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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 11PM  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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all demanded an apology. presidential candidate ted cruz gave a back- handed apology, to liberals and then attacked their policies. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm noah bond. a local company has received a contract from nasa... to help supply the international space station. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley joins us in the studio. chris-- noah sparks based sierra nevada corporation has been working on a project called dream chaser... an unmanned shuttle that can land on runways. in the coming years, this shuttle will play an important part... taking cargo to and from the international space station. dream chaser is an unmanned, folding wing shuttle that will be used to transport cargo to the international space station. years of work years of intense work and persistence on the part of our engineers and leadership its really taken a commitment both a financial one and one of time and energy." it's is designed to land on runways like nasa
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for other opportunities. "a big opportunity with our vehicle that other space craft don't offer is this opportunity to condunct scientific experiments becasue we land on a runway and we don't spalsh into the ocean so our scientific experiments can hold up and can return to earth and evaluate the results of that experiement so its a big win for nasa, for snc, for science." the contract with nasa guarantees at least six flights to the space station from 2019 to 2024. it's the first endeavor of its kind from sierra nevada corporation, a high tech electronics, engineering and manufacturing corportation based in sparks. "its an amazing local story, the ceo and cro bought the compnay 20 years ago and it was 20 empmloyees... now its grown to 3000 and this is a culmination of a dream for them to see this kind of endeavor in space come to frutition. they've invested the time, resources and commitment to make it happen and for them this is about paying it forward
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the announcement about this deal was made only yesterday... so s-n-c officials don't know the exact scope of this project yet... but they do expect to be hiring to fulfill the needs of this contract... about a third of the employees at their headquarters in sparks... are u-n-r graduates. noah? thanks chris. new this evening--- deputies arrested a fifth suspect... in connection to a carson city shooting, that killed an 18-year-old man. 18-year-old jonathan skenandore was arrested on charges of accessory to murder... accessory to robbery... commit robbery. he was originally taken on a juvenile warrant. four others were also arrested in connection with the murder-- of 18- year-old grant watkins. detectives believe, watkins was shot monday morning, while selling drugs to the suspects. if you have information about this murder, call the carson city
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parts of yosemite national park are getting new names because of a legal battle over trade- marks. the name changes stem from a legal battle with the park's former concession-aire-- a subsidiary of delaware north. it ran the park's lodging, retail-- and food services, for more than 20 years. the park service says the company claims ownership of some of the park's trade-names, and trademarks. and, is demanding more than 50-million dollars for rights to the names. the luxurious ah-wa-knee ahwahnee hotel-- will become the majestic yosemite hotel, and curry village will become-- half dome village. ### republican presidential hopeful, carly fiorina is coming to reno this sunday. she's holding a town- hall meeting at lake- ridge golf course from 3 to 4 o'clock. this will be her third trip here--- as part of her campaign. ### the top two contenders for president--- on the republican ticket, are fighting and it started
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cruz attacked donald trump's new york values. he said new yorkers are-- and i quote, "socially liberal, are pro-abortion, are pro- gay marriage, focus around money and the media." then he attacked trump's previous stances on social issues. trump said cruz insulted a lot of people and demanded an apology. here's part of cruz's response. "i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who've been let down by liberal politicians in that state. i apologize to the hard working men and women of ny who've been denied jobs because gov. cuomo won't allow fracking." trump responded with a tweet. it reads in part-- senator ted cruz got his butt kicked, by the real donald trump last night. he offended every new yorker. ### and on the democratic side-- hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting over health care. at center stage on this debate is president obama's affordable care act-- otherwise known as obama-care.
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plan is no good. presidential candidate "basically, what he is doing is saying, hey, we need to start all over again, let's tear it up and replace it. details to be forthcoming... and another big, national, divisive debate which i just don't agree with." sanders says he doesn't want to scrap obamacare. he says he wants to build it and go much further, and is promising those specifics before the iowa caucuses. ### jeff thompson is up next with a complete look at our weekend forecast. #### announcer: "you're watching kolo 8 news now at 11:00, with noah bond, weather with meteorologist jeff thompson, and sports with josh little. this is kolo 8 news now at 11:00." another fast-moving storm will move through the region
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move through the region overnight into early saturday. snow levels will start close to valley floors and then rise quickly during the day on saturday. snowfall totals will be modest, with only half-a-foot expected in the high sierra. after a brief break, a stronger, wetter storm series will push in from the eastern pacific late sunday. stormy weather will
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with several rounds of heavy, wet sierra snow and valley rain and wind. -jeff saturday: rain and snow showers, becoming all rain after 7 am. high near 50. breezy, with a west wind 10 to 15 mph increasing to 20 to 25 mph in the afternoon. winds could gust as high as 40 mph. chance of precipitation is 80%. little or no snow accumulation expected. saturday night: mostly cloudy, with a low around 34. southwest wind 10 to 15 mph decreasing to 5 to 10 mph after midnight. winds could gust as high as 25 mph. sunday: a 30 percent chance of rain after 4 pm. cloudy, with a high near 50. south wind around 10 mph. sunday night: rain likely, mainly after 10 pm. cloudy, with a low around 36. chance of precipitation is 70%. m.l.king day: rain likely. cloudy, with a high near 47. chance of precipitation is 60%. monday night: a chance of rain. mostly cloudy, with a low around 35. tuesday: a chance of rain.
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tuesday night: a chance of rain. mostly cloudy, with a low around 31. wednesday: a slight chance of rain. partly sunny, with a high near 49. wednesday night: a slight chance of rain. mostly cloudy, with a low around 33. thursday: a slight chance of rain. mostly cloudy, with a high near 48. another fast-moving storm will move through the region overnight into early saturday. snow levels will start close to valley floors and then rise quickly during the day on saturday. snowfall totals will be modest, with only half-a-foot expected in the high sierra. after a brief break, a stronger, wetter storm series will push in from the eastern pacific late sunday. stormy weather will continue through late tuesday, with several rounds of heavy, wet sierra snow and valley rain and wind. -jeff overnight into early saturday. snow levels will start close to valley floors and then rise quickly during the day on
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be modest, with only half-a-foot expected in the high sierra. after a brief break, a stronger, wetter storm series will push in from the eastern pacific late sunday. stormy weather will continue through late tuesday, with several rounds of heavy, wet sierra snow and valley rain and wind. -jeff saturday: rain and snow showers, becoming all rain after 7 am. high near 50. breezy,
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"" welcome to the sports caravan. with josh little, i'm ben ross. some big games this week... including a battle of ranked teams. we begin with spanish springs invading reno tonight... the huskies, ranked third in our top five... the cougs, right behind them in the number four spot. both teams came in riding three game winning streaks... it's our easy rooter, game of the week. some of the best moves in the the stands and in the paint!>.. hey now!>.. mike heydon throws it down... cougs go to their star.... marcus loadholt... a true load out there... he scored 17 points tonight... but that's below his average...
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heydon... another dunk... the best thing about that, the pass from alex tsaniff... great set-up... this game was back-and- forth... cougs crashing the boards... -- mr. anderserson-- ryan anderson on the putback... he'll be pitching at nevada next year... spanish springs down three, under two muntes to go... a dagger!.. drew rippingham rips out the hearts of the cougards... reno wins a great game 61-56 douglas taking on galena -- man, they're working those galena students too hard -- they're exhausted!... first quarter -- nice ball movement by the tigers... michael johnson buries the 3... he was a good sprinter... back comes galena -- off the miss... nick prinsen grabs the offensive rebound -- the prinsen offense!... douglas goes to josh meza -- attacking the basket... tigers up 5... but galena would go on a 10-0 run... noah peck with the finish there... and then it's dillon voyles with the steal -- and the 2-handed jam... it's a voyles flush!...
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over to wooster.... ben was in that same position about an hour ago... you're heavier than you look!... colts hosting carson... and laying down the hammer!>.. andrew swackhammer!... corner pocket... ben ginn to myster smith... alley-oop... passes like that...we'll call him mr. ginn... --respect!-- carson goes on a run... nice look to jace keema... same skills that made him all league in football... then a great look to tez allen... he hits the floater... they've also got the reigning player of the week... jayden dejoseph... jared rooker, quite the looker on those passes... carson rolls 67-31 the marquee game in girls hoops tonight was over at damonte ranch. the mustangs off to a 10-and-3 start, hosting the number one team in our rankings.. bishop manogue, the defending northern champs everybody was pumped
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dancing in the crowd!... big game for katie turner... takes it right down the lane and puts the miners up earlu... back comes damonte -- victoria moore to meagan carlson... mustangs up 1... miners in transition -- tawni henderson going all steph curry -- pulls up for 3 -- splash... then it's turner again... look at the killer crossover -- she had 19 points on the night... malia holt added 17 -- including this and 1... and manogue pulls away to win 76-39 up to mcqueen... people wear cammo to blend in... i gotta say, he kind of stands out... not in a bad way, but i can certainly see him... lancers hosting north valleys... great feed from izzy warren to kendra mcanich... this was a great game... panthers answer... with their bow-and- darrough... shelise darrough... hits the bullseye... check out this play... sami dinan playing some
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creates the turnover, and the steal.. a little periouette...and scores... lancers now down two late,.. haley webbert with the putback... ties it up with 20 seconds to go... we're going to overtime.. mcqueen puts it away... kaila spevak gets the friendly bounce... lancers win a biggie 39-35 galena hosting douglas -- uh oh josh, we've got an old-fashioned drum- off... douglas jumped out to a big lead in this one -- galena trying to come back... mckenzie cassas puts it up and in... but the tigers answer... maddy lowe -- great look to hailey hughes... then it's lowe inside -- nice shot fake -- she had a game-high 23... tigers crashing the offensive glass... hannah carr with the putback... and then it's alexa moss from the outside -- getting the friendly roll for 3... douglas wins 55-40 we still have a long way
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six more games on the rundown.. including our top ranked boys team plus...a big game up at mcqueen tonight. as the lancers looked for
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game this season. north valleys taking on mcqueen. the lancers' big man, octavion corley, was a last season... then he left north valleys, to enroll at mcqueen. who says people don't anymore?.. must be stories by krajewski and shoup!... lancers on the run... easter's come early this
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guess they gave up tranistion defense for lent... on both sides... aj dennis...the key parts like the red sea!... check out this play,... the perfect give-and- go... dalten, going and scoring... then mr. corley gets going... get outta here!... blocked shot off the backboard... great team basketball... so good it's got to be cheatin!... tavian cheaton-dayton finishes it off... then corley with the finishing touches... mcqueen wins 89-56 damonte ranch hosting bishop manogue -- josh, don't be such a baby -- oh awkward... 1st quarter... nice passing by damonte... jack dailey finishes underneath... but then manogue catches fire... specifically brevon bansuelo... that's not a replay -- and then another 3... he couldn't miss tonight... damonte answers with a 3 of its own... brett cooper -- nothing
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but manogue kept right on draining triples... this time it's dan bansuelo... the bansuelo boys getting it done -- manogue wins 72-57 just two more scores called in tonight. elko goes down to vegas and knocks off liberty... and lowry beats up dayton by 26 points back to girls hoops -- spanish springs invading reno... oh yeah -- work it... huskies with the inbounds play -- just throw it up for mallory mcgwire -- good idea... i think i might do that every time... then it's mikayla shults from beyond the arc... reno started the game on a 22-0 run... huskies with the pressure defense -- forces a turnover... kaitlynn biassou lays it in... spanish springs trying to make a charge... jamie jurgensmier gets behind the defense for the easy 2... but way too much reno tonight... #dominique harding in transition... huskies roll 73-25 back to wooster...
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same reaction... i'm getting sick of it!... colts come out firing... leilani o'daye... she's all-day from downtown!... told you!.. carson may want to get out and cover her at some point... senators respond on the inside... brianna alvarado goes right at the defense... ivy pembroke does it too... loses the handle, but just part of the play... pembroke, pretty wealthy from the outside... carson on a run... literally... pembroke again... a wealth of moves... carson wins it 63-29 just one more girls score called in... fallon is 17-0!... they beat truckee 47-13 a battle of two teams, trying to turn their season around tonight hug at reed. the raiders were a playoff team last season. paul harris made the trip. paul, it's been a rough start for both teams josh... reed has won just five of their 15
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season. which is a lot better than hug. the hawks have won just once... and came in with an eight-game losing streak would zonathan williams be the difference maker? he starts off with the nice assist to number 4 gerald roscom... for the three but you can t leave williams alone as he steps back and drains a three but reed has the answer in lincoln turner... in the air and makes the basket. turner has outside range as well... hitting a three at the top of the circle. reed's jeremy ramos is no slouch ethier... as he drives and makes the nice layup. but it was too much turner... as reed wins 66-53 to the girls game we go... reed girls can play defense as number 34 serene townsell- williams makes the nice steal... you want to see a star in the making??? that would be vanessa hernanadez.... draining
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and drains the three again... hernanadez would finish as their leading scorer in the hug trying to get something going ... but reed's defense comes up again... nice pass to number 12 carlee sireika reed was just too much for hawks as they win big 62-13 gents... good wins for both the reed girls and boys thanks paul! the best part of the show is coming up... our weekly sports caravan honors plus our plays of the week... and our first set of rankings.
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plays of the week 1 we begin at mcqueen.. octavion corley with the big swat... off the backboard... great team basketball... unselfish set-up by garrett ill tavian cheaton-dayton finishes it off... it all began with that great block.. mcqueen rolls 2 over to wooster... ben ginn, setting up his teammates all night... great feed to myster smith... the alley-oop.. but the colts fall to carson 3 back to mcqueen... sami dinan of north valleys, playing some great pressure "d"... creates the turnover, and the steal.. a little periouette...and scores... but they lost in overtime 4 we got some dunks tonight... dillon voyles with the steal and he throws it down... the coaches kid!...fundamentals, with a little fun. galena cruises.. 5 but our dunks of the night...also our plays of the night. both from reno... mike heydon.... both dunks are good, the second one thanks to a great set up by alex tsaniff...
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time for our first honor... our nutri shop of reno, team of the wek we've got to give the nod to the reno huskies... they won our easy rooter game of the week, winning a thriller over spanish springs...61-56... the win was big for reno, who is now 7-and-1 in league play... just a half game out of first place... the reno huskies, our nutri shop of reno, team of the wek some great team efforts,... but only one can earn the coveted greg's garage player of the week award we're going to give that to maddie lowe of douglas high school.... her tigers were riding high tonight at galena, winning their 5th game in a row... lowe doing it down low all night, owning the paint... she had a game-hgih 23 points. maddie lowe, our greg's garage player of the week...
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carson - they're 13- 4....they've won six in a row... 2 elko - they've beaten four division one teams, including reno. 3 reno - the huskies have won 7 of their last 8 games. 4 spanish springs - the cougs lost tonight at reno. they stay 4th. 5 mcqueen - the lancers with a big win tonight to remain 5th here's our girls rankings... 1 bishop manogue - defending northern champs 2 reno - only two losses so far. they stay #2. 3 fallon - moves up 2 spots -- the only team here that's not from division one. 4 mcqueen - the lancers have roared off to a 14-3
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damonte ranch - hung tough in the first half against manogue and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kathy griffin.
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