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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now to the latest on the east coast blizzard --at least 28 deaths being blamed on the storm. this morning, people dealing with slick roads, damaged transit lines and endless piles of snow. as abc's lana zak explains, the concern now is black ice as melted snow has frozen on the roadways. this weekend's storm was one for the record books-- nats plows & capitol nearly 2 feet of snow in some areas of washington, dc
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biggest storm ever in baltimore--at 29.2 inches gfx: and in new york's central park, a new 24- hour record-- with 26.8 inches of snow grinding to a halt all forms of travel.. nats well almost all forms... drivers on the pennsyvania turnpike were marooned for up to 30-hours creating a unique situation--sunday mass on the highway. nats and on the jersey shore...blocks of ice floated down flooded streets the snow continued to build threw out the weekend in virginia, and up and down the coast, the weight of that snow too much for area roofs. even this ambulance was stuck nats this morning, the east coast will be digging- out... nats "a record amount of snow must be removed and when i say removed that doesn't mean that doesn't mean we can just push it into the street. it has to be lifted and taken away." and for many....there's at least one more snow day ahead. tag: and if you're wondering...the snow jackpot winner was glengary, wv, with a whopping 42 inches of
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all that powder, air travel will continue to be impacted...airlines now need to make up for the 14-thousand flights cancelled this weekend. live in washington, lz abcn. staff and students will finally be returning to pine middle school today. last month... a water pipe burst forcing the school to shut down for repairs. asbestos abatement made the repairs even more complicated. the washoe county school district has spent more than a million dollars repairing the school. classes will start 15 minutes early everyday until spring break to help make up for that lost class time.### after a couple of weather related delays.... sky tavern ski and snowboard school finally kicked off their season this weekend.
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us...about 14-hundred students hit the slopes. "i love snowboarding" "hows the snow? good." about 14-hundred kids took to the slopes at sky tavern for opening day sunday. "we have great weather we have great snow, great fun and the program is doing well we have a bunch of happy kids and a bunch of happy parents which is awesome." the snow is better than it's been in years... but the winter weather also responsible for pushing back the start date.. from the 16th to the 24th. "we had too much wind a little too much ice. safety is our first concern and we wanted to make sure we had a good safe project." sky tavern is the nation's oldest and largest non profit ski and snowboard program... and it's all volunteer run. a lot of the instructors learned to ski here. "it's a great way to learn the basics, get on the big hill." and now pass that knowledge on to the next generation. "teaching kids, seeing the smiles and having them ski" there's still time to sign up... and room for all ages and abilities. "we have a great adaptive program, great sky kids program so it's a very good program for the community its a great community service for everyone here." at sky tavern chris
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the owner of mt. rose ski resort is looking to sell. in a letter to season pass holders, the resort explains that at 95-years-old, owner fritz buser is ready to hang up his skis and retire. buser has owned the resort since 1971. it's a mix of private property and land leased from the u.s. forest service for a total of 12-hundred "skiable" acres. the process of looking for a buyer for mt. rose is expected to take some time. police arrested a woman who they say stabbed another woman at the star of reno motel.
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the motel at fourth and arlington around two yesterday afternoon. officers found a woman with stab wounds to her back and stomach. she was taken to renown. prompted the stabbing - women involved have not been released. 20-year-old austin miller is in custody --accused of two armed robberies. around 1:30 yesterday morning... police were called to an am-pm on south virginia street after an armed robbery. a short time later, officers attempted to stop a man matching the suspect description as he left a 7-eleven on wells avenue. the man - later identified as miller - took off running, but was eventually caught by police. officers also found a handgun that miller tossed while running away. police say miller also robbedthe 7-eleven he was seen leaving just before his arrest. he was searched and found to have property stolen from both stores. police have identified a man accused of stabbing another man after stealing his watch
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it happened around two o'clock saturday afternoon. 33-year-old adam gardner is charged with robbery and battery with a deadly weapon. police say when the victim tried to get his watch back, gardner stabbed him in the arm. casino security held gardner until police arrived. the victim was taken to renown, and is expected to be ok. a third arrest has been made in connection with a robbery and shooting in downtown reno last week. police identified 25- year-old joshua canada as an additional suspect in that robbery wednesday night. darius jones and christina rooney are already in custody in connection with that crime. police say the trio held up a couple threatening them with pistols. the male victim refused and was shot. his injuries were not life-threatening. after the shooting -- police say the group ran off. later - detectives found several suspects at an apartment with property taken from the victims, as well as
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a local family is asking for your help, after they say their puppy was stolen from their home. as kolo 8 news now's catherine van explains, the family is now asking the community to help them get their dog back. tori: it feels like our family is broken, like we don't even have a family. these children are heartbroken... after their puppy diva was taken right behind their home. nats: the door was open, the gate open. seven year old tori was waiting for the ice cream truck to arrive. nats: the window is wide open right there, the ice cream truck stops right there, there's kids all over there. her step-father looked away for a moment... and
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behind her. everett: that moment, a truck pulled up and stopped and some guys grabbed the dog from there. the driver drove off... but not before everett got a glimpse of the pair of men, he says are hispanic and drive a late 90s dark blue chevy blazer with a raiders sign on the back. this wasn't the first time the family has seen the car. tori: when we ride around the neighborhood, i always see that car parked. this could have easily led to a scarier situation for the family. everett: i was freaking out about my daughter's safety. but the kids were in a panic to find their two- month old razor edge pit terrier... a type commonly used to breed or worst case scenario... to fight.
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be offering a reward for diva's return. if you've seen her... you can call reno police or call the owners. you can find their phone number at
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a ridge of high pressure will bring dry conditions through much of the week. air quality will worsen through mid week before the next system moves into the region bringing chances for rain and snow by the end of the week into the weekend. && .short term... a weak slider-type system continues to push through the sierra. associated moisture has been mostly confined west of the sierra crest in central california. there were a few showers in the sierra and around reno earlier in the night, but
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fell. webcams did show some snow covered roads in lassen county and there could be some slick conditions mainly from truckee northward. however, the vorticity lobe supporting this system is shearing out, and snow showers are dissipating. there will be some lingering cloud cover today from this system, but very little chance of further precipitation. otherwise, there could be some patchy freezing fog along typical sierra locations like the martis and sierra valleys this morning. a ridge of high pressure will settle over the region from this afternoon through wednesday night. the only real weather concern will be valley inversions resulting in
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a man accused of shooting a police officer in miami-- through a fit during his first court appearance. the man is accused of ambushing a police officer in a drive-by shooting. but as derek shore reports, he's claming that he's the victim. natsot / judge: "we are calling now mr. david andres mejia" wearing a green suicide vest, 23-year-old david andres mejia spoke straight to the judge after hearing the charges against him. "sir, these are non-bondable offenses." : "how does a kid who shot in church get a bond, but i can't get a bond, ma'am. i proactive my second amendment, my life was in danger by crooked cops." mejia making his feelings known about police officers, a day after being accused of an ambush shooting of miami gardens police officer david starling, as he sat in his patrol s-u-v. mejia holding nothing back in a bizarre exchange, despite urges by his public defender to stay quiet. natsot/public defender: "don't talk about the facts of the case."
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work for them, kkk member!" natsot ' judge: "ok, you should listen to your attorney. he's your public defender. he is here to protect your rights." : "i'm representing myself, ma'am. i'm representing myself and i got a lawyer," mejia said. mejia upset for not getting a bond for his numerous charges, including attempted murder and claiming somehow that he was the victim. but he had no explanation why he thought so. : "i was in threat for my life. they were trying to kill me, man. y'all got more blood on your hands than i got blood on my hands. what about my little brother, trayvon?" likely referencing the shooting death of trayvon martin, the judge sent mejia back to his cell. some new information following a high-profile jailbreak in california. officials say three inmates broke out of a maximum-security jail in santa ana on friday. they managed to cut through steel bars in their cells and sneak through plumbing tunnels to the roof. after that, they reportedly used sheets to repel four stories to the ground. "we are in a position when we absolutely need the public's help. there are people out there
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are, may have seen them, we are asking for phone calls, whether it's any piece of information you may have." the public is warned to treat these men as armed and dangerous... and to call 9-1-1 if they are spotted. the escapees include a suspected murderer and inmates charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. the details of the escape -including what help the trio may have
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-over: my new mom and i have a lot in common. ahh...the great outside... son, voice-over: we both love the outdoors. it's so shiny! that's not a flower. son, voice-over: we both love geology. oh, look! an igneous one! that's not a rock. son, voice-over: and she knows a lot about wildlife.
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[baying] that's not a dog. son, voice-over: hanging out has been kinda fun. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care will take you just as you are. 0125dsp01 outcue = we'll be right back trt= 3:53 yesterday, for the 17th time, it was tom brady vs. peyton manning -- patriots and broncos facing off for a spot in super bowl 50 manning just 5-and-11 in the previous 16 matchups -- but he has won 2 of the 3 a-f-c title game meetings... 1st quarter -- broncos strike first...
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7-0 denver... patriots answer -- steven jackson in for the touchdown... but steven gostkowski misses the extra point -- and that would prove to be costly... little foreshadowing there... 2nd quarter -- manning -- going back to daniels... broncos go up 14-6... fast forward to the 4th quarter -- 1:34 to go -- patriots still down 8... on 4th and 10 -- brady -- to rob gronkowski... inside the 10-yard-line... 4 plays later -- 4th and goal -- this is the ballgame... brady -- to gronkowski! touchdown patriots!... but they're still down 2 because of that missed extra point... here's the 2 point conversion... brady's pass is tipped and intercepted... and the broncos hang on, 20-18... that means wolf pack alums and current broncos brandon marshall, virgil green, and kyle roberts are heading to the super bowl so who will they play? cam newton and the carolina panthers hosting arizona in the n-f-c title game... this one was all carolina... first quarter -- already up 10-0... cam -- over the middle to corey brown -- makes a man miss -- and he's gone...
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17-0 panthers... 3rd quarter -- the rout is on... cam -- gonna do it himself this time... he passed for 2 touchdowns, and ran for 2 touchdowns... panthers up 34-7... it was a rough day for carson palmer... this is one of his 4 interceptions -- and luke kuechly takes it back for a touchdown... carolina is heading to the super bowl... 49-15 so super bowl 50 is set -- broncos and panthers -- 2 weeks from yesterday at levi's stadium in santa clara -- the panthers open as a 4-point favorite well what a game saturday night at lawlor events center -- the wolf pack rallying past u-n-l-v 65-63 -- their 4th win over the rebels in their last 6 meetings an absolutely electric atmosphere -- 11,341 on hand -- the 5th largest men's basketball crowd in lawlor history... and they sure got their money's worth... marqueze coleman led all scorers with 21 points -- cameron oliver added 12 points and 9 rebounds -- and tyron criswell had a double- double with 11 points and 10 boards... but the real m-v-p might've been
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"" sot/musselman: i thought it was absolutely phenomenal. i mean the students - are you kidding me? at 5:00, when you pull up here and you see that line. that's exactly how it was at lsu when we played kentucky last year and it gives you goosebumps. sot/coleman: it's the loudest, the most people that have been here since i've been here. it's an indescribable feeling. we would love to have that every single night. sot/oliver: it was great, it was great. after i took the charge, i just felt like the vibration of the arena. it was kind of scary a little bit, but i like that at the same time though. should be another big crowd tomorrow night as the pack hosts first place san diego state -- note the late tip time -- 8 pm -- as nevada tries to hand san diego state its first conference loss of the season that's your look at sports. we'll be right
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waiter: here's your check. oh! you--you got it. you know, since i got rid of my car, i really enjoy walking. ok. got it? no, i'm good. announcer: getting pulled over for buzzed driving could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. oh, you're home early. you live with your mom? announcer: that'll set your game back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke
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a 7-point-1 earthquake rocked south - central alaska yesterday morning. it hit about 160 miles southwest of anchorage. police say an apparent gas leak prompted the evacuation of almost two dozen homes. fire fighters battled three house fires sparked by the gas leak. at least one of those homes exploded. so far there have not been any reports of injury. a ridge of high pressure will bring dry conditions through much of the week. air quality will worsen through mid week before the next system moves into the region bringing chances for rain and snow by the end of the week into the weekend. && .short term... a weak slider-type system continues to push through the sierra.
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has been mostly confined west of the sierra crest in central california. there were a few showers in the sierra and around reno earlier in the night, but largely only trace amounts of snow fell. webcams did show some snow covered the lowest gas prices in 7 years. how much prices have dropped over the last two weeks.... and where else you may be seeing savings. and super bowl preps are underway as the denver broncos and carolina panthers get ready to face off in santa clara.
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thousands of people i was getting into mycar one morning, when i heard... it sounded like a kitten was trapped in my car, but i couldn't find it anywhere. neither could my husband. and neither could the fire department. we couldn't lure it out... so we decided to drive very slowly to les schwab. the team took my car apart... oh, here he is! ...and rescued the kitten! today he's alive and well, and spoiled rotten! i'm andrea duvall, and that's my les schwab story.
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n, voice-over: last summer, my new dad took me on vacation. [throws up] first, we went deep-sea fishing... i'm so proud of you son! [throws up] then we went on thunder shark. three times! [throws up] announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. thousands of kids in foster care
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are waking up to piles of snow this morning after that historic blizzard slammed the east coast. we're going live to washington d-c for a look at the clean up. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. ----
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