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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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have a great wednenow good morning reno." good morning. it's wednesday, january 13th. i'm amanda sanchez let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at
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now to a developing story from overnight. 10 u.s. navy sailors have been freed after drifting into iraninan waters. the nine men and one woman were on a training mission. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest. this morning... 10 u.s. navy sailors are free they were on a training and bahrain in 2 small boats when one of them became disabled... with both boats possibly drifting into iranian territorial waters, near farsi island. the revolutionary guard navy apprehended..the sailors...and according to iran's fars news agency they tried to prove they were
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the navy chief of iran's powerful revolutionary guard says the us acted unprofessionally. soundbite aptn general ali fadavi, commander, revolutionary guards naval force: "it proves america's lack of commitment to maintain security and peace in the region despite what they claim." secretary of state john kerry personally working with his iranian counter part to find a dimplomatic resolution to the situation. incidents with iran have aggravated tensions in the persian gulf region. last month, as the air craft carrier harry s truman was entering the gulf, iranian navy boats conducted live fire exercises just 1500 yards away. over the summer, u.s. officials claim iranians targetted u.s. ships and helicopters with laser devices. and in 2007, the iranians held british sailors for 13 days... despite early promises to release them ... claiming they had entered their territorial waters... stephanie ramos, abc news washington president obama taking on his critics-- in his seventh and final state of the union address. and he didn't shy away from addressing the candidates-- who want to take his place. here's abc's bazi kanani. pkg script: nats - "the president of the united states!" making his way up the house chamber aisle for
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president obama called for more civility in politics. sot - president obama "how can we make our politics reflect what's best in us, and not what's worst?" flanked by his vice president-- and for the first time by new house speaker paul ryan-- president obama... focused his message on the future. saying the country must figure out how to adjust to a changing economy... to tackle climate change... to fight terrorism. sot - president obama "if this congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, authorize the use of military force against isil. take a vote." but republicans challenged the president. south carolina often fallen far short of his soaring words." the gop response from south carolina governor nikki haley... also included a swipe at donald trump. sot - gov. nikki haley / south carolina "it can be tempting to follow the voices. we must resist that temptation," it was among the points of agreement - the president referenced the heated rhetoric in the campaign for his successor.
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"we need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion. // this isn't a matter of political correctness." bazi kanani oncam close: the president joked that he would keep his speech short because there were some presidential candidates in the audience eager to get back to iowa. tomorrow, the president kicks off his traditional post state of the union tour with stops in nebraska and louisiana. on capitol hill, bk, abc news. that was bazi kanani reporting presidential hopefuls are ramping up their campaigns here in the silver state. ohio governor john kasich visited northern nevada yesterday. according to kasich's campaign-- he's polling second in new hampshire, behind donald trump. supporters we talked to said they liked his experience. he's been a congresssman and is a two term governor. "i have the most amount of tax cuts in america of any governor, school choice, welfare reform who has done that? what is not conservative about that." kasich also spoke about social security, and tax reform. ### humbolt county sheriff deputies have arrested a second person
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52-year-old james melendez was arrested in lake havasu city, arizona. deputies say he was involved in the 2003 murder of james erwin. melendez faces charges of murder and conspiracy to destroy evidence. erwin's wife, pam, was arrested on murder charges last week. ### the search for two missing bay area men at pyramid lake has been called off. pyramid lake fire and rescue tells "kolo 8 news now" there's simply no sign of the men-- and nothing to go on, to continue a search. the fishermen have been missing since january 1st. the men were in a small aluminum fishing boat. ### there's growing concern for people living near pat baker park, because of three separate shootings in the area. reno city leaders and police talked with locals about this problem. kolo 8 news now's catherine van shows us some of the proposed solutions for the neighborhood. claudia: if you drive by pat baker park, it's very lonely. marilyn: you hear gun shots
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neighbors have had enough. month... three shootings took place near pat baker park...resulting in two murders. tonight... they want answers. nats: where's the neighborhood watch? where are people looking and saying it's not my business, why are you doing that? they want accountability. reno police chief jason soto says... all three incidents were isolated and were not gang- related.. stilll...there has been an uptick of crimes since 2013. he says this year... there were 256 crimes in the neighborhood...about a dozen more than last year. jason: it's always been a high profile area, but we're going to have more presence in the neighborhood, look at the lighting conditions, work with school police to address some of the juvenile issues that they've had in that neighborhood. new cameras will be installed in place of the broken ones at the park... and the community is encouraged to take part in a neighborhood watch program. to further change the
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is putting 400 thousand dollars toward park improvements. oscar: one of the things they wanted was water spouts so that's going to be part of the park now. some picnic areas so families can come out, building new play ground equipment for the kids, having it fenced off at the sidewalk so it's safer for the community. for neighbors, who came into the meeting with fear, many say they walked out with a sense of pride for their neighborhood. judith: we don't want people to be afraid to come to our community. claudia: i think it will be a good change for our community. that was catherine van reporting. this friday... reno police will be releasing a free app for smart phones called "my r-p-d." it will make it easier for people to report crimes immediately. the winter weather is forcing some of our roads, to show their age. street, north of patriot, pot holes are making for a rough commute for drivers. crews spent yesterday trying to fill the holes, which are about an inch deep. the crews are using an ashpahlt-aggregrate mix-- which they say will
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while the pot holes are a nuisance, they apparently aren't going to cause drivers problems, at this time. marnell heinz/reno maintenance & operations mgr: right now they are anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half deep. so it is not really detrimental to the vehicles mechanically. at this time it is more of a nusance or irritation when you feel the bump on your steerin wheel. with input from regional municipalities, the r-t-c prioritizes road re-construction. but, the r-t-c says this winter has been severe enough to have them re-analyzing road conditions, which includes south virginia street. crews will be out later in the week with the city of reno-- to see if reconstructing the road can be fast tracked.### a navy pilot, was able to safely eject from his aircraft, before it crashed near the fallon range training complex. the jet crashed yesterday in remote mountainous terrain, about 25 miles east of n-a-s fallon. this jet is similar to the u-s navy f-a-18-a hornet that crashed. according to the navy,
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was checked on at a hospital. the flight was part of a routine training mission. the cause of the crash is under investigation.### we're getting a look at what's in store for the 20-16 national championship air races. some new air show performances are planned. the blue angels are returning for the first time in five years. also scheduled: the smoke-n-thunder jet show-- and lucas aerobatics. for the first time at the air races... a special demonstration, with large scale drones. it's all part of a plan, to attract a new generation of fans. "we're trying to change the demographics of the races, we want younger people to come and that's one way to do that. drones, video games, things like that get their attention." the 53rd national championship air races, will be held september 14th through the 18th. ### the 53rd national championship air races, will be held september
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from gold ranch in verdi where people have been lining up all week for a chance to win. from ohio to new york... drivers are facing white-out conditions. there were several crashes yesterday along the ohio-indiana border... shutting down interstate highways. in western new york, some towns are buried in as much as 34 inches of snow. and more lake effect snow is expected. another 3-to-4 feet in just 3 days. freezing temperatures are turning everything into ice. a series of storm systems will will impact the sierra and western nevada through early next week. gusty winds will occur at times especially in higher elevations, along with periods of rain and snow. most of the snow
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from the tahoe region northward into lassen county. the next storm is likely to bring moderate snow to northeast california and far northwest nevada late thursday and thursday night. && .short term... a leading band of moisture combined with cold air trapped around susanville brought a period of snow to the city including the valley floor around 4200 feet. short range guidance indicates that this shallow cold air could linger into mid- morning from eastern lassen county and into northwest-west central nevada. this could lead to light snowfall in some valleys from susanville eastward to gerlach and lovelock before the cold air is scoured out by
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of the approaching cold front. aside from these pockets of cold valley air, the main storm is still on track to produce a few hours of moderate-heavy wet snow for the tahoe basin and northeast ca this morning, with lighter rain and snow spreading into western nv mainly from i-80 northward. this band of steady precip is expected to weaken by midday, but unstable air mass across northern ca this afternoon will produce bands of snow across the advisory area. some of these convective bands could produce locally heavy snow, while away from these snow bands much of the morning snow that falls below 6500 feet elevation will
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the food bank of northern nevada, is teaming up with model dairy farms to help feed pine middle school students, who can't go back to school for the next two weeks. students won't return to the school until january 25th, because a pipe broke and flooded the school. some students relied on the school for breakfast. several organizations came together to breakfast-bag and milk-- for 4-hundred families. terribly bypassed for other things. if we could provide milk and allow money for other things i think it's a good program. we want to make sure they get good
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you can claim your free bag of food and a milk voucher at miguel rivera park off neil road... next tuesday from 4 to 5 p-m. just bring the food bank flier-- that was given to parents last week. ### what you eat-- can affect how you feel. but, when you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, what you eat could make a big difference. holly firfer explains. most anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will tell you they will do or try just about anything to relieve the pain. one way - is through what you eat. although there is no specific diet to treat r- a.. there are foods known to reduce inflammation.. which doctors say, may help. first- go with at least three to four ounces of fish twice a week... they are rich in omega - 3 fatty acids which fight
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your body that cause inflammation. beans are loaded with fiber, which helps reduce a protein in the body that can cause inflammation. they also help build muscle which helps support the joints affected by r-a. and remember when mom wouldn't let you leave the table without eating your broccoli? well, she really cared for you- because fruits and vegetables are great sources of anti- oxidants which can also reduce inflammation. refined sugar.. yep, the kind in doughnuts, cookies, candy, brownies, ice cream.. oh, sorry.. basically the stuff that tastes really good.. is really not good for you. chronic inflammation can interfere with the body's ability to break down sugars. that can lead to weight gain - which puts pressure on the joints-- and can lead to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. an electric griddle sold at walmart is under recall, because it poses a shock hazard. the heating element in the rival electric griddle can crack... allowing water to get inside. about 330-thousand of the griddles are part of the recall. if you have one... stop using it, and return it to walmart for a refund. you can find more
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recall on our website. go to kolo t-v dot-com
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0113ms01 last night. the st. louis rams are on their way back to the l-a market. their relocation has been approved by the nfl owners.... they will build a new $1.8 billion dollar stadium in inglewood... and pay $550 million dollars in relocation fees... and -- they will likely share it with the san diego chargers... the chargers have the option to join them.... the plan is for them to play in the la coliseum until the new stadium is ready to go by the 2019 season... goodell: "this was an opportunity for the ownership to re-enter the los angeles market; returning the rams to their home market. and with a
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change, frankly not just nfl stadiums and nfl complexes, but i think sports complexes around the world. i think this is going to be one of the greatest complexes in the world." this is good news for raiders fans... they will likely stay in oakland, -- at least for now... the nfl will help them find a way to build a new stadium.... something the raiders owner is actually on board with... goodell: "he preferred to stay in oakland, to get a stadium that's suitable for the long-term so the raiders nation that they deserve. we as a league, and the collective 32 owners, have said they want to incentivize the community to go ahead and try to get the kind of facility that the raiders need." the nfl will chip in $100 million dollars to help in oakland... but the raiders will
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the chargers spot in la -- if they decide to stay in san diego... they have a year to make that decision. reno's joe wieland is on the move again.... traded for the 3rd time in his career wieland was dealt to the mariners in exchange for a minor leaguer... he played in the dodgers organization last year, going 10-and-5 with a 4.59 era at triple-a.... he also made a pair of starts for l-a... wieland has also pitched in the big leagues with the padres... he was originally a 4th round pick by the rangers out of bishop manogue matt williams will take part in the reno aces hot stove luncheon this year.... he's now the third base coach of the d'backs... the carson high school grad spent the last two years as the nationals manager... the luncheon is on february first, and it's open to all baseball fans... for more info, go to kolo tv dot com. that's your look at sports.
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waiter: here's your check. oh! you--you got it. you know, since i got rid of
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got it? no, i'm good. announcer: getting pulled over for buzzed driving could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. oh, you're home early. you live with your mom? announcer: that'll set your game back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. a series of storm systems will will impact the sierra and western nevada through early next week. gusty winds will occur at times especially in higher elevations, along with periods of rain and snow. most of the snow for today is expected from the tahoe region northward into lassen county. the next storm is likely to bring moderate snow to northeast california
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nevada late thursday and thursday night. && .short term... scary moments for a man in california after he got trapped in a sewer line 10 feet underground. the effort to rescue him and how he got trapped in the first place. plus... republican presidential candidate ted cruz gives a heckler the boot at a campaign
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