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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. good evening into the cbs 5 newsroom a man was taken to the hospital after being rescued from camelback mountain. firefighters tell us he was hiking when he ran out of water and too tired to make his way down. fire crews made their way up mountain and no word on his condition noit game,f tonight. a tempe man is in the hospital after his roommate accidentally fired his gun. that bullet travellion through several walls before hi hitting him as he sat in his living room. arriving on scene shortly after it happened with the latest. >> reporter: so far we know that the victim is in the hospital and in surgery. he was talking before he was taken there. now you can take a look behind me here, investigators are waiting to get inside of the
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exactly what happened here? so here is when we know oso for, around 6:00 tonight cop responded to a gunshot and police say three people are living in this home, run roommate was apparently unloading his handgun when it went off and a round went off and went through several wall and hit his roommate in the neck. this does highlight something for gun owners, be careful when handle thing a loaded firearm. >> anytime you are handle a of the safety that goes behind it. no one should handle a firearm if they haven't used one before or are unfamiliar with the firearm. we stress firearm rules of safety and today is one of the factors that should have been in place wftv we're told that the owner of the gun is cooperating with the investigates and this investigation continues.
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the salt river. departments tell us 911 was called after a person saw him struggling in the water. we were told he was under for about five minutes before people nearby pulled him out and started cpr. first-responders took over once they got onscreen, but was too late westchester do know he was in his late 20s. tonight that tense standoff we told you about at 6:30 all wrapped up. man was wanted for shooting at his girlfriend. deputy used tear gas and shot him with a rubber bullet. a dogfight then broke out when several dogs in the home tacked a deputy eagles k-9. at least one of those dogs was shot and killed. the k-9 had several bite wounds and that suspect is now in custody. meanwhile a valley murder suspect is dead after attacking an officer in west phoenix it started last night when
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the driveway near 75th and indian school road. investigators tracked down the suspect rubeane strand and got a warrant and into the apartment. >> they entered a bedroom and when they entered the bedroom, the suspect came out of a closet with a knife and at that point he cut the lead officer that was going into the room. >> police say a 14 year phoenix pd veteran shot strand in self-defense. strand died at hospital. the officer is expected to be egg okay. >> other officer-involved shooting under investigation and this time in meag near country club and mclelland and produce tell us that they were investigating the murder of willy thomas shot to death on thursday. when they approached the suspect, he tried to drive o. they said the suspect was armed and perceive a threat and when three officers opened fire and that suspect died at the scene. police are searching for
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several months' old. back in april, 46-year-old james smith was shot and killed near 27th and baseline. witnesses say they heard several gunshots and a car speeding off. tonight detectives are still looking for the suspect. >> the key to a case like this is making sure that people know that they are going to be anonymous. they call silent witness and give us that information, we'll get it to the detectives and they'll figure out if it's related to the case? if tat nose at least we have the information and if you could get cash for that. >> if you have any information the number is call 480-witness and you can remain anonymous. a scary situation for a driver near williams this week. dps trooper pulled him over because the plates came up stolen, but it turned out that it was a rental car and the company never replaced the plates. he says he and his daughter are traumatized.
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the dark garbage northeast of dear valley road into north phoenix and police say they didn't seem nervous at all. >> the woman trying to sell her home near the encanto golf course found a guy inside not looking to buy, but looking to steal. that is him there. it happened in broad daylight on 21st south of thomas. he took off in his white toyota corolla with $5,000 worth r asked to call police. a mayor had a small arizona town decided he will not go to an international conference later this month. he says he has an issue with the language in the invitation. mayor taylor got an e-mail written in english and spanish, because it was sent to mayors in u.s. and mexico and his reply," i will not attend a function sent to me in spanish/mexican." and he said he was insulted by the division caused by
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say definitely bigoted, especially some of his other remail responses back to me. you could tell that this man has absolutely no love for mexico. >> the u.s.-mexico borders mayors s trying to send a united message to washington and mexico city. the last conference was attended by nearly 40 mayors. >> people are mourning the loss of a beloved imam and both gunned down after they walk home from prayers at a moaning and they never saw their killer who shot actually from behind. investigators are also searching for that suspect tonight. at least three people have died in historic flooding in louisiana. >> officials say more rain is in forecast and of course, there are flood watches across the south this evening, all the way through tomorrow. right now more than one hundred roads are cutoff as rivers and their creeks overflow their banks.
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countless rescues and dozens of homes are flooded. >> our house is gone under. our pets, our horses, everything is gone under back there. >> rights can you you can't replace and they are actually still in the big green rubbermaid from last time. >> i never put them up. >> while some homeowners are waiting to survey the damage, others say they are just ready to move. louisiana's governor has declared a state of emergency. let's take a look at cbs 5 pinpoint doppler to show you what is happening in that area? of storms from houston that went up through st. louis earlier. you can see a lot of this over a-arkansas is now coming down from houston into central and northern louisiana we have some very powerful storms this evening. you can see the circulation of what is causing all of this to kind of just wraparound these cities and regenerate itself. so showers expected for them throughout night. here are watches and warnings
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do have the flood warning, that is in place through tomorrow afternoon. and then in the green is the flood watch that is in place for those areas. again, all the way through until tomorrow. bringing it back home, we have fair skies, 94 right now phoenix, 8in sedona, and 100 in bullhead city. our atmosphere trying to dry up a little bit and dew points not as high as they were at this time last weekend when we are dealing with spotty showers that were around. most of our activity today stayed just to the east and sot southeast of us with a little bit of activity over the highcountry. but most of it at this point, definitely has moved out of the area. and if we see any storms in the next 24 hours, they are going to be more towards the south- southeast for us. because that moisture is getting dragged out. here is what is happening the water vapor loop really tells the story. you see the push over the past couple of hours that moisture
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drier air over california gets pushed into arizona. we have that area of high pressure off of the cost of the california and that pushes weather-makers also up through the north to go down to the pacific northwest and then over the rockies and into the midwest over the next couple of days. so what we are would going to see is drier air moving in. temperatures definitely warm up a few degrees above average for this time of year. it's going to be toasty out there for us. don't worry monsoon storm forecast. all right, your hourly planner for tomorrow, start off at 84 degrees. by 10:00 at 96. by 2:00 we'll be at 104 and 6:00 we'll be at 101. afternoon high expected to be 107 and around the valley is 10104-107-108ish for tomorrow afternoon. 9had in prescott and sedona. 82 for flagstaff. the seven-day forecast we stay
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temperatures begin to cool starting wednesday and humidity levels will be up. the first chance of showers happen thursday night into friday afternoon. sounds good. now you have everything that you need to know this saturday nightp. up next keeping your kids safe. answers about how they can protect themselves when they are not al at home? plus how much do you spend to work? tips to save cash while earning it? and we're live at the desk right here on facebook, join us live, go to the cbs 5 facebook
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cbs 5 news is brought to you by mercedes benz of gilbert. teaching our children how to defend themselves? now the city of phoenix is getting involved, giving kids answers on how to stay safe? cbs's lauren reimer is live and kids are actually learning how to ward off attackers. >> reporter: they are now that kids are back in school, some walk to the bus by themselves, others spend time at home alone while they wait for theirs parents to get off of work. now the city of phoenix wants
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kidnappings. using some unlikely tools they may already have in their backpack. >> what do you teach your children when somebody grabs a hole of you? >> reporter: the setting is much like a classroom, but the skills these kids are learning could save their lives. >> she is going to aim for the nose. my nose. >> reporter: instructors with the city of phoenix office of homeland security emergency management is teaching them how to fight off an attacker, even if that person is much larger than they are. >> he pull away? you know? there is no way that a child could just move the hand. >> reporter: he instructs kids to always keep an eye on their surroundings and if a person tries to grab them, they should reach for a tool, like a marker or a flashlight. >> you are going to place it right here, and you are going press it down. >> reporter: his techniques come from his martial arts and police training. >> as soon as you strike them, it's time for you to run.
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prevent abductions. >> a lot of times children are vulnerable populations and they feel that they can protect themselves. >> reporter: and expower even the smallest kid. >> i feel safer, and more confident. >> reporter: the city has more of these classes planned, links on in phoenix, lauren reimer, cbs 5 news. great, thank you, back to lug those heavy backpacks around and potentially leading to some health prison doctors say kids showdown carry more than 10% of their body weight and if they do, could put verse stress on their newark, upper back and shoulders. a growing concern is posture because so many kids are looking at electronic devices. >> once our head is forward with the forward posture, gravity always wins we don't want to work against gravity
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ear overore shoulder, without that forward-slumping. >> there you go, just like that. another good tip for parents and make sure your child's backpack has good padding. if you havep been by asu, you probably noticed all the incoming freshman, nearly 14,000 students are making their own place their own. today was rest of campus' turn and luckily for students they got a bit of a helping hand. >> we got hundreds of volunteee their stouf up to the rooms so the parents and them can bond together and have last moments together before they move into their dorms. >> so how much does it cost to you go to work? a recent survey found the average employeen spends houses of dollars a year to have a job. we have the answers about how to save a few bucks while aaroning them. >> almost there, 10 seconds left. >> reporter: trainer phil knows it costs money to earn a living.
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make money; right? and i'm driving, i obviously have to eat well, keep up and do my training and pay for my gym stuff for myself, chronicles. >> reporter: add all that to the price of commuting and a career-builder survey found the average worker spend $276 a month to go to work, $3300 a year. >> most people think about their job and what they get in their paycheck and they need to think more broadly what it costs them actually to earn that paycheck? the cost of getting to wo the cost of business- appropriate clothes? the cost of the day care, pet care, it all adds up. >> reporter: nearly half surveyed spent at owe least $250 anxious a year on clothes and buying lunch, spending $25 a more a week. more than 30% who need daycare spend at least $500 a month. even coffee adds up. about one out of four workers who buy coffee send up to $25 a week, but there are ways to cut costs. >> if you really put your mind
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costs down, considering bringing your own lunk. did you carpool? >> reporter: for those who can't carpool many employers offer benefits for cheaper rates on public transportation and parking and helping to bring down the commuting costs. daniellele nottingham, cbs news laurens. park fork god is the name of a new pilot program san francisco hopes will have a heavenly outcome. the issue one church is getting so busy over the weekend it's creating a parking 12-month pilot program is in the works that would clarify when people are allowed to illegal park to attend church services? >> so we'll go to the next block and next block and basically, you know, create a one-lane, where there used to be two-lanes. >> the city of san francisco's transportation agency will vote on whether or not to move forward with the plan this coming tuesday. new research has found some sharks may be older than the
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the scientists say they determined the ages of these greenland sharks by looking deep into think eyes and the lens is made up of proteins that use radio carbon date and able to count them out like rings on a tree. doctors is say they found one important time-stamp. >> co could see carbon initially going to the 1960s when nuclear bombs were being tested off greenland and see radiation in the eyes there and we can go a they shook sharks were actually born. >> for some perspective, that is before george washington was born and, in fact, around the same time the all galileo starting staring at the stars. trending tonight a cool treat for elephants at seafair doors, they all need it to celebrate world el frantday. getting a bath with the caption "pure joy." doesn't that look nice, joe-i
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i am a human being. . and tonight's conference title game and the arizona cardinals would with a mixed
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. five time world champion arizona rattlers are hungry for no. 6, suiting up for tonight's conference final against cleveland. guy's squad looking to make it nine straight win and dahl yao within mvp candidate fires, rod windsor, arizona up1-7. the arizona defense great coverage, pals dipped and great pick. goes back the other way for 6
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rattlers host the arenabowl friday august 26th and take on the jacksonville-philly winner. >> i'm proud of these guys tonight, they played great tight and executed the game plan. we have one more to go, but tell you what rattler nation it's staying in arizona. >> kevin guy, you my hero. arizona cardinal's brew arians with mixed emotions after the preseason opener against the raiders. the rest of one area coach was happy with was with the play of second- year right tackle dj hump fridays the first-round pick making his first start after sitting out all of last year. he showed early he is the man for the job. >> i thought dj played extremely well from what i watched he was really into it and we ran the ball pretty well his side. >> the more plays the
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i was playing. >> well, larry fitzgerald expects to have another great year after catching 109 passes last season. he is only two touchdown catch and promoting his 8th annual fitz super club at dominick's superclub. >> i want people to come in and get a chance to meet some of the guys that you saw on the documentary last year for "all- or-nothing." to see the quality beings that we have on this football team and why we're so easy to like and pull forward. >> sources say the rams are going extend the contract of coach jeff fisher and gm, the tandem have produced four losing seasons. this is where i lose faith in mankind, sanity and commonsense. fisher is a mediocre coach and that kind of stupidity is why
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nfl, speaking of l.a.. fans at coliseum, seeing the rams host the cowboys. let's get l.a. football going in the right direction - no! cowboy's lucky whitehead 105- yard kickoff return. jared goff is picked off by deon king. rams won 28-24, but mark my word as i stand among when you when it's all the said and done, under fisher l.a. will have another losing season. more football? yes, marches 8 plays and spencer wear a fantasy wonder last year, one-yard touchdown, kc up 7-0. seahawk's quarterback russell wilson is trying to make dreams come true, but a nightmare and picked off by peters.
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nau, getting there earl because parking can be a bear. today on media day the devil only the mic. >> my freshman class we were 10-3 and that is not what we were aiming for with 6-7 starting frederickmen. this class reminds me my class a lot, because they can come in and do what we did and make an impact. >> you i think both sides of the ball did a really good job and very excited to get the season going. to keep working hard and finish out mp momentum into the season as we get going. >> baseball at boston. kim foley's favorite place, our produce he -- i love you kim. michael bourn supremacy, and arizona up 3-1. then it all falls apart. i am a man among boys -- needless to say bradley takes
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the arizona rattlers. in two weeks they'll have the arenabowl taking on the philly- jacksonville winner. kevin all fired up to keep it
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. one last check of the
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108 on monday and tuesday. we're going to bring back the chance for some showers probably thursday night, but i only utit in the forecast for friday, because that is when we'll see the best chance for showers. >> lightning storms are so fun to watch. we're back tomorrow at 5:30 and 10:00. thanks for being with us, until
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