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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 630PM  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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police say this is the result of mechanical failure. it happened just before 4-30 on the intersection of talbot lane and south mccarran boulevard. police suspect the driver was going southbound on talbot lane when something went wrong with his car... and was unable to stop at the red light. he went through the intersection as another driver going westbound on mccarran had the green... clipped that car and hit the light pole. both drivers were not injured. anytime there's a car accident, if the systems function the way they're supposed, seatbells, airbags, it's always the best outcome when no one's injured and it's just property damage the other car had minor damages. talbot lane is open now... but expect more
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crews fix the street light. - reno police are searching an armed robber who held up a baskin-robbins in north reno last night. it happened about 9:40 when a man... wearing a knit-hat and a black bandana over his face... entered the ice cream store on northtowne lane. he threatened employees with a hand gun ... demanded cash and escaped on foot. employees described him as white, with a thin build. he's about six foot tall.... and was wearing a black sweat shirt over a gray shirt. anyone with any information is asked to call the reno police department or secret witness at 3-2-2-49- hundred. five people have now been arrested in connection with the deadly shooting of a man in carson city monday. . 18-year-old jonathan skenandore was arrested yesterday on charges of accessory to murder... accessory to robbery... and conspiracy to commit robbery. he was originally taken into custody on a juvenile warrant.
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been arrested in connection with the death of 18-year-old detectives believe, watkins was shot monday morning, while selling drugs to the suspects. about this murder, call the carson city burglary suspects trying to out run las vegas police, hit a car - injuring several people including a pedestrian. witness had reported several men carrying items out of a home last night. police spotted their car and attempted to make a traffic stop. instead - they say - the car took off, hitting another vehicle - causing it to jump the curb and hit a pedestrian. six people had to be taken to the hospital. police are still looking for the suspects. in indiana... birds from nine commecial turkey farms have tested positive for bird flu. those farms are near another that had already been determined to be infected. the state's board of animal health is testing to determine the strain of the highly -
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yesterday authorities said the strain in the first infected flock had the h7-n8 strain, which is different than the h5- n2 virus that led to the deaths of about 48 million turkeys and chickens last summer. all 60,000 turkeys on the first farm have been euthanized. here in our area... a local animal sanctuary is opening it's doors in the off-season... to show guests what their animals look like in their winter coats. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley takes us to "wild winter weekends" at the animal ark. "cheetah" "lion" "cheetah" the big cats were out and about at the animal ark this weekend. the sancturay opened its doors in the offseason... to let visitors get a glimpse of the animals in their winter coats. "the animals look great their fur coats are absolutely awesome, when you see photos of wolves its usually in the winter, the arctic fox is enjoying it, the bears are sleeping but most others actually prefer the cold, they're more active than in the
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permanent home for injured and abandoned wildlife. "some come form the movie industry some from unwanted pets, some are rehab animals that could not be released back and they're constantly expanding. the aging enclosure that held the ark's two tigers until they died last year is being upgraded. the non profit has already raised 15-thousand dollars for the project... and work will begin as soon as the ground thaws. "we are giong to raise the fence a little bit to meet usda requirements and we've already put the word out that we're open to new tigers. we try to do our exhibits multi species so who knows something else might pop up that needs that enclosure." and it will be waiting.. for that animal in need. north of reno chris buckley kolo 8 news
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"wild winter weekends" at animal ark continues tomorrow from 11 to 3... and on president's day february 13th and 14th. heated words between two republican front there's no love lost between donald trump and ted cruz after this week's debate - the two continuing to trade barbs. . and coming up later in sports, tom brady and the new england patriots try to reach their 5th straight a-f-c championship game -- ben highlights heading up to sky tavern
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announcer: here's to the things that can keep us safe. and, now, those that we carry with us everywhere will bring us wireless emergency alerts, with a unique sound and vibration,
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have to wait one more week. this the ski area announced they will not
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of excessive wind. they could face gusts up to 60-miles-per hour. registration at sky tavern is still open, and opening weekend-- is now set for january 23rd and 24th. the short wave that brought light snow and rain to parts of the forecast area last night and early this morning has pushed east. the forecast area will be in a brief period of short wave ridging tonight into early sunday before the next wave pushes into northern california late sunday afternoon and evening...then across western nevada by late monday afternoon. gusty winds this evening should drop off during the overnight hours. a lake wind advisory remains in effect for lake tahoe early this evening. localized
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are possible on pyramid lake late this afternoon...but these should drop by sunset. with decreasing winds and a period of partly cloudy skies tonight...some valleys could see patchy fog where snow remains. temperatures in the colder sierra valleys will drop below freezing allowing freezing fog to form which could create slick spots on roads near foggy areas by sunday morning. wind gusts will increase again sunday ahead of the next system...close to what occurred today. gusts up to 45 mph are likely east of the sierra with less in the sierra valleys. wind prone areas east of the sierra may gusts to near 55 mph at times. winds will also increase again on pyramid lake for sunday from the
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a lake wind advisory there for the day time hours sunday...but we will let subsequent shifts take a look at this situation. the increased winds will also increase mixing and allow high temperatures sunday to climb above 50 in much of western nevada and the 40s in the sierra valleys. the next storm system approaches northeast california late sunday afternoon then spreads into the tahoe basin and far northwest nevada sunday evening. precipitation should reach mono county by late sunday evening. spill over into western nevada is likely early monday morning. snow levels are going to very tricky with this one. the warm nature of the air ahead of this system will cause snow levels to start quite high...from 7500 to 8000 feet in mono county down to 5500 to 6000 feet in far
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northwest nevada. near isothermal profiles in the lowest levels of the forecast soundings through sunday evening also support highly yorkers.... in a rare move - hillary clinton steps into the fray between republican front runners to defend donald trump. a high-tech engineering and manufacturing corporation in sparks
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has secured a nasa contract for an unmanned shuttle. sierra nevada corporation was awarded the contract thursday for its "dream chaser shuttle" which will transport cargo to the international space station.
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aircraft is that it lands on a runway instead of splashing into the ocean. "so our scientific experiments can hold up and can return to earth and evaluate the results of that experiement so its a big win for nasa, for snc, for science."" the contract with nasa gaurantees at least six flights to the space station. "sierra nevada corporation" is based in sparks... but the dream chaser aircraft will be built in colorado. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is coming to reno tomorrow afernoon. she's will be hosting a town-hall style meeting at lake-ridge golf course. fiorina is traveling from southern nevada and is expected to arrive here by 3:30 this is a free event and open to the public. however, space is limited so we are requiring all attendees and guests to rsvp. this will be her third campaign trip to northern nevada. ### the political fisticuffs
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donald trump and campaign trail today on the heels of their first debate of 2016 heated words from both candidates. and as abc's mary bruce side appears to be letting up. the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating. in the key south carolina today, cruz wasted no time taking a stab at his former friend after getting stuck in an elevator. sot - sen. ted cruz "who put donald trump in charge of the elevator." nats trump started the day, ripping into cruz on twitter. writing: "ted cruz was born in canada citizen until 15 months ago. lawsuits have just been filed with more to follow. i told you so." cruz fired back sot - sen ted cruz "it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy. and uh for whatever reason donald doesn't react well uh when he's going down in the polls." and he doubled down on his comments questioning "new york values"?. a line of attack he used against trump during thursday's debate sot - sen ted cruz "if you are offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio have hurt new yorkers then which of those policies do you agree with?" at a rally in new hampshire, trump
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sot - donald trump he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy and it's very, i mean he's being a great hypocrite. the two are locked in a heated primary battle and trump is getting some unexpected support. hillary clinton, a new york resident and former senator from the state tweeting "just this once, trump's right: new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience, and building better lives for our families." mary bruce abc news myrtle beach south carolina. ben ross is here now with a preview of sports. -nfl playoffs -- 2 games today plus -- some great games in college hoops -- including a wild finish in
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on the schedule today be begin in foxborough with the new england patriots and kansas city chiefs... opening drive -- tom brady -- to rob gronkowski -- 8 yard
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just like that it's 7-0 patriots... 3rd quarter -- now 14-6... brady -- to gronkowski -- might wanna guard that guy -- he's pretty good... new england up 21-6... back comes k-c... alex smith -- hits albert wilson for a 10-yard chiefs back within 8... 4th quarter -- chiefs down 14... but still not going away... charcandrick west into the endzone -- k-c back within a touchdown... just over a minute to go -- patriots could end it with a first down... pass deflected right into the hands of julian edelman... and that'll do it -- the new england patriots are heading to the a-f-c championship game for the 5th straight year... the other game tonight
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-- score update -- well the wolf pack basketball team won't be in action again until some really good games today across the country great matchup in norman, oklahoma -- the 2nd ranked sooners hosting number 11 west virginia... 2nd half -- jordan woodard -- nice move... oklahoma up 5... back comes west virginia... 3... mountaineers within 2... final seconds -- tied at 68 -- oklahoma ball... good -- but khadeem lattin tips it in... with 2.8 sooners up 2... one final heave for west
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thriller, 70-68 number 14 kentucky invading auburn... 2nd half -- tied at 65... tyler ulis puts kentucky up 2... right back... kareem canty -- and 1 -- he'd be alright... led all scorers with 26... tyler harris knocks down the long 2... he had 21... final seconds -- auburn up 4... ulis pulls up for 3 -- no good... and they're storming the court -- auburn snaps its 18-game losing streak against the wildcats... 75-70 9th-ranked duke hosting notre dame... and we'd like to apologize to rex pflueger in advance -- because down he goes... faked out by luke kennard who hits the 3... team-high 30 points... under 2 minutes to go -- duke down 1... nice move by grayson allen...
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final minute... bonzie colson -- led all scorers with 31... lead... then with 4 seconds left -- demetrius jackson misses the free throw... but zach auguste gets the offensive rebound... and notre dame pulls off the upset, 95-91 thanks ben...we'll be right back.
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night and early this morning has pushed east. the forecast area will be in a brief period of short wave ridging
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sunday before the next wave pushes into northern california late sunday afternoon and evening...then by late monday afternoon. gusty winds this evening should drop off during the overnight hours. a lake wind advisory remains in early this evening. localized
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a a ofessor of political science from worcester, massacsetts... a filmmaker and writer originally from fairbanks, alaska... and our returning champion, a chef from steamboat springs, colorado... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny.
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