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tv   KOLO 8 News Now 11PM  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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east slopes. right along and just to the east of the crest, rainfall accumulations in the 1 to 3 inch range have been reported thus far and a few tenths to about half an inch of rain across western nevada. spillover precipitation will increase through the morning as a front drops south across the region. along with the front will come a sharp drop in snow level which currently is falling below 7,000. caltrans webcams show snowfall rapidly accumulating along i-80 through the sierra with chain controls in effect. expecting about 6-12" of accumulations between reported missing for several hours. washoe county search and rescue say they got lost after going into an
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the mount rose ski resort around 4 p-m. crews were able to locate them after a few hours... ... but it took longer to make physical contact because say they are in an area with a considerable avalanche danger. you can absolutely stay in bounds. stay on the marked trails and this kind of call wouldn't have happened. the two snowboarders are from out of town. the told search and rescue there were not injured but the drop in temperature puts them in danger of hypothermia. recent snowfall in the mountains prompted the sierra avalanche center to increase the avalanche risk to considerable.. according to an advidory put out this morning...people looking to go on any backcountry outings this weekend need to be aware of an increased risk of wind slab avalanches . the advisory says fragile wind slabs above 87 hundred feet already exist.. .. but could become more widespread as more
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the recent rain and snow... making a big impact on the truckee river. kolo 8 news nows chris buckley was there as hydrographers with the u-s geological survey measured the river at several spots this morning... the truckee river... higher than it's been in years. according to the u-s geological survey, it's the first significant peak flow event since the drought. "this is what we live for normally we're our here in waders so it's nice to get the big boats out and get the flow measurements." crews with the u-s-g-s took measurements at several spots along the truckee saturday morning. "this is an acoustic dopler profiler ti sends sound signals down in to the water so we can get a volune of water in cubic feet per second." here at glendale avenue... the water was flowing at about 28- hundred cubic feet per second. "yesterday we were probably at several hundred so we're at a factor of ten from that." thanks to this years snowpack... and the recent rain. "its going to do some good its going to be in pyramid lake which has really dropped drastically during the driught
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both places this water goes into truckee canal so the farmers in fallon will appreciate this and the trout in pyramid lake will appreciate it too." they haven't seen numbers like this... since december 20-12. in reno chris buckley kolo 8 news now. water flow levels peaked by mid-morning.... and never got high enough.... to cause flood concerns. south lake tahoe police say a man was killed after being shot at the beverly lodge this evening. it happened around 7:45... police say they found the man on
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some rooms at the hotel. he was transported to a local hospital... but died shortly after arrival. no suspects have been identified yet... people with information about this crime should call: the south lake tahoe police department at 542-6100. reno police are searching for a truck involved in a deadly hit- and-run early this morning. it happened around six near east fourth and spokane streets. police say a 55-year-old man was legally crossing fourth street... when a pickup truck traveling at a high speed... with its headlights off... struck him... then fled... the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the pickup is described as new and light- colored. if you have any information... please call rpd or secret witness. in sparks.... police are looking for a man they say attempted to rob a convenience store on north mccarran boulevard around seven yesterday morning... sparks police say a man entered the store and attempted to rob the clerk with a handgun... he was unsuccessful
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he is described as white or hispanic... approximately 5-feet 5- inches tall and weighing about 140 pounds. he was last seen wearing dark clothing. secret witness is offering 15-hundred dollars for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the suspect. the manhunt is over! the remaining two men who escaped a santa ana area jail are now in custody. with all three escapees back behind bars - the investigation can focus on how they got out in the first place. abc's lauren lyster has the latest. off the streets and back in custody. the remaining two california escaped inmates - hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu - captured today in san francisco. sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief." and this may have been a key moment in the investigation? less than 24 hours earlier - the first fugitive bac duong cuffed on camera - calmly surrending in santa ana - after a week
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sot - witness "we're just friends, he knows us and he want to make sure he gets caught safely." investigators believe duong was in charge of transportation? and stole the white van the trio used to get away. that same van - spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot this morning? a man alerted some park district police officers? who quickly investigated. sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "officers approached the van - nayeri fled on foot." natsot - "code 4, code 4 we got em down. natsot - "there might be another person in there. standby, take a look at that van." / orange county, ca "on returning to the van, they found tieu hiding in the van." working on transferring the pair back to orange county? and learning more about how they escaped in the first place. police believe nayeri may have been tasked with getting information? somehow coaxing his jailhouse english teacher to give him more than language lessons? sot - lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriff's dept. "a google earth image on paper
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// she played a significant role in the planning" 44-year-old nooshafarin ravaghi now under arrest for suspicion of contributing to the men's escape. while officials know she and nayeri developed a relationship - it's unclear whether it was romantic. lauren lyster oncam close: soon all three inmates will be back behind bars at the very jail they escaped. the sheriff denver. one person was killed and six others injured at the colorado motorcycle expo today. police say shots were fired and then a stabbing occurred at the denver coliseum. thousands of people were inside the building when shots were fired. at 1:18 ish :20ish seconds in.. guy in wheelchair it all happened on the stairwells, and then there was some mongrol motorcycle guys beating up on another guy. :1.15 you're a rider, you're aware of what goes on here. so you start seeing looks between club members it's time to go. an emergency medical official says three
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critical condition, while three others are in stable condition. tomorrow's expo events have been cancelled. how would you react in an emergency situation? the washoe county sheriff's office is offering free classes to makes sure you're prepared for anything. kolo 8 news now's catherine van takes us through its cert program. nats are you ok, does your neck hurt? these aren't trained professionals. nats they're people in the community who just want to be part of the solution when an emergency strikes. steve: in a chaotic situation, not everyone is in chaos. you have pockets of people who are starting to put things in order. steve myers wants to become one of those people. he's training to be part of the community emergency response team. cert. they learn ...step by to respond during a disaster ... skills that may save lives later on. shirlee: having people with this training is going to help make our community far more resilient and recover much quicker. for six days... citizen corps volunteers teach them how to identify problems... suppress
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emergency medical care. steve: we'll have less of that panic reaction and be able to look at each other's eyes and say 'remember, we learned this before. they're learning how effectively work through their emotions during... in most cases---a tragedy. shirlee: there's going to be things that will happen in your life and you will just be more in power to deal with them after this training. by the end of the training... steve says he's ready to run toward a problem.. instead of away. steve: once you've done it, you can visualize yourself doing it and you have the memory to train. in north reno...cvk8nn. the washoe county sheriff's office holds four cert training sessions a year. the next one is in april you can sign up online... just head to and click on hot topics. the deadline to enroll in
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quickly approaching.... open enrollment ends tomorrow night... people who don't have health insurance by then will... face a tax penalty... you can purchase state sponsored health plans at nevada health link... for more information visit our hot topics section on kolo tv dot com. still ahead on kolo 8 news now at eleven... with just two days to go until the iowa caucuses... the candidates are making one last stand to win the vote. here's a kolo-8 sports break -- u-f-c in new jersey -- mcqueen grad ryan bader fighting anthony johnson in the main event... and it did not go well for bader... it took just a minute and 26 seconds and johnson wins by knockout from ground strikes... bader's u-f-c record drops to 13-and-5 outcue = 13-and-5
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video from mammoth where they are reporting up to 10 inches of new snow.... and they are expecting that total to jump to 3 feet by monday a winter storm will continue to impact the region today. a cold front will bring lowering snow levels through the morning with snow mixing with rain possible across western nevada valleys. be prepared for travel western nevada weekend and possibly short term... the main core of the atmospheric river moisture plume is currently pushing its way across the sierra and into western nevada. heavy rainfall accumulations have been reported along west slopes of the sierra so far this morning with some shadowing along the east slopes. right along and just to the east
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accumulations in the 1 to 3 inch range have been reported thus far and a few tenths to about half an inch of rain across western nevada. spillover precipitation will increase through the morning as a front drops south across the region. along with the front will come a sharp drop in snow level which currently is falling below 7,000. caltrans webcams show snowfall rapidly accumulating along i-80 through the sierra with chain controls in effect. expecting about 6-12" of accumulations between 8,000-7,000 feet with more in the 3-6" range below about 7,000. travel impacts will continue through the morning before diminishing in intensity through the morning hours. heavier snowfall will persist through the early afternoon through mono county as the main moisture plume slides across the southern sierra. the front will also
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later this morning with levels dropping near 4,500-5,000. current positions puts this transition somewhere near the susanville area and expect the front to move through the reno-carson city vicinity by late morning. with snow but surface temperatures should be warm enough across western nevada valleys. challenge will occur sunday as the core of upper low moves across western nevada. this will result in less moisture but increased instability aloft. as such, looking for more convective and banded snowfall to occur which is inherently difficult to pin down in a forecast. latest model runs have depicted one such band farther north along the i-80 corridor by sunday afternoon. overall, the highest probabilities for seeing higher snowfall accumulations in the 3-6" in range favoring areas mainly south of hwy 50 with lower end amounts of an inch or two possible between i-80 and hwy 50. pinpointing the position of banded is snowfall is almost always low confidence so probably wont see confidence increase until 12-24
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satellite trends and higher resolution model runs become available. nonetheless, motorists and pedestrians should be prepared for accumulating snowfall and travel impacts for sunday. fuentes long term...tuesday through friday... very few changes were made to the inherited long term forecast this morning. overall the operational models and ensemble members were in fair agreement early in the forecast period...but then begin to diverge very significantly by the later periods of the forecast. a ridge starts to develop just west of the forecast area tuesday as the upper trough moves slowly east. the 30/06 utc run of the operational gfs now shows a bit more chance of precipitation tuesday over and above the 30/00 utc run as it keeps the trough axis farther west for a longer period of time. this seems out of line with the ensemble members and the other operational models so only a small area of slight chance pops was retained over the northern and northwest forecast area for tuesday. by wednesday the gefs ensemble members are starting to flatten the
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the ecmwf...but no precipitation is indicated. by thursday the model guidance is diverging with the ecmwf sliding a short wave over the ridge well to our north as the gfs starts to break the ridge down more. both show a chance of first major contest for the white house just two days away, all eyes are on the hawkeye state this weekend. abc's brandi hitt has more from des moines. sot donald trump: "ted has a big problem. other people have different problems. me, i have no problems." it's down to the wire in iowa -- sot - cruz: "if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide." with republicans ted cruz and marco rubio -- now clashing - before monday's caucuses. sot - rubio: "he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end on some things he's saying. people see through that." rubio even deciding -- to run a half-hour t-v special in iowa this weekend... as the other g-o-p candidates criss cross the state. sot - christie "they've never been through a
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nats - for the democrats... hillary clinton is guns... sot - "excellent... excellent." her entire family -- out on the campaign trail. sot - bill clinton "this is a dog fight... you fight to but she is not announcement... ... from the state department... declaring 22 of her emails from her private account "top clinton's campaign though is reacting - saying -- "this is over classification run amok." sot - mattjew dowd is does it under mind her argument about electability with this hanging out there?" nats - sanders event large crowds also continue turning out for her opponent - bernie sanders. sot - sanders "i believe that democracy is one person - one vote! not billionaires buying elections. " "here in iowa... caucus goers are also getting blasted with non-stop campaign adds on television. millions of dollars are being spent to court thousands of undecided voters. brandi hitt - abc news - des moines, iowa." up next on this edition of kolo 8 news now... it
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actors awarded themselves. some highlights from the 22nd annual screen actor guild awards. but first here are your california lottory numbers... here's a kolo 8 sports break -- a stunning upset in the australian open women's final... serena williams, defeated by germany's angelique kerber... the first career major title for the 28-year-old... she wins it in 3 sets... 6-4, 3-6, 6-4... men's final at midnight tonight -- novak djokovic against andy murray outcue = against andy murray trt = 0:22 the 22nd anual screen actor guild awards were held in las angeles tonight... downton abbey," "spotlight," and "orange the ensemble awards. the sag awards have serena williams, defeated by germany's
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firwere held in las angeles tonight... downton abbey," "spotlight," and "orange is the new black" won the ensemble awards. the sag awards have proven to be a reliable indicator of the outcomes of the oscar acting races. which may be good news for leonardo dicaprio who won best actor for his performance in the thriller "the revenant "i'm truely humbled by this because it comes from all of you, my fellow actors. thank you from the bttom of my heart. " but many are saying the big winner of the night was diversity. most of the awards were acceted by people of color...a significant contrast to what's expected at the oscars... idris elba.. took home two awards tonight. .... his failure to recieve an oscar nod helped fuel the continued backlash against the academy awards and the hastag oscasr so white. ben ross is here now with a preview of sports. -wolf pack basketball team looking for its 3rd straight road win -- at utah state and reed star
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long day for the wolf pack basketball team -- their flight to utah was cancelled because of heavy wind, so they had logan -- about 10 hours -- against utah state would make it all worth the while wolf pack and aggies from the dee glen smith spectrum in logan... first half... you saw eric cooper junior and tyron criswell hitting 3's... then it's cam oliver from beyond the arc... and this is when you know it's your night -- bounces in... the break... but the pack able to hang on... oliver throwing down 2
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nevada wins its third straight road game, 89- 84 -- they improve to 13- and-8 overall, 5-and-4 in the mountain west wolf pack women hosting utah state -- jane albright honored before the game for her 500th career win -- picked it up wednesday night against san diego state... as for the game -- halie bergman -- nice move and lays it in to give the pack an early lead... later -- kelsey kaelin buries the 3... nevada up 1... hannah hutchins -- 2 of utah state goes on to win 79-66 to the n-b-a... league- leading warriors facing the league-worst 76ers... should be a blowout, right?... that's why they play the games!... isaiah canaan -- 4-point play -- brings the sixers within 2... then ish smith gets the steal -- and he's gonna
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final seconds -- warriors with a chance to win... harrison barnes -- for 3!... and the warriors survive, 108-105 kings trying to snap a 3-game skid -- in memphis facing the grizzlies... 4th quarter -- rudy gay -- 2 of his team-high 21... kings still down 10... they get it within 2 -- but mike conley hits a big stepback jumper... grizzlies hang on to win... and then to add insult to injury -- or in this case, injury to insult... demarcus cousins goes down -- marc gasol falls on cousins' ankle... he would not return... x- rays were negative -- they're calling it a sprained left ankle... kings lose their 4th in a row, 121-117 turning to football now, where reed quarterback and two- time sports caravan player of the year matt denn has announced his verbal commitment to
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guard academy denn will play quarterback for the division 3 school in connecticut... as a senior at reed, denn passed for 2,277 yards and 30 touchdowns -- he also ran for 1,282 yards and 23 td's... in his two seasons as reed's starting qb, denn accounted for 91 total touchdowns thanks ben...we'll be
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continue to impact the region today. a cold front will bring lowering snow levels through the morning with snow mixing with rain possible across western nevada valleys. be prepared for travel impacts in the sierra and western nevada throughout the weekend and possibly into early next week. short term... the main core of the atmospheric river moisture plume is currently pushing its way across the sierra
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nevada. heavy rainfall accumulations have been reported along the west slopes of the sierra so far this morning with some sizable shadowing along the east slopes. right along and just to the east of the crest, rainfall accumulations in the 1 to 3 inch range have been reported thus far (woman) ooh yeah ooh my temperature's a-risin' i can feel the fever's burning up (buzzes) ooh hot, hot, hot (buzz) temperature's a-risin' (buzzing) yes. yep. i'm coming. temperature's a-risin' i can feel the fever's burning up you are not going to believe this. paula. you are so not going to believe this. what are you doing here? i can't even believe it. believe what?
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