc7's cornell bernard talked with the home's former owner today. this is our favorite place on earth. we love it. >> reporter: this wedding anniversary picture is one of the last times melissa mcconnell and her husband were inside
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their beloved dream home. >> my husband and i put the bay window in ourselves. >> reporter: mcconnell is saying good-bye to her old friend. her cliffside beach house at 532 esplanade avenue will be demolished thursday, ending a long journey to save it. sky 7 shows how the little yellow house is teetering on the cliff's edge. the back yard and patio gone after years of pounding winter storms and erosion. >> that last storm in december of '15 was everything bad. and just completely undercut the bottom of the cliff. and it cracked and fell. >> reporter: mcconnell and her husband bought the home in 2009 and did everything they could to save it, including hiring an engineering firm to move the house away from the cliff. >> yes. lift it up and brought 20 feet forward to the sidewalk. >> reporter: the mcconnells hope to relocate the house somewhere else in pacifica, but a suitable lot was never found. the city yellow-tagged the home in twea2016 and took possessiont
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week. the last remaining cliffside home in the 800 block was demolished last year after dangerous cliff erosion. giant boulders are now being used to rebuild the bottom of the cliff. it won't be enough to save number 532. >> we put so much love into that house. every spare minute, every vacation, every day off, every spare dime, nickel, and penny. >> reporter: mcconnell will be here on thursday to watch her home's demolition. in pacifica, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> excruciating to watch. and anchor spencer christian now with the forecast. >> a nice break. >> it is a nice break. it was slow to arrive, but here it comes. live doppler 7 now, we've got lingering clouds, a little gray out there. some spotty drizzle still, but not widespread. this is the view from our rooftop camera looking over the embarcadero. 55 degrees in san francisco now. 54 to 56 at all the locations, oakland, mine mountain --
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mountainview, gilroy. and this is the view from pier 15 looking at the gray skies. 51 in santa rosa. napa, 55. fairfield, 54. concord, 57. 55 at livermore. emeryville across the bay, doesn't look too foggy or cloudy, but it is getting that way in other locations. gray and drizzly through the night and through the morning hours. dry and milder weather will come our way over the weekend. we have a chance of showers early next week. what's left of the current storm is a light storm, ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale. for the next few hours, we'll see spotty drizzle, slick roadways, and pockets of fog developing. that has begun already. the forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. shows the movement of the clouds over the bay area, a formation of pockets of fog over in the central valley, foggy, as well, into early tomorrow morning. notice as we get into the daytime hours, we may see spotty, light, spotty, isolated showers in the north bay.
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the northernmost part of the area during the afternoon and evening. that's all we'll see in the way of precipitation. lows in the mid to upper 40s. low to upper 30s in the north bay valleys. the lowest lows around the bay area. 12-hour planner. tomorrow, we start with dense fog, possibly spotty drizzle. still mostly cloudy, late morning by midday. into the mid-afternoon, we'll see sunshine, and then mainly clear into the evening hours. tomorrow's highs will be generally in the upper 50s. upper 50s at the coast. upper 50s in the north bay. upper 50s around the bay. maybe a few low 60s in the south bay. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. so friday, starts a streak of mainly sunny days right up through the weekend. we'll see a warming trend. highs in the mid to upper 60s inland on saturday and sunday, mid 60s around the bay. monday, martin luther king jr. day, a slight chance at night of showers as clouds thicken that day. better chance of showers tuesday of next week. tapering off on wednesday.
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>> okay, thank you. stay with us. gone but not forgotten. >> after the most expensive search in aviation history, a company willing to work for free could solve a modern mystery. >> that's next. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you.
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the malaysian government just hired an american company to resume searching for malaysia ain't airlines flight 370 --
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malaysian airlines flight 370. ocean infinite will only get paid if they find the plane that vanished march 8th, 2014. >> contact ho chi minh -- >> that was the last known communication. the search was called off a year ago. part of the jet's wing washed up near madagascar in july, 2015. at $160 million, it's already the most expensive search in aviation history. today the author the "fire and fury: inside the trump white house," appeared on abc. michael wolff was a guest on "the view" and talked about one of most controversial characters in the book, former white house strategist steve bannon. >> shortly after arriving in this white house, he began to understand that donald trump was -- was not a trumpism and donald trump were at a significant
7:27 pm
distance from each other. and i think steve wrestled with that in very, very tough ways. and ultimately, i was the recipient of his enormous frustration. >> yeah. you're the reason he's out. >> i am the reason he's out. >> yeah. >> more than 29,000 copies of "fire and fury" have sold in le less than a week. governor brown unveiled the largest budget in state history. and it's flush with surplus cash. why a group of lawmakers think some of the money should go to you. federal immigration agents target convenience stores, some the bay area. and the trump administration's largest enforcement operation against employers so far. hear from both sides ahead. and you can get the latest news any time with the upgraded abc7 news app. it has enhanced live video features, more customization, and personalized push alerts to get more of the new
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at least 17 people are now dead in the destructive
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wildfires, the mudslides, that is, that hit the montecito area in santa barbara county. these aerials show some of the damage. the search continues for 13 people still missing. >> here's another look at the damage. these photos were taken by the public information officer for santa barbara county fire department. this picture shows what's left of two cars that were carried down montecito creek to the pacific ocean by the mud and the water. 500 search and rescue crews are digging through mud and debris. before dawn, dozens of immigration agents raided 7-eleven stores across the country. >> many were arrested, suspected of being in the u.s. illegally. >> six bay area cities you see on the map were targeted in the raids. abc7 has reaction now from i.c.e. and immigration advocates. >> reporter: the 7-eleven in santa clara and koreatown in los angeles were two locations among about 100 that were part of the largest raid of an employer under the trump administration.
7:32 pm
the statement today -- i.c.e. will enforce the law, and if you are found to be breaking the law, you will be held accountable. that prompted reaction from immigration advocates. >> something like this sounds like it would be going against the protections afforded by sanctuary status. >> reporter: i.c.e. agents did stay clear of san francisco's 7-eleven stores. the chairman of the republican party in san francisco said president trump is merely fulfilling a campaign promise. >> it's putting a lot of employers on notice. employers like 7-eleven who are big multinational corporations, that they cannot continue to violate immigration law. >> reporter: under president trump, there has already been a 40% increase in deportation arrests. local businesses in the predominantly latino mission district are concerned. i found erica chavez just outside the day labor program in san francisco.
7:33 pm
she said, "leave us alone. we are decent, hard-working people." today's raids follow a four-year investigation of a long island 7-eleven franchise business o owner. the 7-eleven corporation in texas said "7-eleven requires all franchise business owners to comply with all federal, state, and local employment laws." in the meantime, 7-eleven said it will terminate franchise agreements with those convicted of violating immigration laws. in the newsroom, abc7 news. meanwhile, san francisco opened the doors today on a new facility designed to help immigrant families and their children. the acting mayor toured the e el centra family center in the bayview district. nearly a quarter of bayview residents are now latino, and many face challenges such as finding daycare and early childhood education. he also accused the trump
7:34 pm
administration of open hostility and says the city must fight to protect immigrant families. >> it's sad, and we've got to use the courts to fight it. we've got to keep pushing for changes to congress. and we have to make sure we get a new president sometime soon. >> the center will provide nutrition and health programs along with case management and advocacy services for needy families. the state of california is flush abowith cash now, and the governor wants to save it for a rainy day. he unveiled the largest budget plan in state history at $131.7 billion. there are no spending cuts proposed, and governor brown says there's enough surplus to make a $5 billion payment to the state's rainy day fund. he warns that the next recession could come any time. >> just a few years ago that 30,000 teachers lost their jobs. they were laid off. that will happen again if this rainy day fund is not fully available for the downturn. >> some state republicans say the surplus is proof that
7:35 pm
californians are overtaxed and some of the money should be refunded to taxpayers. the spending plan goes before the legislature for revisions. four former and current inmates are suing the central california women's prison in ch chowchilla saying guards made sexist and homophobic comments toward them. >> reporter: four former and current central valley inmates claim they were physically abused and sexually humiliated by employees of the women's prison and believe it was because of their gender identities. >> when i went and heard the graphic and quite sexualized nature of this particular incident, i was horrified. >> reporter: the complaint filed in november of last year claims a former gender nonconforming prisoner, a transgender man, and two other women, were abused by guards at the central california women's facility and even denied medical care related to the injuries.
7:36 pm
one incident in 2015 alleges that an inmate was placed facedown and an officer stepped on her exposed breast. another inmate threatened to report a guard after he made a derogatory comment. she claims he then slammed her to the ground and dragged his boot across her back. >> we've never seen anything like this in -- in women's facilities. and certainly the fact that it was targeted against somebody who was really standing up for -- in the one incident, really standing up for their rights. >> reporter: the complaint also says that guards forced a transgender inmate to walk around the prison with his pants around his ankles in 2017. a spokesperson for the california department of corrections says they haven't been notified of the lawsuit and can't comment at this time. legal analyst tony capozi says the suit calls for an injunction to stop the abuse and pay for what they've done. >> the eighth amendment to the united states constitution prohibits any cruel and unusual punishment. and if this is true, that's
7:37 pm
what's happening in this prison system. >> reporter: the complaint claims none of the guards were disciplined. meanwhile, the victims also suffered mental and emotional drawbacks from the alleged abuse. in chowchilla, abc7 news. tanya harding is back in the spotlight. the disgraced figure skater is the subject of a critically acclaimed movie, and there's a two-hour special airing tomorrow here on abc7. it's called "truth and lies: the tanya harding story." today jessica castro spoke with "good morning america's" amy row back who's hosting the special. she says harding is the same person everyone remembers from two decades ago -- tough, unapologetic, and brash. >> i really think this two-hour special is going to challenge a lot of those beliefs, or at least soften i think some of the -- i don't want to say hatred, but really negative feelings people have been tonya harding. >> the two-hour special "truth and lies: the tonya harding story" airs tomorrow at 9:00
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here on abc7. if you're on a diet, we apologize. soon dunkin' donuts could be easier to find in the bay area. that story is next. >> apologize to me. and on your screen, our brand-new piece of interactive technology. who has a brighter future? june gruden and derek carr
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more doughnuts and coffee coming to the bay area. now that we have your attention, dunkin' donuts wants to double the number of stores in the u.s. that would mean more stores than starbucks actually. there are a handful of dunkin' donuts locations in the bay area now in walnut creek, south san francisco, fremont, and half moon bay. they are very popular on the east coast and other parts of the area. we have a new piece of interactive technology here at abc7. >> yeah, all you have to do is go to to interact with the show in realtime. >> here to debut the nooew
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technolo technology, mike schuman at the forefront of everything. >> reporter: that's right, we have a new toy. this is fun. ayone can interact at no need to sign up for anything or log in. just go to the link, and we'll see your votes in realtime on the tv screen. for our first question, we chose an old-school bay area rivalry. raiders versus 49ers. whose future is brighter? with jon gruden back on board with the raiders, will he get derek carr back to his mvp-like performance of two years go? he's that kind of coach. some would argue with his in-your-face style, it could clash with the younger generation. derek carr's a big boy and willing to grind it out with chucky. already 49ers up 86-14%. meanwhile, shanahan has found his mvp in jimmigraph low. they led the niners to end the year and are talking playoffs for next season.
7:43 pm
garafalo has a skill set to become mvp and will have a full offseason and training camp this year. i have it here, go to i want to see what you have to say. your votes are on the screen now. shanahan/jimmy g. up, gruden may be the best thing to happen to the niners as all the pressure is on him to come back and be successful. we'll have your results coming up in sports. get your phone out, and vote. i want to see you guys vote, too. >> i just did. i helped -- >> i know who you vote for. >> yeah, right. >> thanks. the s
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golden globe winner james franco has been accused of sexual misconduct, and he's fighting back. on cbs' "the late show with stephen colbert" franco responded to the allegations. >> the things that i heard that were on twitter are not accurate. but i completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn't
7:47 pm
have a voice for so long. i don't want to -- i don't want to shut them down in any way. >> both actress violet paily and filmmaker sarah tither caplan accused franco on twitter of earlier instances of sexual misconduct. all of the money in the world may be raking it in at the box office, but the money wasn't equal between the co-stars. after sexual misconduct claims forced kevin spacey out, filmmakers had to reconvene the cast to reshoot the scenes or his scenes anyway. "usa today" reports that mark wahlberg's team negotiated $1.5 million for him. while michelle williams got less than $1,000 total. french actress katherine deneuve is one of 100 women who signed an open letter against the me too movement. it was published in a french newspaper. the letter translated to english says, "we intimidate people into
7:48 pm
speaking correctly, shout down those who don't fall into line, and those women who refuse to bend are regarded as complicit and traitors." long before the me too movement, there was a woman named march fuong-yu who broke barriers in california in a significant way. she passed away recent iii age of 95. -- recently at the age of 95. her funeral was held today. laura anthony has the story. ♪ >> reporter: it was a celebration of life for a woman who lived hers to the fullest and who paved the way for all those who came after her. >> i think we can all recall a common phrase of hers -- "not t too bad for a lady born behind a chinese laundry." >> reporter: she passed away surrounded by her family in southern california. it was what she accomplished in the northern part of the state, at the state capitol in sacramento, that will be her legacy. >> march was a woman. her time. she will always be the one who
7:49 pm
broke the mold. she will always be the one who provided the inspiration. >> reporter: in 1966, march was the first asian woman elected to the california legislature. as an assembly representative from oakland. eight years later, yu became the first female secretary of state. a post she held for nearly 20 years. >> incredible loyalty and mutual respect, march had that relationship with a multiplicity of people. >> reporter: in 1969, she famously smashed a toilet with a sledgehammer on the steps of the capitol to protest pay toilets at a time when urinals were free. >> it may have been a political slogan but ignited the feminist movement in california and across the nation. >> reporter: as a member of the state police, carl gafford served on her security detail. he told us she never abused her power. >> she didn't rub it in people's faces, she didn't say "look what i've done," she said, "look
7:50 pm
where we can go." ♪ >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. back now and we'll update the weather forecast. >> drizzly this afternoon. does it continue? >> it continues in some spots. on live doppler 7, you see cloud cover, and it is drizzly in areas. as long as that stays with us, we put the storm impact scale up, and the storm ranks one on impact scale. light intensity for the next few hours. we can expect spotty drizzle, slick roadways, pockets of fog have begun developing already. as we take a look at our six-hour planner, you see as we get into the later hours, between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m., the rain, drizzle should be just about over. clouds will linger, although it will be dryer as we approach midnight. and overnight, lows mainly in the mid to upper 40s. in the north bay valleys, lows will drop into the upper 30s in spots. it will be a little chilly there. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll see more sun tomorrow than we saw today, that's for sure.
7:51 pm
and then friday through sunday looks like mostly sunny skies. a milder pattern will move in with highs in the mid to upper 60s inland over the weekend. clouds return on monday, and there's another chance of rain on tuesday. >> okay. very good. thank you very much. we have sports now. >> a lot to talk about. >> reporter: we showed you our new interactive technology in the show. here's your last chance to join the discussion at who has a brighter future? jon gruden and derek carr's raiders or the duo of kyle shanahan and jimmy g.? over 200 votes already. your answer on t
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7:54 pm
warriors host the clippers. clay thompson will not play. he's getting rest as one of the few this year to not miss any games due to injury. steph curry, another issue. apparently he aggravated his right ankle today in practice. you hate to see that happen on a game-day shoot-around. the team did not think it was serious enough to get an mri or x-ray, but they will be safe and not play him tonight. warriors owned the clippers of late. curry threw down 32 points in l.a. saturday. with the brothers out, they're
7:55 pm
licking their chops. here's pregame on the injury -- >> i didn't see anything. we had a normal shoot-around. he was in his usual game-day routine with q. and rolled his ankle somehow. just kind of a fluke thing. so kind of caught us offguard. but obviously you know, he won't play, and i had told clay yesterday that he'd have the day off. >> with the brothers taking the night off, kevin durant will return after missing three games with a strained right calf. not a bad replacement part for the doves and coach steve kerr. i think durant occasionally likes holding down the fort on his own. tip-off tonight at 7:30. san jose shark defense man brent burnes has been flamed to the fifth all-star game in tampa on january 28th. the 32-year-old is currently tied for six and points with 30, seventh in assist and eighth in goals with seven. among defense men, of course. he leads the sharks in points, assists, and time on ice.
7:56 pm
earlier we day bied -- debuted our interactive polling technology by asking you to go to to tell us whose future is brighter, the raiders with jon gruden and derek carr or niners with kyle shanahan and jimmigraph low. over 300 -- jimmy garoppolo. over 300 votes in, and it's a landslide. one interesting way to look at this -- jon gruden's arrival draws a lot of attention to the raiders on a national scale and may take the spotlight off the 49ers, easing their development. thank you for participating. it was 75% to 25% in favor of the raiders. of course, we'll do more of those -- excuse me, the niners -- will do a lot more in the near future. as jon gruden put his coaching staff together, former rare quarterback rich gannon declined to become his quarterback coach this morning. the 2002 league mvp under gruden said he didn't feel like he had the commitment, passion, or time
7:57 pm
away from his family to keep up with gruden. he'll be involved in a smaller capacity to be determined. 36 years ago today, dwight clark made the most iconic catch in 49er history. simply known as "the catch," it put the lid on the cowboys at candlestick park in the nfc title game. joe montana found d.c. in the back of the end zone. after three pump fakes, joe put the ball where only dwight could catch it. dwight said he's never jumped that high and fumbled the ball initially before gathering it in. it led us to super bowl xvi, our first title, and started the run of greatness for the niners in the '80s with four lombardi trophies. this play will always be associated with the 49ers' run to greatness thanks to dwight clark and, oh, yeah, joe montana. hard to believe the catch was 36 years ago, and as we all know, dwight is battling als now. d.c., i hope you're enjoying your day down memory lane. i love you, buddy, and hope to see you soon. guys, back to you.
7:58 pm
>> that's how we always remember him for the catch, right? >> thanks. join us tonight at 9:00 on t t to auto -- on kofy. a wild chase, and what happens at the end has everyone talking. and at 11:00, a rush to evacuate. stunning new video in to the newsroom of the moment a wall of mud hit a southern california home. coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00, "the goldbergs" followed by "speechless," "modern family" and the "american housewife." then a new "match game." stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. that's it for this edition of abc7 news.
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