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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a snowy star this morning... let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. sierra front from 7 pm until 4 am friday... gusts of 55+ mph are possible, with 65+ mph in wind-prone areas. winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra, including the tahoe basin, until 10 am friday. snow totals of 4-8" are scary moments for a man and his dog after falling through the ice at manzanita lake. police say the dog ran from its owner and onto the ice to chase some
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trt:15 commander todd renwick, unr police department " we had one of the owners attempt to go out on the ice and rescue the dog but realized the ice was unsafe, retreated back in. they did get submerged in the water but they were able to pull themselves out and get back up onto the land." police say the man was treated near the lake, and was not taken to the hospital. the ice rescue team had to cut the ice away, for the rescue. the dog... a pit bull... unfortunately drowned. officers say the changing temperatures and the number of geese on the lake, make the ice weak. trt:15 david blondfield, ice rescue, rfd, "this ice here actually has a lot of goose excrement on it and that itself actually breaks the ice up. you probably have some video of me falling through just my own weight was breaking the ice. so it is never considered safe in this area." the ice rescue team says a person who falls through the ice has about a minute to
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or they'll go under. they also have about ten minutes of useful movement in their hands and fingers to get out. ### a suspect is in custody after reportedly firing shots at a group of people at a reno apartment complex. it happened about 5-30 last night... when police received a call about shots-fired near the sherwood forest apartments, off brinkby avenue. police say the shooter fired shots at a group of people, but no one was hurt. after a search of the complex, officers arrested a suspect. the shooting remains under investigation. ### a 43-year-old woman is behind bars, booked on charges of stealing from an elderly patient at a local assisted living facility. as kolo 8 news now's ed pearce explains... the alleged theft hit this family at a difficult time. > 00-:08 :08-:18 :18-1:27
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been difficult ones for tara carolan's family beginning with the difficult decision many face about their elderly loved ones. carolan: "it was a very hard decision for my brohter and i to place my prents in assisted living and i did a lot of research before i decided which facility. you have to trust that the people there who are going to take care of your parents are there for the right reason." her mother died and ed carolan developed dementia and was placed at brookdale assisted living in sparks. amidst these concerns, tara herself was undergoing treatment for cancer. then she got a call from the storage facility where her father rented a unit. tara: "his account had been declined which i thought was strange because i have possession of his debit card and he doesn't couple of small things." the withdrawals totaled more than $13-thousand dollars. tara: "it was for things like mary kay, a jewelry company, a house the investigation eventually pointed to 43 year old alma brookdale. tara: "what i believe happened is she saw his bank statement and his debit card out in his room. she had access to it when he wasn't around. one of
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his finances. he'd sit around for hours and go through his bills and bank statements. so that information was laying out on his bed all the time. his wallet went missing a couple of times and was always found in the laundry." martin was booked today on five counts including grand larceny and unauthorised use of credit and debit cards. tara: i think she thought he was vulnerable and she thought i was vulnerable."> that was ed pearce reporting. tah-ruh tara carolan says the bank has reimbursed her father's account, but she's concerned there may be other victims out there. a new police app in reno, could make it easier for you to report crimes. for the better part of the last year... the department has been working on an app called "my r-p-d." it puts crime data... police reports... a sex offender map... and a community engagement portal... right at your fingertips. "having the citizens, they almost become an adjunct to the police, we are all fighting crime together. you know we
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you have lots of eyes and ears." "it makes it a lot easier for them as well just to have that contact with their police department. i mean it is 24/7 now that you can use this application." the app cost 35- thousand dollars to build. but, it's free for you. you can find it by opening the kolo 8 app and clicking on hot topics. ### in the race for the white house... the republican presidential field has narrowed with the contenders growing increasingly more combative ahead of the iowa caucuses. mary moloney has a look at some of the big moments from last night's gop debate. the gloves are off. presidential candidate : "you're worried about keeping your homes and families safe and secure. you cannot give hillary clinton a third term under barack obama's policies." presidential candidate : "we need to united behind the winner so that we can defeat hillary clinton because she is a disaster." presidential candidate : "she wouldn't just be a disaster, hillary clinton is disqualified from being
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united states." the top seven candidates in the republican race -- stood shoulder to shoulder -- hoping to convince voters why they should be the pick for president. presidential candidate : "our children and grandchildren are counting on us to get it done." but a good portion of the debate pitted the number one and the number two candidates in the polls -- donald trump and ted cruz. not about electability -- but on eligibility to be president. presidential candidate : "back in september, my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this in every which way. there was nothing to this birther issue. since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have." : "if for some reason he beats the rest of the field... see they don't like that... see they don't like that he beats the like me." raising this issue now?" presidential candidate : "because now he's doing a little bit better." these candidates know time ticking -- for voters to make up their minds. presidential candidate : "if we manage to damage
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as we know it." i'm mary moloney reporting. senate minority leader harry reid is pressing congressional republicans, to vote-- to show support for donald trump's policies. in a statement, reid points to trump's campaign proposal to ban muslims from entering the u-s. reid says if republicans are afraid to bring trump's policies up for votes, democrats will seek for the votes themselves. he says this is a way to hold republicans accountable. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, a republican, responded by saying the g-o-p could do the same thing to democrats: bring up votes on proposals by their candidates, that the party might not want. ### and nevada continues to be an important primary state in the race for the white house. republican hopeful, carly fiorina, will be in reno this sunday for a town hall meeting. the former c-e-o of hewlett-packard, will be at lakeridge golf
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o'clock. this will be her second trip to northern nevada
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-over: my new mom and i have a lot in common. ahh...the great outside... son, voice-over: we both love the outdoors. it's so shiny! that's not a flower. son, voice-over: we both love geology. oh, look! an igneous one! that's not a rock. son, voice-over: and she knows a lot about wildlife. a labradoodle! [baying] that's not a dog. son, voice-over: hanging out has been kinda fun. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care will take you just as you are. a series of storm
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sierra and western nevada through next week with periods of gusty winds...mountain snow and valley rain. a weak storm brings light snow and rain late tonight and saturday, then a milder and wetter storm system arrives sunday. this storm could linger through mid week and produce substantial snow for the sierra, but details remain uncertain at this time. && .short term... the back edge of the current storm system is resembling characteristics of an inside slider, as bands of snow and rain moving across the sierra and western nv may end up dropping an inch or two of snowfall until the
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office near 5000 feet, snow is accumulating on paved surfaces. when the heavier snow ends, melting should begin on pavement, but early morning commuters in the north valleys and other higher elevation highways around reno-sparks- carson city and west central nv could encounter slick or slushy road conditions. sierra and western nevada through next week with periods of gusty winds...mountain snow and valley rain. a weak storm brings light snow and rain late tonight and saturday, then a milder and wetter storm system arrives sunday.
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?did you make a new years resolution to get healthier this year? kolo 8 news nows chris buckley talked with a local fitness expert about how to keep your goals in sight. "exercise is about 20 percent and food and nutrition and stress levels is about 80%" camie cragg fitness offers classes and training programs for all fitness and intensity levels... and here they take the same individualized approach to nutrition. "every person is a different person with food so a lot of the time there is stable macros and micros caloric intake but really waht it comes down to is that persons digestive system and that persons allergies so lately what i've been doing is asking people about their blood type." she says is all about finding a balance "so your'e looking for just the right amount of sugars, the fibers, the proten, all the essential minerals and theres a balance between the protens and the carbs and essentail fats and that calls for variets, fruts, vegetables, some lean meats." and a good place to start... is a diet of 40 percent carbs, 40 percent proten and 2o percent essential fats. if that's not working... you can adjust those ratios... but try not to cut out entire groups
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"i love sugar so much, you tell someone to get rid of all sugar and its like telling a kid not to pick up that toy, instead, place those sugars in your carbs so you can have a little bit instead of completely cutting them out at that point you're just going to crave, crave crave and overindulge and then go through that guilt." if you do get off track... she says its important to get back on as quickly as possible. "lets say i had a doughnut for my 1 pm meal and my next meal is at four, the average person says i've already had that doughnut and i'm just going to screw up the rest of the night, don't do that, jump back and have some chicken and quinoa so you can lose that guilt off all night rather than one serving." and finding that balance in the rest of your life... can make food choices that much easier. "when you're looking to restart and refresh and become the best version of yourself, do your best to look at the important pillars of your life your workplace, relationships, your physical activity whatever it is, increase those and allow stress levels to become al little lower as well which means your relationship in most cases becomes better with food." that was chris buckley reporting now to a new study suggesting smoking a hookah, or water pipe, may not be a safe alternative to cigarettes. andrew spencer explains why. as cigarette smoking
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popularity of hookahs is on the rise. however, a new analysis puts the notion of hookah as safer than cigarettes in doubt. the university of pittsburgh school of medicine found that smoking hookah exposes the user to 125-times the smoke... 25-times the tar... two-and-a-half times the nicotine... and 10-times the carbon monoxide... compared to a cigarette. the researchers looked at the results from 17- previous studies to come to the conclusion. here's why this is important... the c-d-c says hookah smoking is slightly more common among high school students than cigarette smoking. the pittsburgh researchers admit its difficult to compare the two forms of smoking, since people generally smoke multiple cigarettes in a day... and hookah smokers may only use it a few times per day. ultimately, they believe the practice needs to be examined more closely
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0115ms01 trt: 2:19 the 49ers made a big move on thursday... hiring chip kelly as their new head coach. he was fired by the eagles with one game to go this season.... he won 26 games during his three years in philly, seasons... but things fell apart with the eagles this season, he made a bunch of roster changes that frankly did not work out... he won't have that power with the 49ers... he'll simply be the coach... this also likely means that colin kaepernick will be back in san francisco... it looked like he would be cut this offseason, but kelly is a huge fan of kaepernick, ever since his days here at nevada... he tried to acquire him in a trade a few times over kaepernick has all of kelly's zone-read, spread offense. it's been quite a season for brandon marshall... and the former pack linebacker has earned
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he's earned the ed block courage award... it honors the broncos player that shows sportsmanship and courage in the return from an injury... marshall had lisfranc surgery during the offseason, and came back to record over 100 tackels for the second year in a row... he's also an alternate to the pro bowl... marshall also won the broncos' "good guy award" which is voted on by the local media... he is a candidate for the national award... jake mcgee has a new deal in tampa bay... and a pretty good raise he avoided salary arbitration, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $4.8 million dollars... than he made last he pitched in 39 games out of the rays bullpen, going 1-and-2 with a 2.41 era.. he also had six saves and 19 holds... just .197 against him... mcgee was a 5th round school back in the 2004 draft. the reno bighorns invaded l-a last night. sitting in first place by 4 games.
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into that lead, winning 131-116... vincent hunter scored 26 in the loss... reggie hearn added 21.... their lead in the pacific, now down to three games. that's your look at
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a series of storm
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nevada through next week with periods of gusty winds...mountain snow and valley rain. a weak storm brings light snow and rain late tonight and saturday, then a milder and wetter storm system arrives sunday. this storm could linger through mid week and produce substantial snow for the sierra, but details remain uncertain at this time. && .short term... the back edge of the current storm system is resembling characteristics of an inside slider, as bands of snow and rain moving across the sierra and western nv may end up dropping an inch or two of snowfall until the now to those big powerball winners of a record breaking 1- point-6-billion dollar jackpot. the winning tickets were purchased in a los angeles suburb, the eastern coast of florida, and small town
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we're still waiting for the winners to come forward, but that didn't stop thousands of neighbors from crowding the 7-11 in chino hills california-- where one of the winning tickets was sold. that store's owner received a million dollars for selling a winning ticket. "it is the land of opportunity, so anybody can come. we achieve your dreams" each of those lucky little pieces of paper is worth almost 529-million dollars. there are plenty million dollar winners, who matched five out of the six numbers... including a group of pre-school teachers in kentucky, who rushed to collect their check. ### he may be man's best friend, but he's vying for a new title... world's largest dog. kolo 8 news now's catherine van introduces us to rocko... a local great dane looking to break records.
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me all day to play tug-of-war." ...but unlike other dogs... in this game... rocko will drag you across the floor. nich: "we didn't realize he was going to be so big. he was so big. is he half dane or half pony, what's going on here? haha." at just two years old... he stands at 40 inches from his paw to shoulder. nich: "i'm about 6 feet and he's got about a foot on me." he's definitely no lap dog... though he may think otherwise nich: he thinks he's a chihuahua or something. he thinks he's just a floating head." rocko is nicholas and jessica's first great dane. not knowing what to expect... they realized he was big even at a young age. nich: "he was about the size of a 6 month old lab at 8 weeks." and he hasn't stopped growing since. nich: "he sprouted like a weed. like no joke, the next morning, his collar was tighter, he was half and inch taller. it happened numerous times. he kept sprouting." at this rate... he may sprout his way into the record books. they are making a bid to the guinness book of world records to document rocko as the
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nich: i would like to see, if there's a bigger dog, i'd like to see it. it's nice to connect with people with large dogs, freakishly large dogs. aside from his size... this 160 pound pup is full of character
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and our state is hoping a huge grant awarded to our state will help
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waiter: here's your check. oh! you--you got it. you know, since i got rid of my car, i really enjoy walking. ok.
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announcer: getting pulled over for buzzed driving could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. oh, you're home early. you live with your mom? announcer: that'll set your game back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. snowy start. we're tracking this winter storm as it hits look at the road and a woman has been
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embezzling thousands
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