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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this is nothing compared to what it was. earlier today
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were holding their breath as the water inched it's way toward their homes. 3 3 they might as well rename this stretch of ocotillo drive in apache juntion ocotillo river. because that's what it turns into when the area gets doused with rain. 3 jeremy mckee - ocotillo dr. homeowner says: "it becomes worrisome because i mean it was right up into my driveway darn near onto the porch and that's scary for me because i don't have flood insurance." part of the problem is this wash that seems to be to built to empty - right into the stree it's just a poor design. and it's too bad they wouldn't make a better design or something instead of worrying about sidewalks they should worry about taking care of the flooding." today's flooding washed out construction crews putting in sidewalks - but the folks who live here say why bother. 3 walter luna - ocotillo dr. homeowner says: "it's all the houses that are on this side. they get flooded from the water that comes down the street then they get it twice because all the water that's coming from the wash in the back right there all that
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despite efforts to divert the water away from their homes - the fact of the matter is many people are going to have a mess on their hands. walter luna says: "every season that it rains this is the exact same thing that happens all the time." i have calls into the city of apache junction to try to get some answers for these people. they want to know - why this drainage canal is designed the way it is and - even thought it's been brought to the attention of the city - why they haven't done anything. reporting i 5 news. this project is being funded by federal grant. the east valley as you saw got hit hard. checkout the flooded streets in apache junction.
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with high winds and a big cloud of dust. >> a busy morning. for the last hour and a half we have a tremendous amount of rain come down. within the city of apache junction and the fire district. all of the streets and locations, pretty much you can't go anywhere within the city without water. >> most of those roadways are cleared up at this hour but the ground is saturated. th area hit. tucson got pounded by storms. flooding affected almost every part of the city. we take a look at the damage now. lauren? >> reporter: the downtown tucson area got between 2.5 and 3 inches of rain. all of that water had to go somewhere. a lot ended up in the river, one of major -- tucson's major waterways.
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>> it's coming down hard. >> 9 feet flooding one underpass in the heart of tucson. >> this is one of the hardest ones hitting the downtown area that i can remember. >> reporter: 3 crews working overtime to pump it out in time for rush hour. not far from there in a residential neighborhood, a woman in an suv was swept away when she tried to ss was pinned against a bridge and water. >> i know the power of water. the power of water that wikileaks in these little areas is crazy. >> reporter: emergency crews needed to break out the back window to rescue her. >> she got very lucky. i'm thankful everything turned out okay. >> reporter: with the ground saturated and more rain on the way, -- >> we need everyone to be
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>> reporter: the usgs was out here measuring and they tell me earlier at its peak it was 4000 ft.3 per 2nd. that is 10 times as much is the water you see in here right now. life from tucson. here in the valley sean mclaughlin -- adot technicians are working. shutting down the freeway after rains flooded the underpass. drivers were stuck for several hours. adot officials say they are checking equipment to make sure it's working for the next go round. >> we know this storm is coming. the good news is we have the advance warning of something like this. we can go around and do some advanced checking, look at the pump stations to make sure
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and also we are checking the drainage grates around the freeway system, looking for stop -- spots that maybe clogged by ranches or debris. we want to clear those things as much as possible. >> adot officials say you can help plea -- keep drains clear by not throwing trash out your window. that trash ends up in the drains adding to clogging. you can track the storms as they head our way anytime, anywhere right from your cell download the free app. a man shot by phoenix police has been booked into jail. officers were called to a disturbance on sunday night. they found a man holding a knife to his mother. an officer shot the man. this is the suspect. you can see was still wearing his hospital gown in that mug shot. he has been booked on several charges including domestic
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people in a north phoenix community are remembering a veterinarian who died yesterday after falling into a 20 foot underground hole in arizona farm. we just learned one of the 2 men who went in after him has also by. the last victim is listed in critical condition. he felt 20 feet into an underground storage unit. hi unconscious and then passed out himself. another worker went down and also collapsed. firefighters say grain in the storage unit had mix of water creating dangerous co2 levels. neighbors say he lived in served in the community for more than 30 years. >> it wasn't about money but about taking care of clients. that is what it was about. >> authorities have not identified the 2nd victim. a vigil has been set for friday
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a couple accused of leaving their 2-year-old alone while they went to play pokimon go has been indicted by a grand jury. brianna daley and brent daley each face child abuse. they were arrested after a neighbor found the boy outside crying. officers say he was left alone for 90 minutes. the child is now in custody. at&t customers will get a refund. we will tell you why and when you can expect your money. the olympic games, will they go back to the us? that could depend on the november election. if you're wondering where is sean mclaughlin? he is joining us on wake up arizona beginning at 4 am -- 430
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thousands of at&t customers are about to get a refund after the secretary orders them to pay $7.7 million. >> at&t allowed scammers to charge customers $9 per month for a bogus directory assistance service and received a fee in exchange. customers refund within 90 days. crews have recovered the black box in a cargo ship which sank last october near the bahamas. all 33 crew members were killed. a federal judge has upheld the 14 year prison sentence for the former illinois -- rivage. parents of 2 americans killed in benghazi have filed a
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hillary clinton. they claimed the attack was the cause of clinton's use of a private email server. for americans were killed. saturn like you've never seen it before. the ringed planet has swirling clouds. this photo shows saturns northern hemisphere. it was taken from nasa's spacecraft. delta airlines is still dealing with the computer outage. experts say these may become
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hillary clinton is campaigning in florida. the state with the most electoral votes up for grabs. >> it's the focus of a national health concern. donald trump is facing some concerns of his own. >> reporter: donald trump has sparked a new controversy. and his rally in north carolina after telling supporters hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. >> she gets the pic, there is nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment
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>> reporter: the clinton campaign responded think this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the us should not suggest violence in any way. trump's campaign called the media this honest and said he was talking about people going to the polls. >> we have tremendous power the people like myself the believe in the second amendment. if hillary clinton gets elected i think she will decimate the second amendment is not abolish it. >> reporter: he is already facing criticism from 50 former national security officials saying donald t but trump dismissed the group as the failed washington elite who are jealous because it not asked for advice. he toured a health care clinic in miami touches ground 0 in the battle against the zika virus. and called on congress to step up funding. >> i would very much urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill passed. >> reporter: a new poll shows clinton and trump mackinac in
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she has a four-point advantage in ohio and 10 points in pennsylvania. the mayor of los angeles is saying if trump is elected president, the us may not get the host the obex for a while. >> he spoke today where he is working to get the 2024 games to la. he hopes to bring them back to the us for the 1st time since atlanta hosted in 1996. but says the results of the election could have a huge of making that happen. >> i do think the olympics is still -- philosophically has a role to play without being explicitly political and inspiring us to transcend politics. >> he said la has olympic style infrastructure in place. the decision will be made next december. brazil is not exactly ranking in the gold medals and
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and americans are taking advantage of that. many can get tickets to less popular sports for less than the cost of a fast food meal. >> we got judo, weightlifting a lot of random sports for $12 each. >> the committee is helping -- hoping stadiums will fill up with people who have olympics on the bucket list. delta airlines is being forced to cancel hundreds more flights from yesterday's computer outage. more than 500 flights were canceled by midday. this follows 1000 cancellations and 2800 delays yesterday. this could become a growing problem for airlines and airports across the country. >> that is because the computer systems are older than the planes themselves. >> reporter: the outage disabled else's flight status alerts. >> we found out they were 4 hours delay. >> reporter: airport monitors
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time. delays and cancellations prompted a ceo apology. >> it's a all hands on:effort. >> reporter: it raises questions about the reliability. the computers are not regulated by the faa. last year american and delta suffered problems. and in july said it southwest. a disruption the left the days. >> running on a reservation system that is more than 35 years old. >> reporter: airlines rely on compute everything. seat assignments to fuel. delta has been rebuilding its core technology for more than 6 months. the airline industry has reliable systems. >> airlines are technology companies that fly airplanes. their technology systems have to be as reliable as their aircraft. >> reporter: the department of transportation tells us it is
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to monitor the situation. the airline is offering compensation for people who have had canceled flights were delays of more than 3 hours. in the form of a $200 voucher. what an active day. pretty calm conditions with the valley pinpoint doppler radar here as we start out hour. you can see up toward the north starting to see rainfall continue out towards north of press get along interstate 40. and the long flagstaff. some of the rainfall, we had nice rainfall totals across areas of the avondale area. most of the rainfall to the east, look big jubilation. just on the outside of the 101 and 202. 1.6 inches. isolated areas seeing over 2 inches of rain. with so much moisture we have a
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until tomorrow evening. still the threat of more rain in the forecast. s chance tomorrow and off and on. cooler temperatures with passing showers 92 the average high is one of 5. mid-60s in flagstaff. the culprit of this moisture, here it is. javier. it was a tropical storm and now packing winds arou baja peninsula. this area of pressure will continue to pull moisture and that will give us the threat of storms that will last until thursday. things will then start to drought friday and saturday. here's the futurecast. as you can see tonight, connect 30 a chance of storms from phoenix to flagstaff. and then another round of showers pushing in in the morning hours for the morning commute. the threat will continue on until noon and as i mentioned, slight chance of storms on
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here is the forecast for the next 24 hours. tomorrow morning around 82. 87 my noon. temperatures below average with have 97 at 4 pm. 97 on wednesday and upper 90s on thursday. on friday conditions dry out. we start to see more sunshine and the temperature climbs with highs of 107 on saturday. above average on sunday. the cardinals
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is that time of year. the cardinals are closing in on kickoff to the preseason this friday. against the raiders.
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cannot get here fast enough. >> reporter: especially for the cardinals. they are ready to see another team come in here. it will be the oakland raiders and a 7:00 p.m. kickoff right here in glendale. rookie is going to take the field with the starting defense. >> reporter: making the most of every representative, brandon williams learned quickly about man -- manning up. >> the players move so fast. >> reporter: processing information quickly, he played running back for 3 years before switching to quarterback for his senior season at texas a&m. a player that has a thirst to get better. >> anybody going to listen to take into account try to apply it.
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working out with the nfl's best corner patrick peterson. spec the things he went through as a rookie, he major i didn't go through. i'm ahead of the curve. >> get himself into the best shape possible to get himself in position to be a great cornerback. >> always taking extra step. >> he is a more mature ricky the most. >> and don't need to develop iq of the game but that is one of the things i try to do. >> it is williams job to lose. we know the quarterback is going to be. carson palmer signed an extension. he spoke today and said, this will be his final organization that he place for. will hear from him coming up. >> thank you.
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right now, monsoon madness. this is a look at what strong storms brought us today. thank you for showing us the flooded streets in apache junction.
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this is really just the appetizer when it comes to storms. >> you are right. we're seeing the threat of storms through the overnight hours again tomorrow. after all that rainfall around lunchtime, pretty calm. a lot of the activi moving to the north. just outside into the west of prescott. a good line of showers and thunderstorms stretching up north into williams, flagstaff seeing light rain. and even down toward snowflake a few passing storms. and strong winds. we had at all. blowing dust, winds and rainfall. the rainfall total is impressive. this is what's left of tropical storm javier. low pressure on the western edge of the baja peninsula. you can see the cloud cover. it will push that moisture into our area and bring us


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