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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  August 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> reporter: taken away by this man. you can see he is wearing dark clothes, a, flies mass, red coat gloves and caring a submachine gun. after the clerks entered the cash register, the subject force them into a back room and a struggle of the weapon ensues and 36-year-old amanjeet singh toor is shot and killed. >> he was a happy and joyous person. we've never said anything negative >> reporter: his cousins that he works 12 hours a day six days a week to support his family. his wife just joined him in us four months ago. >> they came with the dream of a have -- a better life and children and after four months he lost everything. >> reporter: this is a family friend and it's the first nash is not the first time he's been
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gas station in september 2001. police say they don't know if the crime has anything to do with his ethnicity. >> he handled the money. why did he get shot? we don't know what's going on.>> reporter: we are told the suspect chased the second clerk out of the store during the ordeal. the second clark was not harmed. the reward for information it has been increased to $11,000. if you know anything, call silent witness. >> of the initiative to raise the minimum ways to $12 an hour is being challenged. the restaurant association filed a lawsuit claiming the signatures collected are not valued. the judge could reject the challenge or take the minimum wage hike off the november ballot. will update you as soon as the judge's decision comes through. makings -- making ends meet
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living paycheck to paycheck. cost say they have to work more than one job to make enough. raising the minimum wage to at least $10 per hour could help. let's go back to the monsoon watch. another look at the amazing video from the storm last night. a palm tree with on fire near 40th street and the viewer who shot the video said lightning hit the tree and the homeowner was inside. the fire did not spread and no one was injured, but there were some tense moments. jason barry is live and last night the wild weather had people ducking for cover.>> reporter: you can still smile -- smell the burning wood. burned palm fronds in the driveway. this treat that got hit by
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with no damage to speak out. the wild weather story could about a different ending. this is video and neighbor took minutes after the lightning strike. you can see the big fireball on top of the palm tree. it happened around 9:30 pm. one of the neighbors was just a and she was standing in her driveway. she came outside to watch the lightning sky. all of a sudden she heard a light. the next thing she knew, there was a tree on fire a few doors down. >> it was a huge ball of fire and it was just raining down fire and chunks of debris from the tree onto the house and the roof and the ground. and the neighbors house as well.>> reporter: we are told the homeowners were inside watching tv when the lightning
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hosing down the roof of their house with the help of neighbors. that paid off until firefighters got here. this is one lightning strike that actually had a happy ending. reporting live ncc, jason barry cbs 5 news. >> that was intense video and intense thunderstorms rumbled about last night and this morning. a lot of rainfall in mesa and in the last 24 hours in the west valley. we'll have totals st second. right now across the east and west valley three calm conditions. a few thunderstorms moving through east lake roosevelt. pretty calm temperatures and pretty comfortable temperatures. sitting at 97 degrees. 5 degrees below average. things will heat up and will have answers in a few minutes. the nfl preseason starts today with six-game scheduled. that was supposed to's --
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game in ohio. the game was canceled. the cardinals play tomorrow hosting the oakland raiders. lindell firefighters wanna make sure fans are prepared for the heat that paul was just talking about. it should be over 100 degrees. in june firefighters treated 75 people during a soccer match at the stadium. most of those people suffered from heat exhaustion. one big expense for homeowners is a wa that's while -- why we value our warranties. water heater warranties may not offer the peace of mind you think.>> reporter: with most major manufacturers, if you develop a leak during the warranty period -- you get a free repair or replacement. but if you develop a different type of serious problem, it's harder to get warranty help. martin teammates just installed
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previous unit from american water heater had three years left on the warranty when he started getting rusty water from the tap. his plumber said it was due to a faulty gas liner inside the tank. >> eco-the manufacturer and they told him the warranty did not apply. there was no leak coming from the tank.>> reporter: the warranty states it doesn't cover rest in the water. gingrich says that doesn't make sense. >> you can't shower or bathe in rusty water. th to replace the water heater.>> reporter: he said he had no choice but to buy a new unit and it's a big expense he thought the warranty protecting them from. the warranty from the different manufacturer doesn't cover rest in the water. >> the operative board in the warranty, is there a leak? if there is not, you are stick with it. >> reporter: if it's under warranty, a faulty water heater
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to be replaced. >> four or five companies -- since i've been here, all the warranties are the same, they don't cover rusty water and they should. >> reporter: american water heater says their warranties do cover rusty water if a faulty tank is the cause. you will need to pay a plumber for a service call to flush the tank that if everything checks out, american water heater says they will confirm the tank is the problem and if it is, they will replace it. most warranties work you want to hold your manufacturer accountable. if you have a consumer problem, download our app and submit the form to me and i'll get back to you. big news for macy's, despite beating the forecast --
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despite beating wall street expectations, macy's is closing 100 stores. that's one of the stories and 55 seconds. stores will begin closing next year so i can perform -- focus on best stores. employees will be offered sevenths. right now it will not say which cbs has started a mobile payment app that will allow customers to leave their wallet behind and pay from their phone. it will rot nationwide by the end of the year. self checkout appears to encourage shoplifting. report says those lanes generate a loss of four percent that is double the regular check out line cost. it reduces the perception of risk.
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justice, check out panda express is rolling out utensil that its restaurant. one side is therefore and the other is chopsticks. be careful with those. oceans 8 is a spinoff of oceans 11. and hathaway and rihanna are rumored for roles.
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new tonight team in remo -- in rio is sporting the priciest uniforms ever. each member of the final five has leotards decorated with up to 5000 crystals and those uniforms cost between $700 and $1200 each. the mastermind but behind the costumes is the gymnastics outfitter based in pennsylvania.
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to watch the olympics in the maricopa county jail. they say the athletes have committed themselves to excellence and that is something for the inmates to learn from. the olympic games are melting pot of nations each with their own customs and food and that's why countries from canada to switzerland are bringing their flair to rio de think of rio de janeiro, you don't think of ice rinks or snow globes. >> you see in switzerland they are happy.>> reporter: simental in broad its culture and food to brazil hoping to entice world travelers to visit one day.'s hospitality house what comes the public to mingle for free. the holland house does the same and features a heineken hall. the companies -- the country's medal contenders are a reason for the hospitality.
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some like the united states offer athletes and families for relaxing after competition. canada has a similar set up except on i heart candidate days when the press is allowed to check out their toys. they open a door into toronto. hello? >> it's a little slice of canada in rio. patio. is nothing more relaxing than a patio.>> reporter: 30 nations sponsored these during the olympics and all claim to be the best. it depends on what you're looking for. of all countries, austria is known to throw one of the biggest parties. cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> it looks like a fun party!
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team is about. >> they are in the valley at camp and friday that squad host the raiders. everyone excited to see the arizona cardinals. it's the first look for the coach to see how much progress the team has made a camp. umoles the -- you won't see much of the starters. a lot of young players showing where they belong. the first test for them to prove is how good they are. >> the great opportunity for g against quality opponents. >> we will go to gets a different team and get a different game. just being able to have that type of passing and energy toward someone else. going against different players. >> football is the farthest thing from the arizona wildcats mind. the team is coping with the recent death of zach camera. it's hard to process for the team as they tried to come together at a hard time.
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we lost a brother and a teammate and a friend. we are grieving, but we feel sorry for the family. >> the diamondbacks pitcher doing it against the mets. kelly johnson -- zero. mike can afford a zero zero. mike can afford a 07 shutout innings. the diamondbacks are floating large 1-0 in it drops down the line and socrates scores for the double. the top four -- dingo! tuffy making the most of his time in the big apple with the top six out of the yard bullpen spotless giving shipley the second when. -- the second win. the wires come to town october 30 and lebron and the cavs in
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first 16 on the road. david stern is no long back commissioner of the nba that i think someone in the office does not like them. >> do think it's working
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let's get a look at the forecast. pretty calm conditions after an active morning and an active evening last night. no rain to speak out around the east valley and rest. rainfall is pretty impressive with the rainfall near the mesa area. up in flagstaff, maybe a few stray showers in the country. mostly cloudy skies and temperatures comfortable of north. right now 73 degrees and 97 in phoenix. you can see the future cast, we will wake up with mostly clear skies. here's 10:30 pm and tomorrow around 4:30 am just a few- clouds. condition start to dry out and we'll see the temperature climbed quite a bit. we'll see mostly clear skies to
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degrees for the high country. 82 four saturday and mid-80s sunday. monday a high of 81 degrees. our forecast friday to saturday and tomorrow night, the big game tomorrow with the university of phoenix stadium. the game against the raiders at around 7:00 five at 103. we will cool down into the upper 90s by game time. the 7-day forecast, temperatures warm over the weekend with highs it is a rogue army that has created a rogue state and it's carried out hideous and horrendous crimes. isis has inspired terrorist attacks in france and belgium. and here in the united states, mass shootings in places where
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now the fbi is investigating mysterious lists that are popping up on the internet, list that contain the names of ordinary people as targets. the thing about the internet today -- all of your personal information is out there. information can be found on anybody by anyone and that includes isis. cbs5 investigates the hit list and what the fbi is doing about it tonight at taking a look at the top story, details in the serial killer investigation. a police report shows that -- back in june officers were 30 seconds away from catching the killer. the documents say the motive is unclear, but what is clear is the killer is out for blood and not many. the killer has been linked to seven murders from march until mid-july. a massive search effort for
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it failed to produce clues into the tendrils disappearance. there seems to be a shift in the town of the investigation for the first time dashed the term recovery operation was used. buckeye police chief says they have to consider every scenario. the boy has been missing for nearly a month. legalizing marijuana in arizona will be up to you. the secretary of state certified proposition 205 meaning it will be on the novemb if passed, it will let people over 21 have limited amounts of marijuana. it will be taxed at 15 percent. the revenue would go to schools across arizona. state house speaker is calling it quits. he suspended his campaign in the first district. this comes after low numbers at the polls and instead he supports gary keeney because he thinks he's the only one to beat his opponent.
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judge wall block a minimum wage hike. the initiative for bump up pay to $12 per hour. the arizona restaurant association filed a lawsuit claiming that many of the signatures the campaign collected are invalid because the problems with the petition sheet. be sure to connect with us on cbs five on twitter and instagram. share your story by using the hashtag that will do it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you at 6:30 am.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: high hopes, up in smoke. the obama administration refuses to lift restrictions on marijuana, keeping the federal government at odds with half the states. also tonight, allegations that u.s. intelligence about the war on isis was manipulated. >> the facts on the ground didn't match what the intelligence was saying out of the united states central command. >> there it goes! >> pelley: road hazards drivers rarely see coming until it's too late. >> i got severely lucky on the highway that no one ran me over or hit me. >> pelley: and, fast friends-- lochte and phelps. >> win or lose, we're still going to be friends, and that rivalry that we've created is just great.


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