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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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live from cbs 5, breaking news. >> several breaking stories. bruce irion taken to the hospital in california. mark mcclune is live in san diego with the latest. police investigating a deadly shooting. in the west valley a little girl is fighting for her life after she was hit by a police cruiser. >> this happened near bethany home road. jeff? details tonight. we know this young girl is 3 years old. she is right now in the hands of doctors who are trying to stabilize her. the hymie there is an active scene. we know francine investigators are here and they have sealed off a large area. some of the new information is the young girl went out to get ice cream. she came around the front end
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after she got her ice cream and she was struck by an officer who was driving by. apparently the officer was in the area for an animal disturbance call. unfortunately that officer did hit the young child. that is when 1st responders came on the scene. they try to stabilize the young girl. here's what they have to say. >> we have a fight -- child critically injured in the road. we on the scene, get the child back to the ambulance and start life support. she suffered a massive head injury. extremely critical condition. our folks did a fantastic job managing the airway and health of that child all the way into phoenix children's hospital. >> reporter: police are saying that young girl is in very critical condition. she is in
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was able to -- out in the road, is part of the investigation. we heard the mom might have been nearby. back to you. police are investigating a deadly shooting in tempe. they found a victim in extremely critical condition in the alleyway. he later died. is firefighters treating the man the suspect walked up to them and told them he was the shooter. that is when he was the officers. the suspect was getting ready for work when the victim approached them and there was a fight. when we get new details will pass them on to you. not to san diego where cardinals had coach bruce arians is resting in hospital after suffering from severe stomach pain. >> mark mcclune is live in san diego. he joins us live now. >> reporter: it was quite a scare for the cardinals. we were able to talk to players
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diego chargers. they're going to have a preseason game on friday and they took the field tonight around 6 pm local time. word roque around 6:10 about bruce irion's condition. he was taken to -- bruce arians edition. we waited for word on his condition. we got an update from the pr staff later tonight that he has undergone tests and will spend the night in the hospital. his condition will be reevaluated in the morning. should get an update in the morning. the cardinals will meet the media at 11 am local time. his condition was announced over the loudspeaker and he got a huge ovation. afterwards cardinal players shared what they knew about their head coaches condition. >> we will get to that and sports coming up. we had to talk to a number of cardinal players who basically said that they heard he is doing better tonight and
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dave johnson telling us it was some sort of infection. definitely everyone's thoughts are with bruce arians. the cardinals are going to meet the media tomorrow morning at 11 am and we should get an update at some point time and we will have live reports all day. >> once again live from san diego. thousands of people in pinal county to turn for health insurance next year. >> there are no companies lined up to offer coverage to the affordable care act market place in pinal county. >> it's the 1st case of its kind anywhere in the country. >> reporter: nearly 10,000 people in pinal county are getting their health insurance through the affordable care act or obamacare marketplace. community health centers like this one worry if there are no other options, many of their patients might be priced out of insurance. this center tells me many of
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coverage are blue-collar workers at small businesses that don't offer employee coverage. big reason is price. in pinal county 80% of the people with marketplace coverage mollify -- qualify for a subsidy. on average $230 per month. without the subsidy other insurance just isn't an option. >> you will see about 10,000 people who are not going to have access to care, doctors and prescriptions. >> there is no doubt because of the fundamental problems with obamacare there will be other states and counties that will face the same dilea. >> reporter: this came to a head today when canals last- place market insurer, aetna, said it's pulling out of arizona and other states. there is still a chance another company could swoop in and offer exchange coverage here.
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tonight we have learned investigators believe there was some sort of drug activity inside this home where a 3-year- old top it was killed. child's own brother, 16-year-old is accused of stabbing him. today sheriff joe arpaio say they found drug paraphernalia at the scene. >> we will look into this. but when you look at the paraphernalia, the scale, the envelopes, you get an idea that sales could be >> he is facing second-degree murder charges and is currently being charged as an adult. a lot of questions tonight for police at a community meeting about a serial killer. lease say this man has killed 7 people and injured more. >> reporter: the meeting taking place inside this precinct,
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the shooter has taken aim at the side of town also. >> the person looks similar to this. >> reporter: phoenix police reaching out hoping they can help detectives catch the serial shooter. tonight's community meeting taking place in the mountain view precinct which covers east phoenix where 3 of the 9 shootings happened. the others happened in the maryvale area. >> i felt it was good to have it in this area because the last one was for blocks for my home. we're trying to be >> reporter: neighbors asking who, what, where, when? a light-skinned hispanic male possibly driving a bmw or something else. using the same weapon citywide. why is still a mystery. >> all possibilities are open. >> reporter: there wasn't much in the way of new information, that didn't seem to bother the
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all a favor. >> i hope the trip themselves up and run a red light or get caught. >> reporter: this was the 2nd community meeting held by police. a couple of the victims family members were in attendance. >> so far the serial killer case hasn't seemed to cause widespread concer other cases like the baseline killer. today we talked to a forensic psychiatrist who is surprised by the lack of reaction from most valley residents. >> individuals who engage in this type of the heavier are hiding in plain sight. it seems odd we had this kind of , relatively speaking, relatively minimal response. we have a serial killer operating in the community. >> he went on to say the general public may be becoming desensitized to horrific acts of violence. out of california, this
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in acreage. these wide images our way back from the fire lines. over 80,000 people are being told to evacuate. this is near the pastor san diego. a close-up look of the developing fire. it started this morning and has burned 1500 acres. at one point the flames were so high fire crews had to take over. here across the valley. and also in california you can see with the valley pinpoint doppler radar there is rain in northern few thinks -- phoenix. right along i-17. up toward bell road a nice sell pushing into the northern part of the valley. it along the 101. showers to the west of us pushing ever closer to buckeye.
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take a look, a high of 111. it is still warm. temperatures in the mid-90s. winds are light out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour. if you follow the numbers, 30 days now with temperatures above 110. just 3 days shy of the all-time record set in 2011. not a record we want to hit. tomorrow morning we will stop around 7:30, make sure you tune in. in the afternoon another round of pop up showers and storms, mainly to the north. through flagstaff and the long the rim. we will continue to see that trend through thursday. here is the 7 day. 108 on wednesday. chance of showers on thursday. friday a high of 104. right now comfortable the pictures below average. 103 on saturday with clear skies.
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everything you didn't know -- need to know in 10 minutes. >> it looks like rain sleet and snow does not apply to the postal worker you see here. never want to leave your house?
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. sean mclaughlin, kris pickel, you are watching and 3 at 10. she rolled in here like she owned the place. i doubt it was the 1st time. >> on camera, this postal carrier dumping mail. right into the trash. you see the postal worker pulling up, opening up the lid and throwing away hundreds of an open letters. the postal service is not commenting on the video but did send special investigators out.
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an idea and an expectation that it is equal. and until they hit a bump, they don't realize that it isn't equal. >> gender discrimination at the ceo level. >> a study find females at the pinnacle of their career still deal with bullying. >> what happened to the censorship? >> ar difference. >> reporter: for managing a bookstore to being an executive assistant, she worked her way up to ceo of arizona women's education and employment. >> the idea is that people feel female ceos are not as capable. it so apparent. >> reporter: it has not come without challenges. >> i was sexually harassed. have been underpaid almost all my life. >> reporter: she is not surprised that a new asu study
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shareholders much more than male ceos do. >> issue strong and capable enough? she smarting and caring enough next >> reporter: let's say in this boardroom there are 6 male and 6 female ceos. according to this study the mail ceos have 0% chance of getting a pushback from shareholders. but the females will. not to gender discrimination but to shareholder bullying. it starts with the word she. >> if a female lead firm removes all of its female language from the press releases to get close to the
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hope because younger generations continue to fight for a seat at the table. >> they are changing the world and i don't see that going away. a health scare for a passenger going from phoenix to philadelphia. emts work called out after the woman had symptoms of overheating. the flight was supposed to leave at 2:50 this afternoon. because of weather in the northeast, it sat on the tarmac for over one hour. we're told the woman is okay and refused treatment. we have sw what your rights are and you are stuck on a delayed flight. faa rules allow planes to sit idle on the tarmac for no more than 3 hours before heading back to the gate. there are some exceptions. you could be stuck on a plane without time restrictions if the pilot believes passenger safety is at risk or air traffic control thinks deplaning would disrupt airport operation.
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flip phone to a car phone. in terms of airplanes. >> some of the 1st pilots are weighing in on camera on what it's like to fly these. these were above our skies daily out of the air force base. these pilots are from virginia. they are taking off from carriers. they got the qualifications on the carriers for the multi- purpose fighter. one of the upgrades is the pilot helmet. right inside the cockpit. it is a virtual giving pilots a 360 degree view from all around the surroundings. air force base, the nation's training center for these pilots. grand canyon diversity has a huge impact on the philly and they hope to make a bigger one in the next 2 years. the university in west phoenix plans on building 10 new sports facilities in the next 2 years. some of the projects include a baseball stadium, softball stadium, and beach volleyball court.
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county supervisors will vote on chase field. they will decide whether to accept an offer and sell the stadium for $60 million. 20 years ago taxpayers paid more than $200 million to help build the stadium. the county and the diamondbacks have been at odds over renovations to the ballpark. tonight a valley company has come up with an answer to keep you from running out >> how many times have you run to the store in the middle of the night because you have run out of toothpaste or deodorant? the essentials? now the bathroom sink will save you the trip. that is what it's called. a local online subscription service that runs to the store for you. the founders came up with the idea looking for a better way to make sure you never run of your favorite bathroom items. for $3 per month, they will refill your toiletries like a prescription.
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you as a user will need a refill. we reach out to you a few days before you need that refill, you approve it, the sale goes to amazon and they ship it to you. >> do know how much hair gel i will use? bathroom sink has been in the testing phase for the last 18 months. talk tech. ford says it will have self driving cars ready to provide ridesharing services b the automaker is also investing $75 million in a laser company that makes sensors for autonomous cars. ford ceo says the next decade will be defined by automation of vehicles. a phoenix police officer rescued a dog from a valley canal. >> this australian shepherd mix
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canal. a police officer saw her struggling and called emergency animal vet techs to help pull the puppy out. just that she was going under. >> they used a catchpole to grab her at the very last 2nd before she completely passed out from exhaustion. >> she is still pretty tired. she's expected to make a full recovery. she does not have a microchip. if an owner does not come forward her. if you have not seen our new morning show, it's completely revamped. >> i have been there every morning, even last night after the guns n' roses concert. i made it through. >> your even pleasant around tonight. >> thank you. that makes it seem like i am not always pleasant. >> we have everything for you. news, traffic and weather.
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good morning tee. are news chopper was cruising over the valley this morning getting these great shots. checkout wake up arizona tomorrow morning. will tran 5 make it at 4:30? here's a look at the doppler radar. let's zoom in closer. we see the rainfall just north of i-70.
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there is parts of the valley. starting to move along the 51. and showers along the 101. up in the north valley. isolated storms in the forecast tomorrow. 86 tomorrow morning. the high tomorrow 3 degrees above average. close to 110. a high of 108. good evening from san diego. the arizona cardinals are training camp. we 2 of the preseason. tonight a joint practice between the 2 teams. it started on a somber note. word as the cardinals took the field head coach was aryans was taken to a local hospital spiriting stomach pain. he left the stadium in a ambulance. -- bruce arians. where they have is that he is doing better. >> that always makes you step back and reflect. we send prayers up ram.
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heartbeat and leader. >> all we know is it was something about an infection. but he is all good now. >> i hope he is fine. it's a big deal in my life. i want to make sure he was all right. >> reporter: some good news there. we won't know much more until 11 am tomorrow when the cardinals meet the media. the cardinals, when they arrived it lke and just regular practice. honey badger was unable to perform. he was able to get on the field but not factors. he might do more as the week goes on. carson palmer, he put the ball in the air quite a bit. and former cardinal coach ken was out here for the now san diego chargers. they went to the super bowl
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sandoval back fighting for that spot. here's a look at some of the highlights. carson palmer put the ball in the air. here he is finding jj nelson out of uab, the cardinals have a serious weapon if he is able to come in on his 2nd season. tied in diving in for a touchdown. a security blanket last year for palmer. the 2 have played together since cincinni hospital. cardinal players told as they walked off the field he is doing better. cardinals will be to mediate 11:00 a.m. cardinals will be to mediate
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put your finger to good use.
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tracking your highs and lows on your wednesday. we are going to start off the morning with 86. a high tomorrow of 108. slight chance of showers in the forecast again wednesday. the chance extends through thursday. temperatures cooling down below average saturday and sunday.
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guns n' roses concert last night. and then at wake up arizona. here tonight. and back tomorrow at 4:30. when you going to crash? >> i have 4 hours. that is a good stretch of sleep.
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>> whoo! >> cubs win again, what a season for the cubs, will they be lucky enough to end their 100-year championship draught? >> stephen: yes, they will. as long as i keep rubbing my lucky horseshoe, rubbing my my lucky three-legged rabbit. and keep rubbing my lucky three chicago cubs. come on, fellas! it's rubbing time! whooo! whooo! we're going to do it! whooo! whooo! >> tonight, stephen welcomes


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