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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 13, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i ordered the united states armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of syrian dictator bashar al assad. >> strikes on syria. tonight the president orders an attack on the middle east nation. now you're seeing the first
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image of that military offensive launch just a few hours ago. president trump told the nation the joint military operation was conducted with french and british allies. it's in retaliation for a suspected gas attack on syrians by bashar al assad. >> reporter: tonight president trump ordering a military strike on syria. the president saying the targets of tomahawk missiles syrian leader bashar al assad's chemical weapons. >> the purpose of our acs tonight is to determine a strong deterrent on the spread and use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: it's the second military strike on syria in a little over a year, just three days after the world saw similar images of a chemical attack tomahawk missiles pounded a syrian airfield. >> these are not the actions of
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a man. they are crimes of a monster instead. >> reporter: last week trump announced he would soon be pulling troops out of syria. that changed this weekend after video showed civilians, women and children suffocating from gas attacks. >> we cannot allow the erosion of the international norm that prevents the use of these weapons. we have sought to use every possible diplomatic channel to achieve this. >> reporter: tonight trump blasted syria's ally russia for failing to hold assad accountable. >> no nation can succeed in the long run by promoting rogue states, brutal tyrants and murderous dictators. >> reporter: secretary of defense james mattis spoke shortly after the attack calling the strikes a one time shot, saying there'll be more military action if assad uses chemical
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weapons again. >> there has been a quick response in opposition to strikes. congressman eric swalwell says the president needs congressional authority. >> we need a definition as to what the climate and the terrain that will be covered will be. >> congresswomen nancy pelosi agrees saying the president should have gone to congress with a clear set -- abc news tweeted the response from russia's ambassador to the u.s. who said such actions will not be left without consequences. and the pocessor of the biggest arsenal of chemical weapons has no moral right to blame other
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countries. we sent out a push alert after the president made the announcement. if you want to receive immediate notifications of breaking news on your mobile device download the abc 7 app and allow the push alerts. an important development tonight in the case of a family that went missing while driving to visit a relative in san jose. the body of an adult female was found in the eel river today. it was seven miles down stream where the family's suv is believed to have gone off the highway. >> there's no evidence of foul play. >> reporter: but there is growing evidence at the family died when their suv went off highway 101 in a driving rainstorm last friday and crashed into the eel river 150 feet below. >> during the recovery efforts we were able to locate personal
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items that have been positively identified as belonging to the family. >> reporter: today searchers found the body of a woman in the water a few mimes from the crash scene and are working to i.d. it. those searchers have been up and down the river 1 miles in each direction looking for more evidence. >> we are using the chp helicopter, boats equipped with sonar, kayaks, river boats and jet skis at this time along with personnel. >> reporter: they were taking a driving trip in the northern part of the state. they ran into a powerful rainstorm on highway 101 where legate where they tried to pull into a turn out. >> they had just gone too close to the edge. ⌞> reporter: 150 feet down into the rain swollen river. >> this river at the flood stage is unforgiving. the search and rescue people on the first day estimated that the slowest part of the river moving at 14 miles per hour. >> reporter: that's swift enough
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to move the vehicle and occupants to an unknown spot. they say it's the least they can do for the surviving relative, to continue the search. >> they were a very loving and happen family, close-knit. they were actually traveling to vis visit family in san jose. >> reporter: a trip that will never be finished. >> today the chp said jennifer hart who drove her family of eight over a cliff in mendocino county was drunk when she did so. toxicology showed hart had a blood alcohol level of 0.8%. officials say it now looks like no one in the van was wearing a seat belt and investigators believe hart drove off the cliff deliberately. three other of her children still have thought been found. very sad, obviously. the suspected driver in a deadly hit-and-run surrendered
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to police today. his name has not been released. killing 9-year-old zeta and injuring three others including the mother. >> my whole family is suffering from losing my daughter. i want to cry with them, but i got to be strong for my family. >> carlos says he forgives the driver of the other car. a vigil is underway right now at a church. her funeral is set for monday. for the first time since the tesla crash in mountain view that killed an apple engineer. >> reporter: exactly three weeks ago walter wong headed to work in the tesla model x he bought for himself on his 38th birthday, set it on auto pilot and it crashed in mountain view
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killing him. and now tesla's ceo elon musk says the vehicle's auto pilot was not the problem. >> was there a defect with the system? >> the system worked as described, in which it is a hands on system and not a self-driving system. >> reporter: the company warns drivers to be alert and keep hands on the steering wheel while in auto pilot. and tesla released data saying walter wong had his hands off the wheel for six seconds before the crash. but attorneys for the family say they believe the auto pilot is defective. >> we believe that if this auto pilot had not been on, this would not have happened. >> reporter: walter wong's widow said on several occasions it malfunctioned in that same location. he told you that the car would drive to that same barrier? >> yes. >> reporter: the same barrier he finally hit? >> yes. that's why when i saw the news i know that's him.
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>> reporter: she recognized the location, the barrier and the blue suv. her attorney said it appears the auto pilot got confused. >> its sensors misread the painted lane lines on the road, and its braking system failed to detect a stationary object ahead. >> reporter: even if walter wong failed to take control in time to avoid the crash elon musk did not address why the auto pilot wound up steering into the the b barrier. >> nothing in the real world is perfect, but i do think long-term it can reduce accidents by a factor of ten. that's a really huge difference. >> reporter: musk defended it releasing details of the crash, even though because of that the mtsb removed the company from participating in the investigation that could take a year or more. musk said that's way too long.
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dan noise, abc 7 news. now to a crash with a much better outcome. incredible really. a dramatic scene and really a miraculous outcome after a minivan plunged nearly 140 feet down a steep cliff and right into the ocean. in the area known as devil's slide, you can see the 38-year-old driver clinging to the rocks, waves crashing on him waiting to be rescued. the man was in the water about a hour and a half before first responders were able to repel down the cliff and strap him in a harness and pull him back up. >> he claimed not to have any major injuries. it's very lucky number one it was witnessed and number two he was uninjured. >> chp says the man was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. he was the only one inside the rented vehicle.
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investigators are investigating how exactly it happened. just ahead the abc 7 exclusive interwith james comey. >> i honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth. >> the president's response. plus an unusual start to the workday for oak lnland mayor li shaft. how she helped save this historic tree in front of city hall. our warming trend is going to continue tomorrow, but don't ditch those umbrellas just yet. and
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sky 7 was over the plaza in oakland where this famous oak tree in front of city hall caught fire just before 9:00 a.m. mayor libby shaft was walking n walking into the building when she saw the fire, grabbed the fire extinguisher and handed it to a security guard who put out the flames. a woman had apparently broken off branches and set them on fire at the base of this historic 20-year-old jack london oak. she was detained and sent to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. the tree survived. huey lewis is making news
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today. the front man for huey lewis and the news has canceled his performances for the rest of the year, including san francisco's outside museum festival this summer. in a post today on twitter he said doctors believe he has munears' disease. they wish huey all the best for a speedy recovery and say they're working on finding an artist to replace him at the festival, but we wish huey well. the new cast of dancing with the stars is now set with a cast made up of all athletes. >> reporter: in 2017 football star rashad jennings was named the winner of dancing with the stars. the year before that it was olympic gymnast lorry hernandez. now ten more famous names from
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the world of sports are stepping out of their comfort zones and onto the dance floors and they've got to learn fast. >> everybody has got to bring it quickly. >> reporter: all ten of these pros definitely knows how to bring it. >> an athlete has an athlete mind-set where they dream this, go to bed thinking about this. craw, practice is a couple of hours but we're thinking about in addition to that. so it's going to be competitive. >> it's see deceiving. they're making it look so easy and light. and being focused at the same time and with the beautiful face. >> i don't know how to partner. allen has to keep telling me follow my lead, follow my lead. i think it's an even playing field, and after this we're going to rehearsals. >> reporter: recent olympian adam rupone wants to put the thought that ice skaters have an
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edge on ice. >> yes, we perform. uh-huh, i've got biscuits attached to my ankles. i'm walking around cha, cha, cha. yeah, it's a mess down there. you don't even want to see it. >> reporter: the mos obvious challenge belongs to karim abdul-jabbar and his partner. >> we've already had one practice. it's not going to be a big issue. >> we'll make it work for sure. >> reporter: rounding out the basketball star enrique and snow boarder and major league baseball star and an nfl corner ba back. in los angeles for abc 7 news.
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>> golden state warriors flags flying high at city hall. the blue and gold flags were raised there today in support of the 2018 nba playoffs beginning at noon when the warriors take on the spurs at oracle arena for game one in round one of the playoffs. san francisco also raise the flag at city hall and raised the pop up tent to hand out free swag. of course the team is moving to the new arena in san francisco soon. now, the warriors begin the playoffs over on abc 7 as i said. they will host the an antonio spurs tomorrow at high noon. coverage begins at 11:30 a.m. and keep it on abc 7 for after the game with all the highlights and post game interviews from oracle arena. that is tomorrow so hope you tune in. all right, now let's turn
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our attention to the weekend weather forecast. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yeah, dan, and it's the second half of the weekend we'll be seeing more rain. first half of your weekend is going to be dry. you will notice there is no rain on our radar, but that will be changing come sunday. mryville camera showing you just a spectacular view of the bridge there. visibility is terrific. temperatures right now mid to upper 50s. san francisco, oakld, gilroy, san jose. and city hall is in blue and gold in honor of the warriors. it's cool in napa, and fog is not an issue. warming trend continues tomorrow. spring storm arrives on sunday, and it's going to be wet, chilly and breezy on monday. we're going to get to tomorrow
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because today it was noticeably warmer and tomorrow you're going to feel it even more as san jose goes from the low 70s today to the mid-70s tomorrow. average high of 70 degrees, but don't get too used to the idea. the cooling begins on sunday, and monday it's just a big change. 55 degrees, a good 20 degree drop. you will notice and you will feel the difference come monday as that cold air filters in. tomorrow morning, clear, cool temperatures in the 40s. sunshine for you, noontime, afternoon. it's going to be warmer weather. low 60s to the upper 70s, and we are expecting a few clouds at 7:00, but just basically high level cloud. so really overall good-looking weather for the first half of your weekend, and good-looking if you like wet weather for the second half our your weekend. low 40s to low 50s. tomorrow afternoon you will notice those temperatures coming up. it's going to be pretty warm in the south bay. 74 degrees in santa clara, and
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68 in san mateo, really mild redwood city. palo alto, low 70s. 65 down agrees, and temperatures will be coming up a bit above average in some areas in the north bay tomorrow. 71, just a great day to be outside. 70 degrees in fremont and our inland areas it's going to be warm. it's going to be sunny. 76 in pleasanton. storm impact scale comes in. it's a light level one system. rainfall between .2 and .75 of an inch. mendocino county is seeing rain. we head noo noontime, and there will be some pockets of moderate rain. 5:00 p.m. sunday evening pretty
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much all the bay area seeing the rain. scattered showers monday morning. sierra will be seeing the snow there. and rainfall totals just got updated here. this does turn to snow in the mountains as i mentioned. could see just over a foot of snow late in the season, but we'll take it. accuweather 7-day forecast. warming continues on saturday. much cooler for your sunday monday, it's cold rain. and then we'll dry it out to a slight chance of a few showers on thursday. again, not looking very promising for thursday. we'll take the sunday, monday system for now, dan, and be happy with the fact we're still getting those spring storms. >> we needed them. it's a little late in the year so we'll take all we can get. just ahead investigators digging into the background of the president's personal lawyer now focing on something very specific. plus birds behind bars.
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state lawmakers have introduced a bill they say will give hope to first time home buyers as california's home prices continue to soar. under the proposal they'll receive a tax deduction for deposits they make nih a special homeownership savings account. money deposited into the account could eventually be used on a down payment or mortgage payment. >> by creating a vehicle where you can put money in and grow and appreciate and you don't have to pay taxes on that growth, we think that will really incentivize folks and make it easier for them to save for that hefty down payment. >> the california building industry association also backs the bill saying it will help
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build home construction jobs in the state, of course, by putting more homes on the market and selling them. >> new developments on the new issue surrounding those electric scooters in san francisco. the city work's department today conducted a sweep of scooters that were blocking traffic. city officials tell abc 7 news that public works seized 66 scooters. their recent arrival sparked a slew of complaints about unsafe operation and riders just dumping them on the sidewalks when they're finished with them. today's operation targeted one area in particular. >> to be specific the street this morning we had several complaints we've been getting, and so we focused on those areas which are mostly downtown. and we made sure that those scooters we picked up were blocking the path of travel. >> three scooter companies recently started operating in san francisco and other parts of the bay area as well. just ahead a disgusting
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discovery leads to a conter-foot cosmetics bust. plus one of hollywood's funniest men shaken up to a a freeway mishap. >> and european leaders show a little humanity for robots. now some of the world's brightest people are pushing back. back. we'l'll explain
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♪ back. we'l'll explain it's gonna be a good day.
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and good evening once again. we'll start here with abc's exclusive first interview with former f director james comey. comey sits down with abc's george steflopdous speaking out for the first time since being fired by president trump. >> reporter: fired fbi director james comey is holding very
9:32 pm
little back. >> i honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but i don't know if the president of the united states had prostitutes peeing on each other in2013. >> reporter: comey offers a graphic description of his first meeting with then president-elect donald trump on january 6, 2016. first briefing trump, mike pence and other key members on trump's team on how the russians had interfered in our election. >> and then the conversation to my surprise moved into a pr conversation about how the trump team would position this and what they could say about this. no one to my recollection asked so what's coming next from the russians. >> reporter: then comey says he met with trump alone wanting to inform him about salacious details in that n infamous michael steele dossier including allegations he was filmed with prostitutes in moskow in 2013
9:33 pm
merchandise. >> and he interrupted very defensively and started talking about do i look like a guy who needs hookers. >> reporter: and later at the white house president trump brings it up again. >> he says he may want tee moo to investigate it to prove it didn't happen. because he said if there's even a 1% chance my wife thinks that's true, that's terrible. and i remember thinking how could your wife think there's a 1% chance you were with prostitutes peeing on each ort in moskow. >> reporter: the president was quick to hit back this morning calling comey a liar and leaker. the president then continued onto say it was a great honor to fire james comey. >> well, all that and more in comey's first tv interview on abc 7. you can watch it during a special this sunday at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. new it dales tonight in the
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investigation of president trump's personal lawyer. in the court filing of michael cohen is focused on his quote, personal business dealings. however, they blacked out a section describing what crime they believed cohen has committed. the filing came after lawyers for cohen and the president asked investigators to block materials seized. all sides are expected back in court on monday. and today president trump pardoned lewis scooter libby, a former top aide to former vice president dick cheney. libby was convicted in 2006 of perjury and making false statements. president george w. bush previously commuted libby's prison sentence. now he has been pardoned. the justice department has sent a letter to the city of oakland seeking information about its sanctuary policy. in that letter sent thursday
9:35 pm
department officials express concern the city's policy may prevent its employees from communicating with federal immigration agents. compliance with the law known as section 1373 is a condition the justice department grants to local governments under the justice assistance program or jag. the city of oakland issued a statement just this past hour that reads in part, we are reviewing the letter from the dpartment of justice. oakland is proud to be a sanctuary city, and we are in compliance with federal immigration law. we will respond to the letter at the appropriate time. the city has until may 14th to respond to the dog's request. governor brown announced today he's created a committee that will come up with outreach ideas to encourage all californians to participate in the census. that comes after the federal government detailed plans to add
9:36 pm
a citizenship question to the count. immigrant advocates and democrats worry it will discourage people from taking part in the survey that is taken every ten years. actor will farrell is recovering after being involved in a rollover crash on the freeway. video captured paramedics treating farrell last night for minor injuries. authorities say the suv limo he was riding in was heading northbound when it sideswid another car. tmz is reporting farrell has since been released. one woman suffered critical injuries, however. a lot more to come here. a lesson that what you see might not be what you get. the shocking and disgusting ingredients in count
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the lapd raided 21 counterfeit cosmetic sellers whose products were found to contain bacteria and human waste. >> reporter: busted in santee alley, a police task force including fbi agents seizing what looked like brand name make-up. m mack, urban decay and a kylie ripoff. >> the price pretty much tells you. if you're getting something that's 50% off, 75% off, it tells you that it's bad. >> reporter: the investigation started with complaints.
9:41 pm
customers first calling the cosmetic companies complaining ofl bumps and rashes after using the products. when it customers said the products were purchase said in santee alley they swooped in, undercover buys testing the products. >> came back positive for a high level of bacteria and animal feces. >> reporter: it is costly. the bogus look-alikes were made where all kind of contaminates were rappant. >> those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the inproduct where they're manufacturing, in their gage or bathroom, wherever their manufacturing this stuff. >> reporter: and here is the sneaky part. the packaging is identical to the glossiest brands. >> you have to actually unwrap and they're not going to let you do it right there. >> reporter: and if you have a complaint here, sorry no refunds. >> we arrested six of them.
9:42 pm
the other 15 locations what we did is serve a cease and desist order. basically consists of training and letting them know what they're doing is illegal and dangerous because the consumers they're selling all this dangerous product, they're getting sick. stay with us. all the major credit card companies ended a long-standing tradition today. signatures are no longer required. coming up a look at
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the european union is thinking about giving robots rights. the lawmakers argue giving robots advanced legal status wod make it possible to hold robots accountable for damage they might cause. but 150 experts say that's a bad
9:46 pm
idea. in an open letter the experts say that could allow robot make, programs and owners the right to claim they were not responsible. the eu will consider the proposal at the end of the month. major credit card companies are doing away with signature requirements at check outs starting today. evolving technology is behind that change, but not everybody is happy about it. abc 7 reporter chris wynn has the story. >> reporter: at the south bay mainstay employees have seen just how much point of sale technology has evolved over the years. >> we want it to be a wonderful experience in here, and speed is part of the area and part of this transition. >> reporter: that transition involves whether or not credit card signatures will continue to be required. >> i've got to sign a butch of tax pay papers coming up this weekend. >> reporter: many say it's about time that credit card signatures go away, but many like the sense
9:47 pm
of security. >> i type in my password. i'm an old touch girl. >> you save money translated with how much time you're saving processi people and having les frustration. >> reporter: havana cuba celebrating its opening. the restaurant is using the clover system, which can also accept apple pay. >> i go don't i need to sign something, but they go no, you're good. i'm like how do you know it's me. but with the chips and everything there's less fraud. >> reporter: signatures require purchases of at least $25, but that could change in the coming weeks. >> at the same time we also want to make sure they can leave quickly and go home and have a great meal with their family or
9:48 pm
head onto work because everyone here is really busy and we understand that. >> reporter: a sign of the times as they try to keep customers satisfied and secure. meteorologist sandhya patel requires no signatures for the forecast either. >> the weekend is looking good. it's going to be both sunshine and rain. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now, and there are a couple of clouds around but otherwise skies are clear across the bay area. your afternoon highs tomorrow coming up some more. low 60s to the mid and upper 60s. 59 degrees, mid-60s by 3:00 and increasing high clouds in the evening, 59 degrees. so great looking weather. and if you're going to the cherry blossom festival in japan town this weekend, sunshine saturday, afternoon rain and cooler weather sunday. and you can see that temperature
9:49 pm
trend when you look at antioch, nearly a 20 degree drop by monday. so sunday that cold storm comes in. temperature drop will be obvious as we head into monday. enjoy the sun saturday, rain sunday and monday but cloud it up again midweek. thursday there's a slight chance of showers, dan. >> pretty good. nice to get this late season rain. larry beal is here >> we're rocking the warriors gold. >> thank you. a complement for a change. >> you try to be nice. >> you can't win. i should just be on mute the whole time. warriors only hours away from tipping off in the end game playoffs. look who's back in practice, steph curry who treats me a lot
9:50 pm
nicer than sandhya does i'll tell you that. anyways, it looks
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good evening. giants in san diego this weekend. the pitching matchup tonight was ty block against tyson ross. has it be the first time pitchers named ty threw against each other. ty block striking out freddy gal vs. how about the other ty? struck out. hunter pence, swing and a miss. padres on the board in the fifth. it's ross, the former a helping his own cause with a bases loaded single and it's 1-0 san diego. sixth inning, 2-0 padres. hunter renfroe, it went right over his head.
9:54 pm
renfro stand up double, and that proves to be costly. next batter christian to right, and mccutcheon can't get to that one either. that one obviously unless you're playing down the line you're not going to get it. giants end up losing in this game. not a lot of offense. 5-1. who takes a book to a freezing cold baseball game? and just don't get that at all. chris davis, he had two homers in this game. 2-0 a's. sixth inning tied at 2. matt chapman, he is sixth homer of the season and it destroys a fan's beer out there. well, who goes up and tries to catch it with a beer? i mean, come on. in the seventh here's where things go terribly wrong. mitch hanger, comes off of chris hatcher. in the eighth now.
9:55 pm
7-4, mariners leading. let's talk warriors against the spurs tomorrow. that's exciting, but more reason for optimism steph curry. at practice today did slide drills testing his injured knee. looks a lot better than he did last week. i'd get down and do the drill, but i don't want to get hurt here. did some running all under the watchful eye of performance therapist chelsea lane, who's amazing. after the media left curry went through his shooting drills. curry is going to be reevaluated formally tomorrow, expected to miss the first round of the playoffs. steve not jumping to any conclusions of a curry come back anytime soon. >> it's good to see him moving around, but he's not close to playing. >> killing the buzz. means it's time for the other slash brother to rise to the occasion. clay thompson, you know he plays great defense.
9:56 pm
even he acknowledged the warriors kind of took their foot off the pedal, kind of coasted in. he expects things to ramp up dramatically tomorrow. >> i have major confidence in this team if we come with the focus we have for the last two days. we'll be ready, and i hope the fans show up and bring their energy because we need them. they give us extra boost. >> playoffs, there's not a whole lot of motivation necessary. the guys are going to bring it, and they're going to play with a different emotion, an intensity than what you've seen in the last month. >> game one is tomorrow over on abc 7. coverage begins at 11:30 in the morning, tip off at noon and stick around after the game. i'll be here. mike shoeman will be live at oracle for the post game reaction. it is ninth nhl season. evander cane played in his first
9:57 pm
playoff season against the ducks. game two tomorrow in anaheim. sharks head coach liked his team playing while the ducks were not happy with their effort. sharks expect an onslaught from the ducks tomorrow. >> we got solid contributions from everyone across the board, whether you played eight minutes or 22, 24, so i liked everybody. we know they're going to be better, and we're going to have to be better, too. we're not making more of it than it was. it was a good effort, good road win, good way to start the series. but we're going to have to be better tomorrow night to win another game. >> for sure. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. great time of the year. both team in the playoffs, sharks, warriors. did i mention how radiant sandhya is.
9:58 pm
>> thank you, larry. >> coming up, much more on the air strikes in syria tonight as we get more video of explosions in the country's capital, a syrian here in the u.s. reacts to escalating crisis in her homeland. >> also police out in force today monitoring high school students who are participating in a controversial game. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. finally here tonight, what happens when musical talent merges with school pride? at san francisco's middle school it means a new school song. check it out. ♪ >> that's pretty cool, isn't it? it is the work of 13-year-old jaden coleman. he's an 8th grader, and since the school is new, jaden
9:59 pm
thought, hey, it ought to have a new school anthem, so he sat down and wrote one. >> when i got here and started rapping stuff everybody was liking it. so i kept doing it. and i thought if i could make a song i could make a legacy, so when i leave the school the song could still be playing. >> he's got an eye to the future. that will not be captured in a music video that jaden and fellow students are filming today. they say when they're finished they'd like to have the school's namesake, former mayor willy brown see it. and i have no doubt willy brown will and be delighted. >> you know what i'm thinking? he should be in it. they should put him in. >> i may call him. >> i know you're buddies with him. dan's connected. >> that's a good idea. >> wouldn't it pbe awesome? willy brown and the willy brown
10:00 pm
school. >> done. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. see - [announcer] the following program is based on a true story. some of the names have been changed. this program contains reenactments.


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