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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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here's what we know about the suspect. he was wearing red gloves, a bandanna, and a hooded sweatshirt. there also hoping that the surveillance video will help them lead to a capture of the suspect. they have asked the public to
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struck we're working to get more information about a toddler who was murdered in the west valley. maricopa county sheriff's office said they are investigating the violent death of a three-year-old. it happened saturday night at this home in youngstown. so far, detectives are not saying much else about what happened or who is responsible. neighbors tell us it was the boys brother who went on a stabbing rampage.>> the nine- year-old was hurt in the incident of which was a stabbing, from what they told me.>> according to the neighbor that we spoke with, the 17-year-old said that his 16-year-old brother lost it in rent -- went on a stabbing rampage and stabbed the three- year-old and stabbed the sister. they took the 16-year-old into custody. in buckeye youth pastor is under arrest, accused of using his phone to record a 15-year- old girl in the changing room
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this is 31-year-old christopher santos. for the past three years, he has been a youth pastor at grace fellowship church in buckeye. he was recording a girl changing and was caught by the girl's mother. she took away his phone and saw that he had video of her daughter in her underwear. santos is facing two felony counts. struck the measles outbreak in arizona is officially over. yesterday marked the end of a second 21 day. si officials say they usually wait about 42 days after the last exposure before declaring an outbreak is over. since may 27, nearly 2 dozen detainees and employees at the detention center have been diagnosed with the measles. looks who -- look at was back. while ian was gone, we had about 14 monsoons come about 20 inches of rain. now he is back and not a cloud
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but we are going to get some rain. i am bringing it back. >> are you going to take some days off in? >> it is interesting as we get going into tuesday and wednesday. we step outside and are dry as a bone today. not a lot of wind. all in all, a decent day. it is hot but temperatures are not too crazy out there. the skies are clear. we are starting to see some thunderstorms pop-up near show low and st. john. we're seeing a good amount of lightning over closer to him to mexico and over on the new mexico border. flagstaff, nothing yet. definitely a chance for some thunderstorms today. they are mainly on the east side of the state. temperatures around the state look like this. 106. ninety six and sedona. 91 and flagstaff. 78 degrees around the valley. is hot out there. one of four litchfield park. one of three in mesa.
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junction and 101 in deer valley. the rest of your day looks like this under mostly sunny skies. 103. dew points are in the 40s. it is not terribly uncomfortable. we will take it up to 108, but boy we have some big changes coming up. cannot let today for you. we will break it down for you coming up in just a second. thank you so much, ian. recently polling shows the economy. donald trump is showing a lead the american economy. greg boswell has more details from the white house.>> reporter: donald trump will try to get his campaign back on track when he unveils his economic plan at the detroit economic club today. >> wear comfortable that we can get the agenda of the narrative of the campaign back on where belongs which is comparing the tepid economy under obama and linnton versus the kind of growth economy that mr. trump wants to build.>> reporter: trump plans to spur job -- job growth through tax cuts and take power away from
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deregulation.>> hillary clinton has been a part of this for 25 years. they pointed out the travis been campaigning for more than a year and this is the first time that he is unveiling a plan. they also say that his proposals will give big tax breaks to the wealthy and that trap will roll back walls meant to protect consumers from big banks. the republican establishment is nervous that trump's candidacy will hurt them in the election. over the weekend, republican scott said he will libertarian candidate. he is the third gop lawmaker to announce throat. >> they are more worried now about losing the senate than they are about whether or not they win the white house. >> reporter: clinton has opened up a 12 point lead in the battleground state of virginia. she also has a two point lead in nevada and is down by two in arizona. that is a state that is -- that has voted democratic once since 1952.
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fecundity 10-year-old boy died on the world's largest waterslide. plus, --
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to mexico states are recovering from weekend mudslides that killed 39 people during heavy rains brought by remnants of hurricane earl. the slides happened in mountainous areas of people and that accrues. the rain close a section of the main federal highway connecting mexico city to that region. the area got a months worth of rain in just 24 hours. a kansas waterpark as close as investigators try to learn how a 10-year-old boy died on the world's tallest waterslide. officials still have not said 10-year-old caleb schwab died, only that he was on the nearly 169 foot tall for rocked
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waterslide. the waterslide faced mulple delays before opening in 2014. adjustments reportedly had to be made to the slides second hill after a sandbag test showed the graphs literally flying off of the slide.>> our rights are inspected by an outside party at caleb's parents, state representative scott schwab and his wife, michelle, says as we try to mend our home with caleb no longer with us, we are comforted that he believed in our savior jesus and they are forever together now. we will see him another day. sprint car driver brian clawson has died from injuries he suffered in the crash this weekend.
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when he lost control, flipped over several times, was hit by another car. the accident happened saturday night and his family says he died yesterday. clawson also raised nascar and indy cars. he was just 27 years old. you probably heard a little about the water quality problems at the olympics. here is how bad it is. a kayaker reportedly capsized on a practice run this weekend after hitting a sofa in the water. dead animals, animals, and raw sewage flowing into that water from the for communities. amy at this takes us inside. >> a waterfall of trash and sewage flowed from the top of rio the -- duchenne narrows largest area. they promised this area would be cleaned up after winning the bid for the olympics. but nothing has ever been done to treat the water.>> it is
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family and he invites all of his friends over and doesn't take care of his family.>> reporter: rivers of garbage flow around every corner. all of the dirty water from the for bella and's appear. let me tell you, even 200 feet up, you can still smell a very foul odor. >> i found bottles, condoms, syringes, and diapers. >> marcelo for della has a love for serving the vitamin water that could make them sick with anything from norovirus -- norovirus or hepatitis according to a study by the associated press. he now documents everything and shows the world that rio's
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a very ugly secret. >> my hope is that someone or a company will see what is happening and help us. if we depend on the government of rio de janeiro, we will not get any solution. >> it would mean morning catching a break. if the olympics did not bring change, many wonder what will. in rio de janeiro, jamie yuccas, cbs news. is nearly impossible to hotwire a new car, but they could be increasingly vulnerable to hacking. texas is investigating a serious of events where thieves hacked into cars in just minutes. security of video -- security video outside of a home gets into a out his laptop, and uses his computer to fix -- trick the car into using a generic key that he brought with him. then he just drove off. that jeep drove -- was owned by david paynes dogger -- daughter. >> the dog slept through it. the daughter slipped through. it was like being invaded.>> police arrested two men who
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than 100 vehicles and took him to mexico. it was a very good season for the theater that gamma auditorium. according to the study from the broadway league, pump $100 million into the local economy. they are expecting bigger things next season with the broadway smash hamilton on the schedule. success on the new york stock exchange, and we are not getting it today. as you can see, we are down 31 points after a little bit of surge in the morning. with 44 minutes ago in the trading day, we're not looking that great on this monday. subway has a new logo. the old one is on the left and the new one is on the right. the company says the new logo is a reflection of the colorful array of fresh vegetables and other ingredients at a subway shop. it is the first change in the logo in more than a decade. >> i think they should have
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walmart is buying the company launched in july 2015 at specializes in bulk orders. walmart will pay $3 billion in cash and another $300 million in stock. the deal may help walmart reinvigorate growth of its online shopping business, which has slowed in recent quarters. meanwhile, amazon's overall sales have rocketed above $100 billion annually. the nfl season was supposed to kick off last night. i said supposed to. the hallf the packers and colts was called off. it was canceled by the league right before kickoff because the field was not in playable condition. it's artificial church -- turf, get this, they waited until the last second to paint the logos on the field turf at midfield and the end zones. they were not drawing. they tried eating it, but the rubber pellets in the field melted and combined with the paint and it felt like tar or taffy. they tried paint thinner.
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the touches it. colts owner was furious and said the whole thing was totally incompetent. fans who bought tickets will get their money back. two things. first off, what if you bought from a scalper? you're not getting your money back there. secondly, what if you pay -- i don't know -- thousands of dollars, if you are packers fan flying in from los angeles. i'm thinking there's going to be some kind of class-action lawsuit from the nfl. >> nevermind the rich guy from la. the people that are driving from wisconsin in traffic -- >> sorry. no games -- no game, kids. the weather has not dance a lot -- canceled carlos. get right into it. no rain in flagstaff. the thunderstorms are building here in the valley. nothing but sunshine as we look at downtown phoenix. a little bit of cloud cover
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thunder storms happening in the dry country. winslow, st. john, show low, and closer to the new mexico border. we're going to be drive for today in the valley but things start to change as we get going into tuesday and wednesday. we're going down south in the tropics. tropical storm hobby year. that means a lot of moisture. it is going to track toward us. the impact of hobby year far as direct hit, that will not be an issue. it will curve out to the pacific, but it will send a lot of moisture our way and help us popoff a decent amount of rain late tuesday and into wednesday. i will let futurecast role until wednesday afternoon. i do not think that we will see a ton in the valley. we have a chance for a thunderstorm on tuesday evening, but i think that the bigger story will be on wednesday morning. is is 5 am in the morning. several forecast models are trying to put down a lot of rain in the metro. this could cause big problems
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localized flooding. i'm not saying that it is going to be a repeat of last week, but the potential is there. we will be watching this very closely as we get going into wednesday. wednesday afternoon will be very active as well. all of this moisture from the tropical storm is going to make it very, very interesting. dry and hot for today. 108 the high in phoenix. as we get going into tuesday, temperatures fall a little bit. but we increased the humidity. that will fill great. the reason court for wednesday. we will be in the upper 90s wiv rain. may be a lot of that falls in the morning. possibly an inch could happen wednesday morning, and that could cause problems on the roads. we would definitely keep you up- to-date on that. it was crazy last week. some flooding on i 17 and in some parts of scottsdale. not guaranteed, but it is possible. you heard that it was crazy last week. >> i was into. >> you are in santa monica. >> a bride could not have her
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aisle, that he was ther
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i love the story. a bride in pennsylvania could not have her late father walk her down the aisle. instead, she was given away by the man who now has her father's heart. jenny stevens was murdered back in 2006. his organs were donated, including his heart. arthur thomas received that hart. he had been waiting 16 years for a new heart. on friday, jenny met arthur and felt her father's heartbeat. it was the first time in 10 years. the next day, arthur walk her down the aisle. >> jenny wrote me a letter, and she said, dear tom, i am the daughter of the man whose heart is inside of you.
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if you are willing, would you walking down the aisle. >> it was just like having my dad here. even better because we get to share this story with other people, and you know other people think that morgan -- other people will see that organ donors do matter. tom said his own daughter gave her blessing. ian will have her last
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ink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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that would be the head of camelback mountain right there, wouldn't it be?>> and maybe a little too hot to be doing hiking. we could see a thunderstorm tuesday night. the big story will be wednesday morning. we could see some heavy rain. it will take the 90s. >> the 90s are good to me. >> you were born in the 90s. >> i was born in >> that is young ian, and i am old carlos condit -- and i am
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? [ seagulls calling ] >> liam: quinn's never gonna stop. she's never goa too, by the way. how many times have you asked him, begged him to keep her away from you, and how many times has he failed you? i am the only one who will protect you from this. >> steffy: [ sighs ]


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