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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at the county supervisors could vote today on whether to's l -- salad chase field the latest on health care for arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians.
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thank you for joining us at noon. bruce arians spoke to reporters moments ago and was hospitalized yesterday with stomach pain. mark mcclune is live in san diego with good news. >> reporter: good news for sure. bruce arians is walking inside the media room in san diego and addressing the situation it turns out it was that caused the cardinals coach to double over and be taken to the hospital before the joint practice between arizona cardinals and san diego chargers. the coach is back and will try to go to practice tonight. another joint practice between the cardinals and chargers and that is great news. for 18 hours everyone has been on pins and needles won about his health. carson palmer joked they just happen to the bed last night to
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he said he was smiling and joking being his normal self. >> i will go to practice today and see how it goes. i'm too old not to listen to doctors anymore. i push it but i will glad to say and see how long i can stay it's nothing serious. >> bunch of stomach pain and doubled over. that's what it does to. i thought it was a kidney ston at first. i've been diagnosed with diverticulitis. i've had a colonoscopy every two years. >> reporter: great news to see him moving around and sing he cut go to practice tonight. they were cut from 3:30-5 tonight. he will changes by a little has been on a strict diet in training camp is joking about trying to lose weight.
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diet will change. but he was the same old self and good as for cardinals fans. the coach is back. swimmer michael phelps returned to the valley this morning frothe olympics in rio he won five gold medals and one silver medal during the games and retired as the most decorated olympian in history. a judge has ordered his teammate ryan lochte to stay his claim he was robbed at gunpoint. he also was ordered -- police were ordered to cease his passport one problem according to his father the summer is already back home in the us. authorities say they are inconsistencies in reports of the robbery. a gourmet in critical condition after being struck by a police cruiser. this happened around 7 pm last
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75th avenue and camelback. the three-year-old girl was getting ice cream from a truck and then ran across the street at the exact same time an officer was driving around the ice cream truck the police vehicle struck an ran over the child. >> the ice cream truck is exciting for our kids. especially the little ones. they get to go out and have an ice cream and what we want to tell parents we have the same tragedy happened not long ago in south phoenix. you have to hold their hands and keep their hand. until inside your home. >> the officer who was driving the car is extremely distraught over what has happened in she is 35 years old and has been on the force for the past eight years. police are looking for the shooter who killed a man in the southwest valley around 10:30 last night. officers were called to a shooting near 51st avenue in southern. the victim was taken to the hospital he was pronounced dead. he had been involved in an argument earlier in the evening
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been related. another shooting in an industrial area in tempe you're the rick lint talk in real solano drive. the victim and suspect got into a fight and one man ended up shooting the other. this as firefighters seven were treating the victim the suspect walked up to them and claimed he was the shooter and was taken into custody. and more than one hour maricopa county supervisors will discuss whether to sell chase field to private investors. >> reporter: a group of private investors is offering $60 million to buy chase field the county owned facility. keep in mind it costs more than hundred $59 to build 20 years ago the taxpayers picking up the bulk of the cost is that a fair offer? or is a lowball price? with no recent appraisal no one we spoke with at the county seemed to know what the stadium is actually worth in a few hours the county board of
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the diamondbacks have threatened to skip town if they don't get $65 million in upgrades to the ballpark. >> it's an unsolicited offer. there's a lot of work for us to do. we have heard the complaints from the diamondback organization and we want to protect the taxpayers at the same time to do weekend to make sure the diamondbacks stay in downtown phoenix >> reporter: in a few hours the county board of supervis sign the letter of intent with these potential buyers keep in mind the diamondbacks have to agree to the sale but we will be at the 1:30 meeting and keep you posted through the day. it looks like arizona might be at a loss when it comes to getting water from lake mead according to a new projection by federal water managers the largest colorado river reservoir could run out of water
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the trigger point some time he for 2018. that means arizona could lose more than 11% of our water supply. that is scary. if you've been to vegas what you see in the water lines go down we need rain and a lot of it >> california got the first dibs on that and we are one of the first to get cut when they start doing that. we got a little rain today we're getting some rain now this is time lapse and look at the thunderheads built. and then drop some rain. i don't think it's going toward lake mead it will take more than that to get the levels up but let's look. we're seeing plenty of lightning around the area. some storms brewing to the north and west of show low so snowflakes and storms possible
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and lightning. plenty of lightning around flagstaff pushing along i-40 it is active up there and then storms bubbling up around prescott and to the north. here's a nice look at the sunny slope. not a lot of wins out cloud cover earlier but we see plenty of sunshine in the valley now. we could see some storms roll in later this evening. 104 now 86 payson. 106 lake havasu city. most of us are in the 100 degree territory. 102 queen creek. the rest of the day looks like this. we get up to 110 today. what about storm chances tonight? the full forecast coming up.
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southern california has exploded in size and now affects more than 80,000 people . it's called the blue cut fire and's already burned 30,000 acres east of los angeles. a portion of the main highway from la to las vegas is closed. carter evans has more. >> reporter: huge flames with the night sky as the blue cut fire continued its relentless advance. it only took a matter of hours for the fire to explode to thousands of acres tuesday afternoon burning entire neighborhoods to the ground and destroying the legendary summit in a local landmark since 1952. >> firefighters not make their way here in the flames just are too intense. >> reporter: thick smoke filled the sky of of san bernardino county. the wildfire grew quickly pushed by strong wind and dry brush in hundred degree temperatures.
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establishing keeps moving and jumping. it keeps leapfrogging up. >> the home just blew up. >> reporter: six firefighters were briefly trapped by the flames and two of them suffered minor injuries. >> cause of the wind direction we were fully engulfed with smoke. >> reporter: they found these men working to protect their neighbor's homes. >> where are the firefighters? >> guess. >> this is what i'm buying fires burning in california right now. one in northern california by sacramento is 35% contained and the man accused of setting that fire was trained as an inmate firefighter when he was in prison he scheduled to be arraigned today. the death toll is rising from the flooding in louisiana. more people are now bracing for
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things up in his campaign. grab your phones. later on we are giving away a four pack of tickets to golf with some quest -- sunsplash --
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hundreds of people were rescued from a passenger ferry off the coast water rico. the fire broke engine room of the travion fantasy and spread to the rest of the ship. passengers climbed into rescue wraps to escape luckily there are no reports of any injuries in the ferry was arriving in san juan after a 12 hour trip from dominican republic. the death toll in flood ravaged southern louisiana stands at 11. tens of thousands remain out of their homes today while others are salvaging what they can before they as well are forced out. 15 parishes were added to the
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and national guard troops carried out were rescues in baton rouge so far 30,000 people have had to be saved from the waters. governor john bel edwards says even with everything that has happened so far any people are still reluctant to evacuate. >> people who live in homes that have never flooded don't believe -- leave their homes when he warned th >> what he told the 11,000 people still in shelters? >> we're moving heaven and earth to get them back in their homes as soon as possible. >> reporter: two days a record rainfall dumped 30 inches of rain in parts of louisiana already. city thousand people have signed up for people assistance. a serial killer is on the loose in the valley which leads people with a lot of questions for police. they are trying to get as many answers as they can but it is tough. a community meeting took place at the mountain view precinct and is the area of where three
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police to not have any answers for the concerned neighbors. all they say is they are looking for someone who looks like this and hispanic male with light skin possibly driving a black bmw using the same weapons citywide in the evening and late at night. the reason behind the shootings is still a mystery. >> at this point all possibilities are open to us. >> some of the victims families attended the meeting and they more than anyone want to make sure thuy donald trump is making big changes at the top of his campaign and hillary clinton is bracing for potential republican attacks after the fbi released notes from its investigation into her email server. craig boswell has thlatest >> reporter: donald trump is shaking up his campaign staff less than 90 days to go until election day. stephen bannon who runs right
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it ceo and kellyanne conway joins as a new campaign manager ahmed afford will remain chairman but with a diminished role >> steve bennett in particular is one of the toughest most aggressive most negative operatives in america today. that supposed to me trump rather than softening his approach is going to double down on being the tough in your face campaigner. >> he does not want to soften his approach >> i am who i am. i don't want to change. you have to be cubical felipe adel like to pivot away from talk about her email but some republicans on capitol hill will not let the subject died. republicans contend she might have perjured herself to congressional testimony at the house benghazi hearings. they are comparing notes for the fbi gave to congress tuesday from its investigation into the use of a private no server to see if there are discrepancies. >> she would not talk about the
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her campaign says it wants the fbi notes made public so republicans cannot selectively leak incomplete information. the fbi warned against that same the notes are being provided with expectations it will not be disseminated or disclosed without fbi confirmed -- consent. let's take a quick look at wall street. an anti-climactic number. only down three points. not a lot happening in trading delta airlines says it will start offering and all suite business class. for international flights fires will be seated in their own personal space called delta one suite. it's a cubical basically. a copy for humans. it will fit one flyer having a flatbeds and 18 inch entertainment system and individual storage space. you also get direct aisle access
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anyone. they should be available in about one year. at least one person.if you're traveling with someone else good luck. >> that is under the plane with the luggage. look at this. this is a cool one. blondie but geeky. i want to know blondie but geeky. >> she says with a blonde hair for you. that's a stereotype. a cool picture. use cbs five az #and we will show your pictures and or show them on our facebook page. we had some morning rain it did not last long and most of the people did not get anything.
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but we see storms three fire and this one is media along i-40 east of flagstaff. lots of lightning and heavy rain possible. it could cause problems if you are on the road soon. these will push from west to east so snowflake get ready for some activity in same story for show low. prescott just started seeing thunderstorms bubble up from north to south. we are dry in the valley some showers on the west side of the city this morning. it did not amount to much but it is hot out. 104 now in phoenix. 826 payson. 78 flagstaff. there is some moisture out with dew point in the upper 40s. a thunderstorm could move into the valley. downton's will be favored. this is a 3 pm picture. most of this is staying north of us that we will watch for storms develop to the west and
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will be a tossup whether we see them develop we will be watching that carefully. you get the cool air rushing out of thunderstorms surrounding the valley and cool air bumps into itself and shoves moisture in the air. we might just get some blowing dust like we had yesterday. 110 for the high today in phoenix. average is 95. -- i'm sorry 105. we are above normal but not breaking any records. we see thursday and beyond and also continued chance for storms and looks like tomorrow evening could be a better shot for us that a 10% chance and take up to 20% tomorrow. hopefullky can get something in the valley. >> it has been a while we needed. look at this. this puppy was rescued from a valley canal and now she might have a home hopefully with the
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start dialing we're giving away a four pack of tickets to golfland sunsplash in mesa. you can use the tickets any day this summer up until september 5. the number to call is on your screen. we will take the a phoenix police officer is waiting to see if the dogs rescued from the valley canal can go home with her. this australian shepherd mix was waterlogged and exhausted after falling into a phoenix canal a police officer saw her struggling to stay above the water and called emergency animal that tax to help pull her out. -- veterinarian technicians.
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she completely passed out from exhaustion. >> she is expected to make a full recovery. she does not have a microchip so the owner -- if you are does not come forward than the officer says she plans to adopt her. coming up in will be back with a final look at the
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welcome back. you're looking at a live picture from our cbs 5 valley camera. that's camelback mountain in the distance. >> are you going to go hiking? >> not today. talk to me in november >> 108-110 for the high today. a slight chance for storm and then we continued the storm chances tomorrow maybe and into the weekend. thank you for choosing cbs join us tonight on the news at 5.
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>> wyatt: i can't believe this. are -- are you sure? you're positive? >> steffy: i was in the office when my grandfather brought quinn in. >> wyatt: eric offered her a job? >> steffy: mm-hmm. >> wyatt: she didn't accept? >> steffy: oh, she accepted, all right. >> w: >> steffy: she did. >> wyatt: well, why -- why is eric offering her a job?! >> steffy: because he's not thinking straight. because he's being taken advantage of by your mom. >> wyatt: [ sighs ] [ knock on door ] ? >> quinn: look at you. >> eric: look at you. come in.


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