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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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happen to anyone of us. someone steals a car and takes a stolen license late and puts it on the back of your vehicle without you noticing.the next thing you know, you are pulled over with officers drawn guns demanding you get out. ken walton of san francisco posted his story, a nightmare story on facebook here he was on vacation with his seven-year- old daughter when pulled over by williams arizona a few nights ago the car he was driving had prompting the trooper to conduct a high risk stop which meant drawing his weapon and demanding the man stepped out of his vehicle. wharton claims the men went too far threatening him in front of his daughter "as i had my hands in the air, he yelled at the top of his lungs in a voice i will never forget as my daughter looked on in terror. get your hands away from your waist or i will hold -- i will
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>> i was doing my best to try to communicate with him clearly and it was as if he was not listening and really aggressive and yelling.he was terrorizing my daughter. >> we are confident that number one, our trooper is being truthful and that mr. walton is being treated.we just feel that he is exaggerating and one this thing out of proportion. >> the captain says they sympathize but the dealing with a potential life- and-death situation and everybody walked away. it turns out that the rental company had reported a front license plate stolen on that particular vehicle but they never took off the back license plate which was why the california dad was stopped in the first place. we have also learned there was no dashboard camera on the trooper's car in the trooper was not wearing a
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>> developing right now, police in flagstaff are looking for a man who posed as a police officer and raped a woman. officers say the suspect pulled a woman over near the downtown area.he claimed to be a police officer and to the victim to a secluded area where he attacked her .0 witnesses the suspect was wearing a hat with the word please written on it he was also carrying a large flashlight here flagstaff lease said their officers always carry a badge and you can always request to see an identification card. just then, new details in the death of a six-month-old boy. we have learned that the home where the child died was not a licensed day care facility. deputies went to the home last friday and saw the caregiver performing cpr on the child.the 62-year-old told deputies she was running a day care business out of her home and that she had checked on the boys 90 minutes after putting him down for a nap.there were no obvious
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under a renovation with exposed wood, nails and dirty floors. unix police need your help to find a driver who hit and killed a woman who was in a happened near 48th street and roosevelt last night police say the driver veered into the bike lane and hit the woman and took off. the witness rushed over and stopped other traffic from hitting the victim. >> this case is pretty important to us left there in the streets to die with no medical aid from this driver and so we would like to get them into custody before they do something like this again. >> the victim is believed to be in her 60s and her name has not been released. release in the truck they are looking for is a red or blue f1 50 truck and may have some front end damage. >> take a look at this. if your captured a large house fire near 75th avenue in glendale. you can see raging. he pulled
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the flames shooting out of the garage with that car inches away let's get a look at the traffic cast.we do have some activity. doppler radar showing showers to the west and blowing dust on the i-10. most of those storm starting to dissipate but a lot of showers and storms just north of cave creek just to the east of black canyon city living to the globe area and as we take a showers and storms heading out to the east and temperatures, a big story in the valley.plaque -- dry conditions with a number day -- another day with temperatures. >> new at 6 that dirty, more trouble for a man facing dui charges. he showed up drunk and he was trying to pick up his impounded
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police station before going inside. officers say he smelled of alcohol and he was taken into jail and booked on a charge of indecent exposure. >> the parents of a four-year- old girl are taking on lifetime fitness. a man who was supposed to be caring for her recorded video of their daughter while she was in a shower room. their parents claim the jim could've done more to protect her. at the scottsdale lifetime athletic center. like many large fitness centers, it has a location that parents can drop off their children for a short period of time.the lawsuit describes an encounter between the 25-year-old, a former employee in the unnamed four- year-old girl.he recorded her or seven minutes according to the report, in a shower room uploading the files to a child born website.
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this from happening .2 years before the incident, the arizona department of health services cited several valley locations for not properly fingerprinting employees and filling to maintain complete step files. the lawsuit states these hiring practices were negligent and ended up causing the victim substantial psychiatric -- psychological and emotional stress. th must back up -- must pass a background check. lifetime says he was fired after the incident and has not worked there since. the jim conducted its own internal investigation and worked with authorities. it sent us this statement regarding the lawsuit. "given number long commitment to provide a fun environment for over more than two decades,
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very alarming. dhs has a special website where you can see if your child's day care center has any citations. we have it at posted on our website. back to you. worth has pled guilty to at least one count of sexual exploitation as a minor and will be sentenced next month. >> tonight, there could be some traffic trouble in the westbound took it looks pretty good right now an performing tonight. the concert is not until 8 o'clock tonight. inside the stadium, crews worked on the massive stage. truckloads of steel were brought in plus were brought in +20 trucks full of production equipment. it's going to be a huge show. times and roses back together for the first time in 20 years.
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it shows two hours and 45 minutes long and it is full of everything you can imagine plus.they are playing all the songs you know. >> it took more than 200 people to get everything ready.guns and roses has sold more than 100 million records worldwide >> but coming united. we are three months away from the general election but several hispanic groups are trying to pull off something they say has never been done before in arizona politics. >> a house always wins except in this case. except in this case .3 valley men busted for running an illegal gambling much cast -- cash they were pocketing every week. a warning if you like to use gift cards.answers on how
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on the campaign trail, local hispanic groups want to make history. they are trying to register
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november election launching the boat campaign in the west valley. there are targeting hispanics and want to elect candidates who represent their values. the registration deadline to vote is in early october which means they will have to register hundreds of people every day over the next two months. >> by their own acknowledgment, getting this done in any time would be historic. and getting it done in a very compressed amount of time would be >> political analysts actually believe registering may be the easy part. getting people to show up at the polls would be the hard part. we're getting our first look at three men accused of running an illegal gambling operation. facing gambling charges stemming from the operation between september and august.police say they helped a union near 7th avenue and union drive raking in as much as
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i have been following it on the news but i did not really put two and two together until you guys him around. >> it has been almost a month since the 10-year-old boy -- we go back to his neighborhood digging for clues in his disappearance. >> do you know someone who likes to use
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the search continues tonight for a serial killer in
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police say the suspect is tied to seven deadly shootings dating back to march and could be driving several cars including this 2000 black bmw 5 series. there is a $50,000 reward if you know silent witness at 408-witness and you can remain anonymous. >> there will be a community meeting tomorrow scheduled for 6 o'clock located near 20th street and maryland avenue. >> exactly 4 weeks ago on monday, at 1 o'clock in the rn year-old was reported missing from his buckeye home.his disappearance is a mystery. his disappearance is a mystery .1 that we have been learning clues about as this month has progressed. cbs fives donna rossi has the report. this is her mommy. know when his minute you. >> crystal wilson publicly pleaded for her son to return home after she told police he walked away from their buckeye house, something he had done, on the one month
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with wilson and she did not answer the door. >> console the kids occasionally. they pretty much stayed at home . >> stephen lives in avondale next door to where wilson used to live, jesse and their one year old brother.we have since learned the children are adopted . >> we have never had any problems with them and i don't believe the kids were abused in any sort of way. i did not see anything like that took and certainly, she seems to care for the children. stacked in april, a neighbor called police after finding jesse standing on the corner not willing to talk or let anyone get close to is not written in the log but the neighbor told police that he was hungry and looking for food. the same scenario occurred a few times when the boy lived next to him, he said. >> he kind of hinted about the same thing saying he was a little bit, looking for something to grab. >> at the time, he attended bradley academy.
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vocal and active in searching for the little boy. when we checked with them today, they said they have put a hold on talking to the media in this case.donna rossi, cbs 5 news . >> we hope you had a great weekend. it is a big monday and we do have some storms to talk about work pretty quiet conditions across the valley but chalmers and conditions -- showers and storms really coming down.roosevelt late -- lake. in the distance. from payson all the way up into flagstaff, folks reporting rainfall. for us, it is the heat. we had another 110 degrees. we had another 110 degrees .33 days above 110. let's hope we don't hit that burqa but it has been a warm summer so far and we have temperatures once again that will approach 110 again for tuesday.
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you can see from dallas toward louisiana. that stream of moisture pushing to the midwest with a line of showers moving off to the east but there has been historic flooding in parts of southeast louisiana. look at these pictures. the federal government has declared a major disaster area in that state and at least 7000 people have died. 10,000 people staying at shelters tonight here 75% of those affected by the flooding do not have flood insurance as we mentioned, still more rainfall coming across louisiana again tonight.not a good scene.the satellite radar, most of the activity from flagstaff out toward the white low had pockets of heavy rainfall and strong winds across western areas of our state along the i-tend toward courtside but futurecast is showing a pretty quiet morning work tomorrow afternoon, a few pop-up showers mainly in the high country
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see an increase of chance of showers and storms in the valley. the heat, a big story. we will start off the morning around the 80s.the heat, a big story. we will start off the morning around the 80s .104 around noon and we will hit that seven day forecast, uncomfortable. dry conditions and a slight chance of showers tuesday. a better chance on thursday. we have a consumer alert. if you head stayed in a major hotel chain recently, hackers may ha sheridan, marriott and westin hotels work 10 states could be affected your arizona is not one of them but now, they may have collected names, credit card numbers and verification codes from december to june. >> gift cards are easy presence for any occasion but unfortunately, criminals have found a way to bring the card before you use it.
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>> reporter: it was rejecting the card and he did not understand why.>> reporter: neither did stevenson when he tried to use the best buy gift card. the $200 card she had just received for her birthday had a zero balance. a surprise for the teacher who had not even taken it out of its wrapper until she got to the store and she is not alone. >> this card was likely in the store for a period of time. >> the police department says for years, criminals were copying the e cards on display and returning them. they wait until the cards are debated and drain the balance. sometimes, before the recipient has received the gift .1 of the tricks, the sticker can be used to cover up scratch off security panels so the buyer does not realize the card has been tampered with. security experts say criminals are also getting the numbers
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hacking into the card safeway where the card was purchased, nor best i could tell us how the card was breached the best buy says the card was drained the day after it was purchased. the safest place to buy gift card is directly from the retailer and you should ask forget cards kept behind the counter. after we contacted best buy, they gave alex a new $200 gift card work everything you need to know before prime time is next in tonight's take away but first,
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investing in the future of your city and boost our economy. answers tonight at 10 o'clock on how you can help out local entrepreneurs and get some extra cash. >> here's a look at tonight's take away.phoenix police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a woman while in her wheelchair. police say the woman was in a was hit. they believe the suspect is driving a red or blue f1 50 style truck. >> armed men kidnapped -- kidnap people from a restaurant.gunmen storm the place and it's unclear if any americans were abducted your as many as 16 people were taken away. >> if you live in the west valley, you can expect more traffic in the area.
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stadium. the band is back together for the first time in 20 years.the concert kicks off in just about one hour. >> be sure to connect to facebook, twitter or instagram. share your story with us using the hashtag cbs 5 az . >> caught on camera, a different type of rescue. ems crews -- ems crews helped a young squirrel jumping around for a bit before they put the blanket on it took the guys pulled the cup off the squirrels had. it is posted on facebook and has been a pretty big is lucky those guys stepped in to help. >> i want to mention, steve is not here because he is going to the guns and will be very interesting to see him in
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you know i'm gonna go through your phone when you're not looking. i changed the passcode. you mean 1147? i'll just change it again. 1157? get out of my head. was it marjorie? no. jill? no. wendy? no. mary? who's mary? i'll take that as a no. let's see. it's somebody you don't want to talk to, so it's either sex or money. boy, that does not narrow things down. fine. it's adam. adam? wrong number boyfriend, adam? not boyfriend. we met once for coffee and didn't hit it off. so why is he calling? i don't know. we gonna watch the show or are you just gonna annoy me? i can do both. so what? you're not even friends with him, anymore? no, not really. why? i mean i get that you didn't have chemistry... oh, grow up. i lied. (pauses tv) he stood me up. really? why didn't you tell me? 'cause i didn't want to see your pity face.


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