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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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pollutants and may create hazy conditions as well. no precipitation is forecast through the end of the work week, with only small chances possible by weekend. &&.short term... a strong high pressure turning now to the new hampshire primary which is happening today. people in new hampshire will be casting ballots today - but the very first ballots have actually already been cast. according to the midnight voting, ohio governor john kasich beat out donald trump. only three locations in new hampshire-- allow early morning voting. meanwhile, donald trump is entering the primary with a strong lead in the polls. on the democratic side, bernie sanders won the early votes-- and also holds a 23 point advantage over hillary clinton in the polls. "tomorrow the people of new hampshire will have an opportunity to say "enough is enough." " ... i wlll get up every day and do all that i can to make a real
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and our country." over 44-percent of new hampshire voters are still undecided. nevada caucuses are the first in the west, and an important gage of how local voters feel about the crop of presidential candidates. with the nation's focus on nevada, both parties are determined to have their events-- error free. a lot of the success will depend on the volunteer base the parties can drum up between now and caucus day. the repubican caucus chair here in washoe county, says a lot of people are calling headquarters-- asking where they can volunteer. they'll have 28 caucus locations on february 23rd. democrats say their training session is a great way to get volunteers, and because they have more than 60-locations for their febraury 20th event, they need more bodies. "phyllis westrup/rep. caucus
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especially at some of the bigger sites, we need somewhere between six to eight volunteers and i've been working on site." "kerry durmick/reg. field dir. n. nv. democratic caucuses: our trainings are definitely the best way to pull people in to help out with the caucuses. once you get somebody trained to caucus#they get more comfortable, and then they are a lot more willing to become a volunteer. whether that is becoming a chair, or being a secretary, or sign in volunteer." if you want to participate in the democratic caucuses, you can register at the event. for republican caucuses, you need to pre-register as a republican. the deadline is this saturday. because the deadline is looming, it's recommended you head to washoe county registrar of voters by friday. the office is open until 5 o'clock in the evening. there's a 1-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in the total wine and spirits robbery on south virginia. reno police say the thieves took expensive bottles of wine and
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the reno police department released pictures of the suspects. they're described as two black men-- 6'1" to 6'2" with heavy builds. according to police, the suspects broke the lower part of the front door and loaded high end wines and liquor into a ford f-one-50. and police say this is not the first time the suspects robbed a total wine and spirits. "we do have information that in california, arizona and las vegas that similar incidents that happened here on sunday morning have occurred at other total wine businesses." total wine and spirits is calculating the damages, and has yet to release a dollar amount. if you have any information on this robbery call secret witness at 322-4900. for decades, the anaconda mine near yerington produced copper by the ton. but, operators left behind toxic tailings-- containing uranium and heavy metals, and acidic remnants of the mining process. as kolo 8 news now's ed pearce reports,
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controversy. 00-:12 :123-:17 :17-1:17 almost since the last operator pulled out, the old mine has worried and divided some of its neighbors. ten years ago, some were already pressing for a clean up. pauley: "we're not for superfund necessarily, but if that's what's needed to make us safe, it's what we'll fight for." the blm closed the site to the public and a lawsuit was filed. atlantic richfield which had operated the mine after anaconda left, assumed responsibility for managing the mine as a superfund site. tailings were covered to keep toxic dust from blowing into the surrounding valley and ponds containing a highly acidic solution were lined, but those ponds are filling with sediment and it's estimated they could overflow into the ground water by 2019. and the company which created this particular problem is long gone. so the epa wants to put it on their national priority list which could mean the feds would pick up 90 percent of the cost. there have always been those
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about the impact the superfund designation would have on property values and economic development. the possibility of this new listing has renewed those fears. so the local community and the governor are asking the epa to give them more time to find alternative sources of funding. that was ed pearce reporting. in order to put the site in line for funding before that 2019 deadline, the process would have to start this year. the governor is asking them to hold off until september-- giving them time to look elsewhere for the money.
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the east coast was hit by a powerful storm. massachusetts officials shut down state offices and schools yesterday but that didn't stop these surfers. high waves were hitting the coastline all morning. this storm caused some flooding in the island of nantucket and experts say more flooding could hit the eastern part of the state. high pressure will continue to bring above average temperatures along with generally light winds through the rest of the week. valley inversions will
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create hazy conditions as well. no precipitation is forecast through the end of the work week, with only small chances possible by weekend. &&.short term... a strong high pressure ridge will persist across the west through the next week. patchy freezing fog will be possible in the colder valleys in the sierra and for some locations in the basin and range early this morning. otherwise, the forecast will be for light winds and gradually warming temperatures as the ridge strengthens. temperatures will climb well above normal readings, with many locations forecast to be 10 to 15 degrees warmer than average. inversions will limit warming in the lower valleys
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elevations will see a quicker warm up. air quality may be a concern through midweek as pollutants and haze build up and become trapped under the inversions. although increasing southwest flow across the region later this week will likely allow for improved mixing and visibility. go to for air quality information. we all know your i- phone can give you directions -- but did you know it can save your
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it's called the 'health app' and automatically comes with your i- phone. in a situation where you're unconscious, your phone can do all the talking. kolo 8 news now's catherine van explains. : nats of accident at every incident... an ambulance is not far behind. when paramedics respond... they rarely know who they're dealing with. cindy: half the calls we go on we don't know their names, unless they're available to give it to us or the mental capacity to tell us. that's when your iphone comes in handy. cindy: if you are unconscious, unresponsive, if you're unable to speak, if you're having a stroke of if something like that is going on, we can go into your phone without the code and clilck on a button. it's called the my health app. it's free and it's already built into your i-phone... showing only information that you want health care
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cindy: the first thing we want to know is what their age is and what their name is and if we get any other information about their medical history, that for sure is a huge help for us. here's how you set it up... tap the app fill in your info and upload. it's ready to go. cindy: if you get into a car accident, what if you can't speak? then we could do that for you. then we wouldn't have to scramble or hours later contact your family hours later. the most important pieces of information they need is your name.. birthday... and one to two emergency contacts... and then a list of allergies. cindy: we try first and foremost to try to get into their pockets to find their driver's license to get a name and birthday. if we need to we guess their weight or local remsa employees know about the app and are ready to use it when they get on scene.
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the app is it can only be used if your phone is turned on and working correctly. this app is also not available on androids. if you are a parent of a teenager listen up. the new recommendation from the u-s preventative services task force says there is enough evidence to have all young people between the ages of 12 and 18 routinely screened for depression. the previous recommendation said doctors should only screen for depression, if systems were in place to help at risk individuals get appropriate treatment, and follow-up care. we're learning new information about the fight against the zika virus. a widespread vaccine is likely a few years away, but a u-s health official says a plan to stop the virus is underway. "we have already started to develop the vaccine in the early stages and we can predict that we likely would be in phase-one trial just to determine if it's safe, and if it induces a good response, probably by the end of the summer and get that going by the end of this year. " doctor anthony fauci
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institute of allergy and infectious diseases says it will take a few years before a vaccine is available to the public. the zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and is tied to severe brain damage in unborn children. it has spread to at least 29 countries. the obama administration is asking for 1.8-billion dollars to fight the zika virus. and now the u-s olympic committee is considering whether american athletes, should go to rio. lana zak has more. the threat to americans is real. thats the guidance of the cdc when it comes to the zika virus. anne schuchat / centers for disease control & prevention: "it has spread to us territories including american samoa..." the cdc and the nih joining the white house today asking congress for $1.8 billion dollars to fight zika, known to spread through mosquitos, including a type common in the u.s. dr. richard besser, abc news chief health & medical editor: "what we are hearing is that we aren't ready, there is a lot that has to happen before spring and summer comes and mosquitos start spreading
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used to protect americans here, $400 million would combat of zika around the world... in brazil, the center of the outbreak, many celebrating carnival seem undeterred by the threat. sam green, lives in rio de janeiro: "the atmosphere seems the same as ever you know, people just want to have fun and the stuff in the news is a separate thing really." a possible preview for august, when rio will host the olympic games. many athletes saying this won't change their plans. "i don't care what kind of viruses come out, we're going to have this out."
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trt: 3:08 0209ms01 the wolf pack has reportedly picked up another basketball recruit for next season the rgj is reporting that charley tooley has committed to walk-on next year... he's a 6-foot-1 point guard from granite bay high school near sacramento... he is averaging 17 points,
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he's also shooting 40% from three-point range. meanwhile... the pack takes on air force this week... and their guard, cj siples, cy-pulls was named the conference player of the week on monday... he led the falcons to a pair of home wins... he scored 13 points against wyoming, then
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points in the win over boise state... he's only averaging 5 points per game this season. tipoff is tomorrow night at 7pm... the pack beat air force by 23 points on the road last month a big game in women's hoops... top ranked uconn taking on number 2 south carolina...
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and-0... gabby williams had a quite night offensively....
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high pressure will continue to bring above average temperatures along with generally light winds through the rest of the week. valley inversions will continue to trap pollutants and may create hazy conditions as well. no precipitation is forecast through the end of the work week, with only small chances possible by weekend. &&.short term... a strong high pressure ridge will persist across the west we have a consumer alert to tell you about this morning. i-phone 6 owners who have their phones repaired by a third-party company may find their phone dead. it's called "error 53." the guardian reports that "i-o-s 9", apple's
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system, permanently disables the phone if it detects a repair has been carried out by a non-apple technician. the issue affects the home button on the i- phone 6. the error permanently erases all user data. it's generated thousands of complaints online. apple says 'error 53' is part of a measure to prevent tampering and to protect customers' security. yelp is giving back to local non-profits around the country ... and reno is one of 75 cities to be selected. a look at how the community is benefitting. use file vo of couples and if you're struggling to find a gift for your sweetheart this valentine's day, stick around, we'll have some gift ideas that won't put
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now good morning reno."
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primary day in the 20-16 race for the white house. and some results are already in. we have a live report from the granite state. and do you recognize these men? police say they broke into "total wine" on virginia and stole high end liquor. attempts to clean the anaconda mine near yearington are stirring controversy again. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. it's primary day in new hampshire and this morning the first votes are already in. the latest polls say gop frontrunner donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are expected to come out on top in the first in the nation primary. the first votes were tallied just after
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