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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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america this good morning reno." good morning. it's wednesday, january 20th. i'm amanda sanchez new this morning. a deadly attack on a university in pakistan has left at least 20 people dead. gunmen opened fire shortly after the university opened. four attackers were killed in a shootout with police. officials in pakistan say the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. let's go to lindsey
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high pressure will bring drier conditions through thursday. the next system will impact the region friday and saturday with a the search for a ski instructor who dissapeared six days ago from sugar bowl has been suspended. the placer county sheriff's office stopped the search, because of the treacherous conditions. 23-year-old carson may disappeared last thursday, during white-out conditions. the army national guard and the california highway patrol flew over the area where he vanished. the snow and rain though is making the search dangerous. "it was too dangerous, it's still too dangerous to go back there with the snow last night, it's created a high avalanche
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volunteers from multiple agencies, including the sugar bowl staff have worked tirelessly to find carson. the sheriff's office says the search could continue if the weather improves. ### one of the most dangerous intersections in nothern nevada is getting a major makeover. construction crews are demolishing homes near pyramid and mccarran. it's the last step-- before reconstruction begins. kolo 8 news now's catherine van has a look at the progress. philip: it's just been a mess. crews are wrapping up the last phase of the demolition project. 33 more homes along with three businesses and a church are next in line. most of the neighbors still living along nelson way know the project is necessary... but didn't anticipate how much it would impact their neighborhood. philip: they left it so the yard was not maintained, weeds and everything else all over the place. it just looked terrible for a year. philip cooney lives right next door to the construction site... saying his street is now a target for vagrants. philip: to me it just seems as though they haven't really been cognizant of the upset they caused the neighborhood. to him... time wasn't used efficiently. but r-t-c says... splitting up the demolition saved tax payers a few hundred thousand dollars. joe: we were able to realize the savings for the cost for the
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of the demolition into two contracts. the homes have been fenced off to keep people out... and not everything will be junk. the extra wood will be turned into mulch and r-t-c has partnered up with a city arborist to preserve the trees that are salvageable. joe: i think people in this neighborhood are ready for a change out here and better transportation in this area so they're not facing gridlock everyday. . the 72-million dollar project will alleviate traffic congestion with a new lane from each direction... and a paved multi-use trail to improve safety. joe: it'll have mature trees, it will have sound walls that will have designs on them. it will look great, better than what we have here. i think the people in this neighborhood are really excited to see improvements. that was catherine van
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we're told this phase of the demolition won't cause any traffic problems... but expect traffic delays in april when construction to widen the roadway begins. the r-t-c says they are on schedule with the project. it's set to be complete in early 2018. now to those plunging gas prices. in some cities and towns plunging below a dollar a gallon. as abc's rebecca jarvis reports--- the prices could go even lower. tonight, the ultimate price war at the pump. drivers lining up at that gas station in michigan could barely believe their eyes? prices slashed from 84 cents? to just 47 cents a gallon? across the street customers snapped pictures of the competition at just 54 cents? sot - ashley baker there were lines of cars waiting to get gas. umm people filling up gas cans. it was kinda unbelievable to see gas that cheap. the national average for a gallon of regular tonight $1.89? the cheapest gas since march of 2009?great news for consumers? sot woman, put the extra money in
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my family. but a concern for energy companies and energy jobs? temetreon roberts lost her oil job at an oil company this month. sot temetreon roberts i can't say i was overly shocked only because of the climate. it's been this way for months. that was rebecca jarvis reporting. how much lower will prices go? gas buddy predicts they'll fall another 10 to 20 cents this week. in fact, americans are expected to save $17 billion dollars at the pump this year. and here's a look at the cheapest prices around town. according to you will pay .....2.31 at arco. we have a link to the cheapest prices in your neighborhood on our kolo 8 app or at delta air lines was flying a little higher last year, thanks to plunging oil prices.
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more than five-billion dollars on fuel last year. and it believes those savings could continue this year. the airline expects too keep another three- billion dollars in 2016... thanks to lower energy prices. there has been some pressure on delta and other big airlines to cut ticket prices. low-cost carriers southwest, jetblue and spirit have pushed fares lower across the board.### now to california... and a deadly bus crash on highway 101 in san jose. 2 women were killed in the crash and 9 others the driver survived and reportedly told police that he was tired. an eye witness says he saw the bus... moments before it tipped over on its side. median. on average ...there are 35 bus crashes a year... people. fatigue is one of the biggest worries for safety investigators. investigating. ###
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pack at mount rose is 113-percent of normal. that's a lot better than what we saw at this time last year. but-- we have a long way to go. for example-- water in lake tahoe is still about a foot below the rim. the water needs to be a few feet above the rim.... to provide significant flow to the truckee river. it won't likely happen this year. "we've missed over a years worth of precipitation in the last four years, so to catch up all of that precipitation and all of that water in just one year, that is unlikely." "we would expect tahoe to possibly get about a half of a foot above the rim based on current forecasts. that does not provide much water." at this rate--- it could take two more years to get out of this drought and back to normal. ### donald trump getting a major boost in his campaign for president. former alaska governor, sarah palin, officially threw her support behind the republican frontrunner yesterday. here's andy rose. sarah palin is throwing her weight behind donald trump. former governor of alaska
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president of the united states, donald trump. the former alaska governor officialy endorsed the republican frontrunner at a rally in ames iowa. former governor of alaska you're ready for a commander in chief that will let their warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass. ready for someone who will secure our boarders, to secure our jobs and secure our homes. this could be a key turning point for trump in iowa. right now he is deadlocked with ted cruz in a battle to win the february first caucuses. cruz responded to early rumors of palin's endorsement by maintaining his support for the mama grizzly. presidential candidate i love sarah palin, without her friendship and support i wouldn't be in the senate today. this is the second blow to the cruz campaign in iowa. earlier in the day, governor terry branstad called for cruz to be defeated. iowa "he hasn't supported
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would be a big mistake for iowa to support him." presidential candidate well look, it is no surprise that the establishment is in full panic mode. meanwhile senator john mccain... who selected palin as his running mate in 2008 ... didn't have much to say about her endorsement. saying quote- "i respect her views." candidate bernie sanders is expanding his lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. a new cnn poll shows sanders now has a 27- point lead. 60-percent of voters support sanders, to 33- percent for clinton. support for sanders has grown by 10-points
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high pressure will bring drier conditions through thursday. the next system will impact the region friday and saturday with a period of moderate to heavy snow in the
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possibly ending as a period of snow for the lower valleys by saturday morning. sunday through tuesday, drier weather returns with average to slightly above average temperatures. the lower atmosphere has remained mixed up this morning for most areas of northeast california and western nevada with some areas
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there is also some stratus/stratocumulus in some areas as evidenced by low decks in bishop and alturas and periodic fog near the benton ag station on highway 6 . however, beyond the we've come a long way in preventing and treating h-i-v infection. but many young people at risk-- may not know they are. here's doctor timothy johnson. script: whether parents like it or not, nearly half of their teenagers are
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means they are at risk of h-i-v. and today, troubling findings from a new c- d-c study? showing that less than one in four sexually active high school students have ever been tested for this virus that causes aids. researchers found that among high schoolers who had sex with more than one person in the past three months, only 24 percent were tested for h-i-v. and among those who had sexual intercourse with more than four persons, the rate was only slightly higher, at 34 percent. this, despite recommendations that routine h-i-v testing should start at age 15 at latest. the picture not much better for young adults 18 to 24. only one in three sexually active young adults has ever been tested for h-i-v. sobering news, since we know teens and young adults are disproportionately affected by h-i-v and are more likely to be unaware if they are infected. the message to young people and their parents is clear: if you are sexually active, get
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with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. a nevada student's blog about drinking so much--- she nearly died--- is going viral. 20 year old hanna law-tritz lottritz is hoping her near death experience will have an impact on other young people who are tempted to push the limits. the night of july 25-th, 2015 was anything but ordinary for hanna. she was at the "night in the country" concert in yerington. she decided to start drinking at a friends campsite and says she started drinking a bottle of whiskey. her friends told her after that-- she also chugged a solo cup full of whiskey. hannah passed out and was taken to the medical tent. she was taken by care flight to renown and treated. when she woke up a day later doctors told her she almost died. she has written a very honest and frank account of that night
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post has gone viral now... with over four hundred thousand views. the journalism student she hopes a horrible night can be a learning experience for others. ""maybe having them rethink drinking so much and maybe be more responsible with drinking and i thought if reach one person then it would be worth sharing such a personal thing."" if you would like to read law-tritz blog post in its entirety... we've posted a link at kolo-tv-dot - com.
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trt: 2:37 0120ms01 the wolf pack will look to make it a clean sweep over wyoming tonight the key to beating them again, is to contain josh
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the senior guard is leading the conference in scoring, averaging 24 points per game... he scored 20 against the pack earlier this month... and erupted for 38 in their last game, a win on the road at new mexico. musselman: "he's explosive. he can score the ball from 3- point range. josh adams is a guy who's a high-volume free throw attempt player. and he's probably the single most difficult one player to defend in the league." cooper: "his combination of speed, athleticism, strength. just everything. ballhandling, he can shoot it." coleman: "he can really shoot it, he can get to the basket. he gets to the line. i mean, he;s really one of the best players in the country." tipoff tonight is at 6pm... wyoming lost here in reno earlier this month... the pack is a 3.5 point underdog at the sports books some good news for isaiah frey... he's signed a futures contract with the steelers it pretty much guarantees his rights for next season... frey was signed to their practice squad back in
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he has also played for the buccaneers and the bears during his four year career... he's played in 27 games, making 74 tackles, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery... he was a 6th round pick out of nevada back in the 2012 draft don jackson has been named one of the 16 players to watch at the upcoming nfl-pa collegiate bowl... he ran for nearly 11 hundred yards and 8 touchdowns this season, averaging 4.7 yards per carry... he ranks 14th in school history with over 23 hundred rushing yards and 21 career touchdowns... the collegiate bowl is a postseason all-star game... it's this saturday at 3pm on espn2...
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a pair of pitchers to other teams... the pirates have claimed aj schugel off of waivers... he started 9 games in reno, going 2-and-7 with an era over 10... he also appeared in five games with the diamondbacks
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-over: my new mom and i have a lot in common. ahh...the great outside... son, voice-over: we both love the outdoors. it's so shiny! that's not a flower. son, voice-over: we both love geology. oh, look! an igneous one! that's not a rock. son, voice-over: and she knows a lot about wildlife. a labradoodle! [baying] that's not a dog. son, voice-over: hanging out has been kinda fun. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care
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through thursday. the next system will impact the region friday and saturday with a period of moderate to heavy snow in the sierra, with rain possibly ending as a period of snow for the lower valleys by saturday morning. sunday through tuesday, drier weather returns with average to slightly above average temperatures. the lower atmosphere has remained mixed up the world is flooded with plastic garbage, and it's going to get a lot worse. that's the warning from the world economic forum. it predicted there will be more plastic than fish, in terms of weight in the world's oceans by 20-50. they estimate the amount of plastics produced globally, will increase three times, to more than 1-point-1
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the forum said the only way to avoid a disaster, is to massively improve recycling. ### if you find yourself using words like 'password' or 1-2-3-4-5-6' to protect your computer or phone... you are not alone. according to computer security company "splashdata," those are the most unsecure passwords. yet for the last five years the company says, these are still the most used. other common mistakes include using names of children or pets when creating a new password. it's not an uncommon mistake because many of us have to remember so many passwords to gain access to important one computer expert we talked to had this advice for coming up with a new password. "wyatt soulam/the computer guy supervisor: you can think of a phrase from a song a movie or a book that you enjoy. just don't have words from a replace words with numbers, put symbols in there, throw some symbols on the end, that other suggestions-- using a password
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or lastpass to prevent you from using the same password on multiple sites.### when it comes to flying... how about a little more leg room? how you can get better seats without paying extra. and who doesn't like fries and chocolate? well mcdonalds is
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