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tv   The Hollywood News Report  CBS  August 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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anchor: hello, and welcome to "the hollywood news report." i'm natalie storrs your cinema guide for what is going on in movies today. we are getting hollywood's hottest stars to give us an exclusive in-depth look at their
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behind-the-scenes and on the red carpet, only on "the hollywood news report," where news is entertainment, and entertainment is news. ? >> let's do something fun. ? ? ? garner, cheryl hines, and director barry sonnenfeld as they put on their best and hit the blue carpet in hollywood to chat about their cat comedy "nine lives." >> you know if walken is involved and kevin spacey's soul is inside a cap
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>> one of my favorite moment is when we collide in midair, and for whatever reason the director has it in super slow motion. that's pretty funny. >> i got to sit next to christopher walken during the table read. cheryl hines and i were sitting next to him. jennifer garner. amazing. robbie amel, and talented. >> christopher walken, we have a scene near the end of the movie, and barry said, chris, we need, i wanted to be a little happier, more energetic, and chris goes, ok. kevin needs to do impressions behind the camera. kevin goes, ok, i can do that. he did johnny carson. a bunch of impressions. it ended with christopher, kevin spacey as christopher walken, and then christopher walken as christopher walken. >> i think it's funny, yet sophisticated. i think there's enough good jokes for dots as well as kids -- for adults as well as kids,
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lover to love it, but you have to love your family. that's what it is about. ? >> for most of his mov he has been the good guy. saving the world in films like "independence day" and "men in black." now will smith is joining any the group of super villains known as the "suicide alongside jay hernandez and cara delavigne. >> you are going someplace really bad, to do something that will get you killed. >> let's go save the world. >> it is much more of an ensemble. it's great for me to be in this position. i am used to being in every scene, you know, taking on a film as a whole lot more work that you have to do.
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me up to make friends, you know what i mean? [laughter] >> that is so true. >> it was a really special thing. >> that is his superpower, creating an environment where actors can explore themselves and their characters, in really aggressive ways. >> he's almost a psychologist. he's erector, but he understands -- he is a director, but he understands human behavioral psychology. >> have you seen when they do brain surgery, and they touch some little part of the brain and somebody starts twitching? that's what he does to us. [laughter] >> us. >> he will whisper something in your ear and you are like -- >> i said, he gets into our brains. makes a really good wine. >> it runs out of your nose. [laughter] i probably didn't need to add that. >> that was excessive. >> meet the enchantress. she has walked this earth for a
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be here when we are all gone. >> this meeting is now a magic show. >> magic or not, this girl conducing pretty incredible things -- can do some pretty incredible things. >> it was fun, to see that dedication. it was really cool. every actor is different. everyone has their own process, but i went in and watched some of joker and harley's scenes. it was so fun to interact with them. >> sometimes it was like, jared is not going to make it. he is in too deep. just happened. >> you can never go full joker. >> know, seriously. >> he did some really wild stuff. he sort of set the bar for the actors. he was 24/7 for four or five months. the joker jokes, and he was on the edge with some of those. >> especially since he was in and out for six months, walking around new york when he wasn't with us. going to a gallery, seeing his
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you want to see something? >> yes, i want to see something. >> i was just trying to get you there. no hard feelings, right? >> when we come back, more from hollywood's biggest films only
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you wear many hats, so relax at our 1000 americas and canadas best value inns. enjoy free internet and instant rewards at most locations. now let's take a look at more films, only on "the hollywood news report." ?
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to academy award-winning actor thanks to his transformative performance in "dallas buyers club." now jerrared joker back to the big screen for "suicide squad." ? >> u-oh. >> not good. >> don't forget. we are the bad guys. >> the last film i was in made two movies in nine years. when i made the last movie, this is how long it was before my last movie before dennis buyers club. facebook had just launched. there was no such thing as twitter. youtube was only a couple years old. is in that nuts? this was the first movie i made where social media is really on fire, and things are happening more real-time. this was undeniable.
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no. it came with a lot of pressure and responsibility, for a number of reasons, but i felt it was a great opportunity to really join this crazy world of villains and characters and bring the joker back to the screen in a new and different way. all of that just made it impossible to say no. >> what are you going to do? are you going to kill me, mr. j.? >>, i'm not going t on just going to hurt you, really, really bad. >> for me, it was a way to communicate with the other actors. there are some rumors about the gifts. some of them are true. some of them are not. i will let people keep guessing, but i did give some nice gifts. some cupcakes. some other things. and flowers. they may have been black flowers, but they were still flowers.
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a gift to someone, you think about that person. who is that person? what would you give them? sometimes we rack our brains for days. what do i give this person? so giving bullets to dead shop, writing poems or notes to people, it helped me, create a greater sense of truth and understand the relationships a little more. understanding, if there was a history there, what it would have been. giving the gifts was just expanding on the script, doing more riding. >> are all that chitchat's going to get you hurt. ? actress bryce dallas howard
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1970's classic "pete's dragon." >> i am a rabid disney fan. my whole childhood, all disney, all the time. so of course, that definitely piqued my interest, and i love the 1977 film. so when i first read the script, i was like, what are they doing with this? and then, i was floored. the film is so beautiful, and innocent, and deeply, deeply moral. it's one of those really touching, beautiful, classic disney films. >> what is so great about the friendship between pete and elliott, obviously is a very unconventional friendship, as it is a little boy and a dragon, but they are best of friends. it's almost like, you know, your favorite dog. the director, he is assessed with his cats.
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elliott. so it's really a pure, fewer friend -- pure friendship, and i think it is just like wish fulfillment, you know? like having a pet dragon, living in the woods as a child. natalie: more hollywood news when we return, right here on
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again. now let's get back to more entertainment news on "the hollywood news report." for comedy after starring on the hit series "that 70's show" for eight seasons. now mila kunis is teaming up with kristen bell and kathryn hahn to show us how funny "bad moms" can be. >> no msg,and he, no -- sesame, butter, salt, sugar,
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this perfect mom. >> the film was a wonderful comedic portrayal of every moment moms have had, or even if you ever had a mom. when it is hitting the fan and things are going downhill, and everybody needs a release. >> john and scott wrote a gorgeous love letter to their amazing, rad wife's, and it is -- wives, and it is such a crazy, beautiful escape. it felt so good to mak only imagine how fun it would be to sit and watch. >> they were sharp as tacks about female issues, what the female spirit was going through as they were trying to rear children. they were so observant, so open to new ideas, because they wrote this as a love letter to their wives. it is so clear. yet they were always willing to take our feedback. >> you know, when i'm with my kids, they wre just welcoming, and loving. they had no ego.
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something to prove, and i think it shows. they legitimately had hundreds of women's opinions reading the script, and interviewed women for the stories, incremented that in the script. i think that shows. they didn't have an ego going into it. >> they are both amazing listeners. >> let's be bad moms. >> i'm in. >> this is exciting. >> to bad moms. >> i think they shou no such thing as 50-50 balance. that's ok. coming to terms with it, knowing that's the reality, do as much as you can, when you can, whatever time you can do it, and that's the most you can do, and do not be hard on yourself. some things go up and down, and ultimately somehow it all comes out in the wash, but i think trying to think everything can be balanced is false hope. >> and not everything comes out in the wash, it turns out. >> some things get lost. >> some things are stained. [laughter] >> forever.
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>> it looks like you wrapped an ace bandage around yourself three times. killer misfits. he is the soldier trying to keep them in line. together, viola davis and joel the suicide squad knows who is in charge. >> he shoots people. he eats people. he burns people. he is possessed by a witch. she's just crazy. >> sorry. it's the voices. and kidding. >> it's like when you get viola davis to play somebody who is a little morally corrupt, or who
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than a normal person, there will be a really interesting interpretation of that, and to me, that was incredible to get the opportunity to play opposite her. when viola there's you down and tells you how it is, you believe her, and you do what she tells you. >> behold the voice of god. >> for those of you who don't know me officially, my name is amanda waller. there is an event in midway city. i want you to enter the city, rescue hvt1, and get the when they are all going off at the same time. they are guys. they are probably used to it. i am not used to it. so when they were all going off at one time, when we were doing a huge scene on the roof, any, it was overwhelming. especially because i didn't have a gun in my hand, so i didn't know if i would be hit by something. >> for those of us who don't speak good guy, what is hvt1? >> the only person who matters in the city.
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time off your prison sentence. fail the mission, you die. if anything happens to colonel flagg, i will kill every single one of you. >> it was a set with very few boundaries, but somehow that worked. that's the style a lot of these actors like joel, they are accustomed to working like that, with no boundaries. [laughter] getting naked. giving each other tattoos. >> clothes are obsolete, you know? i mean, but he would rarely wear his. he's talking about jai, right? >> that's who i'm talking about. [laughter] >> seriously? the hell is wrong with you people? >> we are bad guys. it's what we do. >> how are we going to get out of this one? >> we will find help. >> here is this week's rundown of the top five movies in the
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>> that's the bad -- let's be bad moms! ? >> this is jason bourne. >> i need to talk. >> 32 kills. >> people are safer because of what you did. >> let's play. >> got something better to do? >>
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[ tires screech ] ? flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. tell me something i don't know -- oh-- ohhh! she slimed me.
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hs ] we have a lot more movie news to show, only on "the hollywood news report." >> writer, who went on to become a bona fide action star thanks to the bourne after starring in three successful films, matt damon is going back to the origins of jason bourne. >> i know who i am. >> we are finished with you. you will no longer be yourself. i remember everything. >> remembering everything doesn't mean you know everything. >> tell me. >> we didn't make this movie for
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have a story to tell, and i think it wasn't until we decided to make it, we cut down, with said -- sat down and read, ok, how is the world different from when the last one came out in 2007? it was alarming when we listed things, how much the world changed in under a decade. it's incredible. we felt, we have a new landscape we can run the character through. 2007, george bush was still the president, before the economic collapse. we were all living high on borrowed money. th were fledgling companies, and now they are massive transnational corporations wielding incredible power. technology, the central debate of our time is about privacy versus security, and after edward snowden and these revelations, are digital lives, the applications of people understanding those for all of us, none of that is on the radar in 2007. so, it just felt like a really for tile -- fertile landscape we
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>> i still can't believe that they let us do it. when paul pitched the idea, that we would do this giant car chase on the, strip, i was like, you are from england. [laughter] you don't really understand what that means. we will never shut it down. it would be like shutting down we will never shut it down. it would be like shutting down times squ boulevards in america. but everyone in the city was great. they wanted it to happen. everybody worked together, and we figured out a way to the just ugly get it done. the people here were really patient -- to logistically get it done. the people here were really patient. >> not until you admit to yourself who you really are.
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it is too dangerous. >> is a look at this week's worldwide box office numbers. >> that's jason bourne. >> why would he come back now? ? ? >> mind you run business. what happened to you? >> you are going somewhere very bad. to do something that will get you killed. natalie: that is it for this week. "hollywood news report," where news is entertainment and
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