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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 28, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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homes need in hayward bay watermain break. >> crews are working around the clock to fix it as neighbors and pets deal with the mess. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm deion limb, thanks for joining us. the water has been turned back on however the patching the road could take until tomorrow night. >> closed from cybill avenue to margaret fry. a rush of water was send down the street. the pipe was from 1976 and made of concrete and asbestos. it took time to replace but
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installment of a new pipe is put into place. three homes were damaged. six cars towed. one of which was teetering over sinkhole. >> we go out and there is a car stuck in a hole wp our garage is flooded. our house is just covered in water. >> but there will be an opportunity for anyone impacted to file a claim and we will do everything in our power to make them whole. >> p kb e repaired a the work because after gas line in the area. >> six people injuried in sonoma county when an elderly driver mistook the gas pedal for the brakes. officers say he crashed into the wild flower bakery on bohemian highway earlier this afternoon. customers didn't know what was happening. >> naturally our first thought was an earthquake. then we got pushed forward and
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then we noticed it was a car. i was pinned down. it was painful. >> firefighters today cut away part of the buildinges a wall to get that car out. the building the likely have to undergo an architectural assessment to see if the structure is safe. >> in developing news a veteran richmond police officer is out of the hospital after a car struck him while breaking up a side show. it happened on marina dell parkway. there is video of the frightening incident. here is a warning, it may be disturbing to some viewers. >> you could hear the noise. was just crazy. >> this home video obtained by abc 7 news, cars spinning doughnuts with a cheering crowd watching close by. >> they must have went about 15, 20 minutes. >> the police station down the street, waiting, okay, when are the police coming? from my windows i could see flashes when they were setting
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off fireworks. >> neighbors called 911. on the individual jo, can you see officers arriving. several gout got out of the cars to break up the side show then a disturbing scene captured on video. an officer struck head-on by a car trying to get away from the scene. >> he actually landed on a hood of the car. he was narrowly missed. getting ran over by other unbel survived. suffering some broken bones, cuts and bruises. >> we are confident that he will be able to make a full recovery. >> police want to find the driver who struck the eight-year veteran of the force. the suspect's car described only as four-door sedan. things like the side shows are completely uncalled for. illegal. and we just need the p public to help us out on this one. >> call richmond police if you can help with any information about this side show. in richmond, cornel bernard, abc
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7 news. >> a fire started bat 2:00 this morning at the lafayette complex on clyde avenue. officers said flames were shooting from the window when they arrived. they had the fire out in a half an hour but found the victim inside. two unit were damaged. leaving four people without a home tonight. >> president trump is expected to highlight achievements during the annual state of the union address on tuesday. david wright has this look ahead. >> a reunion between the former winner of the celebrity apprentice and his old boss. now the president of the united states. >> let's go. come on. >> british journalist, piers morgan, appreciates trump on a range of issues from his views of women who protested trump's presidency in record numbers. >> are you a feminist? >> i wouldn't say i'm a feminist. i think that would be maybe going too far.
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i'm for women, i'm for men, i'm for everyone. >> to his refusal to endorse stronger gun control measures. even after the mass shooting in las vegas. >> if they had bullets going in the opposite direction, you would have saved a lot of lives. so i guess what you're saying. but i believe in the second amendment. >> trump takes credit for a booming economy. >> a lot of the global economy, piers, is because of how well we're doing. most people will admit that. but we are doing well. that's helping all around the globe. that's a good thing. >> theant view, down right chummy at times. one topic morgan steers clear of is the ongoing russia investigation. >> today "the washington post" reports trump recently considered firing his deputy attorney general. the man who appointed the sperl counsel. this after reports confirmed by abc news that trump considered firing bop mueller too. some members of the president's party worry trump may be flirting with an obstruction of
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justice charge. >> it is pretty clear to me that everyone in the white house knows it would be the end of president trump's presidency if he fired mr. mueller. >> on tuesday night, president trump hits the reset button at his first state of the union address. he is expected to make the case that the trump economy has been good for all-americans. but that inclusive message won't erase his inflammatory rhetoric on issues of race and immigration overnight rapper jay-z called the president out over reported comments suggesting in harsh language that african immigrants are undesirable. >> it is disappointing and hurtful. it really is hurtful. more so, looking down on the whole population. >> today, trump fired back on twitter, somebody please inform jay-z that because of my policies, black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded. >> bottom line, the president can't erase some of the
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inflammatory things he said, and he doesn't apologize for them anyway. on tuesday night he want to be a unifier, reach out to some critics including people who have been offended by some of the things he's had to say. it is a tall task for his first state of the union. dave david wright, abc news, the white house. >> 13 abused california children were forced to live in conditions. >> how could people live like this? >> we take you inside a foreclosed texas home where the turbine family live bred moving to california. plus -- >> intellectual people, the lowest of our low. >> shock at california school when a teacher who is a city council member goes on service member rant. >> wow. did you like today? we tied a record at 69. broke a record in oakland at 70. a live look outside, san francisco, the work week forecast and look into february forecast and look into february coming up. at at&t, we believe in access. forecast and look into february coming up.
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>> parents accused of torturing and starving their children. the neighbor who bought their old home in texas is speaking out. nelly baldwin recalled the extensive cleaning she today do after buying david and louise's former home near ft. worth in 2011. some days using several gallons of bleach. >> it has feces on the walls in the living room and in the kitchen the cabinets were so dirty we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrub oentd cabinets, you know. and all of it, trying to get it clean enough to where but the real estate company already cleaned it good enough to put it on the market. >> the turpins have 13 children ranging in age from 2 to 29. riverside county prosecutors say
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some children were found chained to beds two weeks ago after their sister escaped and called 911. >> a high school government teacher facing criticism for his anti-military comments that were captured on video in southern california. >> they are not like high level bakers. not like academic people. not intellectual people. you're in the military because you have no other options. you didn't take care of yourself academically. your parents didn't love you enough to push you. >> he says the teacher began ranting after seeing the boy's marine corps shirt. >> hurt me because i have an uncle who was this desert storm and my dad went to afghanistan. >> the teacher serves on the city council in a los angeles suburb. he posted on facebook after the video surfaced saying quote i don't think it is wise tore me to make any specific comments. >> a woman known as serial stow away faces new charges today.
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chicago police took mir land hartman into custody this morning at hoe hair international airport. hartman has a history of trying to catch flights without a boarding pass and recently boarded a flight from chicago to london. a judge released her on bond and ordered her to stay away from o'hare and undergo a mental health evaluation. >> i think that the evaluation would give us a lot more insight into what's going on with her, if anything. >> and hartman is accused of trying to illegally board flights at several airports including those in san jose and san francisco and oakland. >> not the first time she has been ordered to stay away from an airport. a bay area man is leading a nationwide fight for the muffin man. >> he is a feeding the homeless. >> do you know the muffin man? some will see a cool down this week. lisa is here with our forecast. >> hi, i'm mike shumann.
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not the muffin man. we will take a tour at the
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today is national muffin day. distributing treats to the homeless. >> started by jacob coughman, also known as the muffin man. he wanted to share the satisfaction he felt giving way muffins to the homeless on market street and found naegsdal effort to do just that. >> national muffin day is certainly about giving and about empathy and also about fun. and it is really fun to bake with people and so we encourage people in cities all over the country to have baking parties. >> also fun to eat them.
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jacob encourages others to make their own muffins and take a picture and post them to social media with the hashtag give muffins. for each baker donating $10 to san francisco's project homeless connect. >> now your accuweather forecast withdr with drew tuma. >> drew is not here, but i am, lisa. the clouds around the the bay will keep us not too chilly. as we wake up tomorrow, more than cloud cover. what does that do to temperatures? live doppler 7 showing you cloud cover. as we widen the perspective, yes, you see clouds off-shore but unfortunately a big dome of high pressure protecting the entire state of california. and the ridge going up and over the state but we will get into some cloud cover. in fact several times this week we will have weak cold fronts drag through the bay area. dropping temperatures a few degrees. but overall we will stay well above average this week. and pretty dry. wait until you see the extended
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outlook. 58. half moon bay just went up. we have locally breezy winds. 5 9d a minute ago. so 63 right now. 49 in gill roy. and we're looking at mild nights around much of our inland valleys with 52 in concord. 50 in livermore. our forecast highlights, high clouds will increase tonight and tomorrow but with that numbers are going to go up even milder. we will see near 70 at the coast. sunshine returning on tuesday. slightly cooler at the coast on tuesday. but the rest of the week looking at some high clouds then sunshine but temperatures are going to be well above average. so our extended outlook goes way out until the second week of february. not looking promising for rain. 58 average high in san francisco with 66 today. upper 50s should be the norm around the bay. but it was 70 in oakland. that's the record we broke.
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how about 68 in san jose. santa rosa was pleasant in mid 60s. overnight, clouds increase in upper 30s in north bay. maybe patchy fog there. 49 in the city. 44 in san jose and palo alto and this is the way it will play out overnight hours into early morning hours. notice high clouds and as we get through your morning commute it is dry. partly sunny conditions but mild temperatures right on through the afternoon. how mild? 67 in san jose. so milder than today. 66 santa clara. on the peninsula mid 60s for you and partly sunny conditions upper 60s at the shoreline 63 in sunset. doesn't feel like the end of january, does it? you head to the east bay and inland, just about the same. low to mid 60s for antioch and brentwood. clouds clear by wednesday morning. that's good thing. total lunar eclipse with a mauks mum time you will see that earth
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shadow going over the lunar surface 5:29 in the morning. seven-day forecast, mild conditions. cooler tuesday at the coast. look at the trend. dry. mild. 60s even 70s right through next weekend. >> yesterday nhl announcing 2019 all-star game will be here in san jose at the key center but 2018 still, so this year, tampa bay with third straight year. and sharks representative, and playing for the division taking on central and the goal insist and the pacific advances to finals for the third straight year victory. and two eastern conference division taking the metro p me o metropolitan. still scoring for the hat trick. and winning 7-4. in pacific and atlantic play
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with the winner taking home $1 million check. and johnny gu droe. despite the string wrapped around his legs and on the break away and richard raquel's goal. and 5-2 and burns and nine teammates split the $1 million prize. nfl pro bowl in orlando. walker had quite a day. titans have two touchdown passes. carr came in late. hands off to mccoy. afc down three. a buck 38 left in the game. car with a perfect pass for the game-winner. 115 yards for touchdown and pick, 24-23. golf fumbles and asc with 24-23 victory. each taking home the winner's check of $64,000. santa cruz warriors invaded
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oracle it face the austin spurs. this is a chance for local warrior fans to check out future gold golden state stars. they feel like it is like to play in the big house. steph curry on hand. quinn cook went to duke an he can play. went to the reverse. quite a game. and he stops, great fake. oh, wow. drenked two of his game high 28. he hits the three, puts austin up six in the fourth. damian jones, watch this, throws it down. wow. he had 15 on 7-10 shooting. the impressing the bosses. they fall 109-97. not a good day for calhoun. star for the bears justin suing, three, he had 14. marcus lee led, 12 boards. 10 of 14 shooting. but did not come away with a w. the acrobatic layup an losing
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their ainl straight. 7-15 overall. 77-59, that's final. cal women hosting asu. sun devils dominate from the star. robby ryan make it a 14-0 run. cal just six points in the first. leading bears with 15. cal down 11 at the half. after six more points in the third, asu running away. and laying it in and she has 12. asu has 57-42. cal drops to 6-4 in conference play. stanford hosting arizona. hitting 14 threes in the game. britney, 3 for 5. alana smith 3 for 4 from beyond the arc. second quarter, key anna williams passing up to dijone carington. stanford led at the half. they go on to win. they are 8 will-2 in conference play. final round of farmer at torrey
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pines. that's par. in the clubhouse with ten under on the lead. palmer with an approach on 18. plays it perfectly. leaves about a foot away and makes that for the birdie to get to ten under joining jason day for a share of the lead. then alex, this birdie put for the win on 18. 15-foot. can't drain it. three-way sudden death play off. palmer eliminated on the play off. jason day with 12-footer for the win. pushed right all the way. alex playing first pga tour as a member and jason day after five sudden death holes finish the day at 8:00 a.m. due to darkness. big fun, despite loss of santa cruz warriors. play in the big house and get to feel what it is like for nba. players on the pga tour and sleep overnight to play for a million dollars tomor
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tonight at 11:00, planning pour preside for president trump's state of the union. some won't attend. >> kids find a loaded grenade in the middle of the street. quick action to keep from an explosive. >> jumanji has been taken from the first spot. >> maze runner took first. jumanji fell to second place. christian bale western hostiles debuted in third. and greatest showman and the post rounded out p top five. >> you know, death run is going to trap teenagers. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. 9:00. >> our
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- [narrator] it's the michelle meow show, your a to z, covering the lgbt, l-m-n-o-p, and everyone in between. (upbeat music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z, covering the lgbt, l-m-n-o-p, and everyone in between show. tonight, we'll talk to robert james, a local filmmaker who has a documentary that will premiere at the san francisco indie film festival, titled ruminations. ruminations is the story of rumi missabu. rumi missabu was one of the co-founders of the cockettes, a commune of gender bending artists that formed in the late '60s, also known as the gay hippies. it's going to be a great show. we'll also play a little bit of the documentary. before we head into the show, let's check in and see what people are saying about the lgbtq community,


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